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You're here forever CYOA Adventurer 04/21/2021 (Wed) 05:37:23 No. 209
At least you're not stuck alone.
>>209 The Unbeaten Path Standard Large >Environments Beautiful Beaches Wild Woods Hilly Hinterlands Fungal Forests Serene Springs >Climate Temperate in the hinterlands that also contain the springs, and topical elsewhere. >The heavens Familiar Sky >Special locations Homely Windmill Lonely Lighthouse Eerie Tunnel Ruined Complex Peaceful Lake Luxurious Manor Sacred Henges Secret Garden >Waifu Emilia
(2.19 MB 680x4880 ForeverBuild1.png)

(1.56 MB 1032x3356 ForeverBuild2.png)

(1.79 MB 1632x2560 ForeverBuild3.png)

>>209 >>210 My build, aka the perfect build
>How did you get here? The unbeaten path >Island Type Archipelago >Island Size Large (5 environments 8 Special Locations) >Environments Beautiful Beaches Wild Woods Fungal Forests Serene Springs Curious Caverns >Climate Tropical >Heavens Starry Night >Special Locations Empty Shack Bonus: Garden Uninhabited House Bonus: Outdoor Bath Homely Windmill Bonus: Orrery Abandoned City Bonus: Amusement Park Eerie Tunnel Bonus: Waterworks Untended Graves Bonus: Sleeping Beauty (Emilia) Peaceful Lake Bonus: Secluded Pond Sacred Henges Bonus: Well-worn Roads >Waifus Elen Free Item: Arcane Grimoire Emilia (Sleeping Beauty) Free Item: Bow of the Hunt >Your Changes -Age (15yo): One Extra Perk +Appearance: One Drawback -Athleticism: One Extra Perk >Your Perks Understanding Transhuman: Demon, I guess. Regeneration Magic A gift: Rings of Power A gift: Dual Supercomputers >Your Drawbacks Heartless Crested (Self): One Extra Perk Marked Threatened: Yvonne >Threats Yvonne (Threatened Drawback) Serena >Minor Threats Crazy Crustaceans Green Guards Frisky Fungi Nubile Natives Sagacious Slime If I can choose the climate to only affect parts of the island then I would also like it to be tropical in some places and temperate in others. Does dying and coming back according to Heavens only apply to me or also to the Waifus and other threats? If it applies to threats then I could do without the two gifts and retract the Threatened Drawback. Wether or not I can wake up the Sleeping Beauty and get her Free Item doesn't affect my decision, the Untended Graves are a cool Location and if I don't get an extra item out of the girl then it doesn't matter who's the one sleeping there, I only chose Emilia because she has an Useful Item and the same Sentence as Elen. Elen is too short for my taste, but is the one that's closer to what I'd want. I like her personality and body type, she has an useful Item, her sentence isn't the worst and she already likes a location I was going to pick anyways. Being younger and less physically apt isn't that big a deal, but being more attractive is nice. Transhuman and Regeneration all seem to balance any Drawbacks from the previous changes and with the locations and someone to teach me I can make the most out of Understanding and Magic. One of the gifts I can go without if the Threats don't work the way I'd like them to, the Power Rings are just an extra for Magic and the Dual Supercomputers are mostly for entertainment so I can probably survive without either of them. I'm in more danger being Heartless than Elen is since none of the Threats I have target her specifically so as long as she keeps the box with her in a safe place everything should be fine, I don't think she would abuse this in any way as long as I don't treat her poorly or something. The Crest isn't a big deal as long as I don't overdo it, I guess, I don't know exactly how powerful the increase of Libido is or if it has a limit and 5,000,000 years is a long time if we are to stay in the island for the full sentence. Marked just makes me more attractive to threats, which can't kill me permanently unless they get my heart and the one that could permanently kill me regardless would already know my location at all times and be attracted to me in some way so it doesn't affect much. Being Marked could still become a problem if I die so much that every Minor Threat in the island leaves their Environment just to try and kill me, but I guess I can manage. Serena has an useful Reward Item and most of the other Threats are equally dangerous so whatever. Most of the Minor Threats can be possibly friendly since I have Understanding and the ones that can't be reasoned with can be avoided or easily killed so I'm not that endangered.
Update, 2 new pages.
>>611 Just to be clear, you're saying this and >>612 are all the images for the latest version?
>>621 Yep. New version allows you to pick multiple girls and have more threats on the Island.
>>622 ok thank you
"Yourself", Drawbacks, Perks Need clarification! If I take an improvement to myself, and I take a Drawback, does that mean I can or cannot take a Perk for that drawback? Does not say, but I assume the answer is I cannot
>>624 Don't think so, generally the changes you make to yourself are separate from perks you can choose.
(1.37 MB 1650x8510 You're Here Forever CYOA 1.jpg)

(1019.95 KB 1648x4956 You're Here Forever CYOA 2.jpg)

