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#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Alex Owned Edition Anonymous 08/04/2022 (Thu) 02:11:16 Id: 27cac5 No. 207328
ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >Wiki is up again! https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php/Main_Page >Japan just elected Akamatsu Ken to the national diet. https://archive.ph/4fdKd >Legal action threatened as Hideo Kojima falsely linked to Shinzo Abe assassination https://archive.ph/4n1lS >Elon Musk backs out of the twitter deal: https://archive.ph/TwHhU - so twitter takes legal action against Musk: https://archive.ph/A85hj >Gamebanana forced to take down nazi Whip skin by SJWs https://archive.ph/nKiQ3 >Shooter Payton Gerndon links 8chan.moe, among other sites, in his manifesto. Site Administrator Acid Man denies the shooter having any posts and/or affiliation with the site. (Everyone on site is getting v& regardless, RIP again.) https://archive.is/26ng7 >Embracer (Formerly THQ Nordic) buys multiple IPs from Square Enix for $300 Million https://archive.ph/wGTUC >Disney employees create open letter and are asking people to sign a petition https://archive.ph/9ES8d >BuzzFeed shareholders urge CEO Jonah Peretti to shut down the ENTIRE news operation which has '100 staff and loses $10MILLION a year': Staff bombard execs with questions in leaked audio of tense meeting about the news https://archive.is/8viWf >Former Gawker Media properties G/O Media of staff from Kotaku, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Lifehacker and The Root went on strike: https://archive.ph/pyYJg * >*Update GMG Union secured a deal: https://archive.ph/vcUET >MS buys Actiblizz https://archive.ph/Lc4Em >Sony buys Bungie for $3.6 Billion https://archive.fo/7BE4T CURRENT TASKS: 1. OPERATION TRAJAN: Collect and catalog all of the various localization and censorship accounts of past video games into a single repository from these sources: romhacking.net The_Cutting_Room_Floor/tcrf.net Segaretro.org https://redirect.invidious.io/channel/UCFItIX8SIs4zqhJCHpbeV1A Examples: http://archive.vn/XQOHW Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process: https://archive.fo/awzFF - Japanese blog post about it: https://archive.fo/bF9bE Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids: https://archive.fo/U3GLa - Confirms censorship was deliberate: https://archive.fo/XgAgP - No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case: https://archive.fo/37DhK - Marvelous partner starts petition against policy: https://archive.fo/rxQtf https://archive.fo/84UHo • Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed. • Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well: http://archive.vn/URjtu ONGOING TASKS: A. Operation Download And Conquer: Loosen the death-grip of Google that has taken hold of the internet's audio and video services >>>/t/5546 B. Support archive.fo! Accountability needs proof: https://liberapay.com/archiveis/donate C. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices http://archive.vn/9bylT D. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc. https://www.eff.org/de/deeplinks/2020/03/earn-it-act-violates-constitution E. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. http://archive.vn/JfuSb Reminders (important, READ THESE!): • Use https://archive.today to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later • Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags • Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests: https://pastebin.com/p5dVp1e5 • Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies: https://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htmSTOP REPLYING TO BAITS AND OBVIOUS DERAILMENT ATTEMPTS, JUST REPORT AND FILTER Resources >Summaries of #GamerGate:https://redirect.invidious.io/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics • https://redirect.invidious.io/watch?v=5fnRSL3d_xU - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds • https://archive.fo/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address >Background and Evidence for #GamerGate: • The #GamerGate Dossier: https://archive.fo/nv1Fb • #GamerGate Wiki: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Main_Page • History of #GamerGate: https://www.historyofgamergate.com/ • View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section! >Lists: • GG Steam Support & Boycott List: https://v.gd/vzRsRb • Key GamerGate Hubs: https://v.gd/LNJbat >Thread Repository: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/blob/master/ThreadRepository.md https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Thread_Repository >Full OP Text: • Current: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=The_GamerGate_OP >How Can I Help? >>>/gamergatehq/ • All OPs: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/Operations • OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating: https://v.gd/Kbzw0L • An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics: https://v.gd/nwrbYF >Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki? https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/How-to-Contribute
(465.53 KB 1226x1567 1328349656873.png)

This is the real thread btw.
(808.48 KB 1447x2047 Untitled.png)

(619.52 KB 1447x2047 Untitled_1.png)

(449.30 KB 998x1000 burgers.jpg)

(161.97 KB 410x494 1471837402450.png)

>>207331 You like niggers, don't you anon-ward?
Dammit I was too slow to save this pic.
>>207334 Here's the rest, anon. Wanted to make a fucking thread, mods got pissed it was a Black'd parody of images related but with dark skin. Remade it as a /ss/ thread and some anon beat me to it so I gave up.
>>207332 WHERE IS IT
>>660382 >Talking about his MMO friends, I guess there are no other isekai'd people in that world? seems like he's (sort of) looking for them. even if anyone of his MMO friends did get reborn in the new world like him, most of them would just be psycho mass murders, spending most of the time committing horrendous acts of sadism and unspeakable cruelty. and they still wouldn't give a shit about him or hang out with him. >>660382 >at least a hero that will kill Ainz and all his filthy followers. its trying to be an "evil" power fantasy. no real heroes exist and good people just die in super horrible and fucked up ways. also the church and users of holy powers seem to be corrupt evil assholes. Overlord is too edgy for its own good so it failed at being a modern adventure anime. on the other hand it never pays off any of the darker themes. (and the attempt's at comedy are RWBY tier in levels cringe) its like somebody took a violent sex filled action horror anime from the 80's and then remade it in the worst way possible. and cut anything too extreme or cool. so they could sell it to normal fags and toy collectors. >>660386 >He, for the most part, doesn't even disagree with his demonic human-racist followers, he just manages them toward idle goals while playing god. Right, he and his nihilistic misanthrope friends created them as reflections of their own hatred for mankind and the world. the game let them play as the monsters they were on the inside. they didn't even like each other all that much. Ainz is the only one that seems to have this weird faggy hangup about them being such great friends. >>660386 >The world is his playground and he has no cock. You can bet your ass if he was a flesh and blood demon lord he'd be raping everyone left and right halfway in, Albedo especially. I'm sure he could possess another body or shape-shift if he really wanted too. he chose the lich body. that was part of his power fantasy/escapism. the lich body shuts down any strong feelings. he can't get super angry, sad, or horny (I don't think he can even eat or drink) I don't think he would want to be in another body, because then he would be "unregulated" almost like going off his meds. >>660386 he doesn't want to fuck Albedo. because she doesn't "belong" to him. (he made that change to her code when he still had human emotions). >>660386 The draw isn't really that he's bad ass, but what dumb-ass shit he's doing next. I think its just people watching for the the porn bait characters. the (female) cast was designed for merchandise and dojin porn. they even keep finding ways of bring back that crazy blond murder bitch from season one in the spin-off media projects. she's even getting her own metroidvania! >>660386 >there are no stakes, like an AI generated lucid dream where you're a god and there's nothing to do because there's no struggle. I kept thinking he was looking for a real challenge. was going to rebuild his guild with strong warriors and then go on raids... no he just wants fuck around. as you said, he's just a forever living undead faggot with no end goal. just micro managing the fucked up monsters and demi-gods (demi-demons?) he inherited from his shitty online friends. (the ones he keeps wistfully pining away for)
(110.83 KB 500x556 9-11.jpg)

Still kinda mad about that jury faggot >>207335 Nice
(72.72 KB 719x836 20210709_061703.jpg)

>>207338 What happened to post previews? I can't hover over a post and see it anymore without opening the host thread, I ain't clicking the last thread to catch up on your conversation nigga.
>>207340 It just takes a few seconds to load the post.
>>207340 I see it. Try ctrl-f5'ing
>>207340 Sometimes the frontend of the site looses connection to the backend. And by sometimes I mean like 20 times an hour.
>>207335 Danke anon.
(172.35 KB 1200x1200 exps3327_RDS1338225D51A_RMS-1.jpg)

>>207340 do you have enough ram? because the preview is working instantly for me.
>>207329 >Ree: It's like eating too much cake... you're gonna get sick of it, unless you really really love cake, and are willing to just live on it. Is she quoting Mark? >Jennifer: Yet they persist in PRACTICALLY COMING INTO YOUR LIVING ROOM and FORCING YOU to play through the combats What game is that? Sounds intense. >Jennifer: even if you're a player who only enjoys the dialogue. You can watch the cutscenes edited together on youtube you stupid cow!
(156.22 KB 850x666 1655614878803.jpg)

>>207328 >5th pic >Alex Jones goes to Amphibia
>>207347 she wants games to be like movies. with almost no "game" or "play". I've heard it from lots of game journos over the years as well. if they could skip the game part and just digest the soy-story cutscenes they would. they also want to play games about auschwitz. were you just walk around and takes pictures while listening to audio from holocaust survivors...
>>207349 >if they could skip the game part and just digest the soy-story cutscenes they would. Maybe devs could include that as 'Soy Mode'.
(101.35 KB 370x446 Give me a filename.jpg)

>>207349 That's not even the definition of the word 'game' but communists don't give a shit about objectivity. An actual game would be you frantically pressing buttons and killing jews and shoving them in the crematoria while waiting for them to complete AND cleaning them out AND finding fuel for them, 24/7, and then the time runs out and you can NEVER get to six million, and then a text box comes up showing the math and requisition documents proving that it never happened. >>207350 They literally do. It was this: >>207329 that started the entire thing of "story mode" in games where there's no combat or it gives you fucking arrows in Mario so you know where to go and are never forced to have any fun.
>>207351 Six million thumbsy-uppies on reddit.jpg
>>207335 is this a belched edit?
>>207352 Pozzing aside, how successful has that demographic been in dumbing down gameplay for mass appeal? Despite that being the intent for triple AAA games it's games like Elden ring, darkest dungeon, and so on that manage to retain hold in the end for consumers. >>207354 Made by the same artist so no. Here's the link if you want. https://exhentai.org/g/2271506/2781c9665d/
>>207355 >how successful I'm not sure economics matters anymore, what with ESG funds. As for the question, the "story mode" is still included in games year after year now. It doesn't seem to be a short fad. Clearly mass market games are way easier than in the past. Look at Pokémon, which is abandoning hundreds of species, removing old moves, and released a game that got rid of abilities entirely. Less depth, not more. Look at regenerating health! That's an early one. Some people might say "there's a fine line between QoL improvements and 'dumbing down'!" But there really, really isn't. You can always tell when something's made worse for the sake of normalfags or non-gamers.
>>207343 >loose It's fucking LOSE, you ESL atom-brain. LOSE, as in misplace or dispose of something, not LOOSE as in the opposite of tight. Are you phoneposting and your autocomplete defaults to this word once it gets 'lo' in it? Jesus fuck and a half, I see this everywhere I go nowadays, why the electric hell did the entire internet forget how this damn word works?
>>207356 (checked) I always assumed that in pokemons case was that on top of what you said was due to rushed development to meet deadline for product releases such as merch and so on, along with an incompetent dev team that removes content (Seasons, megas, walking pokemon, post game, ect.).
>>207357 Maybe he meant insert joke about Mark being fat and rolling on top of some cables, dislodging them here. >why the electric hell did the entire internet forget how this damn word works? Because now you don't have to think. Your phone does the ducking thinking for you. >>207358 Oh, sure. That's entirely possible. They really don't respect their property at all, despite its world record revenue.
>>207356 You might as well say health bars casualize the experience and every game should have you die in one hit >>207358 Gamefreak has always been kind of retarded, to the point the last thing Iwata did before he died was help fix the code of X & Y
>razorfag did videos on historical revisionism on McCarthy' hearings >Not only there tones of proof of communist connections in Hollywood >Foxdicks farms on full mental breakdown by razorfag pointing the McCarthy hearings wasn’t started by republicans but democrats >it was democrat Unionists Roy Brewer that went after communists before McCarthy hearings >Hearing on unAmerican activity was started in WW2 to hunt down Nazis If anyone wants a good laugh at foxdick farms SJWs crying. Enjoy. I don’t even like razorfag in the first place. https://archive.ph/uyal0
>>207361 yeah also important but often overlooked point. Mcarthy was fucking right.
(435.74 KB 941x666 1.jpg)

(399.91 KB 941x666 2.jpg)

(308.77 KB 941x666 3.jpg)

(433.88 KB 941x666 4.jpg)

