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(313.63 KB 1202x1206 img.jpg)

XMPP chat Anonymous 08/08/2022 (Mon) 03:16:23 Id: f0eb0b No. 7972 [Reply] [Last]
Hello I am creating a Tor xmpp server for interracial chats. If you would like me to create you a user account please encrypt a username and password using my gpg key below thank you. Send me a PGP key. I will respond to you with the .onion address. Thank you! -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQGNBGLweHABDAC5MT5EJqRlb9FTwFZlGZ8MWFWaBzRlNyAvg8GAdEsJ2UEq/lX1 7vEUXxrdhIOBB+NVzkSE/yODYM5UoJizn3lyy4j6RF4jAYfzbs7rC6vvybBkIvfv xhPfbUBpHeZDm5ALbfLdTCyPPRbPpmPAYa15gOnYL9lD5J+cf+54nj8etFroKGSL z3uwXH/79HGeea9BP/UHSYg854EEORNOUs8pvHtIshOMFtUevI0ZV34ei6cXmto0 DJxwToK6Kr/dYRHvttUFbUTxHS8g3/rvezGYxQab/vMhTSmQgtRfnwsAOeil3BeV PVXISTXLVr89VBhJ5Uy59jUdIMkGSn5VEFwfnImr9Fr0WYdWcuJL/3h2SEbXh3+q RmOEmNlESKD071zPBafW8sOhVSbfz5ILSS/rGHz+0zlU3GuoPj3HvujxX7I92YuF PbsJ255LYQ1Kfxbsz/Wev+DWnM2j/8tHLbFQ7DIcVJZFHGd53WIRhHnoYfqTFr15

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Nooo, I was waiting for this thread why did you not replay on 2db? Hope everything works fine. -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- hQGMA6ohrW6G9+CSAQv/Qbh6P6vs38wD71xaX7iYO48SqkAyuMHmL5Lu3GAgWX93 A1GI4xl1kiKLIECa8kRI+Of+/w1eDLvFFa+dyVSPra5XZVGh9aqnbxdiuuD9h1vr fQIAcm+ROUHqtsiDc/+VhxnWHkI+2DtRwYa4fAuao9dyovK7exT8n4fVvAAFhTPs ZOJ6GvQC0HxPFfzegIybjYmDq6FjUImUeRGKCdIr6wpBkWVxT+gQaykBgLna3a3O SkBRiKIkLkXLJisyl0mV7R+WwKYRZ7WqD8hROwnIawR/Se2Ct70gQLF0xfuwyGhI QKuCwoLJLzEQa8oOVB0oF2aEc/LdD0mOiQMzZnBHy8PRq5gKq3bHtAquz+DgCzeb h1HJ+2yYF58XwRwWfg5caAupWU8V96pKczGbOMC1od7L2Gt6dgC8ub74QJO294TT +DxvUf0TNsMDd2QFkAG7PKsvouNB5HzIXFQpA4NJl3YPTgKJoY5Mm522vX2D5v4G 2E6FClI9buGPB6XzoGYb0lAB74qjMaXQX0IoTIpv1Q6yHLSilKS/JX0Ewtuq/cdk rV1ZLGQ2idcta4ZEutImhXfcBtY4pF7b1OiAprYRe3Sryv9J/XPEfzyUCHjJg0jR Ng== =x6Nj -----END PGP MESSAGE-----

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>>9107 -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- hQGMA1L04Qr5uAgwAQv8DIGtPs7/tXxnOxBO3OjLMNhJqmBalqxIJNjuREjzAc+X ZpSP/JE58wFG5+NaWhijZtWsawoB3JKQSArL3H0X69AMa52ZzuU3VcBkq0Kqy+4U yZRjtw016Tjpi7Bj+7Jg2Ost2tpQB4xJ7oJ5/UrCRsDbcRPMv9FBvYm8sO9PqAZL VMetCAWFK9zWLLkl2x+rpLNo5xTWbrzF9vHgtLugJq+xCKECRSrl70bNZX2groLl LJQgSkpSW6uCEi2QZyfDVv96J69hXJ6Mgk3qlMRaQV7zBp3sz/eIAULXejcjx5fo Dk1UUUHUfYu050RJ676xRluHl2Xg57D5ylMDM+in5aUoj+kAlhy2savYpcM+fEnw vX3htofxv/Mtb/QaJviMKaacBMePL4x0xrjkaSe01n44Jq+WGTvEbVSaQ1uh/p34 fIFUL/dm0R0UfflZL+BS78x0qqbRybDEaQKREyOrl+V8rTgdTuQLIka8zwzj3R61 uuEizmVwaqUmzV9N/dZOhQGMA6ohrW6G9+CSAQv/b8smFYb2W5HMXjwrrszUf659 rAh2lQPdBRQz4Id6XsM8SHojDmi+AEoi0+yHw5QCmIPnJd9KUPx6TS/uFgkU63+Y DOlQn2mqYHRCMOHaEUxp6sTy0QkpxI0yv0hYdm3Vk0jRodtb/deA069kmn9j6MvS eJk39OUS+EGtqGBnEMIJ9p3ptz9reCq9kjqRY8HU5ebBby7mCGIYiw2wFCKIxHeh ITOaDhzo2tR2SZfdPrqcxypK5Swbx/45MiwhnzqjuYQmeOGS8fvKZPD9rJjN7ndM EKE5l0mglsyqalwVtpq93+HEb8pCqiZo2ErldlKPh1xNWZX4FTBJ+pbvY/k+jt1h

