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(22.96 MB 640x480 fourth_dimension.webm)
drawfag backlock Anonymous 04/24/2021 (Sat) 22:30:54 No. 2598
Do you keep a backlog of things to draw? Are you waiting for your skill to catch up or do you just not have the time or motivation? Do you ever actually work through your ideas or is it still piling up? I have a txt that I keep everthing from random stuff I want to draw to full blown autistic webcomics. As of yet I'm not good enough for any of them. I wonder how many years it'll be until I git gud enough to make that flatland animaton with a cowtits carl sagan and a dfc.
I have multiple projects I will probably never properly realize unfortunately. >a series of Warhammer 40k music animations based on /tg/-inspired lore >miscellaneous animated music videos for various pieces of music I like >my game-which I'd already subcontracted quite a bit of artwork for to a superior artist (I am chipping away at this little by little and intend to keep it going even if it doesn't pan out) It's extremely distressing when your ambitions far outweigh your abilities-and perhaps even your potential abilities.
I have some story concepts and characters I'd like to put to paper when I'm competent enough. I was originally planning a game but learning game design and art would just be too much.
(408.57 KB 1280x1785 tsugu1.jpg)
(479.06 KB 1280x1785 tsugu2.jpg)
(637.66 KB 1280x1785 tsugu3.jpg)
I have a story in my head that has been going on for several years that I need to draw. I also need more drawings of my wife. I can't count on anyone but myself to bring her to life. I am not good enough to draw the story yet but I already did 3 drawings of my wife.
>>2598 I have a folder of works in progress. Of the unfinished things, some I actually resume and complete, while others are left alone, maybe never to be completed. A lot of it is a side effect of me experimenting with different brushes, colors, or subjects. I also have a folder of text files with different ideas, some of them are really vague, some of them are really specific. I try not to worry to much about realizing every single idea. Some ideas might be cool, some might be lame. I might have an idea that, in the moment, sounds like a really good one. But then if I write it down and look at it a week or a month later, I realize that it wasn't really as cool as I thought (the opposite can happen too). Maybe I'll rework it, maybe I'll just throw it away. It's not a big deal either way; I'll have more ideas later. >I have a txt that I keep everthing from random stuff I want to draw to full blown autistic webcomics. As of yet I'm not good enough for any of them. When will you be good enough for any of them? Maybe it's a better idea to draw whatever you want to right now, and use it as practice. If you tell yourself "I'm not going to draw this until I'm good enough" you might not end up drawing it for a long time. I don't think there's anything wrong with a "dream" idea, but ask yourself: is this really the best idea you're ever going to have? I doubt it (Not to say it's a bad idea, of course, but better ones will come). Say your start working on your dream idea now. Yeah, you might not be able to deliver the quality that you dreamed of. But you might also end up having a new dream idea, and the experience you got from working on your current idea will only carry over. Hopefully this wasn't too rambling; I've been drinking.
(6.34 KB 454x197 ntoes.png)
>>2598 >flatland animaton with a cowtits carl sagan and a dfc. All my wishes for that, it sounds great. I'd agree with >>2606 though: waiting "to be good enough" can be for a long time. You can actually tell the technical and artistic progress of many comic artists throughout the years and that's more than fine. As for me I've got a few disorganized txt files to keep track of things. I keep a list of characters, and a list of recipes or things that I want to illustrate, for instance. I chip away at the latter whenever I feel like it and erase the lines I've already done. I wish to make a proper comic with a nice story at some point though.
>>2609 >>2606 >the opposite can happen too In my case I either still think it's funny/hot/neat for the most part, there's a couple I think are too heavy handed, like vid related, and then there's some II didn't wrote enough detail about and I have no idea what the fuck I meant by it. >>2606 >waiting "to be good enough" can be for a long time I just recently learned how to learn shit, my art progress was effectively stagnant until a few months ago. There's some stuff I don't have to wait until I can actually draw well, but I still want to learn how to properly draw a person first.
>>2609 Are you Ciircuit?
>>2610 >I just recently learned how to learn shit Interesting, can you expand on that? I ask because I've only recently started taking drawing somewhat seriously, but I think my being out of any kind of education for almost 10 years has really dulled my ability to learn and retain information.
(86.58 KB 1564x879 recipe croque monsieur.png)
>>2611 Yes.
>>2614 I don't really know, to be honest. Basically I couldn't learn shit and now I can. If I had to guess maybe I just learned to read more on the overall shape instead of focusing on details, but I can't say for certain.
>>2617 I think I get what you mean, however small details still confound me
>>2639 That's interesting, do you know why that is?
>>2641 Aight. Well, there's gotta be at least one anyway (and maybe a most appealing one too)

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