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Eternal Winter #2 Anyonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 18:43:14 No. 8979
This is a friendly off-topic singular thread board for weary netizens. Have fun! >Di Gi Charat Music Collection https://mega.nz/folder/wIF0BRTR#g5ppTdw-3noiWBIO8Hv6cQ >Archives of the previous thread https://archive.ph/https://8chan.moe/digi/res/1.html
Edited last time by pururin on 06/18/2022 (Sat) 18:58:29.
Welcome one, welcome all nyo~
>>8979 >>8980 Hello.
>>8981 howdy ho
wait does this mean i can make new threads
oh fuck RIP the old thread
>>8984 It's fine :]
Well this changes everything.... a new thread. Also, just dropping by to say hello everynyon. I'm still a bit feeling withdrawn moreso thanks to yesterday and tomorrow may be the same who knows. Here's a potential flag that... I don't know what you could call it but I thought it looked neat to share.
>>8986 >Well this changes everything it's like resetting the matrix
>>8986 Hi good to see, you as usual. I'll call it angery.
he angery
should we grace the new thread with dejiko lewd?
>>8991 sadly theres only one good nakadashi pic i could find. the other is a gangbang. gross. a surprising amount of lewd of her is uncensored though which is always nice.
>>8992 not that surprising considering how old DGC is.
>>8993 yeah, old anime is painfully difficult for getting lewd.
oh wait, i think you meant it's not surprising that the lewd that's available is uncensored. why is that not surprising?
>>8989 I had to make a few adjustments for him with aseprite. It was fun being able to play around with all of that despite having only the energy for only that coming back. angery and red forever is his existence. Why and how? well this is what happens when you masteretain for too long.
>>8995 i don't know when censorship laws were established but a lot of early 2000s/late 90s lewd tends to be a lot more lenient on that regard >>8996 aseprite is very fun software. i made this over a year ago with it
>>8997 >i don't know when censorship laws were established but a lot of early 2000s/late 90s lewd tends to be a lot more lenient on that regard i remember an artist with some serious balls who censored absolutely nothing, but also during the days when a lot of good hentai content was VN CG rips, the mosaic censoring was very aggressive. nowadays i will often see tiny black bars that cover almost nothing, and sometimes people even make them transparent. actually i think doujinshi censorship has gotten more aggressive though. some of the older hentai manga and doujinshi i can remember has barely any censorship.
>>8998 >ctually i think doujinshi censorship has gotten more aggressive though Absolutely, there's also the physical prints getting black bars and the digital release getting shitty mosaics. Recently, I bought a tankoubon from DLSite and it had white bars while the release on every hentai site had black bars which is odd.
(16.27 KB 121x136 suffering.png)

Hey how do you commit suicide? asking for a friend. I know about cutting your wrists vertically and not horizontally. do you have to cut a lot to die or just a little?
I wish I could find that non-h manga with the dinosaurs dressed in japanese school uniforms following some plot between carnivores and herbivores. Or at least that's what I think it was about, only came across it once few years ago.
>>9000 you do realize there are much less painful and far less horrific ways to go than watching yourself slowly bleed from your wrists, right? jesus christ
>>9000 Is it really you? Everything okay?
>>9002 such as? I dont have a gun.
>>9000 Why?
>>9004 it's not hard to find painless ways to pass on. but why don't you just sit down and talk for a while instead, maybe you'll feel better.
>>9006 >it's not hard to find painless ways to pass on. it is though. I dont have a gun so I cant shoot myself. I dont have a car so I cant gas myself. I guess I could go into the city and just find a large tower to jump off of but they're probably not going to let me get to the top without a reason. I guess drowning is an option, if I do it later in the evening no one will notice and pull me out.
>>9007 drowning is extremely painful, i've coughed water out of my lungs for like 15 minutes before after being in the water too long and not being able to get out in time, and then having to get back to safety while inhaling tons of water. not fun. very, very painful and absolutely terrifying. what's bothering you?
>>9007 Drowning is one of the worst ways to die by far.
When I was little I had people (other kids) try to drown me. It's awful how close it felt one time and I wake up seeing the face of the babysitter. Or maybe it was someone else. My vision was all watery/blurry and I felt confused.
>>9010 I almost drowned inside a pool when i was 12 and it scarred me, seeing the other kids laugh thinking i was pranking was the worst.
>>9011 Yeah it was sorta like that for me, except the kids thought it was fun to do it. They were also the same ones that locked me in a shed for like 2 hours. Kids are awful... It's fun being one but it's also just vulnerable part of one's life too
>>9012 A kid's cruelty and lack of awareness is absolutely terrifying. I'm sorry you had to go through that. But it's the past now.
new threda hello everybody >>8996 >picture Kobayashi Yuu draws these horrific things and she quite frankly scares me. >>9000 (trips, impressive) >>9007 Have you even tried to live to your fullest potential, yet? If you're going to die you may as well do so as a result of your own expression of self: if you fail badly in life then you die, after all. >>9001 T-Rex na Kanajo ?
(113.48 KB 550x550 whacku.jpg)

>>9014 hi, do you like the current tux flag or do you want a better one? thats a chicago96 icon i stole
>>9017 Honestly, I think the icon is okay, in that it gets the point across, but perhaps should be updated to the standard 40x40 size. Also, a Green Is My Pepper icon might be needed, as well.
>>9018 Yeah I could look for a better Tux and add the gimp pepper too. if you have it on png or gif i could appreciate that
>>8979 >>8984 >>8985 Oh no what happened?
>>9014 It's cute to imagine that really is the artistic talent the snek has, so maybe there is relief in that at least. >T-Rex na Kanajo The style was more realistic kinda than that. Literal dinosaurs that spoke and stuff. It was really amusing. I tried to find it once again on sadpanda but had no luck that time...
>>9020 uhhh... mistakes were made?
New tux added >>9020 An oopsie
>>9024 Thanks, these will be added later because I need to wait for Codexx to bump the flag limit once again. Please wait warmly.
>>9026 i love you sonic
>>9025 There's a flag limit?
>>9028 yes, 256 currently. each one is max size 32kb
(303.10 KB 1075x1434 001.jpg)

(306.14 KB 1075x1434 002.jpg)

(307.59 KB 1075x1434 003.jpg)

(230.59 KB 1075x1434 004.jpg)

(292.72 KB 1075x1434 005.jpg)

(256.26 KB 1075x1434 006.jpg)

(316.05 KB 1075x1434 007.jpg)

I have to live off of the following for the next two weeks: one loaf of bread, one carton of eggs, one sack of potatoes.
>>9032 Is that really all? No flour? Try rationing it well but don't starve yourself either.
>>8986 Cute Friends friend...
>>9032 at least the bread and potatoes are a lot of carbs. potatoes are full of calories.
(1.39 MB 778x1100 ClipboardImage.png)

Man, threading the needle of using social media but avoiding getting sucked into outrage bait. "Someone's wrong on the internet" was bad in the 00s. "An entire community of people on the internet trying to take over society is evil" is all consuming. The platforms are basically designed to shove it in your face So many Saturdays ruined ending up in a blood-spitting rage
>>9031 Hello. What happened?
>>9037 I nutted pretty hard to some cunny, three times. This can't be good for me but i feel great! >>9036 The way social media is designed makes it so you simply can't avoid those sort of people, its social engineering at its worst. Just delete all your social media.
>>9038 Uh, well, okay, I meant the board, cause of the wipe, thought something happened, sorry. Have you been alright?
>>9039 Yeah, just an oopsie. A misclick if you will, i'm doing just fine. Not liek much was lost, this board is its users not its threads. thanks for caring, remember to be nice to others.
(161.52 KB 696x747 1655307526737.png)

>>9040 Alright then, I hope you're okay. And, I'm sorry, I'm trying, just not been doing a good job of it lately.
>>9041 Remember, treat others just as you would want them to treat you. Godspeed.
(414.74 KB 1024x768 sleepu.jpg)

>>9041 go sleep
>>9042 Yeah, I'm sorry. Can you come DM for a bit? >>9043 It's only 4 AM.
(83.23 KB 500x600 sleepu~.jpg)

>>9044 you've been up all night as usual bedtime
>>9035 That's exactly why I bought them. >>9033 I'm more concerned about poor nutrition than hunger. I have about $20 left, leaves me enough to buy an orange or something if my gums start bleeding.
>>9045 I don't know, I couldn't sleep even if I tried. But, I'm probably just gonna be laying down with my phone for the next few hours. Close enough to sleeping, I guess. Thank you for caring. Are you okay?
(398.64 KB 1536x1664 desu.jpg)

>>9047 not really, but im not the type to share any further. you got any other kinds of bread over there.
>>9048 Is there anywhere we can have private contact, if you don't mind? I'd really like to, but no pressure. And, uh, I don't know if it's anything, but search up poğaça, it's what usually had for breakfast before school, you might even remember me mentioning it a few months ago. Oh, and, there's also something called lavaş, and the main kind of bread we have along for breakfast and stuff is called somun, you can look those up. I bet none of those are really unique to here, but, I wouldn't know, lol.
Best 5head in the business, prove me wrong.
>>9036 you have to let go of what upsets you. "social media" sites are a great one. i'm surprised you've been able to stand them this long. >>9038 >This can't be good for me but i feel great! I REGRET NOTHING >>9046 >I have about $20 left, leaves me enough to buy an orange or something if my gums start bleeding. what about vitamin supplements instead? that might be better.
(83.62 KB 600x480 road roller desu.png)

>>9049 Lavash is bread used for kebabs right? I have never bothered to look into it so I figured it was just a flour tortilla instead of a type of bread. Should have known better since corn is native here and a new world food over there. I like bread, I just like bread. Bread is good but makes ya fat. My culture has so many kinds of breads it's weird to me when I learn that another culture doesn't have as much variety as we do it I get a little astonished. I don't have any other messaging platforms anymore, in fact, it's one of my greatest internet regrets given how lackadaisical I was with creating accounts and using my email and old phone number. I'd rather stay anonymous and only ever talk to people online in these kinds of platforms. Funny enough the last online "friend" I made was with a Turk. We talked for two years then one day I decided to go offline with all the accounts. Also, I don't mean to avatarfag, I just want to post desu.
>>9052 There's nothing in the 5 rules stopping you from posting desu, so you don't need to apologize for it.
>>9055 shylily?
(203.57 KB 674x740 97644799_p0.png)

>>9052 Late reply, sorry, got back on the PC and tracked off playing stuff. And right, lavash is used for döner, but not exactly in the form that shows up when you search lavash, it's thicker and stuff. I think I do just like bread too, yeah, lol, when I was smaller I thought I could live off bread forever when I grow up. I still would be willing to, if it's possible, with the right types of it. I like the main bread here, somun, for just how well it goes with everything and anything, it's just nice. Oh, and, I forgot to mention, there's this really really good kind, it's called pide, man, I wish I could have it every single day with every single thing I eat. Would love to have some eggs with it right now. Other than that though, I've never looked into bread or anything about our culture, I just know of the stuff I had and liked. >I don't have any other messaging platforms anymore Ah, that's shame, I really would've liked to tell you some stuff in private, but that's okay, I understand. >We talked for two years then one day I decided to go offline with all the accounts. Huh, that's rather bitter, but, it's just the internet, I suppose.
>>9058 cute af. post more cunny
you know when you fuck up and it's a little worse than just a mild accident? and by a little I mean "oh shit." this is going to take me a couple of hours to unfuck now. >>9059 by cunny do you mean actual cunny? or just sfw stuff? i have incredible taste in lewd, i'll drop some cunny for you when I get back
>>9060 lewd cunny is of a higher quality
(722.07 KB 1600x1200 fug_dis.JPG)

Meh Unturned is starting to get boring as fuck and I already hate how its inventory system works. Items cannot be stacked so when I want to use a lot of guns I'm shit out of luck due to the way the fucking inventory works which pisses me off. Also I can't get Unity Engine 2020 3.14f1 to work under Wine for some stupid reason so I cannot try to learn C# and later make mods for Edengrall or something which fucking sucks because that game might be more fun.
>>9062 maybe you could be the guy who makes a cool base-building mod for STALKER. also you could step outside your comfort zone. there are fun games that don't necessarily have tons of gun combat.
(51.97 KB 546x720 frustration area.jpg)

