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(93.69 KB 696x870 Maya.jpeg)

(214.09 KB 1080x1176 1626825676153.jpeg)

Anonymous 07/21/2021 (Wed) 23:07:49 Id: db28f2 No. 726
Arab girls getting Blacked. Before + After.
(472.30 KB 1439x787 1626829187732.jpeg)

(288.45 KB 1080x1349 1626829858286.jpeg)

(950.11 KB 951x631 BBC.png)

This is her now.
(81.87 KB 960x555 flm3n433mo951.jpeg)

This one is an indian girl.
(1005.02 KB 576x1024 neiimaaa.webm)

Yet another arab chick who is BBC only.
(902.65 KB 576x1024 1628880302431.webm)

French Moroccan girl.
(99.65 KB 1169x1977 1627701280131.jpeg)

(153.62 KB 1125x2001 1627701427077.jpeg)

(91.95 KB 960x640 7d2cwrtdf7761.jpeg)

Lebanese girl.
>>1346 It's unimaginable to think these sort of far distanced ethnicities and cultures would never be able to have relationships or interactions in the olden days. Heck, even only 20 years ago this would be non-existent and weird.
(22.27 MB 854x480 jezebeth-persian.mp4)

(1.08 MB 1920x1080 Iran Jezebeth.png)

(53.99 KB 480x640 Pakistan Nadia Ali.JPG)

(122.99 KB 533x731 Morocco Dalila.jpg)

(116.31 KB 1024x683 Turkey Anya Krey.jpg)

>>1349 Persia had black slaves which they called "zanj". Iran and Africa aren't that far apart. The Americas, Far East and Scandinavia are far from Africa both geographically and by tens of thousands of years of divergence.
(97.37 KB 640x1107 hx4gp3tb0vw61.jpeg)

(59.19 KB 640x1215 fvsis67zf4r71.jpeg)

you don't have top post a single file per post you can post 5 at a time
(126.04 KB 828x1472 omaima.jpeg)

(91.37 KB 960x640 BBC Slut.jpeg)

(99.51 KB 750x1334 BLACKED.jpeg)

Another once modest hijabi who has just become a BBC slut.
(114.25 KB 828x1792 image1.jpeg)

Look at the irony of this same very girl and what she said in 2019.
(113.97 KB 828x1472 EP-duwuX4AAKoqN.jpeg)

(176.38 KB 828x1472 c5ezocb4fqw71.jpg)

>>2098 That is what BBC do to muslimahs 🧡
(8.67 MB 406x720 Slobbers.mp4)

>>2116 jazz jennings lookin ass
a lot of arab women want to fuck black guys, but they're more scared of getting murdered for it by their men.
>>2262 unforunately, it's usually the married arab women that are flirtatious with black men.
>Arab girls >Post Khazarians from Eastern Europe.
>>2305 found the seething coomer Abdul in the thread.
(93.37 KB 1080x739 1621762672123.jpg)

(1.12 MB 1071x625 1615286388966.png)

>>2401 Love that brown and asian girls are getting black owned. It's like whitebois never had a chance with them too They lust for BBC as much as white girls
(109.15 KB 1920x1080 nude-arabic-girls-hd_16x9.jpg)

(17.77 KB 352x198 unnamed.jpg)

>>2401 Any more of her?
>>726 > omaima >>727 > omaima What's her sociels ?
>>2218 re post video plz
>>729 What's her IG plz ?
(255.18 KB 857x480 C3SxelhUMAAUZsf.webm)

(352.84 KB 996x764 1612311672864.jpg)

(648.53 KB 855x620 1607410865991.png)

(698.97 KB 1072x1863 1620039186801.jpg)

(1.70 MB 576x1024 1614471515073.webm)

>>2699 Oops meant to post this in the Jews blacked thread LOL
>>2694 Instagram: bxbbymaya
(967.93 KB 1076x1351 1637937658344.jpeg)

(75.04 KB 640x1022 to54rp7xefs71.jpeg)

>>1007 What's her name ,Ig @ ?
>>2401 plz post some videos of her
>>728 >>729 Any videos bbc of her ?
>>726 Just move to france
her bf is black any bbc videos of her
>>2925 gonna need more info
any bbc videos?
>>2098 There's no irony. She looks good with and without clothes on.
>>3323 she's hot
>>2401 woow ,post this video
>>726 mashallah she has an OF now. leggggo https://onlyfans.com/bxbbymaya she allegedly has videos of her fucking BBC but since I don't pay I have no way of knowing
>>3656 she deleted most of her content and only has nudes with no face now, trying to find stuff of her from others
>>3756 damn, she should just embrace her hoe ways. hopefully we can get those sex videos
>>3656 Is there a way to hacked her OF?
>>3781 idk, i have no idea, sadly. some people leaked solo nudes of her. v boring tho
>>3656 any mega folder pls of her content ?
(68.23 KB 590x1280 -5834687770419902809_121.jpg)