>>207360 Whoa now, I'm no toohooer.
>>207328 >>207362 >yeah also important but often overlooked point. Mcarthy was fucking right. Not only he was right. Roy brewer got scrubbed from history. There were democrats who were against communism back than.
>>207362 >>207335 >>207334 That art style looks familiar but I don’t know where. >>207349 Is that loser Josh Whedon?
>>207362 He was definitely right. It was just that he was too much of a sperg about it and ended up going after low level guys, some of whom might not have even realized who they were associating with because they were being groomed by commies. This allowed the high level marxists to slink back into the shadows and it allowed them to paint McCarthy and any future commiefinders for decades as both buffoons and tyrants. Let it be a warning to everyone: You can be 100% right and still fuck up.
Call of Duty 2023 is delayed, but more CoD is coming in 2023 >Call of Duty 2023 has been delayed, but ahead of the launch of both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, Activision says more CoD content will still arrive next year >Call of Duty 2023 may have been delayed, but as Activision publishes its latest earnings report, predicting large-scale success for both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, the studio also says that additional CoD content will nevertheless still arrive next year. >Reports from February claimed that Activision had officially delayed the launch of a Call of Duty game in 2023, citing both the underperformance of Call of Duty: Vanguard, and developer Treyarch moving to assist development of an upcoming free-to-play game as reasons to forego an annual CoD instalment for the first time since 2004. >Warzone 2, the new version of Activision’s flagship battle royale, is expected to launch in 2022, with Modern Warfare 2 already confirmed for October 28. In its latest earnings call however, Activision says that more Call of Duty content is planned for the immediate future, including 2023. >Anticipation is high for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, planned for release on console and PC on October 28,” the company says. “An all-new Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 experience, tightly integrated with the premium game, will launch as an extension of the Modern Warfare universe later this year. >Across the Call of Duty ecosystem, the teams are well positioned to support these launches with substantial live operations while also continuing development of new premium content planned for 2023 and beyond.” >Premium content” could refer to several different possibilities, including new game modes for Warzone, DLC for Modern Warfare 2, or simply additional weapons, skins, and other update content across the expanding CoD universe. >Premium” however suggests that whatever Activision is planning, it isn’t going to be free, hinting that the content for Call of Duty 2023 may be more substantial than cosmetics and perks. >Perhaps the zombies mode for Modern Warfare 2 will be a paid expansion, or maybe, if you’re a wild optimist, the plans to cancel CoD 2023 have been reversed, and there will be a new Call of Duty game next year after all. Either way, the CoD roadmap is looking pretty populated for the near future, with the increasingly fierce and competitive Warzone demanding you pay special attention to getting the best sniper rifle and best loadout. https://archive.ph/JI7bk Sony Says Call Of Duty Is An ‘Essential Game’ Series While Microsoft Argues It Ain’t >Microsoft, in a bid to downplay the possible ramifications of its attempted acquisition of Activision to various international regulating agencies, is arguing that the Call of Duty publisher it’s spending billions of dollars on doesn’t actually produce any games that could be considered “must haves.” Meanwhile, Sony is pushing back and explaining that Call of Duty games are “essential” and even influence some people’s console-buying decisions. >Since Microsoft announced its intentions to buy up Activision Blizzard back in January of this year, the company has spent months bouncing around the world, arguing with lawmakers and regulatory groups in an effort to show why this deal is totally fine and not bad for the industry. >One way the Xbox company is doing this is by arguing that Activision Blizzard doesn’t release games that are so big and unique that the acquisition would stifle competition with other game companies, stores, or console makers. >You can find an example of this tactic in a report from the New Zealand Commerce Commission published in June. In the doc, Microsoft claimed that there is “nothing unique about the video games developed and published” by Activision—a company it’s spending nearly $70 billion on—further adding that none of the games, including military shooter franchise Call of Duty, are “must have” games for any rival gaming company or distributor. >As you might expect, not everyone agrees with Microsoft’s assertion that owning one of the biggest video game franchises in the world won’t provide Xbox with some sort of advantage over its competition. Specifically, Sony has pushed back against the proposed Xbox / Activision deal in new legal docs out of Brazil. >As reported by VGC and users on ResetEra, Sony’s responses to questions from the Brazilian government about the Microsoft/Activision deal were published online and it shows that the PlayStation company believes Call of Duty is an “essential” AAA game, one that could help sell more consoles for whoever controls it. >According to a 2019 study, ‘The importance of Call of Duty to entertainment, in general, is indescribable.’ The brand was the only video game IP to break into the top 10 of all entertainment brands among fans, joining powerhouses such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. >Call of Duty is so popular that it influences users’ choice of console, and its community of loyal users is entrenched enough that even if a competitor had the budget to develop a similar product, it would not be able to rival it. >Neither Microsoft’s response nor Sony’s pushback should be surprising. When buying such a large company as Activision, it makes sense to downplay how big or influential the company actually is when speaking to regulators or government officials, as these people could cause headaches for Xbox or even stop the deal entirely. >And of course, Sony doesn’t want to lose Call of Duty, a game that regularly tops the best-selling games on PlayStation charts each year. Sure, Microsoft has signaled that Call of Duty will remain a multiplatform franchise, but contractually it’s reported that after three games, Call of Duty could leave PlayStation and become a console exclusive for Xbox. So it makes sense that Sony is trying to play up how important the long-running FPS series is to PlayStation and the video game industry. >As other regulatory groups and more governments continue or begin poking and prodding at the Activision Blizzard deal, it’s likely we will continue to see Microsoft downplay the company’s size and scope while Xbox’s competitors do the exact opposite in an attempt to stop what could be one of biggest examples of video game consolidation we’ve seen yet. https://archive.ph/IGsaD
>>207328 >Battlefield 3 at launch was made fun of for having a nonsensical storyline and a boring campaign >Zoomers not only Nostalgic for battlefield 3 single player >They are now calling the battlefield 3 campaign the best in the series >Praising battlefield 3 for having a realistic plot and grounded characters compared to the modern warfare reboot Why is everyone having a boner for battlefield 3 recently? Is it Nostalgia or battlefield 3 campaign good compared to nu-call of duty and battlefield 2042?
>>660658 >The one who tried desperately to argue loli is pedo in bad faith and goes "I was trying to derail the thread lol" once cornered. Hey, jackass, I'm one of the people that make fun of the pedoniggers and how they cannot differentiate reality from fiction. Are your arguments so flimsy that you label the first person who disagrees with you as one of the several yahoos that have plagued this site for years?!?
>>207368 Things are so very shit now fags are nostalgic about shit made years ago?
>>207328 >>207361 I still don’t get why so many people here white knight for Kiwi farms. The site Community is the lovechild of Reddit and reset era.
>>207369 Are you the guy who was trying to argue that the court system was totally fine and worked exactly as advertised in the last thread? Because if not you're not who I was talking about.
>>207368 >>207370 everything has been so shit lately the normal chattel are starting to have nostalgia for mediocrity. because its (a bit) better then the complete dog shits and dumpster fires released recently.
>>207368 The last good Battlefield was Bad Company 2. Everything since has been mediocre to bad. The zoomers are probably just too fucking young to remember.
>>207362 McCarthy was right and the only thing he did wrong was go after the Army and not Academia.
>>207367 What more can be done with Call of Duty? Or with Battlefield for that matter? I don't foresee them having the guts or the imagination to get out of the tiny box that they are in. I don't think that we're going to see Battlefield 1600: Sekigahara or Call of Duty: Landsknetch Nights or anything like that any time soon. Sadly.
>>207349 >they also want to play games about auschwitz. were you just walk around and takes pictures while listening to audio from holocaust survivors Isn't that literally what the new Medal of Honor was? >>207352 >That's not even the definition of the word 'game' The funny thing is that Six Days inf Fallujah is suppose to be a "documentary video game", but there's actually GAMEPLAY in the fucking thing, with the doc clips serving as cinematics. >>207355 >how successful has that demographic been in dumbing down gameplay for mass appeal? It wasn't at all. There's only a handful of ones that stood out, like Ethan Carter, The Stanley Parable, and Dear Esther. >>207361 >Foxdicks Who gives a shit about them?!? >>207368 >battlefield 3 campaign good compared to nu-call of duty and battlefield 2042? This. According to Anons, the last "good" BF game is either BF2 or Bad Company. >>207372 >Are you the guy who was trying to argue that the court system was totally fine and worked exactly as advertised in the last thread There were several Anons who made this point. Yes, I was among them. >>207376 >What more can be done with Call of Duty? Have campaigns about wars that didn't have the U.S. involved in it. >Or with Battlefield for that matter? Build upon the 200 years of lore from BF1942 to BF2142. However, that's what BF2042 was suppose to be, and they fucked that up.
>>207375 >only thing he did wrong was go after the Army and not Academia. he never realize Hollywood and the federal government were also commie infested rats nests.
>>207365 >That art style looks familiar but I don’t know where. Yeah it looks real familiar to me too.
(372.15 KB 1012x1012 WEWpuda.png)

>>207331 jebus christoff anon
>>207377 >There were several Anons who made this point. There was one. And everyone else was calling him dumb. He had one ID the whole thread. Everyone was giving him lots of examples where things didn't work like that, he didn't respond to that and then did his usual "lol I'm trolling" thing. If that wasn't you then I'm not talking about you.
>>207382 >There was one. So, the Anons who brought up the Rittenhouse and Depp trials was him IP hopping, then? Fuck off!
>>207383 You mean the anon singular who made one post asking about both and then got responded to by multiple people giving them reasons why those were exceptions? If that was your post, then I'm not talking about you.
(2.06 MB 480x360 Wait-oh_pig-oh_go_hom.webm)

>>207384 >If that was your post, then I'm not talking about you. Except, you just branded that EVERYONE who brought up a claim defending those points is one of the several /b/astards that have been IP hopping for months to push the narrative that "Loli = pedo". A claim that has no relevance, nor similarities to the topic occurring (How trials happen). And, rather than actually provide a coherent argument, you'd rather shitpost because anyone who disagrees MUST by either a sub-IQ nigger or or someone posting in bad faith. Rather than an individual with different knowledge and experience than you do. Let me repeat myself: Fuck off!
(167.27 KB 410x410 furlos.png)

>>207377 >Foxdicks <Who gives a shit about them?!? Well >>>/fur/ is pretty fond of them, I hear!
(17.22 KB 350x233 Gentleman.jpg)

>>207380 Them's some mighy cute negresses. 'Bout makes a man wish he owned a few.
Does anyone have a link to the news report on the sandy hook "grieving parent"?
>>207388 All I have is the clip of the guy walking up to the podium.
>>207385 Nigger what the fuck are you talking about? There was one poster in that thread with a single ID who was that nigger. It was b5f6c9 in the last thread. He is a known shitposter in these threads that causes a lot of fucking problems. If you got caught up in his nonsense, then I'm sorry. He was responsible for basically every post that triggered the argument (because he was doing it intentionally).
>>207390 >He is a known shitposter in these threads that causes a lot of fucking problems. Known for doing what? I saw the guy being branded as the nulist/"No argument" poster as well, when none of his posting styles match either of those retards (Not to mention keeping the same ID throughout the thread). Now, you're declaring that he's a /b/astard out of nowhere than because he disagrees with you? FUCK OFF!!! If anything, I'd think YOU are the "/b/astard"/nulist/"no argument"/Lucario/niggerpill/etc. poster and branding other Anons for the purposes of derailing all discussion and sliding threads to where no one can keep track of what's occurring.
(44.00 KB 485x598 456175367.jpg)

>>207390 >>207391 What the fuck are you two baboons talking about? Seriously, I lost track of your autistic conversation.
I found the letterboxd of that koopa twitterfag that hates mombot
>>207392 shota dicks. wanna weigh in?
>>207394 I'd say yes and open my shota folders, but I feel this is a trap.
>>207392 Honestly I have no idea. I can't tell if he's the shitposts from the previous thread trying to derail with drama or he's just a fucking retarded anon with severe autism. Either way, here's how you know I'm not that faggot: I'm gonna stop talking about it and derailing the thread with nonsense. He was the one who brought it up in this thread first, he can fucking deal with it.
>>207369 Those arguments serve as ammunition for their derail since they're not not arguing in good faith at all too begin with. Don't even bother sine it's a waste of time and energy.
>>207392 >What the fuck are you two baboons talking about? In the previous thread, someone declared that Alex Jones was going to "lose 150 million dollars", and, when an Anon started asking how, a few poster went apoplectic and couldn't explain why other than, "The system is rigged."
>>207399 but why tho
>>207400 I don't know. Read everything from here if you want to be caught up: https://archive.ph/TonqG#660451
(320.56 KB 1021x2147 Lain.png)

(238.19 KB 1015x1724 Miku.png)

(262.39 KB 970x1550 MoeOS8.png)

(245.31 KB 1015x1724 Royal.png)

(242.80 KB 1015x1724 Tomorrow.png)

Remember to link to alternative video sites and/or attach videos to posts as WEBMs/MP4s Also, remember to contribute towards Operation Download And Conquer: >>>/t/5546
>>207402 Oh I see yeah. "The System"
(40.66 KB 729x216 1.png)

(31.38 KB 682x181 2.png)

(30.03 KB 672x165 3.png)

This faggot has shit taste in movies.
>>207405 >>207406 It's the fucking koopa with a footfetish. I haven't seen him being relevant in ages.
>>207374 Remove the Company from your post and it's actually correct.
(534.82 KB 537x537 032563.png)

>>207380 Ironic cuck shit is still cuck shit.
(65.88 KB 300x100 ride.png)

>>207409 Still one of my favorite banners.
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NEW COMIC Oh Gaymercat, you're so controversial!
>>207412 >mint removed >cock.li still on there even though you LITERALLY cannot make an account Just stop fucking posting this already holy shit.
>>207414 Thanks for reminding me about needing to put a notice about Cock.li requiring an invite link.
(233.43 KB 460x344 shieeeeeet.webm)

>>207414 >he didnt make like ten accounts five years ago
>>207376 <I don't think that we're going to see Battlefield 1600: Sekigahara or Call of Duty: Landsknetch Nights or anything like that any time soon. Sadly. >Gratefully. C'mon, you know they would only fuck up things like that. I'd rather see smaller, independent studios make games about those older wars.
>>207410 How is preferring nonwhites cuckoldry?
>>207418 Because you're still committing racial genocide.
>>207418 You are betraying your race.
(752.45 KB 1800x1722 Rad Screen of Death.png)

>>207419 >>207420 Not everyone here is White.
>>207422 Then if you aren't white at least have the decency to not promote white genocide.
>>207422 just like how not everyone here is male, am i right my fellow penis-haver?
>>207421 this is why I hate nekOS
(661.14 KB 1800x1722 based on a true story.png)

(609.80 KB 1800x1722 template.png)

>>207420 >>207423 >Saving the white race >While posting Jap cartoons. Lol.
>>207377 >Who gives a shit about them?!? The newsposter of course. He has a hateboner for an eceleb and foxdicks. Also watch him post about /tv/ cuckchan threads in a few moments
>>207428 Have American cartoons instead.
(622.48 KB 1800x1722 Seriously rad.png)

>>207424 Next thing you're gonna tell me is that some anons here are actually fat-assed nigresses who would gladly sit on my white face and ride my cock, with timestamped pics for proof.
>>207430 >American cartoon
>>207431 Art is my passion
(6.02 KB 745x657 pantsu.png)

>>207433 That was VS not Shad.
>>207417 You're right of course but I fear that no one will make such games in the end.
>>207435 Her body is not properly balanced, she would fall over and stumble onto the ground, rookie mistake.
(305.96 KB what is anon .mp3)

>>207432 >>207424 >>207422 >who is anon? >what is anon? >why is anon?
>>207441 Sorry I have no idea who this character is, I am just pointing out that their center of gravity is all fucked
>>207436 I know. >>207440 yes.
(8.36 KB 745x657 pantsu man.png)

(6.50 KB 745x657 happy pantsu man.png)

