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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

Shota-Cub Thread Toshiaki 06/04/2020 (Thu) 03:41:35 No. 379
Post your goodest boys. /ss/, gcub, solo, whatever you got. Caprino is the goodest boy.
Should this just be a general cub thread instead of splitting them into two separate threads? It would make it easier wather than having to decide which pic to post in what thread.
>>387 I thought Anubis had his weenie chopped off for a minute for some reason
>>388 I think that's just how Ern draws sheaths. It the shading that makes it look odd. It all most looks like jet engine.
>>407 I don't know but it an amazing thing that he managed to take a dunsparce and turn it into something so cute and expressive.
Shout out to all the non-diaper <5 cubs
>>379 >>380 >>382 >>383 >>385 Is there an archive for all the Capri pieces? I wanna see more incest.
>>541 I've posted most of them I think. There's a few others on his inkbunny account.
>>541 >Archive Good fucking luck finding them, he purges all his art frequently
>>545 What a diva.
>>545 >>546 Someone made an Apis thread in one of the previous incarnations of /fur/ that had all of his old stuff.
>>551 I have the archive, here, and I shall share it because the old MEGA got taken down: https://anonfiles.com/fe56P7Aeof/apis2_zip The link will eventually expire because that's how anonfiles works, so download ASAP and reup to more long-term hosts such as MEGA. If you want to protect against DMCA, extract files, create an encrypted 7z archive (do not forget to tick the "encrypt filenames" option), put the password in the filename, and upload that instead: encrypted archives with encrypted filenames stop ALL takedown bots.
>>545 >>546 im more lenient on people nuking their galleries when they draw cub because some cuntries are retarded and jail people for such things.
(279.71 KB 1288x1272 899b03be5463ad9f.png)

(258.32 KB 894x1100 1fe331fcaabd6d06.png)

(157.48 KB 889x768 8dd5ad9e2a53282d.png)

(155.87 KB 730x950 b4347174146a7cb8.png)

>>583 >tfw no 2" boy stiffy to succ
>>584 I would post more but most of his stuff is furry on shota human. Should I post it here or should we make a general furry X human thread?
>>585 just post here. isn't that compfive? i hardly ever see him draw humans
(179.26 KB 842x683 d223aa67212d3040.png)

(174.06 KB 1024x683 e8581ad6ff0fe296.png)

(143.09 KB 800x573 3f75f8323e97fbca.png)

(125.47 KB 800x622 0e7847a81dfbcdad.png)

(126.64 KB 800x622 c7bea2f1e3fa1047.png)

>>586 He goes by HalcyonWinter.
>>587 Reminds me of Emenius' kids he sometimes draws
(181.48 KB 1100x825 80b0694ff5dd238a.png)

(276.43 KB 1037x1000 1ba50f20effde39d.png)

(307.34 KB 1267x989 7ec17e1d180b442f.png)

(212.62 KB 764x943 b238b7114458b1a0.png)

(245.82 KB 867x737 a6fb57b67c96d442.png)

Still almost seems like it should be in a different thread. Some people complained about Calvin and Hobbes stuff in the cub thread back on 8/fur/.
(61.45 KB 950x940 897563161a2e8ca1.png)

(241.69 KB 950x743 c1bcc6c472f425f4.png)

(189.75 KB 950x792 8527111db3add0c8.png)

(230.02 KB 950x792 c535d114b75eaf86.png)

(130.43 KB 533x900 ea6c21da6f4b8908.png)

(114.98 KB 900x622 eef800fc96f5c773.png)

(234.21 KB 1100x825 fad75a1ba75685e5.png)

(162.38 KB 829x813 856eb80fa3765800.png)

(214.17 KB 900x592 bfbd55ac44098780.png)

(208.69 KB 900x875 878e626a49a674c6.png)

(196.17 KB 692x900 68b6120c8621dcaf.png)

(211.02 KB 1100x825 7b417ca2c464778c.png)

(161.07 KB 900x675 5a98696b567e721e.png)

(169.41 KB 900x882 7cb089b677176e35.png)

(249.74 KB 885x1100 6848f8e4ac243de5.png)

(203.77 KB 900x675 46a82facafa246c5.png)

(210.79 KB 900x675 0d767e9ce7a69420.png)

(190.05 KB 900x675 2ec0350429f3e28f.png)

(253.79 KB 900x994 72136a8f66487bcb.png)

(180.97 KB 800x686 d1ff390e68edc96c.png)

(145.46 KB 900x750 4be8cb3c2aba7452.png)

(281.62 KB 1020x900 4954a82cac446120.png)

(241.06 KB 1200x900 fc54259b8974774e.png)

