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lounge Anon Board owner 07/03/2021 (Sat) 19:33:12 No. 1
Welcome to /kin/! Think of this board as like /b/, with a single extra rule that users can't be unkind to each other. The rules page tries to go into detail about what is and isn't considered "unkind" behavior. It's kind of a mess because the Lynxchan rule editor is difficult to work with, but it should give you an idea of what's expected of you here. This thread has no particular topic. Feel free to post whatever here, as long as it doesn't break the rules. Report and hide offending posts! Don't feed the trolls!
Edited last time by diff on 09/11/2021 (Sat) 19:40:51.
>>1 Kind board is kind.
>>2 That's the plan if all goes well! Still getting things set up though.
>>3 Look forward to it fren! Cya soon when its set up.
>>4 >>6 >fren Good idea!
I added a loli to the bottom right. She follows you around /kin/ and dances to encourage you to do your best.
>>20 Awesome I love it!
(346.45 KB 720x1440 image19.png)

Okay so theres a similar board comfy or /c/. The BO is le super hacker man. Anyway he has scripts for the board message. You copy paste it in and voila you have cool as links to other boards right at the top of the page for all users. His idea was making a mini webring of sorts. Well anyway hes linking your board right now anon. And all he asked was that I ask you if youd be willing to reciprocate. Pic related. So no space [board name](/b) / [secondboard](/b2) no space For example. [Comfy](/c) / [weapons](/k) / [Vidya](/vb) Heres some ready made links. Those boards should all have your board linked right now.
>>23 Except its ''' no space. Thats at beginning and end.
>>23 Sure I can do that. I'll try to keep up with other boards that add /kin/ and reciprocate.
>>25 Thanks fren. Your link on weapons is called frens.
>>28 very nice!
I adjusted the name from "Kind" to "Kind Random" to better reflect that this board doesn't have any particular topic.
Edited last time by diff on 07/08/2021 (Thu) 15:10:32.
Kinda Random
Aren't /kin/ and /c/ pretty much the same? Both don't allow "not nice" things, but aren't they mostly the same otherwise?
>>152 They're similar. The main difference is that /c/ is sfw while /kin/ isn't, so you can mostly post the kinds of things you could on /b/ here, while on /c/, "naughty" stuff isn't allowed. Another difference is that /c/ has a stricter definition of what's "nice" and "not nice", as I understand it. So politics for example are frowned upon if not outright banned on /c/ but they're fine on /kin/. The main rule of /kin/ is to just not be mean or annoying to other users of /kin/. Is there someone I should be more clear on in the OP post of this thread?
Edited last time by diff on 07/08/2021 (Thu) 19:41:46.
Boy a lot of stupid shit sure has been happening on /b/. It feels like every day they just keep derailing 1 or 2 threads to the same pedo topic whenever one gets popular, regardless of what the original topic was. In a way I kinda hope /kin/ doesn't get too big, because I think it would be a shame to have to deal with them on a frenly board like this. But at the same time, more activity here would be nice. /rant
>>368 The problem is that the ponyfag, hebefag and babyfucker are responsible for 99% of the posts. Wouldn't be so bad if there were more people posting interesting stuff, but you need like 30 people to match those guys autism. If you ban the pedo topic the board will be dead again I guess (it was kinda dead when the cyclic pedo thread was a thing).
>>368 >>371 I wouldn't worry about it. Those posts would break the rules here anyway because it seems to me like they're only making them to intentionally piss off other users that they don't like. The soyjack quoter, nepi and hebe posters, and to a lesser extent the pony guy, all seem to be making those posts in bad-faith which wouldn't fly here. That's the reason I made /kin/ in the first place. I wanted a board that was just /b/ but without the pointless inter-user hostility and derision. Let me clarify though that none of those topics are banned. It just seems to me that they aren't being brought up out of genuine interest. After all if they were they'd be making threads about it instead of derailing other threads with it.
>>419 At the very least, you have something to say when you post instead of just quoting like the soyjack poster, so okay I'll tell you what. I'll tentatively let it slide for now, but if it looks like you're intentially derailing threads or flamebaiting, you're done. It's hard to tell trolls and avatarfags apart sometimes, and I don't really like either of them, so if you're gonna post here, keep that in mind. And I'm only giving you this chance because it doesn't look like you're a torposter. The trolls are usually torposters. >>371 >interesting stuff Something I forgot to clarify is that the reason I ban posts like this isn't because they're "not interesting". It's because I don't want there to be a situation where someone could post annoying stuff on purpose, then laugh when no one's allowed to be mean to them back or they'd be breaking the rules, like >>75 tried to do. This requires judging someone's intention though which is never gonna be perfect, so I just look at the context and give it my best effort. Of course, it would be a lot easier to just ban any unpopular or controversial topics, but then it wouldn't really be "Kind Random", would it?
>>420 careful, if you manage to delete him constantly, everyone is going to leave /b/ to be here instead
>>423 If any users see obvious trolling or rude behavior, just report and hide, and I'll get it some time. It doesn't take much effort so it's not much of an issue to keep up with it. I try to give them a chance sometimes when I feel like I might be too harsh, but unfortunately that's only worked out once so far.
>>423 oh and also >leave /b/ to be here instead That's part of why I made this board in the first place. Not to take all of /b/'s users or anything, but I figured that I couldn't be the only user fed all with all the bullshit that keeps happening there.
>>425 >That's part of why I made this board in the first place that's funny because it looks like this place just ended up taking /c/ users instead of /b/ users. I don't remember exactly, but /c/ used to have around 10 users listed and now it has 2, and the PPH plummeted from (IIRC) usually being about 5 to basically never rising above 0 now, with only 2 or 3 posts per day. /kin/ users vary from around 5 to around 15 depending on the day, with PPH hovering around low ones usually. Users on /b/ on the other hand seems to have only dropped slightly, going from around 70 to around 60, and the average PPH similarly seems to have only dropped by 10-15. I have no stats to back any of this up though because 8chan doesn't keep graphs for individual boards, but that's what feels like happened.
(33.69 KB 340x372 nice-but-not.jpg)

