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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(154.56 KB 935x798 ClipboardImage.png)
Furry LOL thread Toshiaki 05/19/2020 (Tue) 01:10:01 No. 48
>>48 whats funny about it?
Whats so funny about this? Its just a guy explaining his degenerate fetish for children. As long he's smart enough to not touch children and keep it to fake animal children no harm done. He probably will eventually though, pedos are fucking stupid.
>yfw we get clownworld shit where 13-year-olds get strung up for cub
>>69 >character is fictional >OMG YOU PEDO >literal child grooming and kid rape >WOW SO PROGRESSIVE 😍😍
Eighteen naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch Big hard throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked Eighteen naked cowboys wanting to be fucked Cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch On their knees wanting to suck cowboy cocks Ram Ranch really rocks Hot hard buff cowboys, their cocks throbbing hard Eighteen more wild cowboys out in the yard Big bulging cocks ever so hard Orgy in the showers at Ram Ranch Big hard throbbing cocks ramming cowboy butt Like a breeding ram wanting to rut Big hard throbbing cocks getting sucked real deep Cowboys even getting fucked in their sleep Ram Ranch, it rocks Cowboys love big hard throbbing cocks Eighteen naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch Big hard throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked Eighteen naked cowboys wanting to be fucked Cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch On their knees wanting to suck cowboy cocks Ram Ranch really rocks Hot hard buff cowboys, their cocks throbbing hard Eighteen more wild cowboys out in the yard Big bulging cocks ever so hard Orgy in the showers at Ram Ranch Big hard throbbing cocks ramming cowboy butt Like a breeding ram wanting to rut Eighteen naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch Big hard throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked Eighteen naked cowboys wanting to be fucked Cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch On their knees wanting to suck cowboy cocks Ram Ranch really rocks Big hard throbbing cocks, getting sucked real deep Cowboys even getting fucked in their sleep Ram Ranch, it rocks Cowboys love big hard throbbing cocks
>>73 >eighteen you shouldn't need to specify this?? sus imo
(321.05 KB 537x472 hamster.png)
>>73 >breeding ram Oh is that what he said? I always heard it as Brita Ram (like the water filter), and assumed it was just a type of ram
(101.57 KB 600x400 creepy_woody_14.jpg)
>>75 >>77 >>81 I'll grab your buttcheeks and pull out my willy, stir your asshole like a hot bowl of chili. Ram Ranch really rocks. Cowboys love big, hard throbbing cocks.
(310.72 KB 800x800 Yiff Adventure(1).png)
(252.24 KB 800x800 Yiff Adventure(2).png)
(174.12 KB 800x800 Yiff Adventure(3).png)
(192.86 KB 800x800 Yiff Adventure(4).png)
(193.72 KB 800x800 Yiff Adventure(5).png)
>>103 >attempt But how many actually deliver?
>>100 This always struck me as retarded. Men try to kill themselves four times as often as women do. Does that mean that being male is bad? Should we perform in utero sexual sexual selection to prevent more of them from being born? And, of course, the real muscle behind the memes, the lichbian separatists in academia, their junior league on the drama forums, say "yes, as a matter of fact, we should make men go extinct, that's the idea." Then there's the larger hypocrisy of it, because 100% of Hitler committed suicide, and no one adjacent to this outside of hypersignaler eclecticists have any problem with him.
(258.96 KB 1516x528 1359398262470.jpg)
>>281 men try more often and succeed more often because living as a man is hard. while living as a woman is not. the reason men kill themselves after transition is because they think, falsely, that after the surgery they'll be beautiful princesses and have all this amazing sex and live life in easy mode like the women do, but the reality is thats not how biology works and they come out of the surgery table looking like a car crash victim that has to live in constant pain taking medications and can never have an orgasm again. their suicides are funny because they caused their own misery by being stupid and weak.
>>283 >the reason men kill themselves after transition is because they think, falsely, that after the surgery they'll be beautiful princesses and have all this amazing sex To be fair, for a few of them, this works. Not, probably, as many as is ideal, but a few. Maybe it's not how biology works, but biology's the domain of Azathoth and only Azathoth, and it can suck it. Up until Fleming et al. instrumentalized penicillin, dying of sepsis from stepping on a rock was just how biology worked. Now it's not. You could claim there's a category error there, that changing sex is of a different order than shoring up an immune system, but as far as I can tell, it's all engineering. >they caused their own misery by being stupid and weak. Risking your life and future on experimental technology that - fine - probably won't work and probably will get you maimed or killed, doing this over and over, using human wave tactics and your very body to bridge the way to a better future for the people to come... Well, that's just what guys do. Once you start thinking about it like that, the based frogs snickering at them (who are of course adjacent to radical feminism and organized religion, both well-known for supporting men's dreams) take on the uncomfortable cast of Englishmen mocking Puritan colonists, or commies bitching about whitey on the moon. I can think of a few good reasons to worry about the transgender thing - defection spirals, civilizational character w/r/t endocrine profile, preventing smart autists from reproducing in a time when we need all the help we can get - but none of the people bitching about it have voiced the slightest concern about any of them. In fact, most of the time, they do the opposite. What causes baldness, beards, and excessive masturbation? What is the "coomer" meme, in the end, but the complaint that there's too damn much testosterone running around? And if you really want the autists to breed, you'd better figure out an approach beyond "sustained cruelty but harder".
>>284 Jews have constantly undermined civilization and between schizophrenia and messiah complexes, have contributed nothing and only parasitized society. There's a reason they, as a people, have been exiled 109 times in history. As it turns out, gender "science" was coincidentally started by...
(6.03 KB 197x256 download.jpg)
>>285 ...the Eternal Dane.
>>286 The Danish, of course, having never been exiled simply because no one would have them in the first place. Hamlet is just average family life for them.
(266.22 KB 1387x1600 furthink.png)
>>285 >>286 >>287 who are the danes of the furry fandom?
(129.93 KB 682x789 ClipboardImage.png)
>>290 i always thought scooby doo was a mutt
>>292 He is in fact a Great Dane
(42.69 KB 582x230 ClipboardImage.png)
>>320 where's the funny?
>>321 He's pro pride and freaking out about being harassed
>>48 Usually people like this block access to their account by non-members.
>>321 I'll grab your buttcheeks and pull out my willy, stir your asshole like a hot bowl of chili.
>>358 thats more cringe than anything. i bet he cant sing very loud for obvious reasons
While looking for rabbits I found one that definitely belongs more in this thread.
(73.58 KB 1280x833 niggers.png)
decided to start drawing, what do you guys think?
>>410 Pretty good.
>>410 Not a fan. All that shit, the BLM, the "I subscribe to every ideology-of-the-month" (but it's not the ideology of the month, it's the ideology of the culturally ascendant faction 1940-2020)... It's just a person - a clueless person, fine - trying to be what they understand to be Good. These people, in another era, would be wholehearted Christians, smiling anti-communists, and so forth. This is one of the many things that irks me about the "alt right". They don't understand that they're the revolutionaries and these people are the churchgoing serfs who just want to do Good. Of course the serfs' doctrine is a bit crap, of course they sometimes string up witches who kinda aren't, and do crusades, and burn parchments that offend them, of course it's totally illogical in some places (turning someone into someone else just by chanting words over them? Haven't these hayseeds ever heard of the scientific method?!), of course their church could be improved through the adoption of your own particular ancient and esoteric doctrine - which coincidentally involves a lot of bloodletting, specifically of them who have humiliated you, of course the system is irremediably corrupt and we need to burn it down and kill everybody so that it can be replaced, as per all revolutions, with a perfect and shining cathedral built atop the corpses of the degenerate bourgeoisie.
