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(124.01 KB 1045x608 pepe farm.jpeg)
Loomis Feels Thread: Treading New Ground Anonymous 09/24/2020 (Thu) 05:18:23 No. 146
Tell me how you feel
>tfw I'm still too demoralized to draw >tfw this website has been and will likely continue to be taken down for days at a time fore the foreseeable future but that's still arguably better than dealing with 8kun's myriad technical issues
>>147 Cheer up. We're not going anywhere, and we got good news from sadpanda about our new host today.
>>148 Oh, do-tell. It's encouraging to see it up so consistently lately
(56.84 KB 1111x1180 bless.jpg)
I just got a raise at work. I suppose I should be happy, but instead I feel nothing because I know that-weighed next to the fact I'm probably going to have to defend myself and my family from rabid double-digit IQ dunning-kruger transgender communists within the next couple of months using deadly force-an extra dollar an hour doesn't seem terribly significant.
(66.39 KB 640x438 1601112535281.jpg)
The weather is nice and mild right now
Finally have a regular work schedule. Still no gym tho. >>150 >couple of months Can't be that bad anon, unless you're in a megapozzed megacity.
>>201 I live in Saint Paul, MN which isn't a megacity but it sure is pozzed
>tfw 8kun is so slow it's taking me like, hours to download the image posts from the latest weekly theme thread
Another sh*tty day at work with my boss (possibly) leering at me the entire time under the chinese made spy camera he installed last year. Pretty frustrating knowing I can't draw at work anymore but it's still a better job than anything else I'm qualified for at the moment. What are you fellas up to today?
Edited last time by loomis on 09/28/2020 (Mon) 17:58:50.
>>146 Not gonna lie. I appreciate this thread. >>291 >What are you fellas up to today? Drawing and watching animations.
>>212 Didn't see a meta thread, so I figured I'd drop a line here. If you guys want your content migrated off of 8kun, I have a script to automate that and I'd be happy to do it for you. Much easier than moving it by hand. I did this for /fast/, /gts/, and /gamergatehq/ if you'd like to see some examples. You BO should reply here or contact me at codexx@cock.li if they're interested and we can work out particulars. I'd be happy to help, just let me know.
Edited last time by codexx on 09/28/2020 (Mon) 15:56:09.
>>293 Thanks bubbi. I guess I'm on the fence about it, I'm not sure I want to port the WHOLE thing over-but maybe. I suppose it depends on what the other fellas would like to do. Is the script selective or does it just brute force the entire board over? I guess in that instance I could just literally delete the excessive stuff.
(55.83 KB 344x596 ClipboardImage.png)
>>293 Sounds good to me. Are themes from 8chan/8kun compatible with 8chan.moe? It feels weird not having this delicious ass in background.
>>295 Unfortunately Uncle Moe won't let me link it to imgur or whatever I was using on the other site so I'll have to find an alternative-if the mod would like to share any suggestions they'd be most appreciated. In the meantime I was using an image hosted in a locked thread right here (scroll down to see it) but it appears to not be working anymore on my end, either (did its url change along with the thread's order placement on the board, perhaps?). I chalked it up to the fact I'm on mobile but if it's not working for you something must be up.
>>296 Oh uh, also if I recall correctly this site defaults to Yotsuba B or whatever-so make sure you hit that drop down box above and select "Board-specific CSS" if you haven't already.
Edited last time by loomis on 09/28/2020 (Mon) 19:39:25.
>>294 The script supports a whitelist/blacklist of threads, so you could make a list of threads you want and have those moved. The alternative is, as you said, using mod tools to prune some threads, merge them with others, etc. LynxChan has quite a few tools for that. >>296 Use >>>/res/ for storing board assets. There is a dedicated background images thread. Currently there's some issue uploading fonts with LynxChan, so if you need a custom font let me know and I'll host it on the server directly.
>8kun's front page is frozen again At least it's displaying stuff from the 27th and not the 12th like last time >>302 Thanks for the heads up. Oddly enough the picture is appearing in the background on my desktop PC but I'm left wondering why it's not visible on my mobile device (it does appear slightly more faint as well, for whatever reason). Perhaps I'll make a new one based on this original, host it on /res/ and see what happens.
>>304 Background issue might be how the CSS is done? I don't really mess with CSS but if it's a persistent issue then I can ask our theme guy to take a look. Regarding importing old threads, give me a list of threads you'd like moved over (by the post id of the thread OP, i.e. this is 146) or just say "all" and I will do it the next available night. The process is relatively quick, and I have some workarounds for 8kun's issues.
>>314 Thanks for the offer, I'm glad to hear it's a relatively simple process that allows for some specificity. Part of me finds the blank slate here somewhat appealing but I'm sure there's at least a few things back on our old home base that might warrant complete reproduction.
Making progress in everything except the small aspect I'm actually targeting is a strange feel. I'm not yet willing to pivot into improving my strengths while my weaknesses impact the amount of time it takes to bring any piece to an acceptable level of completion. >>200 Oh yes. The scorchening has finally ceased. A small pocket of ephemeral comfort - the perfect segue into the crisp cleansing cold of winter.
Let's see if I can figure out how flags work-on the user page it just says something about location flags which I don't really want. I have a ton of silly flags I can import from elsewhere though which I think might spice up the board a little bit.
I don't think enabling or "making them (flags) mandatory" does anything unless there's something I'm missing.
>>366 I stand corrected. Let's try "enabled" instead of mandatory and see what happens.
>>367 Oh wow, they come out pretty small these ones. I wonder if it's formatting it to a typical country flag image's proportions. Let's try something else, and see how it displays a relatively symmetrical image.
>>368 Duh duh~!
(19.34 KB 447x425 OH OH, STINKY.jpg)
Damn, the mouse hover text is displayed differently as well. On my personal site there are no serious limitations in place so most of my flags are 32 x 32 (and I was thinking of making them a little bigger even), display file names as written and have no character limit so I can easily arrange them by category. It would be cool to have that here to what extent that would be possible.
(428.84 KB 206x196 idk lol.gif)
>>370 >display file names as written >mfw it's doing that now all of the sudden
(28.78 KB 350x350 free.jpg)
I feel like I haven't seriously practiced in a while but on the other hand I feel like I'm advancing into my projects for the first time in a long, long while. There's a balance to find I guess.
I work in a used video game store. I used to work with my boss, he was lazy when it came to a lot of the miscellaneous labor around the store (cleaning out and testing cartridge games, buffing and filing disc games, cleaning and testing consoles and controllers) but he just sent any work he didn't want to do to the other store and made it their problem (based!). Now I have a co-worker instead who I like and all but he doesn't do jack shit and is probably the main catalyst (apart from the camera installed a year or two ago I guess) for why I can't draw at work anymore. It's pretty annoying. It's not a "hard job" in the conventional sense, but unlike in the past I am working constantly with hardly a moment to myself. In fact now they've got me coming in on Fridays to basically do more of the work even while he's there. I sat there cleaning dozens of absolutely filthy NES games while this dude just stands around talking to me the entire time. Fuckin' jabberjaw; he's pretty good at making sales though heh
Each time I try to draw I feel like a retard, as if my head was totally empty.
>>388 Are you me?
>>389 Matter of fact, yes
>>146 I feel more worried about other parts of my life rather than my drawing. I also feel like I'm losing the pleasant feeling of satisfaction I can get when I look back at a completed drawing. I don't want to lose that.
(77.17 KB 735x735 le me le opossum.jpg)
I invested $10,000 into a failed cryptocurrency venture early in 2019, shortly thereafter I totaled my car in an otherwise easily avoidable accident. Failing to find a used vehicle (most of them were $10,000+ even with over 100,000 miles) I had to hold my nose and buy new (again), putting me a further $13,000 in debt after insurance covered a significant portion of the new vehicle's cost. Now, a year and a half later I'm down to $12,000 in debt, not quite half paid off despite making double payments (most of the time). I've never experienced anything other than total economic freedom before so it's been somewhat difficult to adjust to mentally. It honestly hasn't changed much with my lifestyle as I've never lived ostentatiously, it's just kind of a shitty burden lingering in the background preventing me from making major impulse purchases.
>>499 >Crypto But why would you ever try to devalue a crypto currency instead of using it for what it was made for, a free, untracable, alternative currency?
>>500 Because I don't yet know how to use an unknown amount of Monero, the single greatest cryptocurrency currently in circulation-and among the only currently existing that I respect.
I just got a $126 speeding ticket AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
(519.37 KB 868x720 video0.mp4)
Where tf has everybody been these past couple of days, huh?
>>515 Stuck helping my retarded boomer family move. The boxes of dusty, never used nicknacks never end.
(125.70 KB 319x350 squirrel.jpg)
I've just downloaded erotic pictures for three hours straight. I think I'm set for life. lmfao
>>524 Based department? I found something you've got to see.
I am fucked up but I still fight on. Why is my brain so mean to me bros? ...It's the diet, isn't it?
>>574 Your brain and diet are fine. You know what the real problem is already.
>>576 Yes.
Do you think you're close to popping off, fam?
>>606 I'm so close to another plateau I can taste it
How get artist gf
(517.44 KB 1604x2031 image1.jpg)
>>628 just draw her lol
>tfw struggling to draw in a bumpy suv going 80 mph >tfw I just spent 10 hours in a car today >tfw shit vacation in a dumpy hotel >tfw can’t upload images from ipad
>>630 What kind of vacation? Just a family reunion kind of thing?
>>631 Went on a trip with my grandpa to meet up with some of his family. Apparently we're going to some sort of professional RC car race.
>>632 That sounds cute, there's no way your grandpa is as dopamine fried as any of us are so try and be patient and have a positive attitude for his sake if nothing else. He's probably pretty excited about it even though I have a sneaking suspicion you're a bit more cynical about the whole thing.
I've been working for $25 an hour cash for a mentally ill ebay reseller who's like $40,000 in debt through various channels. I've never met someone so lazy in my life. If he wasn't literally crazy he'd probably be a millionaire by now though; he's on all the "garage sale" type sites 24 hours a day refreshing the page (autism), making constant texts and emails and getting great deals on shit. I appreciate the money but it's been taking away from drawing time. >work 10.5 hours at work >go to this guy's house and work 4-6 more hours >go home and sleep >repeat If I wasn't in debt up to my balls myself because of my car accident I wouldn't even consider working for this weirdo at almost any price either tbh. Fuck that nigga. He's go these fucked up Resident Evil dogs I can hardly bring myself to look at but at the same time I'm compelled to give them a lot of love whenever I'm there because they're clearly neglected. They've obviously never had a bath (super matted hair) and I've never seen this sperg or his similarly mentally ill boomer parents even touch them. They also BOTH have a tumor-thing in one of their eyes pushing the eye back into their skull. This guy and his entire family belong in a padded room ffs.
Feeling pretty good today; it's a little cold but there's no snow and the air is nice and still. It feels pretty invigorating, perfect dog-walkin' weather. How are you lads feelin'
Edited last time by loomis on 10/24/2020 (Sat) 19:22:07.
I've been working through the Draw a Box exercises to improve my fundamental skills. No lie, I couldn't help but feel like the super-rigorous approach was gonna kill my enthusiasm when I started. But after working with some of the techniques more, like ghosting your lines and drawing through your ellipses, I can see how it will all eventually fit together. I just gotta keep at it. >>647 I feel good about drawing again, like it's something I can do for fun and enjoyment, and not some sort of obligation. I was demoralized for a while because I couldn't just enjoy the act of drawing things, usually because I was too focused on my mistakes. So I'd draw less, and not improve, and then when I sat down to draw again, the cycle would repeat. >>606 Not even close, but I am winding up the spring.
>>653 I've felt better about it lately too. Even though I suck by any objective standard I've come to live with the pain and have fun drawing again
I feel very thankful for the drawfriend who made this pic of Grace. If you're lurking on /loomis/, thanks--this pic gave me a ton of joy. t. /monarchy/ or, /monarchia/
>>722 I don't know if that was one of us but I hope they come around someday. We're trying to rebuild our board to its former glory so we need all hands on deck
The worst part about being a beginner is not pointing out the many things you did wrong, but trying to find what, if anything, you did right.
>>727 post work and reference/subject
>>727 post it fgt
>feelio when after two days of nonstop fucking around with command lines and shit I finally installed a hackintosh and now I can use my ipad as a wacom feels good man Apple's got all the same art programs as Windows, right?
>>761 Teach me your ways. I've got an iPad but I'd much rather use it like that if possible, my Apple Pencil has been collecting dust for years by this point. The only thing tying me to the OS itself is my ImagineFX content.
>>763 I followed this guide: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/ and this video, you don't need to use the live linux install he uses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUnVzJsINCI But OpenCore is not the only way, apparently you can use something called a "gpu passthrough" with a virtual machine and emulate whatever Mac you want. I did it the "vanilla" way, installing it straight to a spare hard drive I had sitting around. It was painful. Though, half of my troubles were due to my own fuck ups and could have been avoided. I didn't format the usb stick properly because of linux permissions bullshit and had to prepare it twice. First, macOS versions only work on very specific hardware, so you need new enough parts to support a macOS version that supports Sidecar, which is the app that connects your hackintosh to the ipad. 6th gen and beyond intel chips with an integrated graphics card built in to the processor is mandatory for sidecar, I think, along with an ordinary graphics card of your own. Maybe. Hackers are so fucking disorganized. There are hardware compatibility checklists in that opencore guide above, but not specifically for Sidecar. If all your stuff is compatible, you need to make a usb stick with a mac install built in. OpenCore itself is the boot system, then you need to download the right kexts(drivers), run SSDTTime to make some SSDTs(more drivers), run ProperTree to create a config file for the operating system, run GensMBIOS to make some fake serial number type data, then install. There may be some detours where you need to debug the boot process, fuck with BIOS settings, or spoof some hardware IDs. I have a lot of spare time.
(1.08 MB 1240x1592 SOCIETY.jpg)
Feeling pretty freaked out by the election shenanigans. At least I have art practice to keep me mentally occupied.
>>774 tfw you don't even care about CSS.
>>783 Dude same, this shit is absolutely fucking bonkers and I haven't been able to cope, seethe OR dilate properly since the 4th. I haven't even rallied people to come to the drawpile in advance like I usually do.
Both anon cafe and 8kun are dead. 8moe is the only place left for me to stay. I hope it will last and be less dead.
>>789 Welcome fella, it's been a little dead because of the holiday and election but we should get back to a nice comfy pace yet again soon I imagine
2020 been a shit year, fake pandemic, fake elections, just been kicked out of home. I got 2 months to sort my life out or else you may see me selling shit art at stop signs or out of a tent :(
>>792 These n*ggas really going to kick my mans out of the house right before winter? smdh
>>792 Are you working right now or "between jobs"? There's no job more reliable or easier to obtain than working at a small pizza restaurant chain. If you have a car you can make bank delivering or just cook/wash dishes. >go to maps.google.com >type in "pizza" >type up the phone numbers of the nearest 10 stores in notepad >go down the line, call them all and ask if they're hiring (call between 2-4 to avoid lunch rush); at least a few of them will be >apply in person >likely just walk onto the job
>>790 Every altchan's loomis related board is dead. Did everyone stop using imageboard or go back to cuckchan? I seriously hope there isn't some kind of secret club that everyone but me knows. Maybe there was only 5 people on altchan loomis to begin with and it's dead because the samefag stopped posting.
>>813 Nah man, when GG happened /loomis/ was actually doing pretty well; I think we might have even had a couple dozen posters at one time (as quaint as that sounds, considering we have probably between 5 and 10 now it was pretty nice), it was a golden age for imageboard drawfellas. Then, without warning the software began to fail; Freddit and Joshie-Woshie-Moonie-Bean failed to fix it in a span of something like six months-it might have been even longer. It was a complete disaster. By the time the original 8chan recovered it was beyond too late, the dream-as they say-was dead. /pol/, /v/, /co/ and some of what were the other top boards of the time endured but also lost a lot of traffic from what I understand-but nearly every board outside of those featured on the front page were rubbed out, permanently. Here we are a little over a year from the launch of 8kun after suffering miserable software issues there as well. We're actually somewhat more active here than we were there and I'm trying to get more people to at least occasion the board but it's been slow going, so far. >>792 I hope you're okay bruh, keep us posted.
(103.84 KB 500x500 holeintheground.png)
I'm actually doing pretty well. Earlier this year I quit my slave driving job and was able to get my life back on track.After that I was able to complete a lot of different things that were otherwise hanging indefinitely, did a lot of practice. But even with money to fall back on it was an intensely difficult choice to make as I have fought learning how to say "no" to people who otherwise wanted to subvert my will. It's hard. I stared into the abyss multiple times in the last two years, and for me I don't think it's possible to live without art or drawing. Even if I have to, I will just kill myself instead.
>>814 /co/ actually managed to hang on for a few years, and the board peaked around time Samurai Jack's 5th season was getting released. Months after that a few events coincided (PG autist, moderation issues, spammers, diaperfag) and they crippled /co/. Still, the board has enough users to consistently get 24 to 30 uses on streaming nights. I keep meaning to draw more, but I am too deep in the grind mindset. I am polishing my perspective skills and it's been weeks since I drew anything that's not a deliberate exercise.
Goddammit I fucking hate brushes with a deadzone where it doesn’t make a mark until you press hard enough. Fucking Procreate brushes.
>>817 I really can't get used to drawing in Procreate, I think I'm just not used to orienting the iPad itself. I'm not sure what makes it so difficult; there's probably some kind of artist-friendly case that lets you hold it like a trad artist would hold a palette or something that would help
>>821 I got a chinese knock off of an expensive leather case from ztotop, it’s pretty good. Procreate itself is kind of fucky in some ways, it doesn’t have a stabilizer, just that streamline function which only works on curves. And it’s always obvious when someone is using the default brushes, they have no anti-aliasing.
>>813 > I seriously hope there isn't some kind of secret club that everyone but me knows It's called twitter. Come join us.
>>825 >It's called twitter. Come join us. No, thanks. This is the gayest reply I've read today.
>>825 Post your Twitter Chad-senpai >preferably in this thread here >>497 I've never seen work you've put effort into
>>825 Let me rephrase that; most of your work on the drawpile seems to originate from a sort of "stream of consciousness" even if it's all very solid from a draftsmanship perspective. I wanna see something you put your full power behind.
Edited last time by loomis on 11/13/2020 (Fri) 07:29:52.
I'm losing momentum again ffs
(126.77 KB 610x939 reversed_bunnysuit_venom2a.jpg)
>>826 It's only gay if we're mutuals, anon. >>828 >>827 Yes, you have. That's pretty much it. That's how I do things. There's just a lot more. >Post your Twitter Chad-senpai I thought it was common knowledge. I know BO doesn't discourage it, but I try not to shill here and only post board relevant stuff to keep my presence in line with everyone elses. It is an anonymous image board, after all. Even if the very nature of us posting personal and identifiable art tends to preclude that somewhat.
