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satyameva jayate

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violent thoughts Anonymous 09/23/2022 (Fri) 14:26:13 Id: 7e6b6a No. 411
from a young age i have had unnecessarily violent thoughts i often wonder 'yaar xyz se ladai ho gayi to mai jeet paunga kya?' and play out that scenario in my head apparently when I was very young and playing on picrel i punched another guy my age square in the face for no reason even though I don't want to, i like the fact that I did that if i meet someone who is bigger than me (i am no giant, lots of people like that) i start to feel insecure the urge to escalate a verbal altercation to a physical one is also pretty strong when that happens fortunately I've only let that happen once i am not strong or skilled enough to win fights so i don't start them but i LOVE watching street fight videos and self inserting how to stop?
>>411 get into real fights rather than fantasizing.
>>414 But i am a cowars
>>419 you fantasizes because your body knows you will never get into a real fight. Once you get into a real fight and throw some punches (or eat some punches) you will be able to rid yourself of this ailment.
>>422 I have taken up boxing and have eaten a few punches. If what you say is true then I'm already on it
>>423 Im too retarded to do it properly so I will definitely eat a lot more punches dw
>>411 You have a lot of anger inside you and you just need a way to channel it out. Either you're very rude to people close to you or you're very scared to do it which further adds fuel to your problem.
>>425 i used to be plenty rude now I've learnt to control myself better but yes i might have pent up anger
>>423 Boxing is a controlled environment. You have to get into a street fight where things can go crazy. Better bring your friends.
>>430 you think I'm a bimaru or something? i sont have friends especially not anyone who would fight with/for me i was once arguing with a shopkeeper who was asking 20 rupees for a 12 rupee cold drink and everyone else had their tails between their legs funny how the guy who is always talking shit about his altercations back home was going 'dede bhai dede use' under his breath with his hands crossed and without saying a single word to the guy he once told me btw, 'tu bhot darta hai, koi bhi gaadi se talwar leke nahi utarta, chaar baatein to hoti rehti hai' when he was narrating how he took panga with a car driver in a road rage incident
>>437 Road rage is just that, you talk trash because you know both will move on. But taking a stand against the shopkeeper requires stepping up and that needs courage. It's easy to retaliate when someone else starts a fight, but starting one yourself needs balls.

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