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Draw because you want too & not because you have too

Shitposting Thread #1 Anonymous 04/08/2021 (Thu) 23:26:15 No. 2303
Let off some steam, Bennet
>>4852 > Did you copy and paste the upper arm for the head? I actually started with the left leg. Copied it for the right leg and mirrored it. Then again scaled for the torso, then head. Then flipped back and rotated for the left and right arms. All smudged together to hide the transitions.
(91.50 KB 559x610 retard_chamber.jpg)

>>2303 Please let me out...
(199.85 KB 400x534 pringles.jpg)

Congrats to the BAT anon. Absolutely impressive
>mfw I just realized, today, that I could disable the god awful double n-word captcha we'd had on this board this entire time
>>4904 Thank you. Unfortunately it's still going to be a long road to where I'll feel good about selling but I have high hopes for the future.
(264.31 KB 900x900 cumconnect.jpg)

>>4916 Did you take some profits near the top? Because I do not think it will stay above $1 for long.
>>4918 Once I saw it at $1.40 or whatever the thought was tempting, but I quickly made peace with the fact it will probably go back down to $.90-$.80 pretty quickly. Unfortunately any profits I take would be mostly redundant given I'm not wanting for anything other than the opportunity to not have to work, so alas I continue to hold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q-iEOuNpf8
(2.94 MB 700x525 fractals.gif)

>>4919 You do not have to swing with everything though. You could sell 5% for every 10% price increase and buy back lower to increase your stack.
>>2734 > guys help how do i draw core shadow on the concave surface please Maybe a bit late, but... Concave surfaces don't have fucking core shadows! Use your brain. a core shadow is the result of reflected light being in the shadow. A concave surface is either fully lit or covered by a cast shadow - partially or fully. Core shadows only exist on convex surfaces.
Why aren't you guys entertaining me? I expected at least 60PPH when I signed up for this shit. By the way: I've got a router and internet card. Now what's only left, is installing an antenna to receice radiowaves that turn the freaking frogs gay. Then I'll be able to participate in the drawpile again. I might be spending too much time on this phone. I didn't have one for the longest time, but now that I have one with internet, I spend too much time on it. I think I might blog some of the art related things I learn on a daily basis in here. There doesn't seem to be an appropriate thread for such things. (I fucking despise typing on a phone. I need to get my hands on an antenna and install it, so that I can stop using this incredibly cancerous on-screen keyboard.) What else to say? Skidaddle skidoodle your dick is now a doodle.
>>5020 >Why aren't you guys entertaining me? I'm sorry. Would you like to hear a joke?
>>5021 > I'm sorry. Would you like to hear a joke? Always!
>>5022 I have cancer. That's not a joke. It's a lie
>>5023 Hm...that wasn't really funny. But I appreciate the attempt. I have a joke. I'll make it up this very moment. What do you call an artist, who traveled back in time to make his past self spend more time on art? *Procrastinator*
I just watched a Marc Brunet video and he became almost as annoying as that asian guy using the color dodge tool. (Ross Crossdresses or smthn.) It's all so fake... Why do people do this? (I already know why. I just wished they would start being honest and stopped using jump cuts all over the place in conjunction with that incredibly annoying way to talk, as well as forcibly trying to be quirky.) Shit, I'm being too negative. Quckly brighten the mood. I love how the moon looks right now. The greenish glow around her makes her seem more ominous. The moon is female by the way. It's kind of obvious when you realize she's veiled in darkness. I also realized that I spend every moment I'm not busybeing distracted or busy, analyzing what I see and how I react to it. Which means it's too much too share in here, especially in text form from a goyphone. Here is a realizations or thoughts: Geometric patterns, symmetry, mathematically accurate and repeating shapes are appealing and fun to look at. I find myself enjoying looking at nature and it's beauty. There are mathematical patterns everywhere. It's a joy to see patterns and see ways how they are all connected and repeated on a small scale as well as in large. Repeating shapes are just so harmonious and beautiful. Add a bit of unexpected twists and turns to keep the viewers eye intrigued to explore further and follow along the yourney if lines and shapes you've created, trying to connect and match things. Your viewer is the biggest asset to your art. The piece itself doesn't exists. It's the catalyst for a symphony of visual and emotional stimulation within the viewer.
(15.29 KB 468x43 2.png)

>>5033 You sure do talk like an artist.
(21.74 KB 1172x942 proposal.png)

Proposed updates to the Dunning-Kruger curve
MERRY CHRISTMAS Doubly so if you don't celebrate it.
(16.18 MB 8419x6242 X-mas card 2021.png)

Merry Christmas from /co/!
>>5468 Thanks lads
(53.18 KB 788x634 1642193007521.jpg)

(3.66 MB 640x360 dr columbine.webm)

(92.11 KB 639x1846 nigglywiggly.png)

(3.61 MB 480x480 troonwars.webm)

(110.34 KB 640x744 autism clown.jpg)

>>6174 Me n my art
(33.30 KB 618x884 youre mom lol.png)

>>2303 Lmao
someone convince me to not buy like $300 worth of artbooks in one go and instead buy them 1 per paycheck or something
(707.92 KB 1124x1121 06g1wzj4px351.png)

>>6196 Could you find them used at low price?
Just sent an email to loomisadmin@protonmail.com Can you see it? Check your spam and trash too The title of the email contains /loomis/
The weekly thread hasn't updated in a month. Is everyone doing alright or did the party move to another site?

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