>>830 I thought you were the (other) Chad guy. My mistake!
(355.46 KB 321x487 smug_christian_manga_girl.png)
>>835 >he thinks I'm THE artchad because I used the chad flag >I'm just the PG-13 cartoon boobies doodleguy
(359.08 KB 450x359 1605116537026.gif)
>>830 BUNDA
>>813 >I seriously hope there isn't some kind of secret club that everyone but me knows There is a discord drawfag server around that's pretty comfy As much as it is disagreed upon, there is that and twitter.
>Caricature artist at a theme park for a little over 2 years >Money's nothing special, basically minimum wage or less, entirely paid on ~30% commission and tips >The real caricature money (short of a publication deal) is in fairs, where you work like 2 weeks straight and earn around 6-8k, requires park experience which is why I took the park job, have been networking with people specifically for this process >Pandemic killed ALL the fairs >Came back to the park around august >it was shit pay but tolerable >it's getting less tolerable >no tips >they keep coming up with new hoops for us to jump through or some stray park manager will just go looking for reasons to fuck with us since all caricature booths in parks are 3rd party companies >the commissions I did outside of caricatures are drying up, not enough to keep going really >spent the actual lockdown grinding and portfolio building >can't fucking tell if it helped >commission clients are getting progressively shittier, assholes with stingy budgets who want cheap art for their fucking twitch logos at theft prices >started abusing adderall to get work and commissions done >it's taking bigger physical tolls than it used to >bigger depressions, longer sleeps, more lethargic, can feel myself slipping out of shape >dunno how much longer I can use this crutch >getting progressively more depressed by all of this >parents constantly pressuring me to become a fukken art teacher in some shitty school >I hate kids, know they don't give a fuck about school, dunno if they're even really going back anyhow >dunno what the future holds >dunno if I'm gonna make it >dunno if I can even do this anymore
>>839 You don't need to become an art teacher at a school like your parents want, you could become an art tutor though I'm sure if you've got the will and the skill. Just make a personal facebook page and start putting yourself out there on facebook, craigslist and other sites that'll let you. You could reasonably expect to get the same amount of money as a tutor as you would a teacher-the only difference would be you're dealing with one kid vs many kids.
>>839 Dang anon i don’t know what so say. I hope you’re doing fine through all this, and do look forward to the Vaccine that would solve the pandemic problem. Seriously man, i hope that you’d get better, please don’t take the easy way out.
>>827 >Post your Twitter Chad-senpai I told you Twitter is fake and gay. JavaShit? No thanks. >>>/loomis/805 Was something I spend a bit more time on. https://anon.cafe/loomis/res/560.html has also two pictures I colored. But I can only produce so much for a given identity.
>tfw no (art) gf
Been working a lot, barely any time for drawan
I'm seriously having difficulty focusing. Couldn't even silence my monkey brain enough to practice the past few days even though I had them off. The first year of drawing really sucks, but I'm confident I could improve if I could just get in the habit and most importantly stick with it.
(684.24 KB 680x453 1606022582520.png)
>>918 With how rowdy and tempestuous the political climate is I'm looking at yet another 6 months to a year off, myself. If you think the first year sucks though wait until you get to the point where you can objectively discern why your art is bad but you feel powerless to improve it. The only way past is through... YOU HAVE TO LIVE IT!
>>909 >>628 Just get into situations where you would have an opportunity to meet one >art classes >art clubs >meetups at museums >artist alleys at conventions >art shows >art supply stores >volunteer for art related projects Etc, etc. Just befriend people there and maybe one of these people will be a girl interested in you. Alternatively, one of your new friends might introduce you to someone sooner or later. Unfortunately, it's not very easy during pandemic. At this point you have no options besides internet and sifting through dating apps/sites looking for someone mentioning art as their interest.
>>931 >Just get into situations where you would have an opportunity to meet one You know what Noah Bradley did? He just fucking snatched her. LOL watch?v=yvF5vhHttcY
>Just quickly sketch for fun >End up with a really good work solely by accident Is there a better feeling?
>>1100 >Is there a better feeling? Yes. Deliberately end up with a really good work as a result of skill.
>a cute ginger tomboy (relationship status: single) just friended me on facebook out of nowhere (45 mutuals: confirmed not a bot) >she draws What the FUCK do I do, lads?
>>1105 > >a cute ginger tomboy (relationship status: single) just friended me on facebook out of nowhere (45 mutuals: confirmed not a bot) > >she draws It's easy friend. Be yourself and start to share drawings. After two or three months tell her you wanna fug. works every time
The fuck is this board, is this /ic/ dark side?
>>1112 It's more or less the same board theme but comfier and more light-hearted.
I-found-an-old-Sony-Vaio-but-the-spacebar-is-broken I-will-say-that-with-Linux-installed-this-8-year-old-piece-of-shit-does-hum-along-pretty-well-though-heh
>>1116 I have an Acer with the same years and it was shit, but I installed Lubuntu and it goes well. Thanks Linux.
>>1130 I'm pretty excited to get it working again (keyboard replacement doesn't arrive for a month though), my inputs on my main laptop are starting to go bad from being plugged and unplugged a lot so I don't want to remove it from its roost anymore. This Vaio on the other hand will be great to study programming, work on my writing and take care of other such normie affairs in its stead. It displays 3D models from sketchfab and proko better than my soypad does so if all else fails it'll be great to study from photographs, images and videos while drawing in physical media too.
>>1133 > It displays 3D models from sketchfab and proko better than my soypad does soypad == Ipad chadpad == ThinkPad
(1.15 MB 3231x2424 gnu_pepper.jpg)
This might not be currently needed due to how dead the board is, but someone should make a /loomis/ on other imageboards in the webring like zzzchan. There is already one on 8kun and anon cafe but they both glow in the dark and should be avoided. More /loomis/ across multiple sites would provide a bunker in case 8moe goes down and also to decentralize things a bit more. There is /oc/ on nanochan but artchad seems to be the only one who actually draws. The rest are your average cuckchan crossposters. Not to mention the hapa retard, asukafag and other namefags ruining anything they touch. It also has like 1 post per month. All in all nanochan is shit tier for art and should be avoided.
>>1167 >There is already one on 8kun and anon cafe but they both glow in the dark and should be avoided How does the one on anon.cafe glow? 8chan.moe glows brighter than anon.cafe if anything.
>>1173 >8chan.moe glows brighter than anon.cafe if anything. How so?
>>1174 >How so? Well, Acid doesn't have the best reputation. But so far there hasn't been anything glowy going on here, so maybe he's learned his lesson.
(291.40 KB 1191x1684 br.jpg)
>>1106 I'm starting to think she's not actually single (even though her facebook says as such) and I still haven't messaged her yet because what's the point? Just let me die, frens
>>1192 Dude, cute girls don't stay single for long. The FB status probably means it's nothing serious. Most women of any self-perceived value will be in a relationship, because being single is a strike to their vanity and status among the other womenfolk. Just start talking to her like a human being, leave some comments on her new art posts or whatever, and you might be the better thing to come along. Or she's not interested. At least you won't be acting like a faggot.
(71.26 KB 449x683 tfw manleteth.jpg)
>>1195 You're right, I'm (mostly) pretending to be retarded.
>Do some freehand ink architecture >Off to a good start, looks real good, I think I can add in some panache with a windo-- oh >Oh no Why /loomis/?
I draw caricatures in a theme park and it's kind of a toilet whirl of different feels. >For a lot of people who pick up art, that's officially Making It, you get to draw all day and make money. >You don't make a lot of money. Your take is 30-33% of your sales. >For anyone with a higher artistic aspiration, and usually higher ability, it's an existential rut you get stuck in for years at a time and don't know how to escape. >Some people do get out and manage to get good art jobs or are in the kind of circumstances that allow for them to not work, land another job in a field they're good at, etc. >For one amazing older guy there who directed a bunch of Nickelodeon shows in the 90's, it's just a fun retirement hobby he completely halfasses, but fuck you, he made Rugrats and Rocket Power. Super cool guy to work with, he tells amazing stories. >It's usually drama-free, occasionally you but heads with a complete retard who happens to draw mediocre pictures or one of these fucking boyscout assholes, but most of the artists are really laid back, if a little introverted. >Except for that time one guy who worked there stabbed the last manager in the head several times. He lived, but that's probably one of the worst things to ever happen at a theme park. >Covid killed the business for 3 months. >Completely killed the fairs this year, which were massively profitable compared to the regular park job. >Two fair guys came to the parks and they're complete foils, one guy is amazing, helpful and really fun to work with, the other is a needy, irresponsible bitch whose only virtue is being really fast (cuz he kinda cheats). >Like half the artists just up and vanished and haven't come back. >I suspect one guy might have died but I can't confirm this because the guy's like 65 with a flip phone who lives with his nonagenarian mother. I highly suspect the mother is dead by now and he has no reason to come back to the parks because he talked about buttering her up for inheritance for the better part of last year so if he's alive, which is possible because he was a total health freak, he's probably popping cialis and fucking zoomers. I kinda hated his guts for his eerily greasy schmooze mannerisms with customers but I almost miss him. >I have no idea about this other guy who bailed from the park (in his 50s) to strike out on his own, he was at one point before covid living in a tent. So idfk, he might be dead. >The Venezuelan guy came back after a few months, which is nice because he has enough life experience to piss off the world's most predictable E-socialist, who is a new hire. >One dude who's young and really good might just up and quit to work for his weed dealer's startup landscaping company, which is probably a money laundering op. I don't make enough with regular commissions (I do fantasy art on the side) to stop entirely but I would like to wean out within the next few years and branch more into fairs if they ever come back. Mostly I need to do more portfolio work outside of caricaturing.
>>1225 Perspective bruh >>1226 That well connected guy sounds like Stephen Silver who started out as a theme park caricature artist and ended up working on just about everything over the years. I don't think he did Rugrats or Rocket Power tho
>>1227 Yeah you're probably right, I thought I could do a fully freehand one but once I tried making a long hallway it was over. Maybe I can do a single wall or structure like the Tomb of Pope Julius but I can't do a full indoor environment without perspective and sketching out the lines first. Then again both are probably equally time consuming.
>>1235 >Maybe I can do a single wall or structure like the Tomb of Pope Julius but I can't do a full indoor environment without perspective and sketching out the lines first. Then again both are probably equally time consuming. You know what? That's because you haven't drawn enough architecture yet. If you can't freehand it, then use the perspective lines, that's what they're for. After enough repetition you will be able to see the perspective lines in your head. That's when you begin to use less and less of them. simple. People make things so complicated...
(176.20 KB 800x677 1607286555296.jpg)
Merry Christmas drawfriends
(963.01 KB 800x677 santa_hat_edit.png)
>>1249 Almost forgot to put the santa hats on. Made on Linux with Krita.
>>1249 >>1250 Merry Christmas anon, thank you
>the tomboy messaged back Holy guacamole. Merry Christmas /loomis/ I hope you got something good too.
(51.28 KB 256x192 Oh boy....gif)
Hello anons, if no one here will be busy for tomorrow, I would like some help on what I am having trouble with drawing. So far, everything seems all good in my head, but it's just impossible to get on paper.
(181.07 KB 751x1200 DtFQELJUUAA67r5.jpg)
This is probably going to sound gay as shit but, this board and all of you wonderful fuckers have kept me from killing myself. My life truly had no purpose until I picked up drawing. I still have a long way to go but thanks frens.
How are there still people on cuckchan's /ic/? Is there even a single artist who posts their work anymore? The last time I went there was 2 years ago and it was full of crabs and /a/ crossposters who don't even draw. Whenever someone posts their work it immediately gets crabbed into oblivion. Even when the work is good some faggot will start crabbing about "soul vs soulless". It's has somehow become the worst and most aggressive board in cuckchan and I bet even tumbler or deviantart with all the feminists and moralfags are more welcoming than /ic/. I hope /loomis/ stops getting advertised on cuckchan and cuckchan related site/discord even if the goal is only to make drawpile more active. /ic/ is absolutely disgusting and has a culture of discouraging anyone from drawing. I really don't want the crabs from /ic/ to discover this place and turn it into another shithole. >>1302 Good for you anon. Can confirm drawing is pretty amazing and being with other people who also draw definitely helps with staying motivated.
>>1303 >not wanting cuckchan to be cucked out of the few remaining productive users it has held onto since Discord's emergence as the CIA honey pot of choice Much like open or thinly-veiled requests, people who just use this board as a vehicle to vent their frustrations on artists out of some mental deficiency would themselves be tormented. >or that's what I'd say if board owners were able to actually moderate their own boards effectively on L*nxchan; I can't even do something basic like observe post history
>the aforementioned crazy guy offered to pay me $27 an hour (and like $300 in video games) to help him clean/organize his basement inventory last night so I worked for 7 hours from 10pm to 5am and now I'm rich (and have added Secret of Evermore, Illusion of Gaia. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and a sealed copy of Dragon Spirit-an old NES scrolling shooter I really like-among some other things-to my collection) but tired af and not only am I not nearly done dealing with this mf but right now I'm at work at my real job and will be for an additional 9 hours. I JUST WANT TO DRAW AAAAAAAAAAA
Edited last time by loomis on 12/31/2020 (Thu) 17:07:04.
There is almost no better feeling than randomly getting something good after nothing but shitty figures for hours. Currently coloring and refining the good one but it doesn't look as dynamic as before. The end result is clean but it has lost the energy of the sketch. Overall feels like adding colors and cleaning the lines just make the drawing look worse. I should color more drawings instead of only sketching so I can improve my coloring skills. Probably going to be my last finished drawing of 2020. Happy new year. Wish you a lot of art gains in 2021.
(29.41 KB 550x400 idunno.jpeg)
>>146 I ran out of motivation and I don't know how to get it back. I also feel like I'm starting to enjoy things less and less, drawing included.
For the first time since I started drawing a year ago I actually feel like I am noticeably improving, but I just can't get myself to draw more than 30 minutes at most. I get too distracted, I can't focus.
I wish I had someone irl I could ask to pose however I wanted, and would comply whenever. I'm a loner stuck at home with nobody to work with; it's intensely demoralizing to attempt to progress further with zero external encouragement/support. I try to collect, and utilize as many varied references as I can, but It'll never emulate the same effect of studying people irl. Fuck, I really want somebody to just hang out with too. Whenever I fall back into thinking about this sort of stuff, I begin to lament every opportunity I dismissed to bond with somebody prior to this pandemic.
>>1348 I know that fucking feelerino, bro >>1408 Get a mirror bro. Also find local pay as you go art classes. The isolation is a killer and online forums and imageboards only help a little unfortunately.
>>1409 I have plenty of mirrors. I'm trying to be as social as I can, but my options are limited, and only go so far y'know? I appreciate your reply though, I'm glad this place is a bit active right now. Maybe I'll try manifesting a tulpa if I get desperate enough.
>>1410 What kind of tulpa are we talkin', here?
>>1411 I'm been wondering this for months, but what's up with the flags on this board? They're so random. From Hitler to Karl Marx to the fucking PogChamp emote. A lot of them seem to be 4chan and Twitter memes.
>>1413 We're allowed to have fun here
>>1414 Good for you anon, but that doesn't answer my question
>>1408 Just use a camera bro. I just record a video of myself, where I do poses in good lighting. Then I take certain frames of that video. You can also study every angle you want. But only works if your hot af like myself. Huehuehue
>>1411 I'm not sure, just kinda spitballing ideas kek. >>1417 Maybe I'll try that
(5.92 MB 275x236 GOD DAMN IT.gif)
>Finally get into art s'cool >Off to a good start >Painting class teach tells us to copy the room around us but only the negative space. >Pretty good draftsman so needless to say I managed to copy most of the room quickly. >Mog everyone, I was one of the two people out of the whole class who managed to understand the idea. Now: >Drawing class >Jump into it, really good at drawing. >Or so I tell myself. >Come back in late after break. >Teacher pulls up a photo. >Oh God. >Oh fuck. >A fucking photo. >Fell for the "Don't copy photos or you're not a real artist meme." >Late so I barely get the torso down. >Everyone else has an entire figure drawing already >Thumbnail sized cameras since the class is online but they all look like they mog me, time isn't an excuse. >We have a quick rest >Suddenly the teacher pulls up a photo of a dude bending over to tie his shoe, super ripped, clearly anatomy is part of the assignment as well as copying an unconventional pose to test us >Mom's spaghetti falls out of my pockets. >Spend 5 minutes doing fuck all and then just erase my paper, having wasted seconds. >Sperg out and after 5 attempts I manage to get the figure down just barely. >Legs still out of proportion. >Fuck fuck fuck these are some complex shadows because it's a photo of a real person how do I quickly copy these as fast as I can there's no script I can use to help understand what the artist was going for. >Help help help help how the fuck do I do this. >Finish without copying the head and hand and end up having to erase the leg he's standing on because it just looks bad. >Spirit has successfully been broken. >It's literally just the first class. Years spent developing the skill to draw from imagination and master copies down the drain. The development of photography has been a disaster for the human race and artist kind. I don't get this freaky friday shit God has just pulled to mock me either, it's a complete reversal, I excel at drawing, and so far it's the one class I fucked up in.
>>1436 You're there to learn, you're not expected to be proficient right away m'nigga
>>1437 Fair. The rest of my day was even worse so at least I can cope and say it was just having a real unlucky day. Thankfully it wasn't too bad, today I don't really have anything major so I can just work through all this.
>>1436 >The development of photography has been a disaster for the human race and artist kind. Should've copied the creative ethereal artists rather than the perfectionist realists, pencil pusher draftsmen
>>1442 Without realism the ethereal would have nothing. Deep down you know it to be true.
>>1443 Aye. The two must co exist with one another or suffer the same terrible fate.
>>499 >I invested $10,000 into a failed cryptocurrency venture early in 2019, shortly thereafter I totaled my car in an otherwise easily avoidable accident Which one
(542.78 KB 640x606 1601763040207-2.png)
>>1447 >Replying to a 3 months old post only to ask about irrelevant, non art related detail on a 1 post per day board frequented by the same 9 people and occasionally a requestnigger who mistakenly thinks he can just solicit free work from fellow respectable anonymous artists
>>1447 BAT. I actually like the idea and still use it to donate to sites and stuff I like every day. Saying it failed is kind of hyperbolic because it's worth quite a bit more than when I first bought it-but it does tend to stay more or less stable which is very disappointing because I knew about Chainlink for quite a while as well.