>>9064 >making a mod for Stalker oh god that sounds like a massive pain in the ass >also you could step outside your comfort zone. there are fun games that don't necessarily have tons of gun combat. but muh guns I am a IQ89 brainlet so I need to shoot at things, I don't have the intellectual capacity and a degree in liberal arts to enjoy games like spyro and crash bandicoot.
>>9065 >I don't have the intellectual capacity and a degree in liberal arts to enjoy games like spyro and crash bandicoot. Heh, that's a pretty high IQ take right there.
>>9066 >Heh, that's a pretty high IQ take right there. so it's high IQ to think you're too low IQ to enjoy classic 3D platformers implying they are high IQ games? idk they're just fun
>>9067 I don't know about that exactly. I just got a laugh from that because I wasn't a big fan of those titles.
11AM here, ugh I think I might be sick. Good Morning Everynyon!
>>9068 >I wasn't a big fan of those titles.
>>9069 uh oh. hi
>>9071 Hi, i have a sore throat.
>>9072 gargle hydrogen peroxide. do not drink it though, that would be bad. get those hard candies with menthol in them. that usually works for me.
>>9074 hmm i could try that, i just hope i don't swallow it.
>>9073 Too realistic looking, plus nobody wants to look at a fat old bastard. Nips may be cucked enough to like to see dark skinned fatasses fucking their lolis but I am not.
>>9076 >a fellow butterchalk poster very nice. not sure how new you are to the board but i post a lot of butterchalk. also don't be too mean to him
>>9078 this is the good taste I know you for.
>>9078 That's better. Lolis are the ultimate in purity, so they deserve nothing but the best in males and male relationships. Take this also as motivation to improve yourselves physically. Do you want to be the FBB in the picture or the muscle-rock-shock-jock in the picture? >>9077 Butterchalk is the best sholicon artist in history, if you ask me. If only there were more artists of his stripe these days.
>>9080 sorry i deleted the picture, i don't like niggers or characters that could be interpreted as such nor fat bastards, don't get me wrong.
>>9080 he is one of the least cucked artists i have ever seen. white males only. makes non-cuck porn of takagi which is almost unheard of. and he loves nakadashi. extremely based artist. even that furry series of the catgirl and catboy are good and i never fap to furry, but he literally made me able to fap to furry porn, that's how godlike he is.
>>9082 If I was going to nitpick, I'd say it's a shame he doesn't do Syaoran + Sakura porn, pairs him with Tomoyo instead.
wow thanks for telling me about the new thread guys real cool
>>9085 youre welcome
(1.61 MB 1505x846 88839491_p0.png)

>>9083 Thanks again. I wrote some more dumb stuff if you wanna check later. Late good morning, now.
I just made some more homemade bread, it is what it is. I can't do much fancyness when it comes to it but my siblings enjoy it. I also realized that Rabi Ribi might be one of the best metroidvania i have ever played.
>>9089 >made some more homemade bread >my siblings enjoy it Well done.
>>9090 thanks, being bread is fine actually
(736.22 KB 1920x1080 explore.png)

Good morning, today is another day of statistics and computers. Best wishes, /digi/. <retesting of Tux flag hope this works >>9046 Is there a safe and pseudo-anonymous way I could chip in a bit? I hate to think you are suffering over there. Do please let us know if you're in a real pinch, okay? >gums bleeding it takes about a month for scurvy to set in if you had some level of ascorbic acid in your system before fasting. >>9084 >Syaoran + Sakura porn, pairs him with Tomoyo instead. I've said it before, but this pairing is irksome to me.
>>9092 Sorry about the flags, Admins are adamant about upping the cap from 256 32kb flags because they argue it would slow down the site.
Japan Do Not Search Iceberg PART 3 https://youtube.076.ne.jp/watch?v=RF_09OD4F94&pp=wgIGCgQQAhgB Something of a fun watch
>>9083 >tfw I did the exact same things depicted in pics 1 and 3 when I was 7yo, nakedness and everything I don't know how to feel about this.
>>9095 I would grab my poop when i was a 4 and would show it to my mom.
>>9096 Gross. I wasn't able to look at poop without wanting to puke until I was 10.
>>9096 i can only imagine how a mother might react. maybe like when a cat lays a dead mouse or bird that it caught at yr feet and yr like... oh thanks, but...
Musician Ryuichi Sakamoto battling stage 4 cancer >Sakamoto has made public being diagnosed with throat cancer in 2014 and rectal cancer in 2021. The 70-year-old Oscar- and Grammy-winning pianist had made no prior announcements about how advanced the cancer was. >Stage 4 means that the cancer has spread to other parts of the body and that the patient’s prognosis is poor. >The article is the first installment of a new series of articles titled “How Many More Times Will I See the Full Moon?” that mainly covers his musical activities since 2009 and his views on life and death. >The Tokyo native is also a member of electronic music band Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO). He won an Oscar and Grammy for scoring the 1987 movie “The Last Emperor.” With his interest in environmental and peace issues, he has been actively involved in the anti-nuclear power movement in recent years. https://archive.ph/MzKRQ These are very sad news.
>>9099 Quite the legend, way cooler than that faggot Stockhausen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkHJ7jko7Oo
Still can't believe that the board owner of loomis gave up and stopped participating on his own board. 8 years it lasted and drawpile killed the board in half a year. I miss people who are passionate about art and enjoying drawing.
>>9101 Yeah. On the other hand though they were all assholes.
>>9102 except loomis he was so nice and helpful. Losing him on 8chan makes me sad. He was the only one that took the time look beginners work and help them. Not like 4chan fags
>>9101 That's really depressing. How did drawpile kill the board?
>>9101 Didn't they move to another site called Artgain?
>>9104 well first they perma banned me from drawpile over me complaining about them wanting to steal users from the anon.cafe loomis board where in their minds had the ideal art people for their new art imageboard and the funny thing is I was the only one on that board posting than they started drama on the board by forcing the board owner to pull the drawpile link from the drawpile thread and surprisingly this killed the board. All one big power move by the drawpile host to kill the board. Just no one posts on art boards they are all forced to go on drawpile to get any attention. Now loomis from what I can tell had a falling out with the drawpile owner as well and they renamed their new board from loomis to egkaku than they removed the branding on drawpile that was a source of traffic to the loomis board on 8chan. Loomis gave up cause no one cares to post on imageboards, Now we got nothing and the drawpile host hates 8chan anons. They killed every connection to loomis boards and did their own thing which wasn't the intention of the new imageboard. But I was right half a year ago this was their intention from the start now the last piece falls and Now there is just one big void of emptiness with knowing that posting art has no purpose to encourage other anons to do art. Even I out of misery created a board to fill the void of not feeling the loneliness of posting on a dead board. Which I've been doing for the last half year since I got exiled from art imageboards, I don't know if I can feel proud of it is straight up depressing and a low point I hit during that period of time. https://8chan.moe/antisocial/
>>9106 Hey I saw that board. I was wondering why it existed. Those guys sound like they mistreated you, I'm sorry to hear.
I'm honestly at a my breaking point. I've been having a hard time with insomnia for years but it only seems to be getting worse. staying asleep is now impossible without benzos. i literally can't sleep if i don't take my meds. how do I stay semi-sane? i feel like i'm withering away
>>9107 Yeah. But I still haven't recovered since it happened just seems to be getting worse just one never ending drought of misery and loneliness. Sometimes I just do art to forget about how shit my life is and how empty it is. Sometimes I don't know why I still have the courage to even go on when I have nothing and have no point in doing anything. Most of the time I think I don't exist or how little it matters what I do even if I try it is all so pointless and the little bit of hope I give myself when I try to to connect with people and it doesn't work it just hurts more. I think i have been dead for along time and have given up but just zone out to get through the pain.
>>9109 > Sometimes I just do art to forget about how shit my life is and how empty it is. Me too, my art is admittedly crap to anyone who has some proper training but I still try every single day, I recently ordered a Loomis book so I can own it physically, I wanted to go for Morpho since that's my main thing but Loomis seemed more apt (and owning it physically incentivizes me to read it more and redo exercises) Drawing is cathartic to me, it helps me feel like I am not wasting my time most of the time. >Sometimes I don't know why I still have the courage to even go on when I have nothing and have no point in doing anything. Do it for yourself, maybe one day you'll be proud of how far you've come. Or perhaps you already are. Grab an old drawing of yours, maybe from a year ago or more and compare it to your latest one. > Most of the time I think I don't exist or how little it matters what I do even if I try it is all so pointless and the little bit of hope I give myself when I try to to connect with people and it doesn't work it just hurts more. Most people are shit, we are born and die alone. These are both facts of life you've gotta deal with. But you also only get one shot at life and the clock's ticking. >I think i have been dead for along time and have given up but just zone out to get through the pain. I've felt this too, when I look back at all that could have been, but that's why I instead focus on what can be done now since the past will only bring sorrow and the future will bring doubt. Focusing on what you can do right now is the best. >>9108 It took me two months to break out of an insomniac cycle that was actively destroying me, I had some 2mg of tizanidine each night to fall asleep and would fap as well to barely make it so to speak. What helped me get through it was setting a goal to focus on and my family shitting on me for looking like a hobo around that time due to little personal hygiene and lack of sleep. Now I'm falling back onto that cycle.
(188.06 KB 308x498 tardrun.gif)

If you flip Liu Kang's bicycle kick 90 degrees it looks like this.
(94.64 KB 934x701 heh (1).jpg)

>>9112 Heh
(834.50 KB 1600x1200 82321293_p0.jpg)

>>9112 Hey.
>>9114 Everything okay? Feelin' better than yesterday?
(982.65 KB 500x364 OKAY!.gif)

(701.62 KB 804x547 97800640_p0.png)

>>9115 I feel okay, yeah. Thanks for asking. And you?
>>9117 better, but sleepy already because i fell asleep at 5AM yesterday and woke up at 11AM so didn't catch much sleep. gn
>>9118 stop edging so much
>Commission an artist for full-body + background pic >Get two WIPs back in the first couple days >They say they'll send two more before it's done >Week goes by, no new pics Is this normal? I've never commissioned anything before. The WIPs didn't really have much of the background in, so maybe the background is just eating up time. Pic unrelated.
(166.20 KB 724x1024 desu.jpg)

>>9120 This sounds pretty stressful, have you contacted the artist for any updates.
>>9118 Good night.
(37.60 KB 800x450 grug.jpeg)

Ugh... This is going to be fun, I just pirated a book that is about C# programming on Unity, and I slept terrible again too so I felt asleep while trying to wake up, oh man.
>>9110 >ordered loomis book That's great. I recently finished fun with a pencil by andrew loomis. Was lots of fun. Posted most of it on the loomis board on 8chan now I am starting the heads and hands one. Will continue to post on the loomis board regardless if it is dead. > the future I hope it gets better and loomis comes back and do some art with my doll that arrived after waiting nearly 5 months. One of the most pretty things I have seen in a long time. Just holding it brought me joy. I think no matter how hard it gets and what we have gone through we should believe in a better tomorrow and stay positive even if it is really hard to. We deserve and a peaceful future even if it is unrealistic we can hope for one at least. >>9105 yes
>>9121 did u draw this?
>>9126 No, it seemed loosely relevant to the discussion had.
>>9110 >my art is admittedly crap to anyone who has some proper training you're harder on yourself than anyone else is. do you draw like nagatsukiin? no, but nobody but nagatsukiin draws like fucking nagatsukiin. you can make some really cute art and trust me, there is good value in what you draw. focus on some more detail and people will be more receptive of your art despite how good you think you are. people prefer art that has a lot of fine detail, even if the artist isn't as good as drawing they will prefer it. but i would focus on trying to draw new poses and things you haven't tried before. draw some sex, not just fellatio. draw a nakadashi for me. >>9124 >This is going to be fun is this sarcasm? >I slept terrible again out of curiosity, do you sleep face up, face down, or on your side?
I am losing my shit at Fortune Street. This game looked like such mindless fun but it's one of the most intense experiences I've ever had. I have never felt more betrayed by computer players than in this stupid party game. >>9120 Once I had waited 2 years for a guy to finish my commission and even though it came alright it really soured my experiences with it. Another time the woman I had commissioned had gone missing from the face of the Earth and only after bitching about it publicly on an imageboard that dealt with the same kind of content did she realize how bad things were getting and bawled herself into finishing it. It's not always like that though, one time a Filipino artist sent requests anonymously begging to be commissioned, liked what he was doing and paid him, he got around to drawing me stuff in like a week and it turned out really good. That's why you need to DIY. You never know what's gonna happen when you commission shit.
>>9129 >is this sarcasm? Yes. C# doesn't look like its fun to write in tbqh. >out of curiosity, do you sleep face up, face down, or on your side? On my side.
>>9131 >Yes. C# doesn't look like its fun to write in tbqh. it was made by microsoft and inspired by java. take from that what you will >On my side. good. this is the best way to sleep to keep pressure off your back and your organs.
>>9131 it can be very hard to sleep in another position. if you're a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or back sleeper it can be extremely hard to change positions. your body is used to sleeping in one position. if you have problems with your legs being sore, i know for side-sleepers to put a pillow between the knees. it keeps your one leg from putting pressure on your hip. if you can manage to fall asleep on your back, build up some pillows and sleep on your back at an angle and see if this makes you sleep better. if you can sleep on your stomach, put some blankets at the foot of your bed and put your feet on them to keep your knees bent while sleeping. sleeping on your stomach can help with neck pain because you stretch your neck out when laying flat against the bed.
>>9133 Hmm I have never heard of side sleepers putting a cushion between the legs, maybe I should do that the next time then.
>>9134 put a pillow or other cushion between your knees until there is a comfortable gap when you sleep if your legs are ever sore. it helps.
and for stomach sleepers it is very easy to get knee pain from over-extending your legs while you sleep. if you have extra pillows, put them at the bottom of your bed and put your feet on them. now your knees are slightly bent. you will sleep better and you will never wake up with leg pain.
also for anyone who sleeps on their side and has back pain, apparently the pillow between the knees can help with back pain.
also stretch. overhead stretches almost entirely solve upper back and neck pain. if you're sitting down and using a computer for 3 hours, take a break for about 10 minutes and do stretches. you will start to notice you have much less pain. i'll post a john handcock guide to stretching if anyone is interested, i know a lot of stretches for killing stiffness and pain associated with computer usage.
What the desu did you just desu about me, you little desu? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my desu in the Navy Desus, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret desus on Al-Desu, and i have over 300 confirmed desus. I am trained in desu warfare and I’m the top desu in the entire US armed desu.You are nothing to me but just another desu. I will desu you the desu out with desu the likes of which has never been seen on this desu, mark my desu. You think you can get away with saying that desu to me over the desu? Think again, desu. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of desu across the USA and your desu is being traced right now so you better prepare for the spam, baka. The spam that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your desu.You’re desu, kid. I can be desu, desu, and I can desu with you in over desu ways, and that’s just with my bare desu. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed desu, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Desu and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable desu off the face of the desu, you little desu. If only you could have known what unholy desu your little “desu” was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your desu. But you desu, you desu, and now you’re desu, you baka desu. I will desu all over you and you will desu in it. You’re desu, kiddo.
>>9122 Haven't said anything--like I said, I've never commissioned anything before now, and I don't want to accidentally commit some faux pas by pestering them over it. It was a couple different artists, neither of whom have posted anything new since they started my stuff, so I assume they're working on stuff. I decided there was a lack of Sonic / Death Stranding crossover art and and am pressing Hispanic Sonic artists into service to make some. >>9121 Very nice.
how does this song make you feel
Good Morning, it's 10:30AM here. I had a dream of Duke Nukem forever for some reason. Yesterday I masturbated three times and drank 12 cups of cofeee. >>9125 >That's great. I recently finished fun with a pencil by andrew loomis. I did that one last year along with Drawabox, it was fun. Now I'm currently on his figure drawing one. >I think no matter how hard it gets and what we have gone through we should believe in a better tomorrow and stay positive even if it is really hard to. We deserve and a peaceful future even if it is unrealistic we can hope for one at least. You said it, giving up hope is the last thing we should do. >>9129 >spoiler I can try that
>>9141 Like chocolate rain
>>9143 some stay dry while others lose the game
>>9145 i once made it like 7 years winning the game. nobody made me lose it, i just remembered it out of nowhere. i wasn't even mad. here's some cute loli butt to make up for it.
>>9146 that is indeed some very cute and funny butt, would worship
So um, what kind of lolis do you like, personality-wise? There seems to be a pretty wide range of tastes out there. Personally, I like lolis that are still on the clock but precocious and mature, bordering on "cold" personalities, with an air of nobility and sophistication, but a guarded enjoyment of things that most people her age like.
>>9148 the ones who want my fat fuggin dick
Alternatively, feral children are kinda cute, the idea of adopting and raising one is nice.
>>9148 Big forehead is optional, but I guess that a loli like Renge or Puchiko would be ideal who is quite calm, innocent but still not dumb and can shine through without saying much. I don't mind bossy types either. But most loli personalities are precious and must be preserved and cherished. >>9150 raising with your dick?
>>9151 >Renge Yeah man. That was the series that kicked off my anime bluray collection.
>>9152 I had a couple of Blu ray of well known stuff but after I sold my PS3 I had no way of playing them and some of them got lost, just very basic stuff.
(2.36 MB 1800x1432 76858319_p0.png)

