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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

Scalie Squad Toshiaki 06/13/2020 (Sat) 11:00:49 No. 488
The time of fur is over! Only the cool, dry hiss of scales nao!

(352.94 KB 2040x1537 1495077648-4.jpeg)

(460.11 KB 1024x1024 1423353201846-0.jpeg)

(491.89 KB 700x990 1440527644704-0.png)

(417.57 KB 700x990 1440527644706-1.png)

(474.48 KB 700x990 1440527644708-2.png)

(351.77 KB 700x990 1440527644711-3.png)

(212.10 KB 564x924 1440384532008.png)

(81.14 KB 581x800 1440815624370-0.jpg)

(77.13 KB 728x800 1440815624370-1.jpg)

(133.41 KB 791x1000 1440815624371-2.jpg)

(85.30 KB 388x510 1440384057987.jpg)

(224.09 KB 752x966 1440384948920.jpg)

(2.67 MB 1512x2056 1440451377624.png)

(140.35 KB 609x654 1440514993308-3.png)

(956.37 KB 911x1045 1440411078336.png)

(322.88 KB 1150x839 1440724426505.jpg)

(110.95 KB 1000x1000 1440519835846-0.jpg)

(534.02 KB 900x543 1441284012524-2.png)

(61.42 KB 636x874 1372833774851.jpg)

(102.51 KB 1280x967 8rk7as2.jpg)

(152.63 KB 1280x1012 pfOrnKC.jpg)

(390.22 KB 1102x950 1459921096666-0.gif)

(132.68 KB 1089x1164 1465330185433.jpg)

(131.72 KB 829x1276 lizard-qt.jpg)

(1.44 MB 1000x1280 1509717231-4.png)

(159.17 KB 1238x1238 1509908741.png)

(172.17 KB 1000x1000 Slin_Adventurer.png)

(1.71 MB 1191x1331 1583380715-2.png)

(153.53 KB 1280x1280 take_responsibility.jpg)

This thread is for non lewd lizards and snakes too.
(33.87 KB 326x307 scalie household.jpg)

(48.70 KB 720x576 scalie church.jpg)

i want a harem of kobold wives goddammit
(3.57 MB 227x295 Skink Sister.gif)

(123.03 KB 1200x585 Lizardgirls.jpg)

(227.40 KB 977x1280 show me your macuahuitl.jpg)

(508.49 KB 1428x2048 warmblood lizard alliance.jpg)

>>502 >Lizard women don't exist That's because they're all lizardwomen (M)
>>496 Didn't we figure out genetic engineering yet. Where are the kobolds.
>>504 Anon, you are the kobold, now act like it.
>>488 i miss him bros
RIP so hard
>>516 >>519 Did he die? Did he stop drawing?
>>520 mine deactivated. no clue if he was actually etheross but either way RIP
(51.73 KB 866x700 1511766768.gif)

(625.41 KB 773x1000 1515396277.jpg)

(70.51 KB 300x412 CKXfHLqUYAAt0gH.mp4)

So what is the verdict on lizard nipples? Personally I can go either way but it depends on the artist and art style. Things like kobolds and lizardmen and also dragons most of the time just look wrong with nips to me or really tits of any kind. This pic looks perfectly fine to me though.
>>621 i like them. not exactly a problem for me. as long as the lizard got big titties and maybe a huge ol' dong
>>622 I think they're fine on scalies that have salamander or newt skin or have fine scales but once you start having big thick scales or plates then they just start looking off.
>>488 >>489 I really need more snake fucking.
(512.57 KB 1280x833 EKq8Sw7WwAA0mjH.jpg)

(74.65 KB 1000x732 EIfA59tWwAAJAH3.jpg)

(162.46 KB 1280x833 EBTx7cIXsAABvWs.jpg)

(664.61 KB 4096x2100 EHCJINVW4AIuydS.jpg)

(932.00 KB 896x930 3267357_pandapaco_milo.png)

(157.48 KB 889x768 8dd5ad9e2a53282d.png)

You know, until I saw this picture I did not know that this was a boy dinosaur.
>>898 I do too.
>>1240 I could swear that Baby Bop was a girl. Unless that's not her.
(99.80 KB 1000x669 253226_full.jpg)

>>1280 They added another dinosaur later on. I never actually watched the show because I was out of the age range once it premiered so I wasn't actually familiar with the characters.
I like dragons.
>>1378 Dragon tits are great.
(80.42 KB 600x591 4cf.png)

(14.09 KB 906x380 73e.gif)

(7.24 KB 444x442 1541172280_Who's awesome.gif)

(30.42 KB 342x576 na7ojgv98kk21.jpg)

(39.98 KB 512x482 unnamed.gif)

>>1644 Nicked from /v/.
(157.08 KB 1447x2048 EoqOIi4UUAAeL3t.png)

(194.19 KB 1665x2048 Eo5UAk8U0AAz4UJ.png)

(278.62 KB 1348x2048 Eo0jOqhUUAAlhUR.png)

(151.73 KB 1280x853 EonBzOAUYAA2yur.png)

(62.89 KB 1000x1000 E1cctfyXMAYcUOW.jpg)

(70.72 KB 950x1000 EuH--RMXMAEICzx.jpg)

(93.03 KB 1000x1150 EyeEZBwXEAICPx-.jpg)

(238.96 KB 1022x1280 16e4635b8ba289f6f365dfc3b489f9fd.jpg)

(186.36 KB 1280x1220 ab21c03bddd98756e539260dbe36cf09.jpg)

(1.27 MB 3507x2480 Buto masturbate.png)

(240.78 KB 1024x1234 snake armor failure.jpg)

(249.55 KB 810x762 Snake challenge.png)

(209.11 KB 906x1089 Snake nun cummed out.gif)

(437.00 KB 1000x1000 Snake two head fun.png)

I love me some snakeholes.

(761.92 KB 2333x2414 E1sHnsPVEAAMYTM.jpg)

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