I can't draw anything and never try to draw anything, because I can't draw anything, as of like two decades ago. I wish I could draw things. I will die like this.
>>1455 Don't act like that, start drawing before I kill you myself.
>>1455 Try. Then, after you're not satisfied, try harder and post results.
>>1450 Ah that memecoin. Even though it's technically free money, I still won't use brave >>1448 > 1 post per day board frequented by the same 9 people I thought there was more people to be honest
>>1458 >>1460 I can't.
I think I'm really bad at learning things on my own. I've gone through a couple beginner books, even working through a video course now, but once I finish I have zero idea what to practice on my own time. I just end up doing a bunch of basic shapes or whatever.
(689.44 KB 498x371 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.gif)
>Keep forgetting minute details for painting class that end up getting the teacher to call me out >Gotta produce 3 fucking grisaille paintings before next Tuesday. >We're gonna be forced to use a giant fuck off 24x30 inch canvas next week for a still life of all things Still no clue how painters used to make paintings on that scale, I've made figures 4 feet in length and only 3 inches in size, but it's some real fucking shit to fit a lot of space with 24x30 canvases, I mean it is seriously monotonous for some reason. Whatever, someone tell me it'll be alright, and I'll have everything ready for next week, that's all I need.
(194.15 KB 474x387 EYCc71LU4AA6y8E.png)
>>1482 It'll be all right. Don't worry about the canvas size; just stand farther away from it and it'll look smaller.
>>1482 The traditional way of doing these things is to 1, step far back from the canvas whenever you work on it, literally between each brush stroke. This focuses the canvas in your vision and you can see it as a whole at once, making it much easier to compare the large elements. You can't really compare parts of the painting effectively if you have to move your eyes to do so and the larger the canvas is, the more crucial it is to step far back constantly. Secondly, use a lean medium to get it going and you'll get your values in place quickly. I personally don't use much medium but it's necessary when working from life on larger canvases. If I'm painting a landscape, the longer I'm out the more the light changes so getting the painting going quickly so all the colors and values are in place becomes very important. If I'm painting a person, it's hard to have anyone stand or sit for more than 3 hours (with breaks), so not wasting time is very useful.
>>1478 Just draw what you want, but incorporate as much from your lessons as possible into it.
(3.15 MB 3000x4451 murata.jpg)
Probably going to post this in other boards' drawthreads to enlighten as many artists as possible. I don't understand artists who draw requests. What I understand even less are artists who choose to draw free requests in shitholes like /v/'s drawthread. Why would you ever work on anything other than your own personal projects? I can understand sharing your artworks with other, but literally drawing for someone else for free? Its not like these ungrateful requestniggers have anything to give other than a meager (You). Consider the following. Is drawing requests the ultimate cuckoldry? I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than drawing requests. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are designing, sketching, drawing and rendering an artwork for hours solely so it can go and end up in another man's hard drive. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little project - searching for references, making sure the proportions are right, fixing perspectives, coloring with the right value. All of it has one simple result: the drawing is more enjoyable for the requestnigger that will eventually fap to it. Drew the perfect artwork? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random ungrateful requestnigger who had nothing to do with drawing takes it and expects the delivery of more requests. They get the benefits of your skills that came from your years of hard work and dedication while you get a meager (You). As an artist who draws requests, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 10000 hours of your life simply to master your drawing skills for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically.
>>1504 If that's the case, to what end should one shut out all outside influence? If you hear an idea and you feel an affinity toward it, do you automatically lose all stake and agency in the matter? If someone notices an obvious flaw in your work, points it out, and you fix it and like the end result more, does that render your work moot? If you share interest in a genre, are you now beholden to everyone who shares the same interest? If you look up to someone's technical prowess, linework or use of color and choose to implement some of those techniques in your own work, are you now cucked without even knowing it? If someone likes what you do and wishes that you keep at it, is the only way to avoid being cucked to literally drop art on the spot and never produce anything again? Parasites have inhabited drawthreads since time immemorial. Be a good custodian of artistry and teach others to discriminate between springs of inspiration and pernicious entitled vermin.
>>1504 By the tone of your post, I'm probably not going to change your mind, but there's a few reasons why someone might want to draw requests. Firstly, a requester might ask for something that is outside your creative paradigm or technical comfort zone, and that can be an opportunity to improve your breadth as an artist. Secondly, if you ever plan on selling artwork and/or building an audience, you need to draw artwork that can be appreciated by other people--not just yourself. You might have to deal with unreasonable, rude, or ungrateful clients, or you might have to deal with clients whose vision of an ideal product simply differs from your own--and you have to be the judge of who is an asshole and who isn't. Free requests in shitholes are low-stakes learning experiences in all of the above. It's not just about the transactional aspect.
>>1504 *hits pipe*
(31.30 KB 450x327 image-450w-115920208.jpg)
>>1504 Most successful artists back in the day did portraits for nobles, just like how today successful artists do furry porn for mysteriously wealthy degenerates, nothing has really changed. The point of making the cash is to gather resources so you can hire teams to do bigger projects and to live off of your earnings without starving or working in a dead end job. You don’t have to draw requests nor do you have to draw specific fetish bullshit though, draw requests are more a way to test your skills because they give you a premise, which you can use your creativity to draw however you like. And frankly, drawing is fun. The real question is “why not?”
>>1482 paint in really big shapes first and size will scale accordingly. if you try to draw the piece first your composition, size, and other issues would start stacking negatively. after writing this i realized this is 3 days a tad too late but good luck. just get it done.
>>1504 Different people have different ideas than you do, so someone might request something interesting you never would think of otherwise. It makes for a nice challenge and a break from your own projects and from practicing. It can even inspire ideas you can use in your own projects. Besides that, there is an aspect of contributing to a community. Any good request will be descriptive and have reference images included. That removes a chunk of the grunt work for the artist. By ignoring shitty requests and entertaining good ones you make idiots less welcome, making them more inclined to leave or to behave, thus cleaning community a little bit. Then it is also nice to see your image posted. I drew a handful of Stalker, Bayonetta, and WH40K reaction images years ago, and still get a kick when I see them posted years later. At the same time, I do not think you should not spend too much time on requests. If the one I draw is taking more than an hour or stops being fun, I simply stop.
(37.75 KB 543x338 am i rly gay.JPG)
>>1504 > Why would you ever work on anything other than your own personal projects? Cuz they're usually bored and the requests are pretty fun > I can understand sharing your artworks with other, but literally drawing for someone else for free? Its not like these ungrateful requestniggers have anything to give other than a meager (You). A lot of online content creators start like that, just putting out content for free. Content adds to the value of the website hosting it. nbd > Is drawing requests the ultimate cuckoldry? if you think just drawing for fun is 'ultimate' cuckoldry then you haven't seen real cuckoldry like IP theft. > You are designing, sketching, drawing and rendering an artwork for hours solely so it can go and end up in another man's hard drive. If that space in the hard drive is occupied by a drawfag's artwork, then the drawfag is the bull dontcha think >All the hard work you put into your beautiful little project - searching for references, making sure the proportions are right, fixing perspectives, coloring with the right value. All of it has one simple result: the drawing is more enjoyable for the requestnigger that will eventually fap to it. Not all requests are fapfodder like the ones in /aco/, /d/, or /h/ > Drew the perfect artwork? Great. Who benefits? It adds to drawfags' +EXP. Gives enjoyment to the viewer >If you're lucky, a random ungrateful requestnigger who had nothing to do with drawing takes it and expects the delivery of more requests. Drawfags have the choice to not deliver if they don't want to. Even if they expect more deliveries (especially in the case of drawfags who rarely turn up to deliver like Death Grips drawfag) > They get the benefits of your skills that came from your years of hard work and dedication while you get a meager (You). Nope, it's usually more than (you)'s. Commissions, clout, the deliveries being reused and recirculated > As an artist who draws requests, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 10000 hours of your life simply to master your drawing skills for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically. Isn't that how entertainment works?
>>1504 this is copypasta for the record. He posted the same shit in the /v/ drawthread.
>>1504 Based. Fuck requestfags and artsimps both. Have a little decorum. Imagine spending a single minute on some penniless autistic beaner wannabe Idea Guy®'s flippant "request". >>1505 >>1506 >>1513 >>1515 >>1529 Cringe. kys lol
I just had two Truly hard seltzers. They taste like shit/are kind of gay but I've got a good buzz going ngl tbheh
If I could draw things I'd do requests but I can't so it's kind of moot.
I'm kinda tired
>dont have time to draw because of art school anyone know this feel?
I have drawn so much stylized shit that I can't make normal human looking characters anymore. I mean sure I can using reference but I instinctively simplify every shape and don't go beyond that.
(92.97 KB 320x375 vapor PROMOTIONS 1.png)
Discovered APC's twitter 3nzoldnxplag42gqjs23xvghtzf6t6yzssrtytnntc6ppc7xxuoneoad.onion/alex_p_cretin The other social media all require either javascript or an account to view (gab, minds, newgrounds), or is down (pillowfort). Don't know about tumblr but sounds like a sjw shithole.
>>1558 I haven't had time to draw this week because of work >art school Isn't that a meme?
>>1571 an onion mastodon instance? oy, that's bretty gud
Actually it seems to be a thing called "nitter". You only have to change one character and you get "nutter". Not sure how I should feel about this.
>>1575 Nitter is a site you can use to browse twitters without being tracked by advertisements
(293.22 KB 1400x990 1609200812134.jpg)
>>1571 wtf I can't stop stalking people on twitter Discovered many drawpile people, including /loomis/ posters on twitter Turns out there was a secret twitter art club all along. And of course I would be the only one left out
>>1581 I thought this was common knowledge.
>>1583 > >>1581 > I thought this was common knowledge. I don't use Twitter, so I didn't know. But using Twitter or reading what people post on Twitter sound super gay to me.
If it's any consolation I've only ever followed other artists and have seldom posted. I'm on the cusp of deleting my account and maybe moving over the Minds or just not having anything like that at all.
>>1504 If you have no original thoughts on your own you can draw what other people want you to draw
>>1571 >3nzoldnxplag42gqjs23xvghtzf6t6yzssrtytnntc6ppc7xxuoneoad.onion/alex_p_cretin >tor social media Lmao
(19.42 KB 750x700 yhellothere.png)
>>1571 I like the way that nitter site displays the feed, looks much nicer than twitter's native BS arrangement. There's a similar site for viewing tumblr posts -- cascadr.co >>1581 The secret club of having a twitter and posting art. >>1584 I only post art. I only follow, with a few exceptions, artists who mainly post art. That keeps the cringe-gayds to a minimum.
>Art history teacher gave double the homework this week Just because we have a week until it's due doesn't mean you should fucking do it. >>1558 I make the time, worst case scenario it's five minutes to midnight and I just half ass my work hard and hand it in. As long as the teacher see's the majority of space on the page filled, they're fucking thrilled to receive it., and thank God for that even if it does just reduce it to mindless work half the time. Motherfucker's never heard of the concept of "Non finito." I am just a first year though so for all I know shit hits the floor once you start 2nd year or the 3rd. >>1572 Only if you have no art foundation, in which case pay for an atelier. If you do, art school is basically just testing yourself and pushing yourself to go public for people who don't have the confidence to yet, from a fine arts perspective at least, for animation and shit like that you might actually learn something. For instance an atelier teaches you to work from observation and how to draw humans but once you get told "Oh yeah please use your artistic skills to draw a dragon." What the fuck are you gonna do? It's mostly about the experience of navigating a stress inducing environment to ensure you can deliver on projects. As a matter of fact why am I here venting, I should be typing my fucking Duccio essay.
Retards telling me about the "right" way to hold a pencil can go and stay go.
>>1606 When you use certain kinds of pencils, holding them a different way might help more than hurt if you're trying to achieve a certain look to your strokes. But honestly I knew an autist who monster gripped her pencil like she was about to plunge a knife into her paper, and could virtually print picture perfect sonic comics. Tools and techniques are just there to help you.
(638.18 KB 734x548 chrischan grip.png)
>>1606 There is only one grip you need.
>>1606 How you hold the pencil doesn't matter nearly as much as the angle your drawing surface is on. I'm a strong advocate of the vertical easel or if you have a sketchbook, angling it up with your other hand. With a vertical easel how you hold the pencil isn't a big deal. Everyone quickly finds that the writers grip is only really useful for details and the only other option is really just an overhand grip (and how you do that doesn't matter). It's not some fancy technique, with vertical easels that comes naturally to everyone and you don't really ever have to think about it. I think this whole "how to hold a pencil" comes from people who only work horizontally and can't get a variety of angles without some weird grip.
(187.90 KB 376x536 1493084738010.png)
>watching Will Weston's lectures on figure drawing >it literally keeps blowing my mind everytime he talks I have never, ever seen anyone explaining stuff with such ease. He drops simple tips all along the lectures that make everything fit immediately, this is simply amazing, everything clicks. I feel bad for pirating though, but this shit is expensive.
>>1606 It does not really matter as much how you hold it for quality of your output, but there will be consequences. Your fingers will be warped by pen or a pencil sooner or later (most people's already are from writing in school), but it will not be noticeable or harmful unless you do it in some odd way. Overhand grip will mess with your fingers the least, and it discourages wrist movements to a degree. Just be sure to not abuse your wrist or back. Messing up either one of these is pretty bad and they take forever to heal. That is if the ever will heal completely. >>1614 Do you have any recommendations for easels? A lot of them look pretty shoddy and I do not recall seeing any that would clamp onto a table top. I use a sketchbook that's inch longer and wider than a letter size printer paper if that's helpful. To think of it, I could just buy clamp separately or maybe cover my table with cloth so there is more friction between easel base and table's surface.
>>1665 I recommend something like the pic I attached. I've always used something similar to that and it's really nice to have a strong dedicated easel. There are times when I paint either outside or I travel and then I either use an easel I built out of an old camera tripod or I balance the canvas on a chair. I'm not a fan of vertical easels that go on a desk. Now not everyone has the space for an easel like this and maybe don't want to invest in one but there are other options. Like I mentioned you can balance a canvas on a chair and if you can prevent the bottom from slipping it actually works pretty well. I know that Repin's painting of Mussorgsky was painted on a chair. If you're drawing, I highly recommend getting a board and taping your paper to it. make sure the board is tall enough so you can have your drawing surface at a good height. I have several but one I often use is about hip height and if I wanted to sit at my desk I could prop it against it and work on it there. Smaller ones may be better for a chair.
>Artstudio Pro updates >introduces new bug where tapping two fingers on the screen(the undo shortcut) also lowers opacity to zero HOW
>>1606 I keep hearing everyone talk about overhand gripping your pencil but I can draw from my shoulder using the regular writing grip just fine so... I don't feel the need to change.
Overhand grip is my favorite method and I use an easel, however after going digital I have to switch to tripod grip because that's the only viable grip for the digital pen. In both cases what matters the most is whether you are using your shoulder or not. I don't think overhand digital pen exists so I'm stuck with the inferior grip.
>>146 I feel pretty good. Finally making some real gains with my art and I am approaching the point where I start posting shit on some twatter or something just to put some none shitty things in a permanent space. There is a morbid curiosity within me though concerning what lengths I would actually go to earn big bucks drawing, and I am morbidly curious if I have the mental fortitude to take babyfurshit money. >>1572 Art school is a meme if you go there to learn as opposed to network. It's up to you whether or not the kind of fuckers you actually want to work with would go to an art school though. I think most anons here are content to work on their own, and to be honest, art as a pursuit is entirely suited to being solitary. If you at all want to be a part of large coordinating projects like animation though, you're going to have a bad time getting your foot in the door to the industry if you're just some dumbfuck from nowhere. Then again, the entire Western upper education system is irredeemably corrupted by fucking liberals, so it's doubtful anyone with a disposition to post on imageboards could manage going to one let alone actually getting people to like being with them. tl:dr if you go to Art School to learn to draw, you have already failed.
>>1685 > [...], however after going digital I have to switch to tripod grip because that's the only viable grip for the digital pen. In both cases what matters the most is whether you are using your shoulder or not. I don't think overhand digital pen exists so I'm stuck with the inferior grip. Yeah, digital technology still can't reproduce "le overhand grip experience"TM. I'll also use the regular tripod grip when drawing digitally. Traditionally I use a mixture of both. Overhand during the early phases and whenever I need a smooth line, tripod grip for details. NO FLOWY LINES FOR YOU!
(445.12 KB 261x200 nice.gif)
>>1691 >Art school is a meme if you go there to learn as opposed to network. It's up to you whether or not the kind of fuckers you actually want to work with would go to an art school though. >tl:dr if you go to Art School to learn to draw, you have already failed. This if you needed any more clarification on what I said here: >>1589 Everyone, and I mean everyone in my drawing class already has a good sense of drawing, from observation at a screen and objects at the very least, they're all good even the cartoon majors and "shittier" one's. Painting, painting is a whole other story, even I don't know how to do it properly yet but drawing, at the very least, everyone is already at a really advanced level in my class of entirely first year students apart from what I think is one 23 year old French chick. Even in classes where absolutely no one is going to pursue any career in because they major in illustration or other shit and not sculpture, i.e sculpture class, people brought in things like miniature mansions for their first week projects. Or to summarize it better for you Anons, art school is not a place to learn, it's a place to regularly compete for already experienced people, if you're going in expecting the teacher to tell you "Oh yes and do remember to always emphasize this contour here on the leg." you're in for a exceptionally bad time, art school is actually battle royale with a pencil. Speaking of I better get studying since I gotta draw a live model next week through a fucking screen, this one's gonna be a motherfucker to pull off.
https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=%2Floomis%2F This came off as even bigger of a surprise than the secret tweeter art club To think every drawing posted on /loomis/ would get uploaded and tagged on the booru... Even my drawings got uploaded and tagged. No one can escape the wrath of the booru boys. Famous members of this 12 people community like APC Artchad nugtown Coco and Ulf also have their own artist tag, probably due to how recognizable their artstyle are. artist:alex_p_cretin artist:artchad artist:omi artist:wunderwulf artist:coco I don't know who is doing this. But to have everything posted on /loomis/ permanently archived sounds super gay to me.
>>1694 The booru's never been anything secret, it's usually linked in the OP of the /v/ drawthread. It's also in the sticky on cafe's /loomis/. >to have everything posted on [insert board here] permanently archived sounds super gay to me. This is pretty par for the course on imageboards. People have been saving everything for a long time now, especially so when considering how uncertain hosting has been for a lot of sites in recent years. If you don't like the idea of someone saving what you created, then why post it?
