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Draw because you want too & not because you have too

QTDDTOT Anonymous 12/31/2020 (Thu) 10:05:18 No. 1309
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: There's no QTDDTOT edition
Why does that second pic look so shit? It's pretty much traced from the artist from the first pic, but it just looks atrocious even if you ignore the background and bad coloring. From what I can tell it's mostly caused due to the thick lines, but that by itself shouldn't ruin the picture that badly. The sausage fingers look like what comes out when I draw hands, which is why I'm interested in analyzing this mess.
>>1310 Line weight is very important with line art, yeah. If you're going to have such dark pronounced lines (in contrast to something more like the sketch in the first image) you have to treat the lines with some sensitivity. You could go the other route and go lineless/painterly style though, too.
>>1310 It's mainly the background. * The candlesticks are all pointing in different directions, which is confusing * The wall shading looks like the gradients were quickly slapped on * The girl has blisters on her ass, and they're off kilter. Not sure what you were going for (was she spanked?) but it didn't work * The guy's middle finger does not connect to his hand and his pinky is longer than his other fingers * The guy's leg has no hair, maybe it should have some
(454.69 KB 474x587 ClipboardImage.png)

Can anyone suggest alternative learning material to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain to me? Preferably something that's in the context of digital art with a tablet. I have an x200T I'd like to use to try and learn how to draw shit even though I've never drawn anything before in my entire life. But drawing on the right side of the brain is filled with autistic theory and every time I've picked it up over the years I've given up on it.
>>1336 Just do the like...first two or three exercises in the book. It's really not that much of a chore. That's the whole thing
>>1336 Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is probably the best single book for complete novices, especially ones who did not draw in years. Otherwise you will need to resort to multiple works. If you are still interested, go through Norling's book on perspective, and then move on to Loomis' books. If you are completely green, start with Loomis' Fun With a Pencil. Otherwise, you can skip it. >Preferably something that's in the context of digital art with a tablet Some people will disagree, but I think that starting out traditional is best. You are most likely familiar with pencil and paper, so you can focus on drawing rather than messing around with table's shortcuts and settings. Traditional methods also reinforce good habits, and prevent you from abusing crutches like control+z. Translating skills from traditional to digital is much easier than other way around too. For most people anyway. It is something to consider, as if you take the art hobby seriously you will probably want to try some life figure drawing. >>1310 Others covered some things, but I think that the "flat" look and bad coloring are the biggest offenses. >flat Perspective is messed up. Guy's leg just sort of disappears into the cushion and we do not get an indication of any crevice that could be hiding it. Arms look awkward wrapped around girl's waist (we should see less forearm), middle finger's placement is off, and pinky is too long. All these tiny issues add up. >coloring What you see on the second image is coloring's equivalent of symbol drawing. There is no consideration of where the light comes from, the way shadows are painted does not complement perspective, and blending is very basic. At the same time, some stock effects like the "blushed reflective" skin are used and they do not match the style of coloring. That's why light reflecting in sweat covered, rosy asscheeks looks like blisters as >>1313 pointed out. Thinking about light source alone would fix a lot. There are candles in the back, so figures will be illuminated from the back. It means that parts closest to lights (outlines where characters are not in contact with the bed) will be the lightest. That's assuming there are no light sources off page, as they will complicate things. Still, surfaces closest to the light sources will be the brightest. Besides that, the first image is sketchy and has no colors. It lets your brain fill the blanks subconsciously. It can't do that with the second image. It's kind of like with horror movies where keeping monster somewhat hidden lets viewers' minds fill in the blanks, making it scarier to them. In case of pictures, your brain makes it look better.
>>1336 I read that book and found some of the early exercises to be extremely helpful but dropped it shortly after. Lots of weird pointless nonsense scattered thru it.
(604.47 KB 903x1132 waifu (1).png)

(227.54 KB 2550x3509 mycharacter (1).png)

>>1309 How does a guy get god at anime art quickly What books should I read? I honestly don't know what to do.
(47.18 KB 625x331 bb-5bd13bd66b007.jpeg)

>>1371 There are a bunch of "How to Draw Manga" books. >quickly heh ha ha HAHAHAHA Watch some videos by artists that aren't full of themselves, though. That's got to be better than reading a book, nerd. The real answer is to DRAW
(232.72 KB 1270x724 1608508571593.jpg)

>>1371 Draw from life
>>1371 No such thing as 'quickly'. Give up now if that scares you. Practice anatomy. That's it. Anime artists don't get good if they only draw anime, they draw realism first. Find photos from real life and draw them. Find diagrams of skeletal and muscle groups and draw them. I found Posemaniacs.com to be a helpful site, and it has a 30 second drawing tool to help with gesture drawing. The 3d models aren't amazing though. Practice objects like chairs, cars, buildings etc to learn perspective which you will also need for anatomy and anime characters. Drawabox.com is good for starting from scratch. It's a lot of work you have to work on daily. If you can't or won't, don't bother and go train to work for a trade like construction/electrician/plumbing. You'll make better money that way.
>>1371 >dat thigh gap HNNNG!
>>1378 >>1371 No, no, 71, whatever you do DO NOT listen to 78, "Learn realism before anime or cartoons." is one of the worst pieces of advice anyone can give. I learned realism and cannot do stylized art for shit, now mind you I don't want to, but if I did, oh boy would I have been disappointed, Still kinda sad that I cannot make decent meme art though. Oh well.
>>1391 > I learned realism and cannot do stylized art for shit Maybe you need to do more realism? Not even completely joking. I am under the impression you'd have to do a LOT of realism before you can "break the rules" if you choose that route. Similar to how if you take a music theory or jazz theory class, you learn rules about overlapping voice, avoiding perfect 5th, leading tones, but you have to get really good at the rules in order for you to break them.
>>1391 Stylization is its own skill just like anatomy, perspective, and posing. You’re only good at drawing what you’ve studied drawing, so if you never sit down and study meme art in particular, you never be able to draw it. Just like the Proko’s kangaroo abortion. >>1393 You do need some realism, but let’s not pretend the basic anime style is some masterpiece of technical skill. > overlapping voice, avoiding perfect 5th, leading tones This applies to medieval church music for untrained peasants to sing in church and nothing else, and is dumb memes people just emptily tell each other like “drink 8 cups of water a day” or “never ever use black”. It’s true that you really need to know what you are doing before you make up you’re own styles from scratch, but being “classically trained” isn’t as important as “being trained” at all. Academia has a serious problem where it hyper-focuses on random rule sets because it is a class, and therefore needs something to grade based on.
(151.93 KB 1280x720 why.jpg)

This old man and his dried out sharpies better be helpful.
I've been drawing exclusively on paper and im having a tuff time transferring over to digital. Is it the program im using? Or that the fact im using a lower end tablet? I could you any advice you got.
>>1452 I started with a small tablet and it literally put me off drawing for years. Many people can get used to them but I never did. I'd recommend a Large tablet. Yes they're expensive but they hold on to most of their value if you ever give up anyway. What's important is the connection between how you move your hand and what happens on your screen, smaller tablets feel like playing Counter-Strike with your sensitivity jacked up as high as it'll go. Of course drawing with them sucks.
(361.33 KB 993x1794 ClipboardImage.png)

How do I git gud?
>>1474 Don't get caught up in only doing wireframe sketches, do some value studies and completed works once in a while. On a side note, some of those torsos look too long, practice proportions, i.e. how many heads tall certain body landmarks are.
You guys got any art related stuff you like to watch?
>>1474 You don't.
>>1474 >How do I git gud? You consciously study and keep at it, until you're good. simple.
>>1603 Get a tablet with a surface area closer to the size of your computer screen. >UGEE M708 >VEIKK A30 >Huion Inspiroy H1060P
>>1604 Those look fairly affordable, I'll check them out.
Speaking of tablet. I'm currently using one with 11 x 6 inches drawing surface. Is that too small?
On the topic of tablets and screens, if you have a large monitor or a small tablet you can go into the tablet settings and change the screen area/mapping to a smaller area. Then you just need to make your drawing software window smaller and you can work inside that to have a closer movement ratio if you feel like the tablet is too small. Having a smaller tablet isn't necessary a deal breaker. An issue with digital tablets is that they don't give you the freedom of motion that traditional art offers (this includes screen tablets). With traditional long brushes, you usually hold them at the back of the brush and this makes it so smaller hand movements make relatively larger marks on the canvas (which is usually on a vertical easel). So sometimes normal tablets that are smaller than your screen can feel more like traditional drawing/painting (depending on how you look at it) because you compensate for the restrictive hand movement with a higher screen to tablet ratio. I still recommend getting the largest one you can afford since it gives you more options and if you want you can limit the active area on the tablet to simulate having a smaller one.
It's possible that I'll have a real job™ in the next week or so. On the one hand, I'm happy to start working again so that I can earn some dosh, but on the other hand, I won't have as much time for practicing. Do any wagies have advice on budgeting time, especially if you're prone to burning out?
>>1625 I not only got much busier at work because of this thus far year-long Pokemon sperg out, but my boss installed a camera on the wall as well and will actually call up the store to yell at me if he catches me drawing. My life as an artist is more or less over for a variety of reasons but that's a big one. I hope you have success budgeting your time in a way that I never was able to. >>1608 IMHO the bigger the better. My Intuos L matches up with my 17 inch laptop monitor in such a way that it's pretty much spot on and feels great to draw on. The tablet's active area is, if I recall, pretty close to the size of a standard 15 inch laptop monitor.
Is there ever any benefit to tracing? Not subjects necessarily, I just wonder if my circles and lines improve if I trace over good ones enough times.
>>1731 Tracing as a learning tool is good, I would say subjects is fine too. It's just cringe to trace a image you intend to finish
(881.39 KB 1437x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

I bought this for 40 bucks from some chick who was selling it on craigslist since she thought it could be used with her phone. Will this do for simple sketching?
(597.48 KB 588x591 Cheapo.png)

>>1733 I've got a cheapass wacom and it works well enough after practicing with it I've started seeing chink display tablets for 150-ish in ye local craigslist and I'm wondering if they're any good
>>1733 The only thing I can say is that it's better than nothing, maybe. With nothing at least you can use traditional materials and not feel like you're drawing in fast forward like you might with such a smol tablet.
(116.83 KB 374x647 ClipboardImage.png)

What's wrong with the anatomy? The upper torso looks kinda fucked, but I don't know why exactly. Ignore the shading, I was going to do it as practice then erase but I accidentally did it on the same layer.
(59.27 KB 376x641 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1739 Nevermind, I just somehow cloned the layer instead. I haven't used digital in a while.
>>1740 The sternum is a little high and the fore shoulder is soft and ill-defined compared to the other.
>>1739 >>1740 Are you the guy that used to just draw disembodied torsos all the time? Good to see you experimenting with some more features. This anon >>1742 is right your chest ends just a bit "too soon" if that makes sense. The shoulder bone and muscle area has a distinct structure to it that is missing here, unfortunately. It appears as if the arm is just being inserted into the ribcage directly in a way.
How do I make long straight hair on an anime girl look less basic? I try adding twintails, ponytails, ahoges but it doesn't suit the character. Surely there has to be other small details but I can't think of anything.
(570.21 KB 886x433 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1754 There are many ways >straight cut >natural >scruffy vs neat >shape of hair ends >thickness of hair strands >combed over >worn behind or over ear >parting location (middle, side, vs concealed) >lots of volume or fluffed >different styles of bangs >hair pins >mixing in braids or beads >hair worn behind or in front of shoulders >hair partially covering face or forehead >hats, scarves, nets, and ties There are a lot possibilities, and that's even without going into all different hairstyles invoking buns, braids, tails, different colors, and so on. Then there are makeup, glasses, and jewelry. All of that can quickly produce a lot of variety, even if if the facial structure is the same.
(89.40 KB 357x598 ClipboardImage.png)

How does the midriff work? It always looks wrong, specially the upper and lower part.
>>1903 You mean the rectus abdominis and shit? It's pretty tough depending on the model's BMI and pose, you just have to draw from observation until you understand it better, and supplement it with studies of the abdominal muscles.
>>1453 >>1626 I strongly agree with getting a large tablet over a medium or small one (unless your workspace can't handle a HUEG tablet). I recently bought a used Wacom Intuos Pro Large (PTH-851) to replace the medium version, and it's much more comfortable to draw - especially when drawing with the shoulder. The active area is wide enough to allow for long, natural strokes, and can be adjusted if you wish. The main drawback is certainly its lack of portability, and for my Intuos Pro, the bezels are too big and take up lots of space on my desk. A better model with reduced bezels is already out (and has Bluetooth + USB-C), but it's too expensive. The Huion WH1409 is a cheaper option, although the one with a battery-free pen might be better.
Are there any sites like quickposes that aren't complete shit? Lately I've been getting a bunch of [no image] when doing studies, which completely bugs the timed practice, and also a bunch of repeated images.
>>1931 I'm really not sure. Croquis Cafe is good but it's pay only now. Posemaniacs is fun but it's in flash so it doesn't work on a lot of browsers. Also >3D models
>>1934 >Posemaniacs >site is down Well shit. Is there any software that works similarly to quickposes' timed practice at least? If I just set up a timer I'll probably end up cheating, I'd rather the program yank the picture away.
>>1931 Unless that's among the sites that are complete shit of course, there's always https://line-of-action.com I feel a lof of the new poses and models they've introduced over time just straight up made it worse by average, and there was always a lot of rather dubious material, but it works all right. These days I prefer to just get sets of decent references from wherever I can find them and set a timed slideshow in irfanview. Not that I do a lot of quickposes any more overall.
>>1938 I see what you mean. It works well enough and there's good pics, but also a lot of shit ones that clog it up. I guess I'll suffer through my own softcore.
>>1951 If you can find Proko's models they're okay and there's a lot of them.
(100.49 KB 700x1200 the-watercarrier.jpg)

The Watercarrier by Eugene de Blass, sharing it here because this is the closet thing I can find to a general thread. Check out the worn brickwork, the different reflections on metal and ceramic, the folds on the cloth, the lighting on the skin, the details of the face, hair, and hands. It looks like a frickin' photograph! And she a cute. I thought you'd appreciate it.
>>1988 Reminds me of Boogaloo or whatever his name is. Phenomenal work. A lot of people are dismissive of "like a photograph XD" art but such an achievement can only be made possible by true mastery of the medium so I respect it a lot in that regard.
>>1988 It reminds me of Hugues Merle & William-Adolphe Boogaloo as mentioned by the other anon, all 3 artists worked during the same time period (mid 18th century) & I wonder if they all influenced each other or this was this the popular style of painting during that time period?
>>2041 It's called Academic painting. It's basically the zenith of the development of Western art and it had fully reached it's peak by Bouguereau time. And then soon afterwards everything wen to hell when it was cast aside for modern art to take its place. Read these paragraphs and weep.
(199.48 KB 1200x1200 BOOG in A LOO.jpg)

>>2042 Don't worry anon as soon as we get gud (someday) our art will be the zenith of Western Academic painting, We will be the Boogaloos of our generation.
(98.72 KB 803x790 i have a question.jpg)

