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Gigachad 09/15/2021 (Wed) 08:14:45 No. 78
Do you even watch anime?
>>78 Fuck no
Yeah but I have to motivate myself for a few hours and then I only watch one episode then feel tired.
(611.80 KB 683x624 EGS1YQ8XkAAdXeB.png)

>>78 >Do you even watch anime? sometimes... but its very sporadic, like years in-between shows.
>>78 Yes >>80 That happens to me when I'm watching an anime that I'm not enjoying. I'm one of those people that feels obligated to finish something once they've started it, which is a stupid habit. In other words, drop more anime.
>>78 I loved full metal alchemist, the only anime I have watched until the end.
>>87 At least consider watching Spirited Away, anon.
>>80 Turns out being forced to take amphetamines as a six year old so you sit down and shut up in school has adverse effects that last long after the meth stops being taken.
>>96 Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

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