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

how tf do you do this, someone explain

(3.70 MB 3840x2160 Screenshot (161).png)

(4.23 MB 3840x2160 Screenshot (163).png)

(3.82 MB 3840x2160 Screenshot (160).png)

Sabrina Carpenter Finally Blacked Anonymous 08/26/2022 (Fri) 01:51:10 Id: 4cc5c4 No. 8458 [Reply]
there's apparently leaked footage taken off someone's iPhone showing Sabrina Carpenter getting railed by the big black dude (guy in photo) who was in her new movie Emergency it's about five minutes long where you hear her screaming like crazy in it and it ends with a facial, he also got some foot action from her
Literal faggot schizo Who it's obssesed with NIGGER cock
>>8460 you do realise what board you're on?!?!?
>>8458 OP is the same guy who made the Belarus mother and Ukrainian refugee threads. You can tell by the way he capitalizes nouns and random words but not the start of his sentences. The other telltale sign is he just fucking makes shit up in the hopes that he can will it to life some how. There are no Ukrainian refugees getting fucked by black foster parents, there is no Belarusian mother doing porn and this fucking leaked video doesn't exist. This is some Class A Autism.

(118.96 KB 800x1200 3298725_14_o.jpg)

BMWF Stories, Fantasies and Greentexts Anonymous 10/21/2021 (Thu) 18:34:09 Id: 57a727 No. 1994 [Reply] [Last]
I'm interested in reading your stories involving bmwf sex. The can be real stories or fantasies and they can be first-hand or second-hand stories. Anything is welcome as long as it's hot. Feel free to put some care into your posts and comment on other anons' posts.
150 posts and 47 images omitted.
>>8764 2dblacked is a different board on this site
>>8784 post, sounds based as fuck

(642.00 KB 1280x881 1562345174063.png)

Anonymous 06/06/2021 (Sun) 20:30:31 Id: e9fce3 No. 51 [Reply] [Last]
WN thread!
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(590.08 KB 792x528 unknown.png)

ancz#7963 Message me on discord if you are a fellow WN bro who just loves seeing our women get blacked. No sissy/trans/gross stuff just pure white aryan pussy getting pounded by the biggest blackest dicks
What is up with this guy? There are tons of posts from him across the thread all with different Discord tags and poster IDs.
>>9020 >>9112 Bro why do you have a new account every couple days LOL

Too many trannies in IR these days Anonymous 05/07/2022 (Sat) 00:38:14 Id: d95038 No. 5210 [Reply] [Last]
Any other racist cuck chads here absolutely hate seeing all this sissy beta boi tranny shit absolutely taking over this fetish? >Wanna watch some hot compilations or PMVs of niggers breeding white women >LOL TOO BAD HERE IS SOME TRANNY WHITE COCK AND TRANNY MAN ASS. AREN'T YOU A LITTLE BETA BOI???! Doesn't help that most snowbunny e-thots tailor their content to this tranny crowd now because they pay the most cash. Honestly if this shit increases any more I might actually lose any interest in this fetish and just jerk it to something that isn't infested with trannies.
49 posts and 14 images omitted.
>>7928 Yes I've been scolded by many 'leftist' intersectionalists. The irony is that leftism is a focus on CLASS ala Marxism. Any mention or focus on race on way or the other is to the benefit of the capitalist class via division of the proletariat. (The modern ay American Neoliberal is a perfect example of this phenomenon.) Likewise, gender is a bourgeoise construct but that's another topic altogether. In this regard it makes sense that Lenin was more triggered by the liberals than he was by the Tsarists. Anyways here's a picture of a beautiful white woman having sex with a black male.
>>7956 Lena Paul is a far leftist marxist pot head, she only fucks black guys on camera "to own the evil racist republican trumpers" or so she says to her bisexual white boyfriend. I think know he knows better (since he also takes the cock), but he just lets her talk nonsense so she doesn't have to admit what a complete bbc slut she is. (reminds of that blacked scene where the black guy asks if she's "his whore" and she hesitates because of her lefty feminist bs programing, fucking hilarious!)
Normal/masculine right-wing white guy here. I hate all the sissy/trans/gross stuff. I just want to see pure white pussy taking the biggest blackest dicks. Feel free to add me on discord: ancz#7963 if you're similar to me

Amyyyy007 Anonymous 08/31/2022 (Wed) 13:11:49 Id: ba672e No. 8642 [Reply]
She is absolutely hot and amazing. Would love to see more of her
13 posts and 18 images omitted.

