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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(24.38 KB 365x365 image0 (2).jpg)
(552.29 KB 1400x1712 gabu_7.png)
(848.69 KB 2100x1400 gabu_and_gargo.png)
(334.75 KB 1630x1800 data_oct_nov.png)
better than normie Gatomon stuff. Toshiaki 04/27/2021 (Tue) 02:57:20 No. 2465
Get your gay Digimon junk out here now. C-boy is fine but the point of this thread is to rival that Gatomon trash tier thread with equally good stuff.
Gay as in be faggots about it? Which digirod would you sit on /v/?
>>2465 >gatomon It's TAILMON you pleb!
>>2468 Shut up, we're too busy getting stuffed with dicks
>the point of this thread is to rival that Gatomon trash tier thread with equally good stuff <posts trash tier stuff worse than anything in the other thread <including a pic with magical realm fetish art tier quality I have some good stuff but for your faggotry I'm not gonna post any of it.
>>2473 Post some 9 dick renamon or something then
>>2478 Why is he so perfect
>>2479 He's just too cute & has a friendly personality.
(1.31 MB 1280x752 1595118375805.png)
(80.68 KB 594x1200 ErmPzO9VoAUSgsR.jpeg.jpg)
Imagine being gay for Flamedramon
>>2479 >>2480 he's like a little brother that adhores you and finds everything you do fascinating. but also has a rocking hot semi-feral body.
>>2483 Sora's Garudamon is female though.
>>2487 I see a big fat dick
>>2488 That's the issue! There shouldn't be a big fat dick there!
>>2491 It should be inside you instead, right?
>>2493 A-anon! The only penis I want in me is the one I'll marry!
>>2494 Which digi-cock would you marry
>>2495 Haven't found the right one yet.
(86.70 KB 1000x771 D78R56SUcAAo5fv.jpg)
(220.17 KB 1536x2048 D61Cw8jUEAIHRlS.jpg)
(690.84 KB 1318x1770 bbac59e0823397db01445b33e7215e4b.jpg)
(246.28 KB 1534x2048 ETFiSR_UwAAv55d.jpg)
I don't have many more dicks to post, I hope someone can help anon find his one true love
>>2506 Silly anon, this is the gay thread I'll just pretend thats a boy Guilmon with fun bits but I dunno how others will react
>>2507 male, female, who cares, guilmon is hot either way
>>2508 >who cares I mean the OP did mention his love of boys and dicks so
>>2509 alright alright, i just wanted to dump some guilmon and having 2 threads feels unnecesary but then again the board is mostly ded
(913.05 KB 1280x800 1608829657.lemonynade.png)
(1.27 MB 1570x1080 1536362670.klent.png)
(4.53 MB 1718x1920 1605202541.tojo.png)
>>2515 Anon, 8chan as a whole is scattered after being that autistic shooter scapegoat years back, being ded is nothing new. now take your gay digimon pills.
>>2517 >take your gay digimon pills I wish. Itd be nice to gargle Flamedramon dick while he drips down my throat. Or having Guilmon mount me from behind and just keep cumming hard, all over my bed. I wouldnt change the sheets
(5.38 MB 3000x3300 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.72 MB 1150x836 ClipboardImage.png)
(4.77 MB 2797x3556 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2520 That's gay, anon
Post more Gazimon
>>2558 better shit than that straight trash, male 'Tailmon'/Gatomon is better than that straight normie Digimon stuff. that other thread just devolved into female Renamon & Gatomon worship.
>>2585 wow you're kind of a fag. you could have posted gay guilmon there but you made a whole other thread instead
>>2588 True fags post futa stuff, but I digress this as derailing a thread isn't as fun as crushing it out with a better one. This is at least slightly more interesting.
>>2585 There's being into men and then there's screeching about the mere existence of people liking girls while using cuckchan loanwords and posting bad art. You're a faggot in every sense of the word.
>>2588 Guilmon (M)
>>2590 the futa thread has been entirely abandoned and is just idling at the bottom of the board. >>2591 yeah whats up with that, gatomon is a perfect little digimon onahole regardless of the type of junk it has. imagine being that much of a homo.