So I noticed there were posts on the booru that had artist names/handles tagged on them and I was wondering how one would go about tagging their own art? Is that something the guy who runs the booru has authority over or are we allowed to do that ourselves?
>>2074 I think you can just type artist:xxx and it would work...?
>>2074 Edit an image to include your alias, you don't need anything special to make a new artist tag.
I should clarify: edit an image's tags.
>>2076 >>2078 oh man I'm really gonna have to do this image captcha bullshit for each one of my posts, aren't I?
>>2080 Thank acid for that.
>>2080 >>2081 The captcha was added by the sever runners, and there currently is no option even for board owners to disable them. Acid has nothing to do with the booru, at least as far as I can tell. Apparently the captcha is a temporary move to fight one specific spammer: https://forum.booru.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&p=13286&sid=e58a5b3673ef421908472403cf1a3cf8#p13286
r8 Messy because I noticed I fucked the proportions up and didn't want to work further on it.
>>2087 Looks like a decent contour study. I think you borked the raised leg just a tad, yeah
>>2087 You fucked up the raised legs connection to the hip, make it seem like the joint is 2 inches out of place. Lower thigh was made too thin and doesn't connect to the ass properly. Were you trying to give her a bigger ass because you like them or was that what you actually saw? Face is also facing the wrong direction, though that may be me mistaking a "face outline" for where you think a jaw should be. Chest is too wide, women's chest will generally be 1.75 heads wide. You somehow made her right boob smaller which is an odd mistake to make. Otherwise good drawing for something quick and sloppy.
>>2087 > r8 If you do a page of fifty of these, I'll rate.
(1.94 MB 3856x5288 technically fiftyeen.jpg)

>>2091 >Were you trying to give her a bigger ass because you like them or was that what you actually saw? I tend to ignore the context and focus on individual parts. I was observing the angle of the leg and how it connected to the torso, but I accidentally made the angle tilt to the right a bit too much and didn't notice it until now. >Chest is too wide How would you fix that? I know that it looks wrong, but I don't know why exactly. >>2095 Here's fifteen ish Sorry for the grey drawings, I forgot to turn the opacity up before copying the images and I don't save my studies.
>>1309 I need some advice in regards to correcting some bad habits I have with my drawings: Whenever I draw from reference, I end up following the subject's most-noticeable lines and moving my pencil without looking at the paper- which is really stupid. My second problem is my detail tunnel vision- when I get a form down, my brain wants to do the details right-here-right-now instead of focusing on the whole form. My third problem, is procedure-obsessiveness and perfectionism. for some reason my brain wants me to draw the way I've been doing things for a long time, but I feel like this is the reason my drawing-quality-improvement has been glacial-tier-slow. I've been trying to offset this with automatic drawing, and though I get out some cool, weird abstract shit, I still want to draw humans without having them look like tumblr-tier-garbage. As of this writing, I'm lookijng through fundamentals vids on youtube. What else must I do to untrain these bad habits and get into good ones?
What about screen tablets? I was thinking of waiting until I save up and splurging on an ipad pro but as I really want to do pixel art, a tablet is going to be necessary.
(1.39 MB 1069x1790 akjdflakjfl.PNG)

>>2103 Perhaps to broaden your tunnel vision you should try making distinctions for specific areas of details to work up to. Experiment with the basic forms, like simple shapes, and see how the ratios work by themselves; like outlining the sharp edges of shadows before filling them in, and blending the softer sides. This will help you better interpret things at a glance when you can recognize, and compartmentalize these shades into simple distinctions. Pic related. Also, just experiment with styles, subjects, perspectives, mediums more if you want to do different techniques. Like draw a person, and then draw them from a different angle, or under different lighting. It's also important to stretch your imagination, and not rely on reference too much. Maybe try setting limits for how long you can be guided by a reference, and then use your imagination for a duration longer/shorter than that.
>>2103 I can only comment on the first problem, although all of that sounds pretty relatable. I do that too, and it's probably something I've caused myself by doing disproportionately large quantities of short poses and little else. It's been a surprisingly hard habit to break, but one thing that's kind of worked for me is deliberately NOT drawing the same angle as the reference. That is, find multiple references and measure the proportions in them, but draw the subject from an angle of your own choosing. Or if it's a pose, try to analyze how it would look from a different angle than the reference and draw that. I think the other anon is pretty spot on about trying a different lighting for example, that should force you to focus on the form, slow down and really think about what you're doing.
>>2104 I saved up and just got myself a 1400$ wacom. I guess I enjoy it, but most of your skill isn't going to change with the tech. I would however recommend saving up and getting a nicer one that will last. >ipad pro lol, don't doodle on an ipad. Do you need it to be mobile.
>>2109 Well it's mainly because I've heard they're great to draw on (I'm thinking of the bigger 12.9 inch screen ones), and my current laptop is an old piece of junk so I was hoping that an ipad pro might be an okay replacement in addition to a drawing tool. The extra mobility would be nice... otherwise I was looking at the Huions. I don't expect my art to improve or anything, but if I want to do pixel art I will require a tablet.
>>2112 I have an ipad pro 2020 11 inch model. I enjoy drawing on it, but nothing else. Apple users are hobbyless retards, and it shows. There’s fuck-all in terms of in-depth software, such as programming. Everything is a half-assed version of desktop software. The touchscreen only interface combined with apple’s design style is a pain in the ass, everything is imprecise tapping and holding, but there’s multiple different commands for just how long you hold something. For example, having more than one app on the screen at once is done by awkwardly swiping upwards on the bottom of the screen at least twice to bring up the dock, tapping and holding an icon for about two seconds, but not three, then sliding it to the side of the screen you want it on, hitting a sweet spot where it actually connects, instead of just disappearing or something. The speakers are absolute ass. There is zero bass, and a huge spike at 4.5k to 6k frequency, making S sounds, Ts, CHs, squeaky hinges, etc extra loud. There is no equalizer to fix this, unless you jail break. All apps you can download have to be approved by Apple first, and it costs $100 a year for a license to put things up for download on the app store, so there’s very little free shit, and zero open source software. And it goes without saying that the app store is flooded with chinese knock-off garbage aimed at collecting your data and constant advertisements in app.
>>2114 Oh man, yeah I hate my soypad for that too. Procreate is good software and the Apple Pencil is a very good stylus but that is literally the only redeeming quality of this otherwise useless piece of shit. I wanted to start learning how to use Linux and web dev stuff but instead all you can do on one of these things is literally consoom
>>1309 I've been looking for gesture-drawing resources, and there seems to be some conflict/inconsistency in just what I'm supposed to do. >proko says to draw the shape, keep it simple don't scribble, try to find the movement instead of the contour. >most of the video looks like he's drawing contours half the time and then movement in the other half, what the fuck?! >other gesture artist says to draw loosely, and movement, but it looks more like he's just scribbling. >I don't like this because it seems to be creating a mess on the page. >other artist I find draws a line for the shoulders, a line for the hips, and then two lines for the movement. >my perfectionism shuts me down. How the fuck do I gesture-draw, loomis?
>>2131 Gesture is just one style of construction. Every artist comes up with their own construction techniques, so if gesture isn’t working for you, try something else, like that ball and stick version you see in the loomis books.
>>2132 This, you'll notice a ton of artists do different stuff. Sheldon Borenstein from New Masters Academy for example literally just scribbles shit that vaguely represents the silhouette/contours of the object he's drawing and builds up from there. Some artists don't do any of that and instead plot out the contours in a mechanical fashion and build form on top of it through the layin process, others use stick figures or Vilppu looks like he moulds the figures out of lumpy chewing gum. It's not a bad idea to try a lot of different stuff.
>>1309 Bridgeman in Constructive Anatomy mentions "Lines of Action" and "Lines of Inaction". I have plenty of resources that explain what lines of action are, but I can't find anything that explains what a line of inaction is or why it's useful. Anyone know what a line of inaction is?

(57.22 KB 675x805 sophia-robot.jpg)

(1.84 MB 512x512 Untitled1.gif)

(2.17 MB 512x512 Untitled2.gif)

What are your thoughts on drawings or painting created through programming ? Do you know of any software like Inbetween Software like CACANi that can be used to reduce the work required by generating in-betweenframes or Illustration systems that combine many vector elements( from some database ) to create backgrounds,advertisements,characters scenes in scalable vector graphics that are used by brands to create a homogenized visual language for corporations. Are there any software like these that you use? Can they be used to save manual labor spent on low priority work and use more time on work that requires high level of skill?
>>2148 I don't see much use for it in its present state outside of maybe providing some kind of general reference material like shapes and colors but you can also get that from just regular images. Perhaps something like a random character generator would be helpful to stimulate creativity but I don't think it would aid much in any completed work.
anyone got a link to that site that gives you random subjects and a time limit to draw them?
(299.10 KB 631x481 1617646832442.png)

>>2270 I actually don't but now I'm feeling like I'm missing out
(123.69 KB 551x749 ClipboardImage.png)

What's wrong with the upper torso? I can tell shit's fucked but I don't know what exactly. Ignore the right arm, and I know the sartorius is too low.
(35.23 KB 602x640 Random body builder.webp)

>>2330 Your breasts aren't teardrops that flow from the armpit. I can't tell what the lines directly beneath the breasts are supposed to be. They aren't her ribcage because it doesn't go that low, and if that's supposed to be like the bodybuilders in pic related that have a muscle fold descending from the ribcage to the armpit it doesn't start underneath the pectoral, but from the side. If you wanted it to be somewhat realistic, your torso should be 1.75 heads wide, currently you have it at at <1.5, which is fine for some stylized aesthetics, but it's going to come off weird.
>>2331 >descending from the ribcage to the armpit *descending from the ribcage to the abdominals.
(119.33 KB 622x809 not perfect, either.png)

>>2330 The upper torso seems too small and the breasts are really weird
(42.95 KB 438x608 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.50 MB 1267x1920 ClipboardImage.png)

How are these tits? I still can't quite get the shape down. The way it merges back into the torso is too subtle but still has some shape most of the time, so I can't into the lineart properly. >>2331 It was meant to be this line that forms near the end of the ribcage, but like >>2336 said I made the entire ribcage too small.
>>2374 The tits in that one look fine. >It was meant to be this line that forms near the end of the ribcage In that case it should almost always be to the outside side of the given boo. In your lineart, you made it appear near the center of the boob.
>>2374 Why does she have dabs of white paint on both of her ring fingers?
(865.61 KB 1377x703 finger.png)

>>2377 Maybe in memory of someone?
(108.42 KB 594x870 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.85 MB 1448x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

How do you deal with a block? I know I still have lots to learn but beyond that, there's a clear quality drop when I have a block. For example that's the same shit drawn during a block and after it a week later. Ever since November I've been struck with a general block with some days or weeks of competence in between. I try to just practice more anatomy with figure drawing and model poses but nowadays, it seems I can't even make a straight line. Not on digital or paper. It's just getting worse.
>>2457 Either force yourself to draw a minimum per day until it goes away (e.g. draw at least one pose), or try not drawing for like a week. The second method works for me when I do it accidentally, but I'm not sure if it's going to work for you, plus you risk that one week lasting months.
>>2457 God I want a robot gf. (((They))) took this away from us
(854.97 KB 856x568 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2457 Thanks man, it feels good to vent it out.
Can anons ask to commission art anons here or nah?
>>2500 Commissioning is okay, requests for free or undervalued work are not
>>2457 >How do you deal with a block? You stop being a nigger and grab a book or something you can learn from, then study it. You can also just go on a vacation. This is a serious answer. Art isn't so much about grinding shit and having great imagination in and of themselves, it's more about your mindset which will lead to great diligence, patience, creativity and the pleasant results. t.random-internet-artists-you-shouldn't-probably-listen-to-because-he's-from-the-internet-although-you should-actually-listen-to-him-because-he-knows-his-shit-although-you-can't-know-it-because-you're-not-him
>>2511 >Commissioning is okay, requests for free or undervalued work are not I see. I post my writing online under a free culture license and received some donations. I'm willing to put around 75-80% of what I received into a commission. I specified the details in this ad https://www.gchange.fr/#/app/market/view/AXjwqBoA3rjWf40fqJuZ/concept-artist-landscape-exoplanet
>>2457 Depends. are you the type of artist who draws because you enjoy drawing or are you the type of artist who draws because you feel an immense need to draw. If the former, you should take a break. Forcing yourself to do something will quickly ruin any enjoyment you get from it. This doesn't mean don't push yourself, it means you pre-disposed to not liking the psychological pressure of "needing to do it". If you're the latter, grind grind and grind through. Keep grinding until you no longer feel that need eating your insides out, then take a break.
How much of your study time is planned out and organized vs spontaneous? I am finally getting motivated and drawing a few hours every day. I want to keep this momentum going and hopefully go even further without getting burnt out or falling back into bad habits again. However my study time is kind of all over the place, right now I'm just studying Figure Drawing for All It's Worth and poorly imitating what's on the pages, but when I pull up a reference from elsewhere the results are not so great. >Inb4 "JUST DRAW BRU"
(765.77 KB 640x626 1618667974633.png)

>>2522 Unfortunately I am in no position to lecture anyone on staying productive. I would consider signing up for the Do Art Daily challenge on dad.gallery.
>>2523 >browse site >just random drawings >not a single dad Shit site tbh.
>>2524 I laughed harder at this than I should have tbh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoLrFxUbgjw
>>2523 >dad.gallery That site is surprisingly active. A shame it's cuckchan related.
(131.96 KB 825x422 unfortune.jpg)

>>2543 Actually I take back everything positive I said about dad.gallery. >Spoilered nfsw. >Making a distinction between sfw and nfsw at all. Into the trash it goes. Absolute shit site.
>>2549 >butthurt_coomer.jpg
>>2543 >A shame it's cuckchan related. What do you mean? >>2549 >spoilered lewds worse than the site being a half den Having the site be SFW is completely fine for stuff like that, as having a large, active community is import for art sites. If NSFW was completely banned then it'd be retarded. Get your priorities straight, fag.
(382.15 KB 640x480 wonderful_abuse.png)

>>2550 Not sure how you reached that conclusion. Having to click on the spoilered image and waiting for it to load to see the content is annoying in general. Drawing naked bodies is inevitable in an artist's education so I do not see why a site about daily drawing practice should be make a distinction between sfw and nsfw. >>2551 >What do you mean? It's made by a user of that website for the users of that website. >Having the site be SFW is completely fine for stuff like that, as having a large, active community is import for art sites What does the site being sfw or not has anything to do with having a large community? >If NSFW was completely banned then it'd be retarded <I have no reading comprehension. >Get your priorities straight, fag. Pic related.
>>2553 >It's made by a user of that website for the users of that website. That sucks. >What does the site being sfw or not has anything to do with having a large community? A lot of artists only do SFW stuff and would rather not post in a site where people can stumble upon cocks, some people just don't use sites with lewds (e.g. moralfags, people who don't have privacy, people who don't use sites they can't browse during work). With a site like that seeing a lot of users be active and having a lot of users to give feedback is more important than not spoilering lewds and risk bleeding users. A lot of places where artists gather (e.g. twitter, newgrounds, pre-purge tumblr, pixiv) either spoiler lewds or let you hide them completely. >Having to click on the spoilered image and waiting for it to load to see the content is annoying in general That seems more of a design flaw rather than a problem with spoilering lewds. Ideally you'd have a cookie setting to enable lewd thumbnails. ><I have no reading comprehension. You said that NSFW is spoilered, which implies that there is NSFW and therefore it isn't banned, it just needs to be spoilered, which are two different things.
>>2553 >Drawing naked bodies is inevitable in an artist's education so I do not see why a site about daily drawing practice should be make a distinction between sfw and nsfw A good point actually, there are posts that are outright porn; it perhaps would have been wise to make a distinction in advance.
(657.71 KB 640x480 secrets_of_the_human_body.png)