>>412 >This is one of the many things that irks me about the "alt right". Psst, the alt-right isn't a real movement. It's a label that the media applied to everyone who isn't a neoconservative. Anyone that uses that term for themselves or others has been bamboozled.
>>410 Unfunny, one can feel how angry you were when typing. Speaking of which >words words words Compare to >>411, that's a good meme. >>413 >Anyone that uses that term for themselves or others has been bamboozled. Adopting a dispregiative term as official name isn't anything new, and it works out fairly often.
>>413 That's why it's in quotes. "/pol/ and environs" is too clunky. ...Of course, you say "/pol/", I say "never posted there in my life", and you can't call me on my bullshit, and I know this, and I'll taunt you with it - gaslighting you with all the latest frogs while smugly calling you crazy for noticing it. Which is, moreover, an illustration of my point. The politics becomes activist and becoming a smirking, evasive weasel must follow, because being a smirking, evasive weasel is a tool in the activist kit. And that tool comes with other tools, because it works with them - if you have airplanes, you do bombardment. If you can do bombardment, you might as well firebomb Dresden. This is a problem for those of us who would rather not be ruled by weasels of any stripe.
>>414 you're right. i should have used less words. criticism taken.
>>418 The internet is a text-based medium. Images are a foreign plot to make us all retarded.
(1.04 MB 3000x2000 ClipboardImage.png)
(93.22 KB 987x738 ClipboardImage.png)
Ah yes, every furry is now political soapboxing
(3.53 MB 2975x3850 2364962.png)
(38.38 KB 583x438 1500160801859.jpg)
>>447 >>410 THE MEMES!
(4.49 MB 640x360 99YMvUyniVO-Bj2_.mp4)
>>450 This video is incredibly confusing. Black people are factually a different race than whites and mongoloids at the genetic level, but these dogs are entirely different species. Are they meaning to say that black people are subhuman, or that color doesn't matter and to ignore genetic differences?
>>450 >oh no a PO looked at me funny
>>451 The problem I have with a lot of this is all of the idiots who act like niggers are the ONLY people who have experienced racism in all of history. What about all the racism that the Irish, the Scots, the French, the Germans, the Italians, the Poles, the Czechs, and the Russians have received over the decades? And, that's just the European races. What about the races native to the Middle East, who all blur together as far as anyone cares (With the exception of Israel)?
(2.18 MB 2975x3850 3154444_Saurian_spikepride3.png)
>>447 Oh my goodness, I bet nobody knew about this alternate version. How can he have such an outrageous stance on current events. Tragic.
>>453 >What about all the racism that the Irish, the Scots, the French, the Germans, the Italians, the Poles, the Czechs, and the Russians have received over the decades Oh sweetie, they're white and you can't be racist against white people! :)
>>454 Way better.
(197.04 KB 450x600 angry zigger.png)
>>454 >niggers >not ziggers Disappointing tbh
(2.22 MB 1800x1800 y u do dis.png)
(30.12 KB 692x340 Oh no no no.png)
(949.00 B 87x17 pffffffffffffft.png)
>>438 >>447 Hey, at least those artists had the common sense to not post their garbage on e6. LDR, on the other hand...
>>470 >transfem bisexual poc Does that mean he's twinky or does he think he's a girl? Why identify as trans? The point of being trans is to become the other gender, so they should just say women, not trans. Its disingenuous. Besides that, how can being a tranny sodomite of a visible minority lead to respect from others?
>>470 fucking hell, the e621 people, people who are right next to stalin and marx on the political spectrum, are ripping this nigger the fuck out.
>>472 >the e621 people, people who are right next to stalin and marx on the political spectrum How the hell did you reach such a conclusion? Did you perchance assume that a handful of retards on the forums of a porn site would be representative of the site visitors as a whole?
(444.16 KB 490x379 1574210353427.png)
>>476 ah the good old [brand] virtue signal. we at [brand] totally support [movement burning down buildings], just please dont burn ours because we totally care
The real lol is that furfaggot acquaintance that goes full woke on twitter to avoid getting canceled but still acts the same in private circles. Man, you have no idea how easy it would be to end that charade
Sorry rob, but I'm afraid your new circle if friends is quite fake
(332.63 KB 812x640 protests come for paw patrol.png)
(1.07 MB 4153x6000 1357091.png)
>>478 If you want to seen some real LOL then check out these threads https://derpibooru.org/forums/meta/topics/unofficial-blm-related-policy-change-discussion-thread?page=1 https://derpibooru.org/forums/meta/topics/ask-the-mods-important-questions?post_id=4810460#post_4810460 The horsefuckers have gone full Orwellian. They're shadow banning and shit.
>>484 why even have a thread about a topic when you're going to ban every post that isn't complete and total approval of the topic? e621 does the same shit, because they're all part of the same progressive cult that boils down to "we hate white people and we want to demoralize them in every aspect of their lives even their porn". they make a thread about X change that they're going to force on the site and leave the thread open to post their opinions, then people do, and the opinions that aren't 100% approval of the X change are deleted and the users banned, then they act morally superior and mighty simply because they own the site and can ban anyone they want for any reason. its just like twitter. and the worst part? once a person is turned in to this cult, they never come back. just like Bell from 8chan /fur/. its more scary than LOL. its like a brainworm that never leaves the host.
(38.38 KB 584x223 ClipboardImage.png)
http://archive.is/4xNx6 I mean, it's not technically furry, but still worth a LOL
>>511 Hide yo cat hide yo dawg cuz they be rapin' erryone up there.
(241.33 KB 602x494 ClipboardImage.png)
(70.07 KB 588x605 ClipboardImage.png)
(18.67 KB 591x141 ClipboardImage.png)
(43.21 KB 593x346 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.23 MB 1500x1500 ClipboardImage.png)
Well, looks like Hikebu became a lolcow out of nowhere WHOOPS I POSTED AN ART HERE
>>559 why are all artists mentally ill. why cant they just draw and be normal fucking people outside of their fetish. every week or other they have a breakdown for the stupidest shit i really liked hikebus art, and im glad i downloaded all his art already. you cant just decide no one gets to see your art anymore after its been on the internet and hundreds of people enjoy it.
>>559 What happened?
>>561 From what I gathered in those tweets, a minor saw his art and he went full shut it down mode
>>562 How is that his problem? Minors shouldn't be left unattended on the internet anyway.
>>563 When have furry artists ever been rational about when they decide to flip out and delete everything, or change their name and take down everything under the old name? The only reason it works is that furry art communities help them with it; the internet is supposed to route around damage such as that. It's frustrating that the mechanic is broken.
>>562 I think maybe, being that he seems sort of naive, he's probably drank enough Kool-Aid that he feels like he came close to indirectly grooming someone. >>560 >why are all artists mentally ill There's a limited amount of space in the human skull and a limited count of hours in the day. Time spent getting good at art, learning aesthetic discernment, going through everything so that you can do something truly new - all that takes resources from doing the same for politics, or moral sensibilities, or just plain social dynamics. That's part of why I fucking hate "lolcow culture": it punishes people for not spending all their traces and time on learning how to be manipulators, to suck off critics, to do shit that - to sociopaths - comes natural. It's shorting the circuit and making the key determinant of someone's continued social survival how good they are at appealing to whoever's best at working a crowd. It's fucking garbage.
>>571 I wish I understood that better. Just like make art, so to speak. Where does the punishment come from? Social pressure, or no patreon money?