>>9148 Ever since discovering this brat I've liked lolis who are mesugaki on the outside but actually caring on the inside.
I love this thread.
>>9154 All the "uoooh damn female kid" stuff has made mesugaki a joke to me lol, I can't not think about it. They definitely make for fun characters, though.
(354.50 KB 600x900 1655716451012.png)

>>9153 Good morning. What's up?
>>9157 The sky's up (haha) And some coffee, also playing Siren (Doom TC) U? >>9155 And I love (You) Anonymous post 9155
>>9159 just get gzdoom and download the pk3 its very much like FEAR, which yes i did play and had fun playing it. Also check out Condemned, same devs. Enjoy your tea, i love tea (it has caffeine)
>>9160 gzdoom, like fear? is it that "Selaco" thing. the preview of that looked cool.
>>9161 No, it's Siren https://www.moddb.com/mods/siren-doom-tc I'm surprised by this even running on the Doom engine, it's amazing.
>>9163 same to you
>>9162 wow, that's new to me. thanks for the info. >>9163 Condemned and Condemned 2 are very spooky games. (I could use another one) >>9163 Have a good rest!
>>9165 Thank you, good luck with your day.
I'm going to xD and you can't stop me.
(263.15 KB 900x900 XD.png)

>>9167 XD antis BTFO!
(306.80 KB 366x278 1655715992930.gif)

Had a sit-down with a couple higher-ups, they said they liked my work and clients were happy. But that I don't communicate enough, most of my emails are a single line of text, and I just go into my office and hardly come out. Like, yeah I'm fucking autistic what more do you want from me, dude?
>>9169 i never considered that big must stare at amy's panties constantly (but he is too dumb to understand what he's looking at most likely).
(126.82 KB 598x541 1432864524605.jpg)

Hey all, Just wanted to give a public notice that zonz has been banned for being underage. He was said to be 17 on February 18th of this year, so his ban will lift on February 19th. He is welcome to provide evidence he is 18+ to the administration and we would be happy to lift the ban earlier. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on /site/ or in the IRC and I will be happy to answer them.
>>9172 okay also fuck off nigger
>>9172 Very well, now leave.
>>9172 Took you long enough.
Sonic Origins sucks. I fucking hate the new animation too. I like Sonics overall characterization from the Toei Animation.
>>9178 Oh it's out? I miss Sega CD Toei Sonic.
>>9179 Good morning.
>>9180 Quite not morning I would say, night in fact.
>>9181 Right, I woke up at night. How are you?
>>9179 In 3 days. The only thing I'm looking forward to the game are the 3 original stage music for Sonic 3. If you've listened to them they sound...real awful. So I'm curious to see what Jun Senoue interpretation will sound.
>>9183 >that image jesus christ how horrifying, spoiler that shit next time
>>9183 Well, I know I won't be paying for it as I already own the Mega Drive Collection. Also Frontiers looks just HORRIBLE.
(166.53 KB 393x300 jaded.png)

>>9185 >Sonic Frontiers It's too soon to pass judgement but I am too jaded to look forward to the game. The fact it's open world killed any interest from me by default. Such a shame 06 left such an indelible impact on the Team since they haven't reattempted the original formula from SA, SA2, and Heroes. Although, I've heard rumours the fucking Team lost the original source code for those games and the original devs have been long gone since those days so it probably wouldn't feel the same.
>>9186 I'm cautiosly optimistic at best but what has been shown is less than promising. People just want the autism from Adventure and it's two pseudo-sequels, instead Frontiers is shaping up to be more like 06 2:Electric Boogaloo. Also Sonic Team, please don't make it look realistic, Sonic is at its best when the colors are bright and rather cartoony.
(81.42 KB 594x767 1648180759623.jpg)

>>9187 Not sure what exactly you mean by autism? The story? or the weird attempt at a chronological story? The story has kinda been an afterthought for me, I just want the gameplay. Sonic Unleashed is bar far the best art style; Sonic Lost World was way too cartoony and 06 being uncanny valley realism.
>>9188 I loved Unleashed, particularly the gameplay on the lst gen version. And by autism i did mean the story, i loved the cheesy story of sa2. Lost World is not very good looking i must admit, generations struck a perfect balance imo. >>9189 texas
>>9190 >generations struck a perfect balance imo. Yeah I'd much rather have a sonic generations 2.
(114.99 KB 400x459 smug_puru.png)

>>9192 pururururururururururu
(403.33 KB 640x480 hey .png)

>>9190 Never been a fan of the boost formula, but man, do I wish the game wasn't so short so that we could have more stages. I am particularly thinking of Emerald Coast, Speed Highway was great , although I don't enjoy when it swaps to 2D. It's just so stiff and jarring. https://youtu.be/_SBKj5ofGVw
(3.65 MB 1920x1080 5afdd3a50ab1f_webp.png)

>>9188 I respectfully disagree. As far as the art direction goes; I prefer Heroes the best. It's a mediocre game gameplay-wise, but graphically it still looks amazing to this day. It's the closest Sonic has ever been to achieving an anime-esque art direction and it works pretty well. Of course, i'm referring to the in-game graphics. One of those rare instances where the in-game graphics are almost better than the GCI cutscenes. I don't know. This game doesn't get nearly as much praise for its artstyle as it should. The more realistic models of Adventure 2 and '06 are just ugly to me, it doesn't work with anthromorphic characters. Too uncanny. On the flip-side I think that the post-06's are too bland. They're just generic in my opinion, and I hate how every single character has been reduced to a one-dimensional sidekick or "supporting" role. I'm genuinely not being a contrarian for the sake of it; Heroes just holds a soft spot for me. Maybe it's bias because I grew up with it, I don't know.
>>9195 I definitely agree; Heroes also holds a special place in my heart as I grew up with it too. People look down upon the gameplay and never discuss any other aspect of the game beyond how slippery it feels or the team mechanics. Then again, I am talking about the modern day superficial halfchan /v/. Sonic Heroes has such a unique level design due to its unique world building when I think about the other Sonic games. Sonic Unleashed, 06, Colours, and Lost World, all have a story where it's stages need to follow a certain theme. Unleashed: It's an odyssey, traveling the world exploring places based on real countries. Colours: A theme park in space Lost World: A bizarre world with oddly shaped, scattered massed of land with different biomes Sonic Boom: Never touched the game so no opinion Sonic Heroes doesn't exactly follow a set world theme : it's not trying to mimic real life locations, you aren't traveling a lost world, and your are not galavanting around a space theme park. So that means the team was free from a creative strain to create any kind of cool stage. It honestly reminds me of the classic Sonic games in that regard. I've always had this opinion that Sonic Heroes level design and music is by far the best and might I be bold to say the most faithful transition from 2D to 3D. Think about it. It kinda follows that Sonic 3 stage formula and music except there is no mini boss for the transition.
(27.58 KB 359x296 JP-IanMalcolm.jpg)

>>9186 >The fact it's open world killed any interest from me by default. Me too. I tried Elden Ring but the OW stuff killed it for me. I'll probably play it again once all DLCs are finished but right now I'm more looking forward to Nioh Saves China. These developers are just going to have to learn that when it comes to open worlds, just because they can doesn't mean they should.
>>9197 that's the good shit
(2.06 MB 2455x3508 1539737607.jpg)

(71.89 KB 815x736 1552228096-1.jpg)

(140.61 KB 1060x1280 f2f9cc3c50182626.jpeg)

(124.91 KB 849x1200 EBm7uvGU4AAuOSL.jpg orig.jpg)

(77.95 KB 960x720 1355216543535.jpg)

>>9199 I could have swore that I had a pic of Haro and Unicron but it's not there. >that's the good shit More.
>>9200 I blame this on the fortune of my birth
>>9142 >figure drawing for all it's worth I was gonna start that one but I decided to do heads and hands since it seemed easier to start with and follows the same progression like in the book fun with a pencil I noticed. U should post on loomis more only if u want to share that is, no pressure. >Yesterday I masturbated three times and drank 12 cups of cofeee. sounds like a good time
>>9202 i probably will share some stuff there soon enough this is something i tried to do today and gave up, i used reference naturally (some AV star nude)
>>9203 looks pretty good, u got the bulk down. Are u using clip studio art? I think I am the only poster on loomis in the practice thread in the last week or so. Btw what jav star was it, I recently downloaded this super model pose book from an /ic/ mega and it was filled with jav stars posing nude.
>>9127 looks cool
>>9204 i use SAI because it's all my current PC can handle, i plan to upgrade soon though... JAV girl was Ogura Nana and the book was Standard Nude Poses Super Pose Book Nude or something.
>>9206 >sai sounds like a relic. clip studio is having a 50% discount https://www.clipstudio.net/en/ >Ogura Nana hot quite impressive how you can draw in an anime style. Wished I could
>>9207 woah thanks for the heads up i might have to buy the perpetual license, too good to pass up, and believe it or not SAI2 (name of the current 64bit version with enhanced brush engine) is still getting updated by its sole developer on a neigh monthly basis but is very expensive for what it is. very much a relic as you said, most people who used to be loyalists moved to CSP and the few that hold onto it are the same who still might be using other deprecated software like windows 7 or an old version of flash. >Wished I could i think that all it takes is practice, i believe in you fren. also i'm going to sleep now so gn anyone reading this.
>>9208 oh also btw looks like my card is fresh outta cash and the sale ends in 3 hours so rip me
>>9208 sleep well >>9203 and keep up the good work
(511.79 KB 1877x2422 Marisa Kirisame 148924.jpeg)

