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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(220.42 KB 587x960 42137283_p0.jpg)

(64.88 KB 608x741 esix1.jpg)

(34.57 KB 694x741 e621maintenance.jpg)

(542.56 KB 633x900 55764486_p0.jpg)

(409.73 KB 700x700 51229796_p0.png)

Mechafur Toshiaki 06/23/2020 (Tue) 16:43:19 No. 612
/clang/fur/ A place for all your cyborg and android furry content. Literal anthro mecha welcome too.
(1.02 MB 640x360 l_On39eX1ffxPs62.mp4)

(472.95 KB 1020x745 951330_p0.jpg)

(162.65 KB 1280x720 ColeDingo_Logo.png)

Do you have any furry /m/ art? I just realized that's something I really need more of.
(468.67 KB 621x480 checktimus.png)

/m/ GET
>>3000 Go back to your webring.
>>3005 No it's actually fine if they post here too. We're all anons after all. >>3000 Post yer yiffy clang.
>>3006 I had the idea for an anthro Magnemite character; he'd be shy and have removable genitals
(81.97 KB 499x499 1588033624-0.jpg)

AI fur.
>>3041 Mynt sucks and paraphore was garbage
>>3041 she wasn't really mecha as she had no body, and when she did it was goofur stuff. >>3042 you're garbage.
>>3041 >tfw no cub snuff orgies in respawning piles of garbage
>>3043 She existed inside of a computer so she had a "body", it just wasn't a body you could fug.
>>3044 >tfw no ursa hyper pregnancy birthing and snuff unbirthing beach orgy
>>3041 holy shit wasn't the creator/patreon banned what happened?
(131.01 KB 974x1356 1625980125851.png)

(94.03 KB 988x704 1625980193791.png)

(1.03 MB 270x480 1625980071277.gif)

(3.27 MB 360x640 1626106164088.gif)

>>2651 happened across this, maybe some of you faggots will also enjoy it
Kittery was making a Paraphore 2 and posted a journal saying they and the programmer had "creative differences" and then went radio silent for 2 years I assume it was over fetish content, there was a lot more aggressive cubfucking in the sequel, but who knows
>>3289 Meant for >>3111
>>3289 >there was a lot more aggressive cubfucking in the sequel god dammit i want it more now
(104.24 KB 922x1280 photo_2020-11-24_19-04-41.jpg)

I've always wondered, what's the story behind aeromorphs? Is it another case of some rich commissioner with very specific tastes or is it more air force personnel "attached" to their vehicles?
>>3723 This one is really cute. I must have missed it.
Was gonna post the patreon animation but the file is to large
Well he's half clang.
(483.61 KB 874x1260 3348732_Wuirnad_2011_ept.png)

(1.19 MB 824x1170 3348734_Wuirnad_2011_ept_x.png)

>>612 >esix Mildly off topic, but does anyone happen to know any throwaway email providers that e621 hasn't blocked? I've already tried Protonmail and a couple temporary email addresses.
Here's a rare mecha ern.
(229.47 KB 750x1200 86505521_p0.png)

(63.87 KB 950x1200 78345945_p0.png)

(41.63 KB 950x1200 72334216_p0.png)

(90.29 KB 950x1200 66242644_p0.png)

(221.46 KB 1000x1200 54111030_p0.png)

(59.00 KB 850x1200 60447614_p0.png)

(82.53 KB 353x550 1578844150479.jpg)

(234.27 KB 900x1200 moomin char.jpg)

(378.07 KB 1494x1436 RED COMET IN MOOMIN VALLEY.jpg)

(92.87 KB 474x637 Char isekai.jpg)

You are now aware there's a doujin where Char Aznable is isekaied into Moominland and rapes a Moomin.
>>4497 I don't know if I can support Moominrape.
>>4109 Sequel.
>>4503 Finale! >bunny >cub >clang >cute little glowing nips, cunny, and butthole Man this hit it all.
Which one, /fur/?
>>4636 More?
Final pic of the set.
(462.10 KB 1632x1004 10d151421dd7d06c.png)

(327.53 KB 758x1075 bae835a5c7542ddf.png)

(525.00 KB 808x1640 da42c26a6d0c3dc2.png)

(2.81 MB 1440x1440 fd78acf3d756ac7a.png)

Impractical but cool as fuck
protogens are hot
>>5371 What are protogens anyway? I see these things from time to time. Also I'm wondering whether or not this thread should be merged into the mechafur thread.
Just search protogens on google, But as a quick explanation, protogens are cyborg like creatures so yeah should probably be merged. (BetaEdaDelota and Raeal on yt did some pretty good vids on them)

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