Anyone know what the deal is with gatomonlover/gatomonsito/haiiromon/milesnukem? Spic, changes names frequently, waifufags Gatomon, occasionally drops cringy emo shit between all the porn, and once every couple of months deletes/clears out his accounts and DMCAs his art from other sites. I suspect HRT is involved and that this drama queen is going to join the 40% within a year or two. Latest shenanigans seem to be pixellating his shit into an unrecognizable mess and asking everyone to block his submissions.
>>575 >eggshell thin ego >holds art hostage on patreoni >wow i didnt get more followers despite listening to my current followers >asks for feedback "no i wont act on it :p" >i assume someone called him a dumb nigger >he will never understand that by restricting who sees his art, he'll have less exposure
>>576 >40% You wish it was that low.
>>577 what animation is he talking about?
>>579 I think I saw something about Yoshi eggs and variants?
>>578 If you believe in the statistic as presented, it's not actually that high. In the statistic's original context (from my understanding) that "40%" was in the absence of transition, and the stat's original use was as a lever for making the case that transition is good, because it prevents people from killing themselves. I don't really think it's a true statistic (it seems insanely high), but taking it out of context and making it mean the precise opposite of what it meant in the source material is pathological in the same way that a lot of the Left is pathological. For those of us who dislike the Left because we dislike being smugly lied at, or being brutalized by laughing creeps, or vampire castles full of backstabbing psychotic courtesans, seeing the same shit budding up under the right is not very promising. Social organizations evolve. They gain and lose members, they grow and contract. Right? They're subject to selection pressures, to work a certain way and adopt certain strategies, and therefore they are subject to a kind of evolution. I think that "activism" comes with its own set of selection pressures, and that anything subject to them either ceases to exist or eventually evolves to look a lot like our current Left-activist ecosystem. This is how aliens invade. They drop guns all over the fucking place, and the only way to fight an alien gun is with an alien shield, and by the time you realize they're training the survivors into being an occupying force, it's already over. That's what the "what righties can do" discourse gets wrong. You can't shoot up with xeno tech without turning into a space bug. That's just how the xeno tech works.
>>581 >Trying to defend suicide by tranny pills by comparing it to alien weaponry
>>582 I don't think you totally understand. The alien weaponry is "misrepresenting whomever* you've decided is your enemy by altering or abridging what they've said to turn it into a weapon" and "mindkilling yourself against any complaints about the former". These were things the Social Justice Machine did, and now they are things the SJM's enemies are doing - but what these enemies don't realize is that using those tactics efficiently requires the construction of a complex logistical environment, and that this environment will end up being operated by the type of person who makes the SJM so insufferable. If >>581 looks a little short, it's because it was originally a page of text, but I cut it down to headings once I realized that what I was trying to do was "describe and categorize every single attractor, relationship, and feedback loop in a model of a moderately large psychic sub-ecosystem", but now I'm thinking I should've gone ahead and dumped the Wall, or at least saved my notes so I wouldn't have to re-analyze the thing.
(4.13 MB 4000x3000 ClipboardImage.png)
(64.10 KB 938x342 ClipboardImage.png)
I wonder why trannies haven't attacked furry artists over genital configurations yet
>>616 I like Xienoan's stuff. One of these days I'm just going to have to make myself an OC so I can get in on this kind YCH bullshit.
>>617 But why limit it to male or female characters? If you have a herm cub, he literally just has to shift the weenie up a bit and can accommodate more
(164.91 KB 1147x311 Thou art a saracen.png)
>>604 >These were things the Social Justice Machine did, and now they are things the SJM's enemies are doing. Observe pic and then immediately go directly to the >>>/gaschamber/
(1.00 MB 1556x2271 edit.png)
>>618 >he literally just has to shift the weenie up a bit That's probably the reason. YCH templates are already predrawn and he probably just doesn't want to have to fiddle with it too much. Futa loli would probably be easy enough but herm could prove difficult. to make it look right.
(1.96 MB 1516x1293 DU8Lwge.png)
>>619 >>604 Gas the 'chus, race war now
>>560 >why are all artists mentally ill. The environment they operate in rewards unchecked narcissism, manipulative behaviour, and abuse of every tiny scrap of power you get your hands on: that way the crazies show themselves instead of at least attempting to blend in like they do outside of the internet. Being surrounded by other crazies doesn't help you staying sane, either. >>582 >suicide by tranny pills >implying it's the pills Mental illness can very easily lead to death, anorexia still manages a 6% mortality (read: suicide) rate and that's something which is treated swiftly and aggressively instead of being approached carefully if at all. >>619 >/pol/faggots still think that's clever This is why you niggers keep losing, you physicall can't stop outretarding SJWs.
>>627 >The environment they operate in rewards unchecked narcissism Does it? I think having an ego makes you a target. If anything, it rewards "post art with no comment" pathological meekness. >you physicall can't stop outretarding SJWs. He's not like retarded, he just fails to grok the basic analogy. It's not "throw down your sword because saracens use them", it's "if you rely on human wave tactics, you need a culture that radically devalues the individual, and as a consequence, is pretty dysfunctional even outside combat". Or maybe the use of aerial warfare, where if you don't use it, you're boned, but using it requires industrialization, which requires a culture with empiricism and wage labor..? I don't know. We really should look into alternatives to "reinvent yellow journalism, Alynskyite pressure groups, braindead repetition of thought-stopping cliches, and maudlin concern trolling about wom'n'children, only via the right", though.
>>627 Would you give booze to a recovering alcoholic? Why would you give surgery or estrogen to a tranny? You're ignoring their underlying issues for a bandaid solution. At one point, the tranny faces regret, for poisoning and mutilating their body, for breaking contact with their family and friends, stuff they cannot take back. How can you honestly defend any of this?
>>628 >If anything, it rewards "post art with no comment" pathological meekness. But that doesn't get you the big patreon shekels. "Being a target" doesn't look like an issue if you lack foresight or sufficiently varied info sources (this is a big problem even IRL, the web only made it worse), and it certainly doesn't look like an issue if you don't even consider the possibility you might ever become a target (which is what a surprising amount of people still believe). >>629 >How can you honestly defend any of this? I'm not, learn to read before getting high on self-righteous outrage. I said that anorexia is getting treated swiftly and aggressively and that still nets 6% deaths, while tranny issues are treated carefully if at all (and that gives 40% deaths). The fact is that trans suicide rates are (according to very vocally pro-trans sources such as huffpo) more than SIX times higher than death rates of self-inflicted starvation, and on par with the mortality you'd get from exposure to 3000-4000 rads (which is "two miles from Hiroshima" levels of radiation): by all metrics, this is a colossal failure of the entire medical system, and a damning indictment of the current treatments. Mental health is in general handled very poorly, trannies are "merely" getting it worse than average as they've been turned into pawns for a political struggle that started without them and will merrily continue after they exhaust their usefulness. You're not being any less retarded by framing this as >the tranny faces regret Nigga, regret doesn't kill that much.
LOL Fucking horsefuckers.
(283.48 KB 500x459 ClipboardImage.png)
Didn't Tricksta want to set up a 200 person commission queue to fund an architecture project last year?
>>646 Sell it if you got it, I guess. If you can get people to pay a hundred bucks per picture, and you can line up a couple hundred suckers, then why not do it and build a new garage or whatever?
>>670 No it was some extravagant building of some sort. Besides, he's a flaky piece of shit to begin with
(390.13 KB 720x736 1552861930.png)
>>693 OwO
(1.84 MB 3498x2000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>694 Would you like to have two wolves inside you anon?