(165.04 KB 900x675 013144efc8bf44bd.png)

(230.27 KB 900x905 003bfc4a9bdcfa89.png)

(204.04 KB 900x813 2ec9f42239ca79cd.png)

(159.22 KB 900x463 37a4cc1dc1369cb4.png)

(136.03 KB 900x675 f975396079b9879e.png)

(206.62 KB 900x600 b10527c3559be711.png)

(237.61 KB 900x900 fb0f1ba784fc1d8a.png)

(242.20 KB 900x975 d5a47b9836bc3184.png)

(223.98 KB 900x675 5476bae97fca0654.png)

(198.99 KB 987x768 7779e3c79efaba29.png)

(172.92 KB 987x768 9f255307be2a5c0e.png)

(285.28 KB 800x702 6a34003f5ffb2bac.png)

(238.94 KB 768x768 7ea26f2e5b2f745e.png)

(291.07 KB 928x768 e456b41ee351595d.png)

(143.09 KB 800x573 3f75f8323e97fbca.png)

(209.58 KB 900x693 c22189c1ac831f5b.png)

(177.10 KB 960x768 a554568477f207cd.png)

(121.20 KB 922x632 e6c35060771dfefe.png)

(255.67 KB 825x768 4a1e0c0c7c5956c0.png)

(226.54 KB 840x768 a08584e228245879.png)

(189.36 KB 768x983 e703c9ddc387977d.png)

(184.05 KB 1024x768 780ef1798f3d7a3f.png)

Are posts sometimes not going through?
>>587 yes, compfive IS halcyonwinter. where are you finding these? maybe i haven't because i only follow him on inkbunny and they dont allow humans.
>>600 He's got a baraag.
>>601 oh, i didnt expect baraag to have exclusives. thanks anon.
atrolux drew some more caprino, its not exactly gay because he's doing his mom. but i think it belongs here.
>>644 >its not exactly gay This is a general male cub thread. Straight shota is fine. Nice pic by the way. More Caprino is always welcome.
Oh I found some more.
(121.62 KB 854x1026 2487857_Atrolux_caprino_.jpg)

>>647 Fuck I reposted the one that other anon posted before.
caprino had a lil playdate with a certain chubby cub rat bitch and her cunny.
(2.57 MB 1280x720 the tent scene [720p].mp4)

>>779 is that an edit? was this actually in the cartoon?
>>780 >is that an edit? No. >was this actually in the cartoon? Oh yes it was.
(194.94 KB 568x807 dandi bac5266876c6136a.png)

What id Gumball was a goat.
>>787 people would want to fuck himi all the same.
>>816 >second image I want to be the boy on the right
>>817 but the boy is on the left
(1.60 MB 1518x1700 3205922_skidoo_54137829.png)

(2.97 MB 1782x1651 2971682_skidoo_carseat_05.png)

(1.18 MB 1500x2297 2934070_skidoo_roomservice.png)

(722.16 KB 1433x1000 2745790_skidoo_maxie_undiesplug.png)

(745.37 KB 1195x1352 2826232_skidoo_maxi_suspend.png)

>>822 >skidoo Good taste
>>820 I want to be the boy on the right tho
(2.80 MB 1612x2267 3190253_skidoo_0076776.png)

(646.47 KB 1357x1560 3031077_skidoo_bouncy_bun_a.png)

(638.33 KB 1357x1560 3031079_skidoo_bouncy_bun_b.png)

(226.07 KB 1238x847 3031080_skidoo_bouncy_bun_c.png)

(604.01 KB 1221x1073 2969592_skidoo_trade_pebble.png)

>>823 UwU
(1.24 MB 920x920 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.25 MB 920x920 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.69 MB 920x1148 ClipboardImage.png)

>>>/v/71010 Someone on Gamergate wanted me to post this so
>>829 >>828 >>823 >ywn get caged and bullied by your "mommy"
(2.39 MB 500x500 vidya.webm)

>>858 >ni/GG/ers are gay pedo furries LMAO :^) This is only furry shota I have. And coincidentally, it's VIDEOGAMES.
>>861 >ni/GG/ers are gay pedo furries They wanted to see the furry art, not fuck actual kids. You cannot be a pedophile for 2D. Stop conflating the two.
>>896 I've got an effortpost to make on this, and when I do, the entire universe of discourse on both sides will disintegrate what's more likely is everyone will just ignore it
>>918 no one cares, people are going to keep calling each other pedophiles because it ends the argument quickly and moves the goalposts away. its the same reason leftists use "racist". just another buzzword. so please lets just go back to the cubs.
(327.40 KB 1004x1019 2935949_MostValuedPlayer_gnar1.png)