(457.79 KB 927x758 digimeme.jpg)
@BO is there a way to merge threads in this board software? it just gives me OCD to have two threads about the same topic
>>2598 Ive seen cakekike merge threads on /v/ yes. Technically its two topics: female digimon and male digimon. This board doesnt even have IDs so its not like you can filter by poster either
>>2599 nah i dont mind, i like all digimon. but since we got females here and males there anyway i thought might as well just merge them for simplicity.
>>2600 Saying I'm OP holds no water but I'm resigning to just let it happen without complaint as someone started posting guys in that other thread. So my point is moot now, can't stop people from posting what they want anyway.
(93.76 KB 920x708 ClipboardImage.jpg)
(104.06 KB 920x708 ClipboardImage (2).jpg)
>>2611 >can't stop people from posting what they want anyway. welcome to imageboards. back to talking about digimon, i love the impmon/renamon pairing specially when a futa renamon is using the impmon to relieve herself
>>2626 I like to think that Flamedramon gave himself a rack
>>2628 i like how malleable veemon is. he's a shota-like digimon that can become a tall femboy, a muscular macho guy, a four-legged feral, or even a more bestial bipedal dinosaur, or even return to a previous stage to become your typical in-training/baby living onahole type digimon.
>>2631 >first pic God I wish that were me. Would be a girl for Flamedramon / 10
>>2633 In that instance, I'd want to bury my face in that huge huffhole, but also let him stuff his cock in every hole I have
Keep posting those big cocks
>>2655 >this is a big cock That's fine, and I want to suck every single one of those. Especially Guilmon
>>2657 Now how did he end up with such a big rod?
>>2660 Imagine being an unwilling data donation that gets used up entirely
>>2661 when you get as much data from other digimon as he does you tend to lose control a bit sometimes. but he also gives back when he can.
Some decent random shit from e6
do you think its weird for them to become omegamon after they do it with each other? in part it must feel like masturbation.
>>2667 >not DNA Digivolving with your partner and getting fucked up with virus and junk data
>>2676 human/digimon fusion shit started at the end of tamers and lead us to that garbage season that was frontier. never again.
>>2681 But I want to be the digimon and be stuffed with cocks
>>2681 Clearly you're speaking from the perspective of someone who only watched terrible dubs.
(950.05 KB 1226x1800 were_butt_grab.png)
(3.99 MB 2625x3000 1618256667671.jpg)
(56.23 KB 600x800 gaybumon.gif)
>>2683 >But I want to be the digimon and be stuffed with cocks good sir I was called a true fag as OP. but even I don't go to the faggotry of admitting to wanting to be the digimon in that senario.
>>2684 frontier was pretty bad regardless of the audio. transforming into digimon sounds like a pretty nice gimmick but they fucked it up in the execution by making them all just humanoids with armor and making everyone but the 2 main guys irrelevant until the last fight. they really need to just bring back the guy who did tamers and make tamers 2 or something because that season was dope and had the most fuckable digimon out of all the others.
>>2686 >they fucked it up in the execution by making them all just humanoids with armor It's almost like it's humans fighting as Digimon or something. Almost like the more powerful a digimon gets the more humanoid it becomes. >making everyone but the 2 main guys irrelevant until the last fight That's how it always goes.
(525.63 KB 1600x1200 fbeac2055e0ab393117f10dfb4589928.jpg)
>>2686 Sorry anon I just love dicks what can I say
>>2688 did you reply to the wrong post? because i've been posting digimon cocks this entire time. >>2687 not always, in tamers everyone was useful in some manner.
>>2689 Yeah sorry, OP called me a faggot
>>2690 well it'd be mean to leave your digimon partner with a pulsating hard on when they ask you for help
I cant even remember if I got these from this thread
>>2738 well they're not in the thread, so clearly you did not.
>>2691 >>2739 Enough with the shitty futa art!
>>2741 Gay & non hyper digimon males.