>>207438 Makes sense
>>207444 it do
>>207435 Poker face with a big chin.
>>207414 >cock.li still on there even though you LITERALLY cannot make an account I made like 70 accounts a while back if you want an invite code.
>>207442 the artist is a novice. >>207444 meme.
>>207448 Sorry if I came off as an asshole, I am just trying to help
>>207449 it's cool, i'm sure you meant well
Watch out for GamerGate The public enemy of the world #1 It is the main hashtag responsible for… ☑ Accidentally re-starting the French Revolution ☑ Weaponized Gondolas ☑ Hacking German politicians and media ☑ Played "To Catch a Predator" with Randy Pickford ☑ Masterminded the destruction of GDQ via the Catfish of Legend: Namazu ☑ Under the light of the Blood Moon; Self-destructed Western Journalism by having a some kid smirk at a drumming savage ☑ Just wanted to start a conversation with everyone, everywhere, eternally ☑ Watched Gawker die TWICE ☑ Guilty of face crimes ☑ When GameStop tried to sell itself; offered $3.50 in in-store credit ☑ Made telling "journalists" to "learn to code" into a hate crime ☑ Taught the Alt-Right ✅Then harassed said Alt-Right ☑ Started in 2011-2012 when 4chan tried to steal Anita Sarkeesian's SSN# ☑ Created "Boner Culture" which made cis straight male erections the most powerful force on earth ☑ Had a Jewish Mobster 'Take Care' of it ☑ Asked THQ about gaemu which somehow triggered World Wide Web War III ☑ Tricked /cow/ into developing and sharing their fetish for Mark's plump bagel with ResetEra ☑ Triggered GJP3.0 with 57 hitpeices on THQ Nordic's AA ☑ Orchestrated the GaymerGay misogynist review backlash against Marvel's Captain Woman ☑ Taught New Zealand about "White Day" ☑ Radicalized Spyro the Dragon ☑ Turned Pewdiepie into the Osama Bin Ladin of GaymerGays ☑ "The nerds and gamers were joined by the proto-storm troopers of the alt-right in a bond that has never been broken" ☑ Was a trial run for "will the US tolerate fascist behavior" ☑ Exploring new frontiers in sexual harassment via Jelly Bean ☑ Groomed young impressionable politicians into misogynists ☑ Created and trained the alt-right to take over the political landscape on a global scale (And succeeded) ☑ Arranged for Sonic the Hedgehog (movie ver.) to get "fixed" ☑ Remains undefeated for all time ☑ Turned Rage 2 into a Trump-esque attack on game journos ☑ Joined forces with Amazon ☑ Helped Mark impress Resetera ☑ Used Elliot Rodger's martyrdom to unite 4Chan and Breitbart to elect Donald Trump ☑ Will be looked back upon in 50 years as the root cause of the coming Cultural Civil War ☑ Government-sponsored shitposting ☑ Mastered the manipulation of the news cycle to their advantage ☑ Made Anita cry when Feminist Frequency went broke ☑ Destroyer of Worlds ☑ Russian Conspiracies (all of them) ☑ Extended Reanon's death/meme-magic to animation studios (please meme responsibly) ☑ An instrument of American Trumpian Power Worldwide ☑ Cured alleged "journalist" of dyslexic anxiety ☑ An aberrant, creeping horror ☑ As dangerous as Anti-Vax, ISIS, and Holocaust Denial ☑ Five years of ruining everything ☑ Came to the classroom ☑ Trained Google whistleblowers ☑ Never died and foreshadowed our toxic meme-strewn politics ☑ Blew up the Internet ☑ Made wanting challenge in videogames into supporting White Supremacy ☑ Was secretly fighting WWIII all along ☑ Stochastic Terrorism ☑ Being a national security threat according to the DHS ☑ Helped Mark win the lottery ☑ Gave the money back ☑ Living long enough to see itself become the villain in a TV Show THRICE ☑ Confused the FBI into thinking /v/ is /baphomet/ ☑ Turned Anita Sarkesian into a crazy cat lady ☑ It's #Gamergate Forever ☑ Justifiably felt alienated by the neoliberal fetishization of feminism and the reductionism of politics to identity teams ☑ Was rabidly pro-corporate ☑ Manipulated a SJWeeb into review-bombing a LGBTWTFBBQ-friendly game as a "test" ☑ Non-meat based cam girls ☑ Caused the Corona outbreak which destroyed China to cheer up a depressed CIA glownigger ☑ Digisexuals ☑ Called the cyber police to put a cripple in cyber jail ☑ Weaponizing decency ☑ Made the games industry a nightmare for Women, Colored People, and Ashley Burch ☑ The inevitable ultimate horror of Sega's "toxic" advertising for ChuChu Rocket ☑ Has the highest body count of any COVID-19 disinfo group ☑ Finally got the 8kun administration to get off their ass and answer the damn phone ☑ Searching for a new home (again) ☑ Made some /v/ hotpockets on other imageboards go insane ☑ Burned julay to the ground by doing basically fuck-all except continue to exist (props to a certain bunbunmaru reporter, tho) ☑ Having a high enough IQ to be mentioned on Rick and Morty ☑ Radicalized a grandmother to the point she promotes harassment against alleged games journalists ☑ Is the terrorist group backed by 'The French' who are behind President Trump's exhausting battle against twitter ☑ Protecting FUCKING GAMESTOP from looters ☑ Finally started the Race War by forcing a meth-head on a date with Corona-chan to take a knee to the neck from the police ☑ Confirmed for Baby Hitler ☑ Gave a lot of airtime to Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov ☑ Got on the Atlantic's "free $100" van only to get intervewed ☑ Started a backlash against the French independent film industry because they want to raise pure little girls ☑ And then Russia wanted to shut down 8chan.moe to be ironic ☑ Was clearly a blueprint for Trump's online assault in 2016 ☑ A gravestone marked “Games Journalism; Dead By Suicide,” with the date of death corresponding with the launch of GG ☑ Took over the US capitol ☑ Funded by the GOP ☑ Using Reddit's radicalized nihilism to counter jews shorting FUCKING GAMESTOP ☑ Made Mark the Godfather of Gamergate ☑ Corrected Polygon on Titanfall lore ☑ Accidental meme magic discharge (R.I.P Miura) ☑ Planet-range racism field ☑ Not wanting people to put down the controller and talk about their feelings ☑ Destroyed the logic process of a bot wreaking havoc across multiple imageboards with just one simple trick ☑ Caused Blizzard executives to threaten their employees with rape ☑ Came to Alex Hutchinson's Defense ☑ Made Vivian a feminist symbol ☑ Grew to a geopolitical scale and spilled into real life with devastating consequences ☑ Got their own TV show ☑ Brandon’s First fan ☑ Gave birth to Qanon ☑ Is the precedent for /K/yle Rittenhouse ☑ Ruined people's brains by turning them into corporate bootlickers ☑ Created the concept of "Culture War" ☑ Was the watershed event in the ascendancy of online extremist personalities and tactics ☑ Mars manifest destiny ☑ Was behind Elon Musk's twitter takeover all along ☑ The Ruby Ridge of online violence ☑ Funneled men into far-right politics via witch-hunting ☑ We now live in a gamergateocracy ☑ Resulted in abortions being banned ☑ Accused of being none other than Gamergate ☑ Making mainstream games soft-sell white supremacy
(155.95 KB 01.mp3)

(265.95 KB 02.mp3)

(354.32 KB 540x810 showdan.png)

(99.02 KB 376x468 hacker.png)

>>207451 >01 >>207348 >02 Alex Jones on FBI and captain picard
>>207439 That's kind of erotic
>>207434 Sam I Am!
>>207410 >>207419 >>207420 Anime girls aren't niggers. They aren't real, like niggers. Even the ones anons fetishized with explicit negroid aspects are idealized to the point of being far removed from niggers, like niggertoro. You can't betray your race by jacking off to cartoons. You have to either refuse to procreate, as the two aren't mutually exclusive, or race-mix. I will enjoy every flavor of anime girl from vanilla, to chocolate, to cinnamon, to mint, and beyond. And I am not betraying, my race as a taco burger :^) by doing so.
(9.08 KB 407x395 1471228336338.png)

>>207455 So what about /2dblacked/? It's pretty blatant what It's trying to portray, could you really say black dicks are "far removed" from interracial pornography? Cuck.
I like chocolate, 2D chocolate.
>>207456 How many kids do you have?
>>207456 No they are niggers, and anon is a fictional a race traitor like me with yellow fever. Riddle me this anons. I hate BLACKED, real or fictional. Seeing negros in my porn toons immediately kills my dick. But I have no problem with Caucasian, Jap, "Okinawan" Jap, or sometimes even Mexibrown characters dicking various shades of brown girls. But I'm also a faggot that likes otokonoko and futanari. But I have no issue with an effeminate chocolate boy getting fucked, or even with a light skinned character taking chocolate futa cock. Explain to me, why? Why does the chocolate dick have to belong to a negro male boning a non-negro to turn me off?
>>207328 ✔️ >Alex Jones and Sandy Hook Is there a comprehensive time-line or a quick rundown of all this story? When I first heard about Sandy Hook, it wasn't a big deal anymore and barely anyone was talking about it. I remember stuff about crisis actors and the whole thing being a hoax, but I don't know the motivations or details about it and how Jones fits in all of this.
>>207363 She's also in Mangsvance wars
So, I've heard the dutch farmers declared independency from their shitty government. How amusing would that be?
>>207460 Look up the documentary 'we need to talk about sandy hook' on bitchute. As for Jones involvement, he was just calling them out as crisis actors when it happened and they've been going after him about that since then
>>207463 That was quick. Thanks for the info, fren.
(413.32 KB 938x720 ero fs anon 15ai.webm)

>>207453 (check) that's kinda what I was going for...(>^o^)~❤ this is my first try mixing ai with webm (is it working for everybody?)
(1005.36 KB 898x556 earthbound fans.png)

>>207413 How is that controversial? >>207452 You fool! Thats not the hacker, thats the soldier! Hacker has a ponytail. >>207462 They were shitposting avout declaring independence on a particular island is what ive heard.
(770.17 KB 855x1066 Loyola_y_Coya.jpg)

(78.90 KB 500x561 DgfP7HAWkAI3Iwg.jpg)

(7.43 MB 3035x2265 turk-the-sublime.png)

I believe that the taste for brown girls is determined by our heritage as a colonizing race, in the past our ancestors traveled and subdued inferior cultures enslaving and abducting their women, an example of this is the Spanish colonization in the West Indies or the British invasion in Egypt and India, fruit of this domination many colonists could enjoy their own harem of brown women, long ago in the times of the Roman Empire these practices were recurrent in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, so it is normal that the white man dominates with his cock to brown women.
>white BLM supporters got arrested for physically assaulting Dave Chappell fans >The leader who was a fat white woman got arrested by a black cop We are already seeing BLM vs LGBT fights thanks to Troon's going after Dave Chappell. If white BLM keeps this up we will see a white BLM vs black BLM civil war.
>>207468 >a white BLM vs black BLM civil war. sounds kinda like the "division". where everybody is broken up into factions with the background noise of a viral pandemic.
>>207469 Im still amazed by this. >get the rights for a collab with one of the most popular videogame series in the history of gaming >use it to make the coonest, most negroid possible jill valentine Atleast dead by daylight shows the yactually like the games and represent the characters accordingly.
(52.01 KB 635x1020 1466673377936.png)

>>207465 >(^o^)~❤ #GamerGate threads are gonna become the /trash/ of 8chan if this keeps up, let's see how far we can take it. >>207468 Did she assault a nog though? If it was white on white then it sounds tamer.
>>207471 >Did she assault a nog though? She was targeting black security guard. Not sure if she hit him but her fag minions did.
>>207467 You know, a multiethnic harem doesn't sound like a bad idea.
I need more cute chocolate girls in my vidya
>>207471 /trash/? my ultimate goal is to mix ai with animations (catbox vid related). guess I'm going to have to learn PyTorch, blender and davinci resolve (or whatever they make cartoons with these days) https://files.catbox.moe/qqzjxb.webm
>>207466 Even if it was shitposting it caused some butthurt. >>207469 I forgot this existed, why did you have to remind me?
>>207474 I need the real life nigresses to be like the cute chocolate girls in vidya.
>>207477 2D>>>>>3DPD is an unambiguous universal rule
>>207478 True, but I just wish that 3DPD was just 3D.
>>207474 >>207477 >>207478 I sure hope china starts using all that genetic engineering tech they "developed" to start turning all those africans they keep abducting (for medical research or sex slaves) into anime characters. Of all the races that would benefit being turned into anime, I think it would help black africans the most.
>>207480 Knowing the Chinks they'll go full Qu on them and turned them into some uncanny dog men that vomit out their own food and eat it.
>>207478 messed up on pic 2 (did not realize she was showing vagina sorry mods. >>207481 that's also possible
>>207482 >first image God I wish Goblin Slayer would use that amazon warrior more.
>>207480 PROMOTION
>>207483 >Goblin Slayer I thought they were both from dragon's crown?
(23.97 KB 1024x576 gs amazon.jpg)

>>207485 Vaguely sure that's the barbarian from Goblin Slayer.
>>207485 the one on the left is certainly the dragon's crown barbarian
(209.76 KB 1053x1005 annabelle.jpg)

>>207486 That's a either a shota or she's one tall bitch.
>>207485 >Futa No thanks, bro
>>207485 >Fruitanari Punch
>>207455 >>207459 >taco burger >But I'm also a faggot that likes otokonoko and futanari These are the people I share this half-dead webring with.
>>207491 How new are you?
>>207491 You must be new.
>>207459 >Why does the chocolate dick have to belong to a negro male boning a non-negro to turn me off? Because they're niggers. Nigger men exhibit all the worst qualities of niggers. Nigresses can occasionally be found with a couple of decent traits but they're typically used against everyone else, but niggers are completely and utterly lacking. And the thought of them spreading their inherent, intrinsic and particularly unique brand of failures around should be a fucking buzzkill.
>>207431 This one is my favorite so far. >>207449 It's ok, I'm learning as I go, thanks for the advice.
>>207491 at least you didn't start calling people coomers or some shit or I'd tell you to go back >>207486 You're correct about the one on the right
>>207478 Believing that is a problem that solves itself, since nobody spouting that much retardation will ever end up procreating anyway, removing those retard genes from the pool.
>>207483 The goblins use her enough.
>>207497 Nah, the problem is rooted in the culture itself. "2D > 3D" is a reaction to the awfulness of women and modern culture's exacerbating effects on their already, you aren't going to see this culture (and reaction) start going away until women are, en masse, forced to stop being as shit as they currently are. Do you think that the number of gays have increased recently through "natural" means, considering they literally cannot procreate? They should've died off or been in a negligible position at least by now if it were that simple. Same logic applies, except instead of propagating through child abuse/grooming like gays do, its just showing people the attractiveness/purity of 2D and the ugliness of 3D.
>>207500 first panel, shopping cart next to the blue bag
>>207500 I was on the receiving end of that by accidental embarrassing someone by forgetting about them.
(302.37 KB 524x2418 ADL Minecraft.png)