>>2556 >some people just don't use sites with lewds (e.g. moralfags, people who don't have privacy, people who don't use sites they can't browse during work) It saddens me to see yet another art site choosing to bend the knee to the normalfags. What can I say? Perhaps expecting a cuckchan discord derivative site to not be cucked was setting the bar too high. >That seems more of a design flaw rather than a problem with spoilering lewds. I never understood the point of spoilering nsfw content. It's just plain annoying and doesn't prevent nsfw content from being posted anyways. At best it's a pretense to maintain the facade of a sfw site/board. >Ideally you'd have a cookie setting to enable lewd thumbnails. Not a fan of whitelist cookie settings. Would be much easier if everything was shown by default. The normalfags who would faint at the mere sight of cockz&ballz can tickle a 'hide all nsfw' box in their account setting. They never log out or clear cookies anyways. All in all I rate dad.gallery 0/10. Wouldn't recommend. I would rather stick to Harb's Cave.
>>2566 >bend the knee to the normalfags I wouldn't call it bend the knee unless NSFW/loli was banned, it's more of a compromise. Like it or not art uses the more social parts of the brain, rather than the autistic ones. Most artists and most good artists are going to be normalfags. That sort of site requires a lot of users therefore they need to compromise for normalfags. An art site without normalfags would only work if it had a niche audience, like this place or art threads in image boards, and even then the userbase is noticeably small. >Not a fan of whitelist cookie settings. That's just an example, there's a lot of ways you could go about it, cookies are just the most common. A cookieless alternative would be dad.gallery requiring spoilers and a second nsfw.dad.gallery domain replacing those spoilers with the respective nsfw thumbnail.
>>2569 >I wouldn't call it bend the knee unless NSFW/loli was banned Loli is in fact banned on the dad.gallery. The site owner is a cuckchanner after all.
>>2570 Now there is a reason reason to call the site shit and cucked.
(746.22 KB 1900x1345 o.jpg)

How do I into hands? The marco bucci video helped with the shape of the hand and finger placement, but the fingers themselves are pretty shit and the forearm feels too thin. I couldn't take a proper pic, so I had to do some gimp fuckery to make it not as hard to see.
>>2597 You've got the right idea. Just keep drawing 'em, make mental notes of every subtle detail and use them to inform your work later. One of the more interesting things that comes to mind for me is how much longer your fingers look when seen from the back of the hand than on the palm side because of how the muscles, fat, and thin sheet of skin obfuscates the knuckles and cylindrical forms.
In Dynamic Sketching, Peter Han mentions he doesn't want you to use any pen you can "feather" with for that course. What is feathering? Any search just gives me a gazillion bird feather drawings.
>>2636 To put simply he just means a pen that leaves a sort of "all or nothing" line; one that it's difficult to make a light stroke with. A felt tip pen is what he recommends for the course, but honestly man using a mechanical pencil, I believe, is just fine. Just don't chicken scratch, follow along with what he does.
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Is there a single book about drawing hands that isn't shit? Those two pages from Roger Peck's atlas were the only useful resource I've found and even that isn't complete enough. Fuck Loomis and his "step 1: draw the hand".
>>2643 Use your own as reference?
>>2643 >Is there a single book about drawing hands that isn't shit No. Bridgman's hands are fucking deformed and Loomis's book with "Hands" in the title has like 10 pages or less with hands in them. Peck's is no better so I'm not sure why you made the distinction there. Hogarth has more to draw upon but might be overcomplicated for a beginner. You're on your own lad. Study the bones on Sketchfab and then look at your own fuggin' hand heh
(942.54 KB 2298x1016 peck.png)

(381.07 KB 728x932 step 1 draw the hand.png)

(329.22 KB 716x988 just draw the hands lmao.png)

>>2645 I wouldn't be searching for books if that was enough. >Peck's is no better so I'm not sure why you made the distinction there It at least points out the underlying structure and is literally the best guide I've found yet. Loomis just shows you hands. Even in the book that should be about hands the information is pretty much just "draw the hands".
>>2647 Goodluck learning anything besides surface anatomy with artists. You want an anatomy book. Like a medical book with images and drawings of the structures you want to study.
>>2648 Ain't this the truth. Strength Training Anatomy is probably the best anatomy book for artists out there (once they learn the basics from other books, anyway). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbO6nzJiKPc
whenever i'm drawing from reference, i always get the proportions completely wrong. i can get what i'm looking at on paper ok in the other ways, but I always make the arm bigger than the head, or something similar. any advice?
>>2660 Make sure you plot the proportions out in advance if you're drawing from reference. Go from big to small. Like decide where your top, bottom and center are right away and kind of start extrapolating the rest of the details on the way dow
(158.18 KB 1040x824 1.png)

(405.14 KB 2116x868 2.png)

(745.45 KB 3082x1416 3.png)

I had a feeling my anatomy wasn't as bad as my lines and turns out I was right. I tried tracing shit in my "style" and turns out it still sucks. Lines are messy because I just rushed it to make sure, but even ignoring that it's still shitty. How do I into good lines? One thing I noticed is that my lines are too contiguous instead of implying contour, but that can't be all.
>>2671 Mostly the lack of implied contours- Notice how the lines in the original sketch accent different parts of the figure, the bend of the back is thicker and tapers lighter in both directions. The way the original artist applied linework gives the viewer a sense of three dimensional space. And also yes your art is messy but it's not confidently messy, maybe try drawing your lines without lifting your pen for a while. contour exercises like this aid line confidence and should help break your chicken scratching habits.
>>2671 You have no confidence in your lines, stop chicken scratching and draw a nice smooth curve.
Whenever I'm practicing off a reference, I find that trying to use the basic kind of construction method Loomis uses just confuses me. I almost feel like I do a better job just feeling out most of the lines... is that normal?
>>2671 Use a brush meant for sketching and things will improve somewhat. I don't know why some people are always using all-or-nothing inking brushes regardless of the context of what they're trying to do. See how the lines on the work you're copying have so much variation in their width and opacity? Experiment with brushes that have a similar functionality. The other anon is right as well, look into the Peter Han Dynamic Sketching videos and follow along with them-a lot-if you want to improve your hand-eye coordination. >>2674 Yes it is normal, because you're just copying contours rather than considering the solidity of the thing, it's much easier to do. You're just using comparative measurement which, don't get me wrong, is a very important thing but they're not the same. Admittedly Loomis' construction method from the neck down is a bit dated but the head drawing is still decent and widely used.
>>2674 Yes, as Loomis states in his own books. His method of construction is not a replacement for anatomy study, it's a way to quickly test poses and proportions in regard to a set up. When Loomis developed his methods he had years of anatomy study under his belt where he was just viewing contours and sketching them. He used his method to not need a model for every single pose which saved him money, but that only works when you actually have a cognitive understanding of what a human body looks like. You shouldn't be Loomis methoding up if you have a reference, because the entire fucking point of the Loomis method was when you *didn't* have a model on hand. If you have a model, there's no reason to use the Loomis method.
(348.72 KB 1100x606 ClipboardImage.png)

How do I hands?
>>2721 Also, the low res was intentional. I'm just as shit with a big canvas and good reference.
>>2722 When you're drawing them from reference like that what you can do to help is to use the knuckles, fingertips, and really anything significant like that you can observe as a point of reference. I see in some instances there's a pretty big disparity in the relationships between the fingers in the photos and those in your drawing. You have the right overall idea though: just draw them a lot bruh
>>2721 i'd say for the most part these aren't terrible, (top right is lookin real rough) but the reference you used for the top left isn't fantastic since the forms are obscured by gloves. Just make sure you're paying attention to the angles.Your references all have lines in the bg so if I were you, I would be using that for accuracy. good luck king, hands are tough.
(107.08 KB 1080x1080 glizzy gripper.jpg)

Did booru-anon die? Not trying to force obligation on 'em or anything but the /loomis/ tag hasn't been updated in forever and I wouldn't be opposed to just adding my own stuff (hell, even other anons' work) if it came down to it. For real though, you've done good work booru-anon, and thank you any and all the bullshit you've had to put up with on this board
>>2749 >be booru-anon >somehow compile most of the drawings from an obscure board and greater community for multiple years and do a pretty good job associating them with the proper source, helping ensure they aren't lost to another inevitable deplatforming frenzy >the first time anyone brings you up directly it's because they're ass mad at you for posting their work on this even more obscure website than the one they already use I can't imagine why he would quit, I too like to do a lot of work and have it blow up in my face for no particular reason. Sad!
>>2770 Yeah, I remember being there and seeing that and it was honestly really shitty and unnecessary what that guy did. I didn't think that was what deterred him though, considering art was still being uploaded en mass not long after it was posted here so I figured that he was still going at it. Booru-anon if you're still out there and lurking, all I want to say is I know that it's a thankless job, but I think I speak for most of us here when I say that it doesn't go unnoticed. Just know that some rotten idiot doesn't spoil the bunch of really cool artists who understand the value of art being shared and enjoyed over validation and fame. Whatever the case, I hope you do whatever makes you happiest and if you've decided to to resign then I guess anons will have to do it themselves if they want their art on the booru badly enough..
>>2771 >you've decided to to resign Did you even check the booru before talking? He uploaded to the /loomis/ tag just a few hours before your post.
>>2773 I'm pretty sure that wasn't him. There's been people who probably uploaded their own art over the course of the past few weeks since normally booru-anon is pretty meticulous about making sure every drawing is uploaded to the booru and there's been quite a few from both the practice and draw threads that aren't up. Like I said, it's not the end of the world if he stops curating the booru, just a shame that we lost someone who was willing to do really important work and unless every artist (or another booru-anon rises to the occasion) uploads their drawings a lot of them will not find their way to the booru.
>>2777 >I'm pretty sure that wasn't him It was him. He always wait for the posts to accumulate before updating. It's just ridiculous how you assume he quit when the last update was yesterday. He has always been uploading every 2-3 weeks. People take break sometimes, real life stuffs happen, there is no need to freak out unless he stops uploading for 6+ months. The faggot BO needs to calm down, because no one knows if he really quit. It's all speculation at this point. The booru guy is capable of talking for himself, he doesn't need other people to speculate on his actions, or the reasoning behind his actions. I'm sure he will explain himself if he feels the need to.
>>2778 Easy man, there's no need to sperg out, it was just a simple question of whether or not we should start uploading our own art or if he was just preoccupied with stuff IRL temporarily. >the last update was yesterday. He has always been uploading every 2-3 weeks My stuff for the past few months has been getting uploaded to the booru no more than a day after it was posted, and my posts aren't really far apart so perhaps there was just a kind anon who was volunteering. If that's the case, then I apologize for the misunderstanding.
>>2778 >>2779 After going there for the first time in a long time I just realized the booru owner normally uploads anonymously. I guess that kind of defies convention of website staff making a spectacle of themselves-which admittedly would have been useful in this one instance; I was wondering why there was even a question of whether they were gone or not.
Are there any other boards/places where the people of /loomis/ gather to share progress and tips on how to draw?
>>2792 This is pretty much it. There are 8chan and 4chan-adjacent Dick Sword servers that have a lot of activity, even moreso than /ic/. Unfortunately it does seem that Discord has quickly overtaken imageboards despite their total disregard for user privacy. I'd found out recently through an unrelated server that you can't delete even publicly available posts older than 2 weeks, so good luck living it down if you ever invite the wrong person into your community, say the wrong thing or post any personally identifiable information. Loathesome program tbh.
>>1309 With this place on the brink, I'd like to remind you anons that https://anon.cafe/loomis/ exists
>>2816 >on the brink what he mean wit dis
(13.59 KB 639x380 oh no.jpg)

>>2816 >on the brink I noticed that /v/ had captchas for every post now, plus the usual daily captcha. Is that related?
>>2827 I can only assume it's related to the /hebe/ tantrum. https://8chan.moe/site/res/2514.html
>>2829 Reading posts by pedos on the internet in general has convinced me pedos are some how even more mentally ill than furries, trannies, and jews. Not that I haven’t noticed an overlap. I‘m not even talking about the sexual morality involved.
(5.02 KB 810x616 skin-hair.png)

What skin tone would you call the left side of the image? I feel like it's not light enough to be pale but not dark enough to be tan. Right side of the image is the hair color I might use, how dark/light is the skin against that? I wanted it to be a light olive originally or lightly tanned but not in peachy/orange way.
>>2831 To me it reads pretty much like a healthy tan, if there is such a thing, but it might look too saturated when you get other colors in there. It could possibly be a bit darker. Hard to say in advance but when you get some contrast in with undertones and highlights, maybe subsurface scattering and other minor variations if you're taking it that far, that vastly changes your perception of the color. For that reason I wouldn't think too hard about the base color in isolation.
>>2830 >>2829 I'm tempted to put pedos close to zoophile furries. There's a similar inhuman disregard -- or cognitive dissonance -- regarding taking advantage of less mature beings for sexual satisfaction. Comparatively, even mentally ill, diaper-eating, fart-sniffing, at-mom living, taint-cutting furries aren't as bad.
>>2816 >https://anon.cafe/loomis/ >"This is the place you wanna come to if you want to request drawings." Not a fan of art boards that allow requestfags. Into the trash it goes?
>>2840 They're using a single begging thread so that they can justify removing beggars from all the other ones
>>2832 There are undertones to skin color, in general the skin is either warm, cool or neutral, this is in addition to either being fair-skinned or a nigger. Warm undertones mean yellow, peachy with golden hints undertones, cool means red, pink with bluish hints, neutral is either olive or a mix of warm and cool. The color you posted looks like the average off-white that eastern slavs are due to yellow undertones.
Odd question, but what art programs are available to Windows 98? Discovered my jailbroken ipad emulates 98 surprisingly well.
>>2848 Could probably find an old ass photoshop.
(1.13 KB 255x32 paint-bw_palette.gif)

>>2848 MSPaint.
Does anyone know of any drawing/painting related podcasts?
Somebody explain to me why I should try/listen to drawabox? He reads like a faggot in between any of the good points he makes like a sniveling faggot and it's hard to take it seriously.
>>3031 Just use Peter Han, it's the same shit-it's universal concepts taught by a million people. Uncomfortable (the Drawabox guy) is using Drawabox to fund Isis and he's annoying and a whiner. He's a mediocre artist that had the great idea to "gameify" art instruction but that's pretty much it, ultimately he's just condensing the material of better artists.
>>3032 By Peter Han, are you referring to Art Station?
>>3031 >>3032 It might be worth mentioning that drawabox was a student of Peter Han (I think he actually went to wherever it was Han taught in person. Can't remember, don't quote me on it). So he is teaching basically the same thing, just less competently. I've seen a lot of people upset about that, which is kinda funny since he actually even asked Hans permission.
>>3031 >>3032 and >>3039 are absolutely correct. Learn from the master instead. t. Peter Han pro
>>3041 >>3039 >>3032 Well, you've convinced me, I have the entire CGMA archive (or at least the ones /ig/ thought were worth having) so I'll give this guy a go instead. Thanks guys.
I want to use texture pens for my line art but the texture always seems too 'pixelated' (As if the anti aliasing is set lower than would be liked) and I was wondering if that has to do with the image DPI? Normally I have it set to 600 px but does that really matter? Is there a rule of thumb that I should be setting the DPI at depending on the canvas dimension, or is should I just keep it at a certain number? Should I just crank it up, or Is there a certain level where it hits diminishing returns?... Or does DPI not really matter that much? I'm on CSP btw for reference.
>>3050 DPI is literally only for printing. What you want is a larger canvas to work on. Set it to something like 5000x4000, zoom out, and bump up the brush size.
For a long time I have wanted to improve my drawing skills to make commissions online. However, the more I think about drawing porn the worse I feel about it. Does anyone here ever feel regret about the stuff they post? Not just like if it looks bad or anything but how you'd be contributing to a shitty culture, or group, or helping someone's bad habits?
>>3051 Ah. I knew that printing was reliant on it, but I didn't think about it like that. Good response nonetheless.
>>3060 Did you draw porn commissions?
(24.51 KB 537x384 E18mG9HUYAAF0y6.jpeg)

