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videogame girls vs BBC Anonymous 07/01/2021 (Thu) 00:15:22 Id: 80723c No. 389
post your best vidya girls getting BLACKED
which girl should I post next? I have wayyyy too many videos
>>398 Have some with RE girls? I'm a fan of those

(867.18 KB 1280x720 kate marsh.mp4)

(1.57 MB 1280x720 bj-fjaye_720p.mp4)

Life is Strange
(11.05 MB 1280x720 Elllie.mp4)

my favorite stills
Jill Valentine
more Jill
Ada Wong
more Ada
even more Ada
Claire Redfield
more Claire
even more Claire
Claire and Jill looking real good with bbc
>>451 Agreed. They somehow nailed the snowbunny look with their models
>>398 More Tracer please <3 >>390 This one is glorious >>393 Very nice D.Va one too
Need more Jill, Claire, Lara, and Harley
more Tracer
even more Tracer
>>516 >>517 >>518 Great ones, and a few I haven't seen before - thanks anon! Tracer looks so good getting blacked <3 I just wish more of these were vaginal over anal
Tracer fucked in the pussy
more 2B
even more 2B
last 2B post, I promise. She fucks A LOT of black guys..
I love jill she is perfect for BBC
>>596 >>593 Where do you get this stuff?
Tifa Lockhart
more Tifa
even more Tifa
>>634 rule34 sites, pixiv, twitter
>>534 Thanks anon, these are good! Never saw the workout one, sweet. Great to see a vaginal version of that first one too, the anal version seems to get more attention but I always prefer vaginal <3
>>709 I prefer vaginal too but anal is easier to animate because you can hide the clipping with the ass cheeks
more Widowmaker
even more Widowmaker
Widowmaker has a lot..
last bit of Widowmaker
How could I forget this one
>>713 Thanks for these, and nice to know about anal being easier to animate. Makes a lot of sense, and makes me appreciate the vaginal vids that much more. Tracer's proportions are quite exaggerated for the pics but she looks great looking at the viewer with her tongue on that bbc and in the pic with her tongue on the tip while she holds his balls. >>742 I don't like Widow as much as Tracer but she definitely looks good with a hard black cock in her mouth too. >>744 >>749 Widow's vids are super hot, I wound up cumming to the GAB one. Helps when it feels more like cuck pov.
>>782 >GAB it's just GB (generalbutch)
I think Mercy has more interracial stuff than any other vidya girl!
Mercy sure gets around...
I just checked, I have over 200 images/videos of Mercy getting blacked!
more Mercy
even more Mercy
last bit of Mercy
tfw GB content is 78GB
(1.78 MB 1198x1920 blacked.webm)

(3.97 MB 1280x720 1630396332906.webm)

>>1286 it took this long for the thread to get ruined
(3.00 MB 1920x1080 1628839264057.webm)

>>1286 >>1297 hot if you don't look at the guys head, artist should've made it a female and it would be cum worthy
>>1286 >>1297 >>1373 Looking at the thumbnail I thought that was a weird egg shape dick or something

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