Anti-Defamation League Proposes Minecraft Should Examine Viability Of Player Verification And Global Blocklists To Counter “Hate And Harassment” https://archive.ph/HNf7u https://archive.ph/bYEs9 >Despite its ubiquity as an online space, little has been reported on how hate and harassment manifest in Minecraft, as well as how it performs content moderation. To fill this research gap, Take This, ADL and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, in collaboration with GamerSafer, analyzed hate and harassment in Minecraft based on anonymized data from January 1st to March 30th, 2022 consensually provided from three private Minecraft servers (no other data was gathered from the servers except the anonymized chat and report logs used in this study). While this analysis is not representative of how all Minecraft spaces function, it is a crucial step in understanding how important online gaming spaces operate, the form that hate takes in these spaces, and whether content moderation can mitigate hate. The section for "Cuck" got a giggle out of me: >Using keyword lists compiled by ADL and Middlebury, we searched unfiltered chat logs for language that is either overtly hateful or employs terms that originate from hateful contexts. Within the language of concern, we found that normalized language occurred most frequently—that is, hateful language integrated into colloquial conversation. For example, of all terms searched in this data set, the extreme term with the highest number of pejorative uses was “cuck.” >Cuck, short for “cuckold”, was adopted as an insult by online communities in the mid-2000s and then popularized by right-wing networks in the mid-2010s, when it was used to castigate anyone whose views were not adequately right-wing. Cuck became associated with the so-called “alt-right” movement, which weaponized the term against political opponents to sexually or racially demean them. Reaching its peak relevance during the 2016 presidential election, the term has gradually spread throughout more mainstream communities and is now used by many people who do not understand its contemporary sexist and racist connotations. >Users in these servers also frequently employ gendered expletives and other phrases, which is common for video game communities. Gendered curse words can contribute to intolerance toward women and LGBTQ+ people and are worth addressing. Across servers, players used “b*tch” hundreds of times and occasionally used meme misspellings like “wamen” that are associated with the “Manosphere”, a loose online community that promotes masculinity, misogyny, and opposition to feminism.
>>207503 I swear, the ADL is the reason why the people hate the Jews.
>>207503 This is why piracy and eventual server spoofing of all games is the only acceptable option because the options which actually solve the problems we have are illegal to so much as say.
>>207504 Way beyond that
>>207505 As I recall, pirate clients can spoof their name as any privileged user, making moderation a pain through only the console.
(6.71 MB 1000x5000 1992-2001 (Test).png)

>>207508 What does the watermark say?
>>207509 <I steal other peoples work for attention. It was created because, whenever there was an OP that Anons were working on, there was one autist that lurked the threads and posted unfinished OPs on Twatter for acclaim and attention.
>>207510 What a cunt.
>>207504 Do the jews even like the ADL?
>>207512 Uh… yeah. It was created by them and exclusively operates to defend them against the laws of the nations of the goyim.
>>207512 The ADL is yet another way for kikes to shout ANTISEMITISM and get away with anything when someone calls them out on any wrongdoing. Of course they fucking like it.
>>207513 >>207514 >Guten Tag my fellow ebin nazis
>>207455 Anime aren't girls either under this logic. You can give them no identifiers that map onto the real world under this logic.
>>207517 What are you even pretending to say here, kike.
>>207519 >What are you even pretending to say here, kike.
>>207475 Learn to better use ai first, try getting into the syntax for controlling emphasis and emotional undertones so things sound a bit less one note. Maybe see if you can collab with the Druids2 poster, he seems to get pretty good results out of Illusion's post Play Home NeoStudio. Worse comes to worst you can just find an old Kinect and set it up to do basic mocap.
>>207512 >Worse comes to worst you can just find an old Kinect and set it up to do basic mocap. Don't you need to be stuck on windows to get it working or something proprietary that will be prevent it running on linux?
>>207522 Meant for >>207521
>>207508 Good shit anon!!!!!!!!!
>not playing only /agdg/ and foss games
>>207522 Well, I just searched "Kinect Mocap Linux" on startpage, the 3rd and 4th say you can, so I'm going to assume you can. Looks like you will have to use something that reads .bvh files since that is what the utility generates but I think .bvh support is fairly ubiquitous amongst those programs with community support.
This thread feels a little more slow than usual today.
>>207529 The discussion was a bit more intense yesterday.
>>207526 gimmie a comprehensive list of /agdg/ games
>>207501 I don't see anything
(49.49 KB 1200x675 Vrwvrww.jpg)

Right Stuf bought out by crunchyshit/sony the All of the Ero shit is going to be moved to another website and to be phased out. https://archive.ph/TCB8K
(679.10 KB 480x360 NO.webm)

>>207533 >Right Stuf What did they have again?
(22.41 KB 600x643 lexicon.jpg)

>>207533 Right stuf? More like WRONG stuf
>>207533 >Right Stuf Inc. (formerly known as The Right Stuf International Inc.) is an independent video publisher and distributor of video programming that specializes in Asian entertainment (anime and  live action films). The company has several divisions including: Nozomi Entertainment (production), Critical Mass (adult programming), RightStufAnime.com (online store) and 5 Points Pictures (live action). In March 2012, Right Stuf launched 5 Points Pictures, its live action label. Right Stuf also offers production services and distribution for Japanese labels Aniplex of America, Sunrise Inc., Eleven Arts, and Pony Canyon. >>207535 A bunch of stuff from the 80s, hentai and some live action adaptations.
>>207535 Gundam.
>>207538 I thought Gundam rights were all over the place.
>>207539 Well not anymore. Funimation only had Iron Blooded Orphans. Right Stuf had everything else. I have most of the blu-rays for the original continuity. Their releases are far from perfect. All of them have typos & other errors in them. More so for the long running TV series releases. So absolutely pirate all of them.
>>207456 Listen faggot. I know what you're trying to do. There is literally nothing wrong with chocolate cartoon girls. Chocolate anime girls aren't racemixing, traps aren't gay, and loli isn't pedo. Now fuck off back to Jewlay or wherever else is harboring you pedoniggers as of late.
(1.17 MB 480x270 Your Fucking Post.gif)

>>207533 (Checked) FUCK!
>>207518 Correct. They are not. They are drawings.
>>207543 Of what?
>>207455 Don't reply to my posts, you fucking cuckold. Stop fetishizing negroes, fictional or otherwise. It's disgusting. Now take a load of buckshot to the face.
>>207533 >streaming site Anyone who hasn't been pirating their anime since torrents became a thing probably has brain damage.
>>207544 Anons.
>>207465 What's with the last 4 seconds of silence? >>207545 Are you upset?
>>207546 Second season when?
>>207545 You should kill yourself kazoo.
(72.39 KB 4000x3530 chen_milk_computer.png)

>>207548 I'm not upset, I am disgusted by how low some people can fall down the fetish slippery slope and how little self-respects many of the remaining anons ITT and on this site have. Have some self respect, what you fap to is ultimately a reflection of the current state of your psyche. It might not be who you are but it definitely shows just for you can fall seeking new thrills. I don't like it and I will bitch about it, you degenerate shitstain.
(36.85 KB 600x398 disappointed conquistador.jpg)

>>207533 I guess I'll never be able to support the authors without learning japanese.
(26.02 KB 358x406 Laughing whores.jpg)

>>207552 Kazu you're a spic. Shut the fuck up while I bang your sister.
>>207553 You can only use the same images so many times and bitch about the same topics before people notice who you are, we arent that many here you autistic nonce.
>>207550 I don't know what twitter has to do with fleshing out the basics of language. What is being claimed is that depictions of niggers are not literal niggers, which is self-evident. What would be a more appropriate claim is that depictions of people are not literally people, there is no point in the clarification of a depiction of a nigger not being an actual nigger. Unless you believed that some depictions of things were somehow capable of becoming the things themselves and transcending depiction. But it is being said in a way to make it seem like the claim is that depictions of niggers are not depictions of niggers, even though that is clearly what they are. This obfuscation is something kikes would engage in.
>>207556 >>207555 No clue what you two /cattle/ tismos are talking about.
(648.25 KB 848x1200 Kusaniggy.png)

>>207489 It clearly said Fruita, my man. >>207552 >I am disgusted by how low some people can fall down the fetish slippery slope and how little self-respects many of the remaining anons ITT and on this site have. >Have some self respect, what you fap to is ultimately a reflection of the current state of your psyche. It might not be who you are but it definitely shows just for you can fall seeking new thrills. This might be news to you, but I'm fairly sure practically no anons ever took issue with chocolate anime girls for the entire history of 4chinz and 8chinz. This isn't new degeneracy. You just realized what's been here all along. Did you never once visit any of the porn boards? There were always chocolate threads on /h/ and chocolate loli threads on /loli/.
>>207545 Don't get mad because Anons want to kiss Sheva's ass more than your face, nigger.
>>207559 >degeneracy has always been standard so that makes it okay
>>207558 Nah, you know exactly what we are talking about, kazoo, are you gonna ban us and delete the entire conversation after your next spergout over 2d, you tism?
>>207561 It makes it a weird thing to complain about. When in rome.
>>207561 >>207562 I'm going to ban you two if you don't shut up soon.
>>207561 Yes, now cry about it
>>207557 Chocolate anime girls aren't niggers, traps aren't boys, and lolis aren't little girls. Fuck off pedo.
(46.99 KB 528x760 duel frog.jpg)

>>207565 If you ban them i am going to ban you.
>>207568 Ban this goy.
>>207568 If you ban Kaz, I'll ban you.
>>207563 Boredom and old pictures.
>>207567 That's just a roundabout way of saying that depictions are depictions. I never said anything to imply otherwise. Are you illiterate?
(92.84 KB 400x400 horo.png)

I just thought of something from last thread where there was talk about how there may be a crunch period for streaming services. How the market has been supersaturated with them, how the prices for them have gone up in a time of recession, how it's basically cable 2.0, etc. These problems have been building up for a long time, have they not? Or has digital services always been flawed?
>>207573 they've been building up for the past few years anon. do you not follow news outside this place?
>>207573 All saw what Netflix was doing and wanted a share. Netflix became retarded and commie and filled their own platform with shit, so now instead of having one service that is cheaper than cable you must have to subscribe to many different streaming services just to watch one or two series from them, making it more expensive than cable.
>>207561 Go to hell Kazu. Fuck you for the ban and deleting my #GG thread you stupid ass mod. You're worse than mark on a fee occasions
>>661236 >>207577 >>207578 At least you tried.
>>207574 On some occasions. I've just been thinking how fast things disappear when licenses expire & in the case of vidya such as Saint's Row & GTA where they've used licensed music in the past and have removed them in subsequent releases thereby removing...for lack of better word, the aesthetic, of the games that people remember playing. Much in the same way that the uncut releases of Star Wars haven't been made in 4K.
Go to a motel.
>>207548 >What's with the last 4 seconds of silence? Originally that part had a slight breathy moaning. But every time I put it in the video kept crashing. (Clip Still crashing vlc) that's why I was wondering if any other anons could play the video Anyone else have similar issues with pic to webm?
>>207581 And do what?
>>207582 ffmpeg -i audio.mp3 -i image.png output.webm
>>207583 Kiss or whatever you all want to do. I can't even hear the tv over the noise of anons and Kazu angrily making out and sharing monkeypox with eachother.
>>207583 What is that pic referencing?
>>207586 vegas shooter a few years ago
>>207433 >American cartoon Isn’t Shadman Swiss?
>>207588 I thought he was a slav.
>>207588 I thought he spoke German?
>>207589 No, he is a mudshit raised in Switzerland.
(231.69 KB 1120x1910 Untitled.png)

Liberals and leftist are hating on Alex Jones for "defaming" the families of sandy hook, everyone just goes along with the mainstream media. of all the things that Alex Jones blamed the elite for, i'm surprised that this is what they sue him on. I though the Adrenochrome stuff would have gotten him in trouble. The elite can just sue anyone for an actual conspiracy and call it defamation as punishment for not agreeing with them. Normalfags are scary.
>>207586 The CIA false flag in Las Vegas where a failed assassination attempt against a Saudi prince turned into a mass shooting of an outdoor concert through physically impossible circumstances leading to the execution of their own gun runner.
>>207592 Uh, yes, that's the whole point of the case. When he loses, the US will have precedent for making it illegal to deny the holocaust or to question any aspect of ZOG propaganda.
>>207594 You'd think with how much money he has he could have gotten a decent lawyer?
>>207595 He doesn't have any, though. Didn't he already have to pay millions?
>>207595 He was always controlled opposition.
>>207572 Outlets like Buzzfeed and many others are the ones who keep claiming Alex Jones is filthy stinking rich, when he just sold his house and filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. And due to him just filing recently, that CPS activist judge is now stating that Alex somehow perjured himself.
>>207591 He's Jewish.
>>207599 Even worse.
>>207591 >>207599 It's all coming together now.
>>207592 Might be equivalent exchange after Johnny Depp won his #MeToo defamation trial against Amber Heard. Nothing comes for free.
>>207594 >the US will have precedent for making it illegal Civil law and criminal law are two different things. You can already sue anyone for dam near anything in the JewSA. It doesn't really matter, anyway. The US is probably 10 years or less away from collapse anyway. Maybe even less than 5 years.
>>207592 What's fun is seeing all the centrist and cucky right wingers like Neontaster be pro Alex Jones went beyond the lines of free speech. >>207603 Replace USA with the west in general as no one is coming out of this pretty.
(328.45 KB 837x842 shad mom.jpg)

>>207599 >>207601 >>207600 Was his mom a jew? In that porn artwork he made for her on mothers day she looked white. I just assumed she was European.
>>207605 To be fair most Jews you see in Europe and Israel are genetically white as the Semitic gene died out generations ago. Many kikes and /pol/ dislike this truth for different reasons but it's hilarious nonetheless.
>>207606 Those vile Hasidics probably still host the gene, from generations of inbreeding.
>>207606 Honestly I cant tell the difference between Poles and Jews.
>>207607 This kike I work with did DNA test and it found he had no Semitic DNA at all just Dutch with a bit of Spanish.
>>207606 >>207607 he made her nose so tiny... is it possible to have a tiny nose jew?
>>207609 DNA tests are almost always a complete scam and never accurate. Twins have sent their DNA into companies and gotten completely different results back.
>>207611 He went to a lab.
>>207605 So was the previous mudshit supposed dox of Shadman not real? I know he was actually arrested but let go afterwards. Didn't he disappear again though?
Niggerpill is really going nuts.
(3.55 MB 480x360 here lies blackpill.webm)

