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Hey. This is the furry board. We'll see how this goes, alright?

(220.42 KB 587x960 42137283_p0.jpg)
(64.88 KB 608x741 esix1.jpg)
(34.57 KB 694x741 e621maintenance.jpg)
(542.56 KB 633x900 55764486_p0.jpg)
(409.73 KB 700x700 51229796_p0.png)
Mechafur Toshiaki 06/23/2020 (Tue) 16:43:19 No. 612
/clang/fur/ A place for all your cyborg and android furry content. Literal anthro mecha welcome too.
(1.02 MB 640x360 l_On39eX1ffxPs62.mp4)
(472.95 KB 1020x745 951330_p0.jpg)
(484.17 KB 1573x1020 496142_fluffKevlar_refara_a.jpg)
(162.65 KB 1280x720 ColeDingo_Logo.png)
Do you have any furry /m/ art? I just realized that's something I really need more of.
(468.67 KB 621x480 checktimus.png)
/m/ GET
>>3000 Go back to your webring.
>>3005 No it's actually fine if they post here too. We're all anons after all. >>3000 Post yer yiffy clang.
>>3006 I had the idea for an anthro Magnemite character; he'd be shy and have removable genitals
(81.97 KB 499x499 1588033624-0.jpg)
AI fur.
>>3041 Mynt sucks and paraphore was garbage
>>3041 she wasn't really mecha as she had no body, and when she did it was goofur stuff. >>3042 you're garbage.
>>3041 >tfw no cub snuff orgies in respawning piles of garbage
>>3043 She existed inside of a computer so she had a "body", it just wasn't a body you could fug.
>>3044 >tfw no ursa hyper pregnancy birthing and snuff unbirthing beach orgy

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