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(22.70 MB 1600x10000 Witch Redux CYOA 1.png)

Witch Redux CYOA Adventurer 07/06/2021 (Tue) 10:46:32 No. 316
Someone spun this into a full length one.
(23.16 MB 1600x10000 Witch Redux CYOA 2.png)

(18.09 MB 1600x8175 Witch Redux CYOA 3.png)

(17.15 MB 1600x8368 Witch Redux CYOA 4.png)

(14.09 MB 1600x6796 Witch Redux CYOA 5.png)

(12.49 MB 1600x6656 Witch Redux CYOA 6.png)

True Form Changeling: Free immortality, shapeshifting, hexes rank 1. Complications Silly Goose +0: Default Restriction +3: Potions, Curses, Consortation Hard Lessons +2 Magic Runes 1: Fertility control. Several useful and easy to make enchantments. Hexes 1: Cure any rank polymorph. Polymorph our animal forms. Stone-to-mud. Witchery 5: 600mph flight with pressure/life support, invisibility, pocket dimension. Familiarity 5: Extra lives, animal powers, immortal servant. Necromancy 0: See, speak to, and get annoyed by ghosts. Portals 5: Elemental rifts, black holes, portals to places I've never seen. Perks Divination: Danger sense. 3 questions (including for myself). Poisoner: Poison and disease immunity. Witchflame: Magic lights. Good to have for dimensional exploration. Hat Trick: Connect to any portal. Easy rifts. Hat and broom can be used as weapons. Relic Nymph Vessel: Endless food, water, medicine, and cleaner. Faction The Collage of Arcadia (+1 perk instead of faction perk): I'm here to learn and make friends with John. Not interested in Digicasting. I do not plan to stick around forever, I just need an education and place to develop my powers. Familiar Familiar Type: Female fox, human form is a lithe woman. Cunning and a bit seductive. Personal Bonuses: Fox senses, especially when using fox eyes/ears. Fox cunning boosts seductiveness a bit. Fluffy tail. Companions John Doe: Cool guy and he's here to learn, like I am. Einodia/Kate: We are both curious travelers and powerful planeswalkers. My familiar can act as legal guardian or communicate with people to manage changeling drawbacks. Our behavior could cause enemies to mistake her for the real witch. We can communicate telepathically and my magic can be cast through her. For money, runes and transportation are options. My skills are good for hiding and evasion: portaling, pocket dimension, invisibility, shapeshifting, danger sense, and Silly Goose. I can exit one side of any portal without going in the other, portal to places I've never been before, and my pocket dimension can be used as a proxy to hide the destination. I should keep my full abilities a secret to avoid trouble. I should look for other worlds. There are probably rifts in many places in the multiverse, I just need to keep playing that lottery while avoiding the deathtraps with Divination. Air and food that would normally be toxic won't hurt me. With stone-to-mud, I can dig through stone or build a rock shelter with little effort. In battle my broom is a 600mph projectile using Hat Trick's telekinesis. My hat can open deadly elemental rifts. Weapons can be dimensionally pocketed away to avoid getting caught with them. To avoid attention it would be best to avoid battle, especially the stronger abilities like void rifts.
This CYOA is referenced by some parts of this witch one.
(7.08 MB 1600x8448 Witch Awakening CYOA 1.jpg)

(6.97 MB 1600x8711 Witch Awakening CYOA 2.jpg)

(6.09 MB 1600x9105 Witch Awakening CYOA 3.jpg)

Major restructuring of this one.
(7.14 MB 1600x7084 Witch Awakening CYOA 4.jpg)

(5.89 MB 1600x5460 Witch Awakening CYOA 5.jpg)

(6.31 MB 1411x10000 Witch Awakening CYOA 6.jpg)

(6.53 MB 1341x10000 Witch Awakening CYOA 7.jpg)

(6.55 MB 1600x6558 Witch Awakening CYOA 8.jpg)

(6.17 MB 1600x6363 Witch Awakening CYOA 9.jpg)