>>207614 He's been shitting all over the Pokemon thread all day, and attempted a bump of the xenoblade thread as well.
>Funny meme man getting sued invalidates all the whitepills
(1.22 MB 1960x2000 LucianoNiggerpill.jpg)

(789.81 KB 1366x1611 LucianoNiggerpill1.jpg)

>>207614 He's Luciano. And I knew he would be once he made his customary stop by the Xenoblade thread, I knew he'd be here next. Funny story about that actually, he fucked up again there and accidentally let slip his OAG obsession, which once again confirms he's Luciano.
horrifying horrors of unspeakable horrors
>>207615 Why the Xeno thread?
(2.80 MB 1200x674 niggerman.gif)

>>207619 xenoblade makes leftoids mad
>>207619 Because he's obsessed with twitter trannies saying anything at all, so he uses that as "evidence" that the actual game itself was written by them.
So Crisis Core is getting a remake, meaning whatever legal problems between Gackt and Square Enix have evidently been resolved. LOOK FORWARD TO GENESIS IN FFVII REMAKE
>>207622 Could I get more context? I've been absent.
>>207624 He posts twitter screencaps from trannyflag accounts with barely any followers or retweets saying "character X is trans" as proof the game itself is pozzed.
>>207625 Is this like that one fag here who tried saying one character was black because his skin was tanned?
>>207614 He's found a tiny bit of bad news to latch onto to justify the 0.01 shekels/post he's paid.
>>207627 Doesn't he get paid in turk money?
>>207462 That is what everyone should do in all countries.
>>207628 I didn't know Turks used money. Thought they just white slavery as a means of exchange.
(57.29 KB 1088x247 rupees.jpg)

(58.79 KB 1086x240 pesos.jpg)

>>207630 Turkish Lira is their currency.
>>207629 Several decades ago the US government workshoped what would happen in the aftermath of a nuclear war. One of the big things was that all the farmers would stop paying taxes and declare autonomy from the state.
>>207632 Don't forget warlord tom.
>>207623 Remake or remaster? Is there a chance it won't have shit gameplay?
>>207632 Yeah, and thats why they have contingency plans on how to re-stablish lines of comunication to make people pay taxes ASAP after the fact. Post-nuclear USA wouldnt be like the enclave trying to kill mutants, they would go around trying to get people to pay their taxes.
(1.86 MB 1280x720 MrHouseWantsToKnowWhy.mp4)

>>207573 It builds up after jews enter the market. If you look at even the streaming sites for pirated shows, you will see a consistent and organized effort to make them stable and running, even after take-downs. For cable, then paid streaming, the problems always started with the jews coming in and forcing everything to be profit-driven. That always makes people leave those platforms and inevitably ruins the quality and stability, since everything that is highly sought out will be hidden behind big paywalls, and the methods for blocking free access (or low pay access) will take a toll on the performance of the programs needed to keep the network stable. And to make it all work as the greedy rats want, crunch hours and low payment are "needed".
>>207635 If my country gets nuked and I'm somehow alive, I'm not paying taxes because they failed to uphold their end of the tax bargain by not protecting the country from nukes.
>>207634 Remake based on FF7 "remake" tech. >>207635 that is sadly true. now I have an image in my head of Biden asking everyone for more bottle caps, he needs it to fund the ukraine so they can fight off russian super mutants!
(2.94 MB 498x280 enclave-fallout2.gif)

>>207638 >>207636 Taxes are non-negotionable, citizen. >>207639 Man, now id like to brainstorm a better enclave that actually works as a post nuclear US goverment instead of cartoon villains.
>>207623 Ensuring that it will flop even in Japan, since Gackt is mostly hated there, and it has been like that for over 10 years now. Productions with Gackt involved have been flopping since at least 2011.
>>207603 >Civil law and criminal law are two different things. Doesn't matter. The rule of law hasn't existed for over a century. People are going to start going to jail for denying the holocaust, claiming AGW doesn't exist, saying faggots are mentally ill, and even claiming that their own children are the sex they actually are.
>>207632 >>207633 But all we have to prove this claim is the initial claim. We have no way of knowing that it's real. Not nuclear war, just general warfare in the wake of a collapsed federal government.
>>207533 Thanks, but I just watch episodes from russian streamers
>>207633 what game is he talking about? >>661372 didn't the supreme court rule that the police and military don't have a duty to protect American citizens? >>207640 enclave has never made sense. they were just "evil military" guys just like the ones in half-life. they also work as an evil version of the Brotherhood of Steel (it also helps BoS look better by caparison )
>>207645 >what game is he talking about? Think freeform tabletop rpg where each "player" controls an entity, and some generals are the dungeon master.
(29.66 KB 480x337 enclave intercom.jpg)

>>207645 I like the enclave though, i just wish they were a better representation of a post-war remnant of the goverment instead of "lets kill everybody lmao", then we could have had a better faction going foward. I enjoy much more what HOI4 modders did with the enclave reborn and the reformist enclave as that is an actual good representation of a goverment trying to get back in power.
>>207533 were they just a video store or did they have the rights to any shows/anime or hentai? who else is left for sony to buy? ViZ media? Sentai Filmworks?
>>207648 They sold a lot of stuff at RSA and were bretty gud Viz is already kinda pozzed so it would be a bit moot if they were bought up I haven't heard many bad things about Sentai
(26.35 KB 680x378 dce.jpg)

>>207616 Alex Jones may end up getting off the hook for most of what they're throwing at him. His defense team "accidentally" sent all of his cell phone data to the prosecution, which at the VERY least is strong grounds for a mistrial or an appeal - if not outright making him non-liable for any judgements due to malpractice. His lawyers may even have to pay him a fat recompense for any damages Alex incurs as a result of the trial.
>>207641 >since Gackt is mostly hated there Really? What did he do to piss them off? >>207648 They also sold a lot a merchandise for anime/manga, most notably figurines. They also sold physical copies of adult PC games, though it seems they removed them from the main site. >who else is left for sony to buy? ViZ media? Sentai Filmworks? There's also Seven Seas, which they could probably buy off of Penguin for a decent price since there's been a lot of localization controversy surrounding that one. As for Sentai, I'm sure they plan on getting them; they run HIDIVE, which is Crunchyroll's biggest rival.
(184.78 KB 1440x1410 media_FZP6boqXwAEYkgi.jpg)

>>207650 He won't get off.
>>207652 "Oy vey, shut it d... oh wait, we already shut it down, uh... REMPHAN, SAVE US!"
>>207652 time to get that elite german technology that helped cremate over 6 mirrion jews and pump that into overdrive... oh wait.
>>207655 Yeah you just have to fire up those magic WW2 ovens that can cremate 1000 people an hour on the second floor of a building without the infrastructure to do it.
>>207652 Is this what trudeau warned us about?
>>207639 From what i've seen, it's a remaster with higher quality assets but not anywhere near FF7R levels.
>>207658 >not anywhere near FF7R levels. strange, FF7R doesn't even look that great for a modern game... psp emulators with high resolution texture packs already make the original crisis core look pretty good. I don't see what the point is outside of a full remake.
>>207659 The point is normalniggers probably threw away their psp and dont emulate.
>>207659 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=4FmKMNpmyeg The point is to maintain FF7 as a culturally relevant IP.
>>207606 >most Jews you see in Europe and Israel are genetically white No retard, mixed caucasian doesn't equal white. That's like saying a mulatto a pure bred anglo, such fucking idiocy.
>>207660 >normalniggers probably threw away their psp and dont emulate. Or, they "remember" PSP games looking like PS1 games (Which "all" look like the original FF7).
>>207662 But if there are people who are racial Jewish but not religiously Jewish then why can't there be people who are not racially Jewish but have joined the Jewish religion?
>>207664 There can be, but that's not very common. It's kind of like how spics convert to nordic paganism or some shit, it exists but it's pretty much unheard of other than a few cases which aren't at all the norm
>>207652 (check) how ironic... >>207660 lots of psp systems aren't working anymore because sony fucked up on the battery design. (and I don't think anyone outside of shady Chinese ebay guys sell replacements) emulation is the future of psp gaming even for anons that have og hardware in good condition. >>207664 >>207665 that's called "marrying a shiksa" jews do it all the time. (but they like to keep it on the dl) >>207663 I play mostly old games so I know what they look like. the art direction is almost always better then the shit we have now.
>>207665 >that's not very common. How do you know that? Clearly non-Jews joining Judaism is not going to be as common as born and bread Jews, but how are you so sure about that besides the previous?
>>207666 >I don't think anyone outside of shady Chinese ebay guys sell replacements Funny enough there are guides on how to remove the disc tray for generic lithium batteries to add extra power.
>>207660 Normal niggers are lazy mother fuckers who can't even pirate shit any more. if you give them an easy way to just spend money on a problem they'll do it instead of the free option that requires 5 minutes of work. The fact people spend 10 dollars on NES games on switch is all evidence you need.
>>207662 Anon most Jews in Europe despite what they say have so deeply intermarried with the locals over the past 1000 years that they are near genetically identical to the non Jewish population they and /pol/ don't like talking about this for different reasons. Note this is not the case for all Jewish groups in Europe though.
>>207576 >Drillboy that one's dead
>>207670 that doesn't matter, the reason Jews are disliked is mostly how they operate culturally and communally. wherever they go they always end up causing trouble (hence why they get exiled so much). its just like how African blacks don't won't to deal with American blacks, because they know its just lots of extra drama and trouble they don't want. >>207669 could also be that nintendo has lots of loyal paypigs. just like Disney
>>207671 Checked. >>207672 >4th Thats not canon.
(125.62 KB 592x947 sisi jiang butthurt.png)

(827.90 KB 588x2400 rhokilpatrick.png)

https://archive.ph/7YJDW https://archive.ph/eAXIE Why were Kotaku butthurt about Stray's setting?
>>207674 It's cyberpunk dystopia. Cyberpunk uses hong kong style crowdedness as part of its aesthetic, and often Japanese and Chinese signs. Stray probably used the signs. Devs aren't woke enough and portraying foreign shit as exotic is racist orientalism.
>>207675 The same shit they did with sifu and ghost of tsushima, you cant create an asian setting for your vidya if you arent asian, but then you cant also make an european setting, its all bitching for views and (You)s in social media.
(2.24 MB 5000x4000 PCA Caucasoid.png)

>>207670 And yet no, jews are not white. No matter what you say. They're a separate subspecies of Homo europeansis, one of five species of "humanity."
>>207673 >Thats not canon. he could have converted later. even if it was just to mess with mario and his friends. plus its well known that Wario loves gold coins (mushroom kingdom shekels)
>>207678 Thats just him being sicilian.
>>207679 Wario doesn't look like a nigger to me.
>>207673 That grave doesn't look lavish and exorbitant like Wario would want. Why do assume whoever buried him gave him a grave matching his religion when he never talks about it?
>>207681 He died in poverty after his possessions were confiscated by the IRS.
>>207681 >wasting money on a lavish and expensive grave when you could get the standard fare and be buried with all the rest of your money instead
>>207683 grave robbers
(32.56 KB 640x480 pattyrik.jpg)

>>207685 With that kind of money you could at least upgrade to actual land mines with plastic mechanisms that will never rust or decay.
>>207658 >>207659 I mean it has a Switch version. There's absolutely no way it would look like the remake.
(255.13 KB 698x900 Nuclear War box art.jpg)

(459.31 KB 840x732 Bomba De Hidrogeno.jpg)

(457.08 KB 825x740 Bomba Atomica.jpg)

(435.28 KB 1280x979 nuclear radiation.jpg)

Friendly reminder that /vhs/'s own Overlook Theater is having a very special two part theme night starting tomorrow evening. The theme is Atomic Energy Don't miss it! >>>/vhs/1398
>>207657 >Fighting too force fags and trannies on the Middle East, Asia, South America, Mexico and Eastern Europe >American troops killings themselves in the same rates of trannies Like Poetry
>>207689 BOOOORING!!! post something more interesting
>>207689 >Meaningless F word in the first tweet No thanks.
(150.74 KB 1242x1458 1zsv190o9ea11.jpg)

>>207633 Did anyone ever solve the warlord tom problem?
>>207677 I thought I was going to get a clever placement of the happy merchant in that pic
>>207694 You prevent it ever happening through draconian government, ensuring it inevitably happens.
>>207694 Simply kill everyone who questions your control, which they're well on their way to doing.
(3.03 MB 1280x720 ALERTA MACACO.mp4)

I want to se Lucianos boypussy
(390.96 KB 445x478 bussy.png)

(53.06 KB 500x500 1310531789591.jpg)

>>207689 Thanks anon, now I'm gay.
>>207694 warlord tom isn't a problem. warlord tom is a solution.
>>207689 is nitter being crazy slow for anyone else or is it just me?
>>207693 >that pic Modern day is Mad Max but stuck in traffic.
>>207694 The solution is to not fuck up so badly that civilization collapses or that people revolt. That's how their entire SysOp works and is based around exercising enough control that people are restrained from acting out while at the exact same time not exerting so much control that people decide to act out because they have nothing left to lose. It's a constant knife edge balancing act that is destined to fail some day and their whole "hope" is merely a temporal day-to-day sort of hope that they can negotiate the failure to occur at some point in the undetermined future instead of falling apart on their watch. It would be a pitiably situation if they weren't such contemptible bastards.
>>207466 >How is that controversial? because Gyigas is Rivers Cuomo if he never released Pinkerton
(215.92 KB 461x577 1421962829833.jpg)

>>207704 It's because retards keep using the exact same .net instance instead of switching to the dozens of mirrors available. It's always gonna be slow if you use the most popular one. >>661518 Imagine getting mark addicted to heroin and turning him into a pozpig.
>>207708 What am I looking at?
>>207709 pozzed negholes of hunter biden
(563.58 KB 995x681 1423788029231.png)

(551.83 KB 666x1866 1422208688662.png)

(35.64 KB 600x266 1424224651633.jpg)

(2.39 MB 1220x2216 1425655658720.png)

(2.46 MB 1820x1192 1422974153125.png)

>>207709 Well since you asked so nicely.
>>207711 Without modern medicine I think most non-blacks would apply the gun somewhere else just to be sure nobody catches STDs.
(23.07 KB Fuck You!.mp3)

