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(106.70 KB 850x478 int1.jpg)

(90.00 KB 850x479 int2.jpg)

(200.69 KB 850x979 int3.jpg)

Sexy UK Couple Anonymous 08/16/2021 (Mon) 14:31:43 Id: 6f9196 No. 1046 [Reply]
Any thoughts on her?
qostube.com/model/wifelovesbbc/ twitter.com/WifeLovesBBC4 That's a very hot profile! Her full videos must be awesome
seems interresting

(3.91 MB 544x416 1627901233434 (1).webm)

Anonymous 08/10/2021 (Tue) 21:28:11 Id: 4aa203 No. 964 [Reply]
Anyone got a source on this? Found this slightly longer version at 44 minute mark https://xhamster.com/videos/blacktized-3141671
>>964 Those curtains really make the room look nice.

(72.52 KB 894x1688 Image-14.jpg)

(98.17 KB 483x901 IMG_7137.JPG)

(144.21 KB 1600x857 IMG_7138.JPG)

(233.75 KB 752x468 IMG_7145 (2)_LI.jpg)

seeking group of black men Anonymous 08/08/2021 (Sun) 18:55:50 Id: 000000 No. 930 [Reply]
im a mini fun sized petite short little tight white submissive slave here in search of 1- as many big black cocks as i can find to give it to me as rough as you can possibly give it. I mean it, dont hold back, no weak men allowed. In fact I only want the toughest biggest buffest black tops i can find.

discord Anonymous 08/06/2021 (Fri) 17:32:05 Id: d87262 No. 893 [Reply]
Can i get a invite to Blacked waifus or /h/BBC please Buzzing#2588

(34.97 KB 476x538 257_1000.jpg)

(72.75 KB 1000x509 112_1000.jpg)

(1.06 MB 320x320 507_1000.gif)

(79.35 KB 563x1000 675_1000.jpg)

(35.84 KB 480x640 891_1000.jpg)

BBC WORSHIP Anonymous 08/02/2021 (Mon) 23:30:01 Id: 000000 No. 862 [Reply]
Its hard out there finding like minded people who shared the same thing as me, that being BBC worship. Whats better than some young phat ass white girl and some hung bbc? Love to hear about your views, how ever open minded they may be. Feel free to add me on kik J,james70

(431.85 KB 2558x1931 yourtang.JPG)

All yours Anonymous 07/31/2021 (Sat) 22:57:50 Id: 000000 No. 842 [Reply]
Join our KINKY/BDSM Expedition

Anonymous 07/25/2021 (Sun) 10:23:54 Id: 6128e2 No. 767 [Reply]
I would love to have a bunch of bbc’s use me as long as possible. I really would love to get stretched to my limits and be DPd and filled with load after load of black bulls cum. I know it’s crazy but I’m needing used and bred. I know black men don’t mind that I’m bigger either, that just makes me even more perfect to get used by hundreds of black men.
Stop posting your crush's pics you weirdo.
cringy larping

(29.74 KB 500x500 1473453531852.jpg)

(44.72 KB 400x600 1470287980900.jpg)

(274.99 KB 1080x1349 1517159093629.jpg)

(115.50 KB 919x960 1609106919929.jpg)

(125.29 KB 1024x1024 1574234762934.jpg)

Anonymous 06/05/2021 (Sat) 03:26:50 Id: 56da03 No. 26 [Reply]
All pretty white girls should be gangbanged by Big Black Cocks at least once in their lives.
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(7.82 MB 640x360 video0.mp4)

(79.40 KB 736x1103 1626803617284.jpg)

Nice to see you guys liking my idea. Just imagine all these gorgeous white girls fucked like in the Jennifer White cheerleader video or even rougher and nastier.
>>773 Okay. I added you!
(131.05 KB 959x958 62524884.jpg)

>>776 That's the best scene Jennifer ever shot, and she's had some great ones. Would love to see this grad school student get that treatment.

(134.43 KB 1000x750 rwazvlo3jv871.jpg)

Anonymous 07/09/2021 (Fri) 05:37:31 Id: daf656 No. 523 [Reply]
Dear Sophie, It's ok, honey. Your mother was right, and he deserves her. He gave her things I never could. I can see that you already understand. From the looks of things, he has recently made you a woman. His woman. That's good. He deserves you too. You and your mother have to make sure you give him everything he wants from you. You belong to him now, as I'm sure you understand. Now, as the oldest, it is your responsibility to make sure that he takes your sisters' virginities as well. Not only are all the women in that house his property, but for their sake we can't let them make your mother's mistake and start out with white boys. They need to start servicing him as soon as possible so they correctly associate black cock with sex and arousal. Please make sure not to use contraceptives or "protection." Your wombs are his natural right to claim, and I don't want your sisters to miss the experience of being bred on their first times. I will support you, your sisters, your mother, and the children you will all have, so please let him breed as he wishes. Finally, if you can arrange it, please try to have your brother catch you as much as possible. This should be all he associates with sex, watching his mother and sisters get taken by a powerful black man. With any luck, he will be addicted before he has a chance to lose his virginity. If possible, get him to watch your step-father stripping your sister's virginities. That will create a powerful impression that will stay with him for the rest of his life. Remember, I love you honey. I hope all of you are well. Love, Your father P.S. Please don't tell him about our correspondence. I don't think he'd be happy with me talking to a woman he owns, and I don't want to think about what he'd do to me if he found out.
13 posts and 12 images omitted.
>>724 Yes. Good. Make your own characters. Expand the universe. Good job keep it up.
(487.70 KB 1500x1000 11.jpg)