>>3060 I sometimes feel like I'm contributing to coomer culture, yes. But I enjoy drawing and sharing suggestive art. Perhaps when I'm older I will draw more serious things. I also draw things that are easy to digest. Like fast food but for art. Maybe it's not so good for others either, but maybe it's the only kind of material I can produce.
>>3060 >>3063 Low-brow content is GOOD, redarts!
>>3062 No, nothing beyond some sketches for the occasional drawthread. Becoming a known artist and having your work hosted on countless sites would be a very different matter. >>3063 Well, even serious things could contribute to someone's attitude or behavior. Not that an artist should be responsible for that. It's a hard question and I'm definitely thinking too far into it.
Aside from crypto and paypal, what are other means to receive cash that are easier to handle for nsfw commission without being blacklisted by banks? I don't live in America and EU, so apps like venmo are just simply impossible.
>>3085 >aside from crypto Your guess is as good as mine. I would recommend Monero, you could also start accepting BAT on your blog for passive income.
>>3085 Patreon I guess. Crypto isn't that hard, so I don't see the problem other than your buyers may be too stupid to do three steps of googling. I don't know why you're rejecting paypal, they've only blocked payments to pornhub artists and not otherwise. Are you trying to get paid for loli shit? Last thing I can think of is "buy me a coffee", but I don't know how they'll process that.
>>3090 Monero seems like the only way we can possibly move forward with commerce. Too bad it's ridiculously difficult for people to get a hold of it. It's already difficult enough for people to even get onto exchanges for even basic mainstream currencies.
>>3085 Pixiv fanbox is a good way of preventing your bank from knowing what you are doing. Tons of sites with dangerous content use pixiv fanbox to finance their activity without any problem despite being suspended by every western patreon-like site ever. t. knower
>>2074 what's the address of your booru? please post link.
Where would you find brush packs for really old software? Talking around the timeframe of Photoshop 3.0.
>>3112 Check /vapour/'s resource thread
where's your booru?
>>3155 https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php Actually surprised I couldn't find a link ITT already.
>> 3162 https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php There's actually section for me. lol There's actually a picture from our bear-friend. If people actually make an effort to archive this shit, then I should start to properly namefag with every piece of art I post, I guess. Otherwise I feel bad for whoever catalogs that shit.
I just realized that I've written "actually" actually three times. Did I just summon something by doing that? I hope I didn't summon a Grammar-Nazi.
>>3165 As the person of ursan nature, I've been giggling to myself about the not just one but three of my drawings tagged as yours. For a while it was a regular entertainment to check the booru after posting to see if it got mislabeled. Some other stuff is also grouped together with several other artists, but I actually kind of like seeing anonymity at work.
>>3169 We are Artchad. We are legion. LOL
>>3155 It's not "our" booru. It's for all 8chan diaspora. >>3165 >If people actually make an effort to archive this shit, then I should start to properly namefag with every piece of art I post, I guess. Otherwise I feel bad for whoever catalogs that shit. You can always edit tags yourself if you see something mis-attributed.
What's your favorite photoshop brushes /loomis/? Particularly for linework, but in general is good too.
>>3215 A lot of brushes are just kind of gimmicky, but my personal favorite is probably the Chalk brush in Clip Studio Paint. It really is one of the better "pencil-like" brushes out there.
When do you reach the point where your drawings turn out the way you want? Like being able to say, "I'll make this kind of pose" and draw it and you don't have to keep adjusting it for 10 minutes. I ask because practically everyone I've ever seen the art of seems to get everything basically right on the first try and only need to clean up the lines at best, while I'm constantly having to move things around or erase and redraw things in order to make them look semi-decent, even among things I have a lot of practice with. I want my drawings to be more dynamic, but trying to do so just makes them more inaccurate. Does such a point even exist, or is worrying about it mere autism?
>>3221 >When do you reach the point where your drawings turn out the way you want? Varies from individual to individual. Might have to use a lot of reference if this ability doesn't materialize quickly enough. Do actual figure drawings with a clearly defined ground plane. For example, I think in hindsight my overuse of a site called "Posemaniacs" which featured disembodied 3D models floating in space to do figure drawings from was a pretty big mistake. lo and behold, nowadays all I can draw is disembodied figures floating in space, myself. Draw real people from photographs and pay special attention to the ground plane and its relation to the model's shoes and/or feet like I should have done.
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>>3221 >Does such a point even exist, or is worrying about it mere autism? Such a point does exist, though I would state that to gain that skill, you want to make sure you can at least draw a good and proper pose with unlimited time before worrying about drawing a good and proper pose quickly. Here you state >while I'm constantly having to move things around or erase and redraw things in order to make them look semi-decent, Which tells me you're not quite satisfied with your product even with time, but let's say I withhold my apprehensions about that for now. The skill of drawing quickly is a skill that can be developed. I can't remember a specific name for a website at the moment, but speed sketching of poses is something some sites offer, leaving you only 30 seconds/a minute/ five minutes to sketch a pose before it moves to a new one. This pushes you to grasp the basic form of the pose as quickly as possible. To work on drawing lines correctly the first time, I recommend practicing drawing without the "undo" button if you're working on PC, with ink if you're using a physical medium. This will force you to stop relying on the ability to arbitrarily move things and put things down right the first time. In the short term your quality of work will decrease (another reason to make sure that you're at least putting out good poses first), but if you start paying attention to what general lines and forms make up a pose, your speed and accuracy will increase. It's a hard skill to build up though.
>>3221 > When do you reach the point where your drawings turn out the way you want? When you decide so. > Like being able to say, "I'll make this kind of pose" and draw it and you don't have to keep adjusting it for 10 minutes. When other beings understand the idea you were trying to convey. > I ask because practically everyone I've ever seen the art of seems to get everything basically right on the first try and only need to clean up the lines at best, Just practice. Your question will not give you much, because everyone needs an individual amount of time to achieve a certain level. > while I'm constantly having to move things around or erase and redraw things in order to make them look semi-decent, even among things I have a lot of practice with. Most people go through this phase. Don't underestimate the effort it takes to reach the level your describing. Bottom line is, you should have fun. Learning is a journey and you should make it enjoyable. Don't focus on the distant future, focus on the things you are currently working on. If you want to beat yourself up and say your art is shit, then do so. But that's pathetic. You will understand it when you reach it. I can't transfer my wisdom through text.
>>3221 Oh, I forgot to mention the following. I'm not sure who you are, but didn't we already establish a million times on this board and the drawpile that you should stop comparing yourself to other artists. As a rule of thumb. You're allowed to compare yourself once every three months, if you're that mentally unstable. Holy shit.
(30.70 KB 744x252 FUN.png)

>>3224 >>3226 I actually meant to ask about drawing from imagination. I don't have any problem using models or references, but both tend to be pretty useless when it comes to making things that have both weight and energy. I was really looking for resources for learning that specifically, since most artists I've seen either seemingly do it intuitively or make up for it using motion blur or those stupid vibration emoticon things. Neither one gives presence to a person who's supposed to be standing still. It also means that I'm limited by what reference photos I have, or I have to pose a model or something and that makes it take forever to finish something. Most of what I've seen on the subject seems to focus mostly on drawing from imagination, but I thought that was mostly a meme until relatively recently. >lo and behold, nowadays all I can draw is disembodied figures floating in space, myself. This guy gets it. For me it's more like the gravity and life gets sucked out during my drawing/painting process, so the subject doesn't really seem to interact with the background surface. It's okay most of the time, but if I want someone to sit or lie on something and I don't draw the exact thing the reference is, it looks like either weightless or on different planes of existence. >>3228 >Most people go through this phase. I figured, I just thought it would go away in a shorter period of time than this. >Bottom line is, you should have fun. There's different kinds of fun, but FUN is something you can show off. I've gotten enough of the casual kind, and now I want to move up to Dwarf Fortress level. >>3229 >didn't we already establish a million times on this board and the drawpile that you should stop comparing yourself to other artists I don't know, I've never read through most of these threads. Maybe I should though. I recognize that my original post reads a bit like blubbering, but that's not really what I meant.
>>3230 This doesn't sound like a speed thing than, you don't even know how to construct what you what to post properly, so I see no reason for you to even start thinking abut how to do it fast. Fuck it, actually posts one of your attempts and maybe anyone can point out what you're fundamentally fucking up, though I'm going to expect that you haven't married perspective and anatomy in your head as of yet.
(253.71 KB 1717x1314 img20210630.png)

>>3231 >This doesn't sound like a speed thing than, you don't even know how to construct what you what to post It's not really about speed, it's about accuracy and efficiency. Anyone can draw anything given enough time, but I don't have a lot of free time, so I don't want to have to spend a bunch of it making adjustments if it would be better to just move on. I was looking for technique advice because I wasn't sure if it was something that had to be practiced specifically, or if it would just happen on its own after enough reference-based practice. Whatever, here's something. The reason I asked the question in the first place was because I wanted to start doing this https://yewtu.be/watch?v=t-crXRMju-Y and make my characters feel like they exist in a world with physics, but I couldn't get it to work with referenced drawings and my proportions usually turn to shit when I'm not using one. I tend to overestimate my own abilities, so maybe I just wanted a shortcut. I should have been practicing gesture instead. Fug.
>>3235 The point in between "copying exact references" and "using no reference" is using reference, but indirectly. Take a reference and draw it from a different angle, or combine multiple references into one pose. Posing is its own study apart from anatomy. Some people call it gesture, but watch out, gesture of the type Proko is always going on about is just another type of construction method. Making a pose look like it has physics behind it involves making the character look like it has weight to it, usually by shifting the weight to one side of the body. Look into contrapposto, like in this somewhat coomerish anime pose book I found in an /ic/ mega for example. It's in Japanese however. https://mega.nz/folder/UcNG2AiT#jeyWwP1gtQXXz6R29o5bgw/folder/kMURRIAZ Successfully making a character fit into scene is mostly a matter of perspective. That, and you probably haven't put any effort into studying backgrounds or furniture before. Good fucking luck nailing down foreshortening though. You want your dorffort hard, you found it.
>>3243 > Take a reference and draw it from a different angle I don't know why I never thought to do this. That book looks great too, so thanks for that. I do practice backgrounds occasionally, but it's been mostly separate from drawing characters. I guess I do still need to work on my perspective for both as a result.
>>1309 Does anyone have any good books on the fundamentals of art
>>3258 > Does anyone have any good books on the fundamentals of art All of Andrew Loomis' Books. Anrew Loomis' - Fun with a pencil Andrew Loomis' - Successful Drawing James Gourneys - Color and Light. Scott Robertsons - How to draw. Scott Robertsons - How to render.
>>3260 Thanks
(45.06 KB 700x731 depression parkour.gif)

Hey, /loomis/tics or whatever the hell you call yourselves. I don't have a question. I have a story, and a warning: >be me, 11 years ago >graphic designer, with mastery of Photoshop, CorelDraw, and page layout >worked for a succession of bully bosses because I'm a sperg but I was undiagnosed >every single one of those fuckers knew from the interview that I was good at what I did, and that I could be manipulated and bullied for their own sick gratification >got paid shit, but at least I worked a lot of thankless overtime for assholes, so I had that going for me >finally found a dream job >it was great, made friends, made bank, but it wasn't creative at all >but that was okay because I was free to create at home >one guy, who I now know was another sperg, took a dislike to me for a simple misunderstanding >began a campaign of bullshit >ended up being replaced with an automated computer program >laid off with regrets, but there was no room for a graphic designer in-house because of the big boss's nepotism >spent some months out of work, but decided to pursue more creative ventures >super bummed out, though, and I missed my work friends >wife, who grew up with parents who made poor financial decisions, kept pressuring me to get a job >finally gave in and emailed some resumes with my portfolio site included in a link >got a couple of nibbles and finally accepted a job with a woman who was all sweetness and smiles who owned a printshop >informed UI that I had a job >5 months later, after various misunderstandings, I was fired for my "bad attitude," which completely confused me as I thought I'd done my best >"Your work is fine, but you walk around sighing all the time" >Wut >they didn't lay me off, they fired me, and I couldn't get back on UI because I'd only been there 5 months >started to think about ways to kill myself that would incontrovertibly look like an accident so my wife could get the insurance and no one would blame themselves for me ending my useless, wasted life >go in to my doctor's about something or other >he diagnoses me with severe depression and gets me an appointment with his consulting shrink >shrink says I not only have had a breakdown, I've got chronic suicidal depression, and I also have the autism >spent the next 10 years and change trying to crawl back from the pit that's been trying to suck me in >better today, but I don't think I'll ever be the man I was. That's good in some ways, but tragic in other ways, as I'm about to relate. Sucks to suck, as my daughter says, and normally, this would just be some sad fuck meandering his way through a feels story, but there's something you all have to know and you have to take it to heart, because I lost something VERY IMPORTANT to me. When I had my breakdown, it didn't just take my mental health, it also robbed me of being able to do a few things I'd been doing at that job. >I have a real problem answering phones, now. Like I'm terrified to use the damn things and avoid them if I can help it. On bad days, I almost throw up when the phone gets more than a couple of calls >I can't open and answer email unless I psych myself up, first. It sometimes takes me months to get back to people. The worst thing? >I was doing creative work at that job. Vector, Photoshop, and drawing. I used to draw, paint, sculpt, write, alter images, create beautiful things... and now I can't. Or, at least, I can't unless it's a REALLY GOOD mental health day. I can doodle, or occasionally paint a D&D miniature, but I can't rely on my skills, anymore. I come here, sometimes, hoping something here will be the answer to this crippling artistic block, but you know what? Even if there are three or four threads that can help me, I find I can't actually READ them because I feel nauseated and my eyes start to blur or something. If anyone's read Stephen King's Bag of Bones, the protagonist's block is similar. This is my warning, guys and gals: that creative spark within can be ripped from you in a single afternoon without you realizing it until it's gone. Don't waste your talent in a creative job, because they will drain you like vampires and throw away the husk once you're empty and they've made your money. When you can't lay any more eggs, Farmer Fuckface will send you to the bastards at KFC faster than you can say "Finger Lickin' Good™". My recommendation (because this is what I WISH I'd done) would be to get a regular, decent-paying, 9-5 job and create on your own time. Do it for you, and don't make some ass-licker rich on your talent. And if you get fired in the most humiliating way possible, the worst that happens is you get a mental block on how to run a drill press or something. Work on stuff in your own time for YOU. And when you have a product that can make you money or get you fame, you'll have done it all on your own and won't have to look back at a lifetime of wasted talent. I hope this was helpful. If not, please disregard.
>>3300 >wife >daughter You've already won, my friend. >art block I stop drawing for months, or even a year or more at a time, not counting the Drawpile where I, on average, maybe contribute up to three (3) simple doodles a week. It simply doesn't count. No one did this to me, it just happened. We can find any reason to make victims of ourselves, really. Not to be reductionist, there is nothing illegitimate about what happened to you or me, the brain is complicated and has a sensitivity to it that isn't well understood. While you needed years of abuse and autism to get to where you are, I simply needed to be confronted with my own inadequacy enough (and also autism) to ostensibly give up any aspirations I've had of seriously pursuing art. In general though I agree with your sentiment, there have never been more opportunities for an artist working independently to earn money, and to that end working in "the Industry" may not be the ultimate and final goal it may have been fifteen or twenty years ago.
>>3300 Gonna say this definitively belongs in the feels thread instead of this one, but the board is slow enough that it isn't worth fixing. Regardless, cool story bro.
>>3300 >I used to draw, paint, sculpt, write, alter images, create beautiful things... and now I can't. Or, at least, I can't unless it's a REALLY GOOD mental health day. I can doodle, or occasionally paint a D&D miniature, but I can't rely on my skills, anymore. I come here, sometimes, hoping something here will be the answer to this crippling artistic block, but you know what? Even if there are three or four threads that can help me, I find I can't actually READ them because I feel nauseated and my eyes start to blur or something. If anyone's read Stephen King's Bag of Bones, the protagonist's block is similar. I was, and still am to a degree, in a similar situation. What gets my creativity going is stepping away from screens and other distractions. I have best results by hiking out in nature away from civilization, by exploring my city and going to new places nearby, or simply by reading books and manga or comics to a lesser extent. All of that just results in new ideas popping into my head. Depression hit me during formative teenage and young adult years. My development got stunted quite a bit because I missed out the best age to learn. Improving diet, exercising, spending time in nature, and getting a lot of sleep made it very manageable without resorting to meds.
>>3301 >>3304 >>3306 You're all very kind. Thank you.
Could you repurpose cigar boxes to practice with your own painting? Already airbrushed with stain blocking primer, will acrylic paint work? Or do I need to use another paint? I don't smoke, just don't want to the wood to end up in the thrash.
>>3356 I’m going to assume you used something like kilz. Acrylic should work with no problems, I’ve used kilz on masonite boards before.
(690.15 KB 1685x1891 loomis' soomis&foomis.jpg)