>>207349 Game journos / soydevs are fucking retards. If they just want to see the cutscenes, just go on Youtube and watch a compilation. Or a longplay and skip past the gameplay.
>>207715 They're in the unique position of having early access to the game and being the only ones able to provide footage/coverage when it gets the most clicks. I think dark souls 3 had a way easier ludex gundyr fight, and dark souls 2 had lightning bolts extremely nerfed within the first week or two of release, in addition to preorders getting the black knight edition where you start with and extra 5 weapons and 5 shields forever, which are obsolete by the time you'd normally have access..
>Milo >Alex Jones >Roger Stone >8chan >Gulliani Is there anyone left who helped get Trump elected who the system hasn't ruined and destroyed via lawfare as a warning to others (for 2024)?
>>207718 >all he can do is squeal like a little bitch after stepping on the rake
>>207717 The better question is if the curse of assad is over now that pelosi still walks the mortal plane.
(8.50 MB 640x360 makeapp.mp4)

(319.97 KB 1031x3731 yosodomy sam.jpg)

(40.16 KB 480x640 12468.jpg)

>>207719 >squeal like a little bitch Oh there'll be squealing like a little bitch, but it wont be from Sam.
>>207718 >yosemite sam sees bunny cunny
>>661590 Oh yes, we could then detect those who reveal all their internet activity to their ISP, and think that being a cuck is something to be proud of.
>>207666 >lots of psp systems aren't working anymore because sony fucked up on the battery design Another big issue with the PSP was that shitty nub joystick. The reason I stopped using my PSP was because the nub started registering moving it up as down. Needless to say, this was a nightmare in any game with 3D environments. Sure, I might be able to jump through a ton of hoops to fix it, but PSP emulation is so good that I'd rather just go that route.
>>207724 That's an amazing idea, then I could dox you, knock over your door and assrape you until my balls are completely empty!
>>661627 >if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear I heard Klaus Schwab say that once.
(701.13 KB 3840x2160 quote anthony.jpg)

>page archived 1 day ago >can't see what was deleted Fug
>>207725 >Another big issue with the PSP was that shitty nub joystick. The reason I stopped using my PSP was because the nub started registering moving it up as down. This, who the fuck had the bright idea? The vita is much better with that and having 2 joysticks instead of a single one.
(241.91 KB 1145x1762 1575804985628.jpg)

>>661640 Are you taking the piss or do you want /hebe/ niggers to take an inch and make it a mile? You can't give pedoniggers anything or else they'll immidiately ruin it and put the site in legal danger, and if you do, this place will then become a honeypot to arrest reckless pedoniggers who are forced to take responsibility for their degenerate habits. You're better off going on darknet forums like the torpedos here, why do you think their ID's were changed from 0000? To lower suspcision of any kiddie pornographers sharing a node with anyone posting here. I'm betting you're one of those who overlap, sorry sonny but you're not getting into the secret board with that attitude.
>>661640 Imagine not even sleeping, just screeching at the mods all day every day.
>>207732 gotta screech at something
>>207731 no I truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate your efforts to redefine words to try and change reality. when I heard that you guys redefined what a recession was to avoid having to admit you're going into one it brought a tear to my eye.
>>207733 i want millk
>>207652 Should have sided with the winners: Russians. Now, it is a country-sized "get woke, go broke".
>>207736 Shouldnt you be posting twitter screencaps in the pokemon thread?
>>661671 You slipped off yesterday too you failure.
(108.15 KB 850x478 hrc-angry.jpg)

>>207717 >Is there anyone left who helped get Trump elected who the system hasn't ruined and destroyed via lawfare as a warning to others (for 2024)? Hillary Clinton, the American people destroyed her. The Demoncrats are still using her strategies of funding and voting for the people they hate the most, or propping up "joke candidates", thinking they'll be pushovers in the general.
>>207731 my dude, hes the /hebe/nigger from the meta thread, don't interact with the pest please >>207737 it seems that luciano woke up in a "lets shit up 3 threads" kind of mood, the motherfucker seems to be 125 milli-chris-chan's in the heavyweight autism spectrum(1 milli-chris-chan is a thousandth of a chris-chan)
>>661678 luciano, that post is from six and half hours ago, you are genuinely to autistic to not oust yourself, go ahead and switch id to samefag as if we don't know already how you act in general, you absolute wreck of a life.
Don't want to sound blackpilling, but is this all in life? have shit thrown at you from all directions while the world collapse in retardness done by stupid billionaires who want all of us dead and just get a little ownage time to time? The worst thing is that I see the retardness going everywhere and I just need to wait a few years before it's implemented in my country, no matter how many warnings are out there. I just want a white pill or two because... everything is just too depressing and angering, making me just indiferent of everything and just generally upset.
>>207742 And well, at least Dragon's Dogma 2 and a new thq and Yukees wrestling game is coming but I'm not even sure if those games will be tainted or not.
>>207742 >>207743 Reminder that the purpose of blackpilling and propaganda is convince you to give up. They make things seem worse than they are on purpose so you'll just roll over. It's the reason the left uses that tactic so much.
>>207744 Then the news are the most blackpilling blackpills out there. When are the closest american elections? I just want some meme fun and see everyone just complain and complain and cry in the news. Good news are that the left in my country are so aware they are going to be kicked out of power and they desperatly want to shit on everything. >>661691 I don't have enouth money to give shit to others.
>>207745 Anon, im gonna be honest with you, you sound like a huge bitch and every time you post ITT bitching you seriusly piss me off, man the fuck up already.
(128.60 KB 1440x900 life is suffering.jpg)

>>207747 No, you wont and you will show up again next thread bitching again. Man up is what you need to do, get some hobbies, do fucking something, but stop bitching like a woman.
>>207748 anon... his hobby is vidya, need i say more?
>>207749 You cannot go around in life having a single interest, specially when youre also a neet and have no girlfriend like its that anon's case >well how do you know that Because he keeps blogposting.
>>207745 >Then the news are the most blackpilling blackpills out there. Yes, the mainstream media is a propaganda tool for the left and one of their main tasks is trying to blackpill and demoralize the right. Your first order of business should be to never listen to them ever.
(1.40 MB 1242x1119 heres a hug.png)

>>207750 >>207750 Shhh... I know you are in pain too. Here's a hug for you anon.
>>207752 Anon life is a fucking valley of tears, the difference is how you deal with it, and bitching endlessly wont improve anything for you or anyone, just make you more annoying.
>>207742 Leftism is a cannibal ideology, they eat each other as you know. Well, since they're so outspoken about not wanting to have children, how do you think they're going to fare against other demographics?
>>207740 Holy shit. How many fucking ID's is luciano posting in, this thread feels schizophrenic today.
>>207755 Maybe is the self aware google algorithm. A Soy Skynet. >>207754 Well, that's true, I just hope they eat eachother faster than they ruin everything. Also a dying left is more dangerous than a healthy left, because they want to take everyone with them, just not being very competent .
>>661720 pls stop posting Mark, he looks gross and I barf every time I see a picture of him.
(5.43 MB 2560x1440 oh hi mark.webm)

(396.91 KB 1280x1280 mark laughing probably.png)

(297.88 KB 1078x606 Ask the Sonic totem.gif)

>>661717 To keep a niggerpill is no benefit, to ban is no loss.
>>661734 Do you always smell your own farts?
>>207761 why are you volunteering? you spend all day sniffing each others farts so you must be experts by now.
Mating press
(77.64 KB 683x1024 5804379056_71eac5b9b2_b.jpg)

>>207742 >Don't want to sound blackpilling, but is this all in life? Pretty much, yeah. Look back in literature throughout history and it's filled with stories of tragedies and hard lives where people treasured what small scraps of happiness were afforded to them - inventing gods out of the air to thank and praise when life isn't completely grinding them down. A bountiful harvest, or a new child... and consoling their souls in times when disease, famine, and war take it all from them. Then look at just about any creature in nature's life. If they survive birth, they'll almost certainly die in infancy - easy prey for always hungry predators. Sometimes even the mother herself. And if they're lucky and strong enough to make it adulthood, it's because of a constant struggle every day to find food and avoid predators. Why do you think one of the oldest sentiments in human culture is "life's a bitch, and then you die" - or some variant thereof. You're going to die, and you're lucky if it's before you live to see everything you believed in be betrayed, everything you worked for be stolen from you, and everything you loved wither and disappear from this world. It's a joke, and your suffering is the punchline. So laugh. Laugh at the absurdity and cruelty of it all, and appreciate the small pockets of comfort and safety we've carved out, because it's all just a delusion we all have to wake up from eventually. >>661720 That second picture... is that Mark's cocoon? Has he finally reached the next stage? How long will it take for him to metamorphise into his adult form, and will he emerge as a beautiful butterfly?
(1.11 MB 2000x1333 mendy-levy-05.jpeg.jpg)

>>207765 I'd imagine mark to become a beautiful jewterfly after emerging out of cocoon phase, he hasn't been on in a few days to maybe his larval stage truly is over.
>>207765 Indeed, being alive alone requires high levels of entropy to have been present, best not to let the wind go out of that sail.
>>207766 Well fuck, did we miss the Bar Mitzva? Is that before he consumed his weight in Hostess cakes to fuel the transformation, or is it Jewish custom to celebrate after he emerges?
>>207742 The people above you in authority and power in a civilized modern society are, as a rule, selfish and on an eternal power-trip. That's a cyclical historical fact. They will nepotistically guard any true avenue to advance because it would risk disrupting the influence they have, revel in their ability to get away with shit the average pleb would be hunted down and exterminated (like Epstein island shit) while themselves ordering said exterminations in order to keep the value of blackmail against their fellow degenerates viable -- occasionally they'll even drink their own kool-aid and oppress people because the ability to say NIGGER on the internet somewhere, anywhere, genuinely enrages them. Unlike most anons, I don't believe full-on social collapse (in the sense of like Civil War) is happening in our lifetimes. Not in the West. Complacency is a bitch and I've been taught various times (Jan 6th, the Canada Truckers, people standing by and letting BLM burn down cities because of fear of police as if people weren't dying and losing livelihood, etc) that the modern First-World humans are a cowardly lot that value their slow day-to-life suffering far more than they would being able to make a difference. Maybe there will be a reckoning after enough years, but I'm expecting it'll be while the we're all old men and dying out like the boomers, at which point the future's out of any anon's hands. But I don't give a shit anymore. I look out for number one, I play my vidya, I keep my head down, and I try to be comfy as I can be. That's all I can do, and it's all I care to do.
I know /cow/ loves mark more than their own families, but could you perhaps worship his lard ass back at kiwifarms? You're taking up post space that could be better spent on a porn dump or OC creation collaboration.
(481.40 KB 1100x1600 1056-016.png)

>>207769 All it takes is a fracture point or two, BLM did not actually burn down cities, just maybe a few hundred businesses in each city and some non-essential goods like goyvisions and jewphones. Nobody hit substations, nobody blew up bridges, nobody mislaid train tracks; nobody was that mad at the system yet. If american conditions deteriorated to just third world country conditions, you'll start to see it happening. As you end with, being a survivor matters more than ideology.
(66.02 KB 385x456 1471998270273.png)

>>207768 QUICKLY ANON! WE MUST EJACULATE ON MARKS PUPA!! It is tradition for his coccoon to get cummy and harden when the cum gets crusty! That's how he develops. He aborbs the nutrients from each cumshot, we have to help him grow.
>>207771 The other two just use Buggy as a puppet, do they?
(660.65 KB 1000x746 Short Girl & Shortstack art.png)

>>207770 (checked) Sometimes I can't tell the line between an oppai loli and a shortstack nowadays. All I see is dwarf cocksleeve with different names. Even lolis seem like just some variant of midget in my eyes.
>>661772 They just really want their diet to be easily available. If jew crackers and falafel are being sold to goyim all the time, then jews can always count on it being in the store. If pork is labelled unhealthy then the farmers grow less pigs and grow more beef and lamb.
>>661818 >By the end of this decade all means of piracy will be gone forever, Anyone have that screenshot of the blogposting talking about how the Dreamcast was going to "kill" all vidya piracy?
>>207729 Here ya go, fagggot. Ask and ye shall receive >>>/v/661829
>>207775 I'm assuming that oppai loli, more often than not, only has big tits and no ass. Shortstacks tend to have both and/or more focus on wide hips.
(68.74 KB 900x506 asd.jpg)

speaking of macaco, what happened to the "queen of pol" who wanted to return 4chan back to leftism and his hacker buddies? they still running their gayops? >>207770 hey, if they don't constantly talk about other people, how will they justify being lolcows in their board(lol dead) irc/discord?
>>207781 I vaguely remember that. Was it a tranny doing tranny shit?
>>207777 Spics?
>>207782 yeah, there is an autist on 4pol who's connected with trannies and that hacker who hacked the canadian trucker site, claims to be "beyond" leftypol. Someone few threads back suggested that they're running the blackpill gayops everywhere on 4chan and small sites, as a "demoralizing" effort. Also acid mentioned that the canadian hacker (thidran I think) was employed by the canadian cia to hack some right wing terrorist sites
(94.15 KB 600x628 harass.jpg)

>>207784 >canadian cia to hack some right wing terrorist sites So they were going to hack themselves.
>>207784 Don't forget how Thidran was a close buddy of Julay's admin Robi, which was only found out after Tengu crashed /v/ with no survivors, revealing their anti-2D plot and ggrevolt allegiance.
>>207775 Oppai loli has thin childish hips. Shortstacks have big womanly hips.
>>207785 >>207784 >>207782 the "hacker" group has top leftypol mods, some crackhats, and larping commie rich kids. They have been trying to get admin/mod positions in many sites as part of their gayops, the spam plus ddos attempts as well. The niggerpill attempts are not confirmed part of them, but they had their coordinated spams in 4pol thread topics, very similar to niggerpill talking points. They also post blackpill in smallest of altchans with barely 3 posts so they're aware of altchans in ground level. >>207786 And yeah this too, they also butt buddies with revolt and lefty goons. That explains the niggerpill's gamergate trigger words
>>207786 >anti-2D plot Fuck, they are just literal monsters.
(71.13 KB 1123x794 Guide for loli & Petite.jpg)

>>207780 >>207787 So pretty much something like pic related?
(32.25 KB 332x297 Is it REAL loli chart.jpg)

(362.61 KB 2400x1405 Loli shapes.jpg)

(323.65 KB 1088x504 Loli types.png)

(2.49 MB 1240x1750 True loli Megumin.png)

