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Weekly Theme Thread Anonymous 09/28/2020 (Mon) 04:02:17 No. 213
-See weekly theme. -Draw. It doesn’t matter what, or how, as long as it’s related to the theme. -Post. -Repeat next week.
(10.24 KB 256x240 vidya.png)
(83.83 KB 1280x1200 vidya5x.png)
(927.49 KB 960x540 le_epic_game.webm)
I'm learning Godot, so that's the perfect opportunity to create shitpost game.
>>2898 I lol'd
>>2898 My fucking sides
>>2895 Looks like a cool body horror RPG for the original Gameboy® console BASED AND BAGUETTE PILLED, HON HON HON~
(190.07 KB 683x570 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2878 My entry for this week. >>2430 >tfw alien qt will never abduct you so you can get fit together >>2144 To be fair, brass and gold do look very similar. >>2895 That's pretty spooky
>>2905 Very creative, I like it >bladdablupdubbadupblup~
(356.24 KB 1045x1415 drawpile_doropie.png)
>>2878 It's an old famicom game. Called Krion Conquest on the NES. >>2905 I can hear him laughing
(425.77 KB 2300x2300 drawpile_turts.jpg)
(210.21 KB 1500x1500 drawpile_vidja.jpg)
(145.28 KB 600x600 week164.png)
Next theme: FAIRY 30th of May
(182.78 KB 1230x2153 Virgin.jpg)
>>2911 Thanks, I-...I would have gotten to it eventually! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jrg9KxGNeJY
>>2913 Wonder if I missed any others? "vidya" can be hard to spot if you don't recognize it.
>>2911 There's a certain resemblance between gondolas and crewmates...
(2.01 MB 1141x1483 Videogames the movie.png)
(1.60 MB 1141x1483 Neo v.png)
>>2895 I've always been very fond of these old game mock-ups.
>>2920 Very nice. I'd consider making R*ddit's head a little smaller to make his body look bigger if that's the route you're going with him. Everything's looking good though. /v/ looks suitably PUNISHED and everything comes together nicely.
(536.97 KB 959x769 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2912 Absinthe fairy. It look me forever to get legs look remotely correct, and I had a tough time finding good references. I might have to invest in a camera setup to take my own reference photos instead. >>2913 That's a thicc yamato right there >>2906 >>2907 Th... Thanks
(723.99 KB 1000x2100 Fairy_L.png)
>>2912 *bzzt* >>2966 >tfw no ethereal green gf
(495.96 KB 2641x2908 Fairies.png)
Here's the Drawpile Fairies, hopefully I didn't miss any. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICpN6OoLEe0
(301.20 KB 600x600 week165.png)
Next theme: SCHOOL 6th of June
(543.85 KB 1250x450 school_comic_1250_L.png)
>>2970 fun fact - fishes have lots of collective nouns a school of fishes a shoal of fishes a family of sardines a shiver of sharks a catch of fishes (for caught fishing) unrelated but, a fagot of drummers
(2.90 MB 1141x1483 Faerie.png)
>>3005 Very nice, but kind of scary. Wh-...what's in the tree, anon!?
>>3005 Color and contrast is very good. very magical. The fairy particles looks like an angler fish's bat line, like the fairy is being controlled by wire.
(249.34 KB 1321x900 encounter-scaled.jpg)
(1.08 MB 1320x900 encounter_colored_scaled.png)
>>3020 Very nice fairy and little slug friend. A little better command of the media and some additional anatomy and it would really shine. Hold on to this one, you'll want to come back to it with fresh eyes years from now.
(294.46 KB 1262x1360 late for skoole.png)
>>2970 oh no, I'm late for skool
(535.26 KB 855x751 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2970 Generic schoolhouse perspective practice. I am still grinding through Nordling's chapter on sloped roofs. >>3035 Hurry up, baka!
(1.42 MB 5407x3386 blorp.jpg)
>>2970 Drawpile school stuff
(190.55 KB 600x600 week166.png)
Next theme: OGRE 13th of June
>>3040 le oger is like le onion dongey :DDD
wut u doign in meh swump
>>3044 (not my art btw but that of Emmy Cicierega) (Gosh I high-key want to impregnate that girl ngl tbh fam)

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