(960.36 KB 1648x4956 You're Here Forever CYOA 3.jpg)

(1.13 MB 1652x5713 You're Here Forever CYOA 4.jpg)

(1.09 MB 1652x5138 You're Here Forever CYOA 5.jpg)

Update v3, back to one girl choice, items not longer tied to them and every 2 threats you take you get +1 person to take.
>>802 I told myself that I'd make a build for this. The least I could do for the inspiration you gave me to make my own Island CYOA! Thank you for the update. Let's see what we can do with it
-Hiroko question. If she doesn't need to eat, nor produce waste, can she still reproduce? The text says nothing about her being human or not, but it sounds like she is either an altered human or an otherworldly creature. If human, than perhaps more ideal. But if not, then she is utterly undesirable to me...
Here's my [tentative] build. ------------------------------------------- How did you get here? The Unbeaten Path, which is more likely to happen to me, as I like taking walks alone to ponder writing ideas. --- Island Type... Medium-sized, Floating Archipelago (2-3 Environments, 2-5 Special Locations) Three main islands in the sky, connected by a network of bridges and aqueducts, and orbited by several smaller islands whose environments are determined by the mainlands to which they are closest. Environments... Island 1 "Roca": Hilly Hinterlands Island 2 "Arba": Wild Woods Island 3 "Cuva": Curious Caverns [Externally, Cuva is an unremarkable mass of mossy rock with few entrances. The goods are within.] Climate... Roca: Polar (The "tallest" and highest island) Arba: Temperate (The "middle" island) Cuva: Temperate (The "bottom" and lowest island) The Heavens... Familiar Sky [It says that I can die on the Island, but prisoners are serving billions of years here. Therefore I must conclude... 1) The narrator is messing with me. 2) You live from young to old, die, and then respawn, unless you are killed purposely. OR 3) You don't age, but you are not immortal; you will respawn if killed.] Special Locations... Roca: Lonely Lighthouse (Rocky Pier) Arba: Uninhabited House (Outdoor Bath), Pristine Chapel (Antediluvian Temple), Abandoned Home (Well-worn Roads) Cuva: Eerie Tunnel (Waterworks) --- Yourself... Age: 16 Acuity: More capable Perks: Heroic, Understanding, Leverage (Sword) Drawbacks: Secrets. The vagueness of this drawback makes it at least seem to be the least troublesome, but I must assume there to be some subtle danger about it, particularly if I indulge in a dream when I should be sober. Other than this, I have no desire to affect the minds of other people, or give enemies any more of an edge against me. --- Waifu... - Hiroko question. If she doesn't need to eat, nor produce waste, can she still reproduce? The text says nothing about her being human or not, but it sounds like she is either an altered human or an otherworldly creature. If she is human and can reproduce, then perhaps more ideal. - Kalyani is my choice if the Green Geezer tells me Hiroko is not human/unable to reproduce. --- Items & Equipment... Tamer's Whistle Private Quill Philosopher's Stone Personal Armor Martyr's Soul --- Threats... Amata (Waterworks) If she is generally passive, I might try to make peace with her. If she is able to read minds, she will find that my intentions are pure. [I don't quite understand the need for a Grail that extends your lifespan if you and your waifu are meant to serve billions of years as prisoners on the island. If I don't get an answer for this, I'm just going to ignore that part of the flavortext.] Rene (Abandoned Home) I will not suffer a witch to live. If there can be no peace, I will destroy her. The Three Sisters (Abandoned Home) The mask is too dangerous to keep. If I am forced to dispatch the sisters, I will destroy it. Dire Wolf (Well-worn Roads) I don't have a guilty conscience, and I don't think my supposed waifu will have one, either. But if that is what prompts the Dire Wolf to attack, I would try to doubly make sure we can clear ourselves. I can't imagine it being that hard, though. The rewards from the more dangerous enemies are tempting, but I wouldn't want to endanger everyone on the island for a selfish whim. It would be different if I had no choice, but since the choice is given to me, I will not put others in the way of some world-ending colossus. These seem like the most manageable threats for the layout I've chosen, given my personal set of skills and attributes. --- Inhabitants Unburdened Unicorn (Wild Woods) It is regrettable I may never see this creature, but if it desires to be alone, who am I to argue? Perhaps it will find a friend in my wife, or any of our daughters. But if not, so be it. Furry Force (Hilly Hinterland) I might try to win them over with gifts and fair speeches. But if my kindness is rejected, I already planned to establish my home in Arba, the middle island, which is a bit of a hike away from Roca, the Hinterland, and the Lonely Lighthouse might repel them by its very existence if we need a "home away from home". Elusive Elves (Curious Caverns) I hadn't planned for this, but having both Secrets and Understanding might give me a strong leg on these beings. I gladly welcome new friends. Sagacious Slime (Waterworks+Curious Caverns) Another