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White Trash Anonymous 07/13/2022 (Wed) 12:55:32 Id: 694310 No. 7088
White trashy sluts are paying for the consequences of open borders.
why didn't she shoot him
>>7088 At least she survived and didn't get her neck stepped on.
>>7088 How is this the consequence of open borders lol? The vast majority of African Americans are descendants of slaves who were brought here against their will
(552.54 KB 634x790 ghdjrt - Copy (2).png)

>>7095 >Refugees on the other hand, are moving thousands miles away from their families and homes 100% on their own accord, and definitely not because of the following reasons: 1.) The CIA just armed a radical fringe group and murdered the democratically elected leader leading to an ongoing civil war. 2.) An appallingly wealthy corporation from the US has purchased, privatized, and is now profiting off of natural resources necessary for life. My homeland is now uninhabitable. 3.) The ravenous and unregulated extraction of natural resources like precious metals, ore, fresh water, fish and other wildlife, as well as deforestation has contributed to global climate change and has made agricultural practices nigh impossible in certain areas of the world (guess the fuck where) as well as disrupting local and global food supply chains. 4.) Oil. Classical liberals and reactionaries alike are easy to make fun of in a vacuum. When you consider the fact that they flock to these kinds of forums it just makes it that much better tbh.
Why didn't she use her Feminist strength to fight the nigger off? Why didn't the 2 other niggers use their Black Coolness to help her? Does Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn come here? Would like some answers from real women.
>>7095 >A portion of African Americans are descendants of slaves and stayed here on their own will try not being retarded
(3.37 MB 1280x1080 NmQh6aQxVU4Y.mp4)

>>7088 White girl beatdown thread?
>>7097 Liberals, Convervatives, Reactionaries. When push comes to shove, what difference is there?
>>7108 hurr why doesnt this guy with little to no income move halfway across the globe hurr im smart
>>7088 How's that diversity working out for you liberals?
>>7095 before the existence of the USA the fate of a negro in Africa captured by another negro was to either be slaughtered or sold as a slave to Arabs or Turks and be castrated before been moved to Middle East, this is why there is no negro population in Middle East, after the founding of the USA the Jewish land owners could buy some negroes for serfs and if they would survive the trans-Atlantic trip they would have a good life with their Jewish owners, the free farmers didn't want this situation created by the rich Jews and were pro-abolition of the slavery in the context that the negroes would go back, instead the negroes stayed in the USA and in the beginning this was not so much a problem due to segregation, later the negroes started moving to other states creating ghettos and enclaves of single mother families, drugs and crimininallity funded by the welfare state
>>7097 In what Europe is concerned all the Asian and African invaders are 99% men of age 20-40 who watch commercials on the TV saying that Europe is the land of the Welfare, so they grub flights directly to Turkey and from there they invade Europe throwing away their papers having exact instructions on where to go, which NGO to contact etc, most of them have expensive smartphones, large quantities of cash, drugs, guns, ammunition etc, of course the trip from Turkey to Europe costs thousands of Euros, also pregnant women do the trip one day before labour in order to claim rights in a European country, it is a completely organised population mixing nothing to do with fake World Economic Forum climate hoaxes, we are still waiting for our houses to be found 1000 feet underwater, it should have been happened since 2007 I think....
>>7114 another kind of abortion is killing the white slut after conception, you can also kill the slut after her giving birth and keep the baby which can be sold for adrenochrome to Joe Biden, I like how all this Alex Jones thing is not funny or conspiracy any more.....
>>7089 he should shot her instead of spending energy without killing her, she is still out there spreading diseases and STDs, having abortions and trying to slutify other girls while receiving welfare for her crack addicted babies
>>7114 doesnt it kinda make you want a black gf?
>>7133 the complete picture is as follows 1) those sluts should be either exterminated or sold as slaves or disinfected and sent to a human farm for industrial reproduction or sterilised and disinfected and sent to a harem 2) I would buy a very young white virgin for creating a traditional family with 15-20 children 3) I would like to have access to a public harem with sterilised sluts of all races, sizes, shapes and colours plus pre-op ladyboys both castrated and uncastrated for occasional fun
(769.72 KB 1280x720 1516713301549.webm)

>>7160 the disgusting, STD bearing fuck toy is being disposed after a gang-bang party to avoid any kind of alimony from an accidental pregnancy, her simp-cuck incel husband can work some overtime for his Facebook programmer job in order to feed the crack-addicted baby, abortion is free but he will keep the child being brainwashed it's his child no matter its shitskin complexion
Ends up even bloodier than OP's video, unfortunately doesn't show the beatdown
>>7189 her choice her consequences, go woke go murdered, white males on hormones, black males on fentanyl, white girls dead, black girls on prostitution, sorry people, this is the hell you created for yourselves through your freedom of choice and your freedom to follow all the NWO WEF bug-eating cabalistic freemason Zionists
>>7189 lmao that third world graffiti on the walls
>>7190 >freedom of choice >follow all the NWO WEF bug-eating cabalistic freemason Zionists choose one
>>7123 How's it working for YOU?
>>7203 they were free to follow or not to follow the WEF, if you blame the "brainwashing" as the cause of following the WEF then you shouldn't have the freedom to choose in the first place since you could not understand what was happening around you, moreover the massiveness of the choice of the sheeple will enforce this specific choice on people who had been disagreeing from the beginning leaving the sheeple without potential leaders in the end, anyhow the quantity of the sheeple will decrease dramatically since it shouldn't have been increased in the first place, this is somethign we could agree on with WEF though on a very different basis
Blacks are the most based race. They just destroy everything because it's their nature.
>>7205 It's working out just fine for me. I never waved around Refugee's Welcome placards and was distrusting around non-white's from the start. So I've lasted longer than the diversity crowd who get mugged by the non-white's they thought they could trust. More fool them.
>>7360 404 fucking faggot fix ir
>>7360 Fixmxit fix It, 404
>>7189 >Beaten by niggers until face is caked in blood after calling someone "nigger" in urban bus Sounds like something that would happen to my mom, lel. Worst part is that if that was her in the video, watching it and seeing people celebrating and justifying it on comments and twitter would make me cum buckets.
>>7366 >>7367 seems to work for me
Got more?
>>7088 The best/worst part about this is that if this gets registered at all, it'll just be written up as "an instance of violence towards women". And then all the angry collegegirls will be blaming white men for what niggers are doing. Then those same collegegirls go on to encourage niggers to hate whites and be angry even more. No prizes guessing where that leads to. Thus the cycle continues.
>>7127 Don't forget that the human traffickers who smuggle people from Turkey or Libya into Europe are asking for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per person for a trip. Actually poor people from poor countries can't afford that, of course. And people who really are doctors and engineers have the money and the papers to emigrate legally. So the only people that come via the human traffickers are fugitive criminals and other kinds of scum that you don't want in any society.
>>7330 damn that mexican trash got fucked up cant wait to see more mexicans get fucked up by Black Alphas
>>7555 Her feet in that video got me bricked

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