>>1694 They explicitly told us and gave special consideration. From the JAN 2020 thread on 8kun(t): -- Hello /loomis/, I would like to inform you about https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php , the new booru for 8kun and the bunkers. I've been iffy about posting this, but here I go. Lately, I've been combing through this board collecting things to upload, but since the art here often seems more personal, and some of you might actually (want to) have careers, I figured I'd give you all a chance to object to things you don't want uploaded to ourobooru. -- Most of the /loomis/ posters are tagged with a random name, if at all. It's a little different for the known drawfags. Most of the "famous members" you listed rarely ever post on /loomis/. I actually re-tagged the artist:* on mine early on to my screen name; talk about super gay!
>>1694 I post the results of the Drawpile get-togethers in the Drawpile thread over yonder: >>15 If you want to be left out of the final captures, just lemme know, mark your drawings in some understandable way, or just nuke your drawings before leaving. ...And hope that nobody else starts pedantically saving their end locally just to make sure everything gets saved. You're just as welcome, even if you don't leave a trace of your existence on your way out. On a more ranty note, I'm not going to defend the practice of publicly archiving everything forever, though, as that's anathema to what imageboards used to be. Bring back second-hand retellings, having to lurk or actually talk to people to find out what happened when, and all those "you had to be there" moments. Once special memories get turned into publicly accessible commodities, the magic is lost. Little personal moments stop being personal once they're out there, marketed as a brief spectacle for any random fuckwit to enjoy sans context. Leave ruining all the subtlety of the human experience and all those special little things in life that make it worth living to social media giants, they don't need any help. >>1697 That's surprisingly considerate. Maybe I should put up a big ol' disclaimer, just to make sure that everyone knows that, unless marked otherwise, all of their scribbles will likely be preserved forever and ever. And if they are marked, it's marginally less probable that all of their scribbles will be preserved forever and ever, thanks to third parties doing their own thing.
>>1695 This /loomis/ is the only website I visit so I don't know. >This is pretty par for the course on imageboards Imageboards posts should be anonymous and impermanent. To attribute a drawing to a certain poster on a booru breaks that premise. An anon saving everything locally or an internet archive of the entire thread doesn't bother me as much as a website dedicated to saving every drawing while identifying the poster for everyone to see. Granted, staying here long enough will eventually enable you to distinguish one poster from another, however doesn't make the identification less disturbing. >>1697 Archives in general are gay and the poster identification makes it gayer. >Most of the /loomis/ posters are tagged with a random name The poster shouldn't be tagged at all unless they explicitly want their name to be associated with the drawing. This is an anonymous imageboard, not twitter. Though the anonymity is weaker due to the small number of posters on /loomis/
>>1606 Grip doesn't matter, what really matters is that you draw from your shoulder. Also I haven't drawn anything in over a week, I've been mostly just copying illustrations from anatomy books non-stop.
I don't know who's doing this booru stuff and I didn't even know it exists but who cares, man? Don't be a hothead; it's nothing worth having a multi-paragraph philosophical debate over, you know? I think it's endearing that someone would take the time.
>>1681 >Opacity bug fixed on the same day it was introduced Procreatefags still BTFO >someone’s been uploading my art Neat. But, >https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=14335 >https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=14492 These two apples aren’t my work, those are just the printouts I was working from. Don’t know enough about boorus to fix.
>>1699 What he said. Archives in general and resources like Know Your Meme are doing their damnedest to dilute the magic of living in the moment and strip all that is good about imageboard culture. One of the few facets of that culture that has been largely immune to archiving has been /f/. Flash files are whole artifacts, with most of their context baked into the files themselves. Being as static as they are, they're not as susceptible to piecemeal degradation, as that'd require many, many gradually different artifacts by people actually willing to slowly edit Flash files over and over just to erase the initial context.
(243.57 KB 1031x1200 y tho.jpg)
>Someone archived my scribbles
>>1693 >Painting, painting is a whole other story, even I don't know how to do it properly yet In my experience the biggest help was awareness that you need to plan and think of things like values, colors, and shapes at the same time. I started out with pencil and ballpoint pen, so until I took up painting I could simply focus on contours, and then on values once contours were done. From then on it is all muscle memory, patience, and thoughtfulness. >Speaking of I better get studying since I gotta draw a live model next week through a fucking screen, this one's gonna be a motherfucker to pull off. How does that even work? All studios I have been to had strict no electronics policy when working with live models, unless waived by the model. I have never seen it waived. >art school is actually battle royale with a pencil Only if you are in a good one. Too many are battle royal of psychopathic socialite wannabees, and pretentious hacks with delusions of grandeur. >>1694 Booru has been around since day one. Besides, expect everything you post on the internet to be saved. If booru bothers you, I wonder what you will do when you see an /ic/ reddit, or twiiter screenshot of people claiming your work as their own.
(90.14 KB 1280x720 mfw.jpg)
>>1705 >How does that even work? All studios I have been to had strict no electronics policy when working with live models, unless waived by the model. I have never seen it waived. A model literally sets up a camera and poses in front of it on Zoom for 3 hours while the teacher instructs them on what pose to take and how much time we have to draw. >>1704 >Mfw mine didn't ----------------------------------------------------------- By the way everyone I'm not going to start a new thread because I'm planning on starting one on another topic soon so I'm just going to ask here: Painting teacher has given my class a futuristic project. I choose a scene inspired by 2049. How do I exactly go about painting the reflection and flow of light given off by a large hologram onto skin and buildings with acrylic. I know thats like, such a complex, exact question that there should be no real answer but I really don't know how to go about getting the colors right. Do I just use the exact same colors the hologram uses if they are being washed onto a persons face, or do I mix a skin tone first and then try to add in purple? What about for the black buildings in the back? How do I showcase something like that hitting matte black walls? Or a better question would be whether or not the purple washing over my characters face would be a darker group of shades or lighter. I should also mention he'll be slightly facing away from the light, and the scene's at night so should the shadow show any skin tone at all or just start going from purple to the darkest black possible.
>>1706 Could have just used the question thread >>1309 If you want to match the movie’s aesthetics as much as possible then you need to remember that it was shot in a darkroom filled with smoke and spotlights, and was then color graded. >skin tone Depends on what color you are using for the hologram. If there’s any white to the color, or some sort of ambient light from a street lamp or something, then some of the natural color will show through. Otherwise, just look at your second pic. The only colors visible on the guy are shades of red, blue, and magenta. Honestly, it looks photoshopped, especially the eyes. Those lights in the back should be adding some more neutral color to the scene, but they aren’t. Must have been a stylistic choice. >background It’s a movie, fog machine go brrrr. Unless the building is painted with Vantablack, it will still barely reflect a small amount of light. > Or a better question would be whether or not the purple washing over my characters face would be a darker group of shades or lighter. I should also mention he'll be slightly facing away from the light, and the scene's at night so should the shadow show any skin tone at all or just start going from purple to the darkest black possible. Is there any other light sources in the scene that could be evening out the hologram’s purpleness or coloring the shadow? You will want to avoid pure black if you are going for that cinematic look, it would be color graded away.
>>1708 My retard ass forgot QTDDTOT threads are a thing that exist because I'm retarded. >Is there any other light sources in the scene that could be evening out the hologram’s purpleness or coloring the shadow? You will want to avoid pure black if you are going for that cinematic look, it would be color graded away. How should I put this, yes? But the character is facing away from the city and facing an off camera wall that would I guess maybe block out light? Should I Just half ass it and make one shade of his face blue and then the next purple? >Depends on what color you are using for the hologram. Violet, not magenta like in the movie, comes off as lighter. There are no real other light sources on the foreground except for a room in the back but that would just cause even more shadow as the character is facing away from the room.
>>1720 >facing a wall >no other light sources in the foreground Sounds like the character will be mostly in shadow then. Violet’s a pretty dark purple, right? If I were painting it, I would put some very subtle skin tone in rim lighting, and make the rest the same colors as the hologram. The unnatural color would emphasize future theme. Are you familiar with chromatic blacks and grays? Usually painters mix a color that’s not quite black or gray instead of doing pure colorless monochrome. My go to for not-black is payne’s gray mixed with a little burnt umber.
(268.00 KB 489x274 ClipboardImage.png)
>want to draw faces >do this and that and then turn around, jump on your back while doing a backflip to draw a face Why do they expect me to do this? This is discouraging
>>1725 The Riley Method is for Real Niggas Only. Just pay close attention and you'll get it, I'm sure. Draw some skulls as a warmup, maybe.
(254.33 KB 850x850 do it daichan.jpg)
Not sure if this deserved its own thread, but I noticed the topic of social media was brought up, so my question for all you loomis fags who have decent followings on social media accounts; how exactly do you do it? Maybe it's because being on imageboards all these years have eroded my sense of having an online presence, but I can't for the life of me begin to understand how to 'network' with people.Using hashtags on twitter feels weird and uncomfortable to me, and interacting with other people feels like useless small talk. Is the secret to getting your name out there just putting your art on as many platforms as possible? What do you guys do? >tfw only a steady stream of porn bots that you gave up blocking a while ago because they just keep coming and a few people that followed you only to like a few of your posts and then never interact with you again are your main following on twitter >tfw you have one dude on pixiv who follows you, but regularly bookmarks and likes your work pic related
(62.87 KB 494x400 FILE458.PNG)
Drawing is fun, I'm steadily improving, and even though I know I still have a long ways to go, I don't feel like I have to dread the journey as much. I just have to make sure I don't run out of stamina. >>1769 I haven't even broken 50 so I'm really not qualified to comment on this As far as I can tell, it seems to be a combination of luck and persistence. What's your @, I'll give you a follow
>>1773 >What's your @, I'll give you a follow I don't know anon, as completely backwards as it sounds, I wasn't exactly looking to advertise myself here. I don't like breaking anonymity so if you do find me out in the wild then feel free to if it pleases.
>>1769 I wouldn't consider myself hugely successful. But it's been increasing over the last year or so, so I can probably tell you what is working for me. The worst advice anyone can give you is to just draw what's popular because no one really wants to do that unless that's what they're already into. Drawing shit you don't like with the sole purpose of gaining a following is the fastest way to crush your spirit and make you never want to draw again. Identify the types of things that you enjoy and ask yourself why you like it. Chances are, you can tap into market of people and owning your own niche is a good way of making your personal brand. Personally speaking though, i'd already made friends online who just happened to have other friends and know other people. Sometimes it just takes the right person reposting your stuff around to get the ball rolling, especially if you already have similar interests. I know how you feel about anonymity but unfortunately if you want those things, you're also going to need to do your fair share of talking to people and commenting on things. I know this because I always wanted to be a dumb shadow author who never has to talk but unless you have a personal manager to do your social networking for you, the attention isn't going to be served on a silver platter. I'd take that follow, that's a good start.
>>1773 >>1777 Really, it's more of an issue that I don't want to make myself look like an idiot or get involved in some drama here that just ends up becoming baggage that'll just follow me. It's kind of the issue I have with this loomis currently, I haven't been here for long but I already know a few of you just by your posting habits and more obviously their art alone. Granted, that can't really be helped when this board is populated by the same 12 people, still fucking weird though. None of you guys are obligated to follow me, so if I seem unfunny or annoying you do what you gotta do @Based-Dipshit
(1.13 MB 1587x1600 [autistic shrieks].png)
>>1779 that was supposed to be an underscore not a hyphen, fug.
http://3nzoldnxplag42gqjs23xvghtzf6t6yzssrtytnntc6ppc7xxuoneoad.onion/Based_Dipshit For your convenience >>1779 >>1781 >I haven't been here for long but I already know a few of you just by your posting habits and more obviously their art alone I am able to recognize every poster through posting and art style. I'm sure it's the case for many of us here as well. We can only hope it doesn't become a circlejerk in the near future. At least 4 out of the 12 people have online art presence outside of /loomis/ Consider not posting what you post on /loomis/ on your social media if you do not want to be associated with imageboard culture. >>1769 >Using hashtags on twitter feels weird and uncomfortable to me, and interacting with other people feels like useless small talk. Personally I advise against too much interactions with the crowd. You will create drama and become easy target for the jewish feminists. I don't know whether drama contributes to the fluctuation of numbers of followers, but err on the side of caution. Popular artists barely say anything. Their art alone suffice. I don't have social media so take it with a grain of salt. The most popular artists are good at drawings. Posting memes on your art account is detrimental. You attract the wrong crowd. Unless your art is meme-related. Have an account on every social media imaginable and link them. Hashtags are useless. Barely visible sketches on a low contrast photo do not capture attention. Coomer art are popular. You don't have to be good to draw popular coomer art. Don't reveal your power level. Unless you want to be part of the imageboard artist circlejerk group which exists on various social media. It will also attract attention from the jewish feminists.
>>1769 I would say to keep off niggercattle media unless you absolutely need it for getting your name out there professionally, in which case you should absolve yourself from wrongthink on your public account as much as you can.
On the topic of external sites, is it possible to mark our drawings in a way that tells the booru guy to not upload it? Something like writing "Please don't upload and tag my work booru-sama" in the post. Does he even read the posts? For all we know he could be ungracefully scraping the entire board for new additions to his ever growing collection of carefully tagged drawings from fellow anonymous artists.
Man I follow all these character making guides, do exactly what I'm supposed to do and still end up with the most generic, forgettable shit imaginable. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
>>1791 Tweak it. It's like cooking, once you've learned the recipe you can add something of your own to make a unique flavor. You understand the technical side, now let your emotions guide you. Or follow Frazetta's advice and exaggerate what you're drawing. He liked to draw buff guys and sexy girls, so he drew the buffest guys and sexiest girls that he could. Do something out of the ordinary.
>>1791 How about you show us what does it look like
>>1784 I'm the booru guy, I'll hear any suggestions you have. Anything you want removed?
>>1795 I guess you being here means you actually read the posts before manually saving the images. I'm relieved there is an actual human involved instead of full automation. Some of /loomis/ don't mind seeing their works on a booru, even going as far as to encourage the uploading and tagging by appending their own name, like >>1697 >I actually re-tagged the artist:* on mine early on to my screen name So stopping it altogether isn't really an option with all those people craving for attention and recognition. I only want to share my work with this 12 people community, not any booru-browsing fuckwit completely unaware of the context in which the piece was created in the first place. So could you not upload my drawings? I will be writing "Please don't upload and tag my work booru-sama" besides my posts. Just to make sure you are indeed the booru guy, can you remove the following? It's mine. I would like to remove more of mine if you are really who you claim to be. https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=15035
>>1798 There is a predicament with the drawpiles, but all the loose images I know of have been purged.
>>1798 >>1799 I should also say yes, I do manually go through boards, as I wouldn't know how to filter out reaction images, and determining the origin of a drawing without the context of reading it's thread seems impossible. I'm willing to reupload the piles containing your art without it included, if you want.
>>1799 >>1800 I figure I'll chime in, too. If anyone wants their drawings left out of the Drawpile captures, lemme know, mark your drawings accordingly or, perhaps less preferably, nuke them on your way out. t. Draw Pileman
>>1799 >>1800 Thank you for your prompt response. And nice dubs. No need to bother with the Drawpile images. I wouldn't want to waste too much of your time. Since you can recognize my art style, I guess I don't need to write a note in my post for you to know.
(129.21 KB 894x662 Black Bogs.jpg)
Personally I'd like to take the time to express my sincere appreciation for Booru-anon and his attempts at archiving our hard work somewhere safe from the board proper where a ddos attack (something which, considering how slow-as-shit the website is acting right fucking now may be occurring as we speak) or deplatforming could ostensibly erase it from history. I don't necessarily share in or understand the hullabaloo about one's work being featured on another extremely low traffic website, but I also find it endearing in a way that someone would consider this place special enough to feel awkward and even indignant about it too. I am conflicted, but I just wanted to express openly that I have no aversion to Booru-anon's endeavors and am in fact quite flattered that such effort has been quietly taken on our account considering what a small and discrete community we are.
Edited last time by loomis on 02/19/2021 (Fri) 03:40:13.
>>1803 >Personally I'd like to take the time to express my sincere appreciation for Booru-anon and his attempts at archiving our hard work somewhere safe from the board proper where a ddos attack (something which, considering how slow-as-shit the website is acting right fucking now may be occurring as we speak) or deplatforming could ostensibly erase it from history. >I just wanted to express openly that I have no aversion to Booru-anon's endeavors and am in fact quite flattered that such effort has been quietly taken on our account considering what a small and discrete community we are. Same here. Someone trying to preserve something they see as valuable is very normal and expected in any society or community. Only time I would be upset is when some idiot would try to pass my work as their own, something that is not happening here. >someone would consider this place special enough to feel awkward and even indignant about it too As far as art focused community places go, this is one of the best ones I have seen. Too many others revolve around climbing the social ladder, are crab bucket fests, or shit in other ways. /loomis/ is just people drawing, sharing knowledge, and critiquing art in a constructive manner. Communities like this one are tough to find.
(651.96 KB 220x204 sad music.gif)
(25.41 KB 1128x480 oh my god.jpg)
>Final figure drawing class >About to make it because everyone else is falling behind on being able to draw quickly >Even had a good start because I did something creative and made a figure out of clothes for my project instead of just drawing clothes and I got complimented for it by the teacher while everyone else got fucking openly insulted for not being able to do anything equally as creative. >Get going on drawing. >Doing well >All of a sudden this guy puts up his drawing >What the fuck >Apparently the motherfucker studied hyperrealism or some shit because he spent a meticulous amount of time greying out the figure >He only did two drawings while everyone did multiple. >He admits he only did 2 detailed poses instead of multiple because he can't work with short time. >Still oh my fucking God. >It's the entire card scene from American Psycho. >I didn't even bother looking at the detail, the teacher described it as "Scribbly shading art." but I took one look at the thumbnail and immediately got emotionally crippled. >The teacher can't really give credit because the guy did only 2 out of 30 drawings. >But he can't discredit either because he spent all that time on working hard on those two. Mind you I bullshitted my way too by just drawing the anatomy I wanted on top of the model instead of making it accurate like a giant autist but I followed directions at least.. Anyway FUCK 18th century academics and hyper realism, that was the moment art went downhill. That is all. Gotta paint the figure next week too, not sure how I'll be able to cope with this one, my acrylic paint always dries up too quick so I generally just mix one large puddle and work my way up the values, but that won't be available this time.
>>1806 >my acrylic paint always dries up too quick I’ve got something called a “masterson sta-wet palette” that keeps my paint wet for at least three hours when open and two weeks when closed. It’s a piece of palette papaer with a wet sponge underneath, and an air tight lid.
>get home from work at 9pm >open drawing program >stare at it, fruitlessly peck at it until 11pm >"Well, it's about time I got to bed!"
