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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

Kemono Toshiaki 04/01/2022 (Fri) 09:37:22 No. 4861
Now that April 1st is over anyone wanna just turn this into the kemono thread? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attention faggots, porn addicts and sex-crazed degenerates! As of today, this board will be dedicated exclusively to Kemono, or in other words eastern art featuring animal characters. Since I am a generous BO, I will leave you with a 24-hour grace period to save what you like, before wiping this board clean of ugly western filth. Any new non-kemono posts made from now on will be deleted on sight. Thank you for your attention.
Edited last time by MisterE on 04/02/2022 (Sat) 06:40:33.
(434.82 KB 708x1000 86684833_p35.png)

>>4861 I only save kemono because small snouts are aesthetically superior, so whatever.
>Now that April 1st is over anyone wanna just turn this into the kemono thread? Yes, that was the intent behind it.
>>4871 >じゅうっとん Nice taste desu
Just fyi, /c/ also has a kemono thread so stop by there and say hi every once in a while >>>/c/147
(301.47 KB 700x900 1511007624-2.jpeg)

(319.93 KB 578x818 1511007624-3.jpg)

(75.25 KB 604x947 1542791139.jpg)

(72.40 KB 696x750 1215399_p0.jpg)

(77.32 KB 609x650 3417339_p0.jpg)

(182.59 KB 800x800 8226640_p0.jpg)

(425.56 KB 850x686 18534497_p0.jpg)

(382.59 KB 827x543 20236368_p0.jpg)

(265.42 KB 620x890 Baaaattletoads 1.jpg)

(404.18 KB 792x1200 Baaaattletoads 2.jpg)

(402.96 KB 792x1200 Baaaattletoads 3.jpg)

(401.57 KB 792x1200 Baaaattletoads 4.jpg)

(406.96 KB 792x1200 Baaaattletoads 5.jpg)

(339.20 KB 792x1200 Baaaattletoads 6.jpg)

Post more kemono goats/sheep if you gottem.
thought this was cute

(465.92 KB 717x900 75356076_p0.png)

(259.69 KB 1001x1413 ER2w-FcUwAAj-xM.jpg)

(676.27 KB 800x1093 81857138_p0.jpg)

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