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Miku, Yotsuba P, and Royal themes added!

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Weekly Theme Thread Anonymous 09/28/2020 (Mon) 04:02:17 No. 213
-See weekly theme. -Draw. It doesn’t matter what, or how, as long as it’s related to the theme. -Post. -Repeat next week.
>>744 damn, looking cool as heck
>>740 Looks like the background character of a hentai. Good work fella. Remember the jawline kind of creates a division between the face and the earlobe, there are exceptions but at least typically the line is visible if subtle. The feet are pretty good, but there is a significant discrepancy in the size of his hands and fingers and length of his lower legs as well. Keep workin'!
(84.00 KB 800x900 drawpile_gilda_L.jpg)
>>749 nice
>>744 3 spooky 5 me; i laff at pumpkin. Part of me thinks her baleful gaze should be more directed downwards into the gaping maw of pumpkin gore but otherwise it's quite nice. >>749 Very cute. Pumpkin innards are so gross tho smh.
(1.06 MB 667x850 ClipboardImage.png)
Here's a scribbling I did the other day while listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygVgxGSQIsw. By happy coincidence, it fit the theme.
>>754 Nice gangster pumpkin. Remember to never pass up an opportunity to show the form of the body through the clothing; the stripes going straight down as they do are having a bit of a flattening effect.
(252.52 KB 600x600 week135.png)
Next theme: SALAMANDER 8th of November
>>766 Lizards? My favorite >tfw no Queen Azala/Reptite from Chrono Trigger flag https://youtu.be/GCnrCRk0ldA
(75.78 KB 1000x850 Sal_.jpg)
>>768 >Lizards
>>773 Cute, they look like they could be in a salamander sitcom of some sort
(614.92 KB 598x852 ClipboardImage.png)
>>766 I'm very rusty and my scanner is not behaving correctly but I figured I'd put something out there.
>>776 I like the Axolotl fella
(308.67 KB 1800x1200 Loomis 2.png)
>>766 tried a mecha of some sort but i kinda half-assed it at the end >>773 >>776 love the cartoony style
>>795 I like how you've dragged the shadow across. It's a nice design-maybe adding a bunch of wires and other flexible bits between his "segments" would look cool, but the segments fitting into eachother like one of those plastic snakes from the 90s works too I suppose.
(132.55 KB 600x600 week136.png)
Next theme: KNIGHT 15th of November
>>799 yeah you're right i should've thought a bit more about it's segmented body would move, now that i look at it again i can't see how boxes fitting into eachother would work at all
(360.27 KB 1204x1281 FTH Knight.png)
>>804 Female Kn*ghts are my fetish Here's my contribution
(218.15 KB 1204x1281 line.jpg)
>>832 Nice perspective on the blade of the sw'pear anon. The details are abundant throughout while not feeling overdone. Good work! I do feel the haft of the spear might be deviating a little bit from where the center of the blade suggests it should go, however if it is off it's not by very much at all, certainly not to where most would care or notice. Well done all around.
>>833 addendum: I think I might be mistaken here, I didn't consider the 3-dimensional volume of the blade, and when I do the apparent discrepancy seems to become even less significant. As usual my autism is just flaring up over nothing, more or less.
>>833 No biggie anon, thanks for looking into it!
(29.28 KB 600x600 week137.png)
Next theme: CARTWHEEL 22nd of November
(283.88 KB 1000x563 salamander_knight.png)
>>832 >Female Kn*ghts are my fetish There are worse things than liking medieval tomboys. She's cute.
(17.31 KB 640x495 Knight.png)
>>804 Fucking around with GrafX2 and the Windows 95 16 color palette. I wanted to do something simple but got caught up in the rendering. Fug D:
>>860 Reminds me of one of the older Might and Magic games. That's going to be a "based" from me there, compadre
>>860 I really enjoy the style. It used a very limited color range and clearly defined technique, but still manages to fool me into believing that certain parts are just a filter applied to a photograph. (But it's probably too time consuming to make that a staple style for any real project. Or am I wrong?)
>>864 It was fairly time consuming, but part of that was just grafx2’s ancient interface. The dithering is itself a pattern that you apply to a brush, so that part isn’t tedious, unless you want to hand dither like a madman. It’s just with pixel art you have to zoom way the fuck in and be very precise on where the individual pixels go sometimes.
On second thought there was too much wrong with that to bring myself to post it even with the not-excuse of it "not being finished".
(1.76 MB 800x1000 Cartwheelin' in the 50s.png)
>>851 Hell yeah, finally got some drawing time. Old comics style just because.
(82.67 KB 883x872 cartwheel-xd.jpg)
An attempt was made >>916 I love that coloring effect, not sure what it's called but whatever. Nice attempt at an extremely difficult pose as well
>>919 It's called halftoning. Used the ColorLab brush set which was shared recently on /ic/. Also I bought it on sale like a fucking retard.
(132.80 KB 1000x1000 gartwheel_1000.png)
>>851 >>916 >used taco flag for this post >>919 oh no heckarino bad chungus downboat
(166.17 KB 600x600 week138.png)
Next theme: TURKEY 29th of November

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