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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(24.38 KB 365x365 image0 (2).jpg)
(552.29 KB 1400x1712 gabu_7.png)
(848.69 KB 2100x1400 gabu_and_gargo.png)
(334.75 KB 1630x1800 data_oct_nov.png)
better than normie Gatomon stuff. Toshiaki 04/27/2021 (Tue) 02:57:20 No. 2465
Get your gay Digimon junk out here now. C-boy is fine but the point of this thread is to rival that Gatomon trash tier thread with equally good stuff.
>>2891 I think my phone is pretty much tapped out
(142.68 KB 620x562 unnamed.png)
>>2885 Well fuck me, I expected this thread to die after a mass lack of posting... could you at least scour the internet for more gabumon porn if your intentions are to keep this at the top?
(1.39 MB 1280x1268 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.45 MB 1152x855 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2893 Too bad, you get more Guilmon bumcrack
>>2892 renamon taps out my balls after a few pics >>2893 gabumon isnt exactly popular, he also looks really weird without the pelt.
>the digimon most likely to fuck cubs and kids is ____
>>2900 i'd say impmon with how hot he is its more likely that the cubs and kids are coming onto him rather. i would if i was a kid.
>>2901 I also think Impmon but in my case itd be more like >Hey kid, wanna try what theyre doing in the video? It looks fun
(8.88 MB 4200x3200 guilwhore.png)
Just remembered as OP surprisingly, I actually drew this within the lifespan of this thread, it's just been awhile since I finished, how does this look Anon?
>>2908 room for improvement but thats pretty good, the eyes on guilmon look kinda weird and i cant put my finger on why. who's the one to the right btw? if its a digimon i cant recognize it.
>>2909 it's Galgomon (Gargomon for those who use the dub name), I thought about putting part of his ear in, but it was difficult to guess how big it could be without removing from his form.
>>2908 I think it looks okay enough Guilmon is taking cocks which is the important thing
>>2911 i want guilmon to give me his though
>>2908 I went ahead and fixed some of the more glaring issues
>>2939 >/file/assets/roblox/sfx/oof.wav
>>2939 Scientifically inaccurate, his ears are too big & stiff to be held by a goddam paper bag, maybe a plastic bag could hold them but then we'd be going into Necrophilia. you lose 200 merit points, but aren't bad at edits.
(282.96 KB 2100x1400 E3TUl9NWEAM-OGR.jpeg.jpg)
(3.37 MB 2100x1400 unknown.png)
(3.30 MB 2100x1400 unknown-2.png)
>>2964 Actually I've RP'd enough times with my friends to assure you there is a big difference between snuff and necrophilia. Not that anon Speaking of edits, my other friend wanted bigger balls and no underwear
>>2965 is he trying to pull his pants off or put them on him? i cant tell.
>>2965 Good sir, we need Gargomon/Galgomon porn, if i can request more of that I'd be a very happy fag. this ain't even a draw thread but if someone wants to draw a Galgomon/Gargomon choking on dick that'd be awesome.
>>3008 Counter requesting that someone draws you choking on dick
>>3011 what if someone draws him choking on gargomon's cock? everyone happy right?
>>3012 Actually I might end up jealous of him
>>3012 actually I do have a digimon fucking fursona, surprisingly I second the counter request to my request.
>>3015 you son of a bitch, you stole a poor gabumons pelt.
>>3016 if My eyelids are yellow and eyes themselves are red *plus* have a horn, you could guess I'm a gabumon myself, so did i really?
(114.02 KB 238x314 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3017 theres a poor gabumon out there looking like this because of you.
>>3018 that isn't a point if that gabumon is a nudist.
(446.38 KB 640x640 gabupoached.png)
>>3017 >My eyelids are yellow and eyes themselves are red *plus* have a horn You're a goddamn monster is what you are
>>3024 Yeah, I know: A digital one.
(318.63 KB 541x520 braixen ;3c.png)
>>3026 stealing someone's eyballs doesn't make you digital, just edgy
>>3028 get out inferior franchise
(1.21 MB 1278x1069 braixen comeatme.png)
>>3029 make me, gayboy
(1.18 MB 1205x1285 anthem2.png)
>>3028 I counter with groping & grooming a teenage Gomamon. half wholesome and not edgy, half unconsentual.
>>3030 at least post pictures of braixen fucking a/with digimon
>>3032 >not getting groomed by your digimon

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