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satyameva jayate

(88.11 KB 900x873 pepe-drinks-computer.jpg)

Anonymous 09/19/2022 (Mon) 18:40:28 Id: aa76cf No. 206
yaaro this place reminds me of old inch keep it like that I hope it doesn't get raided by r/jeeneets :)
(1.78 MB 633x356 1651759900924.gif)

>>206 Jee chutiyo ne indian image boards ka catalog bigaad diya hai 🤢🤢
(351.37 KB 1920x1080 paulo-meneguetti-sketch-52-c.jpg)

>>206 The only thing we can do is HOPE...
>>206 >>207 >>208 Yaar stop making threads or namedropping pregnancy and InCh bhangis. This place has nothing to do with them. Just pretend they don't exist. Attention is what they crave and you should be the last person giving it to them.
(338.89 KB 1008x712 hrvawz1desl31.jpg)

>>222 could it be that inch was always trash Did we like it but then got tired of it somewhere along the way Sometimes i feel like the thread i loved a year ago is now repulsive
>>399 just think ppl on inch would use apni maa se pooch etc humour which felt funny at the time now it's the same lines used by zoomers but i still hate then somehow
>>399 Such is life, all novelty eventually wears off. This applies to everything - hobbies, relationships, internet forums etc.
kek some chhapri chamar posted his name and address in the typical bimaru way when they agitated. lundiachan is keel.
>>449 Kek really? Post link
>>450 seeing this feels sad yaar https://archive.ph/m5rVS#194809
>>454 Kek With the way those retards were fighting i would not be surprised if the address were legit. All those schoolchildren behave the same way everywhere, it's so easy to spot them.
>>455 inch has been going down since lockdown but it has always been in waves of plebbitors, instabhangis and twatterfags who leave after some time, but now it finally seems to be over.
>>458 btw it had become comfy again for some time 2-3 months ago and i saw many oldfags back but they seem to have grown tired of it again.
>>459 Inch is a lost cause yaar best forget it
(70.02 KB 1400x1400 1653909547327.jpg)

>>402 ye bhangi idar bhi aagaya this board is contaminated yaaro
(70.32 KB 403x376 1638278423449.jpg)

>>465 Mai wo bhangi nahi hu yaar mai doosra bhangi hu

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