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Fren 07/05/2021 (Mon) 17:55:39 No. 27
What boards do you guys browse, either on here or on other imageboards? As far as 8chan, I usually spend my time on the overboard a lot, so I actually interact with a lot of boards. >>>/b/ is fun sometimes, and >>>/404/ has some wacky CSS that's kinda fun, along with that odd naming gimmick. I used to go on >>>/v/ but I got tired of the BO's bullshit so I stopped. I go on >>>/t/ sometimes to help with software. They're usually nice. And other than that, I might leave replies on threads from any boards I encounter on the overboard if they interest me, even if I'm not interested in that board itself. Outside of 8chan.moe, I used to go on many other imageboards, but I don't really do that anymore. I just spend most of my time here, since all the other ones I used to like either became rulecucked or died. The only other place I go on is 4chan/b/ just for the porn threads (you know, the decent ones, which is the only part of that place that's any good anymore) and that's basically it. >pic unrelated
>>27 On 4chan I used to browse /v/, /vr/, /g/ and /b/, before it turned to shit at least, I still go to /vr/ every now and then but it's getting worse there as well. On old 8chan I browsed similar boards and many others but I don't really remember which ones. Nowadays I'm mostly on /b/ either here or on zzzchan. >I used to go on >>>/v/ but I got tired of the BO's bullshit Yeah I really hate that no fun allowed place where you are afraid of posting as there is always a chance your thread gets deleted, merged or locked. Some anon claimed /vb/ vidya random and wants to have a /v/ board with less restrictive rules all it needs is posters. Only found this board via the board message on /vb/
I'm a light image board user. I've been using them since around 2014, but I mostly only stuck to random boards, just because I always felt that that's what imageboards were best at. I've only recently started using other kinds of boards, mostly the fun gimmicky kinds of boards rather than ones centered around a certain topic, and they're pretty cool too. >>29 I've noticed all those board messages linking to other boards. It looks like they're trying to make a sort of board network to promote more activity between them. I guess you finding this board means that it's working somewhat at least. /vb/ looks pretty cool though. Might check it out if I start playing games more again.
My favorite thead is /cub on u18chan. I like cute young furs, especially when engaged is incestual relationship. I always found this kind of content wholesome and heartwarming (consensual only, obviously whether NSFW or not) I think /fur thread of this site is somewhat similar, you even have your own draw thread here which is neat. I'm not a often visitor on imageboards,not a big fan, sorry, I'm more fond of sites like inkbunny cause I find them more friendly. But this kind board made think that even fragile namefag cubophile like me could have a chance here.
/v/ and /liberty/, as well as other /kind/ boards.
I basically just browse here and /b/ pretty much. I don't browse other imageboards. Instead I just try to make more activity in this place.

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