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Fren 07/12/2021 (Mon) 02:30:18 No. 333
I like the concept of this board. I look forward to having fun will all of you frens <3
*with oops
>>333 Yeah
Hopefully it will be sustainable. Sometimes a board will get activity for a while, but then suddenly start fading and eventually it dies. Make sure to not be afraid of making new threads! Try to think of interesting ideas, or just funpost if you want. I'm guessing BO left the number of pages at max, so we have plenty of spaces to spare on new threads before old ones get the boot.
>>369 >Sometimes a board will get activity for a while, but then suddenly start fading and eventually it dies. Yeah a BO and the posters need to shill the board and create threads or reply to them or it'll die. You don't really get new posters by doing nothing here, there aren't people from the outside nor within 8chan that find their way here own their own. The splitting of the userbase is a problem too imo. Did you notice that /kin/ kinda killed /c/?
>>377 Anon your post suggest that this isn't intentional. Anon killing /c/ was the point. Soon, chai will have no choice, but to include us in the webring. Everything according to plan.
>>378 Chai actually created this board to kill /c/ and die itself, this leaving only /b/ /vb/ is the same plan but with /v/, and much less successful
>>379 Then why won't he add this site to /b/ message board? >checkmate libertarians.
>>380 obviously the job is done, it's time for kin to die
>>381 Oh. Well what about the dancing loli? Can we at least take her with us?
>>382 She knows too much, she needs to die.
>>383 Well it was nice knowing you little girl whose name I never bothered to learn. Anon find some matches I got a can of gas in the car.
>>377 I don't shill the board because I don't wanna come off as annoying, and also this is my first time ever being a BO (well except this one time on old 8chan but I didn't really try then) so I'm actually a little nervous about being BO of a board that gets super popular. And actually I do see posters that appear to come from the overboard somewhat often, so it's not like there's no one new coming here. But yeah I wish board discovery was better on this site. >>378 I didn't notice anything about /c/ being dead. I just checked and it looks like its moving along fine. A little slow but that's how most boards on 8chan are. And no this isn't some secret plot to kill /c/. We link to each other's boards that makes no sense. In truth, the actual intention of this board was to be an alternative to /b/ not /c/. Not to kill it or anything, but just to have a nice /b/, where users show each other more respect. >>379 I have nothing to do with Chai. From what I know of him, he seems like a decent BO, but nope. No plots here.
>>385 >No Fun Allowed Anon you could have played along at least for a few hours.
(648.92 KB 960x815 smugShrug.png)

>>386 It's hard to tell whats a joke or not in text. Poe's law and all that. I got asked a similar question seriously a few times before, so I had to make sure. Being a moderator sure is boring for reasons like this.
>>388 Lol I get it. Anyway hows your day been? Did you see my meatballs?
>>389 Ahh they look nice. I've never handmade meatballs (not a big italian guy) but I'm also not much of a cooking guy anyway. It's nice to see that you and some of the other anons have turned that favorite foods thread into basically a cooking general. That's something that I feel couldn't really happen on /b/. It'd just be spammed with gore and soyjacks or derailed into yet another pedo debate because anons don't have it in them to simply hide a thread they don't find interesting. Glad to see a variety of topics being discussed on /kin/ as a whole. As for how I'm doing, well as I sorta said in the last post, I'm actually really surprised how boring being a mod is so I'm just hanging in there. I woke up this morning and came to check the board and there was a bunch of new posts. I thought the board got attacked by a spammer again but no it was just people talking, which is cool. Makes me feel like all this busywork that I'm doing for free™ has a purpose.
>>391 Absolutely it does! Anon I'm still thinking of stealing that loli for /lit/ so happy. And yeah it could only happen here. I think my tomato sauce is in a /c/ thread that just didn't have the right atmosphere. And yeah first thing in the morning checking reports (0) is always calming.
>>392 >I'm still thinking of stealing that loli Go right ahead. I don't even know who she is. I just wanted to add something custom to this board that would give off a "this is a friendly place" kinda feeling, and lolis are cute so I learned just enough CSS to figure out how to attach her to the screen and follow you around, always dancing happily. It's actually inspired by something similar that was on the old 8chan /b/, way back when it was called "Wing Nut Junction" instead of "Random". Those were the days. >I think my tomato sauce is in a /c/ thread that just didn't have the right atmosphere Strange. While it's not actually true that /kin/ was inspired by /c/ (this board was an idea I've been thinking about since ~2017) they are similar atmospherically. Given that /c/ has a stricter definition of what an acceptable post is, I figured that it'd be more fit than /kin/ for a cooking thread. >first thing in the morning checking reports (0) is always calming Definitely. My users are happy. The board is at peace.
>>393 Reports are rare across the site unless you're a global.
(317.42 KB 200x200 1626121672699.gif)

>>392 >I'm still thinking of stealing that loli for /lit/ so happy. I think I have a few dancing loli gifs on my hdd somewhere will check it out tomorrow. Here have party loli until then
>>396 YES!
>>396 >I think I have a few dancing loli gifs on my hdd fuck I have like 2000 random gifs from the last couple of years
Definitely an interesting idea, but a problem BO (and vols if there are any) might run into is being able to straddle the line of having a board where any kind of discussion is allowed, and dealing with assholes who purposefully make annoying threads or replies that most people hate, but pretending to actually be serious. It's just gonna have to come down to his judgement of course, but it might be exhausting to deal with. Or he could allow it anyway and only remove obvious trolling and dickhead behavior. That might be easier. Who knows.
>>471 It's happened on three occasions already I can think of. The BO acted wisely in all three instances. If the workload is too much, and he requires vols. Then I assume he would have said something by now.
>>369 >/kin/ kinda killed /c/ >/kin/ Users: 3 >/c/ Users: 9 I think /c/'s doing fine. I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, the board owner implies in the welcome thread that it's supposed to be compared to /b/, not /c/ so I don't think that would really happen anyway. >>394 Yeah fuck being a global mod. I tried it once. It's a whole bunch of work you don't get paid for, just for all the users to call you a shit loser cuck and laugh at you.
>>523 >compared to /b/ Ah fuck I'm an idiot. I didn't read the whole thread. BO directly says this later in the thread himself. My bad.
>>524 I mean it's like a month old thread. Just read it before replying.
>>558 month old thread on a slow board (every board except /b/ and /v/ basically) so I don't blame him for not really paying attention to the dates. >>369 High activity is over rated. What matters more is that the activity that eventually happens is good. Just check in once a week instead of once a day and you won't notice the difference that much.
(128.49 KB 1280x720 1a3o5po7.jpg)

Me too fren,
>>333 >>696 Is there like, a category of photos that's just "young girl making heart with hands" that I haven't stumbled across yet? Also this boards has flags! I never noticed that. Neat.
>>704 Yes there is. I see them all the time. I don't get it, but I think it's neat.
>>333 puk

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