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Under new management! Iswear12 05/26/2017 (Fri) 07:39:10 No. 835
Hello everyone who's still alive on this dead board, I'm here to fix this place up and get things rolling once again. Anything you've ever wanted, ask or request it here and I'll see what I can do to make it happen. I want this place to become, well, usable. A place for comfy discussion, high-quality postan, dumping images, and where everyone is free to post whatever they want (as long as things aren't being fucked with). Yes, that includes lolicon, scat, guro, 3DPD, and futa. (though for hyper uru-tier guro and scat, excluding threads dedicated to them, try to keep 'em spoilered) I plan on updating the banners, and sharing the word on other places, any help from you guys would be appreciated. Anyways, cheers and ask any questions ya got!
Also I'll be taking ideas for banners as well, feel free to post them in this thread. They have to be 300 by 100 pixels, and under 500 KB in file size, and they can be anything. memes, cringe, cute size art, anything that might be suitable for this place
Okay, now this may sound weird. But I am really interested in a story where boy is shrunk, and he has to deal with his unaware mother. I would like some unbirth at some point, and I would like him to possibly die at some point. Perhaps he has two lesbian mothers, and he gets in between the two during sex. Maybe he also has an older sister sister, and his mother wants to have "fun" with her, unknowingly tormenting her son. Perhaps some scissoring too, but I really just want a son and an unaware mother.
>>845 T H I S
Which is better, a gentle giantess who will care for you, or a mean giantess who just wants to have her way with you?
(190.08 KB 1200x1697 Heart pupils best.jpg)
>>849 Neither. Best is tsundere tomboy who bullies you hard and does whatever she wants but still lets you know she loves ya. You're still going into her boyshorts whenever she feels like it though >>845 I suppose I can link you a story or two like that? I'm thinking about making request threads so anons can help each other out in finding or creating this stuff.
(70.93 KB 530x820 Double Maid.jpg)
That would be great. Also, I have decided to try my hand at write fagging! >You're a happy man, with a beautiful wife. >She's a bit on the chubby side, but in your opinion that only makes her more gorgeous. >As far as you can tell, your relationship is perfect. >These are the thoughts you think as you look at the breakfast she prepared for you as you walk into the kitchen. >Pancakes for lunch, Sharla had certainly outdone herself this time! >Just what you needed after working a long shift at the pharmacy. >Speaking of which, you need to take your own pills. Can't forget about something so important. >You stick your hand in the bag that you leave hanging on a nearby chair and grab the pill bottle. You open it, grab a pill, swallow, and drink some of the water left for you on the table to wash it all down. >Now, to eat your- >Thud >You are a happy woman with a handsome husband. >That doesn't mean you can't be annoyed with him sometimes. >You huff as you look at the food cooling on the table. > He should have come back an hour ago. >"Daniel sure is taking his sweet time," >And you worked hard on it too… >You even put on the maid costume that he liked~ >And all you got in return is a waste of food. >"Well, I guess I shouldn't let this go to waste," you giggle sweetly. >You pick up a fork, and prepare to eat >Be Daniel. >You wake up feeling all sticky. >Your eyes flutter open, and you see the familiar sight of your ceiling. >Only, something seems off about it. >You try to get up, but you find yourself stuck to the floor. >The oddly sweet smelling, soft, yet durable floor. >Your thoughts quickly disappear as you feel the ground shake. >"Daniel sure is taking his sweet time". >The ceiling is replaced the gargantuan visage of Sharla! What's going on!? >Your thoughts drift to before, when you had your pills. >How could you have forgotten!? You forgot that you brought those experiment pills back home! >You were so deep in thought that you almost failed to notice Sharla speaking. >"Well, I guess I shouldn't let this go to waste," she giggled, licking her lips. >Her words bring you back to your senses. >"Sharla! It's me!" >But your words rest on deaf ears, as she reaches for the silverware. >You start to frantically pull against the substance holding you down, but to no avail. >Soon, she carves out a portion of pancake on the opposite side of the plate. >You watch as she places the food into her mouth. >She chews, and sucks the pancake as if it were the best thing in the world. >"Hmmm, I can't believe Daniel would miss a bite of this~", she speaks in between chews. >If you weren't in danger right now, you would be saddened by what you are apparently missing.