>>3806 no, she does PPV content. I don't even have her regular OF
>>3916 any one drop her sex tape plz?
>>3937 sorry haven't found it yet
>>3944 who is this? :D
>>3952 random girl i found on reddit
>>3954 would you be so kind to link her? thanks
>>3916 Boys, you're welcome
>>4018 mashallah. thank you, fren
gulf arabs are ugly but their women are a high priority for black breeding.
>>2401 Anyone have her videos plz
>>4018 Please more
We need more Arab + BBC content.
(6.23 MB 528x1080 Blacked Hijabi.webm)

(410.59 KB 1170x1478 4ba4jen4oot81.jpeg)

(135.36 KB 1170x2532 k09mzbn4oot81.jpeg)

(125.14 KB 644x1302 bm3e1hjrj5t71.jpeg)

(98.16 KB 552x1302 eqtd0hjrj5t71.jpeg)

(73.34 KB 640x783 hhjg971k1bp81.jpeg)

Hijabi size queen, she's BBC only.
(97.27 KB 1170x2532 y5aq6en4oot81.jpeg)

(49.29 KB 640x800 k3xs5qxq9ds81.jpeg)

(54.30 KB 640x793 ezswnheaqst81.jpeg)

(40.14 KB 514x602 f9oe56mvesq81.jpeg)

>>4789 I bet she took lotta BBC already. This bitch is covering her hair while wearing super tight clothes. I hate these fake modesty cunts.
>>4788 wha is her ig?
(7.70 MB 864x1080 Brown Girl.webm)

(2.64 MB 592x1080 Cucked by BBC.webm)

>>4959 ihaneennnn___
>>4701 more clips like these, please.
>>4018 Any more?
>>726 Is there any discord or telegram of bxbbymaya?
>>3323 What's this from ? Doesn't look like GDP. Got full video ?
>>5713 BlackAmbush. The name of the episode is in the file.
(57.13 KB 878x1098 5oWDFfG.jpeg)

(121.35 KB 750x938 pAot2N9.jpeg)

(1.22 MB 656x820 kdmaGxR.webm)

(1.41 MB 854x474 blacked.webm)

>>5025 >ihaneennnn___ This girl not @ihaneennnn___
>>6211 I'm talking about the girl in the porn clip, not her
>>6218 No one said she was in a porn clip... lmao
>>6137 who's the hoe taking BBC?
>>2925 More on her plz
any updt?
got any more, OP?
Araqueenbae and fairuzamissiran also take bbc on their OFs.
>>8051 post it nigga this isn't onlyfans post their shit here for free
>>8051 Fairuza has only one scene from what I remember with a black american army soldier on vacation. I wish she did more scenes with black guys since she has the booty to take on the biggest ones.
>>6233 Roxie Sinner is Syrian ArabicZena is Kuwaiti Sarah Arabic is Iraqi They have all been blacked,thankfully.
>>4643 >>4806 any1 have sum shit on this chick
>>6137 Hb this chick any vids
if any anon out here that knows how to rip videos from xvideos?
>>8444 I use whitey-dlp: https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp . If you're too low IQ to figure that out, you can try JewDownloader instead: https://jdownloader.org/ .
>>8428 Is there any vids of Sarah Arabic or Arabiczena? All I find for Sarah is just gross old fat dudes
>>8454 arabiczena is active on twitter.
>>6231 The same hoe in the pictures.
Busty Arabian
(3.31 MB 412x480 B05d59pC_720p.mp4)

(3.13 MB 264x480 RTTVVBfV_720p.mp4)

(7.51 MB 848x480 J3xqNa3w_720p.mp4)

Hijab wearing, devote Muslim anon here, just got to college, but I went to an all girl's school all my life. I never had a boyfriend or sex. Men are intimidating enough, how do I get blacked when black men are so super scary. I don't want to be raped or murdered
(16.88 MB 1280x720 720P_4000K_285490572_Trim.mp4)

Saudi chick jerking off to BBC
>>8772 post boob
>>8778 does she have a twitter?
>>8814 Alinaxangel (Iraq) has a new scene with Jax Slather coming soon. She looks like your typical Semitic female.
>>9005 Any photos for it yet?
>>8772 has to be the shittiest larp I've seen jfl
>>726 any footjob vids of them with really small feet and sort toes jerking fat girthy BBC till they cum all over their tiny feet and toes?
are there any amateur videos with arab moms and such?
>>9983 check xhamster
(3.10 MB 1862x2042 1558795125834.png)

(220.56 KB 1070x1337 1551573115955.jpg)

(1.80 MB 540x960 1597611536593.webm)

(1.44 MB 1026x1251 1604168897716.png)

(1.74 MB 750x1334 1603848732349.png)

>>9997 not as much as i'd hoped

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