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"Blacks are the superior race and are better in everyway and us white boys are inferior" Anonymous 09/22/2022 (Thu) 21:11:07 Id: 1fdc35 No. 9951
this is what you incel lefttard faggot Trannies look and sound like to the rest of the world pathetic Zoomer soyboys with weak thin arms, no chin spineless losers who are so incapable of actually getting pussy you have to project it onto every other none black male to make yourselves feel better so you can then, assume and generalize that they are all the same as you, pathetic limp dick Trannies no woman would actually want you anywhere near them let alone dear let you touch them.
>>9951 Agree 100%.
>>9966 I'm getting beyond sick of this faggotry Zoomer soyboy shit, it is truly the most pathetic shit I've ever seen, there really is no wonder why someone like Clint Eastwood calls them the pussy generation.
>>9975 I was hoping they would be an improvement over millennial fags, but they manage to be even worse.

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