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Draw because you want too & not because you have too

Selling art. Anonymous 02/11/2021 (Thu) 10:34:22 No. 1721
So let's say I'm desperate to make money for >reasons Although I'm not a great painter how do I go about selling this stuff? Like hypothetically lets say that I produced something sort of akin to one of Gericault's head studies which aren't that great in comparison to his other works. or similar to Alice Neel, which is to say out of sheer technical failure. Is something like this worth selling? Regardless I think it's clear that I won't make it in time in regards to my skill in painting to produce quite the piece. I'll ultimately just have to cast the bait and hope something baits. Where? Do I just go to like a local Sotheby's or Christie's agent and bin the thing let them see if it sells, you know, at all? Do they accept early works from artists with no real industry experience? If not who does? I know some of you guys had enough experience with traditional art, not sure if you've all only sold digital since, but I do need any help and this is the only art discussion board I know of. How is something like this priced assuming you're given that option like online? I've seen 6x6 inch paintings get priced higher than 24x32 inch paper drawings of higher detail. It's super strange. Does something like that really make that much money? I know the most costly sketch ever sold was only 7 million so my plan of selling drawings as pieces is probably out of the question. Regardless how does one go about selling these things?
Look up the schedule of any art fairs that happen in your area, maybe some of them will allow you to sell by consignment idk It's going to be tough either way, if you're that desperate to make money you're probably going to have to get a job or, heaven forbid, a second job.
>>1724 >Local art fairs Killed by COVID from what I can tell. If I'm lucky the major one's in NYC will still be alive, but even that could be unlikely.
>Google local art fair >All the way in summer. >Rest are in NYC as per usual So how do I get my work into an auction house that operates 365 and not just once a year? Please tell me Christies and Sotheby's does small time on the side or something.
I have also noticed that galleries also are used as conduits to sell work online, I went back to that real classy website showcasing works, the one with the overpriced paintings I mentioned. How would I go about getting into something like this, but without like waiting for an entry through like gallery opportunities from school or anything? Worst case scenario, or at least penultimate worst scenario, honestly it doesn't sound exceptionally terrible: How do I go about selling my own work through my own site?
If you're that desperate for money, just take porn commissions my man.
(75.62 KB 750x656 dawn by michelangelo.jpg)

(116.54 KB 512x462 bernini.jpg)

>>1762 Yeah I don't think my art is the sort of thing that would look good for porn, don't get me wrong realism can still be done for porn, but my art looks more like Michelangelo's women than Bernini's and that's not just because he's my biggest influence. Which might also explain why I draw better than I paint. No, that's just because of inexperience. Point being my hentai art would just look like shit. Point being I've kind of boxed myself into the fine art market without really being able to go in it or having any knowledge of how. This is pretty problematic now especially because I am desperate for the money, maybe in a few years yeah, I'll have successfully pierced into the art market, a regular Damien Hirst or Ai Wei Wei or something, but I would fucking appreciate making at least enough to rent a shack to sleep in on my own right now. I mention that because I don't think you're given any opportunities to network with gallery owners in art school or anything until after the foundation year, which I'm in, which is why I'm trapped as of right now. What a clusterfuck.
>>1762 A lot of artists really aren't comfortable with that
(60.98 KB 459x261 health inspector.jpg)

>>1764 The worst part is I would be, I just can't draw hentai properly in any style.
>>1772 Just draw furry porn :^)
(420.46 KB 1369x849 shrug.png)

>>1787 I can't, my animals don't look erotic enough and my hair rendering skills are bare minimum. What a shame. I have done studies of horse penises before, but like I said, just not erotic enough.
>>1788 I suppose your last option is to fulfill a niche fetish of some sorts.
>>1834 Tax evasion is great. We should be getting on this NFT craze while it lasts
>>1835 I'm trying, I just need to unfuck my digital art skills first.
Take the sillypill. If you can draw a head, and especially if you can draw hands as well, you can make money drawing caricatures.
>>5652 You forgot to add "For minimum wage" at the end.
>>5660 Stephen Silver started by doing caricatures and is extremely rich today. He probably made more money doing that than working in hymiewood tbh
(719.18 KB 827x618 1620046310768.png)

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