>>2742 I wouldn't call the gatomon or renamon (1+3) hyper
(8.00 MB 2353x2560 ClipboardImage.png)
Also this Gomamon suffers from shitty OC syndrome, so I removed the piercings but couldn't quite get the glasses off
>>2745 I find they tend to be lazy recolors, same with Pokemon OCs. Especially bad if they're a projection of the creator (eg hair or neon colors etc). I think I've intereacted with Darkie or whatever the veemon's creator is, and he's an "okay" person, but that one Guilmon with the crown and jewelry is just autism
(376.30 KB 893x1155 dragonstein.jpg)
>>2744 there are worse ones
>>2747 meant for >>2746 also i kinda like that dumb guilmon. its a well known fact furfags are massive faggots and genetic defects so i try not to pay attention to the creators but rather whatever content they commission into the world. >>2742 here you go sir gay & non hyper with a side of cumflation, on the house.
>>2748 >I try not to pay attention to the creators but rather whatever content they commission into the world That's fair but then you give them a free pass to be a shitty person and end up with people like >>2747
>>2749 >you give them a free pass what do you mean? its not my or your responsibility to fix these retards mental problems.
>>2750 >It's okay if you're an absolute shithead. It doesn't matter because you make my peepee hard
>>2751 you know full well thats not what i said you disingenuous nigger. even so, what are you supposed to do about these guys? what are you gonna go to their house and shoot them? best you can do is make fun of them and that'll usually get your account blocked on whatever site you're using, because every site is admin'd by retards. so the logical solution is to look at the silver lining, extract whatever worthwhile porn they produce and make fun of them on sites like this one where they have no power.
>>2752 I know it's not what you said, I was explaining it from my perspective. There should be a certain level of accountability
>>2752 If you don't want to stick your cock up that Guilmon's ass, you're a faggot
(472.37 KB 725x1100 72361967_p1_master1200.jpg)
(543.39 KB 833x1200 72361967_p0_master1200.jpg)
>>2744 reminds me of these posted in that other thread
>>2757 >>2756 I dunno Gomamin looks like a huge dork
Which digimon would be most likely to try and feminize their partner into a sissy? Could be anyone but I would bet money on Impmon or Gatomon or Palmon
>>2760 nah, palmon and gatomon are good girls. probably renamon, impmon, or gazimon.
>>2761 >Gazimon Seems like an interesting choice
>>2762 i certainly wouldn't mind one as partner. they're quite underappreciated and usually in the background whenever they show up
>>2760 Gomamon, being the smuggest partner, would either bully his human until he gets groomed by someone else, or bully until he mans up.
>>2764 >Yeah, these pictures turned out great! Now we can finish setting up your OnlyFans
>>2757 Honestly if there was more anthro Gomamon out there, the world would be just as fucked... but hey: Anthro Gomamon. >>2760 Veemon's annoyingly cheery and pushy, would bet on him, Gomamon and 2005/Savers Agumon if anything.
>>2772 you're 1/20th right, which is why I hate him. He's got the most inconsistent personality of every digimon to the point almost every game, show & wiki, he's the digimon that's almost effectively a blank slate with the amount of descriptions he's got, the one consistent factor being a cheeky 'mon.
>>2773 digimon aren't copies of each other, different veemon might have different personalities all together. daisuke's veemon is most likely entirely different from shinomiya's veemon and so on. and also he is kind of blank slate, thats why he has so many different digivolution trees, and why he's 2 of the 13 royal knights.
(124.39 KB 500x345 mem.png)
Gamergate linked this thread
>>2784 enjoy your stay, what can i get you? wait, gamergate you said? you must be a gigachad after fighting and winning all those internet culture wars. sadly i already posted all of my best digimon hyper futa and hyper femboys (for gigachads only) early in the thread. so i hope this complimentary potpourri of digimon ass, tits, and futacock will entertain you.
>>2784 As OP all Gamergate are openly welcome into this thread as long as the post some digi-dick.
(741.68 KB 1500x1200 Ex71j_mWYAQW2HV.jpg_large.jpg)
>ywn be a dickgirl (M) digi Feels bad
Oops more gay shit!
>>2800 flamedramon looks weird without the horn.
