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Fren 07/08/2021 (Thu) 18:42:30 No. 145
paranoid and schiz, i dont want to die. trying to put together a group for the production of "immortality". but other stuff is also welcome. if not immortality, would like the server to at least be involved in legit cool stuff. like steins gate microjumps or diy garage UFO's. maybe even a real SCP foundation thing with mtfs and stuff i dunno. gg/wtrNJNcv
>>145 No one wants to die. You can see it in the eyes. It appears to be terrifying. But so far no one has managed to continue breathing forever. Odds are we never will. It is the fondest dream of humanity. You can see it appear as a plot point in the earliest known story. The epic of gilgamesh. Anyway Gilgamesh, a king, loses his best bro. And travels the earth to find eternal life. His hearts content. But in the end he only finds Enoch. Who tells him that although it is mankinds lot to die, there is one coming who will give us the greatest gift of all. Eternal life. It appears to be a proto-Jesus prophecy. And indeed God did one day send his only son to give us the promised gift. Problem. The jews heart content was not life, but wealth and power. When Jesus came and gave them not jewels and gold, and slaves, but instead eternal life. Well they got pissed. They killed him in hopes God would send them money and power. They thought claiming ignorance as to his status would let them off the hook. They thought to dictate terms to God himself. Well it didn't go that way. He abandoned them as a chosen people and gave his gift freely to all the world, and all its peoples. Anon you can live forever.
>Christians try to gaslight the mentally ill to join their death cult
>>182 >Christianity exists >Kikes still seething Now perhaps you aren't aware, but saying that someone's faith is incorrect isn't exactly the best way to make friends. Try again anon.
>>213 I don't befriend kikes.
>>218 Christians are by definition opposed to kikes fren. You would know that if you weren't a sheenie.
>>220 >worship a dead jew on a stick >follow jewish psychosis to the letter >affirm own meekness and become puppet of dead jew on a stick christkikes and all other philosemites should burn go peddle your shit somewhere else you hook nose
>>222 trips of truth kill all christkikes
(117.20 KB 596x594 1625372747706.png)

>>222 Classic jewish projection heeb. Stay seething.
>>213 >>218 >>220 >>222 >>223 >>225 I know that religious talk, much like politics, tends to devolve into namecalling pretty quickly, but that's not how things work here. Go to /b/ if you wanna fling insults at each other. Consider this a warning for both of you to knock it off.
(283.69 KB 220x178 anime tauntrum.gif)

Political and religious meanies get out. REEEEEE
>>145 discord sucks! Why don't you use IRC or Matrix instead?

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