(121.15 KB 800x612 IMG_20200302_103317_144.jpg)

Gnar is 3,004 years old
>>987 A pokemon shota child used in incest porn is the last thing that should be used for an art piece.
>>990 fuck you, its the perfect thing to use for an artpiece
>>990 Caprino is a little angel tho.
>>1006 a really hot little angel with a tight butt and a cute dick.
>>1006 Angels don't fuck their mothers, other milfs, & other young boys! >>1005 Not for a serious art piece!
>>1009 >>1006 Fuck him until he's a little semen demon
>>1011 I don't think he's actually fucked Bleu yet.
>>1011 yes they do, thats exactly what a good angel like capri does. fuck every cutie around you, girl, boy, needy milf, his pikachu friend, his moms boyfriend, etc.
Cap's great, unfortunately Apis is the pinnacle incarnation of an SJW cuck
>>1022 really? that's a shame. never meet your heroes they say.
>>1006 tfw not a celestial being irl or a member of the fair folk, that'd be cool too
>>1023 Apis is great, I havent seen any SJW attitude from him. He's more concerned about not being as good as his inspirations (eg Darkgem) and getting passive depressive about it.
>>1026 i like him more than darkgem myself. though darkgem still pretty gud.
(1.22 MB 1628x1006 f8dae1b94a6c3191.png)

New Capri!
(179.08 KB 550x1160 6d9d206f854b5b36.png)

(162.36 KB 466x768 fcdeea32475fe682.png)

>>1123 Are these by Dandi?
(233.05 KB 768x806 83e38cf968eba6c4.png)

>>1128 Yes. He draws very distinctive curves doesn't he.
(890.50 KB 1302x1258 2f67f7b2dca31624.png)

So fucking good.
(2.03 MB 1280x1280 a4fef9745c287f4b.png)

And another.
>>1143 What a thoughtful mother. >>1144 Couldn't someone dox him through this image? Unless he got it off of google at random.
>>1154 Pretty sure he lives in a decent place. The characters live in trailer trash town so he probably grabbed a random image
>>1155 >The characters live in trailer trash town That explains all the incest & pedophilia.
>>1156 >>1156 trailer trash towns not sounding so bad right now

(254.14 KB 769x1000 27221419_p0.jpg)

(130.82 KB 603x750 35846577_p0.jpg)

>>1188 >ywn have three smol boys lick and suck you all over
>>1091 >>1143 >>1144 Where are people getting these from? They're not on his IB.
>>1201 He's posted his last 3 pics only on his baraag. I don't know if he's given up on IB for some reason or what.
>>1203 >inkbunny >hosted on bad dragon servers >lots of legitimate pedos on the site, not just cub enthusiasts. Dogfuckers too >half the front page is ych reminders or censored thumbnails to offsite shota/loli I wonder why
>>1206 An "anti" what? An anti-pedophile? Yes, I don't think people should be fucking and molesting kids, you fucking absolute moron.
>>1222 Actually I global reported it. Cubs and shotaand loli are fine, stop trying to promote actual molestation you fuckwit
To the guy who posted those now-deleted posts, word to the wise: don't fall victim to the ol' politics runaround, where they accuse you of being a caricature until you decide that it is good and correct to be a caricature. All that leads to is human cartoons beating the shit out of each other. By the way, I suspect that those posts were deleted as part of some kind of "delete all posts from this IP range" thing due to a spam attack. If that's not the case, I'd like to know.
(331.97 KB 500x375 cheese hanging from window.png)

>>1223 >>1227 >oooh careful with those bad words we cant have that around here its just a shitpost retard. whats important here is that it was deleted, twice, even though no rules were broken, which shows either the BO or whoever deleted it is all up for caving in when the purity spiral faggots come marching in looking to one up them in virtue signaling. you failed the litmus test, and it really doesn't surprise me that much. enjoy your dead board i guess.
FAKE NEWS: Deviant Italian Mouse Corrupts Innocent Jewish Mouse!
>>1229 No, the deletion was foolish (assuming it was purposeful). My point was merely "don't let people bait you into saying shit you ordinarily wouldn't until you start believing shit you ordinarily wouldn't". Don't get radicalized, because that doesn't benefit you or really anyone else. FWIW I think the deletions were related to the spam wave. My guess is the guy was using TOR (common sense, really) and everything from his node got deleted. No clue yet.
>>1231 >Corrupts Innocent Jew An oxymoron if I every read one.
>>1235 Fievel is about as innocent as they come.
>>1229 >>1234 Literally advocated & encouraged irl pedophilia. That's why they were deleted.
>>1234 i wasn't. and the deletion was very clearly intentional. the slippery slope starts here. have fun on the way down.
(81.19 KB 480x679 00001.jpg)