Fucking hell, I slept awfully again and woke up with a massive headache. The stupid cat meowed all day long, is scratching on the fucking wooden shelf and she took a big shit in at the top of the TV shelf, if my father would still be here he would fucking murder the cat. What a great fucking way to start a morning. I'm not in the mood for anything right now. >>9172 Get rid of the nigger boards already you massive twat.
>>9211 >took a big shit in at the top of the TV shelf >at the top of the TV shelf I'm convinced cats do such things on purpose sometimes.
(39.56 KB 429x410 desu.jpg)

That was a big yikes.
>>9212 How do you know that?
>>9142 >Yesterday I masturbated three times and drank 12 cups of cofeee. That is a lot of caffeine... I think in my case that could end up making me have to masturbate since that can bring anxiety/stress up. But I keep to usually 2 or 3 cups.
>>9212 I had a Siamese cat that would deliberately jump up on my parents office desk where all their stuff was and going behind their monitor whenever it saw me, knowing it wants a negative reaction. Cats really have a I-do-whatever-I-want attitude sometimes.
>>9214 I had a friend and their cat would take a dump in the middle of a particular hallway when it seemed upset by something or someone and then someone would inevitably step in the mess. I don't know for sure, but I've just gotten the impression that sometimes even the nicest cat will go out of their way to mess with their owners once and a while. Sounds like yours really went out of it's way to do that. >>9216 Yeah, like that.
It was uncanny. Like, one time the cat kept trying to get up on a side table in the kitchen to get at a roast that was cooling. The parent that kept shooing the cat away from the roast was hissed at. The cat fucks off. The parent that shooed it away goes to the bathroom a little bit later and steps on a land mine that the cat left in the hallway. It was like the cat was pissed off that it couldn't get at the roast and decided to take a shit in the hallway as some sort of revenge. Normally it would use it's litter box without a problem. The landmines that it left in the hallway always seemed like a calculated gesture of some sort and more often then not they would get stepped in. I'm pretty convinced that it knew what it was doing.
>>9218 My cat even took 2x times a shit at the hallway that leads to the bathroom, despite I was tired as hell I still noticed the landmine she left and I disposed it off before I stepped on it. Though one night as I went to the balcony to get some bread (my mother puts bread there sometimes, because she thinks its cold enough to store bread here) because I was hungry I stepped on her landmine because I couldn't see anything at the floor as it was too dark. Cats man, they want to be feed all the time, then they sleep mostly a lot during day time and then they sometimes decide to be a little rascals and taking a dump where you are most likely to step on.
I think cats are interesting animals, but I'm allergic and can only observe them from a distance. Maybe that's a good thing?
I miss my first cat, also being my first pet. He was named sylvester and was always well-behaved. Always brought comfort to lay with him to pet and listening to him purr. And then the inevitable happens, got old and had an awful thyroid problem and constantly hungry, sometimes laying in spots he normally didn't. I couldn't even give a proper goodbye on the day we had to put him to rest. If there was one thing that brought me to tears more than anything else, it was losing him.
Had him since... 1996
>>9221 I used to own a cat named "Lulu" which had a thunder like pattern at her cheek and she had 4 different fur colours, she passed away several years ago. I can't recall much how this cat behaved since its been a really long time.
Does any of you Anyons have any suggs for a comfy music to listen to? I'm getting a bit annoyed by listening to Eurobeat for several days now since I'm in a shit mood now so I need something more relaxing.
>>9221 >I couldn't even give a proper goodbye That's rough. I had a dachshund when I was young and it was decided that he should be put down without giving me a chance to say goodbye. That stung and I never understood the reasoning, if there was any, since I had already been to a funeral at that point and it wasn't as if anyone was trying to shelter me from anything.
>>9215 Cerval is a good girl.
/csg/ cat shit general
>>9224 I guess it just depends, but for me instrumentals in this genre do it for me sometimes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmHhNLIyHQw If not, I just listen to slow but cheerful piano music. >>9225 Really was. I gave him his final moment of love and when asked if I wanted to come with, I refused. It's for that reason that when the others did go, they had to watch him and they saw tears apparently coming from his eyes after the injection process or whatever. I also been to a funeral but none of it was greater of pain than that. I guess since things are different and my mother's side of family are not known for having many decent people. >>9226 Yeah!
>>9224 >relaxing did you play hotline miami https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa3qqfgp1Ns
>>9229 No I didn't, I'm not fond of games where I need extremely fast reaction times since everything is "1 shot - 1 kill" damage balance.
>>9230 but it was really good though
I liked it, also good soundtrack
Oh this reminds me, I could listen to vaporwave music I guess then. I haven't done that in a long time. I dunno what other albums to listen to.
>>9233 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntuC-VUNtDo Kinda takes me back to when everything went wrong and I was needing something to listen to while changing out pc parts into a different case 2 years ago
>>9224 >listening to Eurobeat for several days now Most of what I've been listening to lately has been fast and loud. Here's something a bit more mellow, but not without some uptempo moments. Some modern arrangements of Polish and other Eastern European folk songs Nigel Kennedy and Kroke East Meets East https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipjt_2As0Ac (mp4related is the third track on the album)
>>9234 That one sounds interesting, I'm going to give it a listen. >>9235 Hmm I'm not into folk music in general.
Good Morning, 8:49 AM here. top down shooters are addictive. i love cider
>>9221 >>9222 that's actually pretty sad, i know what it feels like to lose a childhood pet
(786.86 KB 1280x1280 feels good vaporwave.jpeg)

Wow a Jewtube sugg that is not shit! https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=OxQqA6zeBXo
>>9239 Do you like Dance With The Dead? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ted2nlBSSRU
>>9240 I'm not in the mood for something heavy right now, as I told you before my mood is quite shit so I need something more relaxing.
>>9241 Ahh then try an album called "EccoJams"
(38.82 KB 418x467 1354533934069.jpg)

>>9242 Thanks for the sugg Anyon, it really sounds good.
>>9243 well isn't that just wonderfully 90s
I had Encarta as a child, I remember looking up "porn" and "sex" on it
I just had a mental breakdown and screamed profusely for 5 seconds straight. 45 min. later my vocal cords still hurt and my voice is raspy. it takes a great deal of effort for me to talk now. help me out, please.
(344.93 KB 1000x1518 IDW45CoverA.jpg)

>>9186 I was willing to see where the open world thing goes, but then they revealed that it's just bits of track floating in the sky above an unreal engine demo world, and I lost all interest, like they're clearly not doing anything with the idea. Right now I am just hoping the IDW comics stay golden. The IDW My Little Pony comics really fell off after Nightmare Knights, and once Hasbro had them ditch the Mane Six and all the cool side stories and start making comics about their direct-to-Netflix reboot. It'd be like if the IDW Sonic comics were just about Sonic Boom. The video games remain a mixed bag, but I've personally been enjoying the comics a bunch.
>>9249 forgot pic
>>9249 What happened anon?
Going through the damn C# book I think maybe in about 3-4 days I will be capable of making a lame cookie clicker clone in Unity and then a simple 2D shooter game so that I can figure out how it works out in context of Unity before modding Edengrall. I hope modding a gun wouldn't be too hard, though I will try first modding a knoife before trying to make a pistol. With the book I'm skimming a few section because most of those context I'm familiar with, I just needed actually something which gives me a quick and good overview how C# works for somebody who already programmed so that I know how its syntax works and what is excepted when writing functions and the like. Then later I could try working my way with Cinema4D and see if its actually easier to make animated models that way then with Blender.
>>9253 Good Luck, you'll enjoy C4D
>>9252 I just can't beat insomnia no matter what I do...
>>9254 Thanks Anyon.
>>9255 It might be a bit of a stretch for some, but have you tried staying up until around 8PM and then heading to bed so you wake up early and accordingly to a regular human schedule? what helps with beating the ghost of insomnia is setting some proper goals that motivate you to sleep accordingly, at least it helps temporarily.
>>9243 I want to go back to these times
>>9257 I did, but it's not unusual for me to stay awake for hours on end if I head to bed early. it often doesn't even matter how tired I am, sleeping is usually only a possibility around (roughly) the same night before guess ill have to take benzos again
>>9259 drugs are bad mmkay
>>9259 >take benzos again you're going to make it worse exercise (cardio) and make sure your diet is good, drink a small glass of vodka before bed if you have to. slowly try to get off the vodka though. play meditative therapy before bed to relax you. there are a bunch of free youtube videos that are like an hour of guiding you out of anxiety. when you start to feel heavy, take your headphones off and get some sleep.
Bleh I already dislike the syntax of C#, it pisses me off how much verbosity there is just in order to declare a list and dictionary variables. in Python I can just do it like this: Python water_items = { "Water": 10, "Sparkling Water": 10} but in C# its this crap: CSharp Dictionary<string, int> waterItems = new Dictionary<string, int>() { {"Water", 10}, {"Sparkling Water", 10} }; I would rather prefer if I have to write out like this instead: pseudocode Dictionary<string, int> waterItems = new Dictionary() { {"Water", 10}, {"Sparkling Water", 10} }; Who the hell thought this was a good idea I need to write out the variable types it supports 2x times instead of 1x time?
(1.23 MB 498x280 Sad Troll.gif)

>>9263 Fucking Unity piece of shit won't even give me any choice to write the scripts in different language. Because too many idiots got confused even with the existence of old Unity Boo language I don't know what those idiots did so I guess they complained them too much that they accidently used the wrong tutorial while trying to write some code and thus it made the fags over at Unity to ditch Boo and possibly any prospect of supporting different languages. Godot instead lets you write it in virtually any language you want if there is a language binder for it available or you can use write your own language binder if you are willing to do so.
(47.32 KB 512x512 YAMAA4G.jpg)

>>9237 >>9244 Chacha is based...
I just remembered that 8 crazy nights is a movie that exists
>>9266 >8 crazy nights I think I've heard that title in passing, but I don't really know what that is. Am I missing out on anything? Or have I dodged a pop culture bullet with that?
>>9267 An animated Christmas/(((Hanukkah))) movie starring Adam Sandler, it's really awful early 2000s sludge and he voices almost every character too.
>>9268 God help us. I remembered the O'Doyle rules thing in Billy Madison and thought maybe I'd watch it with some friends cos it was funny. Then I watched the opening scene of the movie and was like, nah, they'd be begging for me to shut this off right away lol
>>9268 Ohhh, that thing. I think I saw a few minutes of that a long time ago and changed the channel or something. There were still channels to change, so, yeah, that was a long time ago. >Adam Sandler When I was a little kid I used to like listening to that comedy album of his, They're all gonna laugh at you!. I vaguely remember a few jokes, but don't know what I'd make of it now.
>>9269 I actually thought that it was a good idea to watch Jack & Jill with my sister and my mom once, all I can say is...dunk >>9270 Dude I know that CD haha, i think you can find it on archive.org
>>9271 I checked archive.org and it's one of those fake-outs. It comes up in the search, but upon closer inspection it only has "samples". Gonna rip the playlist off of the JewTube now and revisit it. Wondering what jokes I might not have gotten when I was little and what parts I might cringe at in retrospect. Thanks for bitching about a lame movie. If not for that I might not be taking this trip down memory lane.
I forgot about these tracks at the end. No wonder I loved this as a kid, heh.
>>9273 lmao
>>9220 I'm allergic to cats as well, glad I have an excuse to never have to interact with the demons.
(85.56 KB 600x600 41832.jpg)

Going to finish this marvelous work of art tonight What about you /digi/
>>9276 Yr in for a wild ride then! Jodorowsky is a mad lad.
>>9276 i'm guessing you already watched el topo, i love el topo. i'm reading loomis, might play some mineycrafta later.
>>9277 >>9278 I'm watching this after going through the documentary on his version of Dune Jodorowski madness is contagious
>>9278 >el topo I Need to make time to check out The Son of El Topo(picrelated). Looks cool, but haven't gotten around to it yet. >>9279 >his version of Dune If only... I rewatched that after the last Dune movie came out as a palate cleanser of sorts.
>>9280 looks fucking sick anon, didn't knew he wrote a sequel.
>>9281 >didn't knew he wrote a sequel. I read somewhere a while back that there were plans to do a Son of movie based on the graphic novel, but IDK if that will end up like Dune and some of his other projects. Surprisingly hard to keep up with the productivity of that old fart. Puts my creative output to shame anyway. >>9276 I hope anon reports back with what he thinks of Holy Mountain? People have such varied opinions and wild interpretations of that one.
>>9282 Finished it just now I was reluctanct of watching for a long time, but I'm glad I finally gave it a go I don't know what to make of it however, but probably that's a good sign The movie leaves your brain all scrambled. Curious to see more of Jodo
>>9283 >I don't know what to make of it however, but probably that's a good sign >that's a good sign Heh, I feel that. It's like some manic poetry or something. I don't know if anyone can explain it. Just washes over like a dream and all you can do is take in the spectacle of it all. >more of Jodo I highly recommend his comics/graphic novels. He's collaborated with some really great artists over the years.
>>9284 It was a difficult movie to watch in just a sit, but its cinematography work is astounding, as well as Jodo's creativity and madness It left me wondering how a modern version of it would play out >I highly recommend his comics/graphic novels Yeah I'm currently reading The Metabarons
>>9285 >cinematography work is astounding Yeah. Even if one of his works doesn't completely resonate with me or whatever, there's usually some eye candy that I'm inspired by in some way.
>>9276 I'm pretty tempted to watch Houkago Teibou Nisshi. I have no idea if it will be good though and I have nothing else to watch while having home made phily steak sandwiches.
>>9287 >home made phily steak sandwiches I'm a bit jealous over here. Too damn hot to cook anything substantial where I'm at. Probably just gonna be the emergency cup noodle for me today.
Man, this blows. Nothing to do today.
>>9289 You could always practice anal fisting.
(8.23 MB 1280x720 Kabocha-.mp4)

I have been trying to make this post for 5 minutes only to realize that I was on the catalogue view. I'm such a tard.
>>9291 glad that post found it's way to the index then. top kek at the very end there.
check out my winamp
>>9293 That looks awesome. Been a long time since I used Winamp.
(1.95 MB 1920x1080 tfw gonna ban someone.png)

>>9294 It really whips the lllamas ass
>>9295 Lol. Forgot all about that. It really has been a while.
Llamas really were the thing back then. Maxis was obsessed with them in their games, Winamp was whipping their asses... it was a good time to be alive.
(1.08 MB 3116x1602 berndkater21.jpg)

>>9276 I just woke up and feeling slightly dizzy again... I need at least a couple of hours till I don't feel so dizzy anymore. The freakin cat is meowing again which annoys me because it seems the cat wants food now or something not even giving me some time to fully wake up, damn it. Later I need to go out for groceries because I need something to eat such as cheese, bread and condensed milk. For condensed milk it is something I use it a lot because it goes better with coffee then regular milk which gives it a more watery taste. Then later when I did the usually stupid chores I'm going back to fiddle with freakin C# again...
>>9298 That's a shame u can't get it. Do u practice the loomis stuff digitally?
>>9299 I don't have the artistic talent to draw.
9:30AM, I managed to wake up before 10AM yay Good Morning everyone! >>9265 excellent taste
>>9265 Asides from the conical shaped muffler/muzzle attachment( or however it is named in english) its a nice looking rifle. >>9301 Hello Anyon. I'm still feeling tired so trying to work on a cookie clicker clone is going to be slower than usual, I would need to anyway get used how the hell Unity does its thing because I'm still confused how I can attach scripts to a certain event such as OnClick() function.
>>9302 I commend your bravery for daring to step out of your comfort zone and use a different engine.
(206.98 KB 869x897 Reimu Tired.png)

>>9303 I already dislike Unity how its quite glitchy under loonix. When I alt tab to it, it doesn't render the panels properly until I hover it over with my mouse cursor and when doing even minor changes to scripts its slow at at that, I don't want to imagine how much slower it is at compiling scripts when it becomes much bigger. Then when the context menu gets opened it doesn't close properly so it still gets rendered and opening a different submenu still renders the old context menu and what do I know. Overall from the few minutes that I used its incredible how lazily the loonix version is made, it really gives the impression it is made with duct tape and bubble gum. So I don't understand really what do you mean by comfort zone. Godot works properly under loonix, I have no major issues with it, that only shows how corporations are nothing but bunch of lazy bastards when they try to add support that is not used by the vast majority.
(253.18 KB 501x752 refuse_hard_labor.png)

I'm tired of my obligations The exams and deliveries in my university seem endless I want to be able to work on personal projects, discover new things, live life
>>9304 GMod on Linux doesn't support multiplayer, it crashes when you try to access it, so you are better off not playing it. Devs are aware of this but say that it isn't worth fixing because a very small percentage of the userbase plays with the linux version in the first place. >So I don't understand really what do you mean I guess it doesn't matter then, I apologize >>9306 I suppose that it'll eventually be over. But then you'll probably have other obligations, so you'll have to manage your time better to find the time to indulge your personal projects and the like. It never fucking ends unless you put an end to it.
>>9307 The last time I tried playing GMod I could play on a multiplayer server and I didn't got any error or crashes while trying to connect to a server. The only downside was that downloading custom shit took forever and once connected I saw tons of "ERROR" model popping up everywhere, fucking stupid. What's the point of having modding support but then because you are missing some shit most likely from a paid game all you can see is "ERROR", fucking garry the retard. I'm not going to bother with S&Box game either as it would take up much more computing power and a regular HDD wouldn't be sufficient as every assets will become even more bloated because of muh graphixs.
>>9309 I highly doubt that S&MBox will ever get past the initial Early Access craze and actually earn itself a new userbase when it does drop on EA. Times have changed.
>>9306 Hang in there, kiddo. Uni took years off my life but now that it's over and its lessons completely useless I really feel free to do whatever I want. Working for a fixed amount of years is a blessing in disguise, looks like you're financially unstable from the outside but in reality you're basically forcing your employers to keep you on their payroll no matter how much time you waste or how bad you mess up, because procedures for kicking you out are costlier than letting you do your own little NEET activities in between work. >>9291 I hate how high effort this looks. >>9262 Well, the point is that you're dealing with memory allocation and possibly embedded coding and all that crap but yes Python is objectively the better tool if you just want to make a quick script and be done with it. >>9188
>>9311 (checked) >Well, the point is that you're dealing with memory allocation and possibly embedded coding and all that crap I thought C# is garbage collected? >but yes Python is objectively the better tool if you just want to make a quick script and be done with it. Well I used GDScript a lot in my main Godot project and it worked pretty good so far. Dunno if I have to use a different language when my game becomes bigger, I might use Nim instead since there is a language binder for it already for Godot. Nim is based upon Ada and Python and its a compiled language so getting used to it should be faster for me. Bleh it seems Unity is not really made for composite scenes unlike Godot, so which makes it for me unfathomable how Unity became such a meme engine in the first place. At least then I can be of certain that I won't use Unity for any serious game projects.
Mornin frens. >>9293 Post dejiko skin nyooo~. It's about time I start using Winamp again.
>>9313 https://archive.org/search.php?query=winamp+skin+charat Pick and choose, you got about a hundred DGC skins and about 80k overall winamp skins. use WACUP! enjoy your day
>>9314 Thank you so much! Much appreciated!
Oh i forgot, a certain someone wanted to know if there was actual fellatio on Kodomo no Jikan or not and I forgot to post the answer to that. This is a spoiler so don't click unless you want to find out. :^)
>>9316 dang i posted them out of order, stupid wangblows
>>9307 >Devs are aware of this but say that it isn't worth fixing shit like this makes me angry if i'm making something, a bug is a fucking bug and i'd fix it unless i try everything but can't reproduce it or try everything but can't fix it. if someone doesn't care about their game enough to fix it, you should not care enough about their game to play it.
>>9318 Devs love shitting on linux users, yet they're the only ones that bother to make proper bug reports. Problem with the Netcode? Nah it's just linux's fault, linux doesn't have a proper TCP/IP sockets implementation. Chances are the windows version only works due to a fluke / luck if the netcode on *nix is broken and could break at any time.
>>9319 game devs in general are some of the most niggerlicious i have ever seen/argued with. maybe the reason why nobody plays on linux is because FUCKING DRUMROLL PLEASE it doesnt work and you won't fix it maybe if you fixed it suddenly you'd have a community on the linux version. i have seen the worst shit out of game devs who refuse to fix literal gamebreaking bugs because apparently it's not worth the time but maybe if the game wasn't broken and you could actually play the fucking thing, people wouldn't refund it. nigger devs make me furious
(12.06 KB 320x240 garfieldtoss.jpg)

>tfw there is no game where I can farm plants, decorate the house and shoot at dumbo monsters which doesn't involve zombies Just fuck my shit up. I don't know what else to play. I've got couple of hours to kill and I don't know what I should do in the meanwhile, fiddling around with Unity is getting on my nerves.
(30.26 KB 620x465 Bender.jpg)

>>9321 You can always make your own game with no zombies
>>9322 (checked) Edengrall has house building, cooking and farming and all that is missing are guns like M16 or M249. I'm going through the pains of learning Unity just for the purpose so that I can mod Edengrall, which is right now at turtle pace because I can't even code a interactable button so far yet and the documentation is not helpful enough to provide code examples how to do it which is for me absolute baffling considering how many shovelware games are made in Unity.
d fuck
ZChannel huh, lol.
>>9326 >ZChannel huh, lol. LMAO. What's the sauce on that? That should really be reposted over there.
>>9328 Sailor Moon, got it. Thanks for the spoonfeed ;^) There's a loli thread and a media recycling thread for archiving random stuff on /b/ over there. That's begging to be reworked into a funny banner or something.
(113.95 KB 421x159 comfy wyvern.png)

>>9298 >I'm going back to fiddle with freakin C# again... Don't fret about it too much. One of the greatest games of the last 15 years was made in C#.
(4.47 MB 1280x720 NomNomNom.mp4)

>>9311 >I hate how high effort this looks.
>>9329 Might drop by but I don't like /b/eing around the crowd that loves doing a certain equation.
I was tricked into believing Coprodecapoda was an actual word. But it looks like it really could be a word but searches revealed nothing.
>>9333 i think it's a symptom of ligma disease
>Coprodecapoda Sounds like it could be the title of some old metal or prog rock record
>>9333 >Coprodecapoda Shit crab?
>>9336 Apparently so, but I'm just confused by why there's nothing about it. I feel like it's not a real thing and maybe I was tricked twice.
>>9333 >searches revealed nothing It's up to /digi/ to change that
>>9300 owell, never say never anything is possible
>>9339 Randoseru is love, randoseru is life. Please post more.                          ,..::-===‐-、                  ,. ...::-‐::':::´::.::.::.::.:::.::.::.::.ヽ\                   ___            , -=ニ二`ヽ、::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::.::_::_r‐=ニ二 ̄`ヽ、            , --v'´: : : : : : `:¬—--- 、 ___             /::::/ ̄`ヽ\ヽ::.::.::.::.::.::.r‐,.ニ>ヘ/7l7丶、::.::ヽ         //⌒Y´ ̄` ー-- 、:_:_: : : : : /: : /`ヽ、           /::.:::〃:_:_:_:_:_:_:ヽYl|::.::_;:=-‐込、::.::.::.::.\ |′  \::.::.:\        //   |            ̄/`ヽr1 `ヽ、:.l        /::::r=仆、:_::.::.::.::.:::l:l|_爪::.::.::/ oヽ::.::.::.::.::ヽ    ヽ::.::.::ヽ     !く   |           //: : : :.|:ト、  |: :| .       /::::/|::::|l::.::.::`:丶:、::|:l|_ハヽ::.:{ O />、::.:.:.:.:.:::ヽ     \:::.:`.     {`ーニ_ -、__      // : : ;.:-|:| :l  l: :| .       /::::,' l|\|__::.:::.::.::.::.::|:l|  ヽヽ:>‐彡'´ | ヽ、:.:.:.:.:.:l     ヽ::.:|   fく| : : : : :` ̄¨:¬ `==='´:/| / : : l:|: :|  l: :|       l:::::|レ|\!Xト、::::.::.::.::|:l|   `T¨´    ¦  l|:.:.:.:.:. |      l:::|  | :`ヽ、: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : _」 |: : :.:. :_l|: : |   l: :|        |:::::|ll| |:::::|__jヽ_`o—|:l|   |    ¦  l|:.:.:.:.:.::|      |::j   {二 rヘ`丶、:_:_:_:_:_: : : : :;イ:.| | : /:ol|: : l⌒7: :l        |:::::|ll| |:::r巾}::.::.::`¨::|:l|   ¦    ¦  l|:.:.:.:.:.::|      |::|  |_:_//\\‐- 、 :_:_;二二| | 」ィ「レ'´: :l|: :,': : ,': :/        |:::::|ll| |:::|l l「::.::.::.::.::.:|:l|   ¦     l   l|:.:.:.:.:. |      /l/ ∠_// / ヽ ヽー- 、_:_「l—レ´:/lヘ : : :l|:/: :./:.:/        |:::::|ll| |/`Yヘ::.::.::.::.::|:l|   ¦    ,'    l|:.:.:.:.:.:l      /:,'  「::`¬‐く__/\\:_:_: : ̄丁´:!: :{nノ: : :l|′/: :/        |:::::|ll|/ / l ヽ::.::.: l::l|   ¦    /     l|:.:.:.:.::,'   /:/  |: : : : : : : : : `ー┴==ヘ : :l|: : |: : :}ヽ: : l| :/: :/        |:::::|l/ ,'  l|  l::.::.:|::l|   !    /     l|:.:.:.::/   /:/    |: : : : : : ru┐: : : : : `ヽ\!|: : | : 厶'^ヽ:|/_;ノ        ヽ::j′       }::.::.|::l|     ヽ   /    ,.イ:::o:/_,ィ:::/    |: : :.r‐=二 : : : : : : : : ト、|」: : |: :|  ヽ `ヽ、        / ,′  |   !::.: |::l|      } { ,..:<::./::.: /_:_:_〈/         l: : : :l    `丶、: : : : : | ||] : :.!: { ;  `   〉 .      /  l   l  |::.:::|::l|     >'´ `¬≠:::/=='´         ヽ、: :`丶、    l: : : : :.| l | : :| : V    /      く _j     冂 |ヽ、| l|  ,.:<      /:::/                    `丶、 _:_` ー┘: : : : | l l: : |:/ヽ、  /         `ヽ、 |_」 |  Vヘ<:_:o:`ヽ、_/>'´                      `丶 、 : : : :| l レ'´    }/             `丶ノ       `ヾニ>=ニ彡′                           `丶┴'′
>>9321 Sounds like you just described Rune Factory. And, Recettear.
(6.55 MB 1280x720 tfw talking to kaz.webm)

