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(2.65 MB 1761x7924 Tower Girls.jpg)
Tower Girls: "Moe" Girls Edition Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 03:44:47 No. 94
Learning to love again Use your post number or the Random Number Generator at https://www.random.org to roll a number between 1 and 999 to play! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZQOlhv9fcY
Edited last time by loomis on 10/26/2020 (Mon) 03:08:36.
(673.48 KB 900x1200 Slime_Princess2.png)
>>2235 You return to the dungeon a few weeks later
Rolling. Random.org gave me a fairy, but I can't into the pose I want.
(266.17 KB 1600x1200 w.png)
>>2268 >want to draw a pale witch with white hair >have to make the skin darker and darker to the point where she looks like a gobln >draw a dark background instead >dark background goes over the black lines, hiding the ground so now she's just sitting on air >fuck up the tits but get a good midriff placement, which is promptly hidden by shitty cloth Next time I'll go for a simpler pose.
>>2276 Oh shit I also fucked up the neck during coloring.
All right, let's do this. 1d999 = 955
>>2277 Nice dvbs. Unfortunately color alone isn't the problem, her neck is substantially further to the viewer's left of her center mass than it should be. Also, the lines beneath her chest suggests a volume to her breasts that isn't being expressed across the contours on the body which sort of flattens the drawing (pun intended). Keep it up, try and think about any novel accessories or special items you could add to lend appeal to the character. I like her face and hair.
(5.77 KB 147x60 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2280 >her neck is substantially further to the viewer's left of her center mass It was meant to be leaning towards the broom, but I fucked up the trapezius, colored over it, and forgot about the collar that still has some lines going over the neck. >which sort of flattens the drawing That whole pectoralis area really fucks me up. Both the area above the breasts, the breasts themselves, and the way it connects into the arm.
>>2276 Your right arm is 1. Far longer than the left arm, and 2. far longer than any human arm has any right to be. You'll probably have a better time with the hair and skincolor problem if you make the hair slightly grey and make the skin slightly red/pink. It's going to be really hard to pull off that ivory on ivory unless you're working in black and white. By limiting your color palette to only one color on the skin you fuck yourself over.
>>2282 >Your right arm Isn't that the left? >if you make the hair slightly grey and make the skin slightly red/pink I hadn't thought of that. I thought white on white was common on colored pics, but now that I looked into it it's way more common to actually shift the hue and saturation. That explains why I had such a hard time just fucking with the value.
>>2283 >I thought white on white was common on colored pics, but now that I looked into it it's way more common to actually shift the hue and saturation. Yep, though it really depends on how much you're relying on lines to seperate subjects, I don't know if you did it consciously or not, but here, >>2276 your line work is subtle enough that it's not going to delineate the hair from the skin. I really can't think of any character off the top of the head that is pure white hair on pure white skin (outside of manga, but they use screentone there), and even if there was, the artist would have to use heavy linework to keep the areas separate. I supposed I should also say you're not limited to "gray" as far the the slight tone on the hair. For example, the second image you posted looks like it's mixing a very subtle amount of blue/green into the hair, just be aware when you start adding shit like that you can very easily fuck it up, adding too much color and then veering hard into anime style territory. Now it's up to you whether or not that's a good thing, just be aware it will have that effect if you use too much color in the hair. >Isn't that the left? If I wanted to specify from the character's perspective I would say "proper left", by default I also talk in terms relative to the viewer unless otherwise specified. I don't know about other artists on this board, but for me as an artist viewing work, I am always mapping my explanations from viewers perspective. If you wanted to be pedantic, I could say "viewer's right arm", but I'm lazy. This is a problem associated with human subjects.
>>2290 >by default I also talk in terms relative to the viewer *I always talk
>>2266 Very cute and checked
(213.51 KB 700x1030 am.png)
>>2277 Low effort amazon because I couldn't get the body to look right but I still wanted to finish it. I hate that the low effort colors instantly made it look not as shit.
>>2388 >forgot I choose minotaur >mistake it for amazon because all I could remember was stronk I fucked up on multiple levels again, but at least I'm being consistent. Rerolling because fuck choosing.
>>2388 Put enough shit on top of shit and it transforms into a not-shit art style. It’s about consistency in level of detail.
>>2391 Just give her a nice pair of horns and udders
(579.83 KB 1023x1200 jesty.png)
(52.80 KB 558x884 jests.png)
>>2395 Fuck me, I thought the Marco Bussy abstract backgrounds were easy. I need to work on that and shadows, and hands. Second pic was a fuck up that I thought looked nice. I thought "I'd fuck that" while drawing, so I guess I'm improving.
>>2419 Nice work anon, your torso anatomy is coming around; seems like you got a lot of the landmarks down
1d100 = 40
(938.25 KB 1200x1000 kobold_princess_L.png)
>>2921 I will gladly take Sir "no-taste" Knight's place and worship her hips.
1d100 = 11
(495.44 KB 700x900 zombie_princess_700_L.png)
>>3000 wow it worked
>>3000 Look at that tangent on her elfbow AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
1d100 = 36
(745.12 KB 1000x1350 slime_princess_again_L.png)
>>3012 Good shit as usual, though I do want to say that I'm not a huge fan of the black outlines on the bones. The ones around her sternum in particular, at least to me they read a little like the kind of sag wrinkles you might see on older women. Not really flattering either way.
>>3013 I agree.
>>3012 Looks good >>3013 I don't feel the same way but I can kind of see what you're saying I guess, at least for those specific bones where the ribcage inserts into the sternum or whatever
(669.94 KB 1000x1350 slime_princess_again_aL.png)
(666.10 KB 1000x1350 slime_princess_again_bL.png)
>>3012 I fixed my shitty upscaled lines. by fixed I mean relined the whole thing
>>94 1d999 = 292
1d999 = 366

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