>>698 Yes. Yes I would.
>>698 spitroasted by horny wolves and knotted in ass and mouth until i pass out belly bloated, full of cum? yes please.
(61.08 KB 680x680 1440655313332.jpg)
>>700 >spitroasted >not double knot in the ass
>>703 i just need something to do with my mouth whenever im doing something else alright, geez. find me a third wolf if it bothers you that much.
(1.67 MB 1140x969 Upshot-Knothole - Badger.png)
(122.27 KB 779x1026 1449694843220-0.jpg)
(67.39 KB 817x978 1449694843221-1.jpg)
(73.94 KB 400x400 1449694843222-3.jpg)
(195.35 KB 800x1035 A dog is fine too.jpg)
I wanna fuck a wolf now
>>705 >in the same damn seat - kick it Grape Lady:
(36.83 KB 482x442 lol.png)
>>711 >inb4 someone posts the screencap of @discord talking about diaper play on Twitter
>>712 Don't remind me.
>>711 I have a radical take on this that would blow a moderately gigantic chunk out of the discourse, but this post is too small to contain it
>>712 This is why, for all the talk about "callout culture", no one who matters is going to do anything about it. Sure, it sucks that J. Prole Engineer gets his life ruined for talking about tits, but can you imagine not being able to shame Discord for this? The obvious reply is "can't we just do one and not the other" but the infrastructure doesn't keep, and the sociopaths who operate it get bored, and there's way more J. Proles than there are "legitimately" "deserving" targets, so you end up having to run it like it's always been run.
>>718 Better not be the "veganism justifies this" take again.
(461.18 KB 429x730 ClipboardImage.png)
>>723 ok that got a chuckle out of me. good job.
>>725 this isnt LOL its just shitty drama
>>728 not to encourage any of these terrible decisions, but one cannot help but notice that the tumblr diaspora/frog opposition knockoffs are pretty fucking feisty about ~endangering teh minors~ for movements that are almost totally dependent on taking child soldiers/junior police and shoving them right down into the Heart of Discourse
>>730 >for movements that are almost totally dependent on taking child soldiers/junior police and shoving them right down into the Heart of Discourse While at the same time pumping them full of hormones and convincing them to fillet their genitals.
>>731 the pattern doesn't extend in that direction - discoursebrain affinity-groups are not per se trans affinity-groups! a lot of the time, they are in fact disjoint. this is because if you love doing callouts etc., you will tend to do it to trans people, because they are easier to target (for a number of reasons which I could go into) and the frogs don't have anything like trans culture, either. nothing that's about biomodding yourself. I mean, liftfag/steroid shit maybe? nofap? but those are sort of distant from frog ratfuckers in the same way that trans culture is distant from discoursebrain shit.
>>730 >>734 >discoursebrain What retarded new words are you spewing now? Go back to whatever forum you came from. Sage isn't a downvote either
(971.31 KB 750x1109 internet hate machine.png)
(2.71 MB 640x360 bear cum.webm)
Reposting this gem.
(92.61 KB 1406x492 DpFNkMPX4AE1ul5.jpg)
(603.46 KB 506x600 2612049_Hikebu_latte_v.gif)
(929.35 KB 990x990 2547682_Hikebu_latte_mognet_b.png)
(926.40 KB 990x990 2547685_Hikebu_latte_mognet_c.png)
>>559 >>560 >>577 So that's why I haven't seen any updates from this fucker on IB in a while, fucking sucks that he made it friends only, what a fucking idiot. >>576 I'm as clueless as you as to what's going on with the Gatomonfag, he even prevented people from commenting on his latest pics at this point.
>>741 You gotta understand how that might make a guy panic if he weren't raised on imageboards. We aren't typical.
>>741 >tfw no low level moogle to bounce on your lap and kupo inside
>>742 whats his problem? im reading through the pictures and i cant figure it out
loli bears
(1.22 MB 2079x3336 tequila Legosi.png)
>>745 >not shota bears Shamefur dispray!
(24.33 KB 374x279 karl_marx_wew.jpg)
>>747 >tequila legosi o i'm laffin
>>765 Which one of the two /v/fags are you? I saw the thread.
(45.66 KB 550x700 Hi.jpg)
(81.38 KB 468x895 the fuck did I just read.jpg)
>>695 .also you use a lot of toilet paper the vacuum clogs constantly hair in your food
>>791 I think all three lines are suppose to be separate bullet points.
(18.85 KB 500x500 Slush Puppie.jpg)
Slush Puppie has gotten lewd.
>>799 Take the knot
(757.59 KB 640x631 ClipboardImage.png)
(249.35 KB 612x387 about time.png)
>>804 Finally clown world is making some funny.
(767.21 KB 1080x1415 ClipboardImage.png)
>>805 Are you laughing
>>806 http://archive.vn/44iqz Now I just need to see if that Vice article is legit.
>>807 Well thanks for doing the work, friends just linked me things without source. >Discord Twitter rep, your servers are down >Oh no, I made a messy wessy in my daipy wipey uwu How did it come to this
>>808 based and abdlpilled
(23.81 KB 551x175 ClipboardImage.png)
>incontinent spidergirl >can't hold her webbing in because of weak spinnerets >constantly making silkies everywhere
>>813 That's not how that works and please keep your scat fetish to yourself
>>814 it's more of an involuntary nutting fetish really, given the material
(439.81 KB 680x3752 547_CatLaserPointer.jpg)
(1.11 MB 867x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>$350 USD for maybe three hours of work
>>844 Hol' the fuck up, it was actually a 3D print. My sides.
>>933 Well I didn't need the next 3 minutes of my life anyways
>>933 >only cheetus damn, straight dissapointed my dude
I don't believe any explanation is needed.
>>951 Furries are fucking nuts *and* woke these days.
>>956 Just showing the hilarity the people that pride themselves on going "Ape Lives Matter".
>>957 I don't understand why saying "All lives matter" is somehow controversial
>>962 because its not about black lives its about communism. niggers, women, self loathing whites, they're all the same subhuman genetically defective produce of a century of female empowerment. when they say black lives matter what they mean is "its okay for us niggers to kill whites and take their stuff because they dared to be better than us", full blown bucket of crabs mentality. when you say all lives matter you're implying that people who are better than them have a right to exist and be better than them, and that is incredibly upsetting when you're a subhuman piece of shit because you can never be better than them. hope that explains it anon.
>>962 Cause it distracts from their lucrative activism grift
(1.32 MB 1707x2478 Tails_daki.jpg)
(20.91 KB 637x259 BETRAYAL.png)
(78.63 KB 929x669 BETRAYAL2.png)
(35.33 KB 629x435 BETRAYAL3.png)
>>1039 What is the cause of that moogle's autism?
>>1040 butthurt at roarey most likely
>>1041 Imagine being a furry that gets upset that other people believe there are only 2 genders
>>1042 >Imagine being a furry that gets upset that other people don't get upset when other people believe there are only 2 genders fixed
>>1043 >fixed >no changes Epic
>>1040 copbrain which due to historical contingencies has been forced to express itself in the Tenderness Idiom >>1039 >you step between the asshole and their victim doing this in real life is a good way to get drama forums to write hitpieces on you. imagine having any kind of faith in chimps to not immediately side with the alpha sociopath no matter what
(1.14 MB 571x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1062 >"news article" >bullshit scaremongering >"news" >late by about forty years >picture is of some random who has nothing to do with any of it the eterno' journo
>>1062 Is that a gay British flag wrapped around that gray fox?
