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IR Intimacy/Love/Romance Anonymous 06/09/2021 (Wed) 21:02:56 Id: c8bfa2 No. 95
My absolute favorite category, preferably real couples without nudity. Kissing, Couples being intimate & romantic
(483.83 KB 1080x1350 Tumblr_l_3083712784833.jpg)

(396.08 KB 934x1920 E0TNnaVXMAQu0Yv.jpg)

(944.99 KB 748x1190 Tumblr_l_5890614801670.png)

(520.37 KB 1080x1350 tumblr_py2l9aMh2H1uuwelho1_1280.jpg)

(620.43 KB 391x995 Tumblr_l_3791708218748.png)

(817.36 KB 384x480 tumblr_q4zqpsG40o1ufiknu.mp4)

(172.20 KB 480x600 tumblr_qgzt3pcIow1yglzu4.mp4)

(1.05 MB 640x800 tumblr_qjuaw8HDV01z0t3os.mp4)

(1.80 MB 720x900 tumblr_qlt6g8HkDX1yglzu4.mp4)

(410.94 KB 480x922 tumblr_qmvcckwoAS1yglzu4.mp4)

(32.56 KB 400x551 ,.jpg)

(167.45 KB 1080x1080 Tumblr_l_5163539445229.jpg)

(76.55 KB 640x640 Tumblr_l_5175383967759.jpg)

(88.06 KB 640x640 Tumblr_l_5170777877877.jpg)

(75.99 KB 640x640 Tumblr_l_5172134787607.jpg)

(130.10 KB 750x1334 6.jpg)

(107.44 KB 1280x853 E2HgsWiWUAIBMDW.jpeg)

(531.76 KB 549x675 BBC.png)

(420.33 KB 1534x2048 1620781122054.jpeg)

(407.79 KB 1536x2048 1620780713113.jpeg)

(486.45 KB 1536x2048 1620780679480.jpeg)

(66.60 KB 449x202 archives.png)

Does anyone have the video of this? I found it in the old interracial board's archives but the file is unable to be opened.
>>238 Here. Unfortunately I haven't got the full one.
(3.94 MB 576x1024 1624126342028.webm)

(6.70 MB 576x1024 tumblr_qflr9gyA6h1uuwelh.mp4)

(3.55 MB 624x1110 tumblr_qis5et0gBk1yglzu4.mp4)

>>244 nice, this always makes me diamonds.
>>204 name?
>>244 How were you able to recover the file? I am trying to get other files from the /interracial/ archive but I keep getting the error 404.
>>152 anymore?
(912.56 KB 1836x2448 1.jpeg)

>>359 im not sure about the origin of the pic >>290 here's another pic of mariah
Can someone make a psych analysis why some people (like me) are obsessed at just staring at these pics, they get me hard, but also kinda upset or envious? Something deeper than just "ur a cuckfaggot"
>>480 Armchair analysis but here I go. Seeing these pics turns you on because its a different type of the same BMWF porn you're consumed. Perhaps its all been hardcore stuff, sexy sluts getting fucked, pounded, gagged etc. This is much more intimate and public and more "real". These are almost all girls in legitimate relationships whether they are just sexual or romantic. This might conflict with the cope that only whores and fat girls go for black men. This was true years ago but no longer. You also might have masochistic tendencies. The whole fetish is basically rooted in the white man being too weak to protect his women from the conquering tribe. Most BMWF doesn't dwell on this but subconsciously, primitively, you see it that way. All those feelings of anger, envy, failure have to be dealt with so you fetishize the whole deal. TL;DR: ur a cuckfaggot.
(17.99 MB 854x480 cocklust1.webm)

(13.58 MB 640x360 cocklust2.webm)

(3.12 MB 1280x720 thinking about black cock.webm)

(3.73 MB 1280x720 thirst.webm)

(3.46 MB 1280x720 eyefucking.webm)

(3.30 MB 1280x720 lust.webm)

(11.00 MB 640x360 attack.webm)