>>1822 I lurk. I don't even browse 8chan outside of /loomis/ anymore, or the webring at all for that matter. I don't post much because I have nothing to post, really. As for feels, I haven't been feeling very good lately at all. Drawing is confusing and I feel very inadequate overall in life.
>>1823 Are you me?
>>1824 maybe. I haven't really liked the atmosphere most of the boards have had since the 8kunt bullshit. Maybe they were always like that though, and I just didn't notice or didn't care before. /loomis/ is nice and gets away from that retardation, although it is pretty quiet for the most part. As for drawing, I haven't gotten much done and severly underestimated what sort of a task it'd be. It seems like there's so much about it that can't be described with words, which is frustrating in a way.
I'm done. >>1822 It's normal for a healthy art board because people are drawing instead of shitposting. >>1823 >I lurk. I don't even browse 8chan outside of /loomis/ anymore, or the webring at all for that matter. I don't post much because I have nothing to post, really. This. >>1824 >Are you me? <As a matter of fact, yes.
>>1825 8kun was and is extremely demoralizing, yeah. >>1826 >It's normal for a healthy art board because people are drawing instead of shitposting. Yeah...d-drawing. H-...heh! Seriously though I agree >and actually it just so happens that I am drawing rn tbh
>>1828 >Not realizing February has only 28 days Not sure how doable it is in three days, so maybe you're licked. But if it's any consolation, I've done some of my best schoolwork in a panic just before the deadline. Use the stress productively. If you start now and focus on it then maybe it won't be so bad.
>>1828 First you chill the fuck out and second you realize that all you have to do is to shave off 2 hours of sleep each day and use your time efficiently instead of constantly getting distracted by external factors and anime tiddies like the undisciplined degenerate you are.
(3.10 MB 2614x2858 image0 (1).png)
>>1831 This. STOP LOOKING AT TITS >>1830 Also this. Take an internet break bro >Illustrator Oh shit you're fucked oh god.
>>1828 You alive, son?
>>1846 I am and as of now have at best, two nights to finish this shit. Why they had the gall to ask for it in the middle of Spring Break I don't know, maybe that's the only time the machine used to print out the sculpture on campus is available. The good news is that it's just drawing 5 images that are basically combined into one. The bad news is that I'll be blunt, I wasn't listening all too well on what the fuck you're supposed to do in Illustrator to set the path for the machine to cut out. I may very well be fucked Anons.
>Have a problem with drawing too small from using a writers grip and drawing with my wrist >Pretty good at drawing small, intricate stuff though because of that habit >Spend loads of time and effort learning to use shoulder and forcing myself to draw large, using long strokes >Get bretty gud at that, improved my art tons >Start doing thumbnailing to improve my designs >Legitimately struggling to draw small, everything ends up at least twice as big as intended >Every measurement is way off, strokes completely lack control sigh
(30.23 KB 151x161 concerned_anya.png)
>something I drew got tagged as furry on the booru uh oh it's happening isn't it
>>1862 I'm not a furry but perhaps you should consider posting it here for research purposes
>>1858 I've become pretty adept at shoulder/elbow drawing as well and I can't really draw as easily with the wrist. I neglect my ipad because of that and stick with my bigger Wacom. It's an abstract sort of feel
>Tried hard to get things done on Illustrator. >The shape maker tool won't work >I have maybe a day of extension thanks to the teacher making a technical error. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in “advanced” countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly subject human beings to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in “advanced” countries.
>>1866 based and Tedpilled
>>1863 It was just the Isabelle ATF thing (I guess she's technically a furry character so it's not really that shocking)
>>1868 Better than having your spurdo tagged as a gondola. Almost disgusting enough to consider correcting.
(393.69 KB 1652x772 lmaona.png)
>>146 Someone actually paid 1.7k for this. 1.7k $1700 dollarooos I honestly don't get it, my mind is blown https://app.rarible.com/token/0x60f80121c31a0d46b5279700f9df786054aa5ee5:248886
>>1872 Make something retarded and then sell it on rarble, not that hard of a concept.
>>1872 It uses "#boi", so it's worth a lot just with that. Just boi-up your art mate.
(70.55 KB 445x467 link.png)
>>1872 I don't understand cryptoart, but I assume it's got to do with money laundering because it's both crypto and modern art
>>1879 Like this guy said it's just digital money laundering. On that note this type of money laundering sounds way easier than getting into an auction house and having drug cartel kingpins bid for your stuff and knowing they'll probably either put it in storage or glaze cocaine over it and use it to traffic drugs. How does one get into cryptoart?
(1.50 MB 1917x2163 CIA art.png)
>>1881 opensea.io You have to be willing to throw down about $50 worth of ETH to even get in the door though. Might be worth it if people are actually buying this shit but I'm skeptical >yes, I did upload a ton of stuff hoping drug kingpin senpai notices me
>>1882 Oh shit. By the way, once you put your art on there it stays there forever unless you take it "off chain" which requires a "transaction" from the Ethereum network. In other words the same expense you'd paid to create your collection of NFTs will be required to remove them-individually I believe. It's truly a faustian bargain I wouldn't have made without believing there was at least a 1% chance I could make my game project happen if I was able to successfully sell art associated with it in this manner. I'm honestly having major second thoughts already but we'll see what happens.
>>1882 >$50 worth of RTH just to even get in Euggghhh. Maybe. >I hope drug lord kingpin senpai notices me Commissioning art for druglords is a good job mate, they're the Medici of our time if not, coomers are all that's left. It's either drugs or prostitution but never neither,
This isn't art related at all and considerably off topic but I have nowhere else to vent. I'm currently at the lowest point of my life, my health is at risk, I'm completely alone both in regards to accomplishments and friends and family, and nothing seems to be working for me. Despite this I'm even more afraid that things will just go worse until I hit rock bottom and kill myself. I'm going to go to the doctor today to get a fungal infection on, of all places, my fucking genitals, checked out. It couldn't have been somewhere normal like my foot or something, it just had to be my genitals. Thanks God, you sick fuck. I've never been more afraid in my life than this past week. It got extremely bad in the span of two days, it even pierced skin last Friday and made me bleed a bit with how badly it's eaten away at me. Never to a drastic moment, maybe one or two flakes of skin, surface level, but enough to see red. Disinfectants and clotrimazole do nothing but keep it at bay and reduce it, but they can't seem to kill it, no matter what I do they can't seem to kill it. My deepest fear is that I go to the doctor and it's some sort of undiscovered strand of fungus, or the medication they give me fails like the one's I use now are, or worse, that it's something serious, like cancer (not cancer but like it, on it's level) and there's nothing I can do. Let me be clear here, once that happens, I'm just losing what's left of my will to live, point blank, I am ending it. I'm not going to just let this thing eat my body after death either, if I die, I'm taking these fucks with me, and I'm burning myself alive like the Vietnamese, I'm covering myself in oil, lighting myself on fire, then slitting my throat and praying that my corpse and this thing, whatever it is, gets consumed by the flame. Maybe I'll upload all my works that currently exist before I do that, but I'm not sure why, it would just be depressing to see the lost potential in a dead man's work. Maybe someone somewhere in a thousand years will find some enjoyment though the way they do for posthumous portraits like the Arnolfini or "Take your son sir." are. Sorry if this is coming off as, I dunno, too disturbing for people even on the successor to the site that used to house /baph/ and /hebe/ and /guro/. I'm just scared. I've never felt a stronger pain in my stomach than before now, I want to cry, to scream, to feel something, but the worst part is that the shell of the man that I am now can't. I wish I could but as the years have gone by it's become harder and harder to shed tears. I don't think I'll be able to even as I contemplate what I'll be leaving behind if nothing can save me from all this and I'm forced to just leave this Earth. I'm sorry. I wish there was more I could say. What a shame, what a rotten way to die. Pray for me anonymous friends.
>>1914 The doktor will give you some cream and it'll go away in a week. Then you'll be stuck in purgatory with the rest of us for another 40-50 years serving your time. God won't be merciful enough to give you a reason to end it.
(28.27 KB 360x527 tesla was right again.jpg)
>>1915 I fucking hope so, although that just means the demiurge decided my continuous torture amuses him enough to keep me alive and mine my brains pain secretions longer.
>>1914 >some sort of undiscovered strand of fungus M-maybe it's an undiscovered strand of fungus that's taken a liking to you and your genitals, which explains why it's so hard to get rid of. Maybe it's female
>>1917 Too bad, say bye bye to Fungus Chan, she overstepped her boundaries and is either dying to medical treatment or by fire with me, Dio and Johnathan style.
>Go to doctor >A whole bunch of bureaucratic bullshit just to get in >Just get told "Dude take more clotrimazole without peroxide and pills lmao." >They couldn't identify the exact fungal strand, told me to fug off and go to a urologist >Also told me to stop using peroxide JUST Probably gonna have to ask autists on the goober goys general and /pol/ to double check these pills before I take em' they're supposed to be no more than a week anyway, but I gotta take like 4 a day, just fuck my shit up fam. Whatever at this point I'll take it even if some antibiotics scrutinizer does confirm I'll develop dysentery as a side effect, I'd rather cut off an arm before my genitals, even my drawing arm. Well. I have options now I guess. Still angry I don't know my enemy's name.
>>1914 >even on the successor to the site that used to house /baph/ and /hebe/ and /guro/ This site is a honeypot with almost no users from the original place, you are deeply confused and funged up
>>1914 >>1919 It sounds like a jock itch. Cream or pills, frequently changing underwear, keeping infected area clean and dry should be sufficient. If you are an athlete or a fatty you are almost certain to get it at some point. Genitals are probably the most common area to get a fungal infection after feet too. >>1920 At this point the whole internet is a honeypot.
>>1922 It's yellowish white not red. I have yet to see a single pic online that looks like it. Btw how fine is how fine is keflex and sulfamethoxazole? Apart from the almost certain diarrhea apparently.
>>1922 Also >If you are an athlete or a fatty you are almost certain to get it at some point. Well shit, I'm both. No wonder.
>>1862 I had a drawing that got the scalie tag so I know exactly how you feel.
(70.91 KB 486x622 skull knight.jpg)
>>1914 Don't you EVER kill yourself anon. You might not think it, but somebody out there cares about you. Hell, I may not even know what kind of person you are, but by sheer virtue of anonymity, you are my brother. All of you are my brothers. Believe me, I know what it's like being at rock bottom with nobody to lean on.That's why you have to keep getting up. If nothing else, then persist in a world that doesn't owe you anything. Refuse the fate given to you as an act of defiance.Use that pain as a catalyst and turn it into strength. You can be a winner, or a loser in this cruel existence, but it is only you who can decide which one you'll be. Take care of yourselves, strugglers. All of you.
>>1933 Not that anon but thank you based fren, we're all gonna make it
>>1926 I am not a pharmacist or medic, although I do work in healthcare related field. Antibiotics work against bacteria. Fungi are a different kind of organism entirely. For fungal infections you are gonna need anti-fungal agent. I don't know enough about them to recommend anything specific. I would just make sure to change underwear frequently and go a doctor as soon as possible, as fungal infections are not very likely to end or get better on their own. In addition to urologist you should probably see a dermatologist too. Getting a second opinion from another general practitioner might be worthwhile too. While you wait, see if any stores nearby offer any OTC anti-fungal creams or sprays. Other than that, get overall healthier if you can. Eat better, exercise, lose excess weight, get enough sleep, relax, and be hygienic. It takes a long term, sustained effort but it makes you less likely to get sick and will prevent whatever conditions you are dealing with now from getting worse too quickly by strengthening your immune system. In fact, weakened immune system might have been one of factors that made you more likely to get infected. I know that it is easier to say this than do it. Especially "relax" part. When dealing with my own chronic stress issues, I found that taking warm baths, warm showers, and walks out in nature make me relax quickly. Writing journals, meditation, breath control, learning new things, and exercise helps too but it will take a while before you notice tangible benefits.
>>1919 Do you live in a humid climate? I do and last summer got a weird jungle rot fungal infection under my arms that your problem sounds similar to. The doctor told me to simply keep it as dry as possible without chemicals, and to keep it clean with unscented soap. After it still didn't clear up he prescribed some steroidal cream and that cleared it up almost overnight. Just keep at it and keep it clean.
>>1945 It's what they gave me then said to just go see a dermatologist and urologist if it doesn't clear up by the end of the week which is when the pills are supposed to run out and finish their work. Apparently these are indeed used as anti infection. I'm just going to start throwing whatever creams I can that aren't just clotrimazole onto it and maybe even start just doing everything possible even unsubstantiated medicinal practices to try and kill it but I really hope it's not that bad. >>1946 What cream? Prescription only?
>>1947 I went looking for the old cream tube (I try to save info from past prescriptions) but sadly couldn't find it. I don't remember exactly what it was called. I do remember that it was a fairly general topical anti-fungal agent, but the doctor was pretty specific that it was stronger than the over-the-counter stuff and not to misuse it or put it anywhere but on the rash.
>>1948 What a shame, it sounds like if anything could kill it for certain it would be that. Hopefully this basic stuff is enough to kill it though.
(273.63 KB 1013x805 petah.webp)
>>1946 Also I can't really keep it dry shit secretes fluid to spread itself, I had to pour a lot of cream on it just now in a really bad area because the cream needs dryness to work better but it literally pours that shit out at a faster pace than controllable.
>>1950 Would something like talcum powder work?
I just ran my dog around the lake for the first time all year. Feels good, I don't have jock itch or anything like that either from it which is pretty based ngl
>>1872 Someone actually paid 1 eth ($1785) for this. https://foundation.app/0xA288E8502d71F478DbA9F98595Eb753aB39c298D I don't get nfts at all
(38.06 KB 680x440 art2.jpg)
Wishin we had an oekaki app
(15.03 KB 320x240 21b.jpg)
>>2048 You have proof that you're the owner! Of course you'll have to ignore that the thing you 'own' is a URL pointing to IPFS pointing to the NFT seller pointing to a json file so that if the NFT seller ever fails your 'ownership' is fucking worthless! But hey! There's money being changed so I want in!
>>1872 >>2048 It's a giant scam, don't worry about it. Just beanie babies for techbros and "crypto advocates".
(99.09 KB 720x544 58af7f412900002200bea8f8.jpeg)
>>2059 At least you can touch beanie babies.
>tfw no longer a NEET I'm supposed to be proud that I'm actually putting my college education (comp sci) to use, making decent money, living on my own, and all that. But I've just ended up feeling stressed out all the time. I hope that I can get settled into a routine and it won't be so bad, but I also don't think I'm gonna have much time for any sort of regular drawing. I just wanted to make video games. >>1933 >by sheer virtue of anonymity, you are my brother. All of you are my brothers. thank you, anon, this is comforting.
>>146 >tfw exactly one day late to a crypto pump and dump you saw coming I have been pretty steamed all day, I need so much damn money for my path to climb. >>1914 You have an incredibly shitty life that seems to be giving you a terribly shitty mental illness. There is a time and a place for suicide, but this isn't it you little bitch. Your health is compromised, your social, love and familial life are all garbage from the sounds of it, and it doesn't sound like you have hobbies you find meaningful. The cure for that isn't death, it's fixing one fucking issue at a time until you crush every single fucking thing on your path to glory. I understand you're scared, you hurt, and worst of all, you can't even feel a damn thing emotionally, now you're body seems to be fighting you too. Well fuck all of that. I don't care what it takes, get your ass moving and just take one damn step at a time. I can't guarantee you'll make it to your goals, hell I can't guarantee you'll find meaning in it, but the one thing I can guarantee is it will give you fucking self-respect that no fucking loser anywhere in the world can take away from you, and will take with you to the grave. Life and God have spat and trambled on you, and your job is to fucking carry that burden, the first fucking step is going to the doctor and figure out how it goes from there. >>2061 >I'm supposed to be proud There is no pride in drudgery. This doesn't mean you shouldn't work, but there is no pride in the majority of today's work. Pride from work comes from seeing the fruits from your labor, if you were a farmer it would be your crops popping up. Comp Sci specifically seems like a terrible job for this, as all of your accomplishments are abstract and almost sisyphian in nature. As far as pride as a functioning member of society, I'm going to be brutally honest, you won't feel the pride of a proper functioning adult until you are responsible for and take care of someone else. Until then it will feel like paralyzed adolescence. I don't care who you're responsible for, children, parents, subordinates, feeling like a man comes from standing above and helping that way. Don't let that deter you though, you need to be able to take care of the stupid sack of shit that is yourself before you can take care of any other stupid sacks of shit.
>>146 Right now, I'm struggling to even get myself drawing, let alone focused intense study. Anyone have advice on this? I make sure to at least put something down every night, but god damn.
>>2061 Why don't you? it's easier than ever now.
>>2062 Speaking of crypto I tried to tell people about BAT a few years ago when it was in the $.20-$.40 range but I was called mean names so I just stopped. I briefly touched six figures recently which felt pretty good considering I only take home $21,000 USD a year under normal circumstances.
>>2063 Go to dad.gallery and try and get a streak going, it will force you to get creative and rebuild your drawing habit. >t. lost his streak a couple months ago and hasn't posted since
(13.52 KB 599x337 absence of god.jpg)
>The pills did nothing >The clotrimazole does nothing >The only thing of note is that now it's moved further from the initial infection site, but isn't dead. >Itching has gotten worse Yes boys, I'm thinking it's over. After this it's just going to a dermatologist, see if they can do anything, trying as many otc creams as possible and maybe even psuedoscience like urinotherapy out of desperation and if that fails I'm just taking myself out, it's done from there.
I just came to the sudden realization that I look like shit from the neck down. What do?
Oh God, a fat girl is initiating conversation with me. Time to log out
>>2069 Start lifting, boy
>>1316 > I don't know how to get it back You may continue your search for years on end. Until you create motivation to draw again. >I'm starting to enjoy things less and less, drawing included. Forget suicide my downtrodden friend. Death is infinite and has no end.
