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Anonymous 06/03/2021 (Thu) 17:24:40 Id:86bfe4 No. 3
Man someone is really jealous of black people. lol what a loser
>>3 what happened? why is everything wiped?
>>5 BO gave up and nuked the board.
>>6 based
>>5 Global mod got buttblasted again that interracial is more popular then furry porn
Faggot mod nuked the board out of pure jeolousy and anger just to now cry in his corner that the board is now dead and there is no content anymore. And fuck the discord theyre all a bunch of pussy ass incel white bois who will ban anyone. Wheres the new board?
>>40 The discord's content is pretty weak too imo. I grabbed a couple pretty cool gifs but having a traditional chan board is way better.

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