>>1063 >furries arent an "online sexual fetish" Or would you prefer to be labeled a zoophile or a pedophile?
>>1066 no because you left out "racist" and "misogynist"
>>1062 Talking about "the rise of internet degeneracy", when there's a ten thousand strong standing army of junior anti-sex leaguers ready to hound people off the internet for drawing Animal Crossing porn, is stupid. Hearing about it on a site that only exists because content that was unremarkable back in 2006 is now enough to get you dehosted, is annoying. Internet "degeneracy" hasn't been "rising" since 2012. We're all on the Patreon TOS now, and it fucking sucks.
>>1068 Nah man, the internet only becomes more coomerific with time. brb, gonna jerk it to beastars futanari to own the libs
>>1072 Louis would make a good dickgirl
>>1072 I strongly disagree unless you're comparing it to, like, ancient ARPAnet shit where you had to post with your university email. Like, back in '09 - "the internet is for porn", that was such an obvious observation that it was barely even a meme, and now it's not even plausibly true, because the internet is for being a cop and ordering other people to be cops. Like, we didn't even have the term "coomer" (which is a derivative of the Late Tumblr term "cumbrain", which is what it is because they have to do that fucking horrible-ass buffyspeak shit) until about '19. There's no translation for that in Olde Channe. I mean, you could say "basement dweller" or "neckbeard", only the point of those is the caricature is fat and out of shape, not necessarily horny.
>>1076 Nah, it's now for arguing which porn is morally superior.
(6.22 MB 320x180 all the single furries.webm)
>>1068 You expect far too much out of modern conservatives: much like modern progressives they aggressively refuse to consider academics and reputable sources that don't conform to their preconceived dogmas, so their ideas of "history" have very litte to do with any actual past happenings and a lot to do with their personal beliefs. >>1072 One word counterargument: MUCK. >inb4 what the fuck is that Search engines tend to hide the actual results, if you're a newfag find out what a MUD was and you'll figure it out from there. >inb5 that's an outlier It wasn't, look at Furcadia.
>>1081 "reputable sources" like what? the WHO? you live in a world where the media IS the government and the reputable sources are all bought by private interests to advertise a narrative and sell you garbage. you can't trust any mainstream "reputable source" because they're all full of communist shit. you can only trust yourself and what you can confirm by your own means.
>>1082 >you can't trust any mainstream "reputable source" because they're all full of communist shit. Switch "communist" with "fascist", "bigoted", "statist" or whatever fits and you got the mindset of the other groups of crayon eaters, conservatard. >you can only trust yourself and what you can confirm by your own means. This is how you end up with deus vult cathlarpers that haven't ever had a Bible in their hands, with a presidential candidate that thinks the pyramids were grain silos, and with internet keyboard warriors that would be despised by the historical figures they worship.
>>1083 Conservatives are just progtards following the speed limit.
>>1081 It's weird to me that we're talking about "academics" and "reputable sources", given that this isn't, like, classical antiquity, it's literally about thirty years ago. Like, we don't need to reconstruct this from secondary sources. We can just ask people. >MUCK I wonder if I got what it takes to be a wizard...
>>1086 >We can just ask people. And they won't be trusted either by the idiots in question: not only that, they'll find a way to rationalize it. >>1084 More like they're brake checking a truck.
>>1087 >not only that, they'll find a way to rationalize it. So basically Wikipedia-style making primary sources inadmissible in lieu of "reputable" things like corporate media
(171.53 KB 1000x1000 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>1106 I like old-school trap culture stuff like this because, you know what? I would suck Renamon's dick. I would take her knot. I like that there's a horny component. That's what everyone misses about "woke" culture shit, because the only way they know how to meme about it is to farm cringe, which is just bottom percentile retard losers. Bottom percentile retard losers are not the movement. It wouldn't be so successful if they were. So people end up having nothing to say about why the movement's really bad and reinventing most of its ideas while thinking they're outlaws sticking it to the man. The meme is that they want things to be Salo, they want your daughter dicked down in the bathroom... No. The actual woke platform is everyone's a virgin until they're 30 and the only porn is Harlequin novels.
>>1108 You have no idea what you're talking about. Trannies consider "trap" to be transphobic. Traps are femboys trying to look like girls except whoops surprise its a penis! Trannies are guys that take hormone pills and mutilate their body because they think they can be a woman. Completely different
>>1109 Well, yeah, of course "trap" is incompatible with the discourse: it's horny, wokeness isn't. That's what I just said.
>>1108 >old-school trap culture stuff like this >no dick >trans flag ?
>>98 kek, nice one
>>447 I recognized the artist and looked it up it's real lmfao
>>1114 Saurian isn't particularly talented
>>1115 he draws hot femboy ass and futa cocks, and thats it.
>>1111 Renamon is, like, always a trap, dude.
(138.25 KB 920x1024 EfmZ2uIXsAAYWRR.jpg)
(108.13 KB 1073x1280 Efx79bbXgAIds9O.jpg)
(113.35 KB 1649x881 EgOuJl1XoAAIKVq.jpg)
(81.46 KB 201x186 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1122 God, that middle one is perfect reaction material
(98.62 KB 1280x827 download_20200816_070829.jpg)
So, is this thread just going to be making fun of furfag political statements?
>>1127 Sure, why not? Where's the loss.jpg wheelchair picture?
>>1127 They make natural fodder for this sort of thing, so sure.
(102.16 KB 740x550 boopshark.png)
https://archive.fo/o6ct8 https://archive.fo/q1heN Rip Coonfag, he apparently saw the same messages as in >>1039 and that lead him to try and leave Inkbunny let's see how long that lasts I guess I'll miss his basic bitch sargonic takes >>1040 he is mad that Roarey called the mentally ill cock chopping 41% club mentally ill https://archive.fo/o2FxW >being a tranny simp ever lmao at his pathetic life also here's an extra jej http://archive.fo/fZBPc
>>1145 Is inkbunny about to burn down now?
(253.07 KB 1270x920 Egw7s9kWAAAnGCj.jpeg.jpg)
Apparently some minors have been sperging the fuck out about characters with animal dicks. Some crap about slapping a nonhuman dick on a character being weird and "immoral". Theyre minors and arent even allowed to be looking at it
>>1147 Care to source some of this shit?
>>1148 No because I dont pay attention to dumb drama. Everyone seems to be shitting on it though
>>1145 It always sort of bothers me how people are like "lmao 41" while the guy suicide rate is 400% of the chick one. The radfem tranny-haters who run the meme obviously understand what this >implies, so why don't we?
>>1151 When it hits 50%, it will be a binary outcome :^)
(227.84 KB 960x1280 02.jpg)
(317.22 KB 960x1280 01.jpg)
>>1127 Noting says "serious business" like owo.
>>1152 That's not the point, though. The point is that the premise, as I understand it, is that doing things that may lead to suicide is bad. Yet males have four times the suicide rate of females, and no one (aside from radical feminists) is recommending, say, prenatal gender selection. People don't seem to be able to understand what logically proceeds from the things they say. It's all about how smug you are, how good you are at projecting effortless invulnerability. It's all boomerheads pointing and laughing at each other, and they aren't even good at that.
(495.76 KB 600x564 Eg70vXjWsAAPC2c.png)
>>1153 >Spay/neuter nazifurs >Forbid nazifurs from breeding >Implement eugenics to breed out nazifurs Surely this is satire, except that I guess nazifurs could adopt children and train them since nazifurism is presumably not genetic. This is stupid. >>1158 Isn't it safe to assume that the reported male suicide rate is higher than female suicide rate not simply because men are men but because of some relating confounding factor that hasn't been controlled for? I didn't look at any of the source material because clicking on archive links is for puds. >>1147 I always thought it was creepy boomers who made all that captioned porn. I guess it would explain things if it was actually stupid kids all this time.
