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(78.90 KB 570x807 crow absorbed in book.jpg)

What are you currently reading? Scribe 08/01/2021 (Sun) 02:26:58 No. 276
Or what have you recently read? Talk about it ITT.
>>276 Im rereading "the descent of angels" and to keep from punching walls I'm breaking it up with "blind man's bluff"
(170.94 KB 1058x754 3578345345.jpg)

The entire Battletech novel collection. I'm starting on the Chaos Wars now. Never thought I'd say this, but they're not bad. Mostly. If anyone's interested, I could upload them to anonfiles. I got all of them zipped.
Currently reading the A Certain Magical Index LNs. At book 2 and enjoying it so far, but they're clearly LNs, not actual novels. >>309 That'd be neat, I've been meaning to get into them myself.
>>309 Oh God please do. I grabbed a set years ago but its in .lit format and that is fucking awful.
Hope your ok with Kindle files, I have them in .rft too, but it would be too big to upload directly.
>>316 The files are named azw3 but its a mobi as you said. And Mobi and Epub are the gold standard for me personally. Perfect ebook file formats.
>>317 I looked into it. Azw3 was a very similar format that's basically mobi plus drm. Amazon ditched it in 03 or 06 when they bought the company that invented mobi. So now all amazon ebooks are mobi. Which is what I'm used to and what I think of when someone says kindle format. So theres the confusion explained. But it is essentially mobi.
>>316 Yeah haven't read any yet but a preliminary check through shows no bad files. The books load and look great. I very much look forward to finally reading more of these. Very much enjoyed them the last time I tried. Thank you kindly anon.
>>276 I've been reading the entire Ender's Game series out of order. I've read Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, Shadow of the Giant, and now I'm reading Shadow Puppets. It's neat to see the idiosyncrasies and changes in continuity over the decades of Card's creation of the series.
>>322 That's a better reading order then what was considered the series when I was younger. The Shadow series following bean and petra was a late addition, after he had written a number of books following Ender. But most people hated those books. The old reading order was Enders game Speaker for the dead Xenocide Children of the mind And I do not reccomend those. The bean series is far more enjoyable, plus we finally see a bit of empathy towards Peter. Hope you enjoy the series anon.
>>323 The bean stories are indeed great. Peter playing politics makes for some of the best story beats, though it does get unrealistic at times. Hey, what can you do? Gotta make the one world gov under Peter work out somehow, what better way than by using Bean to dab on people getting in Peter's way until he's powerful enough to not need Bean anymore?
(770.80 KB 1417x2000 ClipboardImage.jfif)

I just finished reading Dracula. Interesting bit is how nearly the whole story is a bunch of friendzoned chumps simping over the girl that friendzoned them. And the funny part is she specifically friendzoned them for their rich friend, so as nice as the book tries to make her seem, she still comes off as a gold digger. Anyway, the whole thing really drops off after the first act, since that's the part where Dracula is actually present and you actually get a creepy atmosphere. The second act basically plays out like an episode of Columbo, where the characters are trying to solve a mystery, but the audience already knows the answer. It's fine, but is easily the weakest part of the story. It picks up again once characters start to realize what's going on, but never again gets as interesting as the first act, where the most interesting character is actually present, and much more focus is spent on building an interesting atmosphere. Plus, that's the only part where we can at least pretend we don't already know the mystery the characters are trying to solve, so it's at least fun to see it be put together not just for the characters, but for the audience. All that said, I'd still be interested in seeing a single film version that actually tries to be somewhat accurate to the novel. I suppose it's hard, because people watching a Dracula film don't want Dracula to disappear early in the story and barely be present for the vast majority of it. But it is interesting how basically no film version is anywhere close to accurate. Coppola's version markets itself with the author's name but hinges on plots that were nowhere in the novel, and adds all sorts of weird shit to be cool. While it does contain most of the plot beats, the things that are added become so much of the focus that the plot of the novel ends up feeling like a background element. Because of course the plot of doctors trying to diagnose a disease is less interesting than Dracula doing Dracula stuff, which he barely does in the novel. But still, I'd be interested in seeing that movie or maybe miniseries play out.

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