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(298.77 KB 637x472 b.png)
Giantess Game Thread Anonymous 12/02/2017 (Sat) 11:15:07 No. 1376
A thread dedicated to the discussion and sharing of Size/Giantess related games. Most of which are RPGs and visual novels, but I'm not complaining. I just downloaded Attack on Giantess, so hopefully there's a couple good insertion scenes. Kind of sucks that you need to nigger rig a translation program for most of these games if you can't translate moon runes. Anywho, feel free to request games/language translations. Just be sure to share and share alike.
(2.78 MB 390x220 YmzOvw.gif)
Description: Features 20 hours of addictive gameplay, this supreme collection contains all games, i.e Goddess Complex I, II, III, IV and V(Prologue) Download: https://gtswaifuism.itch.io/gcvs I have played other giantess games but this one is easily my favorite, mostly because it has harem and actual sex, unlike other games. But the last game is only story, no sex, but very good too.
>>1462 Hi gtswaifuism. I like your games but you really need to add more actual size content.
Does someone have a link to "Princess Calamity RPG" by Ochiko?
>>1606 It's this one, by the way, I can't find a link. https://exhentai.org/g/987184/2dcda64578/
needs more loli games cuz giantesscity are dicks https://twitter.com/tokinokogiri/status/1131168065939419136
>>2155 to the one up top free download of full game adds an extra few scenes at the end https://mega.nz/#!yc4QHJ5K!c4u6Xf16TORpO2xpd_LBfcTxQ9ZOTy26KvTqUCd2L0A
Anyone got the FantasM v0.14?
Just in case anyone cares, Tiny Misadventures got an update recently. You can download it here: https://mega.nz/file/JbRCDQYZ#9BDjYrkboxAMgf8cX_yYbFHWcDvpyKzIKARGy-XtpR0
I've been waiting for someone to post the futa Fantasm vids, I only found one person with it uploaded and its behind a pay wall sadly.

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