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Anime that are surprisingly good Gigachad 09/15/2021 (Wed) 12:51:16 No. 83
Like you didn't expect much before watching but it turned out good
Woring!! I was expecting an average to decent slice of life, but it blew me away by how much I loved it! Inami is best girl. Fuck the haters.
>>85 She's cute but I don't think I want to deal with getting punched in the face every time I get too close to her.
>>85 >best girl I love this boy the most
>>86 That just means you have to help her cure her phobia (kinda like Takanashi did). The reward at the end will be a gf that will genuinely and eternally love you!
>>88 who's that?
>>89 >implying you or anyone else can "cure" her Daily reminder that you cannot "cure" or "fix" people. You can support them as they work to overcome their own issues and give them useful advice, but in the end it is their own battle of the mind. You can't shrink down and fight the angsty neurons in their brain for them. I'm not one to believe everything a shrink spews out of their mouth, but it's such a common phenomena that I think this article is worth posting. Take it with a grain of salt as you will, but it has a point: Don't go into a relationship with someone with the sole desire to change them. That's how you get battered wives hoping their abusive alcoholic husbands will change; It's how you get henpecked husbands hoping their sociopathic wives will stop being abusive emotionally manipulative nags. https://randifine.com/relationship-codependency-the-white-knight-syndrome/
(398.49 KB 1268x1600 download (4).jpg)

>>83 I liked School Days, I ended up hating almost every character like I thought I would but it was still fun to watch.

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