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(69.65 KB 360x480 freech.jpg)

Anonymous 06/03/2021 (Thu) 16:44:43 Id: 51ad8a No. 1
Where the white women at?
Tonya Lasaga 4611 38a ave NW edmonton T6L 5B5 (780) 819-9281
>>3188 just called and went to voice mail. (ip call) said in verbatim "saw your info on a site for white girls looking for black men. I can help" let's see what happens.
My theory that being too heterosexual is the gateway to homosexuality is validated once again
>>3533 Another victory for celibates
>>3568 Another victory for bisexuality with a touch of post racial romanticism
Hi, this is Dr Reed Day. I'm an oral surgeon, a wine collector, a golfer from Phoenix, AZ. My beautiful rich wife Ms Cheri Brady (VP of First American Title Insurance) needs some help. She needs some young black dick... if ur black 18-40 please reach us. my cell:602-999-9091 my email rday(at)dr-day(dot)com. My wife Cheri's email cabrady@firstam.com . We live in 53 N Country Club Dr, Phoenix, AZ -- a gated community. I hate my stepson RJ Brady. He lives in Scottsdale, AZ.
>>4063 Entirely normal thing to share on the internet. So what's your beef with this dude that you'd give his info out like that?
I just finished restoring most of the threads that were deleted by a rogue volunteer. Threads shilling Discord/Telegram groups, source requests and threads that appeared to be made by spambots weren't restored. Communicate with the Board Owner if a thread continues to be missing and report any rule-breaking post that could have been restored by accident.
>>4246 Thank you, admin. Just a question. Was this rogue volunteer this board's (which means the BO chooses badly) or it was a global volunteer?
>>4251 Christ you guys are insular. Visit the meta thread at least once a month or something man. It was kaz. He hit several boards then quit. And tbh I agree. You niggers suck dick. That shits mad gay yo.
>>4252 >Christ you guys are insular. >Visit the meta thread I didn't even know about >>>/site/ until now. You speak like a pompous fag that thinks everyone should know the same as you. >You niggers suck dick. Yeah, mostly gay alright but some blacked sets/scenes are pretty good imo.
>>4251 It was a global volunteer (kazu). He deleted multiple threads from /interracial/, /b/, /2dblacked/ and maybe other boards (I haven't seen complaints outside of the 3 boards mentioned) and merged others to render them unusable. Outside of >>>/site/, /v/'s meta thread at >>>/v/25719 is commonly used for the discussion of topics regarding the site and its boards, so it's worth checking it from time to time.
(1.71 MB 320x568 bounce.webm)

>>4272 Kazu caught his girl twerking for BBC and he proceeded to seethe.
>>2426 What >>2431 says this is /bbc/ with another name there was bleache board but was abandoned
(72.96 KB 897x665 20211231_152006-2.jpeg)

Kazu's girl is still twerking for BBC while he rots in his mom's basement, sad!
https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine/status/1516195950687145993 Belle is back! Lets get #belleblacked trending on twitter!
>>4868 Why though
>>4987 1) Women don't save/invest their money. Belle is probably broke. 2) Women need attention like men need sex. Belle is probably depressed that she's becoming an irrelevant has-been nobody. 3) If Belle wants to get back to work in this field (soft-core porn) she has to act soon, she isn't getting younger.
>>5005 She is 22, anything younger than 25 is super fresh in woman terms
>>5068 Think about wha you wrote. Belle has three good years left in her soft-core porn career. 26-year-old Belle won't compete with the new 18-year-old flavor of the month. Belle has three years to make enough money to sustain her (presumably high-maintenance) lifestyle for the rest of her life. She can marry some shlub, but he probably won't make satisfactory money to keep her happy. Plus she will never respect him, because he had low enough self-esteem to marry a literal whore. TLDR, aged-out female pornstars don't have happy retirements
(999.48 KB 512x640 Big Tommy.mp4)

Hola me llamo Mirna, quiero conocer hombres latinos, si me quieren escribir mi número de whatsapp es +5493513944111 ó sino mi mail es mirnaabigailmarquez540 gmail.com . Besos
(55.04 KB 630x366 default banner.jpg)

Get a custom banner already, you lazy niggers.
>>5511 Acid is a lazy ass
do something about the gay weirdo who spams threads on every board with his asshole and bible quotes or whatever
>>5491 Hola mi amooor yo soy un hombre trans latino (ftm), te sirve?
>>6573 So is she hot? Into black guys? Or your ex who you hate? Get your fucking story straight spammer.
Right here nigga. +447436774790 all rqsts see what I can do. EST for reply. telegram and kik are pozzed
(43.87 KB 300x100 09123487218347.jpg)

Hey, BO. If you're not dead get some local volunteers to help you clean the board. The global staff has been the only one cleaning the board for a while now, which can be considered a violation of the global rules and may cause you to lose the board (GR3: Severe abuse, neglect, or mishandling of your board, its rules, or its users may result in its loss or reassignment).
>>9824 >The board fetishizing black men has no father.
(183.74 KB 715x716 img_11_1664116680151.jpg)

>>9824 I would be up for it

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