(6.49 MB 1600x9980 Witch Awakening CYOA 10.jpg)

(6.15 MB 1600x4157 Witch Awakening CYOA 11.jpg)

(7.59 MB 1600x10000 Witch Awakening CYOA 12.jpg)

(669.63 KB 554x891 Witch Awakening CYOA 13.png)

(683.07 KB 326x2012 Witch Awakening CYOA 14.png)

(108.40 KB 1200x1200 Witch Awakening CYOA 15.png)

>>425 Meta CYOA links so you don't have to type them. Some skills refer to these. Value of Life was already posted above, so I didn't make a link to it. https://imgur.com/a/eWhrAYV Witch Hut https://imgur.com/a/MhcGxMk Company https://imgur.com/a/R3dqGGN Pet Break https://imgur.com/a/D0ro8pi https://imgur.com/VUb1n7d Magic Shop https://imgur.com/a/2rYOpr6 Keeper https://imgur.com/a/h5zbB4E Soul Graft https://imgur.com/a/Y1YEt https://imgur.com/9bn2t3z Miniaturization https://imgur.com/a/6qTz6uR Soul Warrior https://imgur.com/a/KGtCkOI Comfy Pocket https://imgur.com/fqPlWDV https://imgur.com/a/H653TbC Improved Rod The following has been stated by the author of the CYOA: - Psychotics and Covenants are for some reason missing their affinity tags. Psychotics is [Mind], Covenants is [Soul - Life - Nature] - By RAW there is an infinite loop with Apex and Neutrals. As a rule of thumb, if you find any such loops, reduce the benefit gained by 25% the original gain and increase the power cost by 1 Power per cycle. You can still benefit from the loop for a certain number of times until it becomes unfeasible. (In the case of Neutral Apex, the 10 power cap is reduced to 7, then 4, then 1, then 0. While the Power cost increases by 1 per cycle. Only the looping elements are effected by this. ie; The Neutral's power cap effect. - Magic Specialization costs: The price per rank is for each step of the rank process: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 = 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, or 0, 1, 3, 7 with Affinity discount. The -2 from your 'class' only applies once, though Affinity halves at every step however you choose to do the math. (rounding down). - Complications don't count against the power cap. (So they effectively increase it? That's what I'm assuming he meant.) - Unless stated otherwise, you generally can only take things once, and the type/class icon only provides its benefit once per option including repeats. (ie; If you take Addiction 3x, you only get the one +2 bonus for it).
>>425 True Form Sorceress Oread-Daeva >Fox Oread. No extra height from Daeva. >A third race with Mind affinity would have helped, but I didn't want more inhuman doodads on me. Complications Restriction x2: Consortation, Curses >I might want a little Alchemy later. There's nothing else to restrict. Magic Rank 0: Dominion Rank 1: Hexes, Runes, Firecalling, Windkeeping, Waterworking, Earthmoving, Naturalism Rank 2: Psychotics, Covenants Rank 4: Portals Rank 5: Witchery, Familiarity, Necromancy Familiar: Female fox Enhancements from Familiarity: Cunning, Stealth Perks Racial: Daeva, Oread Faction: +2 Power (not taking Fae Step) Other: Divination, Witchflame, Prestidigitation, Pantomime, Beauty Sleep, Hat Trick, Hybridize, Memorize Faction Alfheimr Alliance Companions Arcadia: Rachel Pool, John Doe (It's a nice place to visit or take some classes.) Lunabella: Einodia/Kate (We're both restless, curious planeswalkers.) Alfheimr: Briar Gracehollow, Anaphalon Greenwield, Duchess Sael'astra of Odalle Independent: Eskhander Mahabadi, Mandy Hunts, Alex K. Halls, Penalope Quests Folk: Cart Theory, House Fire, Street Racer, Party Animal, Hot Springs Noble: Ghost Stories, Courtship, Dungeoneering x3 Heroic: Death Racer, Dungeoneering Epic: Dungeoneering >Instead of putting the cart in the return bin, I put it back with the carts at entrance. I also brought my own bags so it's almost like I was never there. I'm a rebel and sneaky like that. Relics Alchemist Stone, Nymph Vessel, Hellrider, Riftblade, Mythril Armor, Witch Kisses I am a very strong foxwitch who can live innawoods and explore other worlds. I have high mana storage and affection gives me double-high mana generation, which I always have access to with my familiar. I am aligned mainly with the Alfheimr Alliance, but can warp directly to any rift/gate/portkey or anywhere I've been. I can fly quickly through air, water, space, and earth. In battle I have high physical combat ability, high physical and mental resistances, nonlethal combat magic, and the ability to pop into and out of the ground. With my soul hidden away, mental resistances, and danger sense, it would be difficult even for Alphazon or outsiders to capture me. My necromancy is strong, but I'm primarily a fighter. Future points, in order of priority: - Psychotics 5: Needs 12 points, but high priority. - Poisoner perk: 4 points. - Earthmoving 5: 7 points. - Zooarch Metamorphosis: 5 points. - Runes 4, Hexes 4, Portals 5: 15 points. - That will take 7 to 36 years. I'll have 17 points left. I could take 33 more points for completing the dungeon. I'm restless, traveling around a lot, only staying in one place for so long. Even if I have duties, I use my portalling ability to continue my explorations and visit friends in far away places as if they were always next door. I can make nice underground dens using my earthshaping powers and store things in my pocket dimension.
New version on Reddit: Heavy Metal & Witch Party Update. So far I've been the only one posting builds for it here, and don't think it is worth posting the new images just because it was updated. It is an 11 page work in progress, not even counting all the CYOAs it links to, and might be updated again before anyone posts another build. If I post another build I might post the info from Reddit and just link the CYOAs instead of uploading all the images.
>>536 I had Sage checked, but it didn't sage my post.
(19.83 MB 1600x9534 Witch Awakening CYOA 1.png)