(8.76 MB 640x360 kiss-undress.webm)

(8.85 MB 640x360 worship.webm)

(8.37 MB 640x360 bj1.webm)

(7.89 MB 640x360 bj2.webm)

(9.30 MB 640x360 asskisser.webm)

(7.66 MB 640x360 assfinger.webm)

(8.08 MB 640x360 kissing1.webm)

(7.71 MB 640x360 kissing2.webm)

(8.02 MB 640x360 blowjob.webm)

(5.41 MB 640x360 kissing3.webm)

(8.35 MB 640x360 blowjob1.webm)

(6.04 MB 640x360 blowjob2.webm)

(7.76 MB 640x360 bj-ass.webm)

(2.43 MB 720x1280 1598753452104.webm)

>>716 Latinas love the BBC.
(93.93 KB 800x1000 513_1000.jpeg)

(173.95 KB 1080x1080 E5JCY0IUUAUpJEE.jpeg)

>>95 If you got any with arthoes/emos/goths etc post them
>>716 Oh MY GOD. This is the hottest clip I've seen, it's soul crushing without sound/length tho :( Is there a full version? This is my favorite part of IR Porn, I don't really watch hardcore that much anymore it's super weird how much more compared to this. addictive/arousing clothed couples are to me now.
>>846 I'm going through my unsorted Intimacy folder with several thousand pics, I want to get most of it sorted 2nite so I'll check and upload any close to that
(175.69 KB 1032x1334 a9clamv1vkn51.jpg)

(288.52 KB 952x1274 bo7ftyn1vkn51.jpg)

(212.45 KB 1080x1344 t9430kr1vkn51.jpg)

(138.68 KB 1080x1341 xs4ax7k1vkn51.jpg)

(279.27 KB 1080x1334 zyyjtmy1vkn51.jpg)

(178.80 KB 999x1334 0ru1vpkrqny51.jpg)

(183.33 KB 1080x1169 3fvnijius9171.jpg)

(225.41 KB 1080x1329 3ldz5x4rqny51.jpg)

(92.72 KB 1080x1351 17vbgvgps9171.jpg)

(306.96 KB 2048x1536 c0n6bvgrs9171.jpg)

(148.17 KB 991x1075 23e86w0tswy51.jpg)

(56.65 KB 578x1069 cvr735zsswy51.jpg)

(85.16 KB 1040x1070 eoloqglsswy51.jpg)

(117.62 KB 1072x1688 uymhh5wsswy51.jpg)

(93.04 KB 828x820 4dwxlyeog5u51.jpg)

(133.05 KB 828x1031 5avobyeog5u51.jpg)

(112.04 KB 828x1032 biferxeog5u51.jpg)

(104.42 KB 828x1022 hfieiyeog5u51.jpg)

(72.77 KB 828x825 knntt7fog5u51.jpg)

(92.60 KB 824x834 4ei2edutjl371.jpg)

(89.81 KB 826x810 h8q32wttjl371.jpg)

(730.44 KB 1080x1334 g7obkpejpiy61.jpg)

(79.39 KB 600x800 n8w2yt26zne61.jpg)

(84.76 KB 750x920 iokspzsrtsm61.jpg)

(90.39 KB 750x933 k5o6xusrtsm61.jpg)

(145.83 KB 750x932 kddratsrtsm61.jpg)

(136.24 KB 1000x1000 ,.jpg)

(522.88 KB 2160x1350 5yjnl9hhy2671.jpg)

(345.87 KB 1080x1308 7kfz75idvwy51.jpg)

(147.38 KB 1080x1327 8wuodtrcvwy51.jpg)

(243.87 KB 1080x1338 82yxtqddvwy51.jpg)

(179.86 KB 946x1235 h4p8uqmdvwy51.jpg)

(128.20 KB 1080x1028 ywtjjupdvwy51.jpg)

(54.86 KB 750x725 vf25wr79lgf61.jpg)

(164.47 KB 1080x1080 nlxy25a9aav61.jpg)