>>1237 >advocate for genocide on /pol/, perfectly fine >advocate for sex with underages, absolutely unacceptable gee its almost like people aren't gonna do what they write because this is the internet and people write a bunch of bullshit to shitpost.
>>1251 One's far more fucking plausible you cunt!
>>1250 Yeah, I'm looking at the logs and I have no idea what's going on. Let's hope this doesn't become a common thing. For my part, I wouldn't have deleted them, even though I don't agree, because that doesn't do anything. >>1237 If your culture is such that it can be overthrown just by someone saying "hey but what if not tho lol", then you're pretty much mou shinderu'd. Healthy things don't need speech codes to keep them alive.
>>1259 >Yeah, I'm looking at the logs and I have no idea what's going on. Let's hope this doesn't become a common thing. For my part, I wouldn't have deleted them, even though I don't agree, because that doesn't do anything. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a torfag making those posts. There's at least one, maybe more, making pro pedo posts across multiple boards so he may have just got globally wiped.
>>1261 Again, if your shit can be seriously threatened by posts, your shit is on life support.
>>1262 If it's the guy I'm thinking about he derails the shit out of every thread he enters and he doesn't give up. And he glows too.
Daily reminder that the "glowie" meme is /pol/'s demented idea of plausible deniability, and little more.
(122.74 KB 920x829 3269071_finchan_24.jpg)

>>1267 You're the torfag aren't you.
>>1268 >everyone I don't like is the same person Why are you even posting on anonymous imageboards if that's what you think? >also everyone I don't like uses tor Really interesting how /pol/ tries so hard to discredit actual anonymity, even on boards without IDs.
>>1267 It's not, really. Whether or not any given post is Them is speculative, but anyone can post. >>1270 >Why are you even posting on anonymous imageboards if that's what you think? Based.
>>1270 >Why are you even posting on anonymous imageboards if that's what you think? Well I can't very well post fluffy shota butts on facebook.
>>1250 They deletion in question was brought to my attention by the volunteer who did it. Sorry for the slow response; I was asleep when I first was notified and have spent the morning doing a site upgrade. After speaking it over with Acid, he and I are both inclined to agree that the post in question (based on the volunteer's memory of it) is acceptable and the removal was incorrect. You're free to express any opinion you would like that a BO believes belongs on their board. As long as you aren't plausibly planning a crime or trying to convince someone else to commit one, you're fine. I've instructed the globals, when in doubt, to err on the side of inaction or to escalate it to us, and also to use ban/warn messages over deletions where applicable so there's no confusion. In the future, if you feel a post was removed by a global in error, please feel free to report it on >>>/site/. Mistakes and bad judgement happen from time to time, and while we can't (yet) bring posts back, we can adjust policies going forward. Sorry about this; hope it clarifies our stance.
>>1259 >having morals is bad >policing suspect commentary literally saying "i want to have sex with children irl" is a sign of nation degration I fucking can't. You're an absolute scumbag degenerate that crawled out of the lowliest murkiest rat infested sewer.
>>1252 >>1237 >>1278 >he doesn't want to nut inside a tight 8 year old boy/girl get fucked >>1276 dont worry m8 i won't post my super sekrit plans to blow up federal buildings in here.
>>1276 moralfags btfo
>>1276 Thanks for your time. >>1278 You don't understand. It's not that speech codes are bad (although they tend to make everyone retarded), it's that if you have to resort to them, you're fucked.
>>1278 >You're an absolute scumbag degenerate that crawled out of the lowliest murkiest rat infested sewer. >he said, on 8chan Bruh.mp3
>>1293 Nigger this ain't cuckchan's /b/. It's not even /trash/. How fucking low of an opinion do you have of this site?!
>>1276 But you've said on /v/ that it was acceptable to global report "cunnypill" posters (even if there was no image). How is anon glorifying fucking an 8 yr old any different?
>>1298 It's not an imageboard's job to be wholesome, you know? You need to come up with a convincing reason why allowing righteous indignation to get its way in this case will not translate into righteous indignation getting its way in every case (and the site therefore becoming one where the people who are the best at becoming the most righteously indignant determine its direction and tone).
(104.91 KB 203x217 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1278 >>1298 >>1300 >reeeeeeeee why cant we have facebookerino censorshiperino here too?! its not fair!!!!!!!!!! muh christcuckerino morals™ need to be applied everywhere!!!!!!!! you came barging in here trying to be a moralnigger on a cub thread of a furry porn board and i just took a jab at you because i thought it'd be funny. the end result was that my trust for these admins was increased (since they retracted their incorrect actions) and you ended up looking like an infiltrate idiot who doesnt belong. what an adventure.
>>1300 What?! I've never even said "cunnypill". >>1301 It's not about being wholesome. It's about not saying something incredibly illegal & evil.
>>1305 >evil ok christcuck. go pray to your dead kike on a stick somewhere else this is the furry board.
>>1305 Again, if you want to prove that the culling will not iterate, you need to explain what will prevent that. I'm sorry that you're distressed, though.
>>1298 >cuckchan That word doesn't make you sound cool nor smart, it only helps you fit in with the dumbest fucks on /vpol/: "cuck" went out of style YEARS ago for everyone else, it was passè before the NPC meme even started. >How fucking low of an opinion do you have of this site?! You remember the original 8chan? You remember how it took pride in its infamous reputation? You remember how its very foundation was an act of defiance against the mainstream? Being the dark corner of the internet was the entire point, you silly moralfag: then the dumb T_D newfags came in expecting a "comfy" echochamber instead of the chaos of imageboards, and things have been downhill since. >>1305 >It's about not saying something incredibly illegal & evil. Why are you even on imageboards if you expect people to not say "evil" stuff?
At least take this autistic argument to the LOL thread if you can't just let it go.
>>1311 embrace infamy -kikewheels when he still was cool
Why is Cosmobreeder Yiffai here? I thought he was 21 years old?
(35.39 KB 480x288 yiffai ani loop.mp4)