Anonymous 09/10/2022 (Sat) 09:05:40 Id: 809d89 No. 8924 [Reply] [Last]
How do these black dick sucking pornparents raise their kids? Do they know eventually they will potentially see their beloved mommy sucking large, powerful big black cocks? Could you imagine the shock? Do the parents live in anxiety thinking about it? What is that dynamic like do you think?
53 posts and 90 images omitted.
Closest thing to a wholesome thread here. Nice
Images of minors are not allowed on boards and threads of pornographic nature (>>>/site/4483).

(5.33 KB 225x225 download.jpeg)

Curing this fetish Anonymous 09/06/2022 (Tue) 18:34:08 Id: 4595cb No. 8824 [Reply] [Last]
This is antithesis to this board but it is still relevent: How do you unironically get rid of this fetish? I struggle with it for a long time. I'm 32 now and I got my first computer in like 1999 and randomly saw IR porn in a gif on a site somewhere and it seemed to lodge itself into my brain as a kid and fucked with me for the rest of my adult life. I'm not one of these deluded turbocoomers that tries to force this fetish into their actual life like trying to convert their gf or wife to fuck black men or shit like that. My fiance would never do that type of shit, even another white guy. However, I find myself returning to this fetish whenever I find myself alone late at night or something and i'll edge for hours to BBC porn and IR porn. I don't consider it healthy at all to be honest and kinda want to get rid of it. I've made fakes of girls I know IRL by shooping them into blacked scenes and shit like that. I barely even encounter black people in real life, and times when I have had black friends they always ended up fucking me over with money or just in general being bad people. I'm sure there are nice ones out there but overall when the fetish goes as far as saying black people are superior and shit its just pure utter cringe since every black society on earth is an absolute utter shithole. I guess I just like the taboo and the contrast and the degrading aspect of it, but I feel sick to my stomach as soon as I bust a nut and realise that I'm viewing women as pure objects to be abused by filthy nigs. Anyone else trying to quit the kink or wean themselves off it? Sometimes I'll switch to fapping to asian girls or whatever and that seems less degenerate than this. I wish I could just purge this shit from my mind and start from a clean slate but decades of porn addiction has fucked me up big time. I have a normal sex life with my fiance also, so its not spreading there. To be honest I don't really even think about it in my day to day life, its just a filthy habit I fall back on whenever I have the opportunity.
45 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>9032 >>9035 Two retards who don't know shit having a debate in a porn board about nigger worship in dying website.
>>9036 >calling others retards when you're too stupid to make any kind of rebuttal
>>9036 I hate nigger porn. One day I will finally have all nigger porn purged from my collection so I won't be assaulted by nigger penises when I am playing fap roulette. Then I will finally be able to fap with joy, instead of having angry faps because I saw a nigger I wasn't expecting pop out and put bis black penis inside the slut I was fantasizing about.

(122.06 KB 498x462 IMG_20210707_023803.jpg)

Conversion Anonymous 07/06/2021 (Tue) 23:41:06 Id: 8f8089 No. 497 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone trying to convert their gf/sister etc? Stories? Tips? Fantasies?
138 posts and 25 images omitted.
>>8744 I do mix in a few black skin edits in my hentai dumps it's always so exhilarating
>>8744 meh, it's not interesting with men
>>8724 After three weeks of legal back and forth I can finally say my wife and I have finalized our "cuckold contract." I can't post the whole thing for legal purposes but I can provide some of the details for anyone looking into getting this done. First off I recommend getting an actual lawyer to write it up because in the event any legal action is needed this document will be your life preserver. Here are the rights of me: Although my relationship has opened up my property and joint property is mine and my wife's. I will not participate in any homosexual activities nor am I allowing myself to be participating in sexual activities with the extra partner I will not be providing financial support to the extra partner or any expenses occurred during participating in sexual activities with my wife I will report any std or any potential illness to my partner or any of her extra partners I accept any responsibilities of any unwanted pregnancies such as providing finances for an abortion or raising the child My wife's rights She can cancel sex any time she wants. She can have multiple partners at a time In the event that I am not around She can decide for herself whether she will have a sexual relations or not

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(90.31 KB 560x700 1298381.jpg)

Anonymous 08/24/2022 (Wed) 18:59:01 Id: 7396f6 No. 8429 [Reply]
just found out thotsbay died any recommendation for website that ripped onlyfans vid?
2 posts omitted.