>>207790 Well, it can get more complicated than that. All the rules have flexibility, so it's kind of "I know it when I see it." And then there's lots of very grey cases that people can debate until the end of time, like Megumin.
>>207791 Kind of like Elins with huge thighs and Some Lolis like Sadako from Toshi Densetsu? That kind of bridge gap is kind of why I starting to see that once you get past the moe appeal a bit. It's mainly their short height I like about them.
>>207533 Truly the worst timeline That was basically the last good western shop for physical anime/game goods
>>207790 There are a lot of retards who would call both lolis, such distinguishing to "own the anti-loli" retards is pointless imo, just defend it on principle and that's all you need
>>207795 I thought the distinguishing was to make sure the term didn't get muddled with anything that looks even remotely cute to the point where you get Jason Schrier scenarios where you have retards thinking a grown ass woman being "loli" causing the term to lose meaning in the process.
>>207795 It shames me to favor some of the same anime where normalfags (fake weebs and the like) love spouting their "LE FBI XD" memes where lolis (or loli-likes, as you describe) are involved. You want an anime blackpill? Find out how many "fans" of Touhou have ever actually played a Touhou game, let alone the mainline series and on a difficulty other than easy, for that matter.
(69.52 KB 559x508 blind.jpg)

>>207797 >You want an anime blackpill? Find out how many "fans" of Touhou have ever actually played a Touhou game, let alone the mainline series and on a difficulty other than easy, for that matter. I thought this was common sense that Touhou "fans" never played a single Touhou game.
>>207798 >tfw I could have bought the fumos of the 2hus I love most but some faggot normalniggers who never beat a single Touhou game in their lives bought up the remaining stock. Again.
>>207799 Thats what you get for partaking in the toehoes.
>>207800 At least I played the games and have beaten some 1cc on normal. I only buy merch for games or anime I've already watched, loved, and finished, unlike some impulse buyers out there. A friend of mine from years ago bought some $200+ anime figures because they "looked cool" but he never watched the anime they came from. I just cannot understand that.
>>207801 Precisely, because it looks cool, you dont need a deep appreciation and intricate knowledge of something to get merchandising of it.
>>207802 That doesn't show appreciation for the product or the origin, though. Just shows an impulsiveness on the buyer's part.
>>207803 No, it shows that a thing looked cool and you wanted to have it, its a fucking figurine to put in your room anon, not a self-sacrifice to keep gensyoko alive.
>>207804 Anon, most 'cool' figurines are in the range of 200 or more American dollarydoos. That's a little bit more of an investment than $20 for a funko pop or something. Plus you deprive true fans of whatever series the figure comes from getting their own copy of said merch.
>>207804 Putting anime toys in your room is embarrassing. If you don't have an emotional investment in them then you just have terrible taste. Put normal decor in your room if you're a normalfag.
>>207805 Anon get off your high horse. >>207806 You dont have to tell me that, i have no decorations in my room save for some family pictures.
>>207807 >You dont have to tell me that, i have no decorations in my room save for some family pictures. Apparently I do. Anime in isolation is cringy, therefore people that "just like" anime in isolation with no attachment to the actual work are cringy. Spending $200 on anime shit you don't actually care about is fucking brain dead.
>>207808 Are you being retarded on porpouse?
>>207809 He talks like a cuckchanner or some retard who blew in from twitter.
(225.36 KB 1278x1623 0b2249004edb4e9f.jpeg)

>>207791 >second pic
>>207790 busty curvy milfs/aras >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> petite women (the obviously superior version over lolis, older females with actual fucking features and not flat as a stick figure) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lolis >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> black women (but not delicious brown thats totally different) > literal dogshit on a sidewalk
(98.26 KB 253x613 example-chan.png)

>>207790 I really like her.
>>207813 The plural is milves, dude
>>207792 Speaking of thighs, how did it go with the 8chan Tera gamenight? Is it worth playing, just downloaded the setup.
>>207815 Mothers I'd Like to ves?
>>207814 looks like it came straight out of a japanese "growing up" book for kids as an example of pre-puberty.
>>207814 Shes cute but is only good for raising into a beautiful, well adjusted petite women and then eventually an ara as her final evolution as a woman. >>207792 Okay lolis with thighs and what not are fine but thats also kinda cheating in all honesty.
>>207816 Fuck all happened if you check the threads. Barely any anons joined so nothing of note occurred mainly because the files take up 60 GBs.
(461.64 KB 640x272 austin powers yeah baby.mp4)

>>207817 Mothers I'd love to very ecstatically shag.
>>207797 How is BNHA not on this image? Ironic/SJWeebs eat it up.
(99.83 KB 1396x816 Austin Powers.jpg)

>>207821 Groovy
>>207816 I think people protested the size and the guy that tried to start it up wound up apologizing and getting discouraged. Might be what inspired the recent gamenight organization thread so that kind of thing didn't happen again. As for the private server itself I've only played through the tutorial and when I got to the first main city I didn't see anything in chat. I might log back in and at least confirm whether or not the private server has player stores since that feature being removed before launch over her is what made me cancel my preorder way back when the game originally released. That being said, Tera is okay. Fighting the larger mobs is enjoyable since they have boss-style mechanics even though they spawn just like regular monsters. I remember the things I liked from the prerelease were that you had campfires that you were required to be in the effect range of to use long term buff consumables called charms, thing is everyone near the same fire got the buff too so you'd have players gathered around fires throwing their charms in Stone Soup style which created a sense of camaraderie. It also didn't have group finder when I played so you had to actually stand outside dungeons and talk in local/visible chat to get a group together which was nice. Also, aforementioned player shops. Not sure if those elements are still in the private server since it is a later version of the game.
>>207822 might as well add monogatari on there too
>>207818 That isn't a negative point.
>>207797 I have never seen an ironic weeb know anything about Fist of the North Star.
(1.00 MB 680x912 10 gigs.png)

>>207813 Okay, but what about "shortstack dark-skinned MILF OL that people mistake for a loli everytime she conceals her curvy figure in thick clothing"?
>>207827 Normalfags love the "omae wa mou shindeiru" meme
(73.92 KB 1280x720 HeroAcaSprings.jpg)

>>207822 You mean when they're not bitching about it? >>207825 You mean when they aren't bitching about the loli and incest? >>207829 Ask them to even name the character who says that.
>>207797 needs more Family Guy
>>207828 So basically a dark-skinned Oppai Lolibaba?
(9.11 MB 1280x720 shiny.mp4)

>>207830 >You mean when they aren't bitching about the loli and incest? Bakemonogatari is truly something else.
>>207795 >such distinguishing to "own the anti-loli" retards is pointless That is nobody's reason for distinguishing. This is purely just debate about the particulars of a fetish for the sake of it.
>>207830 >You mean when they aren't bitching about the loli and incest? He means faggots like this. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=FVxGmkk_3bw
(687.00 KB 1635x1200 LOVECRAFT BLOWJOB WOO WOO.png)

>>207828 >shortstack dark-skinned MILF OL that people mistake for a loli everytime she conceals her curvy figure in thick clothing You are messing with the natural order of things, anon.
>>207835 He's a reddit normalfag and he's specifically bitching about something that applies to both monogatari and hero aca so how would that prove the point at all?
>>207796 There's no perfect distinction between related genres, because there's always overlap in some areas which then gets used to pigeon hole one genre into being identical with another. Just accept that childlike characteristics are universal traits that almost everyone finds attractive regardless of heritage. The only retards telling you they aren't are either jealous(women), or are suppressing their own attractions through projection(men).
>>207835 Cr1tikal's a contrarian faggot who coasted by on saying "poopy shit fart cum" in a monotone voice. He's got nothing of value to offer otherwise.
>>662046 Don't make me suck your dick
(479.40 KB 587x706 DanStrikesAgain.PNG)

(448.90 KB 600x330 HeCan'tKeepGettingAwayWithIt.mp4)

(4.60 MB 1920x1080 OurGuyCritikal.mp4)

>>207837 >>207839 Critikal is an unfunny manlet grifter of the worst kind. He does nothing but z-celeb drama vids now (and somehow made millions, not lying, millions of dollars because of this shit) for attention and clout.
>>207842 Will Dan Scheider ever be brought to justice? This shit has been an open secret for years, yet he still hasn't seen the inside of a jail cell to my knowledge.
(15.24 MB 440x368 82117336.gif)

>>207838 >jealous(women) You reminded how I wish Lucario still used the rhetoric "talking dogs(women)", because it always make me think of cute dog girls.
>>207844 From what I recall he's basically been forced out of the company more or less? But nothing legal has happened to him yet.
>>207845 What happened to dykecuck? I miss him, he was funny.
(1.19 MB 1962x2565 YuriCuckExposed.png)

(58.77 KB 1339x278 YuriCuckPol1.jpg)

(70.67 KB 1345x436 YuriCuckPol2.jpg)

(142.99 KB 1345x812 YuriCuckPol3.jpg)

>>207847 I think he shows up to complain about yuri sometimes.
>>207843 I don't mind him too much. He doesn't take himself too seriously, has a buttload of money from his parents first and his deals and sponsors second, just does whatever he feels like doing and interacts with both the little guy and e-celebs. Aside from his shitty takes he's pretty much living the dream.
>>207849 I also don't really have any significant negative feelings about him. He plays middle of the road enough and doesn't seem to play the SJW game and he's basically just peak normalfag.As a result his content is just kinda there, but I guess being in the middle of everything is a safe and lucrative place to be.
(218.17 KB 1194x941 QsLOVPiNeM5w[1].jpeg)

this amuses me, apologies if its been posted in the thread already or something
>>207851 Not in this thread, but it was in the Pokemon one.
>>207851 >blackskin >censored black what nigger site did you pull this shit from?
(75.67 KB 680x808 BROWSS.jpg)

>>207851 Fuck that faggot shitting on thick eyebrows.
>>662147 That's 10 and 14 at best.
>>207851 You know the designs are bad when there's more fanart of the boy who looks like a girl than of the actual girl.
>>207856 Boys just make the best girls, anon.
>>207851 I dislike that the nips equate this retardation to what the foreign market wants when we probably hate it even more than they do, simply because we're bombarded with this bullshit 24/7.
>>207858 This is actually the root of the fucking problem and how SJWs have been able to do so much damage. Controlling media chokepoints is a hell of a drug.
>>662168 pumping animal products full of growth hormones isn't a worldwide phenomena you know.
>>207857 Maybe, but it's strange because at first I thought their genders were reversed and the blue-red haired character was a delicate boy.
(177.82 KB 423x349 wtf.jpg)

>>207851 What the fuck? Does this new game take place in the UK again? Those designs downright look like English peasants. They look like they were born to withstand domestic violence from their drunken abusive peasant husbands. That is if they aren't single wine ladies in their 30's with body counts in the hundreds.
>>207862 >Does this new game take place in the UK again? Spain, so your average EU hellhole.
(61.87 KB 600x349 Love Live.jpg)

Love Live! Collab Art Crotch Shadows Makes Japanese Feminists Outrage https://archive.ph/JWWt2 https://archive.ph/HSBkr https://archive.ph/0Xz88 It's so funny how this thing in particular always get's them to rage.
>>207865 That's par for the course since the past decade of anything that can be construed as lewd so long as it's not done under the watch and approval of the feminist Gestapo.
>>207843 I used to find him entertaining before his face reveal, but now his content just feels so soulless and played out to me and I find him kinda repulsive now. He is one of the top 10 earners on twitch though, he made a few million dollars on there, good for him! >>207863 If I sort my life out for once and actually have money I'm gonna buy that book and all of the other hardcover berserk volumes. Thats the least I could do for Miura and one of the greatest works of fiction I've ever read, personally. >>207865 >womens rights activists <don't approve of women being depicted as beautiful or sexy It's the ugly unlovable hambeasts types bitching about that aren't they?
It's organic posting hours already?
>>207868 Niggerpill moved from xenogears 3 to pokemon so thats what hes going on about.
>>207867 (checked) Same as always. Considering how dedicated feminist are at this since all that time could've been used to improve themselves from starting from the smallest of attempts and keeping at it. But we all know why they don't considering their niggeresque mentality of wanting things to be hand out to them, never wanting to put effort into themselves, and preferring to drag others into the dirty as they try to condemn others for nothing wanting to rot in the pit they occupy. I find this shit beyond tiresome and humorous where I'm not sure how to feel about it anymore. It's so damn exhausting on how they persist on being societal niggers when the solution has been yelled at them repeatedly even by people who hate them and still insist on this stupid dog & pony show they call "activism".
>>207868 Is Niggerpill having another schizophrenic attack. He's spamming the XB3 too.
>>207871 I really miss >119 and >209 right now. This current reiteration is really boring the hell out of me.
>>207851 >>207858 >I dislike that the nips equate this retardation to what the foreign market wants Do the japs know that this is not what we want? Anyone on /jp/ boards or social media getting that message out to them?
>>207865 >Japanese Feminists And how many of these are foreigners calling themselves Japanese?
>>207875 I'm more interested how many of them are left over women since younger men have been tuning out from the competitive work culture and going full herbivore. There's probably a few spiteful bitches that let foreigners take root over this.
>>207875 Based on how many foreign exchange students are there in Japan right now, I'd say 95% of them.
>>207853 It was on the KiA2 win, but probably taken from somewhere else
>>662229 I will baste a turkey inside your asshole, faggot.
(158.54 KB 500x282 1467848004641.png)

>>207880 Refresh the page, newfag.
(54.69 KB 467x571 Angry_Mugi.jpg)

>>207854 Cool story, brow.
>>207882 Everytime I see these characters, I can only think of that one Hulk Hogan parody.
>>207880 >>662261 >>662262 GG threads are made at 700 posts instead of 500.
>>662261 kill yourself newfag.
>>207884 >>207885 I do think some anons tried to push for it to be after 500 posts (since that's the bump lock) when it seemed our activity would slow down but we've never had trouble hitting 700 posts, so it's pointless.
https://archive.ph/89Hll#selection-10661.47-10661.159 HEY BAKER, ADD BEN KUCHERA LOSING HIS SHIT TO THE OP
>>207886 It wasn't pushed, it was an official declaration by mark for when we tried making porn/hentai/ecchi illegal in these threads. Didn't even last 10 threads.
>>207884 >>207885 I didn't read the number of post until after I realized >>207880 called it too early.
(40.89 KB 521x516 (DesireToKnowMore).jpg)

>>207887 Hmm, this could be something.
>>207891 Ben Kuchera used to be the big guy at Polygon and of the people we made fun of/shat on the most. He's that guy who had the nervous breakdown seeing a gun at a gun range or whatever. He was big AGG back in the day. But if he's willing to burn some of his fellow cucks I say let him.
(20.11 KB 412x385 Ric Flair Times Up.jpg)

