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satyameva jayate

Anonymous 09/21/2022 (Wed) 06:58:39 Id: 9ba6cc No. 311
Kya yaha sab college fags aur wagies hi hai kya. Koi bhi NEET nahi hai kya. Din me ek bhi post ya reply nahi hota, sab kuch sham ke 7 baje se shuru hota hai.
(226.57 KB 480x360 giphy (1).webp)

Iss "ladki" ke pant me ye bulge kaisa I am a jeefag mere busy schedule se time nikal ke mai yaha post karta hu you should thank me
(269.48 KB 1200x1200 wp8250713.jpg)

>>311 Me bhi neet hu yaara
(62.55 KB 500x500 1663536604544.jpg)

>>314 Gale mile yaara
>>311 NEET life is best yaara
>>317 Sab NEETs ka life ek jaise nahi hota dost.
god i wish i were a multi-millionaire(dollars) /billionaire so i could neet away all my life and dont have to worry about medical bills/legal problems. instead im stuck with grinding my ass in pajet enginiggering(cs) i do not enjoy academia here its so stressful and pointless
>>325 Do not worry friend, for this shall pass too. Eventually you'll die and at that moment your long life will feel like it's only been few moments.
Aisa nahin hai bhaya bahut sare log hai but kitna ko to reply krana bhi nahi aata hoga
>>395 Kahi aap khudki baat to nahi kar rahe naveen ji

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