>>1165 I think the numbers are more or less legitimately gendered, based on replication and the male tendency to die more from everything else.
>>1158 >It's all about how smug you are, how good you are at projecting effortless invulnerability. Welcome to post-Gamergate internet. >>1165 >I always thought it was creepy boomers who made all that captioned porn. There is a decent subreddit about that: /r/boomeryiff.
>>1168 >Welcome to post-Gamergate internet. Wasn't the whole point of GG that pulling that shit is bad, though?
(71.49 KB 1343x431 LOL.png)
>>1165 It's absolutely not satire, this faggot is full on antifa wannabe and owns an Etsy shop. Surprise surprise, they're from California. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/remmyzee/ https://archive.is/oY6bW Their profile is private because they're a pussy so you'll need to login to see the lol.
>>1168 >/r/boomeryiff The internet has left me in despair once again.
>>1170 >21st century >several neon nazi militias working together to try and bring a company down How far left does a company have to be to manage something like that, in California of all places? assuming it's not complete bullshit The amount of doublespeak in that first paragraph is also pretty stunning.
>>1169 Trying to keep it TL RD, Gamergate was about a petty case of corruption but then devolved into a colossal shitstorm in which getting your ego stroked by like-minded people was the main and usually only goal. >>1171 >despair But also an erection.
>>1176 >But also an erection. OwO
>>1176 >devolved into a colossal shitstorm in which getting your ego stroked by like-minded people was the main and usually only goal. Remain angry, Revoltard.
Gamergate was a success because in two years, it exposed a corrupt gaming media and made people distrust the mainstream media in general. It fell apart and accomplished little else, except its persisted for 6 years and lives rent free in libtards heads
>>1180 I hate to admit it, but he sort of has a point. The point of GG was "even if you think you're fighting a culture war, there's some shit you don't do, like being a fucking journalist". If the point stops being that and starts being something like "own libtards", then of course your movement's bauplan will come to look like a goon's, because their bauplan evolved to win culture wars. Like, that "invincible stupidity" thing where people just spout memes? That's part of it. I'm more describing the current state of /v/ than of GG specifically.
>>1182 >If the point stops being that and starts being something like "own libtards" That was the direction /pol/ wanted to take it, when that was never the point. In fact, people wanting to use GG for their own personal reasons (Beyond just being a consumer revolt against progressive values being shoved into vidya games) is why it exists as nothing more than a general on /v/. /pol/ wanted to use it to "own" the progressives, the Trianglefags and revoltard wanted to use GG as their own personal army and to promote their approved e-celebs, and the media wanted to use GG as a scapegoat for all the crimes in the world. However, because that was never the intended goal in the first place, you had each of the groups constantly trying to tear the movement apart. Then, the election happened and essentially took a blowtorch to everything that was left standing.
>>1184 >the Trianglefags and revoltards Were those the dudes who promoted people like Jim, Ralph, etc.? That whole bit was super sketch, imho.
>>1180 Case in point. I was there when GG started, I was all for it initially, but after a couple years there was basically no one left but attention whores of various types each trying to get (you)s and upboats with progressively more off-topic takes (eventually even praising some cases of media censorship because it was done against the libtards) so I left.
(51.30 KB 921x180 summary.png)
>>1184 Saved because this is one of the most succinct summaries I've ever seen. >>1186 Promoted e-celebs, attacked anyone who didn't join their club (including Acid), and tried to derail any ops they didn't like. >>1189 It definitely settled into a funk after the first few months. Hulk Hogan leg dropping Gawker took the steam out of the researchers who were left since they "won", even though there were still many corrupt outlets out there. It was a major symbolic victory. Unfortunately due to the infighting and lack of focus, we never established a major block of neutral outlets. We just managed to chain down the most corrupt and hold them some what accountable going forward.
>>1190 Gawker's lawyer talking about the hypoteticals of publshing child porn was hilarious, at least. It also coincided with many high-profile national newspapers over in my country writing about how Gawker being punished for the sex tape would kill freedom of press, which really activated some almonds.
>>1193 >publish hit pieces against enemies and politicize every interaction for your own benefit >promote friends and allies >circle the wagons against criticism >industry's reputation totally destroyed, nobody looks up to journalists anymore because they're all glorified bloggers >run out of money, partially due to politicized environment you created not always backing your views <"DEMOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS" They're really hyping the "freedom of the press" angle lately, I assume in response to the constant harping of conservatives about enshrined rights. They want in on the action. Journalists get dispersed with the rest of a riot? "The government is attacking our freedom of the press". When you say something mean and it offends a journalist, they say "freedom of speech is only a government mandate and we can spend all our time deplatforming you if we'd like". They shouldn't be too surprised to find the logic works the other way: that the government has not stopped them from publishing anything, and that you cannot get away with committing a crime just by being a journalist on the job. They're bloggers but they want the glory and protection that comes with their job having responsibilities. Funny how they insist cops be held accountable, but the moment they rely on advertisers it's a problem if consumers are unhappy with the words they write.
>>1168 Captioned furry porn is at least understandable, because you can say "oh it's just--" and I forget the name of the old artist who was always doing that and draws semen white and blue. You all know the guy. But it's one or two identifiable old creeps doing it on their own art, and that's not so bad. I meant all the porn where someone takes a picture of some girl looking at a dick and writes a novel on it in ten point impact, or in hot pink twelve point times new roman. They can't figure out how to rotate text or outline it, which I thought was the tipoff that it's old tech-ignorant people. Anyhow, neither here nor there. >>1184 But when is any loose internet coalition with an actual goal like that not composed of little splinter groups that inevitably break apart once the pushiest coalition gets control?
>>450 The way they zoom in on the nigger dog makes me laugh everytime. They definitely destroyed white supremacy that night by having gay sex orgy when they got home.
>>1242 Do furry characters naturally grow fur under the hair, or does this character only grow hair on half of her head, or what? I don't see how silly shaved sides nonsense is supposed to work for a character with fur. I have an issue with human lips on furry characters, too, but that's just a personal problem. There are lots of things to be unhappy about.
>>1255 i think it's like a hyena's mane
>>1263 Do you think she has a hyena's pseudo-benis too? HAHA!
(30.48 KB 542x616 205.jpg)
>>1264 >pseudo-been under regular been
>>1266 Ain't no been like a yeen been.
(157.40 KB 1440x694 4e9dd1f8.jpg)
(153.51 KB 1440x694 99120933.jpg)
(1.39 MB 800x2490 rougeformer.jpg)
I wanted to LOL at this, but it's actually kind of clever and creative. It's more weird than anything.
>>1325 Kind of autistic, kind of cool.
>>1335 Why not get him to cum into a couple of glasses for a greater amount of illumination?
>>1325 This is the stuff that true autism is made of, though. Imagine if a friend of yours showed this to you. You might admit it's neat or creative, but you would definitely be laughing when you did it. It's up to the autist to understand that it deserves to be laughed at; maybe it's not wholly the laughter of condemnation or belittlement, but certainly it would be the laughter of "I understand why you would do this, and I think that it's interesting, but holy shit I can't believe you're sharing this with the world." That's a lot of information to communicate in one laugh, though, so it wouldn't be surprising for an autist to not understand too well.