>You return to your struggles, but make no progress. >You see Sharla drool a bit as she cuts another slice. >The liquid cascades off of her pink lips, and, to your dismay, right on top of you. >You gasp for air, trying to keep your head over the saliva that had just fallen on you. >It tasted terribly sweet and sugary. >Soon, the syrupy saliva washes away. >You gasped in relief, only to see yourself being raised into the air. >You look at your wife as her mouth opens, preparing to devour you. >One more time, you struggle against your sweet prison. >You tug and pull, as your life depended on it! To your satisfaction, you feel the syrup giving against your thrashing. >Just before you reached your wife's mouth, you break free, and fall into her large bosom. >With your body still sticky, you manage to hold onto her left breast. >"Sharla!" You yell once more, only to be interrupted by the sound of a doorbell. Sharla >Now, you wander who that could be? >You put down your fork and head to the door. >Just as the doorbell rang again, you open the door. >It was your good friend, Eliza! >"Eliza! how are you?" You say, giving her a large hug. >She returns it with a smile. You always liked that smile… >"I'm great!" >After she lets go, she takes a long look at your outfit. >"It seems like you were prepared for a fun night!" She laughs. >You giggle nervously. "Well, I was expecting my husband to be back by now." >Her eyes go wide. "And miss your cooking? He must be a fool to miss something so wonderful." >Again, you laugh at the complement. >"Well, seeing as he isn't here, how about we go sit on the couch?" Daniel >You breath deeply for the second time today, as the breasts that were enveloping you let go. >Sharla and Eliza begin to move, forcing you to keep still until they reach the TV after some. >They stop, sit down, and begin talking about the usual things female friends talk about. >You notice Eliza stealing a few glances at your wife's breasts. >You never liked her. She always seemed a bit more interested in Sharla than any of her other friends. >If it weren't for the fact she knew her so long, you would have probably asked Sharla to stop meeting her.
(75.34 KB 575x906 Double Eliza.jpg)
>But enough about that, you need to get them to notice you. >You begin making your way up Sharla's breast. >After a lot of work, you make it to her clavicle. >"Dear!" You call once more, again, to no success. >Damn, you'll have to reach her ears if you want any hope in having her notice you! >Looking for a route, you notice a lock of her hair. >You could not reach it from here, but maybe if you jumped… >You make a jump, but Sharla turns her head and you miss. >You fall into the space between her boobs, sliding along her smooth skin. >You close your eyes, hoping that you manage to survive the drop. >Smack! >Almost believing yourself to be dead, you open your eyes to see that you have landed on a wet, pink, fleshy orb that is almost twice your size. >You take a moment to still your breathing, and get a lay of the land. >Behind, you can see skin, so you must still be on your wife. >Ahead is a large, white barrier. >You feel your skin pale. You had a pretty good idea of where you are. >In that moment, there is a bright light as a hand enters Sharla's panties. >It presses you against what you have guessed is your wife's clitoris. >You are rubbed against the organ, slowly, but hard enough that you had to cry out in pain. >You feel your clothes become increasingly moist as your wife pleasured herself >Then for the second time today, you felt yourself lifted up as the sticky liquid binds with Sharla's finger. >Before you are stood her titanic vagina, and before you can react you are pressed against her sex. >As the puffy entrance leaked fluids, you found yourself even more soaked than before. >If this kept up, you will be crushed! The only way you could think of would be… >With only a bit of hesitation, you start to pry open the walls. >It takes you a few moments, but eventually you manage to make an opening large enough for you to crawl through. >You sat in their, feeling yourself becoming more warm and moist. You hope she'll move her finger soon, so you can get out of this mess… Sharla >You stick your hand into your panties as subtly as you could, trying to hide it from your friend by keeping your knees raised. >Why were you so horny all of a sudden? Maybe you really are pent up. >After tickling your clit, you move press your finger against your vulva, careful not to make a sound. >Your finger did not penetrate, but you felt your breathing speed up. >"-They turned out to be in my pocket the whole time! Hahaha!" Eliza laughed. >She grinned at you, but it disappeared when she saw that you did not seem to find her joke funny. >"What's wrong? You always love my jokes?" >"Er, um… I-I guess I'm just not feeling it today." You tell her >She gives you a frown. >"No no no, tell me what's wrong!" She said seriously. >"I-it's nothing you should worry about!" You say, rubbing harder to get to climax. >Eliza gets up and starts walking toward you. You try to get your hand out of your panties, but it was already too late. >She was staring at it your soaked underwear, eyes wide. That look of surprise quickly switch to a kind smile. >"No need to be so embarrassed," She giggled. "We always get that way every once in a while." >You still couldn't help but look away, your face burning up. >"You know… I could always help you." >That got your attention. "W-what! What are you saying!?" >"You know what I mean~" She said, removing her clothes. >"W-what are you doing?" You ask, hesitant. >"I don't want my clothing to get wet!" She smiled sweetly.