im pretty new to digital and i really like using a lot of lines in my art. It works fine in traditional but fuckingsucks in digital: smaller lines either blend together into a mess on lower resolution, or look too sharp and ugly in higher resolution. is there a way to make lines look good or should i just give up and learn a proper way to shade/texture? I heard that it's a hardware issue and there's nothing to be done about it.
>>3368 Using digital software is another medium. You need to analyze your tools and figure out how you can use them to achieve the best result. Would you be mad that you can't get your water color painting to look like an oil painting? I would recommend approaching digital the same way. You have a lot more tools at your disposal though. But it will not be the same as what you've gotten used to while drawing with pencil and paper.
>>3372 thanks for the answer. What i wanted to know though was this: is this particular problem (smol lines looking like shit) a medium trait (and should be worked around) or am i just retarded
>>3372 >Would you be mad that you can't get your water color painting to look like an oil painting? One of the better descriptions I'd ever heard of this common issue. Too many beginners get hung up on using an inking brush specifically for some reason exclusively and then wondering why they're not getting a certain result that would be impossible to achieve with it even by a more experienced artist. I feel like we've all been there or at least I was. It's important to experiment with the many different options; maybe watch maybe short videos that demonstrate some of the uses of common digital brushes too. https://www.ctrlpaint.com/videos/crosshatching
>>3377 I'm not >>3368 but I feel like I ran into an issue on his page when I first used a wacom bamboo last decade. Most of my work I've done on paper, but I've always inked it digitally, and I feel like sticking to pure-digital would make my workflow faster than sticking with pencil- but as you said: pure-digital is a different beast than pencil, and I'll need to relearn things. What questions do I need to I ask myself in order to determine if I should commit to digital or pencil/digital?
>>3368 Lack of texture on the background combined with lack of texture on the pen makes any irregularities in the line work stand out like a sore thumb. Better to use a brush with no opacity and minimal size dynamics for crosshatching, to make the hatching more uniform. What size of canvas and brush to use is a common issue for digital beginners. The answer is unless you’re using some sort of fancy high pixel density display, your monitor has a far lower dpi than real paper. You might think cause you set the resolution to same size as your monitor, you’re drawing on a regular sheet of paper, when you’re really drawing zoomed in on a sticky note. Use big canvases and big brushes, avoid 1 to 3 pixel wide brushes unless you are intentionally going for an MSPaint aesthetic, and try drawing on something other than pure 0xffffff white, like a paper texture or a darker color. >>3382 Digital art itself excels at unnaturally smooth shading, which normies are endlessly impressed by for some reason, and super “clean” vector art type shit. You can endlessly undo, reshape, resize, liquify, erase, etc. But it’s terrible at simulating real life textures and things like how you are holding a brush while painting. Fuck I’ve had like 5 different phone calls and interruptions while trying to type this and I lost my train of thought. If something’s unclear just say so.
>>3388 nah, everything is clear, thanks for the detailed answer lol. I really like crosshatcihng and wanted to learn to do it so well it looks like normal shading. But it seems like i should learn other ways of shading and texturing instead of beating this dead horse. Fuck i wish digital was more like traditional, after ~20 years of experience its so hard to abandon everything learnt and start basically from scratch
can black people post here? more specifically, can fundamental black americans post here?
(113.77 KB 862x594 HorseDickdotMPEG (1).jpg)

>>3391 Naw nigga get to steppin' this our hood. Feelme?
>>3391 If your name is LeSean Thomas or you're Wesley Louis from the Line you're more than welcome. Otherwise you're okay I guess as long as you're looking to draw and improve, but you might get called mean names unfortunately, it's an imageboard after all and I don't make the rules. Nigga!
Is there any drawing software that would allow me to assign classes to layers, or something like that? What I want to do is basically to use a lot of adjustment layers and be able to tweak the parameters of multiple instances simultaneously, instead of changing them one by one. Layer groups are good but slightly limited; for example, if you want something to happen on the top layer and the bottom layer but NOT the middle one, you've got to use multiple adjustment layers. And that kind of irks me.
>>3398 Nothing I ever heard of
>>3398 Nothing I ever heard about-but Jauffre would be the one to know. He's the Grandmaster of my order, he lives quietly as a monk at Weynon Priory. Near the city of Chorral. Near the city of Chorral https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHL7zyLsQ2k
(61.90 KB 960x640 wacom-intuos-g7.jpg)

What is a good drawing tablet for beginners? Something on the cheap side to try it out.
>>3505 Read the tablet thread for more information, but the tl;dr is is that there is no such thing as a beginner tablet. Get a bigger tablet or even a screen tablet; look at it as an investment and if you don't like it, sell it. The small cheap tablets suck pretty bad, and for every dollar you think you're saving you're adding a lot of experience-ruining frustration.
(235.31 KB 522x876 ClipboardImage.png)

Anatomy and lines aside, how do I into details, color, and shading? I know everything inside the outline looks messy, but I don't know why.
>>3589 Not having any clear edges is a start, doesn't look like you did a lot of blending either. Shading is it's own animal that has to be studied intensely, color theory in regards to how colors relate to each other and are expressed in shading is also intense study. If I am to excuse the scratchy linework and okay anatomy, your shadows aren't a low enough value to be convincing as "shadows", nor are they desaturated enough and your highlights are inconsistent, in their placement. Highlight on the right breast tells me light is coming from the front or at the very least directly overhead, but the shading on the side of the stomach tells me it's coming slightly from the back. Your strokes are very sloppy shadow-wise, especially on the side of the stomach. Like absolutely wavy with no real reason why they should. Just slapping a transparent black brush gives you the problem of what you are experiencing, try sampling the color, desaturating it slightly and lowering it's value, and see if the shadows come out better.
(142.73 KB 1441x1151 Untitled.png)

How do I divide the magenta line into 3 equal parts in perspective? (Or any other odd number, for that matter.) I know how to do it for the X and Y axes, using the "measuring line" method (with points converging on the horizon), but that doesn't seem to work for the Z axis.
(197.56 KB 1441x1151 Post Method.png)

(214.88 KB 1441x1151 Post method and final outline.png)

(139.75 KB 1441x1151 3PointFinalProduct.png)

>>3608 Eyeball it. If you absolutely desire 100% accuracy in your 3 point perspective drawing, and the division you want to make is consistent (for instance, you want to divide it in three), what you would actually need to do is to first draw the fraction sized object of what you want before using the post method to create the fullsized one. For instance, I can't prove where the thirds on your cube are, but I can make a cube that is 3 times the size of yours guaranteed every time, thus making the lengths of the cube you drew exactly 1/3 the size of the final cube. (Though the cube you originally drew would actually be 1/27 the size of the final cube, assuming you extended it in all directions.) If you don't understand or have not heard of the post method, I don't know why you're dicking around in 3 point perspective, but go look it up. It applies to anything you want equidistant to anything else. I will provide illustrations of the process. With diagonals in green used to derive the halfway point of the face. The red lines being the intersects with the halfway points. Blue lines being the intersects you use to find the "posts". In the final product I know for a fact that those purple dots are exactly at the third points of the new "larger" magenta line, and thus I I have split the magenta line into "thirds", but I wouldn't be able to derive them without starting small first. I suppose technically you can use this even for not equidistant splits if you wanted to, but you would need to derive lowest common denominator of the splits you wanted and then use the post method to build up from there. i.e. if you wanted a mark that's exactly 1/3 the length down, followed by 1/4 the length down, you would need to start with a part that is 1/12 the size of the final object you want. If that seems like an immense hassle to you, then I recommend, again, eyeballing it. Sorry for all the duplicate posts, I'm tired and making lots of mistakes.
>>3608 The objectively correct solution in euclidean geometry is to simply divide the line on paper into three equally long parts.
>>3613 Doesn't work in 3 point perspective. In two point it does, but not 3 point.
>>3613 Damn shame 3D objects aren't Euclidean.
(232.05 KB 1692x1146 Untitled2.png)

>>3612 Thanks for the reply. I need precision for autistic reasons, and I'm hoping the intuition will come later, but I want to get a feel for how it's supposed to look first. I went back to the books and found how to do it. I read about it before but didn't make the connection, it just takes a few more steps. First you divide the base using a measuring line (blue and green in the pic), then run a diagonal through the side (magenta), and it gives you the vertical partitions with the same proportions.
>>3618 All good bro, just remember that for actual aesthetic purposes you don't actually want 100% accurate perspective as people can tell when you're doing that and it looks "off". Autistically accurate drawings used to be useful to draftsmen for engineering purposes, but now that CAD exists that type of autism doesn't really have a niche anymore.
(215.85 KB 1719x1122 Untitled3.png)

After fucking around with it for a while I actually found another way to do it that uses fewer lines, I don't know exactly how it works but it does :D Step 1 is to connect the two vanishing points to create a diagonal "horizon" line, lmao. Step 2 is to create a measuring line parallel to the "horizon", starting at the closer point. Then find the intersections normally, converging the lines at the "horizon". I checked it and the result is exactly the same as with the other method! I've never seen this method anywhere before, so I'm posting it here on the off chance somebody finds it useful. >>3619 Yeah, you're right. Nevertheless, I kind of like playing with it, even if it's quite useless. I remember hearing (or reading about it in a book) that it doesn't do well to get too bogged down with precision, as it can be detrimental to artistic expression, so I'll try to keep that in mind when doing more artistic stuff.
>>3620 It's the same method you used before. >>3618 With the blue lines you were describing where the third were in comparison to the lower right length of the cube, using the diagonals to find the intersect points, then extending them to the midline you actually wanted the divisions on. In your second version, you just decided to split the midline first, and get your thirds on it. There was no need to interest with diagonals like you did last time, because you started parallel to the line you actually wanted to divide. If that didn't make any sense, here's the simple version. Erase the magenta lines on this one >>3618 and you've have the exact same number of lines.
(69.15 KB 637x381 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3621 Right. It becomes clear when I rotate the page. Same thing, only with the dimensions shifted around -- Z becomes X, X becomes Y, Y becomes Z. Pretty satisfying how it works out like that.
>>3620 >I've never seen this method anywhere before, so I'm posting it here on the off chance somebody finds it useful. I do, actually. I've had this exact question before, but it seemed like too much of a hassle to look into, so your whole discussion has been very interesting to me. Thank you both for basically just handing me the answers.
Are there any good sites to watch people drawing? Like the entire process, not just coloring or cleaning the lines. I know there's a lot of videos on youtube but their search engine is complete trash.
>>4086 I forget but an entire site devoted to livestreaming drawing exists for you to watch and harass artists on.
>>4087 I know there's drawing sites like picarto, but those usually don't save livestreams.
I've gotten the desire to start drawing again after many years and I have some pad questions. First of all several years ago I tried using a wacom pad but I could never get use to the disconnect between drawing on a blind pad and on the drawings appearing on my monitor. So I'd like to try a pad with a monitor built in. What are the best ones that I can get for my money? For the sake of argument lets say $200?That's not actually absolutely firm but it's somewhere in the ballpark. On the same subject of drawing pads, what does everyone here use? And how long did it take you to acclimate to it?
>>4116 The reason you feel this disconnect is because you probably bought a cheap as balls tablet with an active area far smaller than your display's size in an ill-advised attempt at being thrifty. Buy an Intuos 3, 4 or 5 Large model secondhand; don't fall for the screen meme, even the most expensive among them have poor colors and pressure sensitivity issues, apart from their ergonomic concerns.
>>4117 Using this logic isn't doing any traditional art whatsoever non-ergonomic?
>>4117 Where do you find screenless tablets with 20+ inch active area? Even intuos large only have 12.8 inch.
>>4133 Nta, apparently they sell an "extra large", which is 19x24. Here's one. https://www.amazon.com/Wacom-Intuos4-Cad-Graphics-Tablet/dp/B001WAKDV8/ You can try searching for "intuous" and listing the price from highest to lowest, after you skip the cintiqs (or make a fucking engine that let's me "-" words amazon), you'll find the largest ones.
>>4134 I can't find anything large that is available. There are many large screen tablet though. Is it possible to turn off the tablet's display and use it like a screenless tablet?
>>4132 Yes, and it is, the only difference is traditional art is full of movement because the media you use deteriorates. Pencils need to be sharpened, brushes need paint applied to them etc. In contrast digital art you can just stare into the abyss like a mongoloid and it's very bad for certain parts of your body. >>4133 It's not necessary that it has to be exact to your display, but one strategy you can use is get a large tablet and format your drawing area on your display to fit it so you get that near 1:1 ratio with the display-that's the important part. If you have a a laptop in particular, whether a 15 or 17 inch one, an Intuos L is a great drawing experience. possibly the best. >>4134 I bought one off of ebay and was looking forward to using it but it didn't work unfortunately. Luckily they're refunding me and giving me a free shipping label because damn >>4136 The Intuos 3 L PTZ-930 Intuos 4 L PTK-840 Intuos 5 LPTH-850 Intuos Pro L (2013) PTH-851 Intuos Pro L (2017) PTH-860 These are what you should consider looking for
>>4139 >format your drawing area on your display to fit it so you get that near 1:1 ratio with the display-that's the important part My monitor is huge and I bought it specifically with drawing in mind. I am not going to cuck myself by only using 1/3 of the monitor to draw. >Intuos 3 L PTZ-930 Out of stock. >Intuos 4 L PTK-840 Out of stock. >Intuos 5 LPTH-850 Out of stock. >Intuos Pro L (2013) PTH-851 Out of stock. >Intuos Pro L (2017) PTH-860 12.1 inch active area. My current tablet has an active area of 12 inch. Not an upgrade. I do not mind spending a few thousands for a 32 inch drawing tablet but it seems like anything larger than 20 inch has a screen and I hate display tablets.
>>4140 What tablet do you have now?
>>4164 I have a 12 inch screenless tablet.
(387.22 KB 1729x845 same shit.jpg)

>>4166 What one though? Depending on what you have you might have one with a low LPI which might be throwing you off. They're not all the same, while the Intuos 3 and up have the same LPI the Intuos 2 and under had less. If you have an off-brand tablet you might be running into a similar problem. Anyway, if you have an enormous monitor and don't want to compromise by limiting the tablet's range on this monitor it might behoove you to get a 20-inch 1080p monitor to draw with. The only traditional tablet anywhere near the size you're looking for is the PTH-1024 Intuos 4 XL. It is a good tool used by Krita contributor David Revoy but they are pretty expensive and hard to find, unfortunately.
>>4167 Oh I guess they had an Intuos 3 19 x 12 as well-but I've never seen one of those on Ebay.
>>4167 >Depending on what you have you might have one with a low LPI which might be throwing you off. The tablet is 5080 LPI. >PTH-1024 Intuos 4 XL >Intuos 3 19 x 12 Where do you find them though? Does the manufacturer still makes them? They are never in stock. I would like to buy new if possible. >get a 20-inch 1080p monitor to draw with This is what I had in mind which is why I am asking whether it is possible to turn a screen tablet's display off and use it like a regular screenless tablet. I would also like to know how comfortable it is to draw with a screen tablet compared to a screenless one. I see people complain about dead pixel and color inaccuracy in display tablet reviews but they should not matter if I use it the same way I would use a screenless tablet.
>>4174 I think I heard you can use an iPad in that manner, but the problem is the Apple Pencil isn't read by the device before it makes contact with the screen. Unfortunately I do think getting a monitor specifically for drawing would be your best option. A 15 inch monitor would give you that orgasmic 1:1 tablet to screen drawing experience but I use a 17in. laptop and it's great. I would say a 20in. 1080p would be just fine too. Don't overthink it too much
>>4177 Have you ever used a screen tablet? Can you turn off the display yet still draw with it?
>>4179 I've had a Cintiq 12wx and a Cintiq 27 QHD but I'm not certain if they were able to do that, it's nothing I really looked into doing unfortunately. I now use an Intuos 5 L on a 17 inch laptop and feel it's the best way to go
>>4180 I see. Thanks for your help. I think I will just buy a 24 inch tablet and cover the screen with a piece of paper or something.
(675.25 KB 1267x1062 modern_imageboards_nutshell.png)

>>2553 >>2549 >>2543 You complain about halfchan yet halfchan is everywhere to be seen on this website.
Why does my art get worse when I try harder at it? Not even trolling, it feels like I'm completely missing something fundamental. Are there any books or videos about this?
>>4232 I miss mewch.
>>4263 Mewch is back my nigger.
>>4262 I doubt you'll find any recorded information on it. I've had similar experiences, but with no idea what you're actually trying to do, or possibly doing differently when you're trying harder, nobody will be able to make sense of your problem. Although if you normally just sketch, the looser lines or rendering typically hide a lot of issues with your fundamentals, or possibly with your technique (for example if you never practice clean lines, your lines will look like shit when you try to do them "properly"). There are a lot of factors that go into art, and a lot of different techniques. If you're doing literally anything differently from what you're accustomed to, it's going to look worse even if you're trying hard to make it look good. It could be that simple. Or it could be something else, like you're stiffening up when you sit down with the intent to perform rather than just drawing as usual. Or maybe you try to draw nice without warming up. It may be less noticeable when you're just sketching, but if you're just starting for the day you'll typically perform rather worse than a while into it. Really, it could be any number of things.
>>4265 >If you're doing literally anything differently from what you're accustomed to, it's going to look worse even if you're trying hard to make it look good Maybe you're right, but it's a bit disheartening to not have a concrete way of approaching it. I thought I was making a shot in the dark anyway.
>>4264 Are you fucking with me or did the link change?
>>4318 I don't quite understand your approach in this. There are so many things you could do here if you truly hated artists that much. You could gaslight our beginners by pointing out mistakes that don't exist or invent concepts with no relation to reality. Or maybe impersonate other posters making mildly offensive remarks to sow internal discord. I'm sure there's more you could come up with if you tried, it shouldn't take a lot of effort. But this blunt method doesn't really do much. If anything your formulaic posts make it easier to ignore you until they are inevitably, as they have so far been, deleted. At least to me you're even becoming somewhat endearing in your insistent childlike incompetence to cause any actual offense. A weird and unexpected but fundamentally entertaining addition to our little community.
>>4332 He's an unironic babyfucker who's been chased out of fucking pedo communities. What do you expect?
>>4335 hurtcore
>>4338 hope the "art kike" who drew your infant bride has sets of her getting raped by niggers
(102.74 KB 900x471 42116545342134.jpg)

(268.27 KB 640x612 china_Mao_penis.jpg)

>>4334 >He's an unironic babyfucker who's been chased out of fucking pedo communities. Quick rundown?
(818.41 KB 255x231 what the f-ck.gif)

Is there anything like a circle but for the body? I can draw heads way better if I start with a circle and do kind of a modified loomis method, but for the body I just mostly guess stuff and iteratively fix it until it looks good enough. I know the beanbag method exists, but I never figured out how to use it.
(605.59 KB 904x1242 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4432 Loomis abstracts the skeleton in multiple ways. If you really want to abstract the skeleton, generally rule appears to be. >egg shaped torso area >trapezoid pelvis (long side top on males, bottom on females) >neck, arms and legs are lines/noodles >circles for joints
>>4443 I haven't had much luck with that either. Doing two curved crosses for the torso and pelvis is a bit better, but I'm always just doing the torso and then guessing the pelvis with those methods. I want something more for lack of a better word inclusive, that I can easily plop down the entire torso and go from there.
>>4453 By torso you mean chest and pelvis right?
>>4454 Yes. Figuring out the legs and arms from there is easy, but I always have a hard time plotting the pelvis from the chest.
(31.55 KB 364x325 wacom-intuos-s-large.jpg)

My Wacom Intuos S usb port became faulty. I replaced the cable thinking that was the issue, I get the led light, but it goes off quickly. Does anyone have a way to fix it? I don't have warranty no more.
>>4745 You're probably using Windows right? Well, I don't know. If it's not as usually the drivers, then I would recommend buying a new, larger, at least A4 tablet. ☺
>>2103 > Whenever I draw from reference, I end up following the subject's most-noticeable lines and moving my pencil without looking at the paper- which is really stupid. Try looking less at you reference to train your memory. That's one big part of using reference images. If possible put it on another screen or print it out. Make sure you know what you're currently focusing on with each look. Then take a second to really visualize what you've just seen. After look back at your paper and try to replicate what you're visualizing. For your second problem: Try to simplify to as of a shape as possible for parts of the reference. After that you can carve out smaller shapes. (Although using forms would be better. But that's a bit harder.) For your third problem: Disciplined focused learning. Don't just study, because people tell you to study. The study needs to be personal and you need to know WHY you're studying this thing and exactly how you're studying and what effect that has. People are so focused on an abstract notion of studying, that they miss the whole point and became super inefficient. What exactly are you studying? Focus on that one thing and don't care too much about the other parts. Studying shading? Trace the contours and then shade the object from different angles. I used to be the same, which is why I understand what you're going through to some extent. Happy drawing and painting
>>4748 posting from a phone is weird. I just realized I answered to a very old post. Whatever it might still be valuable. I wish I had proper Internet for my computer. O ^ O
(194.36 KB 700x963 still_life.jpg)

What are some illustration books full of still life drawings I can practice with? Drawing from real life is one thing but I would like to learn from how other people draw from real life.
>>4758 Bargue's Drawing Course and random books about European art would probably have plenty. That or Pinterest
>>4759 >random books about European art Do you have any name I can search for?
To expand upon my previous question >>4758 : where do you find good art resource for artists online? If I search "european still life" all I get is art history or even modern art bullshit. Where are all the books specifically aimed at improving your drawings? I am pretty sure there are plenty of illustration books by still life masters out there but how do you find them? All of my learning materials are from the /ic/ torrent and the /loomis/ mega so I have no experience with this kind of stuff.
>>4763 Your first problem is that "European Still Life" covers dozens of countries and 2k years of history. You need to be a bit more specific. Are you concerned with ye olde Medieval still life paintings or the Dutch Painters? Post-Renaissance? (This is why you should study art history by the way, so you actually have the vocabulary to search for answers for your questions)
>>4764 I searched in another language and found what I was looking for. I think the English word "still life" is not specific enough. Incidentally I found this clothing design book by an artist I like a lot. I had no idea he also writes artbooks. I have split the file due to the size limit but you can merge them with cat * >
(124.36 KB 425x600 cover.jpg)

>>4767 8chan will not let me post the second part. Have a anonfile link instead: https://anonfiles.com/H6w8X8P7u0/_by_epub
Can someone make a comic/manga thread? It would be dedicated to asking comic/manga related questions, posting your comics/mangas. Giving feedback on writing, page flow and illustrations. I don't have a good image for such a thread, but I would like to share what I've got so far.
>>4796 I second the motion, but can also not be bothered to fix up an OP. Perhaps an ambitious third anon will come to our aid?
>>4796 >>4804 I support these anons, and similarly I deign not to make the OP myself. Perhaps there is a forth poster who will rise to the occasion?
>>4747 running linux, 100% it's the USB type c port? the one that's in the tablet, not the computer.
>>4814 > running linux, 100% it's the USB type c port? the one that's in the tablet, not the computer. I have no idea honestly. Proprietary technology does what it wants. Last time I bought a tablet was around six years ago. A lot has changed since then, and not necessarily for the better. I would recommend getting a new tablet that's supported by Linux. Nowadays they're fucking cheap, because Wacum finally has some chink competition. All hail the mainland! A friend bought this http://digimend.github.io/tablets/Huion_H610pro/ tablet and it works absolutely fine. Ivevtested it and it's just like any wacom Tablet I used, if not better. I think the v2 has a battery free stylus. I'm not a paid Huion shill, but if it's low cost and works, I don't hesitate to recommend their stuff. Compared to wacom they really seem to care about their customers. I will never buy Wacom again. It's expensive and not better at all from my experience. I would even dare to claim the opposite. Wacom seems to be the apple of graphics tablets. An etablished brand advertising meaningless "innovation" with absurd price tags, because it's from le ebic anime country where only high quality stuff ia produced, even all their parts come from China anyway. https://support.huion.com/en/support/solutions/articles/44001769972-does-huion-have-a-tablet-driver-that-will-support-linux- I'm not saying you should buy the model I posted, maybe there are better models for different price. But make aure it's at least has an A4 sized drawing surface. Touch is useless and the buttons are usually to few to be a viable alternative to a keyboard. Damn I bought my 13inch Cintiq for over a thousand Euros back then...and nowadays these tablets are so fucking cheap. I'm happy for you.
>muh Wacom One broke Nigga, throw it away. It is a shit tablet. A Wacom Pro Medium or Chinese facsimile is the bare minimum anyone should be using and even those are ass, ultimately tbh. The bigger the better-period fr fr no cap. When you buy one of these micro penis tablets you're actively hampering years of drawing activity in order to save the equivalent of a few days' of minimum wage earnings. Even if you're from a country where things are much more expensive it's simply not a good value proposition to use something like that. Intuos L or bust, nigga.
Is Wacom Intuos 4 L still worth keeping? The very old one, no touch, no display, about size of A4 paper. Haven't followed any technical progress since buying it new 11 years ago and drawing very little but would like to get back into it. Other than that you can actually get one with a touchscreen without giving away both your kidney and a left testicle now as of 2021, lucky kids nowadays. In 2010 it was a choice between EXTREMELY expensive Cintiq (about 2000$/EUR where i live, add inflation to that) and a shitty 1080p display or this, a Dell 30" IPS and lots of beer. So it was not a hard choice. Dell and all that beer are obviously history by now but this thing remains.
>>4833 Check the tablet thread but yes, the 4 is just fine. Touch features and all that stuff are worthless. The only thing that matters is the size of the drawing surface, the Wacom Wikipedia entry used to have a data table on it that proved that, from a drawing perspective, an Intuos 3 is ostensibly identical to a 2017 Intuos Pro. Trying not to sound schizo here but that table disappeared roughly two days after I made a screenshot image of it and posted it on an /ic/ tablet thread. Basically the "LPI" (Lines Per Inch) resolution from the model 3 to the models they make today is identical, the only differences are ergonomic (the Intuos 3 is a CRT Monitor-friendly square shape and hence a little "deeper" than the models that came after, but is the same width) and tactile (the Intuos 4 models and up basically have a sand paper surface that absolutely chews up nibs and makes the tablet look like ass before too long, it's planned obsolescence-they do have better hotkeys though). tl;dr hell yeah, your Intuos 4 is just fine, my friend. Consider getting a surface cover made of laminate or even cut out a piece of vinyl and apply it to the surface because it will look like shit and feel like shit to draw on before too long, otherwise. You can also use paper which will eat nibs too but spare your tablet's overall condition. The Intuos 4 is a fine tablet, but it was the first model where they realized that they could pressure people into upgrading unnecessarily by having it wear down cosmetically and require upkeep in the form of excessive nib replacements
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How do you draw hair?
>>4872 You don't
>>4872 it helps to think of hair in sections like layered ribbons. The best thing you can do is simply buy some ribbon and study it.
>>4847 > it helps to think of hair in sections like layered ribbons. this. And you need to know where the hairs originate from.
>>4872 You draw masses not individual hairs. Look for patches of light and dark and imply those.
>>4880 Yeah. As always it's a matter of not being too literal and trying to abstract away from tiny details.
(25.58 KB 220x225 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4874 I guess that helps but I still don't know what the fuck I'm doing.
>>4947 Looks similar to the hair I draw, and I have like ten more years of experience. ehehehehe
>>4947 based on this image, I think drawing hair should be among some of your lowest priorities.
I know I mentioned this before probably multiple times but here's another reminder that if you've ever in your life thought you could use a second screen to read .pdf books, look at reference images or even watch video files you really ought to consider getting a Microsoft Surface RT. People tend to disregard these things because they are actual fucking trash as far as functioning as a tablet computer goes, but as a book reader they are a super well-kept secret. They have a beautiful screen that mogs my iPad, can stand vertically without needing accessories, and don't have the file type restrictions an iPad has. Perhaps best of all-because they are frighteningly shitty for what they were actually advertised and ostensibly designed for-they are super cheap and can regularly be found on ebay for <$50.
>>4952 Pardon the mess (I'm at work lol). Man I was really looking forward to actually drawing but I've had a very uncommon amount of foot traffic. Ayway, once again these things are great as long as you don't expect it to be capable of everything; its software is a walled garden not unlike the app store (no sense in even installing anything on it really, it has software you can use to listen to .mp3 music, watch .mp4 videos and read .pdf files and open images preinstalled, thankfully)
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(1.34 MB 2689x1709 unknown-30.png)

I don't know if this is the right thread for it but I need help with something and I don't want to litter the board with a new thread (I almost exclusively lurk, this is probably my second post in this board) The image attached is my work. I take a lot of pride in the soul I put into my designs and lines (it's mainly why I draw, I have a ton of fun drawing cool/cute stuff) but my knowledge of coloring, light and rendering is not even close to my knowledge of drawing. The coloring in the attached image is my latest attempt at trying to wrap my head around it but as you can see it is very lackluster. It is very safe, basic and lame. It almost makes me ashamed to say I did this (I didn't have any fun doing it at all) I don't want to just learn a basic cell-shady kinda coloring style and call it a day, that'd just be putting a band-aid on the issue and ultimately wouldn't achieve anything. I want to learn how to properly color and render stuff because I know I'm very much capable of it but I have no idea how or where to begin with this and it's really frustrating how I can't get an intuitive grasp on it like I did with drawing For the record, my software of choice is CSP and I mostly use default brushes
>>4959 It's very adorable stuff anon I don't think you have anything to be ashamed of, you can only be good at what you're practiced in and if you haven't really worked color into your routine just yet you shouldn't feel that it's hopeless or even that it's unexpected that you're not where you want to be yet. Assuming those are your designs I think you chose very nice colors for these characters. If you're wanting to add just a little complexity to your coloring you're certainly not alone, I think the first step would be to find a lot of pieces of art that have the kind of coloring style you enjoy the most and download them into a reference folder; it wouldn't hurt to post them here so we can see what your goals are.
>>4959 Your characters are not in any particular environment, so your coloring is kind of appropriate. You have the object with certain material properties. The rest is decided by the environment. Things don't really have a color per se, it's an illusion. A yellow world under a blue sun is grey. Should we call that world yellow or gray? So first question: Which environment are you characters in? second question: What are the strongestvlight sources? How strong are they in relation to each other? What properties do they have? third question: Which planes of my object are hit by the light? When does the form turn into shadow? (You seem to have a decent feeling for that.) Then there are cast shadows. What is castin the shadow? An arm? A tree branch outside of view? A mountain? How das that affect the penumbra of the shadow? The last point is to test stuff out and remember things you saw. If you want to draw a certain material it's invaluable to look at it in real life. ok, hope that helps a bit. When I start streaming some day, I will visually explain all this shit. Have a nice day.
(948.36 KB 1203x1604 1e3ce6df4d9e8364ca6ceec3675cb279.png)

(449.09 KB 700x1000 1611978527063.jpg)

>>4960 I'm a big fan of these sort of simple and "soft" (I don't know how else to describe them) painterly styles, they are very VERY appealing to me. Most notably those soft details on Kogasa's clothes (blue girl with an umbrella) or the details on Curly's clothes and body (spoilered image) or everything about the Cham Cham (green-haired girl with a boomerang) I do have a folder with lots of images I like, but these are the ones that inspire me the most to want to learn how to color things properly And thank you for the compliments, I do actually have a basic notion of how color and light works (not shading with black, hue-shifting, warm light cold shadows, etc) but I just can't quite put them all together for appealing results >>4962 That's an interesting way to think about it. Until now I had sort of taken for granted the environment and thought I only needed a single light source for a character in a void This'll definitely get me thinking the next time I try coloring something, I thank you greatly for this input
>>4964 Light study and how it effects color is it's own beast anon. If you want a good starting point, I recommend Color & Light, a Guide to the Realistic Painter by James Gurney (don't worry about the title, I can assure it is far easier to go from realistic to stylized than vice versa). It's very brief in all the points it covers, but it helps you build vocabulary and at least understand rudimentary theory concerning how these things work. In the end it's always practice, practice, practice, but reading this should at least provide you with vocabulary to describe, as you put it >I'm a big fan of these sort of simple and "soft" (I don't know how else to describe them) painterly styles, they are very VERY appealing to me.
>>4964 I like talking to developing artists, so I continue from >>4962. Here are some more of my thoughts that might be helpful to you. Don't focus too much on the color, if you find yourself overthinking it. Focus on the vale/brightness of any particular color. Just make sure to follow a consistent thought process across the whole character. If the ambient light tends to make shadows warmer, make sure the color always gets warmer, whatever material you're currently rendering. I'm talking about these theoretical topics, because the rest is really just a question of which tools you use and how you use them. Some concrete things you could practice to improve your rendering include: -copying other artists work or photo references (without color picking:hard; with color picking, but then picking another random color, after which you try to remember the color you picked: medium, directly color picking: easiest way to replicate the image.) This will make you figure out a workflow that works for you. Depending on how much you try to remember the picked colors, you will have a mental library of colors to fall back on. ( I have that for a ton of things. Some picked from photographs, some from observations of real life things.) -memorizing colors for different materials (for example looking at a rusty piece of metal and imagining how you would copy it with your drawing tools. That's kind of advanced though.) This is basically painting with your mind. It has very similar effects to painting with your hands, although you already need to be comftorbable with your medium or color picker in order to imagine yorself picking the colors. - color picking from a photo - figuring out ways to use texture brushes or certain brush stroke patterns to mimic certain materials. Some more tidbits: -Gradients look appealing (learn to very subtly blend colors) -high contrast lighting makes things looks more "real"TM -highlights add a lot of three dimensionality -colorful shadows look nice -reflected light and core shadows can add a lot -subtle hue shifts within an object are interesting(learn to blend subtly) -mixing hard,firm, soft and lost edges is fun. -ambient occlusion and very dark accenta here and there add a lot of depth(back to the contrast thing) Now go forth and struggle!
Am I allowed to post on this board if I'm new to art and my art looks like shitty middle-schooler doodles?
>>4989 Absolutely, all the more reason to. Anyone's welcome to post basically anything. It's good if you can point out a specific area or problem you want help with though.
>4989 > Am I allowed to post on this board if I'm new to art and my art looks like shitty middle-schooler doodles? If you need to ask, then no. This place is for Gigachads only. Everyone in here is one. If you feel intimidated by it, then you don't fit in. But jokes aside, you seem too nice for imageboards. Being a Gigachad is decided by your mindset. A Gigachad posts when he wants to post. A Gigachad doesn't care too much what others think, he just posts and sees if he has fun. You decide weather you will be the Gigachad with the middle schooler drawing style. :^D
>>4989 Asking permission to post your dogshit means you're not ready to post here. Not skill-wise, but mentality-wise. Come back when you are a gigachad like >>4993 suggests.
>>4994 I agree mr. glownigger. >>4989 As you can see, people might try to discourage you. It's on you weather you can find here or not. ;p
>>4996 *find fun here
>>4989 You're absolutely fine to post here, not sure why people are bullying you-this is a beginner friendly board.
>>4998 I'm bullying him not because he's a new artist, it's because he's a fucking idiot who asks for permission to post his dogshit. I post dogshit all the fucking time, I don't let being terrible stop me from getting feedback. People are not nice here, posters will not be nice here and asking for permission tells me someone is not in the right mindset to post their dogshit. We welcome posts of all quality, just don't be a little bitch about it.
>>4999 I appreciate you.
>>4999 fuck you nigger I'm gonna post my shit just to spite you
>>5001 Good, do it faggot. Spite me.
(49.14 KB 407x805 wownero.png)

>>5001 This board is full of professional artists therefore I have no doubt they will be able to provide guidance if you would deign to post your drawings. Just browse some threads and you will see that absolutely horrible drawings along with non-drawing related shitposts/schizoposts get posted on a weekly basis and no one cares. bitcorn is about to explode btw
>>5003 >This board is full of professional artists
>>5003 >This board is full of professional artists
>>5003 you mean bitcoin or is there some new crypto called bitcorn?
>>5007 The Bitcorn joke is probably as old as Bitcoin itself. You simply must be baiting, anon (well played!)
kys art kikes
>>5003 > This board is full of professional artists. What? Really? How did I manage to miss them? When do they shows up? A professional earns his living with art in my definition, because he's that good. I see beginner and intermediate artists here, who are having fun. I'll let you know when I think I've become a professional.
>>5008 sorry I'm not a bitcocker
(113.89 KB 921x1200 look.jpg)

>>5005 >>5006 >>5010 >they dont know /loomis/ is a den of professional artists, a place full of talented individuals from all over the world. Nowhere can you interact with industry professionals this easily and get free tailored advice based on their own experience. Countless people have started an art career just from browsing /loomis/. This is where dreams are turned into reality, where ordinary people are transformed into MASTERS, able to unleash their creativity with ease and reach an ever increasing level of competence. Being part of this club never gets boring. Every day is full of excitement and intrigue.
anyone got an image similar to this, but for drawing?
>>5018 > anyone got an image similar to this, but for drawing? I can't download the image from my phone, so I can't share one. But I can share thoughts. Just draw. khehehehehe
WHERE THE FRICK IS EVERYBODY >that's it, that's the question
(63.67 KB 750x790 1626705215736.jpg)

>>5025 I'm lurking as usual, and also drawing. It's just that I don't post much anymore.
(304.48 KB 446x647 ClipboardImage.png)

I was thinking /loomis/. Is there something I'm missing from street artist/caricatue artists? Yes the one with the drawings of obama, tom cruise and whatever on show on those little wooden tripods. I live in a pretty touristic city. They're pretty much a common sight. They're always there, even in the winter.... And I swear they're never drawing anyone or have a client. I don't get it. I don't get how they live. How they make money. Why they do that. Are they just boomers who don't know how to use a computer? Is it like an enlgihtment choice that I'm not understanding? Should I feel sad for their predicament, or should I feel sad for myslef: stopping my analysis at the metaphorical finger and not looking at the moon.
>>5038 >they're never drawing anyone Could just be a coincidence, man. If they never drew anyone they probably wouldn't be there; here's an example from my own personal life: I work in a small store in a mall and there is often a (nowadays far too short) period where you won't see anyone in the store at all and I'll often hear (usually older) people commenting in the hall as they pass by from the Cafe, "I can't believe that place is still there!" because whenever they happen to pass by (which if they're cafe regulars can be quite often) they just see me milling around in there alone working or whatever. However I've been making about $1000 gross on average each day over the past 2 years, and the store had never been consistently unprofitable for the 11 years it's been around, otherwise the boss would have moved as he'd done many times in the past. If you're only passing by for a short time you can't really know what they're up to the rest of the day.
>>5058 > WHERE IS HE!? > I MISS HIM! Don't worry. People disappear from time to time for several months. I sometimes end up leaving communities for over a year before going back. I haven't been in the Monero matrix channels or Lisp IRC channels for a long time now. But I'll get back soon. He will come back if he didn't get shot. When I get back to the drawpile hhe better be back!
(54.41 KB 856x602 heehoh.png)

Ignore this poast
>>5058 I wasn't aware that I'm missing. Have I been gone for that long? Either way, I'm just a little preoccupied right now.
Recommended mechanical pencils?
>>5063 I fell for the Staedtler meme but honest to god I don't think there's anything much better about them than some cheap Dick Blick ones, though they do fit different sized leads from what I recall.
>>5063 Anything will do, and it's mainly down to personal preference. I like the feel of Uni Kuru Toga, Staedtler 925-25, and Pentel P205 pencils. Pentel P205 is simple, light, durable, and cheap. Staedtler 925-25 is a higher budget version of that. Uni Kuru Toga It rotates the lead as you write or draw, so the tip stays sharp and lines are more consistent. This effect is more visible in writing than in drawing. I like it mainly for the feel. They have metal versions, but they might be too heavy for some. It does not bother me during shorter drawing sessions, but for longer ones I use plastic versions. Another thing that might bother people is the sponginess. When you first press against surface to draw to draw, lead recedes a bit as this is what triggers the rotation mechanism. Lately I have been using mechanical pencils for quick brainstorming sketches, and most of my physical drawing is done with 2mm lead holders. >>5064 >I fell for the Staedtler meme At least you did not fall for the rOtring meme. They are overpriced, too heavy, and I find the tip wobble very annoying.
Is there any better sites for practicing figure drawing in class mode time option? The best thing I've found so far that is decent is sketchdaily. If I end up finishing figure drawings which place is better to post them in the draw thread or the practice thread?
>>5230 I was literally just thinking about this I wonder if there's an image viewer that lets you look at your own images randomly in a timer. I have a lot of image files already...
>>5230 >>5231 You could try out line-of-action.com. It does have a timer and class functionalities. You can pause the timer too if you want. >>5230 >If I end up finishing figure drawings which place is better to post them in the draw thread or the practice thread? Practice tread is a better fit.
>>5231 That seems like it would be pretty common feature, but the only one I've done that with is irfanview. Did work pretty well though, it keeps a history of the images too so if you want to go back a few images for some reason you can.
>>5233 Line-of-action.com has too many disgusting grannies for my liking. Practice thread does sounds better for posting figure drawings, thx anon
>>5231 >>5234 It's a fairly common feature most decent image viewers have. Usually it is called slideshow. I used InfranView, ImageGlass, xnviewer, nomacs and all of them have it. InfranView is probably the best for this purpose, as it offers slightly more options than the other ones. You can even set a separate interval after keyboard input. This can be neat if you want to mix quick poses and something that requires longer time duration in a single slideshow.
>>5237 does ifranview give you the ability to pause the image is there any good imageviewer that works on linux and where can I find a huge dump file of nude poses I can't find any good one at all except from books and taking screenshots of them is tried some from a book.
(773.76 KB 2500x1767 room_of_people.jpg)

>>5278 There are no good image viewer on linux. I tried them all and none were satisfactory. I pretty much gave up looking for them and just wrote one myself. I got a bunch of naked poses from a torrent a long time ago but they are just pictures extracted from books. Your best bet is probably to scrap them from sites >>5230 and >>5233 mentioned.
>>5280 thx for the advice. Was thinking of collecting them from books the photos look best. Putting them all into a slideshow. changing the image every time the timer went off to skip to a new image. Like class mode.
(546.42 KB 947x1303 aunn.png)

(428.58 KB 789x1241 r63alex.png)

(538.33 KB 1025x1265 mayumi.png)

>>4965 >>4967 It is me again I was hesitant to show you guys my progress but I am so excited I'll show you anyway. They're NSFW pieces I made for my commission sheet I was a bit busy during the last month but I eventually found some time to draw and this is the result of my efforts. I can finally put color down onto my pieces and make them look finished Granted, my coloring aptitude still isn't where I'd like it to be and I have much to learn, I feel so relieved that I finally made a breakthrough and can now confidently color my stuff with the same soul I put into the linework. What helped a lot was limiting my choice of tools to hrb and a variation of hrb I made with color mixing enabled (for blending) and copying artists I liked (if you look at the green girl's legs you can very clearly see how it was referenced from the Cham-cham I posted earlier, hehe) I think it's a good first foot in the door of coloring and I'm so excited to continue improving, the only way from here is up!
(1.86 MB 490x503 invisible.gif)