unprecedented outcome, given the choices I made prior to this section. If we are able to keep the peace with this creature, that would be a fine outcome. Seeing as she has few actual needs, I would hope she has no reason to attack us. The other risk of disaster, I suppose, would be the result of her low intelligence. There must be some way to prevent her from getting in the house, if she is ever tempted to follow me or the waifu away from her home. However, I would much prefer not to make her feel unwelcome, if I can effectively communicate the boundaries I desire from her, for the safety of my wife and children. Green Geezer I have my suspicions, but my default setting is to seek peace with all men. I don't know how long my sentence is, but I have to assume it's about as long as the other prisoners'. If I have a reason to leave, I will, but I might try to learn from him, and find some new things to do, if I can't return to my old home (and my own time, several billion years ago I guess). I don't exactly have an idea as to what I CAN do after the sentence is served... so I will make do.
>>298 >How did you get here? The unbeaten path >Island Type Archipelago >Island Size Large (5 environments 8 Special Locations) >Environments Beautiful Beaches Wild Woods Fertile Fields Serene Springs Curious Caverns >Climate Tropical >Heavens New Celestials >Special Locations Uninhabited House Bonus: Outdoor Bath Homely Windmill Bonus: Laboratory Luxurious Manor Bonus: Honeymoon Suite Abandoned City Bonus: Amusement Park Sacred Henges Bonus: Nostalgic Swing Arcane Library Bonus: Orrery Isolated Hamlet Bonus: Dilapidated Graveyard Anonymous Doors Bonus: Lost Door >Prisoner Elen >Your Changes -Age (15yo): One Extra Perk +Appearance: One Drawback -Athleticism: One Extra Perk >Your Perks Survival Understanding Transhuman Leverage Regeneration Magic A gift: Yata no Kagami >Your Drawbacks Heartless Crested (Self) Forgotten Secrets Bequeathed (William and Serena) >Items & Equipment Arcane Grimoire Dual Supercomputers Bow of the Hunt Rings of Power Guardian Heart >Threats William (Love Potion) Serena (Waifutrix) Kris Mr. Doe The Abyss >Inhabitants Crazy Crustaceans Gumptious Gryphons Unburdened Unicorn Nubile Natives Elusive Elves Horny Housekeepers Feisty Fairies Gestalt Giant Cranky Cyrus Made some changes. Since now there's a Survival Perk I could forgo some of my previous choices for Special Locations in favour of others that make it possible for me to encounter the Threats and Inhabitants I care for. I had to pick New Celestials instead of Starry Night, which I liked better, because the consequence for dying is less severe and more like the first one, albeit with the slight difference that I wake up with nothing on me. Since Items are no longer linked to girls I chose to go with the Dilapidated Graveyard at the Isolated Hamlet instead of the Untended Graves, because it is an equally cool location and I wanna play card games with Cyrus, too bad he probably won't get along with Elen. For Perks I picked up Survival, Leverage and A (different) Gift, in addition to the ones I previously had. The second one should be helpful for when I die and have no other weapons on hand. For Drawbacks I got rid of Marked and Threatened and replaced them with Secrets, Forgotten and Bequeathed, which all seem easier to deal with, given the items I chose to assign to the Threats present on the Island. I'm still focusing on magic, so that's why I chose the Items I did, though mana is not infinite and the Gestalt Giant is resistant to spells, so I went with the Bow of the Hunt again. The Food & Consumables section seemed tempting, but I can procure the ingredients and Elen likes to cook, so we should be able to live comfortably, now that I'm Transhuman I don't require that much sustenance anyhow. The mirror and Guardian Heart are to protect either myself or Elen, depending of the occasion. The computers are still for entertainment. Only one or two of the Threats I chose look like they'll be any harder to deal with than the Gestalt Giant. I didn't need to choose The Abyss, but I wanna fight it and claim the Reward Item. Also, it's a cool Threat. The Waifutrix sounds like a fun, potentially useful Item for many reasons. Most of the other Threats also have useful Rewards. Almost all of the Inhabitants I'll meet will be friendly towards me and will probably let me take DNA samples of them. Those are a lot of species I could turn into or have Elen turn into for many uses.
(40.10 KB 720x720 a4b.jpg)

>>829 I'd probably lean to that she can. She's just an altered human that doesn't need to to basic biologic things. >>839 >I didn't need to choose The Abyss, but I wanna fight it and claim the Reward Item. Kris is a waifu from another place and time. She became trapped by the King in Green only after killing her and dooming her soul to darkness do you finally remember you married her in another world.
>>840 thank you
(2.86 MB 1200x10000 YHF CyBuild.jpg)

>>833 After thinking more about it, I've made a few changes to the build, and finished it in an image form. Thank you for the inspiration.
>>853 Damn. That's a pretty good build.
>>854 thank you friend

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