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Fren 08/12/2021 (Thu) 01:47:05 No. 579
Post your favorite thing that's happened in the past week.
Well I switched to a new Linux distro and I'm liking it so far, so that's pretty cool
My family invited me to go out with them, and this time I accepted instead of deciding to stay home. I actually had a kinda good time, so I'm surprised.
I found a new fun game. It's always nice when there's something cool and new to play.
my manager for some reason wasn't in at all a few days ago so there was basically no one in charge at my store. That meant that I pretty much didn't have to do any work because no one would notice so I was on my phone for most of my shift. That was nice. I don't get paid enough to care about business.
I baked a double decker cake for the first time and it mostly came out right!
>>640 Nice anon. Mark is very jelly im sure.
>>582 Which one is it, and which one did you come from?
After I mowed the lawn I had enough energy to string trim, do edging, do some light car maintenance, and got really good sleep last night. Morning was a huge disappointment though before the yard work. >>582 I've been using slack myself for something like 20 years, what did you switch to?
>>659 >>663 I switched to Fedora. The one I was using before was Arch. I got tired of updates randomly breaking packages and causing bugs, but I knew that I'd miss having up to date packages if I switched to something like Debian, so I tried Fedora. It's impressive how well it's able to straddle the line between having a stable system while still have up to date packages. Truly an accomplishment. >>663 Is it true that slackware still doesn't have a package manager? I couldn't imagine having to handle all of that manually. Slackware was an important distro in the early days of Linux, but what's the reason for using it now? Is it just habit?
(138.44 KB 1200x850 download.jpg)

>>664 Any reason you picked Fedora over something like Manjaro or Pop?
>>669 I hear constantly that Manjaro is a terribly managed distro that also gives a false promise of being more stable, because while they hold back updates for 2 weeks, they never actually patch packages if there is a bug found. They just release that bugged updates 2 weeks later, so it's waiting for nothing. I didn't look too much more into it, but I didn't need much of an excuse to not go from Arch to Arch+2-weeks-delay. As for PopOS, it's a smaller distro than Fedora in terms of popularity. That's fine if it brings something I like to the table, but by default I'm gonna try out more popular distros before trying the smaller ones, so I tried Fedora before I got to PopOS and it's damn near perfect, so I never felt the need to try PopOS. My memory is a little hazy on how exactly the trip went, but I think it was something like: Arch --> Debian Unstable --> Opensuse --> Fedora
(74.73 KB 660x1211 download.jpg)

>>673 You make a good point. One of the few reasons I maintain any Interest in Arch and Arch based distros is for stuff like Artix or GroovyArcade Linux. I played with Opensuse and liked it for a while but it was lacking in hardware support. Mint was "ok" but its stability wasn't great and seemed like it busted every time I updated. I liked Pop because it feels like a very basic "get the job done" kinda of distro, good for a dedicated media PC. just something quick to set up and game on. Outside of the PC I've been using Raspberry Pi OS (Debian-based) for SBC stuff. Thanks for reminding me about Fedora. think I didn't bother with it because of the whole systemMD and IBM thing.
What game?
(251.98 KB 2048x1152 R.jpg)

>Post your favorite thing that's happened in the past week. Found a Diablo style game that looks kinda neat (pic related), other then that I got a letter that I've been waiting over a year for.
>>683 >I got a letter that I've been waiting over a year for
I finally started learning how to drive. It's basically required in America because our public transportation ain't shit, so I'm glad I'm finally getting to that.

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