>>2801 He got sissified
>>2803 but flamedramon was always a flaming fag
>>2804 Great now we have something in common
>>2885 how about you bump making a worthwhile post? you took the time to open the thread and type "bump" and maybe even fill a captcha, you could have gone the extra mile and posted some gatocunny or guilmon ass
>>2891 I think my phone is pretty much tapped out
(142.68 KB 620x562 unnamed.png)
>>2885 Well fuck me, I expected this thread to die after a mass lack of posting... could you at least scour the internet for more gabumon porn if your intentions are to keep this at the top?
(1.39 MB 1280x1268 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.45 MB 1152x855 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2893 Too bad, you get more Guilmon bumcrack
>>2892 renamon taps out my balls after a few pics >>2893 gabumon isnt exactly popular, he also looks really weird without the pelt.
>the digimon most likely to fuck cubs and kids is ____
>>2900 i'd say impmon with how hot he is its more likely that the cubs and kids are coming onto him rather. i would if i was a kid.
>>2901 I also think Impmon but in my case itd be more like >Hey kid, wanna try what theyre doing in the video? It looks fun
(8.88 MB 4200x3200 guilwhore.png)
Just remembered as OP surprisingly, I actually drew this within the lifespan of this thread, it's just been awhile since I finished, how does this look Anon?
>>2908 room for improvement but thats pretty good, the eyes on guilmon look kinda weird and i cant put my finger on why. who's the one to the right btw? if its a digimon i cant recognize it.
>>2909 it's Galgomon (Gargomon for those who use the dub name), I thought about putting part of his ear in, but it was difficult to guess how big it could be without removing from his form.
>>2908 I think it looks okay enough Guilmon is taking cocks which is the important thing
>>2911 i want guilmon to give me his though
>>2908 I went ahead and fixed some of the more glaring issues
>>2939 >/file/assets/roblox/sfx/oof.wav
>>2939 Scientifically inaccurate, his ears are too big & stiff to be held by a goddam paper bag, maybe a plastic bag could hold them but then we'd be going into Necrophilia. you lose 200 merit points, but aren't bad at edits.
(282.96 KB 2100x1400 E3TUl9NWEAM-OGR.jpeg.jpg)
(3.37 MB 2100x1400 unknown.png)
(3.30 MB 2100x1400 unknown-2.png)
>>2964 Actually I've RP'd enough times with my friends to assure you there is a big difference between snuff and necrophilia. Not that anon Speaking of edits, my other friend wanted bigger balls and no underwear
>>2965 is he trying to pull his pants off or put them on him? i cant tell.
>>2965 Good sir, we need Gargomon/Galgomon porn, if i can request more of that I'd be a very happy fag. this ain't even a draw thread but if someone wants to draw a Galgomon/Gargomon choking on dick that'd be awesome.
>>3008 Counter requesting that someone draws you choking on dick
>>3011 what if someone draws him choking on gargomon's cock? everyone happy right?
>>3012 Actually I might end up jealous of him
>>3012 actually I do have a digimon fucking fursona, surprisingly I second the counter request to my request.
>>3015 you son of a bitch, you stole a poor gabumons pelt.
>>3016 if My eyelids are yellow and eyes themselves are red *plus* have a horn, you could guess I'm a gabumon myself, so did i really?
(114.02 KB 238x314 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3017 theres a poor gabumon out there looking like this because of you.
>>3018 that isn't a point if that gabumon is a nudist.
(446.38 KB 640x640 gabupoached.png)
>>3017 >My eyelids are yellow and eyes themselves are red *plus* have a horn You're a goddamn monster is what you are
>>3024 Yeah, I know: A digital one.
(318.63 KB 541x520 braixen ;3c.png)
>>3026 stealing someone's eyballs doesn't make you digital, just edgy
>>3028 get out inferior franchise
(1.21 MB 1278x1069 braixen comeatme.png)
>>3029 make me, gayboy
(1.18 MB 1205x1285 anthem2.png)
>>3028 I counter with groping & grooming a teenage Gomamon. half wholesome and not edgy, half unconsentual.
>>3030 at least post pictures of braixen fucking a/with digimon
>>3032 >not getting groomed by your digimon

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