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Meta + Cyoa creation help Adventurer Board owner 12/05/2020 (Sat) 02:24:48 No. 3
Accepting Banners 4chan's pastebin: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Allsync archive: https://cyoa.allsync.com/s/owWor64yLTngDk3 Rules 1. Multiple page CYOAs can have their own thread or be posted into a themed thread, Single CYOAs are likewise the same but if they don't have much content they can go in a general. 2. NSFW should be noted in the thread title but it's not going to be majorly enforced. You can tell from the first page or the description. 3. NSFW content can be unspoiled. We're all adults here, or at least pretending to be adults. 4. No spamming, flamming or other distractions from CYOAs in general. You're here to escape the real world, not drag politics into it. 5. Shitposting is fine within reason. Alternatively, use an RNG such as https://random.org/ for RYOAs. So BO hasn't logged in on 8kun for awhile but people want a community for CYOA that's not 4chan, reddit or discord. So here I am, I'll step up for the mean time and see if this community can grow or at least get comfy again.
Edited last time by Deepsea on 02/03/2021 (Wed) 17:33:34.
>>278 Probably not as if I'm going to move the board I'd scrape the threads to move to the new one.
>>277 I tried asking anime.cafe if I could move the board and that was 3 weeks ago so I'm taking silence again as a no. I also heard /hebe/ are building their own chan for their stuff? I dunno. So guess the board is staying here then.
>>289 /hebe/ is leaving and their board is already nearly dead. All the panic was for nothing fam.
>>289 /hebe/'s gone dead because their BO made their own site so they could post pics of kids.
Is there a limit to the dimensions of a single image, pixel-wise?
>>384 Doesn't say in the site FAQ I think. 4chan's is 10k by 10k resolution so I'm inclined to believe that. If you're making one 1200 by however long it is up to 10k is a good template.
>>386 I wanted to stay under 10k but in order to keep everything neat and tidy in one page I decided to go up to 12300px. You think it might be too inconvenient for channers if I uploaded it somewhere else and put the links here?
>>387 12k could work. If you need to upload elsewhere, imgchest is a good site, like imgur but keeps pages and doesn't have a 18+ check.
(2.68 KB 232x107 AI waiting.png)

(62.59 KB 310x131 Heatpat.png)

(57.65 KB 467x174 Not that big.png)

(117.24 KB 1134x212 Emp's advice.png)

(106.94 KB 1016x116 Insectoid Housewife.png)

Created some banners, here are the current ones.
(65.07 KB 1007x212 Painter GF.png)

(126.06 KB 549x152 Plain Doll Love.png)

(96.69 KB 559x175 Power of Shrek.png)

(123.43 KB 520x144 Ross Goodbye.png)

(79.30 KB 543x91 Ross Welcome.png)

(92.50 KB 743x188 Schierke.png)

(62.55 KB 654x160 Traverse.png)

(23.94 KB 410x38 Valentine Hello.png)

(65.88 KB 572x120 Screaming Angels.png)

(195.54 KB 454x440 Goth GF.png)

>>409 The only limits for banners are 1mb in size and only 100 of them but the site auto-sizes the images so state sponsored GF becomes small you can't really see it. The text ones I did came out great, the vertical ones tend to get squished down.
Thank you for the banners >>402 Thank you
Just a note that 8kun is having image server problems again, has been for a few months I think. Even the Q boards are affected so watkins is probably being lazy again.
>>436 I can't imagine using an """"imageboard"""" where images don't work.
Any chance of you upping the pages so that some cyoas don't fall off the board?
(7.19 KB 830x41 Untitled.png)

>>500 Haven't changed the maximum thread count, so it's set at the site number. If 8chan.moe uses the same level as 8kun, that's 25 pages. Current page count is 8 so it's going to be awhile before threads slide off. Broken Coin was the first thread I made and that hasn't slid off yet.
>>501 I see, thanks for answering
8kun is worthless. Can't keep their image host up worth a damn. I'm going to post here more
Just a note that the captcha seems broken. You can bypass check on a post to get around it.
>>508 Yay.
Did someone delete My Gu Waifu from the catalog?
>>585 I was moving around some files and I either deleted it by accident or it was eaten by the catalog. Sorry.
>>586 It wasn't in the wayback machine or archive.is, so I've recreated it from BO's mistake here.
>>592 >>586 thank you!
pretty sure kun has given up on fixing the image host. shame, lost a lot of good stuff
>>703 It seems images now will save but everything before didn't survive the migration. But yeah, lost alot of stuff from there.
(8.78 KB 857x111 Untitled.png)

>>724 Happy belated Christmas. >Someone links the board on r/nsfwcyoa. >Try and tell them this board was set up because the BO was someone who posted on 8ch.net/cyoa >Automod deletes comment because account is less than 24 hours old. Everytime.
>>909 A lot of subs have that with varying account age requirements simply to deal with spam. It's not really an unusual feature for forums and other places outside of reddit to have bots or a time limit for accounts to be able to post for the same reason. I find it funny though that some of the comments in that thread act like they're going to get vanned or contract internet AIDS if they click a link here or act like there's some sort of moral superiority in not using imageboards. If the first two things are that much a concern just get a decent VPN and a browser like Brave or Tor. The last one is just laughable considering Reddit culture. I also find it weird they don't seem to realize this site is actually an offshoot due to users having issues when the original site came back as 8kun. There's a few good original CYOAs that have been posted on r/cyoa, r/InteractiveCYOA, and r/nsfwcyoa, but it's still Reddit and is more restrictive on content due to its policies and userbase. A few users there are decent though, like the guy who made the Be The Maid! Interactive CYOA because rather than conform to Reddit after it got taken down from r/nsfwcyoa or not post there he just split the CYOA into two different versions with the uncensored version simply blanking out the stuff Reddit doesn't like while linking the uncensored version in the censored version. Links to both versions by the way: https://nonamondnar.neocities.org/ https://nonamondnar-censored.neocities.org/
>>912 I have seen a rise in interactive cyoas, mostly on reddit. Feel free to post them if you like but personally I'd prefer a static image to go along with it. Sometimes I can't get the neocities website to load.
>https://cyoa.allsync.com/s/owWor64yLTngDk3 How do I download large files? Every time I want to download something larger than 100MB, it fails halfway.
>>939 Allsync for me has been hiccuping on even simple file downloads. It'll download fine for a bit then say it failed. Downloading it again usually fixes it. I'd say just keep trying and hope you can get through.
>>940 Thank you I finally downloaded everything that has to do with starting a new life, these are my favorite!
While they're haven't been any new CYOAs for me to post, 8chan.moe is experiencing some hosting issues that makes uploading files spotty. The site is hosted in Moldova and the Ukranians and Russians are messing with the local net infrastructure over there, resulting in the spotty coverage. According to the pinned thread on /v/. Just thought you guys should know.

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