Rules of /kin/

1 : No topics are banned, but controversial topics will typically be held under more scrutiny, since they're more likely to result in posts that break the rules.
2 : Don't intentionally sabotage another user's thread. Just hide the thread if you don't like it.
3 : keep in mind that it can be difficult to tell when someone is joking when making posts.
4 : Don't make posts that are INTENDED to put down or annoy other users. Insults that are obviously directed towards users still count even if they don't call them out explicitly.
5 : Don't make exact duplicates of cyclical threads.
6 : Don't flood (thread-spam) the board.
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8 : .
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10 : Other kinds of "unkind" behavior not listed here might be dealt with, but I'll try to be as comprehensive as possible and update these rules as needed

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply