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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

Toshiaki 05/28/2020 (Thu) 07:38:17 No. 108
Long live N8!
>>687 I dropped the ball on everything.
>>785 If the balls hadn't dropped, that'd be p*do
>>795 I want to be the nullboy
>>825 Tell me more
>>827 I wish to have just my soft fluffy fur poking out from there without any gross dangly bits getting in the way
>>830 It was probably pretty cringe of me to say "*my* soft fluffy fur" there, wasn't it? Oh well...!
>>192 I love n8 and his attitude so much. How did /furry/ end up with such a great mascot?
>>195 it's yoshi from telemonster owo
>>1007 back in 2014 all of the collective creativity of cuckchan (which i could still call 4chan with a straight face) that was being repressed by luggage lad was released on 8chan all at once during gamergate. thats how we got all of those cool looking mascots like nate and vivian
>>1019 >nate and vivian Isn't there at least one pic of Nate and Viv together?
>>1025 to me, viv will always be a trap. i will not move on; years after 2014 are counterfeit and gay
>>212 HI BUSHY
(36.05 KB 512x512 n8smile.png)

N8 is cute! Draw some N8s!
>>3592 No i want to suck his underage cub cock instead
(5.44 KB 254x221 marioN8_edited.png)

do stickers of n8 exist? i'd like to put one on my laptop...
>>3766 Someone made one a long time ago.
(52.21 KB 280x350 1574228810452.png)

>>3766 Chances are, you'll have to get it printed yourself. Post results when you're done.
(6.74 KB 250x250 n8sigh.png)

more OC
(6.74 KB 250x250 n8sigh2.png)

minor fix
(15.35 KB 128x128 n8point_t.png)

Here's another
(31.57 KB 1024x1024 n8point_t_l.png)

>>3809 >that stretched thumbnail Guess I should've scaled it.
(44.45 KB 622x493 ClipboardImage.png)

>>108 >hotwheels thought of n8 as his fursona lol Time to draw our boy committing hate crimes again. https://archive.is/hUA6c
(79.57 KB 720x540 hotwheels fursona.jpg)

>>3812 Does that mean his green fursona symbolizes his switch to cuckchan? With the blob's current state, I kind of wonder if he's part of Bell's cabal.
It wouldn't be surprising. Bonus points if he's secretly watching this board and seething.
(5.25 KB 512x512 n8 thumbs up.png)

Here's a new one. sage because I posted it elsewhere already
(6.92 KB 256x223 N8_Paint.png)

(7.16 KB 256x223 N8_visits_Italy.png)

One more
Happy new year bros!
>>4131 Nice. Happy new year fag.

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