>>536 I'll post it again, 2 new pages warrants an update.
(12.87 MB 1600x7063 Witch Awakening CYOA 2.png)

(13.75 MB 1600x5700 Witch Awakening CYOA 3.png)

(20.42 MB 1600x11082 Witch Awakening CYOA 4.png)

(15.53 MB 1600x7993 Witch Awakening CYOA 5.png)

(12.68 MB 1600x6152 Witch Awakening CYOA 6.png)

(21.66 MB 1600x8818 Witch Awakening CYOA 7.png)

(19.88 MB 1600x7753 Witch Awakening CYOA 8.png)

(14.73 MB 1600x8936 Witch Awakening CYOA 9.png)

(23.76 MB 1600x10000 Witch Awakening CYOA 10.png)

(23.72 MB 1600x10000 Witch Awakening CYOA 11.png)

(8.09 MB 1600x3238 Witch Awakening CYOA 12.png)

(21.92 MB 1600x10000 Witch Awakening CYOA 13.png)

(22.68 MB 1600x10000 Witch Awakening CYOA 14.png)

(12.47 MB 1600x6350 Witch Awakening CYOA 15.png)

(27.45 MB 1600x10970 Witch Awakening CYOA 16.png)

(17.85 MB 1600x10000 Witch Awakening CYOA 17.png)

>>493 I picked fox familiar for cunning, but cat (with agility+stealth bonuses) would have been better. Foxes are mischievous, while cats sleep all day. Cats are loved as hassle free pets for a reason. Agility + Stealth is a very good combination for avoiding trouble, too. Cunning would be better if you plan to be a troublemaker yourself. Cat is a very good default in general. Moderately cunning, convenient little animals and probably convenient humans too.
(7.18 MB 1600x4900 Witch Awakening CYOA 18.png)

(2.02 MB 1600x1735 Witch Awakening CYOA 19.png)

(6.01 MB 1600x3250 Witch Awakening CYOA 20.png)

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