>>428 If you're right then that's not what I was trying to do with this board. It's nice that /kin/ has some users but I wasn't trying to suck them out of another small board. I was trying to get them from a big board that wouldn't really be hurt much by losing a few users. If Lynxchan supported crossposting I would just suggest that users crosspost between /kin/ and /c/ to help bolster the activity of both boards, but a feature like that probably isn't gonna be supported anytime soon, even though it would help cross-board pollination a ton.
>>428 >thats what it feel like anyway So you are guessing.
>>431 Yeah pretty much, but if that's not what happened then it sure is quite the coincidence that both of those things happened at about the same time.
>>434 Well I never posted on /c/ I don't know where those users went.
So why is this thread the "meta thread" if it's not against the rules to just make any thread one that talks about the board itself? Ya know, because it's Random, so nothing is off topic. Like I mean I could just make a new thread that asks about something relating to the board right? So what's the point of having a designated thread for it?
>>437 What's the point in any thread having a topic if you can just make a new thread?
>>438 I don't know. Make a thread and ask a mod.
>>439 Who's a mod? Am I a mod?
>>440 Report yourself for impersonating a mod, and then see if you get a report asking you to ban yourself.
>>438 No I mean what's the point of having a moderator-designated, cyclic, stickied, meta thread if anyone can just make a thread asking a question about the board. There doesn't need to be a special thread for it, is what I'm saying.
>>442 Because separate threads would in theory be deleted. Why ruin the catalogue?
(40.45 KB 335x329 ummWellUhhYeahShit.jpg)

>>443 I think he's just trying to ask why the "meta" topic is treated as special on a Random board when a lot of times someone asks about the board, it's not even in this thread anyway. And in truth the first post on this board was me making the meta thread because I see a lot of boards have one so I just did too without thinking about it much. The current number of threads is left at the max/default value which I believe is 29 (weird number but whatever) pages, so knocking active threads off the board shouldn't be an issue. At the rate threads are being made, the threads being deleted would likely be untouched for almost a year, Assuming /kin/ keeps the amount of activity it has now of course. That being said, until custom pages are supported on Lynxchan I'd like to have at least one stickied thread to act as a welcome, explanation of what the board is, and also a message area, since the actual message area is being taken up by board links. How would you guys feel about this thread being repurposed into a general stickied-cyclic thread that users could just post whatever in? Kinda like /1/ from old 8chan only there's still the rest of the board, or like a /kin/ chat room thanks to the lives updates feature. I'd be fine with that if you guys want. Obviously meta talk would still be allowed in the thread, of course.
Edited last time by diff on 07/15/2021 (Thu) 23:14:42.
>>459 Yeah that's sounds pretty neat actually.
>>467 Well there's no other input, so I guess I'll switch it for now. I can always change things around if people end up not liking it or there's some problem that comes up.
(52.62 KB 200x200 sxy_bbls.png)

