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Kurt Vonnegut Scribe 08/10/2021 (Tue) 23:28:29 No. 294
I just finished Slaughterhouse-Five, this was my introduction to Vonnegut and it couldn't have left a better impression on me if it tried. I went into this completely blind and with little to no expectations but left pleasantly surprised. I would love to know what the fact that ending was supposed to convey exactly beyond "war bad". What should I read next?
>>294 He was anti-war for sure. Of the post world war 1 "oh the inhumanity of man" sort. He's good but that is the overarching theme hes getting at. I'd say offset it with something prowar. Like starship troopers. Not like the movie. Have you read zodiac by Neal Stephenson? He wasn't a cuck when he was starting out so the earlier stuff is good. If you want more vonnegut cat's cradle is popular. For more in the anti-war vein catch-22 is excellent.

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