>>5339 Good job.
>>5339 Nicely done, the poses are dynamic and the coloring certainly complements everything well enough. The only part that I would say stands out in a way that might be construed as odd to me is the perfectly circular blush on She-Alex's knee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZwOXG-oWHI
which thread can I vent in? the loomis feels thread or is there another thread for it or is a new thread necessary?
>>5358 The feels thread would typically be used for that, yes.
>>4748 >>4749 >I just realized I answered to a very old post. Hey man, Hi from nine months ago. It's that anon you responded to. I've been doing some soul searching, and owning up to a few things. It's not "my brain" that wants to draw the way it's used to.. It's me. Still, thanks for the advice, you were the most-concise feedback I got, even thought it's a few months short of a year from that post, thanks man.
>>5402 Hey, welcome back, man
Anyone actually sharpened there pencil with a knife. I got questions. how long is the tip suppose to be. how am I meant to sand it and know when it's smooth enough. I am meant to route the pencil so the tip stays evenly sharp?
>>5415 It's a little difficult yeah, I use a box cutter a lot of the time and it's hard to get right when you're first starting, I've seen a few videos on the subject but I think practice just makes perfect because mine are often a little clumsily made. There is a "long point" pencil sharpener you can buy, IIRC it works pretty good for me, I'll try it again sometime soon to see if that's still the case-I think it's been a little while since I'd used it.
(40.41 KB 326x527 x.jpg)

>>5415 I just remove the wood around the lead and sharpen the tip into a nice oval. This is mainly for the overhand grip and you will almost never get to use the tip so it does not need to be sharp. Make the lead long enough so that your pencil can be quasi-parallel to the surface.
>>5416 To hard to get specific equipment in my area I have to improvise. I tried a box cutter they are pretty weak they only work when there is little to no wood left and want to be gentle not to snap the lead I used that for it and I used a pocket knife to get the major of the wood of but it was a pain. Do razor blades work like stand alone? >>5418 isn't the side rough af if you don't smooth it with sand paper. All I use is the overhand grip. how did u remove the wood razor blade did it slice the wood of easily and how long we talking an inch the tip. how often do u need to resharpen or consider doing it in terms of the state of the pencils condition of the lead?
(1.88 MB 330x422 rain.gif)

>>5422 You need to sharpen the side with the blade too. Sharpen the lead until it is thin enough. Yes you will waste a lot of lead this way but it is worth it. I just use a box cutter. There is a technique for it. Razors blades are too sharp for my liking. My lead is 1 inch long and only sharpen when it get too short or when the tip is not oval anymore.
>>5427 How on earth do U sharpen it with a knife the lead with out snapping it. Here is some photos of my efforts of my knife cutting skill with a pencil and my smoothing skill with sandpaper.
(480.80 KB 438x897 \.png)

>>5433 Pretty good. Keep using a sandpaper if you find it easier. If you want to try using a blade practice with a 6B first because 2B is too fragile. Place your thumb on the wood and grind the edge of the blade with the lead from the tip towards the wood at a < 20 degree angle. The lead will not snap because the force is almost parallel. You are essentially cutting the lead vertically.
>>5434 Okay cool. I will try and experiment on 6b,8b,10b pencils just need to order them in bulk then I can update in future the outcome.
>>5439 I saw a pretty detailed review of drawing pencils and the Dick Blick ones seemed to be very competitive for the price if you buy in bulk. Make sure to do your own research though, things can change quick. Prismacolor went from a top brand to shit almost overnight iirc.
Is there a discord for drawfags on 8moe?
>>5442 no, and never will
>>5442 yes, and there always will be
>>5440 Thx for the advice I settled on 6B its seems to be the perfect size any bigger feels to large
>>5442 yes, but no.
>>5473 Ah, I remember I wrote out a big response to this but my phone screwed up and I discarded it. Anyway: 2B, 6B 2H, none of that stuff has ANYTHING to do with the size of the pencil itself, it has everything to do with the softness or hardness of the lead core (the part of the pencil that makes the mark on the paper) and that's it. Hard leads are capable of the faintest values/lightest possible value ranges and the opposite is true for the soft leads (6B being the softest). Put simply: softer lead = darker mark harder lead = lighter mark These are what I use when I draw in pencil: https://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-studio-drawing-pencils/ They're what I mentioned earlier. Over ten pencils each in a full value range set for $70 is quite a decent deal (you can see an artistic rendition of the pencil's possible value range in the pictures of individual pencils). So you buying nothing but 6B is kind of silly but if you're just starting out and mostly focusing on measurement techniques you'll be fine.
>>5519 Dude 70 dollars is way too expensive for pencils I get them in cheap and in bulk from ching cnan chong. cost like 1 dollar for 12 pencils.
WEAR ARE BEAR pls don't go Harb on us, Burr. Also if you're reading this, come back ffs Harb whatever we did we're sorry
(112.75 KB 299x632 ClipboardImage.png)

(994.55 KB 2240x1080 9.png)

(359.30 KB 986x1080 11.png)

(1.29 MB 2140x1080 18.png)

(3.17 MB 1664x1336 19.png)

Why are my torsos so fucked? I know I don't understand how the pelvis works, but I don't know what I don't understand. I keep making it too small then overcompensating and making it too big the next drawing, and so on. The drawings with the arrows next to them are traced, that's why they don't look as bad.
>>5811 I think maybe you are drawing the distance between the rib cage and the pelvis too far apart. In the second picture especially. The man's rib and pelvis distance is natural, but the female's is odd. They should be the same distance, but differently proportioned.
What are the lines called when they're used to define geometry without changing the overall silhouette, like the lines on the knees of the green haired girl, the ankles on the blue haired girl, or the folds on the clothes in the spoiler in >>4964? I noticed it's not everywhere, like >>5280 hardly has any besides the clothes. But then there's the third picture in >>5339 which has lines on the ribcage that aren't exactly outlining any anatomy. I think another common example would be noses, though there seems to be a lot of stylistic freedom and variation in how people draw noses. Regardless, when you're not viewing a face from the side, I don't understand how someone draws in that part of the face. Is this just anatomy and it's a stylistic choice if you add it? How would you approach drawing such details, especially when they don't change the underlying silhouette? Is it understanding lighting well or are their tricks / hacks to it. I have a feeling this might change completely when using color, cause you have more than lines to work with, and you can actually draw the geometry of these features better with a gradient of light. But I've only been using pencil (sometimes pen) and I don't quite understand this part. might have partially answered my own question while trying to describe it
(379.20 KB 1000x800 1645979333034.jpg)

>>5830 >What are the lines called when they're used to define geometry without changing the overall silhouette, like the lines on the knees of the green haired girl, the ankles on the blue haired girl, or the folds on the clothes in the spoiler in >>4964 The lines on the legs of the green haired girl just look like tan lines to me, overall what I think you're talking about just looks like light/value changes responding to anatomical landmarks as they turn towards or away from the light source. Knowing the anatomy and form enough to understand the "cross contours" is one way that could help inform you of how those shadow different shapes, though it goes without saying but a lot of really complex lighting like that often is achieved with close observation of reference material. Here's a pretty simple example I'd found on /ic/ just now that appears less complex and might prove more informative.
>>5833 >The lines on the legs of the green haired girl just look like tan lines to me I actually didn't notice the tan lines before, but that wasn't what I was referring to. I was talking about the part that seems to outline her thigh muscles. Like what is drawn here around 13:32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBzuciXtVCs A different example for a different body part is when he draws the ankle around 14:20. I don't understand anything about how you would paint this since I haven't even touched color or shading while I practice (not even a year in), but what's confusing to me about this is that these parts of the body are usually depicted with slight color shifts when painting, at least I think. But you can't really do that using line art, but they're still doing something. I can't tell how much of it is anatomically correct since I don't understand anatomy, and how much of it might be stylistic. Also, is the difference between the first and second picture that the shadows are darker and not the actual light source?
(126.83 KB 461x696 Capture.PNG)

What are ways to make the highlighted arm less awkward
>>5844 I feel like the balance of proportions is off. The positioning is fine, but the arms feel pretty large compared to the abdomen. If the body is beanpole, the arms also beanpole.
Anyone got good pics of extreme lateral flexion in girls? Pic related is all I could find. I don't think boorus have any tags for it.
>>5846 UOOOH!!
(188.66 KB 900x1354 037.jpg)

(151.36 KB 1200x798 024.jpg)

(188.81 KB 900x1354 040.jpg)

>>5846 There are some images along those lines in Irina - Ballerina in the resource hub. Mostly from behind or at oblique angles for some reason, but that's also useful. Very good set in general.
(940.74 KB 461x696 lazy redline.bmp)

>>5844 Basically the biceps attaches to the scapula, so for lack of a better description, it seems to be going into her armpit too low. I think what you would see is something more along these lines, although it's been a while since I studied arms so I'm not too sure about the specifics.
>>5845 >>5850 I see, thanks
>>5844 I think it's the hand. That resting hand is very hard to get right, speaking as someone who tries and fails to draw these kind of poses a lot.
(1.28 MB 2996x2366 Don-2NP_Pill_Box_concept.jpg)

Does anyone know what art style picrel would be classified as. I like the feel that it has and couldn't find the creator of the image through google.
>>5857 I'm not sure at all, if you want to see some good shit that sort of fits that aesthetic though take a look at John Berkey, one of my favorite artists.
(173.14 KB 458x868 ClipboardImage.png)

How is the torso? I think it looks fucked but that might just be because I overcompensated for my thighs fetish and made the legs too thin. Ignore the arms, I just guessed the muscles because I haven't studied arm anatomy in years.
(765.36 KB 994x750 ClipboardImage.png)

Also, what causes this depression in the yellow zone between the front of the pelvis and the midriff? It's often very prominent in women but I've never seen it mentioned in any anatomy book.
>>5904 Unspoilered porn on SFW marked boards goes against the global rules, knobhead.
>>5905 Tasteful nudity isn't porn tho
>>5904 I believe it is the impression on the skin left by the inguinal ligament combined with the lower abdominal muscles
(399.78 KB 1000x1000 Loomis_logo.png)

Hey brothers, I wanted to enlist /loomis/ to the Infinity Cup tournament (basically we used to have a soccer tournament online for various 8chan boards, ours is http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//loomis/ ) but before I did that I wanted to ask if anyone else would have liked watching the matches. We didn't have the best of showings last time, but the cytube stream was lots of fun for me.
(851.17 KB 634x739 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5904 Fat increases in the red area before the yellow area. Someone with a reasonably low BMI will have the red area "hang over" the yellow area. If you lower the fat of the person drastically the feature disappears. Think of it as the very early intimations of a muffin top. If anything did contribute to it outside of just bodyfat percentage, it's probably >>5908
>>5857 Either Zeerust or Futurism
>>6017 I appreciate the offer and the graphic, fella, but I'm just too busy. I welcome our board's participation in the event though.
so confusing why did artga.in board get changed from /loomis/?
>>6030 There's been some effort to distance it from the /loomis/ "stigma" due to some apparent conflict(?) and at least one person complained about the original name over on anon.cafe. There's a statement here >>5874 from the owner so there's that. Is there an actual beef with cafe's /loomis/? I've read something about moderation having a grudge and stolen themes, so what's the deal?
>>6034 >conflict I don't post there much, but I don't feel I have a poor relationship with anon.cafe at all, at least I haven't gone out of my way to foster one. That said, the creation of such a board doesn't accomplish much other than split what was already a strained community by that point, and the fact that one of the first threads there was a request thread makes me question the original (i.e. not current) board owner's intention in having created the board-without so much as comment on the original-to begin with. I could be wrong but I'm not sure they declared that they were a different person than me as well despite the board being identical top to bottom, which is a little weird, however all-in-all they seemed sincere enough and the board is well kept. All that's water under the bridge; I don't take it personal and I don't have any hard feelings about it. Recently I've stopped linking back to them because, after over a year of doing so they never returned the favor. I'm compelled through various channels to support the new Drawpile-adjacent board artga.in, even if they've recently discarded the /loomis/ moniker (something I don't feel good about, but fostering a healthy community sometimes takes compromise and is more important than my own ego). I was only made aware of the controversy of 8chan.moe and the webring issue long after the fact, and I'd invested too much into this board and the people on it to leave despite my own reservations regarding site policies or off-board content I have nothing to do with. With any "migration" effort you always lose people, not unlike how a caravan crossing a river often ends with a handful of people getting dragged under the surface of the water by alligators and it's for that reason why I will not be abandoning this board any time soon, while similarly being faced with the reality that, despite my best efforts over the past 8 years, it likely has experienced what growth it was ever going to get.
Edited last time by loomis on 03/30/2022 (Wed) 04:01:16.
>>6037 The original webring /loomis/ board was actually on the now defunct julayworld webring imageboard (mainly to host /cow/ but the admin allowed people to request a board on their site) way back in 2019 when 8chan died. In early 2020, the julayworld admin took the view that people ought to be making their own mini-imageboards and announced that he would be shuttering the site down and moving /cow/ and a few other boards to a new webring imageboard. At that point the BO manually migrated all the julayworld/loomis/ threads over (meaning that the timestamps on them are all wrong) to anon.cafe. The 8kun /loomis/ board was back up and running at that point so it was weird that they never got in contact to figure things out. I feel they made an honest effort to carry on the spirit of the original /loomis/ when it seemed to be gone forever but unfortunately they were always busy with their job and never quite had the commitment to properly run the board.
>>6057 >At that point the BO manually migrated all the julayworld/loomis/ threads over (meaning that the timestamps on them are all wrong) to anon.cafe. Hello, I was the guy who created anon.cafe/loomis/ I did it so that anons could migrate from 8kun and Julay more easily, but in the end work related stuff came up and I couldn't really advertise the board much, so I gave ownership to another guy (who apparently also gave up his ownership to another one). I had no connection with the other /loomis/ boards.
>>6060 Hey, no problem man. I'm glad you're here actually, and I hope I didn't come across as insulting, it just wasn't a circumstance I was super familiar with so I could only grasp at straws in a vain attempt to figure out what was going on. You kept the community alive elsewhere in ostensibly its current form and that's a good thing. While I would have hoped most if not all the activity would have been centralized here, I later learned of the various reasons people had decided they didn't want to associate with the 8chan brand anymore and I understand completely.
Have you guys been badmouthing the other /loomis/ board?
>>6128 Nope, not me. I question the decision to allow request threads but other than that I have no problem with them. I stopped linking back only very recently after a long time of the favor having never been returned, that's the extent of it really. No drama afaik
>>1309 I'm planning on going through Fun With a Pencil again to get back in my groove, and I was wondering, are there any other art books that encourage structure while avoiding perfectionism the way FWAP does?
>>1309 RIP /loomis/
>>6185 Well logically the next step after FWAP would be figure drawing and it will take you along time to finish FWAP. After that best to move on to figure drawing for all it's worth. FWAP already glosses over drawing the figure in a good amount of depth so the shift to FDFAIW will not be that unfamiliar since you would have the hang of drawing figures
If I wanted prints of some random art I find online what would be the standard process for getting that done? Is there a recommended site or service for that?
Whose the new BO and why'd you delete the drawpile thread (and the other ones you deleted)?

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