(1.04 MB 773x961 bob_light_and_dark.png)
>>2064 It's a time/energy investment at this point. Having gotten through my first week of work (yay) I don't really see myself having enough time in the evenings to get anything meaningful done. I'm living alone, so I've ended up spending most of my time doing dishes, folding laundry, cooking dinner, and exercising. I've also started going to bed much earlier than normal, which was a good change. While I think I have some decent ideas for some games, I still have to find some creative energy to nail down specifics. Character designs, level design, game play mechanics, writing, music, these are all things I want to eventually work on for myself. Right now, I feel way too spread thin with worrying about bills, rent, groceries, my job, etc. On top of all that, I really just miss living with my family. >>2073 Coincidentally, I'm the same anon. >Death is infinite and has no end. That's really the appeal, to be honest. It's either endless sleep or you go where ever it is everyone else goes when they die. But I won't do it. He will come for me all in good time. I won't abandon my family. If it is a dreamless sleep I'm heading towards, then before I go, I want to crack as many jokes as I can with my old man. fuck i didn't realize how hard moving out would hit me >>2062 >Comp Sci specifically seems like a terrible job for this, as all of your accomplishments are abstract and almost sisyphian in nature. Absolutely. When I was learning to code in middle/high school, there was a sense of enjoyment I got from tinkering with things and finding out how they worked. Later on, I understood enough to build up more complex things. Coding a Snake game from scratch was immensely satisfying because I had taken ownership of the entire thing. Okay, maybe not entirely; I didn't write SDL2 or my own compiler. Terry pls don't call me a nigger Now that I'm doing it for a living, everything I'm doing is ultimately for someone else's benefit. Aside from the paycheck, I feel very little attachment to the work I'm responsible for. And yes, sifting through thousands of lines of poorly documented code is exactly sisyphean. >I don't care who you're responsible for, children, parents, subordinates, feeling like a man comes from standing above and helping that way. When I was unemployed and living at home, I was still helping my parents by taking care of the dogs during the day, doing dishes, helping with dinner, etc. I didn't realize how much I missed being able to share that work with others. Cooking dinner with my dad, for example. While I was definitely not a hikikomori, I still feel regret that I didn't make it a point to help out more than I did. Okay, I feel like I've just blogposted a lot more than I had any right to. Thanks to any anon who bothered to read. I really do appreciate the advice.
>buy unused thinkpad w520 >arrives with massive crack on the side of the screen case I hate these fucking omnipresent shitlet-keyed macbook clones so fucking much, why can’t even one (1) laptop manufacturer make a laptop that isn’t retarded? >>2077 > game play mechanics Simulate something that would be fun irl without any of the downsides or consequences. Then think about things from pure bounding boxes and what actions your player can do, so you don’t end up with scenarios like a boss fight that has 5,000 unique attack animations, but all 5,000 of them are dodged by jumping straight up and down. >music Good fucking luck with that one, music education is in an embarrassing state. There hasn’t been a Loomis, or even a Bob Ross, or even a Mark Crilley of music education.
>>2082 I was under the impression that there is still a very valued and popular classical school of learning music, very much unlike with art. Maybe it's much harder to launder money with music
>>2083 Where did you get that idea? Music was hit with modernist jewish garbage even worse than art was. Art galleries are filled with money laundering wastes of space, but orchestra doesn’t even have that. What it has is an autistic obsession with (((serialism))), and an endless wellspring of “ugly concept conveyed in ugly manner” type kitsch. Look up music by Schoenberg, Boulez, Xenakis, etc and you will get an idea of what the “contemporary period” of orchestra music sounds like. Besides, most classical music theory is hung up on 4-part church chorales. If you want to write exactly this, all day, every day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RHNArkDmOo or fugues, then music theory has you covered. Considering that anon is talking about video games, I doubt that’s what he’s going for.
>try and expand my art reach since pixiv seems like a tough crowd to please if you're not already professional level or do porn >bite the bullet and make a deviantart account >"fuck it, I'm sure it's not THAT bad." >check back on it since two days ago >there is already a motherfucker trying to RP in the comments of my posts Why can't people just be fucking normal?
>>2089 That's extremely funny but also tragic for you anon. The only defense against mega autists and troons is to block them if they start stirring up shit for no reason.
(226.75 KB 373x397 buschemi monika.png)
>>2092 that fact that people can at least get a giggle out of my despair is the only thing that keeps me going some days.
(1.95 MB 791x1122 1606484708086.png)
>>2089 Kek What was your drawing? I'm trying to understand what could bring someone to RP in a non-pornographic setup
>>2069 Exercise, eat better, count calories, get enough sleep. >>2094 It does not take much for deviants. I posted a generic drawing of Spider-Man when I was a teen, and had people in comments being creepy.
(144.58 KB 542x529 example1.gif)
>>2072 >>2096 I actually run the equivalent of 6 "5K"s a week with my dog but my diet is pretty bad (I don't eat much but what I do eat often isn't good), and I'd kind of stopped lifting for a while too. Cardio really is a meme to some extent, bros. I won't say that it's not very good to have strong lungs and a heart obviously but I just mean that your physical aesthetics specifically really do start in the kitchen and end on the bench >>2061 >video games Do you have any experience with that or a portfolio I could take a look at? I'd love to hire someone from an imageboard for intermittent work instead of a r*dditor or something like that for my own game project. I'm willing to pay out of pocket but it's probably going to be a slowly rolled out project anyway.
(4.44 MB 240x426 ramen.mp4)
>>2097 Perhaps you could develop a liking to cooking if you haven't already. It takes time and energy but it's also a nice way to eat healthier and regain control over what you eat (I'm talking about real cooking made from scratch, not Sandra Lee's "semi-homemade" cooking).
I can't shake the feeling that it's cheating to draw a character in a pose you've copied straight from a reference, or god forbid, use the same pose multiple times for different characters. It's absolutely idiotic and I'm sure it's holding me back to be so stubborn about it, but the idea is firmly lodged. Why, God? Why did you make me such an ass?
>>2110 >Why did you make me such an ass? Post your ass and I'll tell you
(1.01 MB 1280x720 patch.png)
This is still the best art community despite it being full of twitterfags. It's slightly less cancerous than the other shitholes. I think I'm willing to put up with the normalfaggot degeneracy after all if it allows me to make my time here more bearable, or even enjoyable.
>>2097 In terms of games specifically, I coded some simple things back in high school, text based stuff, a space invader clone. Later on I learned enough SDL to clone Snake. I don't have any practical experience developing with Unity or Godot beyond just looking through the tutorials. My programming experience goes through high school and college, and I've got about a year of professional experience. Unfortunately, I wouldn't really be available to work for the foreseeable future. I don't think I'll have much time to work on anything except maybe some weekend projects. Also my work contract forbids me from working with other parties. How slow of a roll out are you thinking? I'm going to be working full time for the next year, but my goal is to try and use some of my weekends to make a game. Something reasonably small in scale but at least somewhat original. That way, I could potentially have a completed game that you could look at and have some confidence in.
>>2115 >Also my work contract forbids me from working with other parties. What they don't know won't hurt 'em. I can always credit you after the fact or you could use a pen name of sorts. >How slow of a roll out are you thinking? I'm just a retail worker so I'm thinking literally Owlboy-tier out of financial necessity. I don't expect to get this off the ground for quite a while but I'd like to have something to show for crowdfunding purposes (even if just footage of hypothetical gameplay) by the end of the year. >I'm going to be working full time for the next year, but my goal is to try and use some of my weekends to make a game. Something reasonably small in scale but at least somewhat original. Judging by what you said earlier about dabbling with this stuff as a kid you seem like a guy that's pretty passionate about the idea of making a game in general and to that end I feel like I'd rather have you in my corner than someone who just has paper credentials. The bulk of the gameplay will be "16-bit action game everyone's seen a million times before + VN" which sounds like something you'd be perfectly capable of as-is but if you're not so sure/would rather do your own thing on your own time it's not a big deal; I won't be offended if you say no in the slightest. If you're looking to make some extra money on the weekends though I'd definitely be open to giving you a shot.
>>2113 What normalfaggotry are you thinking of here?
>order second replacement laptop >boot it up >”Fan error.” Third times the charm?
>>2119 What company are you getting these things from so I know to avoid them heh I've gotten my last two computers from Sager; I'd be lying if I'd said I hadn't been having problems. The speakers suck and the headphone jack has been dead for about a year; in general though it's performed pretty admirably over the years.
>>2121 Just trying to find a good refurbished Thinkpad from before they became Chinkpads, but the fuckers selling them aren’t even testing to see if they work before they sell. Had a great W520 that lasted me for 7 years before my cat broke the screen. I’d just buy a replacement screen but the online stores are flooded with chinks who don’t understand english well enough to properly list the screens they are selling. Guess I’m just going to have to settle for one of the endless piss-poor build quality macbook clones. I hate modern technology so much it’s unreal.
>>2122 Maybe look into computers that were used in offices or in banks. I got my thinkpad from one of those places and it was basically brand new
(74.64 KB 759x508 just fuck my shit up.jpg)
For a moment I thought the treatment was actually working so I stopped taking the cream for a few days but it straight up came back with the same exact greenish tint on my scrotum. Just when things looked up for a moment.
(22.36 KB 600x685 just cia.jpg)
>>2126 Oh right in art related topics I've been trying to hone in my digital skills to sell off as an NFT because why not but can't really fill in all the spaces I need to. It is weirdly taking a long time to complete, I could probably finish a replica of the Sistine Chapel in less time than this is taking me given that I will probably have to relayer it with a better brush in order to reach a sellable level of professionalism for at least 0.06 ethereum. I promised God that I would finish it if he just took away this skin infection and I took too long to do so, this is probably my punishment for my lethargicness. It's fucking weird because it takes me no more than 15 minutes to block in, in detail faces and bodies, it just takes ages for me to get to it.
(473.64 KB 892x531 MARCY NO.png)
(364.34 KB 704x544 patch1.png)
>>2118 >What normalfaggotry are you thinking of here? The kind of normalfaggotry that ensues from being in a place full of twitter users, discord users, 4chan users, windows users, clearnet users. I dont expect them to be removed any time soon because this place barely has any activity. I could host my own imageboard and drawpile and ban normalfags on sight but that would split the already small userbase even further. Plus I dont like being a rulecuck.
>>146 I feel Infuriated >want to draw beautiful humans >try to draw gesture. >perfectionism makes me give up AGAIN when something looks even the the tiniest not-right >perfectionism wants the anatomy down to a tee when that's not even the POINT of gesture. >perfectionism is preventing me from making any progress or even starting shit, and has been my goddamn progress block since forever. >still feeling the heat from being blasted on smug/a/'s drawthread, and I still feel like a bitch for causing unwarranted drama but my perfectionism wants to get up to their standards but keeps making me give up for unwarranted bullshit. My brain constantly wants perfect. As far as I understand, the only thing that's perfect is a circle, and there's more to drawing than just making everything a circle. I just want to draw beautiful humans. I've watched hours of shit, I know how to practice, what the fuck is wrong with me?
>>2129 What actually goes on in the dark web? Discussions from people who browse it give me the impression it’s nothing but round the clock schizo posting, drugs, and pedoshit. >>2130 Grind those anatomy studies, and don’t do all your learning from just one teacher. Don’t do “perfect” studies, time spent agonizing over the best possible study is time wasted not getting better.
>>2129 there's plenty of non normalfaggotry going on under the local bridges, check em out. they even give you the free blowjobs you want so badly
(904.74 KB 1280x720 patch2.png)
>>2133 >What actually goes on in the dark web? Nothing. Its super boring unlike what normalfags would like to believe. A lot of windows users in the darknet too. The only thing I can suggest is to host your own onion/i2p/freenet but only put hello world tier html because it makes the glowies seethe. >>2134 >under the local bridges Sounds like full of niggers. Disgusting On an unrelated note the BO has added tons of flags to this board. Is there a repository for this kind of thing?
>>2129 >everyone who isn't me is normalfag cancer nigger please
>>2136 Everything he listed is cancer though.
>>2135 >On an unrelated note the BO has added tons of flags to this board. Is there a repository for this kind of thing? Nope, I made them all myself. I'm strongly considering making slightly higher resolution ones some time in the near future though.
(1.07 MB 1288x722 patch3.png)
>>2138 Must have been a lot of work cropping and resizing them and giving them the right name. I appreciate your dedication for this board. >>2136 >t. seething normalfag
>>2140 It wasn't so bad, I initially made these for another imageboard I'm the retainer of but I figured it would be easy enough to migrate them here. Making the flags was very easy actually, naming the files and uploading them to my old website one by one and stitching them into the code was way more difficult; Lynxchan thankfully makes it very user friendly in comparison.
(154.68 KB 800x504 patch4.png)
The normalfags have utterly crushed my will to draw with their normalfaggotry.
>>2143 Excuses, excuses
(149.13 KB 795x800 patch5.png)
>>2145 You are right. I will stop letting the normalfags live inside my head. Fuck glowies, niggers, faggots, trannies, feminists, jews. Time to get back into drawing.
I don't know where the fuck to go with this. So, I've been learning art for years on and off. Now, my self-esteem to work on the art-side of this project has been shot to shit because of a few factors. 1. I allowed myself to become vulnerable and desperate to please anyone with my art. I got emotionally-sucker-punched because of this. 2. I showed a blatantly-unfinished pencil sketch, when in retrospect, I should've posted digital lines. 3. I got one-upsmanshipped by someone there telling my that my works were literally worse than lolcow art, and then the fucker had the audacity to offer to do art for me. What is it with artists doing this shit? I've had this happen to me more than once even. 4. I'm so fucking overanalytical, and it's hurting everything in the processfor me. So I have the following questions: 1. How do I stop making myself vulnerable and hyping a project up as "my baby"?. 2. What must to do to quell that urge to make people happy no matter what I do? 3. How do I ease up on overanalyzing shit? This entire thing is turning a great hobby into a vicious circle of fear for me. I just want drawing to be fun again.
>>2198 >1. How do I stop making myself vulnerable and hyping a project up as "my baby"?. Avoid posting shit until it's done. I don't know how easy that is as I'm still in the "my art is too shit to even post" tier after years. >2. What must to do to quell that urge to make people happy no matter what I do? Whenever you get an idea of something you want to draw write it down somewhere. Then try to do those drawings every once in a while. You'll eventually learn to draw to yourself instead of to to others. >3. How do I ease up on overanalyzing shit? Maybe let the drawing sit for a while. A lot of the times when you give it even a day you'll be able to look at a drawing with new eyes.
>>2198 What compels you to hype up a project as your baby in the first place? A desire to be seen as busy and productive, the hope that letting people know you're working on something specific will instill a sense of accountability and will motivate you to finish said project, or something else? If those aren't the things your seeking and posting works in progress doesn't benefit you, don't. If they do, it's a more subtle and different question about motivation in general. Unless you're seeking monetary compensation or have made specific commitments, you don't owe anyone anything. If someone doesn't like your art, it's their problem. How they deal with that problem is their concern, be it simmering down and not expecting everything to be to their very specific autistic tastes or to the extreme of physically removing you from their lives, so to speak. Unless you want to, internally and of your own volition, stop trying to solve other people's problems. If it's causing you pain that's not offset by what you get out of it, then you ether don't like it enough or are putting too much work into it. Stop and reevaluate. Ideally, you get a following of people who like what you do for yourself. Don't strive for anything less unless you're really getting something out of it, lest you suffer the way you're suffering for the entire extent of your artistic endeavor. As for overanalyzing, I dunno. Some people have success with self-imposed time limits. If it ain't done by so many hours, give yourself so many hours or minute to turn what you have into a presentable result, if that's your goal. You could even do those steps on separate days. Might help mitigate artist's blindness and give you an opportunity to flip-flop between different projects and studies without feeling like you're breaching your inner drive to grind away at any particular problem.
>>2198 >How do I stop making myself vulnerable and hyping a project up as "my baby"?. Assuming you still want to post? You're always going to have a degree of vulnerability, so if you're trying to remove it entirely, but still post, you're fucked. However, if you instead want to *minimize* vulnerability, only post finished works. If you're posting here I don't think enough people are licking your dick to be happy just to see sketches, at best they want to see your finished work, so only post finished work. Be aware that "finished" can be different stages. You can post the "finished" line art as a final product, and post the "finished" fully colored product as well. Typically these tend to be two different types. Hell, mangakas do this all the time, with they're "finished" colored drawing being different from the "finished" black and white iteration using screentones. >2. What must to do to quell that urge to make people happy no matter what I do? Develop self-confidence and realize you can not, no matter what, please everyone. Instead, focus on pleasing the type of person you either want to inspire, or the type of people you want to get money from. The first requires you to probably take on some sense of pride and skill, and the fact you're making this post probably means you don't think you're that developed yet, that leaves the former. You would think you would want everyone to be your customer, this is not the case. You will never attract everyone, and even if you did, you wouldn't be able to get around to all of their commissions and whims. Be aware that anyone that is approaching *you* for commissions or is following *you* for your art is satisfied enough by *your* art that they've already taken interest. There's no need to *make* them happy as you're already making them happy by the mere fact of you posting. Some faggots will get upset if you change at all, others will get upset if you don't. Again, you can not please everyone, so only please those you actually want to please. The only person who can decide who those people are is yourself. >3. How do I ease up on overanalyzing shit? Multiple strategies. First one is giving yourself time limits (i.e. I will finish this in 1 hour, I only get to redo these strokes 3 times before I'm stuck with whatevers there, etc.) This forces you to move on from getting every little thing perfect because it's about speed AND quality. Find the balance that works for you, you're obviously tilted heavily towards quality right now, which isn't a bad trait, it's what separates you from deviantart autists who just through awful garbage up. Now you could speed up so that while your quality will suffer slightly, the fact you are trading quality for speed is a fair trade compared to trading speed for perfection, which is a case of shrinking returns. Another strategy is that when you catch yourself overthinking the piece, disengage, completely, don't even think about it. Come back to with a clear mind a few hours or a day later. See if you still feel as obnoxiously concerned as you did before. If you don't good, if you do, obviously it's worth fixing.
>>2201 >>2202 Alright, thank you both for the advice. I like to think I'm not fishing for ass-kissing, but human-nature and all that... I try to avoid being someone like that.
>>2211 Instead of avoiding being someone who is an asskisser, consider pursuing someone who is self-confident. These are not the same thing.
>>2198 >lolcow art That's a strange thing to say Some lolcows have good art. He was probably thinking about CWC, but being a lolcow and shit at art have a more complex relation than what he might think
The artist who created Girls' Last Tour is someone who wants to be the little girl and who licks cum from his fingers after masturbating. I would never have guessed the creator of my favorite anime wants to fuck elementary school girls. Him being so open about his desires is charming though and I wish more people could do the same. In the end you can never know what kind of person the artist is from just looking at his works. I also want to add >Osamu Tezuka, who created Astroboy and Kimba the White Lion, was found to have erotic drawings of anthropomorphic animals in his desk after his death. >Walt Disney was touring his animation studio during the production of Alice in Wonderland (1951), and took a look over the shoulder of one of the animators. He said to the artist >That's a pretty sexy child, [animator's name] >He never went back to the studio after that.
>>2284 What's with nips and fat bastards? Every good artist is either a pervert or autistic, and autistics stick to inorganic subjects.