>>9342 Very nice. Have a gift for such good content.
>>9344 hehe
Just posted my thoughts on Kodomo no Jikan over at >>>/a/878 since I manned the fuck up and finished it.
I took sleep syrup a couple hours ago to see if it could slow things down more and help relax me. Since I often experience irritation or emptiness. But something tells me I shouldn't depend on that stuff. I just don't know what to do with the discomfort it all brings, like I'm being nagged to do something. But what all else can be done when you don't even know what you want or hate wasting time with something diffeerent? Dumb brain is just on autopilot mode. Also I felt like reposting this since it tickles my awful sense of humor in the right way. It could even open up speculation but just seeing it get into a list was just unexpected and random.
Reminder to all that your dreams can come true.
>>9347 >But something tells me I shouldn't depend on that stuff Whenever I experimented with stuff like that, repeated use would tend to leave me in a depressed state of mind, but everyone is different. >>9348 That was a cool track to wake up and listen to... or rather that was a cool track to listen to after getting out of bed after having spent several hours laying there reading about pointless internet drama without sleeping
Good Morning! 9:40 AM here. It's raining outside, no other thing to do but stay inside and watch anime. >>9347 Well I'm guessing you won't see this post then, sweet dreams?.
(50.31 KB 720x918 FUS6mFcXoAIhgqu.jpg)

Been thinking about trying a one-shot RPG with this local group that's meeting tonight, but I'm feeling kinda meh on it, and Sonic Origins is out today. Stuff like having the Drop Dash in the old games seems sick, man. Honestly not sure if I'm getting much out of the tabletop RPG stuff, like I don't particularly like hanging out with the people lol, I think boardgames may be the move, they attract cooler people.
>>9352 >having the Drop Dash in the old games Have they accounted for level design? I remember that Knuckles in Sonic 1 breaks it (that's a hack, naturally) >tabletop never played those, not even online. i'm too socially anxious to do that even if i tried. personally
>>9349 I'm terrified of VR, I feel like it would shatter my psyche in record time.
Why did I listen to that bastard from some forum post I read who said it would be a palate cleanser after the last mess. I should have known it was a troll post. I thought, hey this isn't so bad. It's just a story about parenthood, what could possibly happen. I won't finish this one, I actually skipped to the end after Chapter 25. Stop writing shit like this. I even pulled an all-nighter to watch comfily, I saw the tooth pull and thought hey this is adorable. I wonder where this leads to? I look up the manga and thank god I read the comment section this one time around, for the first fucking time the comment section of something wasn't complete trash. I'm just going to watch some mindless shonen or something now...
Thursday is like Friday now that I work remote on Fridays. I just like being able to do stuff at my own pace. Sleep in a couple extra hours, take an extra break in the middle to go to a cafe for an hour or so, and just knock off when I decide to make dinner. Gonna be chill. >>9355 Check out Super Cub, it was a nice hobby anime. It starts out kind of gloomy but it's just to set the stage for how good life his with a Honda Super Cub. The show itself isn't dark.
>>9356 I'll check that out, I'm tired of gloomy shoujo
>>9355 >I saw the tooth pull and thought hey this is adorable What did he mean by this?
>>9350 >Whenever I experimented with stuff like that, repeated use would tend to leave me in a depressed state of mind, but everyone is different. True, different. Here is the cope bottle in question. I can't really remember at what time I took the stuff but it really did relax me aside from the occasional itch. Sadly I don't think I can be taking this stuff too often and will just be as a last resort type of thing considering that there are risks. >not for PAIN >>9351 I wish I could have sweet dreams but lately there's been none. Sexy song there though taichou. I like this sort of slow stuff.
>>9316 I still cant believe that Rin just up and did that.
>>9359 Glad you liked that track, sleepy head. >>9360 >Rin did that
>>9361 came across ur element matrix account when you first created this place. Do u mind sharing ur username? u can delete the post later.
>>9362 @basilderomilly:matrix.org
(7.07 KB 183x184 images.png)

hey guys, new to this board. rules so far!
>>9363 I sent an invite. Hope it works. If it does u can delete it. Thanks.
>>9365 Anon Kazu deleted his element account like 6 months ago. I just gave you the username of the biggest asshole I know. If this was anywhere else I'd let the joke play out. But you seem genuinely nice.
>>9366 goddammit why. plz don't say it's the drawpile host?
>>9368 it is fr?
>>9369 Heh no it's just some random narcissist. That would have been funnier though. Now I wish I had thought of that first.
>>9370 Well that wasn't worth stay anonymous ans always alone. I guess
>>9371 Are you lonely? I have an matrix if you just wanna chat. No one should feel alone.
(12.10 MB 480x360 Neil Ciceriega - Bustin.webM)

Oh almost forgot to leave my marker of a prank done succesfully.
>>9372 >are you lonely? Maybe I am maybe I am not. But dead I am. I see no point in anything, so yeah thx
>>9372 I wanna talk
I am still alive, just heavily fucking autistic and busy. God help me the curse of competency has struck and everyone wants something. Been writing stupid fucking bullshit code all goddamned week. >database + webserver up and running >added documentation >wrote a 20 page paper about some ML models >wrote a parallel code script for molecular docking interaction calculations >wrote a bunch of (really bad) python and shell to cram data into tables >taught noobs about greedy algorithms and to stop using expensive genetic algoirithms on linearly-separable data energy drinks and cussing at Linux all day every day for a week straight I might be working on 5 projects at the same time right now but honestly I cannot even tell anymore, it all just flows together and I keep pounding energy drinks and techno to survive. also: <please fix my computer <please fix my microphone (she literally has no microphone) <please make models with bad data that doesn't explain the actual response value <please teach me how to do script like you do, but not really because I'm dumb and I'm just saying that to flatter you and will stop you whenever you start to actually explain code w*men shouldn't be allowed to speak in my presence How have you been /digi/?? testing code tags: <code> #!/bin/zsh echo for i in $(ls ./ | grep 'recp' | grep 'txt$'); do; first=$(cut -f2 -d'-' <(echo $i) ); second=$(cut -f1 -d'.' <(cut -f3 -d'-' <(echo $i )); third=$(cat $i | sed -n '25p' | sed 's/\s\s*//g' | cut -d'|' -f2); forth=$( cat $i | sed -n '25p' | cut -d'|' -f15 | cut -d' ' -f4 -); fifth=$( cat $i | sed -n '25p' | cut -d'|' -f15 | cut -d' ' -f5 -); sixth=$( cat $i | sed -n '25p' | cut -d'|' -f15 | cut -d' ' -f6 -); paste <(echo $first) <(echo $second) <(echo $third) <(echo $forth) <(echo $fifth) <(echo $sixth) -d',' >> spreadsheet.csv; done; </code>
>>9262 >code tags how do you get this shit to format correctly on /digi/ ? ffs >>9263 wow great post
square brackets? R tibble(Cp = fit_summary$cp, BIC = fit_summary$bic, AdjR2 = fit_summary$adjr2) %>% mutate(id = row_number()) %>% gather(value_type, value, -id) %>% ggplot(aes(id, value, col = value_type)) + geom_line() + geom_point() + ylab('') + xlab('Number of Variables Used') + facet_wrap(~ value_type, scales = 'free') + theme_bw() + scale_x_continuous(breaks = 1:10)
really makes me think :DDD Haskell -- an infinite list of Fibonacci sequence numbers via lazy evaluation fibs = 0 : 1 : zipWith (+) fibs (tail fibs)
>>9372 I feel like we spoke very briefly on a different board
>>9381 Oh undoubtedly.
>>9359 >Here is the cope bottle in question ┐(゚~゚)┌
I am racist I am and always will be a racist, everyone in my family is a racist. We're so racist that we've watched every single Nascar race and we all drive manuals too, that's how racist we are. Some races are superior to others, mainly the F1 races, nothing like a good ol' race war. I love being a racist around everyone I see but not everyone appreciates the power of my Mustang, one time I got kicked out of a restaurant for telling everyone that I'm a racist. I wish more people were as racist as I am.
>>9384 >We're so racist that we've watched every single Nascar race and we all drive manuals too, that's how racist we are do you even hate niggers and kikes
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=vsPfjZHt2c0 >>9386 I am faster than niggers and kikes. Their speeds can never top mine.
>>9387 >Their speeds can never top mine. yes i get the joke
i hate to spoil your gay joke but there is a difference between a racer and a racist
I'm just amusing myself. I already knew it was awful.
(398.73 KB 582x620 nyasha.png)

Finally I found a fucking game that is more comfier than Unturned and I just bought for around 11 yurop bucks Rising World game, it plays already so much better than Unturned and its inventory system is not absolute ass and I can hoard a lot of items too, well the crates have plenty of spaces at least. Also I pretty much used up my remaining 40 good boy points to buy 5 other games on steam which is the Supreme Commander pack (comes with 4 games for around 5-6 euro) and Digimon Cybersleuth for 20 euro. So that means I have finally some different games to play for a while which is not fucking GZDoom and Sven Coop for once. I don't have Tyrone bazinga pic so this one will do.
>>9390 i feel like i just shit too hard on a dumb joke, sorry
>>9392 It's okay. It's just copypaste that I found equally as dumb yet amusing to me. You're allowed to tell me it's dumb too.
(22.80 KB 213x252 1468085699588.jpg)

>>9389 You know a racist. A racist is some one who races, just like a rapist is someone who raps.
The levels of humor come to such a low when a little tipsy and watching EAS alarm videos very early in the morning
>>9396 dont worry my levels of humor hit a low by merely existing, and i hate this fucking site.
(79.51 KB 460x616 1464632007654.jpg)

I think this is my favorite Harold pic.
>>9399 (checked) summoned the forbidden one
Good Morning, I bought Deathsmiles on sale like an idiot without realizing Deathsmiles I-II was released like three days ago. >>9362 I don't have a matrix, i have IRC if you want to talk, i can mail you my IRC handle. >>9363 this is not me
Edited last time by pururin on 06/24/2022 (Fri) 14:12:23.
>>9398 I'm sorry you feel this way.
>>9343 >Rune Factory and Recettear What kind of weapons can I get there? Do they have weapons like machine guns or crossbows? If Crossbows can I do crazy shit like crafting explosive bolts or something?
>>9404 Recettear is an RPG-shop simulator. no combat Rune Factory is medieval fantasy JRPG mixed with Harvest Moon.
(89.57 KB 802x647 pm2r.JPG)

steam censored some of the spicier bits but they were fine with this. lol
>>9405 Eh then why did you mention Recettear if it has no combat? Because in my previous post I did mention shooting at monsters. >Rune Factory does that mean it has the lame old JRPG turn based combat too?
>>9407 It wasn't me who mentioned those, sorry. >turn based combat Pretty sure it's real time, and you can try emulating 3 on DS and then pirating 5 if you liked it to see what things are like. You can romance a character too apparently, imagine stardew valley but with combat.
>>9387 >I am faster than niggers and kikes. Their speeds can never top mine.
>>9405 >>9407 >no combat Recettear has a dungeon crawl mode you niggers.
(631.80 KB 1920x1080 hylics-2.jpg)