(376.54 KB 1034x1313 8c63352e350611a81be3babda9f3d622.png)
wtf i love exhentai now
anyone know when the new /delicious/ board is gonna come?
>>1375 is there a way without me downloading 5 different browsers?
>>1376 Redchannit works without having to download a new browser.
Why is someone spamming furry art on /monarchy/?
(466.34 KB 868x1200 sethpup_1553253102.png)
>>1379 I don't have a clue. I'm just reposting his pics here. I don't think it actually someone from this board anyway.
>>1379 Because I felt like annoying the BO. The rarest shit I posted was a .gif version of The Lust Penis, so nothing too fancy.
>>1381 Mission Accomplished, jackass! What's the next step in your master plan?
>>1377 thank you friend. why dose the internet hate porn lately?
>>1384 Social media-fags are getting crazier and crazier and it's also an election year, I guess.
>>1384 >>1385 There is some sort of weird crackdown going on at some level. Several unrelated porn sites have started requiring registered accounts in order to turn off default blacklists that are used to hide images with legally questionable tags from unregistered users. I don't know if hosting providers are getting nervous, or are getting nasty legal letters, or if US anti-human-trafficking laws are having side effects, or if they're transferring opt-in responsibility to the users, or what.
>>1388 that's nuts, these aren't even real people. put that time an energy into catching real pedos real human trafficker's and leave the artists alone.
>>1382 Further annoying the BO, probably.
>>1388 you mean e621 or what
>>1384 >>1385 >>1388 >>1389 let me explain: as the retard left and the cuck right get further and further apart, they both double down on their retarded incorrect faith. the left goes further down the "kill all whitey" path, and the right goes more in the "praise jeezus ban everything" path. the people pushing against porn is the right. its always the right and their faggot morals. and im not defending the left here im just saying, the people pushing to ban child models in the 70s, the people pushing to ban heavy metal in the 80's, the people pushing to ban videogames in the 90's, and the people pushing to ban all porn now are the one and the same christian retards who think themselves higher and "holier" than you, and they're mostly white women. sounds familiar?
>>1393 the nazies?
(181.07 KB 1280x748 1601277248.jpg)
(807.89 KB 1445x903 3305257_Zepto_straightzep.png)
>>1601 Furries are such inveterate faddists that I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see a tide of characters that only get off on cockblocking. Surely something that's funny or hot once is just as funny or hot after it's been beaten into the ground like a fencepost.
(2.52 MB 2894x4093 3318290_albinefoxxo_27.png)
(347.76 KB 320x240 7h_EUbxuZkswQ_xJ.mp4)
(628.31 KB 1360x1360 1602786560372.png)
Where do you guys stand?
>>1632 I miss the old "I'm just here for the porn/I'm here to sell those guys porn" charts.
>>1632 >The Boomerfur >"Wise" I don't know why that made me laugh. >>1633 Do you have one you could post?
>>1634 No. I was hoping some old 90s furry would post one for me, and I can't go look right now. Can't for the life of me remember the artist who drew them. His alias, I think, was four letters short and started with N. He redid it some time in the 00s, too. One of the chart entries had a swipe at an old poster on a furry usenet group who pretended to be an actual opossum who constantly flamed other users. Memories. I probably have them on some old computer somewhere.
>>1632 roommate wish I was tha 10k artist
>>1633 fuck I have that saved somewhere on one of my hard drives but it's buried deep
(1.03 MB 1025x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1635 >>1637 Nauv, of course, who probably had some other alias I can't for the life of me remember. Can't remember anyone's old names from back when. Well, the '05 one was on FA, so it was easy to find. The old black and white one is--somewhere. Probably on usenet or whatever that old furry site was. The old one with the minimalist interface that was just a fuck-ass long list of names. Can't remember any of the old sites, either, even though I visited them a few times a week back then. Age is hell. Anyhow, keep in mind that this was back when politics hadn't infiltrated literally every part of the grind. Maybe someday I'll dig up the old one.
>>1638 >Don't worry YOU aren't on here. So, does that make me a normal person who can live a life without autism?
>>1639 It's certainly just a preemptive sop to furries with sensitive asses who decide that certainly panel let's say five is a direct cut at them, their fursona, and their tiny glass ego.
>>1636 Same. How many of those artists exist?
Roarey is always peak lol.
>>1641 Half a dozen? It's not like there's an industry group for independent furry porn artists.
>>1646 Doesn't the guy that commissions all those macro Star Fox pics pay $1000+ per commission? He's some kind of doctor so I guess he can afford it.
>>1647 Wouldn't know. It's been years since I've been close enough to the furry community to remember anything like that. There's probably someone out there who keeps track. It's more a function of what the artists are asking for than what the requester wants to offer, though, isn't it? Wouldn't surprise me if there was some $10000 comic book out there. Hell, the picture in the chart is probably a reference I'm missing.
(111.29 KB 293x230 what fresh hell is this.png)
(53.94 KB 780x450 65f4s5g46dr6rst4564.jpg)
>>1660 lmao what the fuck
(347.69 KB 1070x959 copingfurrymutt1_alphaleone.jpg)
(336.07 KB 771x1090 copingfurrymutt2_alphaleone.jpg)
>>1661 >>1667 >tags map rights, pedo rights also heehee
>>1677 now this is some good LOL
(13.84 KB 592x159 notices Trump's bulge.png)
>>1677 >the "authoritarian" whatever is always the cool one vore species. entire fuckin race of power prey desperate to be turned into shit
(249.76 KB 2048x1060 The furry community.jpg)
(27.67 KB 603x413 Dog fucker.png)
(10.35 KB 602x109 Dog fucker 2.png)
(24.31 KB 601x267 Dog fucker 3.png)
(22.81 KB 603x366 Dog fucker 4.png)
Prepare for maximum lol.
>>1697 Wtf... how is better to be proud of being an actual fucking animal cucker, but not some political party? Lol.
(30.15 KB 339x451 1415858649737.jpg)
>>1698 To be fair getting fucked by dogs is really fun the knot is something toys don't replicate well.
>>1699 I don't know bro, I don't have any experience with the real thing and I don't want experience with the real thing but toys do a pretty damn good job, freak.
(32.35 KB 250x250 1416166790460.gif)
>>1707 Your loss
(121.02 KB 1280x803 LOOL.jpg)
>Furries + Orange man bad LOL https://archive.is/DuLQf
(407.97 KB 588x644 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1722 As they say in Japan. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
(177.71 KB 937x1280 architect)
>>1726 they're so based i wonder if this is how westoids are gonna end up as the noose tightens around us intrapersonal norms just sedona vortex levels of cursed and fucked, like you have to be mutually introduced to any prospective partner by a woman and they have to be within one standard scholastic grade of you even if you're 28 and there are codified secret disctwittdit cabals full of evil old church ladies who enforce public morals so you can't slip up even for a second just a spiraling black nightmare like one of those dreams where everything is dark, but there have to be shapes for it to be frightening, so you can identify different shades of blackness within the blackness and as a consequence everyone is just totally fucked in honne/priv, like bdsm and piss are normie tier and the average young guy is "i'm a trans feral dog with a permanent 'outie' who lives on piss" because shit that basically is life IRL
>>1730 Man no one told me its schizo posting time because that whole post was complete gibberish
(152.94 KB 1280x823 HEH.jpg)
>>1127 thanks, new reaction image
this is actually funny
(52.75 KB 434x334 DdBqd6hVMAAm5B3 (crop).jpg)
(460.18 KB 1560x2080 DdBqd6hVMAAm5B3.jpg)
>>1789 Oh deer.