(539.44 KB 1500x1000 12.jpg)

>>523 Dad! Guess what! Remember how the choreographer for Emmie's ballet company quit suddenly and no one understood why? It turns out it was because so many of the girls in Emmie's grade there were getting pregnant and dropping out, and they thought it was him knocking them up! So they canned him quietly so there wouldn't be a scandal... But I think we just busted the real culprit haha! Apparently Emmie's been bringing the girls over for "play dates." She said at first it was just to tease daddy, but daddy started seducing them one by one and it was so hot watching him take them that she couldn't stop. I totally get it. I told you I've already given all my friends to daddy. I bet those little ballerina bodies are so fucking tight when he gets them. He's probably the first to get to use most of them. I couldn't believe even this one could take him!
(887.01 KB 2999x2000 1380994738.jpeg)

(853.13 KB 2999x2000 807978665.jpeg)

(892.35 KB 2999x2000 116760388.jpeg)

(860.94 KB 2999x2000 1668665087.jpeg)

>>523 One of the teachers there found out what Emmie was doing, but it turned out she has a black daddy herself, so now she's helping Emmie by telling all the girls in the lower classes that they need to keep their virginity in order to be good at ballet. She knows they're not going to be able to resist a black man like daddy so it's just making sure they don't give it to their white boyfriends first. She's so clever! God look how good this little ballerina looks giving daddy her virginity. Look how happy she is for him to take it! I'm so glad there are good people like Emmie's teacher in the world.

(648.28 KB haha.mp3)

Anonymous 07/23/2021 (Fri) 00:30:19 Id: 476746 No. 748 [Reply]

(1.07 MB 800x533 ClipboardImage.png)

Anonymous 07/18/2021 (Sun) 03:14:35 Id: 000000 No. 685 [Reply]
I just want to suck big black cock with my girlfriend and her friends. They are all so sassy. Pic related. I imagine me and them sucking together Anyone else wants to serve bbc with their gf?

Interracial Sims Anonymous 06/09/2021 (Wed) 06:46:55 Id: 5eb8cc No. 89 [Reply]
Sims interracial content, from any game. Preferably Sims 3 or 4.
8 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>310 check loverslab
(75.42 KB 753x566 1601110080822.jpg)

Kinkyworld requires paid patreon, can you upload it for us??>>252

(136.33 KB 1946x1068 ClipboardImage.jpg)

8chan.moe/brit Anonymous 07/08/2021 (Thu) 16:48:16 Id: 98802b No. 511 [Reply]
8chan.moe/brit for British interracial chat!
mmm i love bbc cuck porn
(61.88 KB 680x286 emma watson cheat black.jpg)

>>511 Why British girls? I mean sure there are plenty of white pretty girls with very pale pussies of all age ranges in the UK. But there are other countries too like that in Europe. Why British white girls? It's Emma Watson, isn't it? I just know it's because of Emma Watson. It's always because of Emma W.

(86.78 KB 417x371 5619541955497.jpg)

Discord? Anonymous 06/05/2021 (Sat) 21:31:52 Id: 31f1c6 No. 47 [Reply]
Any of you have the discord links saved?
3 posts omitted.
>>58 >server still run by the tranny cunt melanie gonna be a yikes from me dawg
>>67 i know his videos aren’t that good but what’s the problem what did i miss
>>67 Seems like """she""" is gone at last

Discord Anonymous 07/09/2021 (Fri) 15:08:02 Id: 33eeca No. 536 [Reply]
Discord to share your IRL white girl friends and talk about them getting blacked. Link only here for 24 hours. https://discord.gg/MYJtrBWX
Quite the specific topic for a Discord that is only going to be open today

(1.07 MB 1912x2856 1575.jpg)

(1.02 MB 2976x1080 BBC Qunitet.jpg)

(474.67 KB 1046x1736 Babecock Natalie 01.jpg)

(159.30 KB 1029x612 Babecock Natalie 02.jpg)

(595.76 KB 1526x1066 UK Babecock.jpg)

Babecocks or Fakes of Girls You Know Anonymous 06/03/2021 (Thu) 23:57:03 Id: d5819d No. 10 [Reply]
Pretty self-explanatory I think, would love to see this daughter of a friend. Made a couple others with her sorority sisters and her mom.
4 posts and 3 images omitted.
(1.96 MB 1200x674 hey.webm)

(50.18 KB 1000x667 pic_23_big (2).jpg)

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