>>207887 Reset the damn clock!
>>207892 Was he the guy who "reviewed" a VR gun range simulator with a story about how scared & literally triggered he was over the sound of a rifle?
>>207887 >>207890 >>207891 >folks >vaccinated kids >somehow his employer is at fault for child abuse because of his shitty parenting >works for (((vox))) I think it's just a remorseless leftist, he just wants to burn the people who burned him first. Better to focus on the damage to vox than him as a person.
>>207887 >Ben Kuchera: damsel #Voxgate(?) #GroomerGate(?) #GateGate
>>207894 That's what I meant, yeah. I couldn't explain it well. >>207895 >I think it's just a remorseless leftist, he just wants to burn the people who burned him first. Better to focus on the damage to vox than him as a person. Oh he's scum and has always been scum, but if he's going to burn some Vox people I say let him do it.
>>207887 Update: https://archive.ph/EnFb6 >It's OK, I'm lying. <Deletes everything up to 2013. Guys, do you think he's telling the truth now? Gee golly gosh, I sure do wonder.
(106.91 KB 226x437 15561489498894165.png)

>>207881 BAKER?
>>207887 >>207898 >blackmail, before and after Probably got told that his kids would become permanent fucktoys if he didn't shut up.
>>207899 Suck my cock, (You) slut.
(747.49 KB 1243x736 Disgust.jpg)

>>207898 Wow, this isn't suspicious ''at all'. Bless whoever archived his tweet chain before he deleted everything.
>>207902 If he isn't getting blackmailed, he's going to have an "accident" in the not-too-distant future.
>>207903 I think it's far more likely he'll be announcing his leaving the company soon and he'll drop off the fucking grid.
(107.79 KB 1172x827 paps the portuguese hedgehog.png)

>>207887 LMAOOOO
(1.10 MB 885x3832 kirtaner.png)

>>207784 > Also acid mentioned that the canadian hacker (thidran I think) was employed by the canadian cia to hack some right wing terrorist sites That was kirtaner. Infographic attached.
>>207851 >tfw remembering the time that faggot (((Eltonel))) drew porn of the tranny "female" PC for the new Pokemon game and then fucked off this site forever This serves as a lesson to never trust anyone from off-site. Especially drawfags, the leftist cocksucking globohomo cunts.
Failed subversion attempt
(747.42 KB 1240x1754 viv baker girl.jpg)

<<662339 paps please just because youre a living joke doesnt mean you need to sling baseless accusations against our lad ultimate madlad eltonel
>>207907 Jealousy is such an ugly emotion.
>>207907 /cow/spotting
>>207907 Eltonel was around here just recently you fucking moron.
(172.72 KB 845x814 demonbait.jpg)

>shitting on Eltonel because he drew porn of a FeMC for the new pokemon game >lying about him not coming back
>>207898 Wow that is pretty blatant.
(18.93 MB 1280x1070 Touhou Party - Hot Rope Jump.mp4)

(1.36 MB 720x720 Shelob.webm)

If you're looking for a new thread theme, Lord of the Rings would be as good as any.
>>207915 We are not even in the 600 threads.
>>207916 Sorry I looked at this guy >>207880
>>207917 Probably there was a big clean up because noir capsule.
>>207915 Is that a cuckchan webm?
>>207919 I don't know, I found it on jewtube
>>207920 How did you manage to download a soundless video from jewtube?
>>207851 >Thick eyebrows >Short haired women >Bad >>207873 Japs are not immune from making blanket assumptions about gaijin just like the gaijin make blanket assumptions about them. >>207912 The easiest way to tell a bad actor is when they rage against OC creators.
(2.17 MB 720x720 Shelob.webm)

>>207921 I used 'webm for bakas' and forgot to enable sound. I wasn't aware it was soundless until now. I'll delete the original post to save space if you'd like.
>>207923 O fuck I'm laffin
>>207923 Tolkien sure was a man ahead of his time.
>>207901 Whip it out and I will faggot.
>>207898 >>207887 Wish he would post some fucking proof of his kids getting diddled, you know incriminating evidence goes a long way. Why would you spaz out like this without anything to show for it? Pic related, his kids.
(24.55 KB 605x454 constanza.jpg)

>>207927 >Wish he would post some fucking proof of his kids getting diddled
(9.87 KB 233x402 images_8.jpeg)

what a cock hungry slut
(450.64 KB 464x319 1516512253581.png)

>>207928 I meant what I said.
>>662420 It's a victory for gamergate, he should've sided with us now look at what's fucking happening to him. Go against the gate, see your kids gape.
>>662430 israel, but only if you're jewish and the kids are goyim.
>>207907 Take your meds schizo.
>>207784 >>207906 They also operate by infiltrating comment sections of news sites pretending to be customers, using many fake accounts, and trying to create a fake consensus of a (fake) "majority" that agrees with everything that companies decide to do, and then proceed to engage in endless flame wars against actual customers that don't like what those companies are selling. Niggerpill/Hanging Flesh from julay is one of those paid shills.
>l-e-f-t-a-r-d What, did Mark censor your favorite word Luciano?
>There is always a way. The fat l-e-f-t-a-r-d talking dogs that he simps for won't stop any word from being said. Not like you spamming our favorite thread for the past 3 years could have a hand in why you're not welcome. By the way, still haven't provided any proofs that you take your own advice.
>>207935 hm, let me check what filter was rightfully foisted upon luciano: leftard
>>207937 wow, its fucking nothing
(123.88 KB 590x333 1398142446426.gif)

>>207937 >>207938 Wait seriously? The huemonkey thinks his favourite keyword is actually filtered Thats fucking hilarious Leftards 1 : Fedmonkey 0
>>662444 Take your meds schizo.
>>207907 >Redtext message >Not just deleting it because it's negropill/luciano >>207908 >>207909 >>207910 >>207911 >>207933 >Replying to negropill/lucario
(298.67 KB 827x1169 gilda chonker.jpg)

<<662469 i unreplied, zero (you)s but same great taste
(29.05 KB 700x460 Bait 9.jpg)

>>207942 >>207943 A response is still a reply. (You) denial is just a joke, and should not be used against actual spam that you should not be acknowledging, as you only help it further shit up the thread by giving it attention.
>>207942 I want to give Gilda punishment rape everytime she does something retarded until she likes it and I realize the horrible mistake I've made by rewarding her reddit behavior.
(1.47 MB 2986x2679 limit.jpg)

>>207945 Do not bully the potato.
>>207941 Better that its kept undeleted with a public ban so people know how to spot fags like him in the future and maybe not give em (You)'s
>>207948 It really doesn't though. Anons love to respond to obvious bait and further shit up the thread as seen by the number of replies the post has
>>207947 >pic nah 'tater tots, its a vidyagaem
>>207950 god damn it, i should have written 'tater toots
>>207948 Firstly, that only lasts for the thread, secondly, it's niggerpill/lucario. Everyone with two braincells to rub together can spot him. Thirdly, since he's been given a public ban message, people have continued to reply to him.
(4.05 MB 1280x720 alex.mp4)

>>207945 I want to pet and take care of Gilda and prevent her from eating her crayons.
>Now on my final term as a senior in college >Looking for internships in colleges, universities, even non-woke gaming websites to be accepted as an intern for me to start my 300-hour practicum so I can graduate >No response from the entities I sent letters of application and resumé on >MFW I'm fucked.
(246.51 KB 599x465 kicku.jpg)

>>207797 I'll eventually make a comic about this once I finish my upcoming storyarc
(39.90 KB 500x500 good guy greg 2.jpg)

>>662430 >Is there any place on earth were CP is legal? asking for a friend btw :^) Uganda.
>>207958 I cannot say that, it's the Flip mentality.
>>207960 And, if you do that, you'll get nothing but constant shit from the people who do work there and didn't play the victim card.
bagina :DDD
>>207606 >>207662 >>207672 Jews views themselves different from whites, not matter how many traits of European descent they have. Which is why the term "Atheist Jew" tends to pop out for a while. >>207944 So if I post an image of niggerpill being an idiot so that everyone can realize that niggerpill is shitting up the thread as usual, does that mean that I'm somehow fucking up the thread like him? Your explanation makes no sense.
(280.74 KB 974x928 Jewish.jpg)

>>207965 >Jews views themselves different from whites This is true, but I've also seen them play the white card when it suits them. That's how they operate. >So if I post an image of niggerpill being an idiot so that everyone can realize that niggerpill is shitting up the thread as usual, does that mean that I'm somehow fucking up the thread like him? Personally I think things like that and showing the proof niggerpill and Luciano are the same person are fine. It's if you continue to engage with him and feed him after that it becomes a problem.
So what's the next thread edition will be? >>207967 >You're talking about him and giving him attention instead of reporting and ignoring Except that I always report him for shitting up the threads. I wonder if that faggots gets tired of doing the same shit for years.
>>207969 >Step it up, senpai. I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea when this image is even from. I saw it floating around these threads at some point and saved it. I couldn't tell you when.
>>207973 You do realize that there are some retards here that reply to Luciano/Niggerpill's posts instead of reporting and ignoring, right?
>>207974 >>207973 There are also still people who don't realize they're the same person and insist they're different even after being caught red handed and his only response being an ineffectual "...d-delusional"
(428.14 KB 1242x1829 TheyThem.jpg)

>>207977 Aren't they portraying the nicest conversion camp possible?
>>207977 Is this movie supposed to make fun of pronoun-fags and the LGTBQ crowd or something?
>>207979 No, they want to show how horrible and bad conversion camps are, even if there havent been conversion camps in 20 years.
>>207980 So they're just performing what amounts to moral shadow boxing?
>>207981 Basically, faggots who never experienced conversion camps acting like if they are still a thing today. Well, they are, but to convert children into gays and castrated trannies.
>>207982 How low do you have to go where you have to go chase after a problem that not only isn't there to begin with but also completely irrelevant to everyday life now? I thought them going after puritanical Christians was pathetic enough considering how most of them that are left are powerless to do a damn thing now.
>>207983 Because they need to feel like victims to justify acting like fucking monsters.
>>207977 Was/Were
>>207977 Poor Kevin Bacon.
>>207984 >Because they need to feel like victims to justify acting like fucking monsters. I feel like they're losing on that front since even the masses are starting to notice how prevalent this shit is. There's even talks even in Hollywood of all places Jumping ship on being woke not only because of economics but because the trend is slowly shifting away cause being woke is gradually becoming more unpopular by the day despite having institutional control it's culturally losing ground as hard as this shit is to be believed.
>>207987 >There's even talks even in Hollywood of all places Jumping ship Warner Brothers is the first signs of this happening. Canceling woke Batgirl even though the movie was completely done. There's rumors they're doing the same to Supergirl too. They have a new CEO and he seems to be cleaning house behind the scenes. Disney has the money to keep up the poz for a while longer, I suspect, but Warner Brothers can take only take so many failures before they've got nothing left and the whole DC brand ended up mostly disastrous for them.
>>207986 >feeling sorry for someone who reads from jewish scripts for a living and who sold his entire life to them decades ago I mean, if he was roped into it as a child, sure. You can't escape abuse that way. If he went to Hollywood willingly, he deserves more than what they've already done to him.
>>207986 ehh he's still getting work, so good for him i guess
>>207987 I refuse to believe it. They're never going to do that. It doesn't matter what the people want. It doesn't matter what the economics shows. 1. They can't go bankrupt 2. Their mandate requires them to control all discourse. 3. Their mandate requires them to support these things. They want this (for people who aren't them), and they also believe only they are human. They're going to keep doing it, anon. History has shown that they can get away with it indefinitely.
(194.91 KB 650x650 mfw.jpg)

>>207991 There's nothing sadder than blackpilling yourself, anon. As I pointed out, look at current Warner Brothers. Something is happening. I'm not saying the bad days are over, but I also think there are hopeful signs. Giving up is what they want you to do, anon. They want you to think it will always be this way. That's how they win.
>>207993 Oh, I haven't given up. I just don't care about them at all and don't view any of their media. They're not going to stop, but I don't have to accept any of their shit. It's not part of my life and never will be again, no matter what they do or how they try to erase the past. This only ends with their deaths, and no one is going to cause them to die, so the best thing to do is to ignore them entirely.
>>207994 >so the best thing to do is to ignore them entirely. That shit didn't work since gamergate was around and relevant. A better idea was to be aware and vigilant so that they don't get far in the first place. It's too late for that and now it's best to resist, avoid, and alert those you know about the cultural plague that is political correctness and wokeism.
>>207995 >That shit didn't work since gamergate was around and relevant. What are you talking about? It worked perfectly for me. I don't consume their games or media anymore and never will again. They don't matter in my life. They have no control over me. >now it's best to resist, avoid, and alert those you know about the cultural plague that is political correctness and wokeism. Right, so just ignore them. Don't obey. They're going to do what they do no matter what anyway, so just don't listen. Don't say it didn't work.
>>207996 Back then when people said to ignore the issue so it would go away since it wouldn't last in the real world almost a decade ago. People back then underestimate how deep the Socjus rot could get with academia and entertainment and failed to realize that it doesn't rely on profit to keep them pumping their shit since they're not motivated by profit but by taking over institution like the cultural Marxist that the ideologues that push this shit do. Had it not been for the economy taking a hit they would've pumped out more woke propaganda despite the profit losses. It's about cultural control and so long as people pay it lip service it's not going anywhere but now the opposite is happening cause it's either going out with it or surviving during tough times.
>>207997 >Back then when people said to ignore the issue so it would go away Oh, that's always a lie. Never fall for that. Just ignore it because nothing will ever stop it and you can only control the health of yourself and your family. >It's about cultural control and so long as people pay it lip service it's not going anywhere Right.
>>207977 videogames
>>207977 The one on the left looks a little like John Flynt.
28 post before the new bread. As I've request earlier can an anon make it a Chocolate Milf Cake themed thread based on the images at >>207380? Cause I'm not gonna be around to do so at the time.
>>208001 Ok, but the kid will be black too.
Can't wait for the first 300 posts to be a blacked! debate.
(138.16 KB 800x558 Happy.png)

>>208002 I don't mind raising my own kin.
>>208004 >>208005 Also the girls will be futas, and the blackest one will have three dicks.
>>208006 As long as they're not acting like chimps and faggots, I won't mind them much.
(813.42 KB 2000x3000 child predator Mark Mann.jpg)

>>208001 Chocolate Cake, huh? I'm definitely considering