>>9402 >I bought Deathsmiles on sale like an idiot without realizing Deathsmiles I-II was released like three days ago. You can always refund it Pic rel was my purchase this year
>>9406 They grow so fast, but also I think she ended up marrying me which I didn't want.
>>9408 What ranged weapons does Rune Factory have?
>>9413 I haven't played it, I don't think it has any.
Hi guys, can I vent a little here?
>>9415 What's troubling you anon?
>>9416 Do you remember the hispachan's migration? well it was officially announced back in May 30, but it was locally announced early that month. I was part of Hispachan's staff I didn't trust the admin so I came here and talked to Codexx about it. 8moe staff was prepared to help Hispachan's people because I mentioned it. Now some people are saying that the 8moe refugee camps were hosted because of Hispachan's admin and good lord that makes me so fucking angry, man, I want to show them my conversation with Codexx and scream to them in the face that it was ME the one who helped the community, not him; but I know I that would only put me in trouble. Still that makes me assmad like you wouldn't believe. I can't believe he's lying about that.
Now I'm a little less mad because the other anons know those guys defending Hispachan's admin are talking shit. I'm glad the 8moe guys are not retarded enough to believe that crap.
>>9402 are you still doing lesson practices with python? I was curious about that since the last time you mentioned it
>>9417 Yeah that's fucked up. And no one here will get angry at the truth. We recall the admin deleting threads mentioning 8moe trying to stymy the migration so theyd all go to his faggot discord. Tell them anon. Who would you get in trouble with? Codexx? I doubt he appreciates lies anymore than you or I.
>>9417 >Now some people are saying that the 8moe refugee camps were hosted because of Hispachan's admin and good lord that makes me so fucking angry, man, I want to show them my conversation with Codexx and scream to them in the face that it was ME the one who helped the community, not him; but I know I that would only put me in trouble. Still that makes me assmad like you wouldn't believe. I can't believe he's lying about that. I remember reading that, in the GG thread, the migration happened because the Hispachan admin was being a faggot who wanted to shut the site down after getting BTFOed by the site's userbase, and the BO's came running to Codex and Acid for help asking if they could hop the border.
>>9420 I don't want to say anything because I think that's something Hispachan's admin would do, I firmly believe knowing my community is fine and healthy is way better than some "thank you". I hate that attitude of some people of saying "I'm responsible of X on a Imageboard", but now I seriously want to do it. The guys saying Hispachan's admin was responsible of the migration stopped, if they start with that meme again I'll post my conversation with Codexx.
>>9422 That's a healthy attitude. And for the record though I have been stabbed by a mexican. And though I am insanely racist. I think your a good man who saved his community. And since no one else will. Thank you.
(51.31 KB 1220x424 ClipboardImage.png)

Just went diggin, here's the Hispachan exodus that I read: https://archive.ph/VmMMh#611175
>>9419 I am doing some basic stuff from the first couple pages from my book from time to time. But I honestly doubt I'll move past that, at least not until I get my new laptop (less than a week now) because this one currently struggles with my text editor at the same time as my browser and stuff. Thanks for asking.
A-Train is on sale, wanna buy it so bad. But even then, train line management autism is going to completely devour my soul once again if I do. such addictive micro-management. it's one of those extremely niche franchises that are expensive because the licensing of trains is expensive and not that many people play them but the few who do are loyal to the franchise.
I hate phones so much. I had it charged fully the other day and already the thing is back at 0%. I don't even do much of anything with it for this to happen but maybe it's just old or something. >>9425 I hope you find it to be a fun learning experience. I've recently logged into an old account where I have been granted javascript privileges and it has me wondering if I should learn that. I'm guessing python is easier though from the complaints I've seen about javascript.
>>9427 >I hope you find it to be a fun learning experience. I hope it is, my goal is to ultimately find some practical use to this knowledge.
Also wtf is this
https://yewtu.be/xcyF4jqAyFg >Early NES Emulator that was made in 1990 for FM TOWNS
>>9429 For a moment there I thought it was CMC. They even went with a similar font style. Lol syamu_game is seen in the background of characters too. Weird.
(306.57 KB 552x552 1644501122351.png)

I think i'm reaching the limit in terms of enjoying boards. Since the summer of 2006 i've been to every place, small, large, obscure, foreign... Maybe its not being able to follow most threads since i have a job. I always enjoyed forums far more though. A shame how they just dwindled down and almost every place is down and dead. The age of anonymous boards is also gone. Maybe its like those cowboys movies about old outlaws not being able to get on with the times and dying in a shootout at the end.
(338.48 KB 622x830 sdfsd.jpg)

Still can't believe they don't make graphite coloring pencils
>>9433 Would that be too expensive to manufacture? not like it matters much to me, art supplies are too expensive as they are so i solely focus on digital
People are strange.
>>9434 >Would that be too expensive to manufacture? Apparently it's impossible to make, there is no color in graphite. >art supplies are too expensive as they are so i solely focus on digital I think it's more about the feel and what fits u best. Was drawing with 10cent 2b pencils from china for a year. but that is me. I respect digital art but I will never be able to commit to it fully. I just adore easels.
>>9435 ..When you're a stranger ~♪
(150.27 KB 1129x1075 c3e.jpg)

>>9417 It's okay, anon, I helped tons of small boards get onto 8chan or Webring boards and I have nothing to show for it either. Be glad that your actions brought solace to hundreds of agonizing anons.
Trying to learn PHP to broaden my skillset since the stupid HR guys keep asking for a billion programming languages and the tutorials I've found are taught by a literal donkey, but I'm too far gone to stop. >>9356 Is that a Doug Walker portrait lmao what are these comics named?
Meh rising world starts to get pretty boring. There is almost nothing to do anymore and waiting for the trees to grow takes ages so I couldn't build my new house because due to shortage of wood, I could cut the wild trees instead but I prefer to keep them so that the world doesn't look too empty. Also for some reason producing ammo is pretty expensive and most of them requires metals which is rare despite I set the ore count to high which I excepted I would find a motherload of ores when digging through a cave and yet I found just coal down there. Meh I don't feel like playing anything else and I don't know what else I should do. I'm not exactly in the mod for RTS and I cannot be bothered to look for Supreme Commander mods if there is any mod that adds tons of tanks. Meh maybe I should fuck around in Unity Engine again then I guess.
11AM over here, good morning everyonyon~ Since flag limit was reached, I was thinking of getting rid of flags that no one uses and replacing them with newer ones. i might be offline for a few hours against my will within the following days due to some work being done around the house next week. i want to draw some stuff with aseprite so badly. >>9440 It's called The Wall review
>>9442 Is there any way to preview flags?
>>9443 Yup, check the reply box all the way up instead of the quick reply one :)
>>9444 I meant something like a listing of all the images, instead of having to click on each one, but thanks
>>9445 >>9444 >>9443 Maybe it can be done as a another feature sugg or something?
>>9445 >>9446 I get a feling that such a feature would seriously slow down older computers that already struggle enough with modern browsers.
When i was a little lad, my favorite band was The beatles. I blame my parents for this, even if it wasn't their favorite specifically. That made me branch out into several other classic rock bands and artists, mostly power pop like ELO, Badfinger, Klaatu and The Hollies. I eventually grew out of that but I've been re-listening to The Kinks for these last two years and all I gotta say is, they are probably one of the greatest bands of all time. They deserve way more credit than what they get, Ray Davies was a masterful composer and lyricist.
>>9447 Well I thought somewhere a button that would show a grid list of all flags this board has.
>>9449 Maybe something like that could be done if it opens in a separate tab
How much of a fuckking asshole do you have to be throwing shit into the back of your truck as loudly as possible so that everyone can hear it while still early in the day
>>9451 Good Morning
>>9452 I wasn't ready to wake up but good morning taichou. I guess I have to put up with those people just throwing shit as loudly as possible next door
>>9453 Every weekend I have to deal with loud obnoxious partying neighbors under the influence of alcohol. It's hell and they keep it up until well into the morning of the following day.
Meh fug it I guess I just play forged alliance forever against EZ modo AI then, downloading a couple of units mods and play that instead. But right now I feel sick again for some reason so I need to lay down, uggh.
>>9455 Do you like Empire Earth Gold?
>>9454 That's the worst kind of hell imaginable to go through. I guess not much can be done about it either. Sorry people are awful like that, robbing you of peace like that especially on weekends.
>>9445 >>9446 Might be possible with a little bit of javascript magic
>>9457 I haven't played this game and it looks like it has janky vehicle movement.
>>9459 const imagePath = "https://8chan.moe/digi/flags/"; const flagCombobox = document.getElementById("flagCombobox"); const postingForm = document.getElementById("postingForm"); const flagsDiv = postingForm.appendChild(document.createElement("div")); for (const flag of flagCombobox.children) { const value = flag.value; const flagName = flag.text; if (flagName == "No flag") continue; const flagPath = imagePath + value; const image = new Image(); image.src = flagPath; image.width = "100"; image.height = "100"; image.title = flagName; flagsDiv.appendChild(image); }
>>9461 eww wtf is this
(72.99 KB 500x366 1436735734150.jpg)

>>9457 >got forged alliance forever working >install a couple mods >play a match against a ez modo cybran AI >first 10 minute is okay, nothing interesting going >build a bit of my eco and some defense thinking it will be sufficient >AI sends in a small squad >deal with them easily >build some more forces >AI is about to send in even more units >got some loses dealing with those >some time passes... >AI advanced now in T2 >AI build some weird ass T1 advanced robot that is hard to kill and fucking massacred muh tonks >my single advanced T1 tank killed him at the end >build up the other tanks again once more >AI build more units and is going to push my shit in >lost couple of defense and my tank platoon again >AI sends in even more units and about to destroy my base >decide to raqe quit now Jesus fucking christ, I excepted a ez game ez win or some shit but instead the AI somehow decides it should rush up to T2 and it builds hard hitting units instead which fucking rekt my forces. Fuck this gay game. I'm never gonna play it again. Fucking 5 euro for nothing.
>>9463 too late to refund?
>>9467 ok mr pedantic autistic faggot, it is user javascript that modifies the DOM tree generated by the Aleph front end of Lynxchan that appends an image element to every child element of the form submission combo box that is not designated with the text-string value "No flag", having the path "https://8chan.moe/digi/flags/" + flagName with the dimensions of 100x100 and title of "flagName". Fuck you faggot.
>>9468 I can tell what it is, I just think it looks bad. Calm yourself down.
>>9461 idk why the other anon was mean to you, i think this is a nice little script if you want to see all of the board's available flags at a glance
>>9461 Impressive to see how fast this was done after I went back to sleep. I tried it out in Settings, reloaded, and perhaps this could be something for those needing a grid-like preview. GJ !
>>9471 >>9470 It was just a quick and dirty proof of concept Feel free to fiddle around with it
>>9472 It's cool anon, sorry for being a prick.
>>9473 No hard feelings anon Made some quality of life improvements Now the flags are inside the reply form, they are smaller and you can hide/show them Also, I don't know if was clear from the last screenshot, but you can check a flag's title by hovering it A future idea would be to select a flag by clicking on its image, as an alternative to the dropdown menu const imagePath = "https://8chan.moe/digi/flags/"; const flagCombobox = document.getElementById("flagCombobox"); const postingFormContents = document.getElementById("postingFormContents"); const details = postingFormContents.appendChild(document.createElement("details")); const summary = details.appendChild(document.createElement("summary")); const flagsDiv = details.appendChild(document.createElement("div")); summary.innerText = "Preview flags"; flagsDiv.style.maxWidth = "700px"; for (const flag of flagCombobox.children) { const value = flag.value; const flagName = flag.text; if (flagName == "No flag") continue; const flagPath = imagePath + value; const image = new Image(); image.src = flagPath; image.width = "50"; image.height = "50"; image.title = flagName; flagsDiv.appendChild(image); }
>>9475 If custom js becomes enabled for the board, this preview of the flags could make for a nice permanent solution to what others wanted. I like it.
>>9476 >custom js probably would be way too prone to abuse
>>9477 I thought for sure staff had to approve of the code first to prevent abuse. Or so I think that's how the process goes. I can imagine lots of nasty things being used otherwise.
>>9478 oh wait it's already a thing that exists? makes sense that it must be pre-approved
(34.38 KB 500x694 ♡Pastel♡.jpg)

I miss club penguin
(47.94 KB 250x288 jackhammer pingu.png)