>>1319 He's got dat fine ass shota yiff body doe.
>>1319 Please let's don't get on the actually-500-years-of-age treadmill. Sure, things are slow at the moment, but some cords don't need pulling.

(392.80 KB 1216x1086 mnk3.png)

mods have earned my respect. freedums ain't free unless they're REALLY free, get it cucks? as tribute, here are some Rare! boys from my collection.
even if you don't like low-level furry, treasure these Rare! posts I have bestowed upon you.
>>1324 Skidoo is god tier.
>>1333 Russia happened.
>>1334 ok so where do we go now?
>>1336 Acid is working on it. He may have to IP ban Russians from the site. He did archive all those boards so they can be restored when he can figure out how to unfuck shit.
(908.99 KB 1200x1615 Asriel s.png)

This one is from today
so where do we go for new delicious?
>>1358 It's still here. Use tor.
>>1359 Should I expect things like the above posts to also be tor only? Or is it only specific boards?
>>1359 to much work downloading a new browser
>>1360 It's only specific boards. I don't think it's even possible to make individual treads tor only.
>>1361 >>1360 >>>/v/111579 You can also use redchannit.net/ to access the tor parts of the site without tor.
(769.88 KB 755x629 Kevin and Dad.png)

(220.64 KB 755x629 Kevin and Dad (Color).png)

(220.53 KB 755x629 Kevin and Dad (Color II).png)

(539.23 KB 1430x1051 1589073_jking1200_krypto_x_kevin.jpg)

New Caprino but not by Apis.
>>1543 Is that Asriel and Toriel?
(106.93 KB 1280x955 635.jpg)

(109.50 KB 1280x944 110.jpg)

(118.34 KB 1280x724 109.png)

>>1556 Indeed they are.
(878.20 KB 1129x877 3166523_Iztli_46b.png)

(841.29 KB 1920x1348 3307550_Iztli_8_kionkovu.png)

(709.40 KB 920x1212 3306260_Iztli_5.png)

>>1359 Has it moved again? I tried with Tor and it gave me 404 error.
>>1669 Tt's back on clearnet. See this post >>>/v/136252
>>1669 If you're on the 8chan.moe or 8chan.se domains you can only access the loli and shota boards via crosslinks like these: >>>/delicious/ >>>/sm/ >>>/loli/ >>>/tot/ However, if you're on the redchannit.net and onion domains you can access them through direct links like these: https://redchannit.net/delicious/ https://redchannit.net/sm/ https://redchannit.net/loli/ https://redchannit.net/tot/ http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/delicious http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/sm http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/loli http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/tot This is part of a convoluted plan to comply with the host's deal to keep the boards semi-hidden in exchange for ignoring reports for having loli porn on the site. Since redchannit and the onion link already have a barrier (being on Tor), they have a more freedom with the way these boards work.
Capri on penis inspection day.
>>1642 >ywn get a horny synthetic child sex slave with your pizza.
Good boi with his Switch.
(1.75 MB 1473x1474 3256861_Iztli_84a1.png)

(1.76 MB 1473x1474 3398163_Iztli_84a2.png)

