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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

Image boards Toshiaki 06/19/2021 (Sat) 00:44:57 No. 3089
Does anyone have any good sites for furry or loli? If so, please post the links in the thread :)
>furry e621, furaffinity (sadly) and inkbunny >loli pixiv, sankaku, allthefallen.moe thats about it.
>>3090 Some boorus mirror e621 so you can see deleted images and bypass the family filter without needing a login. The downside is that descriptions and image relations aren't mirrored.
>>3090 can you post sankaku url. jewgle hides these communities. i will kill jewgle for this
>>3090 that's not it. there used to be tons. like exhentai
Well thank you all, the jews are censoring the freedom of the internet's powers, hopefully in the future there will be a time where all this fuckin overzealous censorship will disappear. Have a good one every1 spaghetti monster bless u
What do you guys think of u18chan? In my opinion their cub board is alright.
Bui pls go and stay go
>>3089 Most of the big sites have already been posted, but if you're looking to catch some furry/loli artists draw live check out pomf.tv and picarto.tv
>>3100 u18 is fucking great, its not very active but when they share, they share big. i've found a lot of stuff that cant be found anywhere else on the net on u18, i just wish they'd stop it with their VPN protection system, i dont wanna go in there bareip
>>3102 who is bui im newfag

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