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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(622.63 KB 1024x1301 sonic shrug.png)
(7.67 KB 238x124 mechas.png)
(628.54 KB 1213x1000 64edcaf7c5159994c7173c4e45050f67.jpg)
(1.43 MB 1810x1824 3607015_Dandi_sonictails.png)
(554.90 KB 516x2888 you'readoublenigger.jpg)
Sonic THE Hedgehog Toshiaki 06/02/2021 (Wed) 15:46:20 No. 2886
I think Sanic and friends have enough interest and fanart to be it's own thread rather than forcing it to be grouped in with the assorted vidya fur thread. Anything's welcome here. Lewd, not lewd, official art and renders, OC's. Go nuts.
(365.55 KB 600x762 1559527020.jpeg)
(129.25 KB 930x500 soap_shoes_ad_ft__sonic.jpg)
(393.98 KB 700x800 8d3.png)
(210.07 KB 851x757 029.png)
(814.77 KB 2605x1677 3d3.jpg)
(458.59 KB 600x450 292.jpg)
(514.14 KB 800x800 44311655_p0.jpg)
(132.69 KB 685x1166 b80.jpg)
(204.08 KB 256x192 hawaiian shadow.gif)
(81.18 KB 540x480 1481963276023.jpg)
(293.04 KB 900x700 Sonics and Eggmen.jpg)
(529.25 KB 923x709 e20b2661389b9fae5de68df93b….jpg)
(43.56 KB 650x650 1499470113.jpg)
Also don forget that >>>/fast/ exists for SFW hedgehog discussion.
Tails looks good in Rouges outfit including tits Espeon is a cuck and loves it, he'd even wear a cage Charmy is a SLUT Jet has a big fat cock Prove me wrong
>>2924 >Espeon is a cuck I love that in concept, but this is a sonic thread, not pokemon >Jet His name is Victor I think.
>>2924 you mixed your sanics with your pokeymans you absolute tard.
>>2930 I cant believe I did that please fuck my face
>>2925 Jet is the green bird from Riders. Vector is Espio's partner. I was actually referring to Jet
>>2944 I disagree, I think you were referring to Vector the alligator from Sonic Heroes
>>2946 No because crocodiles aren't attractive. I specifically ERP with Espio and Jet with a friend on Discord.
(2.70 MB 4000x5500 computer rum fade.png)
>>2947 well guess what, you're getting homemade gator dick now, drew this last month.
>>2948 T-thanks
(949.43 KB 1106x1482 0b60b6816543127f.png)
(22.20 KB 457x458 1425072845075.png)
(330.45 KB 800x800 1468532229692.png)
Why are you all so gay? Post bunny cunnies, bat tats, flat cats, and squirrel knotholes or at least Tails.
>>2947 Just because you are right, doesn't mean you are correct. Alligators aren't attractive, yet that is the character you were referring to
>>2951 No you nigger, I was referring to Tails because he's a dumb slut, Espeon because he is a cuck, Jet because he's similar to Espeon but a bird, and Charmy because he's part of Espio's team and like 4
>>2954 Damnit, I typed Espeon again, I'm closing this dumb thread
(604.43 KB 927x1015 3614913_Dandi_new_canvas_lll.png)
(378.77 KB 996x1022 89154728_p0.png)
(733.99 KB 1000x1300 85300123_p0.png)
(809.37 KB 1000x1300 85300123_p1.png)
(806.41 KB 1000x1300 77214264_p0.png)
(779.88 KB 1000x1200 77214264_p1.png)
>>2950 >or at least Tails ok
(828.69 KB 1200x1000 77214264_p2.png)
(2.36 MB 1920x1080 77214264_p3.png)
(781.49 KB 1000x1200 77214264_p4.png)
(1.04 MB 1280x899 87525121_p0.png)
(1.52 MB 456x580 87698028.mp4)
(3.91 MB 2480x3508 83828359_p0.jpg)
(4.11 MB 2480x3508 83828359_p1.jpg)
(4.25 MB 2480x3508 83828359_p2.jpg)
(4.36 MB 2480x3508 83828359_p3.jpg)
Can't see the appeal of Tails anymore. He's way overdone
>>2981 >Can't see the appeal of Tails anymore. What are you, gay?
>>2982 Dagasi is high quality but it ends up being the same content, poses, expressions, just from a different angle. Or maybe 3 or 4 major artists make all the porn of him, and then theres a bunch of low quality or autistic shit.
(1.14 MB 897x1145 1461055_kekitopu_cream4.png)
(135.69 KB 966x882 1508308136.jpg)
>>2984 Well there's quite a few artists that make Tails stuff but in most of them he's cucking Sonic with Amy or fucking Cream so if you're looking for Tails solo or POV there isn't much.
Might as well dump what Tails I have.
(66.68 KB 900x412 e47.jpg)
(120.59 KB 1024x1976 EKPiQKpXsAAW8jo.jpg)
(187.17 KB 2338x1325 D7wOTB1X4AA6IIm.jpg)
(403.96 KB 1622x1567 DwFwCRvVAAAjAKI.jpg)
(631.16 KB 1400x933 1546867782.png)
(60.19 KB 846x803 DIi_NRCUwAE_wDj.jpg large.jpg)
(368.84 KB 800x800 1544469462.jpg)
(239.34 KB 1050x1367 1544470557-2.jpg)
(172.69 KB 1280x748 37788049_p0.jpg)
(943.19 KB 1300x1100 3593327_DAGASI_957.png)
(583.06 KB 1004x1211 3579315_Dandi_tails.png)
(663.32 KB 1300x1100 3595752_DAGASI_959.5.png)
(843.12 KB 1300x1100 3595754_DAGASI_959.6.png)
(991.80 KB 1300x1100 3595755_DAGASI_959.7.png)
(607.98 KB 2000x2000 2019492_Oob_tablet_tails.png)
(1.02 MB 1224x792 2098625_DiDi_bent_over.png)
(960.34 KB 1300x1000 3338101_DAGASI_788.png)
(4.80 MB 1600x1400 3199224_LKIWS_tails.gif)
(189.90 KB 540x430 f01e5e26e2ab7aee.png)
>>2994 Well I will say the feminized and crossdressing Tails art is always nice
(111.07 KB 230x219 ClipboardImage.png)
(845.52 KB 750x932 ClipboardImage.png)
(348.39 KB 558x692 gottadofast.png)
(326.55 KB 1100x1013 2019-11-14-new-sonic-editsz.jpg)
(372.56 KB 1500x1003 2019-11-14-new-sonic-edits3.jpg)
(183.80 KB 1300x718 2019-11-14-new-sonic-edits111.jpg)
(304.72 KB 1300x1046 2019-11-14-new-sonic-edits0.jpg)
(362.68 KB 1700x912 2019-11-14-new-sonic-edits11.jpg)
>>3052 Nice thumbnail, faggot.

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