I wanna fuck the Scrubbing Bubbles mascot.
>>514 just draw a face on a bath scrubber and have fun!
>>514 Sort of like this?
>>529 Y-yes. Like that.
>>23 It'd be cool if there were the banners like on 4chan that could be used to showcase other boards. This is basically an attempted replication of that, but having the proper feature would look better and be a cool way to have little networks of boards that list each other as banners that load randomly.
I got woken up by a strong pain in my back an hour before I was supposed to wake up for work and couldn't fall back asleep. I've been tired all day now.
>>546 If it's muscle pain then get some casein and take the recommended dosage before bed. If not then go see a doctor, once your back is fucked it's fucked. You do not want to let it get fucked.
>>546 See doctor immediately. Back problems are no joke.
>>514 I didn't want to until you said you wanted to and now I want to just to see why you want to. Wouldn't the bristles hurt though?
(180.23 KB 813x815 ClipboardImage.png)

>>547 >>548 The pain wasn't in the spine. It was in the lower left region so I'm not that worried about it being anything serious, since I'm pretty sure that's just muscle. It was just a terrible thing that ruined my day yesterday. Luckily I got a bunch of extra sleep and I just got my coffee, so I feel fine now.
(1.09 MB 1480x1432 ClipboardImage.png)

>>546 Liver's fucked. RIP.
>>514 >>549 You're both making a huge mistake. I've been there, but I never truly came back.
(566.49 KB 900x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm in this thread to watch you jerk off.
>fucks your ass >beans your ass
>>561 Oh and also pic related is the face I'm making while you watch me, so go ahead and keep watching
>>554 he's got firm goal and determination. I'll give him that. I wonder what he thinks of tomboys though.
>Rules of /kin/ >1 : Using harsh, rude, or negative wording towards another user isn't inherently rule-breaking. It could just indicate passion. So, as I understand it, stuff like "fuck yeah, that's amazing!" is okay whereas "fuck you!" is not?
>>604 Yeah pretty much. This isn't a sfw board, so porn and profanity and all that stuff is allowed, but being mean or annoying isn't, and it's the one rule that separates this board from >>>/b/. Even something like "fuck you" is allowed if it's clear that it's just meant to be a joke or friendly banter. Context matters, but since it relies on me judging good faith (and I'm only human) it's risky to post insults even in jest. It's worth noting that this kindness rule currently only applies to other users of the board. This is because I can't control how people conduct themselves outside of /kin/ so I think it'd be unfair for me to force /kin/ users to be kind to people who don't have to be kind back. I don't want kindness to be mistaken for being a "beta cuck".
>>605 so then we can still call redditors nigger-faggots as long as we're not talking about the ones posting here right?
(89.75 KB 213x230 yuhuhteehee.gif)

boy there sure is a lot of shit going on over on /b/. I work a lot so I haven't been able to keep up with it but I'm also afraid that if I ask then I'll get banned or some shit like that. Anyway kind board is still kind I'm glad that it's not been abandoned since I last came here. Even if it only gets a few posts per week that's still more than most boards here.
(10.78 KB 128x128 spoiler2.png)

New spoiler image! The default one is boring so I tried to make a custom one for /kin/. It's just an edit, but it's more interesting than a black question mark.
>>637 aww fuck yeah I love apus
Looks guys I drew a thing. I call him: Deedee.
>>522 DON'T DO IT IT'S NOT FUN >t. knower
>>531 I've been requesting this feature forever. I do it periodically. I think it would really help board discoverability on lynxchan imageboards.
I have a headache >~<
>>770 rolling a d20 to kiss it better. 1d20 = 20
>>772 Alright perfect! I kiss with finesse and grace. The pain stops immediately, as if by magic. Your spirit is lifted.
>>773 Nice job Anon. I'm sure he appreciated it! Rolling to slap your ass in praise (you know like in football, no homo) 1d20 = 17
>>782 A nice meaty slap that gets everyone's attention. They don't know what that was about, but they clap anyway. still no homo btw
(1.80 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

Well if we're all gonna just start rolling for things then... >>722 I like that pic of yours Fren. Rolling to give Deedee a class-upgrade, transforming him into ///GIGA DEEDEE\\\ 1d20 = 11

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