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Fren 07/09/2021 (Fri) 18:13:29 No. 199
What's the last thing you did! Right before coming here and typing your answer, of course. I was just eating some food. Just got home from work, then I hopped on here. >pic related
jerking off
>>199 Smoking a cigarette, and deciding on lunch. Bacon sandwiches seems like the way to go
>>206 I sometimes like to make wraps with bacon. Kinda like a BLT burrito of sorts. It's pretty good with the lettuce and tomatoes, but I sometimes forget how to wrap it right and end up fucking it up. Remember when you make the sandwiches to cut them diagonally. It makes them easier to eat.
>>207 Huh. Good advice anon. Yeah I got some tortillas. I could try that. Maybe whip up like a tomato aioli and spread it on. Could be quite tasty. Yeah okay now I know what I am doing. Thanks fren!
>>199 >ywn eat burgers with your teenage girlfriend afterschool
You know me fren, just shitfunposting on the web
I just finished lunch. I had a turkey and spinach sandwich.
(1.65 MB 2448x2448 20210709_133349_HDR.jpg)

>>245 Yeah that's what I should have had. Instead I had a bacon cheeseburger.
>>246 Nice. I've been trying to find different ways to make burgers, since a store I go to was having a sale so I bought a lot of them. Looking up different recipes online and I've been digging this mushroom and mayo one with cooked onions. Not bad. >>245 I keep trying to like turkey, but I can never really seem to get it to taste like much of anything. It's always too bland for me.
>>247 Mushrooms and onions pair so well with beef. Nice combo anon.
>>247 I don't know what to tell you, it doesn't seem any more bland than chicken to me. My sandwich today just used cheap lunch meat from Walmart though, so it was nothing special. Where do you get your turkey from and what kind is it? If you cook it yourself, how? If you normally buy cheap frozen supermarket turkey, you could try getting something higher quality from a butcher or local market, especially if there are any local turkey farms. Factory farmed turkey is always going to taste worse because they're bred to be cheap and efficient at the cost of flavor.
>>203 what to?
>>244 How do you get better at funposting anyway? I don't think I'm that good at it yet.
Had a real good fap to CP lol
>>260 that depends. Are we talking about the time before I posted that or the time since then?
>>267 Fren you shouldn't jerk off that much. You'll snap your dick off!
>>268 It's okay. I Iove cock and ball torture.
(11.46 KB 366x230 ss.jpg)

I just woke up, so sleeping I guess.
>>207 >but I sometimes forget how to wrap it right and end up fucking it up What I'd give for edible staples.
>>214 >ywn have fun and improve yourself with your enthusiastic tomboy gf
I ate a mf poptart XDDD
Got a shower.
I drank 2 full bottles of water at once because it's good for you!
I was taking a quick look at >>>/tw/. And before that I was watching SELain.

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