>>2284 >who licks cum from his fingers after masturbating. Ew nigga! >Osamu Tezuka, who created Astroboy and Kimba the White Lion, was found to have erotic drawings of anthropomorphic animals in his desk after his death. BASED
My computer broke. It's old enough at this point that seeing whatever the fuck is wrong with it probably isn't worth the effort and would have diminishing returns compared to just getting a new one. Problem either way is that computer parts are backordered to the end of the century. I suppose i know what I want out of my computer now, except for the OS. I'd either have to choose between Windows 10, which seems like a giant pain in the ass that I've heard absolutely no compliments about, or some Linux distro that may or may not support all of the software I'll use and might end up being a pain to troubleshoot if something goes wrong. >>2284 That's pretty amusing, remember reading some of his posts on Twitter but they mostly seemed benign, never knew he was (at least at one point) open about his sexual fantasies there. I heard genius requires some part insanity, so maybe that's part of it.
(10.31 MB 1280x720 manly_man_hq.mp4)
(3.47 MB 480x270 nigger_ni-chan.webm)
(4.72 MB 480x360 B_Gata_H_Kei.webm)
(6.94 MB 1280x720 Bonbi_Shock.mp4)
(7.26 MB 640x360 YOU_WIN.mp4)
I am completely unproductive and have no will power. Every time I try to consume any form of entertainment I can't enjoy it because I am reminded of the things I should be doing. If only I had put in consistent efforts over the years, drawing even just a few minutes every day, by now I would have already reached a level of expertise rivaling perhaps some of my favorite artists. Yet every time I practice I find it extremely difficult and would give up at the first obstacle and seek escapism in the form of entertainment. It's a vicious cycle. At the therapy they tell you to set small daily goals that you can accomplish without wanting to kill yourself and then do whatever you want once you are done. I now have a small list of daily tasks such as drawing for 20 minutes and allow myself to waste the rest of the time without feeling guilty. Let's hope I can maintain this lifestyle for at least 21 days to cause a behavioral change. I really don't want to go back there.
(157.92 KB 578x400 i am in hell.jpg)
(642.23 KB 1366x768 hell.png)
>doing a commission for a good friend of mine to do his D&D character >don't really do commissions but understand the formalities of showing clients your work as you progress to make sure you don't have to fix something they don't like >get to the flat colors and realize he didn't give me any kind of colors he wanted his character (or really much of anything. I pretty much designed his character from the ground up) >ehhh, I'm sure he'll just tell me to do whatever I think looks good >slave the entire day away just trying to pick a good color scheme because autistic as fug >finally comes together, looks great >show it to him >"actually anon, can you make her purple, instead of red thanks" I've never wanted to strangle someone so much before, and the worst part is that it's my own damn fault.
>>2343 Photoshop makes that a fairly easy task. Just "lasso" the red parts (hold shift to make additional simultaneous selections) and go to Image > Adjustments > Hue and Saturation and mess with the hue slider
>>2344 I'm more talking about the process of having to figure out an entire new color scheme rather than just filling in everything. I'm just terribly indecisive and it's usually why I do greyscale and monochrome lol.
>>2329 I am become man
>>2345 Just used the HSL adjustment on the whole image until the purple is right. Everything should still look good together according to color theory. (hopefuly!)
(65.75 KB 567x425 blemmyes.jpg)
>>2348 alright I did it and I actually was not expecting it to adapt the colors as well as it did. Still had to tweak them a tad, but you saved me a lot of time so thanks for that fren. Oh, and to anyone who's interested if you're using CSP instead the hue and saturation panel can be accessed with ctrl + u after making a selection.
>>2329 Same here but I have an art friend who is helping keep me accountable. I recommend picking something than catches your fancy every day and drawing that- it doesn't need to be an indepth study or anything. There will come a time when you will be drawing plenty of boxes, circles, lines, and other fundamental things, but if you spend your early days drawing nothing but those you will never learn to enjoy drawing on its own and burn out quickly.
(609.58 KB 645x900 Bench.png)
(635.68 KB 1412x2000 Freud.jpg)
I'm about to fail my art streak due to a lucid dream where I'd sex with my own character. I'm constantly thinking about it and about alternative decisions I could've made. I fucked it up really badly because it was the first time I managed to make a character I drew appear in my dream. I was too excited and mad with power to act rationally. Still I'm grateful for the opportunity to meet my own character in the flesh and I'll try to make her appear again in my next lucid dream. The next time this happens I'll talk to her beforehand instead of directly doing her on the bus stop bench. I need to stop recalling that dream. It's disrupting my daily routine and making me unable to concentrate. Send help
(326.14 KB 451x642 ClipboardImage.png)
This book is so fucking good.
>>2399 Uh...huh... >>2400 Heard of it before. Looks ok
>Realize archive.org houses a vast collection of artbooks >I CAN'T STOP >help
>>2399 LMAO. The fuck did I just read? holy shit, this is funny... KEK
>>2404 > >Realize archive.org houses a vast collection of artbooks > >I CAN'T STOP > >help Easy Pick one and work through it like two or three times very diligently. That should keep you busy for a couple of months.
>>2404 What art books are you downloading? Any suggestions?
(1.59 MB 358x476 He's_Pretty_Hot.mp4)
>>2405 There is nothing funny about waking up at 2AM even more confused that you are while reading >>2399 and wondering about what just happened and spending the rest of the night half-asleep but unable to sleep because you can't stop thinking about that dream you just had. Sleep deprivation is no joke.
(212.98 KB 1280x917 IMG_20141020_0107.jpg)
(3.86 MB 2325x2360 011_2014.JPG)
(2.76 MB 1999x2000 011A.JPG)
(1.08 MB 4820x7008 061.jpg)
>>2406 Sounds like solid advice. I don't stick to things for long enough. >>2407 Depending on your interests. I've been getting lot of production art. I'm trying not to just blindly download everything I see but once you start digging it's almost absurd how much there is to find. Monster Hunter Illustrations 1-3 has a wealth of design reference, they've even included the freaking model sheets for many of the armors, a slightly uncommon find since Japanese studios in particular seem rather private about those. Tactics Ogre - Ring of Fate has 4x7k images of some of Akihiko Yoshida and Masao Tsubasas finest work. Apparently most of those illustrations you see on the net are actually credited to Tsubasa, I never knew. Intron Depot 2 has a couple of uncolored sketches and line art by Shirow , and even some iterations, which at least to me was pretty interesting. They Drew as They Pleased, The Hidden Art of Disneys Golden Age has sketches from the 1930s, albeit tragically small. But I'm sure there are other books to find, I haven't even checked yet. The learning side of things I haven't really gotten into yet but I'll be trying Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil by J.D. Hillberry, and How to Render by Scott Robertson. Rendering technique is arguably my most glaring flaw and it's been holding me back from getting deeper into value and color because I'm just clueless about how to make the marks.
>>2409 Can you share some Monster Hunter art? I've occasionally seen some, and it was good.
>>2409 Imagine if the handler in Monster Hunter World actually looked like this https://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-35/mhw-the-handler.html and not like some disgusting wench.
>quickly color WIP to see how it's going to look >most important part of the entire drawing, which I have yet to do, doesn't work with the rest of the drawing, which is pretty much done as far as changing shit goes >fuck around and get it as good as it's going to look, but it still doesn't fit properly with the rests of the design, or the pose >I'd have to change everything else but I'm already happy with the other parts and I don't want to nuke them Protip: if you're drawing has a focal point, don't fucking leave it for last.
(147.40 KB 1280x917 Image00033.jpg)
(145.81 KB 1280x904 Image00040.jpg)
(189.29 KB 1280x921 Image343.jpg)
(179.43 KB 1280x924 IMG_20141020_0011.jpg)
(224.74 KB 1280x918 IMG_20141022_0034.jpg)
>>2410 Sure. If you're interested all the books and plenty more are in this collection. https://archive.org/details/monsterhunter2dosofficialguidebook ... Which is just one such collection out of some 20 I've found so far. I'm not kidding about the volume of material, it's nuts.
>>2417 WOW, thanks for the link. 9.1GB of art sounds awesome. I'm hyped.
>>2433 Oh, nvm. It looks like it's art from all kinds of games.
I waste so much time everyday browsing dead imageboards. I can't be the only one doing that. Makes me wonder if people are able to recognize me across boards and even sites. It's scary.
(1.84 MB 500x281 happygalko.gif)
>Decide to explore beyond anime and game art >Find six publications from early 20th century compiling Charles Dana Gibsons work archive.org is a miracle and a blessing to our species. >It's nice that you're enjoying all that art, but this is still procrastination anon I know damn it.
>>2562 >It's nice that you're enjoying all that art, but this is still procrastination anon Meh, could be worse. I think looking at art is very important.
(30.23 KB 151x161 concerned_anya.png)
>feel crummy all week >saturday night rolls around >have some wine/bourbon >instantly feel better is this how alcoholism starts
>>2607 Yes which is why I have never touched a drop of alcohol. Sugar and carbs already tempt me enough. Why anyone would ever do drugs knowing it's just going to fuck them up more I will never know.
>>2607 >>2608 I'm not entirely convinced. To get a better idea of the allure of alcohol abuse, I think you need to be sloshed for a week straight. All the sharp corners and spikes of the world turn into pool noodles, and anything you don't focus on just disappear. I used to think alcohol is completely not worthwhile due to certain biological effects unrelated to hangovers. After trying being a stone's throw away from blacking out for a week straight, I feel I've gotten a better understanding of the mechanics, and don't mind having a measured amount of spirits once or twice a month. Would not recommend for everyone nor anyone. I've seen what people who fall off the deep end up becoming.
>>2607 Same, but with coffee
(23.76 KB 554x554 NIGGAS.jpeg)
Another strange dream involving my own character last night. This time I'm my character instead of merely encountering her. >be me >be a little girl >be with 8 friends from back in college >none of them seem to notice I'm different >one of them start talking about a temple on top of a building where supernatural stuff occur >the owner of the temple is willing to pay 13 millions to whoever manages to exorcise the place >convinces all of us to go there together the next day >me and 2 other guys decide to go tonight so we can have the money for ourselves >sit in the backseat with one of them while the other is driving >he talks to me >"do you know that the owner proposed 64.3 millions 50 years ago?" >shows me a receipt kind of thing where 64.3 millions is indicated >we arrive at the building >the building is in the middle of nowhere >all lights are on and all doors are open >park the car in the underground parking lot >start climbing the spiral stairs leading to the top where the temple is located >notice 2 other girls with us >wtf >I could clearly remember there is only me and the 2 guys >tell them about the 2 girls, they don't notice anything unusual >the atmosphere is super strange >finally arrived at the top, the two girls are lagging behind >while standing in front of the temple entrance I suddenly realise this is just like a horror movie and the moment we walk in the door would close behind us >tell them we should go back, they don't listen >look at the 2 girl still climbing the stairs, their appearance have changed >their hair have grown super long to the point of covering their entire body >their faces are blurred >wtf >realise the supernatural event has already began the moment we started climbing the stairs >the 2 guys still insist we should enter the temple >"that's it, I'm leaving you two behind" >jump down the stairs and run into the car >remember that once the supernatural event begin to manifest themselves in horror movies all doors get locked >remember that the entrance to the underground parking lot has a door >fuck >drive the car to the entrance, luckily the door is still open >get the fuck out of the building as soon as possible >wait for the 2 guys to come down while parking the car on the side of the road >after a long time they still haven't come out >realise they are in it for sure >drive home >next day >the rest of the group still insist we should go to the temple despite 2 people missing >arrive there in 2 cars >everyone went upstairs except me and another guy >wait for a long time in the back seat with him >they still haven't returned >realise they are in it for sure >wake up I wish I was good enough at drawing to draw my dreams out. That would probably make things less confusing to understand.
(1.10 MB 1333x1000 76872825_p0.jpg)
(429.77 KB 1000x1415 74444146_p1.jpg)
(1.09 MB 1092x1400 78041436_p0.png)
I've finally found my "niche" in art that I want to dedicate my time to, a subject that I can visualize plenty of paintings based on personal themes to cultural, religious, and historical ideas. My only problem is I'm finding it difficult to find my painting style. Do I want to paint in a colorful, impressionist style? Do I want a refined digital painting style where the art is clean and lacking of any strokes or blemishes? Do I want my values and brush economy to reflect the natural world or to have the crisp look of a 2D anime with sharp edges? So many choices and options and great artists to learn from but I'm always indecisive.
(155.25 KB 540x540 what_now?.jpg)
I'm bored and don't feel like drawing.
I feel like making drawings but I don't feel like drawing.
>>2297 Hopefully I am not too late. >My computer broke What is happening exactly? Power supplies, memory, cables, motherboards, and hard drives are not hard to get. GPUs and to a lesser degree CPUs are the real issue, but they tend to be rather durable in my experience. >OS Linux Mint is not too difficult to pick up for people accustomed to Windows from what I have heard. If you decide to go with Windows 10, try to find LTSC version. It has the least bloat, does not force updates, and you can disable telemetry. Alternatively, Windows 10 Pro lets you disable most telemetry in policy editor or using ready scripts.It will force updates, so I would not store anything you care about on the same hard drive you have windows installed on. Rolling release nature of Windows 10 means that you are the tester for updates, so things like purging "My Documents" directory or deleting files from desktop after patching. >>2329 Accept that improvement is a very gradual process, that there will be failure, and that not every day will be productive. Do not beat yourself too much over failures, just focus on doing better today than yesterday. Even very minuscule improvement adds up over time.
>>2698 I fixed the issue with it. I thought the problem was a lot worse than it actually was but it turns out just the GPU broke. That'd probably be a pretty bad thing since GPUs are absurdly priced at the moment but thankfully I somehow had a spare. I should probably draw more instead of worrying about old computer that can barely do anything of note
I haven't been pushing myself a whole lot these days.
>>2711 >imagine looking like that and thinking to yourself: "Yeah i look good"
>>2715 It's a mental illness not-unlike some others you may be familiar with
(1.18 MB 1920x1080 you.webm)
>>2544 Meh that feeling comes and goes. Without proof you're stuck pissing in the wind. >>2692 >>2693 Watch Gosick.
(139.27 KB 919x741 gosick_married_couple.jpg)
How do I make online drawfriends anonymously? Where are all the kind people at? My only online friend is the drawpileman. >>2730 I watched Gosick. The ending is good because he marries the little girl and makes a lot of children with her. Victorique(the little girl)'s mother is also a little girl who unfortunately got raped and was forced to give birth. I'm glad she managed to kill her rapist in the end and found a man she loves. Overall I rate Gosick 7/10 because some characters are annoying.
>>2736 >How do I make online drawfriends anonymously? Where are all the kind people at? My only online friend is the drawpileman. I don't know. I've been feeling lonely/like shit recently for the first time in years and the only way I know of to get online interaction is through cancer like discord which I don't want to install or use at all. Sometimes I feel jealous of normalfags that use it and sit around circlejerking with each other on VOIP. Obviously the healthy thing to do is invest in real life relationships but I don't want to leave the house nor take on the responsibilities of IRL interactions and obligations. It's a shame public mumble servers are all so dead. Online socializing has been monopolized by a single spyware program.
>>2748 Not him, but I've been feeling the same. It's especially hard to invest in real life these days because of all the travel restrictions and rona shit. I've met artists through twitter but I haven't been feeling like answering dms or doing anything social like that.
(209.17 KB 1600x1094 friends.jpg)
>>2748 >Sometimes I feel jealous of normalfags that use it and sit around circlejerking with each other on VOIP. I feel the same. Most clearnet sites hate privacy and/or are CIA honeypot. I'm limited to Tor friendly imageboards like this one because people on the darknet don't really care about drawing. >I don't want to leave the house nor take on the responsibilities of IRL interactions and obligations. Having a reputation to uphold makes social interactions unpleasant. Strangely enough you can even see people virtue signaling on imageboards where there are no name attached so that's weird. My theory is that they've internalized the self hate so now they can't help but appear morally righteous and ruin everything for everyone. I wish we can all be anonymous so we can just b ourselves. >It's a shame public mumble servers are all so dead. Online socializing has been monopolized by a single spyware program. I've been wanting to join some IRC but most of them are on freenode which bans Tor. I'm not comfortable with talking with my real voice on the internet so I've been hesitant to try mumble. Looks like there is 3 of us here looking for drawfriends >>2750 included. Is splelps.com drawpile the only gathering spot? Are there other privacy respecting artist sites that allow Tor? Could something like a matrix room work?
>>2752 There are a few matrix rooms for art but they're small. Something like tox or retroshare could work I suppose.
>>2757 Anything P2P causes issues with general adoption since it exposes your IP meaning only competent people can use it "safely". Matrix is the best solution and works alright for a persistent chat messenger, but basically no one uses it. Sometimes I'll search around the internet trying to find people that advertise a matrix server for people to hang out and shoot the shit in but they just don't really exist. Literally every internet hub/community just has a discord server and thinks you're a retard for not using it. As a hermit NEET it makes life quite isolating. Especially as I grow tired of imageboards and stopped using them as much.
>>2759 They aren't advertised because they don't want the cancer of the rest of the net to infect it. If you hate twitter as much as I do the next best place would be the fediverse. I've found quite a few artists but not really a "community."
(262.60 KB 848x480 Gosick4_1.png)
>>2736 >some characters are annoying. Who didn't you like?
(7.96 MB 2830x4441 gosick_married_couple1.jpg)
>>2757 Tox sounds good. >>2759 >Anything P2P causes issues with general adoption since it exposes your IP meaning only competent people can use it "safely". You are right. Securely routing traffic through Tor could be too advanced for many because ip leak can happen if you don't configure things properly. We could create a matrix room if tox doesn't work out. >>2763 You already know. Want to try out tox? Here is my ID 92A0E7E8F03D9FF94F75629482D10777CDE07755768586B8FD799678C6805844FF96D08C229C
I'm trying to cope with my tinnitus by grinding. if i give my brain something to do maybe i ignore it, i feel it's too severe or my age, or maybe I'm getting to hung up on it, and even sometimes it's not very effective what i know for sure is that it's just there at every moment >tfw one chance in life and your ears ring every day >tfw it distracts you from focusing
>>2766 That really sucks, man. I'm sure you've done a lot of research into any treatments or cures, but if not I would definitely suggest looking into anything that shows any promise and throwing all your money at it if possible. Tinnitus sounds like an extreme quality of life problem that hopefully gets solved with some certainty, someday.
>>2760 >If you hate twitter as much as I do the next best place would be the fediverse. I've found quite a few artists but not really a "community." Public social media isn't really what I was talking about when referencing things like discord. Discord is more of an interpersonal communications platform. Fediverse social media platforms aren't super comparable. >>2765 >You are right. Securely routing traffic through Tor could be too advanced for many because ip leak can happen if you don't configure things properly. We could create a matrix room if tox doesn't work out. Matrix is probably the least shitty and most approachable platform.