(91.07 KB 750x741 obj3aj4yhww61.jpg)

(191.14 KB 1080x1350 ncdwknjhw2671.jpg)

(113.32 KB 847x1024 z527rmz9bgx51.jpg)

(265.51 KB 1080x1294 tumblr_pyo22uM7ra1ypxhueo1_1280.jpg)

(132.38 KB 799x988 vxv3mumb8z161.jpg)

(66.40 KB 640x793 tqpcjrpxllw61.jpg)

(204.24 KB 750x928 odwfph4m8ko61.jpg)

(83.85 KB 750x925 09yyqzlsfyp61.jpg)

(127.34 KB 750x737 9x06y0msfyp61.jpg)

(118.27 KB 750x918 s86ba1msfyp61.jpg)

(92.16 KB 750x928 vlizg0msfyp61.jpg)

(2.59 MB 640x640 swimming_pool.webm)

>>929 >>926 >>925 >>924 >>922 >>921 >>918 >>917 >>916 >>914 >>912 >>908 >>909 >>911 You should give some sauce for all these pics or put their instagram username next to their image.
(949.48 KB 2612x1616 twins and bbc.jpeg)

(1.46 MB 3264x2620 both twins.jpeg)

(50.72 KB 540x960 evie nude.jpeg)

(54.63 KB 540x960 evie nude 2.jpeg)

(1.25 MB 324x640 ellie.webm)

Evie and Ellie Erikson, the two popular blonde snowbunny twins who are instagram baddies and BBC-only.
(1.62 MB 324x640 evie.webm)

>>1128 >>1127 She's hot. I was in some insane discord server briefly where people tipped her hundreds of dollars on OF.

(2.86 MB 320x568 1.webm)

(9.81 MB 640x1264 4.webm)

>>1127 Such a slut for bbc
>>1136 A video of both the twins in a bbc gangbang would be paradise.
>>1135 Is there a link?
(6.92 MB 1918x1080 Impeccable.webm)

(3.29 MB 564x1080 IG Model.webm)

>>1339 makes me jealous
>>1341 Miami is a fucking hotspot of sexy instagram models dating black guys. It's crazy...
>>1344 I have been to Miami, but didn't see that many. I imagine if I saw a 10/10 model with a black man in real life I'd get very frustrated and be unable to not stare at them.
>>1345 They mostly hang around the boujie and exclusive areas. Lots of upscale businesses give these influencers free access and perks if they promote them on insta. I imagine its the same in Los Angeles too.
everytime i go to find some ir content like this i'm instantly stuck for the rest of the day looking at couples, christ
>>1387 the ones when they're in bed is unbelievable
(3.87 MB 576x1024 tumblr_qt698sypSn1yglzu4.mp4)

(1.41 MB 480x852 tumblr_qmm0nvOfuR1yglzu4.mp4)

(3.21 MB 720x900 tumblr_qy1vnbaTRe1yglzu4.mp4)

(2.99 MB 576x1024 720.mp4)

Fantastic content to be converted into a webm https://twitter.com/annapolispics/status/1417105989275357197
(4.65 MB 720x1280 V0Xu78c0iNbZK0hx.mp4)

converted 4 u
(160.09 KB 933x1244 E-sor6jVIAItumU.jpeg)

(221.08 KB 1080x1349 Elise Cancellare (4).jpg)

(133.79 KB 1080x1349 Elise Cancellare (2).jpg)

(134.22 KB 1080x1349 Elise Cancellare (3).jpg)

(220.83 KB 1080x1080 Elise Cancellare (1).jpg)

>>1339 saw a wmbf and wmlf couples accounts from that post. Elise Cancellare
(10.27 KB 173x55 instagram.png)

>>1496 I've noticed a trend where a lot of snowbunnies happen to be fitness trainers.
>>1500 Its more like 90% fat 10% fitness for snowbunnies especially since more people are getting fatter
>>1539 Has Sava fucked him on cam yet?
>>1543 just solo pics of her

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