>>9465 Meh I'll still keep it, maybe I'll play it with other fags on a botmatch later. >>9480 I never played Club Penguin
>>9480 what do you miss about it? I personally didn't see much appeal to it, so I never got to experience it like other early 2000s places. I was actually able to witness the great 2006 raid of habbo hotel though which was cool. But at the time I was thinking what are these assholes doing spamming random things and interrupting my conversations. I didn't know it was 4chan doing it.
>>9482 unlike other early places*
I had forgotten the horrible feeling of emptiness that comes when you finish a story you liked. I don't know what to do now.
>>9484 Read Necropolis by Dan Abnett
>>9485 No, I don't want to read or watch anything else for now. I feel that I have to "digest" the story I have just finished and get used to the fact that there will be no more of it.
>>9481 If u have never played club penguin u haven't lived. >>9482 Mostly the dojos and collecting clothes and chilling with my friends on club penguin. habbo hotel I always saw ads for it but barely played it. Wasn't it a membership game too?
>>9475 Bro can i use this? Also, can you please help me to do a custom css for my board?
>>9487 From what I can remember, habbo hotel was not too much different from other early online virtual world esque sites where if you wanted the good stuff, you had to buy with real money or spend a lot of time earning currency. I'm not sure about it having any unique membership though. Honestly after my first and second time giving it a try, it was really just awful. The people were awful and just nothing made it worth sticking around. Pretty bored by it too.
>>9488 >Bro can i use this? Sure, I hope you find it useful >Also, can you please help me to do a custom css for my board? Yeah I can give it a go, tell me what you want
Good Morning, play CountryCide I had a nightmare about my kitten starving so i fed her lots as soon as i woke up. >>9480 I do too, and I miss an old Pokémon browser based MMOs from 2005.
>>9491 MMO*
>>9491 >browser based MMOs For me it's Kingdom of Loathing.
>>9475 >A future idea would be to select a flag by clicking on its image, as an alternative to the dropdown menu Done const flagCombobox = document.getElementById("flagCombobox"); const postingFormContents = document.getElementById("postingFormContents"); const details = postingFormContents.appendChild(document.createElement("details")); const summary = details.appendChild(document.createElement("summary")); const flagsDiv = details.appendChild(document.createElement("div")); summary.innerText = "Preview flags"; flagsDiv.style.maxWidth = "700px"; for (const flag of flagCombobox.children) { const value = flag.value; const flagName = flag.text; if (flagName == "No flag") continue; const flagPath = `https://8chan.moe/digi/flags/${value}`; const image = new Image(); image.src = flagPath; image.width = "50"; image.height = "50"; image.title = flagName; image.onclick = () => { // Update selected flag flagCombobox.value = value; // Update preview var previews = document.getElementsByClassName('flagPreview'); for (var i = 0; i < previews.length; i++) previews[i].src = flagPath; }; // Add image flagsDiv.appendChild(image); }
>>9493 Do you remember a game called Adventure Quest or something like that?
>>9495 Oh hell yeah, I used to be all about Adventure Quest.
>>9069 >>9314 >>9430 Are you really avatarfagging with Dejiko? Why didn't the usual fag complain about it? I don't mind, because finally there's some flavoring in /v/ that was lost because anons stopped shitting on goons and similar invaders, but it's strange that no one complained yet. You're that fag who was whining about others avatarfagging, right? >>9406 >>9412 >screenshots of PM2 >remake >just smooth out that masterfully crafted dithering >put Windows ClearType rainbow-edge text on it "Modern audiences" was a mistake.
>>9490 Thanks bro. You see, i want a dark theme for the board, is >>>/mex/
I'm freaking out. I was waiting next to traffic lights to cross over and a guy leaning out of the window shot a photo of me as his vehicle drove ahead of me. He was holding out his smartphone in my direction and there was no one else in my spot so I'm sure he saw me as some sort of freak show and decided to snap a photo of me since I just look incredibly weird. Worst day i've ever had in a long time. This is why I'm so reluctant to go outside. I take extreme measures to avoid standing out but it just seems that I always get unwanted attention no matter what. I can't help being ugly and out of touch with fashion, does that mean you have to invade my privacy? I sort of miss the time before smartphones when these worries were next to non-existent. I really hate the present day. Now I feel like OD'ing on sleep meds. It's that bad.
>>9499 Well actually we had cameras back in the day too. Never seen a polaroid? Self developing. Anyway for all you know he thought you were fucking hot man. Why be self conscious? And if you do appear abnormal enough to get pics snapped then do as we punks did in the 80s. Smile and give him the finger.
>>9497 >Are you really avatarfagging with Dejiko? Why didn't the usual fag complain about it? Anon this is a Di Gi Charat board. >You're that fag who was whining about others avatarfagging, right? I've never complained about that. /v/ seems to hate me anyway. I don't realy hate anyone though, you are all cool. >>9499 That sounds horrible, and why I hate going outside. People IRL are scary, have a virtual hug anyon.
>>9499 >freak show how bad are we talking like actual deformed face or what keep a bag of turds to throw at people, that's what i do
>>9502 I guess it's a bit hyperbolic to call myself deformed, but it's definitely not an exaggeration to say that my overall looks are unusual. At the moment I pretty much only wear loose button-up shirts because i'm insecure about my body figure. Combine that with long straight hair, sickly pale skin and a short height and you'll scare the hell out of everyone. also, I'm often mistaken for a female by strangers. My appearance is just a bit naturally androgynous I suppose.
>>9503 Why do image boards attract such freaks?
>>9504 That's not nice, anon. I haven't even shown a photo of myself and you've already called me a freak.
>>9504 >why is anonymous interaction so prized by uggos? It truly is an unsolvable mystery.
>>9505 Nobody is that interested to find out either. Be mindful of rule 3
>>9505 >>9506 I'm not talking about physical appearance, you're just so self-aware you assumed it The thing is, you can improve yourself mentally and that will reflect externally The problem is not your appearance, it's that you act as freak, shutting yourself in, being awkard, ...
>>9507 Well, it's not like I was ever planning on showing it. I just didn't expect someone to experience visceral disgust based on my description alone. But I suppose I truly am I freak after all. There's a reason I'm a shut-in. If I had someone who could do the grocery shopping for me I would literally never go outside at all.
>>9509 Or just go for punk aesthetic and tell anyone you meet to lick your ass and suck your balls.
>>9509 You think that but there are freaks all around when going out. You feel sad that some freak thought you were any different when he himself was a freak. You should think of people based on their actions instead of giving into what they thiink.
>>9503 <Embrace your female side <Seduce a guy <Reveal yourself <Delight yourself with his utter disappointment
>>9503 >Combine that with long straight hair, sickly pale skin and a short height and you'll scare the hell out of everyone. wow are you me
>>9513 except for the straight hair, my hair is wavy.
It must be in the ghetto for such a thing to happen.
It's all fun and games until the small white guy steps into the hood. Gotta be sure to take a quick snap in case of anything.
what the fuck is going on am i going to have to throw turds at you guys
>>9517 the japan is neko
fixed the male
>>9519 Super good job! I hope you can fix more of his animations.
Why do I feel like I want to leave people so badly for nothing in return. I just don't get it when I talk to them I feel I am talking to myself no one seems interested or cares the flow of the conversation dies so fast it's painful. Why does letting it all go sound best to me?
>>9522 Because most people are completely shallow and devoid of character, but there are still some very few interesting folk out there and like-minded individuals. They are almost impossible to find though, but not impossible.
>>9523 but isletting them go, a way to go. Than what the void of forever waiting for someone who gets you to come around might never happen? What if you can't shine as a person since ur ability to express yourself is limited by the pain it cause to do it. What if unraveling parts of ur identity make it worse.
>>9524 If you never get close to others, then they can never hurt you. Every time we open up about ourselves we are gambling our luck, you lose some and you get some in changing intervals. It's impossible not to be hurt but sometimes it's the only way if you don't want complete isolation. Relationships of any sort come with extra luggage. You need to learn how to handle these, and manage how much you keep about yourself and how open you are. Take it slowly but know that it's not pain free, ever.
(52.34 KB 600x600 22072879_p0.gif)

(9.62 KB 300x180 22180376_p0.gif)

>>9521 Roll chan makes my pants tight and my heart go doki doki!
Oh here's a good flag once Acid ups the amount.
>>9526 She's perfect, I love Roll chan so much. Capcom please give us a roll chan spin off. if Tron Bonne could have one, why not her? >>9527 I can add it now and replace an unused one like those guns
>>9528 >I can add it now and replace an unused one like those guns Should I try and make the bg transparent?
Added as running loli
>>9525 Some part of me feels like that would never happen. It's hard to even care about trying to have a normal conversation with someone. Are people really nothing but flawed and enriched by judging people the explaining to them of having a justification defeats the purpose. What if we are only bound to find people based on our skills or talents not how we regard the way we feel. When u get how people react only telling them the good qualities about urself work which is degrading they don't want to listen to us they just want something from us and once that is achieved we are worthless and nothing to them again.
>>9529 Already did
>>9531 I'm rather straightforward about my flaws to others, but I only reveal those when there's a certain degree of trust. If people stop liking me after that then I will for sure be hurt but that also means those weren't people worth talking to and generally, they will simply stop replying. You might be surprised and find someone who actually accepts you for who you are, good and bad.
>>9533 what if u are identity less. and not one dimensional like most people. And another question why would u start with expressing ur flaws. Do u expect sympathy from them to feel sorry for u? Would make me feel worse
>>9534 >what if u are identity less. and not one dimensional like most people. Then you are well, you. >why would u start with expressing ur flaws I said that I only reveal those after there's a certain degree of trust. >Do u expect sympathy from them No, i like transparency and being upfront about how I am. >>9535 added that qt
>>9126 >>9202 >>9204 >>9299 >>9362 >>9365 >>9436 >>9487 >>9524 >>9531 >>9534 is it that fucking hard to type "you" and "your" your posts are otherwise completely correct which makes the "u" and "ur" even more jarring
>>9537 Apparently so. >>9536 How long would it take to trust someone. Tbh I have nothing to say so. I am pretty hopeless.
>>9539 There is always hope. Never let despair take you.
>>9540 I am a better listener than speaker. I mostly observe I understand things without needing words. So nothing is sometimes the most wonderful thing in the world
>>9539 Depends entirely on if the other person wants to be trusted. You can often pick up signs or red flags indicating that they don't fully value the same level of trust you want to achieve.
>>9461 I can seem to get this to work. What am I missing?
>>9543 If you want the js to work on your board, you need to get in contact with staff to approve and add it. If you just want it for seeing previews of flags on all boards, you can easily add it into your Settings up top to save. If you aren't seeing anything then you probably have js disabled in your browser.
murder is tempting. extremely tempting. i am not a sociopath but the truth of the matter is that killing would make someone shut the fuck up. forever. i like to think i am moral but the truth of the matter is just that it's just REALLY fucking shit if you get caught for murder. if murder wasn't that big of a deal in the law, I would have killed so many people by now for annoying me.
also i should probably say i have never murdered anyone and im not some kind of serial killer it's just an amusing observation
but there are people i would probably enjoy killing by this point, it would actually be fun, i am a hateful bastard
I wish everyone a Good Morning. Busy day later today so you might not see much of me. >>9539 There's nothing written about it, each person is different. You gotta keep trying or not try at all. >>9547 Nice to see you too.
>>9549 YESSSSS
>>9549 that artist actually bothered to draw rifling in the barrel of the gun, and the gun actually looks accurate to a real m1911. i think /k/ drew that/
>>9551 The shoulder thing that goes up?
>>9552 wot
>>9554 kek
>>9554 I hate women only slightly more than politicians. Fucks sake.
>>9545 >>9546 >>9547 >Wow he's literally me
i remember an anime called tokyo tribes where a guy was raped to death and penetrated so badly it tore his spine
>>9560 Sounds like a fun anime to watch together with your family
wasteed so much time with trying to identify a song used within a song and in the end nothing could figure it out. There goes most of the day then. I was actually wanting to make a new firefox profile instead and change the user agent to something mobile in hopes of tricking a site since it's not letting me do anything. oh well. https://getsongkey.com/tools/key-finder https://29a.ch/timestretch/ I thought these were pretty interesting but that's about all that came of this
>>9562 I like discovering the origin of samples and getting into new genres because of it. hehe
>>9564 icles
(117.09 KB 448x340 white girls.png)

>>9545 >>9546 >>9547 There are two dogs inside of you.
>>9560 >so badly it tore his spine TOBLERONE!!!
>>9568 What are you testing?
Maintenance is over, if the site looks fucked hard reload and delete cache.
(1.07 MB 900x708 undefined.png)

>>9560 a fate worse than shrek's love...
my board title looks wrong now. What have they done to the CSS?
>>9571 oh dawg strip filename is broken
>>9572 >>9573 Make reports to Acid and Codexx on /site/ or on the gamergate thread.lol
>>9572 update made my slide dancing Osaka disappear from board too. Plus some other things became different like filename going out of bounds
>>9574 I did complain on IRC, I was told that "bugs are expected" or something.
(19.30 KB 112x112 undefined.png)

>>9573 it is?
stinky bugs
>>9519 >>9521 Beautiful job mate, bleaching cuck art is the best thing a man can do.
>pururin do u enjoy reading books?
(6.04 MB 2894x4093 undefined.jpg)

this SHOULD keep the favorite button where it needs to be #favoriteButtonLabel:after { content: url(/.media/8cc876eb442ed4725098546cfe7ca99e0d8c0ce7974ab2684b78604178debda51.gif); font-size: 200%; top: 29px; right: 1px; position: relative; }
Meh I don't feel like playing Edengrall, I had 2x crashes with this game already and trying to cook a soup caused the soup not to get cooked, loss of ingredients and major lag despite it worked before. Rising World isn't that fun either and I don't like games where I can grow mineral/crystal rocks so that I have virtually infinite amount of ores, I mean I could try modding it in but its hard to do so if I don't have the trees code for reference so that I can modify it. I don't really know anymore what else to play and my spanish friend usually host his Sven Co-op serb during mid evening so it takes a while for him to wakeup and boot up the serb. Meh this sucks, I don't know even for what type of game I should look for and no I don't want a racing game, I want something more comfier but with shootan.
Mornin frens. Been really busy lately but I'm still coasting through life. >>9560 Goosh Goosh? >>9571 Fun fact, this artist has had the same artstyle for years and years, drawing the same crappy Sonic art for almost two decades now. >>https://www.deviantart.com/cmara It's really crazy how autistic sonic fans can be.
I know some flags had to be rid of, but where are the Sakura Kinomoto flags!?I know zonz isn't here anymore (or he just lurks/ uses a vpn and doesn't namefag anymore) but I really wished we could have kept atleast one of them.
Good Morning, I woke up kinda late but I might get my new laptop either today or tomorrow so excited about that. Still integrated graphics but at least its nvidia this time around. >>9585 I haven't removed any anime flags, only gun flags and a N64 variant. >>9582 thanks, will add >>9581 Mostly non-fiction
the old favorite button is simply not showing up. thanks chodexx

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