(1.79 MB 1473x1474 3398165_Iztli_84a3.png)

>>1872 What a good son..... until he fucks her constantly & gets fucked by grown men.
>>1874 Everybody's got a flaw or two.
>>1875 They should both have some decency to at least only fuck each other!
>>1876 I think they're moving in that direction. Bleu is pretty unlucky in love as it is. Caprino can be a bit of a causal slut with all his male friends though. And also that coach on every penis inspection day.
>>1877 She wouldn't be so unlucky if she wasn't a natural slut. No wonder Capri is the way he is.
>>1877 every day is penis inspection day when you have a lil slut like capri around you. sometimes two or three or seven inspections a day.
>>1880 I WISH
(184.93 KB 673x860 a1e49fe3031542f5.png)

(3.43 MB 1717x2033 3419278_Iztli_43_chance1.png)

(3.44 MB 1717x2033 3419280_Iztli_43_chance2.png)

(484.07 KB 1144x1248 3028349_skidoo_max_machine_a.png)

(364.09 KB 1144x1121 3028350_skidoo_max_machine_b.png)

(161.04 KB 813x913 3028352_skidoo_max_machine_c.png)

(655.05 KB 1866x1356 2998022_skidoo_lab_teddy.png)

(426.57 KB 1034x1641 3252370_skidoo_123333223.png)

(2.81 MB 1667x1498 3350418_skidoo_111111111.png)

(6.32 MB 2885x1608 3349588_skidoo_10221121.png)

(4.10 MB 2393x1381 3349589_skidoo_10221122.png)

(441.08 KB 1920x1920 3439447_OnyKR_patreon_again.png)

(26.23 MB 1459x1000 3433745_OnyKR_humpss1.gif)

(70.93 KB 571x767 New_Zealand_cum.jpg)

>>2076 Dandi is such a good artist.
(1.89 MB 1755x1572 3505435_skidoo_1111111.png)

(2.54 MB 1946x1604 3506827_skidoo_22222222.png)

(420.25 KB 1500x1500 3511382_NekoStar_tracker.png)

(411.89 KB 1536x2168 deirudo.jpg)

(462.65 KB 1536x2168 hasirosyutu7.jpg)

(545.65 KB 1536x2168 gdsh2.jpg)

(669.79 KB 1536x2168 zennji5.jpg)

(671.05 KB 1536x2172 nenngasab.jpg)

(424.64 KB 1536x2168 bikimaf2.jpg)

(483.61 KB 1536x2172 kmsbkm.jpg)

(539.60 KB 1536x2172 haimenz.jpg)

(522.20 KB 2168x1536 nebaku.jpg)

(698.58 KB 1536x2172 pizzazamu.jpg)

(693.85 KB 964x1104 Do_3vwVsAABQeT.png)

(928.83 KB 984x1200 DmfmOWvVsAEumco.png)

(1.01 MB 1200x929 Dmuyg8iU4AEwVkp.png)

(1.04 MB 1013x1013 DmVKcjuUYAArNcM.png)

(1.13 MB 1006x1200 Dn24Sx9U8AEqZtG.png)

(530.19 KB 1707x960 3401df101f41df4a.jpeg)

>>2279 Quality art like this REALLY makes me wish the standard for "cub" wasn't proportioned like a fucking four-year-old but with the cock of a fourteen-year-old.
(1.42 MB 1600x1325 86658157_p1.png)

(739.54 KB 1237x961 87895077_p0.png)

(1.09 MB 1500x1544 81046829_p0.png)

(2.20 MB 2400x1714 82447468_p0.png)

(1.65 MB 1868x2138 84926531_p0.png)

>>2287 But small shotas are the best.
(627.09 KB 1770x2994 3546323_Apis_caprino_goldfish.png)

Finally another Caprino pic.
>>2362 i found this one in the updated sadpanda apis gallery the other day. i had never seen it before.
>>2363 It's like a demographic sampling of a Super Smash Bros. convention. >i had never seen it before. Neither have I. I don't have a clue where he posted it originally.
>>2363 >>2365 >systems analyst >thirsty for underage boys literally me
>>2363 You can't tell me "romantic" when you designed the character with a 12" flaccid cock. That's a character that made for comically-exaggerated fucking, and nothing else.
>>2377 fucking is really romantic though, specially with a little boy that fancies you. like capri.
(49.87 KB 229x241 romantic.png)

>>2377 Checked and kekked
(55.20 KB 229x241 romantic_.png)

