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Fren 09/01/2021 (Wed) 15:08:40 No. 612
Are you still a virgin?
>>612 yup
I had sex as a kid but never as an adult so no but I don't know how much that really counts.
(2.19 MB 3326x2218 948b9c6a26a4.jpg)

So, I've been married 14 years so I won't answer OP but... My first orgasm with a partner, was the family dog. My first experience of how the female is put together (fisting, if you care) was in discussion with a neighborhood mare I didn't know, really. My first time inside was also with a horse (and a ladder, obviously). So my question to the board is -- was *I* a virgin when I got married?
>>618 So you fucked a horse? I guess that depends on if fucking animals counts as sex or just "advanced masturbation". My vote goes to "no you're not" but at the same time if I was you and the only time I ever had sex was with a horse, I'd probably never bring it up and just pretend I am still a virgin if anyone asks. do you still fuck horses or was that just a phase?
(30.19 KB 511x416 5ce6adec2f6f5b21.jpg)

>>619 > just a phase? She and I talked about it. So, yes, just a phase but that's because I'm in a relationship now not because I wouldn't try again if I could. They are seriously slippery, and grippy. Also angry because they don't want YOUR attentions, unlike my wife who's happy to make room in her schedule. But maybe not quite as grippy, or as slippery before an hour's warm-up on the topic. Anyway, thank you I think I agree.
(903.33 KB 2000x1714 Svcbitch.jpg)

(1.57 MB 1761x1000 BerryAllyPresenting.png)

(158.32 KB 833x1000 DalmationMilf.png)

>>621 Thank you, no. We don't need your presentations.
given that we're on an imageboard, it's statistically likely!
me and my friend gave each other blowjobs when we were around 10. Does that count as losing it?
Kissless virgin here, but honestly I don't even feel as bad about it as many other people seem to. Every time I think about how nice it would be to have a girlfriend who loves me, I start thinking about all the experiences I read online of guys being trapped in dead marriages, or forced to pay almost half their pay in child support after a divorce, not to mention the alimony taking almost everything they own, and then I think about my own family, and how not a single relationship of any of my relatives ended up working long-term. It just seems like it's not worth it. Like relationships always hurt you in the end. Maybe me never being in one is a blessing in disguise.
>>626 Yes it does. peepee-sucky ~= fucky
>>639 When people say Kissless do they mean in they never gotten a kiss on the lips? I find it hard to believe you have never gotten a kiss on the checks considering that how women and family greet each other in a endearing but wholesome. I don't consider kissing sexual unless it's deep tonguing french kissing.
>>660 "kissless" here is usually meant to mean on the lips, yeah. But also family doesn't count, since that's pointless... I mean unless it's not a platonic kiss in the first place, but that's another sexy can of worms.
>>612 Yes, but isn't like I'm in a hurry to lose my /v/ card since I'm attracted to beings that don't exist in reality (or are so rare that might as well be nothing but fantasy). >>621 That would be >>>/zoo/
>>662 >That would be >>>/zoo/ Make a zoo general here, Got it.
>>678 I mean we have a board just for that.
(650.35 KB 736x736 ClipboardImage.png)

Why yes I am thanks for reminding me.
>>612 >Are you still a virgin? Yes, and everyday I'm more thankful that I am. (I have had some sexual experiences, but i’ve never finished inside anyone so i’ll assume that's our criteria for virginity in this thread). women are completely fucked up in the head. they always have been, but now they have (almost) absolute societal power with zero responsibility. (at least in the west) A woman can send you to jail for years without even having met you. getting sexually involved (with anyone) makes no sense if you do a cost benefit analysis. (the odds aren't really much better if you go for any of the alternatives like gay guys, trannys, traps or fembois). Most STDs are going to become Incurable in the next 10 years (some already are). If I need to cum that badly I have much better (synthetic/mechanical) options than relying on the fickle whims of some other individual. honestly have you anons even met any IRL people within the last 15+ years you can actually trust with just basic life shit? I know I haven't.. If basic life shit is too fucking difficult why would I trust anyone with my dick? makes no fucking sense. The corrupt and completely broken social system has way too much control over the minds of most of the people you would meet outside of anon spaces. And isn't that why most of us come to image boards in the first place? The things we want to talk about and the things we're interested in aren't typical Normie/NPC shit. Why play spy vs spy with some chick till she eventually finds out shit about you that most of society would have you tossed into a dungeon for? and just hope she can ignore it and not be petty and fucked up to use it against you at some random future date (even after you break up). no thanks. Some of you might say, go for a "femanon".I won't bother explaining why that's a (very) bad idea. Besides all the problems mentioned above (and the difficulty of even finding one) what's the real upside? spending time with somebody that (maybe) understands your memes? Anyway, TLDR being a virgin might not be cool according to society, yet neither is most of the stuff we like to do or talk about on here so fuck it. a life of virginity might be tough but it's way better than many of the alternatives.
(35.45 KB 720x535 IMG-20210406-WA0027.jpg)

>>612 That girl looks soft. I wanna snuggle with her.
>>612 Ye. It's really just not worth the effort to try and not be.
>>688 Huh. You know you aren't wrong. Gonna go take a long shower and think about my life.

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