21M refugee in italy Anonymous 03/30/2022 (Wed) 22:10:33 Id: a3963c No. 4426 [Reply]
Hello, I’m a 21 yo refugee in italy that also attends a university. Looking for a Snowbunny or milf . I’m mixed race, dad Nigerian and mom paki, I’m 6’1. My telegram is @mashkraft. Can travel
29 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>6543 Nice.
>>4499 >Latinas Correction, LatinOs hate non-white boys with Latinas.
(64.84 KB 1080x810 FB_IMG_1662804272990.jpg)

(93.97 KB 717x960 FB_IMG_1662804257004.jpg)

(31.17 KB 678x912 FB_IMG_1662804241778.jpg)

(70.46 KB 891x1426 FB_IMG_1662804233221.jpg)

(24.82 KB 340x524 FB_IMG_1662804182276.jpg)

Hi there. I'm a cuckold husband and father and I am a very active zoophile and incest lover. My youngest daughter Hailie is my favorite little slut to fuck and cum inside. For 3 years old, she sucks my cock like a professional porn star and is better than her mother. I love fucking her throat and her ass and pussy are not virgins either. I FUCK her with no condoms and I always cum inside her unless she wants a facial. When she sleeps, and I get horny, I stand over her and jerk off or fuck her sister Carolyn or my dogs or my sex toys and sex dolls and I cum all over her face and since we're nudists, she sleeps naked so I eat her pussy as she sleeps and lick her asshole and I cum on her pussy and ass. All my other daughters are my sex toys as well. My sisters and I have been fucking since they were born and my mom and I have been fucking since 1996 after I watched her fucking my father and getting fucked in the ass and she caught me jerking off to them. And the whole thing with the animals, well, when they are horny or I'm horny, which is all the time, I fuck them and I cum inside them. My favorite is my husky, Luna and my chickens but the cows are amazing at sucking some cock. My dogs are also amazing to throat fuck and their ass is exquisite. But anyway, my Hailie Bailey is begging me for my cock right now and I have to go get my 3 year old daughter's throat but I really would like it if you could make some tributes to my daughter, my sister and my wife please.

https://t.me/+92-ce1YqR8g1YTJh Anonymous 08/11/2022 (Thu) 14:34:43 Id: f88409 No. 8131 [Reply]
9 posts and 1 image omitted.
Sick of guys hitting on girls out of their league?
>>8598 What?

(14.98 KB 369x308 1660216365674584.jpg)

Anonymous 09/09/2022 (Fri) 19:15:19 Id: 2672b4 No. 8898 [Reply]
You are a disgusting little worm with an out of control porn addiction. You have a warped sense of reality due to dopamine surges looking at pixels on a screen. Seek help. Please seek help.
2 posts omitted.
(4.09 MB 480x360 Simps.webm)

(64.72 KB 350x338 1468737927695.png)

>out of control porn addiction. You have a warped sense of reality due to dopamine surges looking at pixels on a screen I know
>You are a disgusting little worm with an out of control porn addiction. True >You have a warped sense of reality due to dopamine surges looking at pixels on a screen. Wrong, I'm fully aware of the reality that often goes against the fetish. The fantasy is the appeal a lot of the time. >Seek help. Please seek help. I need it

Anonymous 01/19/2022 (Wed) 20:31:27 Id: fba04b No. 3144 [Reply]
In the progressive future, sexual education will be mandatory, but the toxic white males will be in one class, while the future (Black males and white girls) will get another. How will the classes differ? Feel free to post students, instructors, and studs
25 posts and 14 images omitted.
>>8876 Nothing comes up on google you stupid cocksucker
>>8882 Do I need to spoon feed you porn like your mother does with food you retarded obese man child? https://gprivate.com/60sdm
"Sexual Intercourse" will be redefined as the act of a Black male impregnating a white female. How this actually occurs will never truly be revealed to the white bois, however, "Masturbation" for them will be redefined as the involuntary leaking of precum in their chastity cages that is caused by witnessing interracial foreplay/kissing/groping, and they will be given plenty examples and resources of soft-core interracial content to draw them further into cuckoldry

Indian teens 18+ Footjobs Anonymous 09/08/2022 (Thu) 01:39:15 Id: 913dc7 No. 8862 [Reply]
looking for model tier looking Indian girls 18yo to 23yo giving footjobs to mostly white men, and their feet have got to be small like size 6 or smaller with short toes pampered really soft and creamy looking even better if they also feature cumshots

WHO could Be behind this board.....!!?!! hummm...mm Anonymous 05/30/2022 (Mon) 19:49:03 Id: 85fc5f No. 5835 [Reply] [Last]
Let meguess
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/interracial/ btfo

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