>>1822 idea: christmas ornament deer whose body is all wood and lights
(601.35 KB 1280x960 02.jpg)
(771.93 KB 1280x955 01.jpg)
(1.03 MB 1816x1792 kfur.jpg)
>>1840 How do you think he'd fare against /k/fur?
>>1839 Commission it. I'd like to see it.
someone at collegehumor is a furry
>>1660 this is like CWC vocals except even more dead, at least CWC vocals had high treble charisma, I can't even understand a thing this person is saying.
(653.62 KB 1941x2057 3419543_zooshi_zooshi_south_park.jpg)
(312.96 KB 790x2048 1607243895080.jpg)
I haven't to /fur/ in like a month. How are you guys hanging?
(182.41 KB 1440x694 58abec5e.jpg)
>>1106 >>741 cute >>1677 I need more of this dude. I hope the cannibals in whatever part of Central/South America he's from didn't get him. I don't know what I want to ERP with more, his caballero sona, or the MGSV Kaz sona.
(193.89 KB 1080x1398 1414746122876.png)
(151.38 KB 1051x1393 1459564047430.png)
(1.73 MB 986x1378 Star Fox Adventures.png)
not complaining
(837.34 KB 1200x4326 k is fur.jpg)
(121.14 KB 1280x949 1611442765.jpg)
>>1841 Weaponized fursuits are the future.
>>2084 Applejack! You can't just tell Zebras to go back to Africa, holy shit!
(384.97 KB 1200x1199 FiveyAK.png)
>>804 Why Lima? Of all fucking places, its fucking Lima.
>>1677 Who's the artist who made this, I keep seing his shit get posted
(81.94 KB 1920x1080 furry_npcs.png)
(182.38 KB 657x899 cured_horse_meat.jpg)
>>2092 Artwork of Alpha Leone or "Aleone". Russian furry who has an account on furnation.ru last time I checked.
>>2093 There isn't enough furry golem art out there.
(76.16 KB 775x845 Ep92nsGVgAA2Bdg.jpg)
(202.26 KB 1177x1667 EsXtEhPVkAE4KWM.jpg)
(148.46 KB 941x1635 EtuNArQVIAY_9QH.jpg)
>>2102 Finally some actual lol.
>>1638 I remembered: VCL. It was called Velan Central Library. It still exists; it looks an awful lot like it looked ten to fifteen years ago; I'm getting nostalgic and even a little misty-eyed about a furry porn web site. Anyhow, one image related one not.
(226.63 KB 960x1280 cock.jpg)
(5.61 MB 540x360 wtfishappenning.webm)
This is ancient.
(660.18 KB 800x540 cuck.webm)
Another webm
(171.12 KB 480x480 yiffing_in_hell.webm)
(151.24 KB 900x533 AlphaLeone.png)
(677.90 KB 881x818 Θώθ.png)
(78.53 KB 828x817 furry airpods.jpg)
>>2149 is that a sweater or are those fat folds? because if it wasnt for that the pic would be pretty hot.
(333.56 KB 544x240 video_2021-02-25_17-11-49.mp4)
(206.16 KB 257x406 mark.png)
>>2149 If you replace the cross with a star of david it would be the furry equivalent of Mark.
(32.93 KB 517x96 collar.png)
>>2155 >>2157 You missed the real lol - the collar shows he's not wearing a sweater but a cassock, the pattern on the left is just lighting. In other words, he's a catholic priest.
>>2161 I got that the bear was a child molesting priest, I just thought that it was funny that he also looked like the cake kike that runs /v/.
Buckle up.
(1.58 MB 2000x2500 5.png)
(1.28 MB 1852x2500 07.png)
(1.35 MB 1852x2500 06.png)
(1.31 MB 1852x2500 08.png)
(1.33 MB 1852x2500 09.png)
(1.33 MB 1852x2500 10.png)
(1.39 MB 1852x2500 11.png)
(1.04 MB 1852x2500 12.png)
(1.33 MB 1852x2500 13.png)
(1.30 MB 1852x2500 14.png)
(1.04 MB 2500x2290 15.png)
(1.24 MB 2134x2257 16.png)
(1.18 MB 2000x2500 17.png)
(253.83 KB 800x412 sus rain.png)
do i look like someone who is capable of regret
>>2170 Where's the lo- >>2172 >commits suicide because she made the rope too short Heh. At least she got the length right this time. >>2174 Where's the lol?
>>2178 it is a reference to the amogus man i was considering making it a reference to rain eating babies instead of rain murdering desert sergals but whatev
>>2174 >>2180 >newfag generates LOL inside the LOL thread
(233.83 KB 848x722 000000 ch1cover.jpg)
(402.90 KB 900x2049 ch1pg1.jpg)
(447.02 KB 900x2049 ch1pg2.jpg)
(460.59 KB 900x2049 ch1pg3.jpg)
(539.21 KB 900x2049 ch1pg4.jpg)
>>2174 >>2180 Welcome, underageb& newfag! Let me show you the way of the LOL by posting the first chapter of this masterpiece!
(497.14 KB 900x2049 ch1pg5.jpg)
(454.16 KB 900x2049 ch1pg6.jpg)
(477.99 KB 900x2049 ch1pg7.jpg)
(447.50 KB 900x2049 ch1pg8.jpg)
(477.40 KB 900x2049 ch1pg9.jpg)
(283.69 KB 900x2049 ch1pg10.jpg)
(427.74 KB 900x2049 ch1pg11.jpg)
(454.46 KB 900x2049 ch1pg12.jpg)
(483.13 KB 900x2049 ch1pg13.jpg)
(441.62 KB 900x2049 ch1pg14.jpg)
(492.24 KB 900x2049 ch1pg15.jpg)
(421.79 KB 900x2049 ch1pg16.jpg)
(503.65 KB 900x2049 ch1pg17.jpg)
(483.49 KB 900x2049 ch1pg18.jpg)
(505.87 KB 900x2049 ch1pg19.jpg)
(465.25 KB 900x2049 ch1pg20.jpg)
(586.29 KB 900x2049 ch1pg21.jpg)
>>2230 And that's it for the first chapter. Enjoy!
>>2231 Please continue. Either here or in its own thread.
(693.00 B 130x16 horn.png)
Post tags
(95.57 KB 600x500 deebly goncerned.png)
>>2273 >penis horn
(161.00 KB 1038x730 tail.png)
>>2273 Same energy
(113.52 KB 733x254 sadscaly.PNG)
I know you're on this board. I bet you thought you'd never see this embarrassing post ever again after it slid off 8chan, but I screencapped it. >:3
>>2275 I think that means something like "a unicorn with a penis where the horn is supposed to go" not "a penis covered in hardened keratin due to some kind of genetic defect." >>2273 I wish I could remember what absolutely basic tag or tag family e6 is missing due to a wrongheaded alias. It's something like "multiple (gender)" because "multiple female" for instance is aliased to "female." That's not what aliasing is for, and if someone goes out of their way to tag an image with extra information, why do away with it by associating it with a broader tag? Bad tagging is a crime.
>>2294 >I think that means something like "a unicorn with a penis where the horn is supposed to go" not "a penis covered in hardened keratin due to some kind of genetic defect."
(15.06 KB 757x64 Mark the Furry 1.png)
(114.57 KB 800x762 Tirrel_Penis.gif)
>>2304 It's actually really simple. Fat fetish combined with food=love mindset. This one also toes the line toward a domination fetish with force-feeding.
>>2285 the only "embarrassing" part of that post is "keep your kids off the internet"

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