>>2379 Whoops
>>2378 There's nothing romantic about fucking a whore like Capri though.
>>2381 promiscuity and romanticism arent mutually exclusive anon
>>2382 Yeah they are. A whore cannot love.
>>2383 romanticism and love are an illusion stupid. get some nice red heart shaped pillows, some incense, some smooth boy lingerie and thats your romance right there.
>>2386 Yeah I bet you'd like that you pervert!
(10.73 MB 2640x4693 3547857_Apis_caprino_toypedo.png)

PikaMILF is destroying that Caprino bussy!
>>2392 >electric type in a pool of water That's like putting a toaster in the bathtub!
>>2391 well yes, as a matter of fact i'd love to see capri wear boy lingerie >>2392 5 children and 2 adults dead in tragic pool party accident when local pikachu MILF accidentally releases high voltage in the water. more after the sports segment.
(1.55 MB 2048x1152 3553891_Apis_arlo_floating.jpg)

>>2436 I remember when Will was paranoid that just looking at cub porn was going to land him in jail. Now he's literally producing it, and with his own little brother no less!
>>2439 Well once his little brother knotted him he became retarded.
(343.45 KB 1062x1500 001.jpg)

(346.96 KB 1062x1500 002.jpg)

(540.75 KB 1062x1500 003.jpg)

(374.51 KB 1062x1500 004.jpg)

(352.23 KB 1062x1500 005.jpg)

>>2435 >>2436 You may now all shower me with praise.
(355.65 KB 1062x1500 006.jpg)

(342.56 KB 1062x1500 007.jpg)

(342.42 KB 1062x1500 008.jpg)

(349.19 KB 1062x1500 009.jpg)

(327.96 KB 1062x1500 010.jpg)

(339.19 KB 1062x1500 011.jpg)

(348.41 KB 1062x1500 012.jpg)

(294.76 KB 1062x1500 013.jpg)

(371.26 KB 1062x1500 014.jpg)

(331.48 KB 1062x1500 015.jpg)

(347.98 KB 1062x1500 016.jpg)

(316.28 KB 1062x1500 017.jpg)

(331.99 KB 1062x1500 018.jpg)

(323.20 KB 1062x1500 019.jpg)

(357.69 KB 1062x1500 020.jpg)

(304.36 KB 1062x1500 021.jpg)

(352.10 KB 1062x1500 022.jpg)

(352.00 KB 1062x1500 023.jpg)

(323.18 KB 1062x1500 024.jpg)

(331.79 KB 1062x1500 025.jpg)

(347.35 KB 1062x1500 026.jpg)

(328.49 KB 1062x1500 027.jpg)

(330.37 KB 1062x1500 028.jpg)

(337.59 KB 1062x1500 029.jpg)

(337.79 KB 1062x1500 030.jpg)

(338.63 KB 1062x1500 031.jpg)

(330.12 KB 1062x1500 032.jpg)

(303.39 KB 1062x1500 033.jpg)

(361.82 KB 1062x1500 034.jpg)

(304.52 KB 1062x1500 035.jpg)

(368.38 KB 1062x1500 036.jpg)

(364.65 KB 1062x1500 037.jpg)

(343.23 KB 1062x1500 038.jpg)

(354.73 KB 1062x1500 039.jpg)

(353.35 KB 1062x1500 040.jpg)

(367.25 KB 1062x1500 041.jpg)

(362.02 KB 1062x1500 042.jpg)

(340.29 KB 1062x1500 043.jpg)

>>2446 GG, you're doing God's work, anon. Not sure I like the retrospective plot though. It takes away from the enjoyment when the action isn't happening in the narrative present. But I do like seeing Will bottom more, he's a natural butt-slut.
(1.62 MB 2048x1152 3613690_Apis_bleuref_sm.png)

(1.51 MB 2048x1152 3613693_Apis_bleuref_nude_sm.png)

(3.32 MB 1750x1591 3612933_skidoo_1111111.png)

>>379 Not shota cub but I'm putting it here because Bleu really needs to stay together with Capri. I've included a Skidoo as consolation.
>>2977 hates christianity or religion in general?
>>2991 Probably Christianity because she's a whore that fucks her son.
(62.69 KB 800x600 1623021472740.png)

>>3020 That is the stupidest of reasons to hate a religion. I work with hot wax and hot glue on a daily basis, and sometimes like playing around with it. However, that doesn't absolve me of the consequences that it's hot. If I get any on my skin, while I may not be physically harmed, the pain is a bitch. Same thing with most religions. You may not agree with their practices and ideals, but they do exist for a reason. Whether it was a rule established by God him or just natural observation explained in a mystical nature. In this instance, wincest causing mental issues and birth defects.
>>3020 well at least she's hot and cares for capri.
>>3022 Take it up with the artist for being a redditor.
(44.92 KB 1200x1600 3616499_ComfyTail_adult2.png)

