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(57.81 KB 640x853 14fc242.jpg)
Anonymous 06/05/2021 (Sat) 05:52:03 Id:698211 No. 28
Does anyone find this fetish pretty much impossible to have within a relationship? It's like you have to find the trifecta of 1. white girl who'd fuck a black guy 2. one that's okay with threesomes or involving another person 3. both previous points happening within a relationship. I'm an attractive guy who's gotten with probably 100+ girls, but it seems like once a girl catches feelings for me they have zero interest in involving anyone else. It seems impossible.
>>28 Only solution is to kill yourself. sorry, anon. The time has finally come. Gather the courage and end it.
>>45 nah, bbc cuckolding is the ultimate fantasy and very few lucky men get to live it.
>>28 It's rare, but it can happen. Maybe try fetlife or something else.. tinder has too many traditional woman.
(1.22 MB 2700x1968 cucklife.jpg)
>>50 sometimes dreams do come true.
I mean this is probably projection but I'm a cuck because I'm a cuck. I've capitulated to women my entire life and as a result I've always been attracted to (and have been attractive to) women who to some degree were 'made' for cuckolding a beta. My wife had a legit trad upbringing (literally raised on a farm) but she loves black dudes. And outside of the bedroom we have a pretty normal life, none of our family knows i'm a cuck etc. So ya it can be done.
>>53 This pic is savage
>>69 How did you manage to pull this off? What were the first conversations like? I pretty much can never get past “I only want you” logic.
>>175 First time I ever broke the ice with her it was basically "Yeah I know this is really weird and I don't know what to make of it, but it's actually a huge turn on to imagine you with another guy." Eventually the narrative turned to the logic that she's a truly beautiful woman, and that women are biologically wired such that a single man cannot completely satisfy a woman holistically and the whole alpha/beta logic etc. etc. Finally we basically agreed on a deal that she can hook up with anybody she wants as long as he's black, and as long as she tells me within 24 hours if 'anything happened'. The explanation behind the push for her to go black-only was that blacks are great at dancing and fucking (what she likes) , but horrible at reliability and partnership (what she needs). So she get's all the hot cheating sex she wants, and I get the security that she's not going to leave me permanently for the giant walking dildos she chooses for partners. Win-Win. Keep in mind this progress took YEARS. I'm in my 30s now but it's been worth it. We had a dry spell in Covid, plus a really nasty fight last November (not lifestyle related just regular married couple BS) but she's been hooking up with a gym trainer for a couple months now. Exhilarating shit.
>>182 Thats so based man, youre living the dream. I'm jealous of you, plus you wife is a trad-ish farmgirl
>>53 who is she?

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