(56.95 KB 575x906 Double.jpg)
>"I have a husband, Eliza!" You bawk. >You start backing away from her, but she grabbed your arm. >"Come on, if he hasn't helped your needs, he isn't much of a husband is he?" >You were about to reply, but you were quickly distracted by the sight of her large breasts, barely contained by her bra. >"Don't you think you should try someone else? A woman understands a woman's needs better~" >You just feel your face heat up even more as you look at panties, which are almost as wet as yours. >"Come on. Just this once?" She said, giving her best pout. >"… Okay." >You start stripping as well. >She removes her bra and panties, and lays down on the other side of the couch. >"I have a really fun idea for a game we can play tonight!" She winks. Daniel >Eventually you feel the vibration from outside cease. Was it safe now? >You tried to move outside, but her lips were holding you tight. After a but of pushing, you managed to get your head out, but what you saw terrified you. >It was Eliza, laying down with her exposed pussy facing you. >"Are you ready?" She asked patiently. >"Y-yes, just don't tell my husband about this…" >Before you could so much as blink, the other women's sex rams into you. >The two begin grinding their pussies together, and you along with them. > You were pushed in and out of the two gaping orifices as they rubbed, you could not tell when you were inside your wife or Eliza. >Their gasping and moaning was ear shattering, and easily blotted out your screams. >Occasionally, one of your limbs would get unlucky and be smashed between the two moist beasts, making your screams of terror turn into screams of pain. >You may have screamed your entire voice away if their liquid love had not become so thick. >Your mouth started to fill with pussy juice, and you could only cough as it made its way into your lungs. >This was truly hell.
(131.24 KB 739x1000 Double.jpg)
Wrong picture.
(66.90 KB 575x650 Double After.jpg)
Sharla >This was truly heaven! >You've never felt this way before. >As your vagina kissed hers, you moaned in joy. >You didn't know a woman could pleasure you so much! >Banging and rubbing your vulvas made amazing slurping sounds, turning you on even more. >Eliza's moans only intensified the heat in your loins, and you both became increasingly rougher, gyrating and smashing your pussies together. >Why have you never felt this way with Daniel? >He was never this good, never this intense! >You were getting closer and closer to your climax, and from the sound of your friends moaning, she was as well. >When it finally came, you both could only scream in pleasure >You laid down on the couch, breathing heavily. >Eliza fell down on top of you, and she gave you a deep kiss, which you gladly returned. >After a few moments of tongue wrestling, she got off of you, allowing you to sit up. >That was amazing! So amazing, you actually feel kind of sad that it is over. >Or is it? >You decide to do something that always turned on your husband >You stick your finger into your vagina, swirl it around collecting as much of you and your Eliza's love as possible, and sucked on your finger. >She giggled at your display, and looked away, coyly. >"S-so, do you want to do it again?" >You swallowed around your finger, and it exited with a pop. >"Yes. Just don't tell Daniel, hehehe~" >You were in great pain. >You're pretty sure all your limbs are broken, and you are barely conscious. >You only barely notice the grinding of the two giantess stop. >Unfortunately, you were still stuck to your wife's vagina, her and Eliza's hot cum keeping you bound. >As a finger approaches you and pushes you back into your wife. >You do not scream, even if it could help, your voice was burnt out. >After being swirled one more time in your wife's vagina, you are brought up to her face. >Did she notice you…? >"Honey…" You say, just before her mouth engulfs you. >You're so tired of being in warm cavernous maws. >Just as your wife swallows, and you fall into her stomach, you pass out. >Your wife would never know that she and her new lover killed you in their lovemaking…
I am open to criticism.
>>857 fuck you
>>861 That is not criticism.
>>857 it was good for an early story
finally an actual gts banner for the board, great job
>>873 Thank you! I'm still working on adding more. I hope to have at least 2 dozen before I stop; I'm still taking any and all suggestions for them though
really good luck with that!
>>851 Sorry I took so long to reply anon! Pretty good writing skills anon. In terms of descriptive ability, verbosity and dialogue I have no complaints. More to do with the story as a whole, I don't think rapid perspective changes work well for greentexts in my opinion; imo they work a lot better for chapter-based stories (and even then, only when executed well). I'd be fine with seeing just Daniel's or just Sharla's perspective for a fair while, but jumping around this often becomes a little bit tedious. It becomes similar to reading an RP log that hasn't been translated to a story format. I really like the image-related posts you did though; that's fantastic and an idea that should be done more often.