(84.39 KB 1200x1600 3613278_ComfyTail_cotpantsb2.png)

(74.57 KB 1200x1600 3613276_ComfyTail_cotpantsb.png)

(58.06 KB 1200x1600 3609979_ComfyTail_swim1.png)

(424.97 KB 1250x1650 3613284_ComfyTail_cottsuns.png)

Touch fluffy taint
cub watersports? Reply to this comment to keep fetishes organized.
(65.84 KB 198x213 Tails_shock.png)

>>3528 Wait a second..... that isn't sweat!
(5.40 MB 2801x1576 3679398_Iztli_20_basket.png)

(5.00 MB 2801x1576 3679400_Iztli_21_basket.png)

(5.26 MB 2801x1576 3679402_Iztli_22_basket.png)

(4.91 MB 2801x1576 3679403_Iztli_23_basket.png)

>>3530 Yeah there seems to be a lot of that going on around here.
(6.81 KB 301x167 download.jfif)

Question anon, it may be surprising but it's on topic: I know Cub is legally protected by free speech in america, but Canada doesn't have that... as a furry artist *branching out,* is cub Legal here?
>>3606 just draw whatever you want and dont divulge it to anyone. theres no way they can track it back to you unless you're fucking retarded and dont bother practicing even basic OpSec.
>>3610 He's probably talking about taking commissions for it. Anonymity is a bit trickier when you have to file tax forms for your earnings.
>>3606 >but Canada doesn't have that... as a furry artist *branching out,* is cub Legal here? Call it bestiality, and it will be 100% legal in Canada.
>>3611 you find an alternative payment processor or get paid in crypto, and you purchase your groceries and necesities in cash. >filing taxes lmao what a fucking cuck. listen, when you draw porn for a living you are already in a general government blacklist, paypal banned porn and the moment they catch a whiff that hose 20$ payments you're getting everyday are for porn commissions they'll just ban your account. you have to live outside of the system if you choose that life.
I did more just mean in general. >>3610 Yeah I don't go screaming on the internet what I do, be careful with the websites I keep it on and I keep a pseudonym like pretty much every artist. If it is illegal I just won't say shit (like I already do), problem solved, just wanted to actually know as it's very hard to find a straight answer.
>>3614 that should be a internet browsing philosophy, but normalniggers are retarded and act like women, so they want attention and give away their entire lives on their blogs or whatever crap. keep your OpSec up and you'll be fine, just also bear in mind that if the police ever get inside your property for any reason, they WILL check your PC and seize your drives because you're cattle and have no rights. so also be careful who you live with, i've heard of people who did nothing wrong having their entire computers seized and to this day, still in police custody, because one of their family members or retarded roommates sold some drugs or dated a 15 year old.
>>3606 Nobody has ever been prosecuted for it, as far as I'm aware (and I try to keep tabs on these things.) That said Canada has some absolute garbage laws around stuff with humans, so tread carefully.
(35.74 KB 350x746 1623557454670.jpg)

Caprino got a girlfriend.
>>3687 Huh did the pic not post?
>>3692 No but now it did. She's cute. Thought you were talking about the artist before.
>>3692 He's gonna give her an STD.
Big horse dick energy.
In retrospect this pic doesn't actually have a werewolf in it so it can go here instead.
(432.27 KB 1088x1231 3799719_Aogami_13b.jpg)

(433.60 KB 1088x1231 3799720_Aogami_13b2.jpg)

This thread needs more cubs dry cumming.
(4.28 MB 4093x5787 3800273_Aogami_28a.jpg)

(5.41 MB 4093x5787 3800274_Aogami_28b.jpg)

(6.10 MB 4093x5787 3800275_Aogami_28c.jpg)

(6.00 MB 4093x5787 3800276_Aogami_29a.jpg)

(5.01 MB 4093x5787 3800277_Aogami_30a.jpg)

(5.65 MB 4093x5787 3800278_Aogami_30b.jpg)

(6.42 MB 4093x5787 3800279_Aogami_30c.jpg)

(5.72 MB 4093x5787 3800281_Aogami_31a.jpg)

(469.13 KB 1296x1497 pp.png)

(984.02 KB 1935x1188 well HELLO THERE.png)

(1.46 MB 1602x2049 [POP].png)

(441.96 KB 1416x1056 ~twitch~.png)

(1.33 MB 1778x1818 legs.png)


(1.04 MB 1369x1515 cdb987d1c29b58bf.png)

(1.46 MB 1663x1247 268de9b3d0965a22.png)

Here's a few for here too.

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