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satyameva jayate

(39.25 KB 800x650 1628848346776.png)

Anonymous 09/12/2022 (Mon) 03:42:37 Id: 51fc25 No. 53
kal kuch dhang ka nahi kiya parso bhi nahi aur aaj bhi na karunga
>>53 Yahi to life hai anon. Sada maut ke intezar me rehna.
(399.33 KB 975x990 1621878488006.png)

Aaj bhi kuch dhang ka nahi kiya
>>322 Maine to mahino se kuch dhang ka nahi kiya
(168.45 KB 1080x1709 3w4t5uwdr2j91.jpg)

>>323 Mainhe toh saalo se nahi
>>53 >>53 literally me since tha day i was born
>>53 ye to mai hu
(6.22 KB 256x197 download_10.jpg)

>>340 literally ya figuratively?
>>344 Mujhe sunny side up bohut pasand hai yaar mai to sunny side up ka god hu
>>348 more of a both sides done well guy
(266.42 KB 675x1550 these_are_my_eggs.jpg)

more of a both sides done well guy
>>369 Yaar this pic reminds me of that one episode of new tom and jerry where the hen lays eggs when some music plays.
>>370 Tom and Jerry tales wasn't good The only good things about T&J Tales and Kids were the theme songs i need to stop living in the past yaar fuck shit
>>381 Tom & jerry tales was okay, but I just couldn't stand tom & jerry kids. Pic rel were kino though, I can rewatch them any number of time and I'll be amazed each time.
>>381 O_O

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