Can you fix the Rules page and the Gifs thread?
>>1082 gifs thread should be working now. As for the rules… I'm going to create new ones; the old rules page doesn't seem to be salvageable anyway. Hopefully that helps!
I'm gonna be pruning the one-and-done threads and the dead shill threads and transferring the images for them to the giantess/size general thread if applicable.
(207.79 KB 1024x864 image.jpeg)
(142.08 KB 1024x396 image.jpeg)
(199.33 KB 699x1143 image.jpeg)
(168.60 KB 694x1152 image.jpeg)
(3.03 MB 2560x1440 image.jpeg)
(1.10 MB 768x1024 image.jpeg)
(1.51 MB 768x1024 image.jpeg)
(172.58 KB 1024x936 image.jpeg)
(216.75 KB 1024x935 image.jpeg)
>>835 i just like to say the new stuff being uploaded here recently is great.
(560.54 KB 1240x1754 1496194380573.jpg)
>>1208 Thanks anon I agree; I've been helping but its good to see other people new and old showing up to post
(530.77 KB 1158x818 image.png)
(302.12 KB 1024x1448 image.jpeg)
(1.15 MB 1024x936 image.png)
(227.57 KB 1280x811 image.jpeg)
(50.93 KB 720x728 IMG_20170831_071952.jpg)
(128.52 KB 2048x833 IMG_20170831_072003.jpg)
>>835 Are size memes allowed?
>>1241 Yes. Just try not to spam them in random threads
I believe I cleaned up most of the clutter from the board's catalog and pages. Please let me know here if you have any suggestions or requests you'd like me to see.
Hey, I'm the anon from the /d/ giant male thread. Here's my first impressions feedback and suggestions: I love the concept of a board just for sizefetish stuff, there are so many threads on /d/ (giantess, giantess vore, giant male, shrinking, growth, and other niche ones that pop up from time to time like the fat giantess thread) so a board just for them all and more would be so comfy. That said, there are so many just… random threads on your board, like dumps of just specific artists (ironic since on /d/ the vore and male threads may as well just be called "Karbo" and "Kononiko" threads respectively). I think you should try to mimic the "model" that already exists on /d/ and copy over the main generals whilst allowing niche threads to surface (especially since this place will always be slow and 8chan allows for huge threads, so it's likely they'll never vanish). For instance, there is a giantess general on here, but also threads like "Manzi dump" and "Canon giantess" which could easily be in that general and would in fact give it more activity (something a board with a small population needs). The niche threads could be threads like the size matters one or the vore one, where content and discussion of the subject TECHNICALLY fits into the general, but there's enough demand and others in the general might find it distracting enough that they don't want to see it. I really think a "generals + specific offshoots" models would allow this place to reach maximum comfy and speed. Since you say you've only recently acquired this board, why don't you give the board itself a real fresh start like this?
>>1288 ugh, just rereading what I said. Ignore that last sentence, I didn't mean to put pressure on you or anything with a leading question. I just am wanting feedback on my idea.
>>1288 I'm pretty hesitant to delete or move a lot of the old, legitimate content on this board. I consider it almost like a history at this point, but I believe you've laid out points that I do have to take seriously. I suppose I can make some generals and move as much content to them from the old threads as possible before I delete them. I think I'll leave the Canon thread as is because there's a mix of eastern and western content in there, and it has enough unique content to where I'd be hesitant to put it in any one thread, besides maybe a /gts/ general, which would be like a board-wide general where anything is allowed. You're right about this place needing some activity though. I'll try to clean this place up today and start some generals for people to get started. There's already a giantess/size thread or general on the catalog, as well as a vore general. There's an /aco/ general as well. It'd be hard to start niche threads if I don't know if there's any demand for them; I'll just let people create those on their own. At any rate, thank you very much for the feedback anon. I'll give it a try.
Interesting board, I'm personally a fan of kaiju. Giantess are kind of an underappreciated monster. Be cool if they remake 50ft woman again but add other giants for her to fight like they did with Kong on Kong Skull Island. The 90s remake felt that it failed the horror the original tried to portray.
Superior original version. Remake didn't do justice. Anyway, good luck with your board.
Migration complete. Please let me know if you find any issues.

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