About a decade ago I had the chance to study under an accomplished painter. An old man of about 75 at the time. He's not exactly famous (and yes, he's still alive), but at least locally known with a couple of international exhibitions under his belt. From what I've seen of his work he's quite skilled indeed, even more than his paintings his line and hatching are truly remarkable. The whole thing was set up by a teacher of mine who knew this artist personally. We met one evening to look at some of his art, and speak with another painter holding an exhibition at a local museum. Like his contemporary he was also among the best artists I've had the privilege to meet. A real master of light. Nice fella too, he even gave me his contact information and told me I could come to him about anything to do with art. The old man told me to call him, and we'd meet at his studio to look at my work for a start. At the time I had some rather severe social anxiety, to the point where I was even afraid of going outdoors. I could sit for an hour holding the phone with a number typed trying to will myself to press the button, and then pussy out and say nothing even after making the call. As you might expect, I never contacted either of them. I was so unfathomably stupid. Now that I'm finally only barely skilled enough to do any deliberate composition worth mentioning with my meager self taught ability it hits me hard how I squandered such an extraordinary opportunity out of sheer cowardice. And it still probably doesn't hit me as hard as I deserve. You really can't imagine a better start on your path to art than what I was just presented with as an act of kindness, and I threw it away in passing. It will probably remain my greatest regret for as long as I live.
(435.32 KB 1008x942 drawfriends.png)
>>2775 My condolence >>2774 >Matrix is probably the least shitty and most approachable platform. That's what we thought too. Matrix is more convenient than tox for media sharing and storing old messages. It's not P2P so it doesn't expose your ip to random imageboard users. We decided to create a matrix room #Loomis:aria-net.org
(1.45 MB 829x961 bg.png)
>>2775 >he's still alive Call him.
I just took extra hours at work in exchange for a $3 an hour raise. One of my biggest problems has historically been that I work too much (including family obligations as work as well) and now I've just made it worse. Not sure how I'm supposed to "make it" when my progress has already been as stiflingly slow as it is. I guess I should probably cut as much social media/imageboards/Discord and etc. out of my life as possible to compensate too. Considering I can and do use those things throughout the entirety of the ten and a half hours that comprise my workday I don't really have an urgent need or excuse to do it when I get home and have a couple hours of free time. Ultimately I can only blame outside factors so much though; I wish I was a "real artist" and didn't feel like I have to force myself to draw and practice etc.-but I have to do that with everything so it might as well be something I can at least appreciate and admire, right? I hear a lot of people telling me I should quit, calling it a "sunk cost fallacy", but what they don't understand is that there is nothing else that I'm just going to take to and take off with anyway. I'd just be starting the pattern again with something else.
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>>2796 You should ask yourself: "Why do I want to draw?" Some people might be able to better formulate their goals, but the pursuit of any skill starts with "Because I want to." This is a question all artists eventually have to face.
>>2775 Call him bro, worst thing that happens he thinks your a retard and hangs up.
>go to new store last week for the first time >it's a sty (not surprised tbh) >this week I buy a $40 5-tier rack to stack up a lot of the stuff that was on the floor in bins, scattered randomly across tables with wanton disregard for any organization whatsoever >get a text from the boss expecting a "good job" "nice work" or some other flippant but appreciated pleasantry. Boss's wife acts like I've done something wrong and boss himself says nothing This shit reminds me of when you fix someone's computer once and they blame you for any computer issues they have from that point forward. >"One problem".... >"I don't want to have to look through huge piles on a daily basis to see if there's anything new that needs to go out" If only you could see what I was (literally) wading through when I got there last week, the audacity of this statement is actually humorous. I wasn't expecting to have my name put up in lights but geez. A simple "thanks" would have been nice. I sure as hell didn't do all that without an ulterior motive though to begin with so I'm not too upset. If I can get that back room cleaned up I will be able to draw at work again for the first time in over two years. They don't have any cameras back there, and best of all the location is an individual unit in a strip mall instead of being part of a larger complex, so the customers that do come in are generally the type to come in, buy something and get out instead of people wandering in from the restaurant or hardware store across the hall for example, with no intention of actually buying anything. Things are tough now, but soon I'm going to be getting paid $18 an hour to draw for 10 hours a day. I can hardly fuggin' wait
>lose my debit card >"it'll turn up" >*a week goes by* >okay I'm not finding it, fuck. >cancel card and have them send me a new one >find card pushed way down in one of the card sleeves of my wallet the next day JUST
>People are spamming fake DMCA notices to ban twitter artists >"Pay us 100$ in crypto and we'll stop" I had been feeling awkward about not having a twitter account, but yeah, nah, fuck that.
(25.29 KB 563x487 love.jpg)
I feel at peace with the world. I haven't enjoyed this level of serenity in a very long time. I feel like all of my goals are achievable and that the world isn't such a hostile place anymore.
(449.28 KB 400x300 pat.gif)
>>2846 Hearing that kind of cheered me up. I hope you get more of that.
>>2846 >>2847 I don't want to be rude or anything, but could you two please get yourselves a room and take your gay weebness somewhere else? Your friendly concerned neighbor.
(166.31 KB 760x708 friendly_concerned_neighbor.jpg)
>>2867 >I don't want to be rude or anything, but
>turn 35 today IT'S F*CKING OVER
>>2885 Anon it was over the moment you were born.
(847.82 KB 2390x3320 zoomerfaggot.jpg)
>>2885 Happy birthday grandpa!
(64.96 KB 790x444 X Dee Snyder xd.jpg)
>>2889 Why u little...
(150.57 KB 463x411 samus_loves_(you)_also.png)
>>2885 Happy birthday, anon I hope you have a wonderful year, and remember: it's never too late, and it's not over till the end.
(748.74 KB 3840x3208 bones.jpg)
Another weird dream where I was a little girl last night. It seems like daily drawing enhances my dream experience. I remember my dreams much clearer now, and the frequency of me encountering/being my characters increases. >zombie apocalypse >zombies fast as fuck, basically humans with enhanced physical abilities and reflexes >trapped in a sort of locker room with direct access to a helicopter landing platform >uninfected people around me getting killed by the zombies >run towards the platform >suddenly scenery changes >find myself in an arena sort of place >bamboos everywhere >unable to get out >4 zombies running toward me >take a small kitchen knife from a corpse lying on the ground beside me >dodge their attacks while slicing with my knife >my small body makes dodging super easy >after a long time I have bruised one of them enough to kill him >his body full of knife marks >still didn't take damage from any of them >start focusing my attack on the second one >wake up Whenever I have a horror dream I'd always run away, but I managed to turn things around this time. A smaller body makes moving around much easier, and it was quite enjoyable. I don't think I could've evaded every single attack from those fuckers with my normal body.
>>2908 I had dreams...once
>make passable sketches that I think are okay >try to make a proper composition or improve or focus in a specific area (anatomy, perspective, proper shading) >suddenly everything is dogshit >can't into pencils >can't into digital >can't into color >pic related So this is what it means to be subhuman. I'm coming up on a year of seriously trying to learn to draw, and all I really have to show for it is a bunch of technical notes about spatial relationships required to produce certain shapes, but I can't actually implement them. I can't even draw fucking matching eyes, which I've been doing almost exclusively nearly every day for nine goddamn months. I thought talent was supposed to be a meme.
How do we cope with the fact that Harb has been abducted by his evil twin, Shadow the Harbhog? The Drawpile won't be the same without its Monarch
>>2925 Sketches only look good or passable because you're correcting any mistakes you make subconsciously when you view it. This is the vagueness of sketches in action. Finished products are where it's made quite plain where you suck and where you need to improve (with hope that at least some aspect is actually good). Don't feel bad that you can't make a finished product look good, dig into why your finished product doesn't look good. >I thought talent was supposed to be a meme. Talent is a meme, you can stop here and keep being dogshit, or you claw forward towards the objective. The choice is yours.
(40.34 KB 600x450 Harb_cat.jpg)
>>2929 Does anyone have an idea what happened to him? I hope he didn't die for real.
>>2932 I'm sure he's fine. Perhaps even he needs to just deal with his own stuff every once in a while. He's been active and available to a remarkable degree for as long as I've been frequenting the pile. I can only speak for myself, but while I would appreciate the sentiment there's also a limit to how much concern you can be shown before it becomes invasive and burdensome. Give the man some space. If he's gone, it is almost certainly by his own choosing. It's easy to forget in a small community with people as identifiable as here, but we are still fundamentally just anonymous strangers.
>>2929 >>2932 >>2933 From a business perspective, Drawpileman's absence is troubling because he is the one keeping the lights on. Worst thing that can happen is the site going down at the end of the month because he owes his VPS provider $5. I believe he paid in advance until 2024 though, so we don't have anything to worry about.
>>2933 Yeah I don't mean to be weird and bring more attention to this situation than it may warrant, I was (mostly) joking and I'm (pretty) sure he's fine even if it's way out of character for him. >nice dubs btw >>2934 That would give us some time to make alternative arrangements I suppose but thankfully I'm fairly certain those arrangements won't be necessary. If I had to guess that this is anything other than him taking an extended and well-earned break after years of meritorious and uninterrupted service it's that perhaps he is without internet himself temporarily. Perhaps he moved or something idk.
>>2931 >Don't feel bad that you can't make a finished product look good, dig into why your finished product doesn't look good It's not as much that I can't tell what's wrong with them, it's that I can't seem to address those problems. It's like there's some sort of disconnect between my ability to see the issues and to actually use my body to correct them. I thought it was just something that went away with practice, but it seems like I was wrong. It's totally possible that I'm practicing in the wrong way somehow, but that sort of obtuse question isn't really one you can look up an answer to.
>>2925 Same, just have to keep at it. I mean really keep at it and don't get complacent when you do something okay. Maybe come join the matrix chat? >>2931 There are definitely people who intuitively grasp the fundamentals of drawing quicker than others and that's what people usually think is talent.
>tfw when the general state of internet learning, in every subject and hobby Hey what's up guys, ya boi TootsGhost coming at you with another video today, gonna tell you how to x. Alright, we're going to get right into it but before we do, go ahead and hit the like and subscribe button. That helps me out a ton and lets me make more videos like this. Also, go ahead and visit my patrion page to access to my exclusive content and become a TOOTER! Hell yeah! Where my Tooters at? TOOT TOOT, ITS THE TOOT TRAIN! ahahahh you guys know whats up. Also this video is brought to you by nature box. Go ahead and subscribe to Nature-box for ALL your amazing snaking needs. This week....( five minutes of ad read). Oh man, they are so good too, you know I've been working out at the gym a lot lately and I love their snacks for... (five min of mandatory personal relationship with sponsored product) Alright lets get down to X... (30 second how-to) That's it guys. Remember to like the video and subscribe to my channel. Join my patrion and become a fellow Tooter - WHERE MY TOOTS AT!?!?!?! TOOT TOOT!! HAHAHAH you know what's up. You get some exclusive videos, only for my Tooters, and get to hang out with me on Twitch. Anyway that's all for today, I hope you found this video helpful. Until next time. TOOTIE TOOTIE TOOOOOOOOOT. >>2937 What kind of practice are you doing?
>>2941 I know what you mean. It's almost enough to make me miss the days of sitting through twenty minutes of a twelve year old stuttering in a 2$ mic to find out where a button is. Almost.
>>2940 >There are definitely people who intuitively grasp the fundamentals of drawing quicker than others and that's what people usually think is talent. Did I say anything indicating this was not the case? The entire point of the exercise is to make something worthwhile. You can bemoan the fact you weren't sprinkled with talent by the fuck you fairy, or you can earn that skill through practice. Talent is a meme, all that matters is if you reach the objective in the end. >>2941 This is why I read really old fucking books and don't bother with youtube. Hell, sometimes I'll open a youtube video just to get the name of the topic and just google the wikipedia article or what have you and read it there, because it''s much faster.
>>2941 >Alright lets get down to X... (30 second how-to) That's it guys. >it's also either a plug for some sponsored product, or "just do it, and remember to have fun and kind to yourself ;)" "Information age" my whole ass. >What kind of practice are you doing? Mainly figure and anatomy, posing and such, with more general line practice either integrated or done separately. I can't seem to do measurements without using a ruler every time, and most curves I try to make don't have the arc I'm trying to get, regardless of what pivot point I'm using. The first thing keeps me from being able to make symmetrical faces or bodies facing straight on, but the second one is way more infuriating, because it prevents me from drawing spheres or curved surfaces with guides that follow the right angle, which fucks up both the perspective and positioning of features. I've tried getting around this by using straight lines as guides and drawing curves along them, but they usually end up making whatever I'm drawing look more stiff, and still don't really look the way they should. I wish there was a way to specifically practice those things, but it's hard to know what I'm even doing wrong, since everyone I've ever seen draw doesn't seem to have ever had any issue with either of them.
>>2945 >"just do it, and remember to have fun and kind to yourself ;)" Goddammit, getting this kind of empty motivational bullshit with no actionable information is why I thought art was retarded for most of my life. > I can't seem to do measurements without using a ruler every time There’s an arc in art skill where you gradually use more tools, construction, and measurements, then you eventually get that shit nailed down and start using less. You mention struggling with moving beyond sketches, and putting lines exactly where you want them to go. Have you done much human-photocopier type work? It doesn’t help in drawing from imagination directly, but it definitely trains your eyes and hands, and more rendering skill is never bad. Likewise, my instructors always tell me that much of training under the old masters was endlessly trying to make perfect copies of your masters paintings, and when you succeeded, you had finished your apprenticeship. Alternatively, I hear the Peter Han dynamic sketching class is fairly popular, and is focused on exactly what you are talking about. I have no experience with it myself, anyone else care to chip in?
>>2946 >There’s an arc in art skill where you gradually use more tools, construction, and measurements, then you eventually get that shit nailed down and start using less. That's what I thought, but I'm still not seeing it. It feels like I'm skipping a step or following instructions incorrectly, but for the life of me I can't seem to find out how. >human photocopier work I'd like to be good at that sort of thing, if only because I recognize how it would be useful, but I'm typically a bit hesitant to do very much of it because 1) I don't want to end up only being able to make copies of things that other people have already done, and 2) because it's too reliant on perfection in areas I suck at, and making too many mistakes makes it impossible to identify and correct them, and it also makes things that are done properly look like they aren't, which leads to lateral or backwards moves. Several months ago I spent a long time trying that, but I was also constantly superimposing the new one over the original to see where I went wrong. My thinking was that rather than measuring first and then making the line, I'd try eyeballing it and then checking how close I was and redoing it to increase the accuracy of my eyes. It didn't seem to help at all so I stopped and went back to practice of fundamental pieces, thinking that I'd get more accurate by trying it repeatedly. I wouldn't say that time was useless, because I learned a lot of perspective distortion rules and improved in some areas I struggled with, but I don't have the ability to consistently reproduce them, or tell by a glance whether or not things are the right size/position. It seems like the sort of thing you would do after you already have some skill with getting things how you want. I also tried repeatedly tracing over collages of different parts in hopes that I could get better at making certain movements in certain situations, but it doesn't seem to help much. I think part of that might be because I can't tell how the original strokes are made, so it's not really practicing them. >Peter Han dynamic sketching class I remember hearing about this a few years ago, but I never looked into it because it sounded like it focuses mostly on trading accuracy for fluidity, which would only be helpful if I was already pretty good. I started doing DrawABox exercises too with the intention of improving my arm articulation, but that seems to have the same problem though admittedly I haven't gone through all of them, and it's too focused on shoulder use (not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but my tablet's too small for it to be very useful, and I don't have space for a larger one.) I'll look into it again, though, thanks. Sorry for the wall of text.
>>2948 >It feels like I'm skipping a step or following instructions incorrectly, but for the life of me I can't seem to find out how. Ok, everyone reading this take a moment and talk about what books and courses we started with and have read. Aside from the obvious of doing that upside-down Picasso thing, most of my early learning came from Keys to Drawing by Bert Dobson. >I don't want to end up only being able to make copies of things that other people have already done As long as you also practice anatomy and drawing shit from imagination outside of the copy grind, you won't end up like the endless Walter White portraits retards. I don't know what's going wrong for you in failing to improve, keep in mind gittin' gud takes literal years, and your ability to see and your ability to draw don't grow in tandem. >too focused on shoulder use The TootsGhost copypasta strikes again. The human wrist is a piece of shit that can't withstand being bent or flexing as well most other joints. When doing arm related hobbies like art, gaming, typing, or playing the piano or guitar for extended periods of time, you need to keep your wrists straight so you don't get carpal tunnel and nerve damage. So it's a good idea to learn how to draw with the rest of your arm as well, the fingers, the elbow, and the shoulder. The other reason is for drawing straight lines on larger canvases. But you don't need your shoulder involved if you aren't trying to draw on something like a 2 foot wide sheet of paper.
I was on a good drawing streak for a while but it just came to a screeching halt because I legitimately can't imagine things in 3D in my head anymore. Have I incurred some rare form of brain damage? >>2949 I started with drawabox but didn't finish it, the exercises are pretty useful for practicing the fundamentals I think. I see a lot of people who start drawing from their earliest memories so I think it would be hard to remember what it was first like for them.
>>2949 >that upside-down Picasso thing When I did this, half of it came out way bigger than the other side. You could still tell what it was supposed to be, but it looked as though the corner was stretched out or something. I guess I could try drawing with just one eye, but I feel like that would cause more problems than it would solve. > I don't know what's going wrong for you in failing to improve Me neither man, I feel like I've hit an invisible wall. Maybe my references are too stagnant. I'd like to watch someone else to understand motions better, but there aren't many videos that show more than the fingertips or something when people are drawing, and if there is, it's usually of people who've been gud for like 20 years and don't need to follow construction steps anymore. >The human wrist is a piece of shit that can't withstand being bent or flexing as well most other joints I know, it's why I've been trying to get better at arm use in general. The difference is that I know that my arm drawings are going to come out super inaccurate, while my wrist should hypothetically do what I want it to. I've watched people draw both ways and have their shit turn out well, so I've been wavering between trying to build muscle control with my arm and detail accuracy with my wrist or my fingers I guess, since I've noticed I have a tendency to draw much like I write when dealing with small things regardless of how I'm holding the pencil. Maybe that's my problem, but I don't have the muscle control with any other articulation points to be able to make perfect comparisons. If what I'm drawing takes up a whole A4 sheet, I'll use my shoulder extensively, but if it's something smaller than 2 inches or I'm not sitting at a table, I'll use my wrist. >>2953 You could always try painting or some other form of value-centered style. That way, you won't really have to imagine things in 3D, you can just construct them based on where light and shadow falls. Not that I'd know what I'm talking about, but it's worked for me before.

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